cobalt60-ac100Is there any device that is similar enough to the Nexus 7 that Ubuntu will run on it using the same image/install instructions?00:36
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jpastorehola anyone here have experience with motion? I have a webcam hooked up to a beaglebone and I want to record jpeg snapshots to the disk. I do not want to stream01:01
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cobalt60-ac100jpastore IIRC motion has a great man page01:41
jpastorecobalt60-ac100: yea the man pages weren't isntalled. thanks. I'll google.01:53
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scientes_anyone run 12.10 on the chromebook05:13
scientes_when i upgraded it would hang at plymouth terminal != void*(0) error05:14
scientes_from 12.0405:14
scientes_i really need multiarch stuff that is in 12.1005:14
moofreecompiling seamonkey cause there are no precompiled armhf builds06:25
moofreeshame on you people! ;)06:25
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IamTryingI had OLife installed in my Android tablet. This is 3rd time it crashes the Tablet.11:07
IamTryingWhy its not showing any boot screen now at all?11:27
IamTryingIts always black screen11:28
IamTryingpower off/on11:28
IamTryingalways showing black screen11:28
lilsteviecause you either did something wrong or let the battery go dead11:28
IamTryinglilstevie, right now the usb from Android Eee Pad is connected to my laptop and `lsusb` does not show anything at all when i plug in or out11:31
lilstevieso flat battery11:34
IamTryinglilstevie, i have connected adapter now, and i see OLife Boot screen to fail mode like all those boot lines11:36
IamTryinglilstevie, do you know if there is any new release of OLife i was using ages old one.11:59
lilstevieno newer version12:00
lilstevieothers have done alternatives, and my interest in tf101 is minimal12:00
IamTryinglilstevie, http://lilstevie.geek.nz/ports/OLiFE-Prime-Edition.tar.gz  - those files are empty????? is it removed???12:05
lilsteviewhere are you opening the link from?12:06
lilstevieIamTrying: and if you try download it from http://lilstevie.geek.nz/downloads/12:08
lilstevienew system probably broke the old links12:08
IamTryinglilstevie, old links are broken but this works now thank you. http://lilstevie.geek.nz/downloads12:09
lilstevieIamTrying: you can blame the people who decided to adify my links for that12:10
IamTryingOK :)12:12
IamTryinglilstevie, after downloading from your new link i get this now? https://gist.github.com/464207912:35
IamTryinglilstevie, i again downloaded the file but its not running OLife your download is broken? Is there any alternative?13:18
IamTryinglilstevie, after dong the FLASH why it turns of the Tablet it does all the installation and then it never turn it on.13:38
IamTryingIn the terminal it shows its formating and all done but in the Tablet its always black screen.13:39
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IamTryinglilstevie, here its doing nothing http://i.imgur.com/hzdKv3o.png13:55
IamTryingPutting device into Nv3P Phone Update mode  > Nvflash started  and it does nothing else...14:20
IamTryinglilstevie, how do i exit APC mode? after doing flash and update it always remain in Black screen.15:21
lilsteviehold the power button for >10sec15:22
IamTryinglilstevie, i did not 10sec, 20sec, 30sec no result. Then i connect USB and lsusb shows its still in APC mode.15:23
IamTryingRight now i have the power button on hold. But still i have black screen. Once i go to OLife and again use option 2 or 3, i can see the screen turns on for showing update status15:24
IamTryingBut holding power button >10sec or more is not booting or rebooting nor existing the APC mode.15:25
IamTryinglilstevie, what can i do in such situation? Its completely remain on APC mode, nothing happening when i do power off/on >10sec etc15:28
lilstevieSun Jan 27 02:29:53 EST 201315:30
IamTryingI think your download release version is conflicted one. It was working before when you had old links.15:31
IamTryingCan you please give me the old link files?? Your current files from download is conflict it has something strange causing it.15:31
lilsteviethe files are the exact same15:31
lilstevieno different15:31
IamTryinglilstevie, i am very sure it is wrong, because i remember i had that file and i can work with it but the recent new files gives me this: https://gist.github.com/464207915:32
lilsteviethe difference is literally mv ports/OLiFE.tar.gz protected/path/OLiFE.tar.gz_version_md5sum15:32
lilstevieIamTrying: seriously don't tell me what you are very sure is wrong15:33
lilstevieI know what I did15:33
IamTryinglilstevie, but your old files all was perfectly working, now it does not.15:34
* lilstevie facepalms15:34
IamTryingwhen i do option 3. in past it was saying "Nvflash started [resume mode]"15:35
lilsteviecheck the md5sum15:35
lilstevie$ openssl md5 OLiFE*15:38
lilstevieMD5(OLiFE-Prime-Edition.tar.gz_1.2a_TF101_767779ccfa200e5e00b2f1e33a3d73a9)= 767779ccfa200e5e00b2f1e33a3d73a915:38
lilstevieMD5(OLiFE.tar.gz_1.2a_TF101_c30263fd8271a23bb211fd9fdd69fa45)= c30263fd8271a23bb211fd9fdd69fa4515:38
lilsteviethat is what is currently on my server15:38
IamTryingOK lilstevie thank you trying it now.15:39
lilsteviemd5sums are the same as in that post that hasn't been edited since nov 201115:39
IamTryingOK - strange let me show you something what is happening right now.15:40
lilstevieI'd rather go to sleep15:41
IamTryinglilstevie, http://imgur.com/WDGG0Su,dTX4m74   - after doing the option 3 > 2 > 2 i have this screens15:43
IamTryingAnd it in past, was rebooting , and now if i hold power off button >10sec then it again goes to APC mode and remain in black screen15:44
lilstevieyou do have images in the images/ folder rightr15:44
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IamTryingYES i do have yes15:45
IamTryingroot@sun-M14xR2:~/Downloads/OLiFE/images# ls15:45
IamTryingbootloader.bin  transformer.bct  uboot-part.img15:45
IamTryinglilstevie, ^ those what i have15:45
lilstevieyeah, so you don't have images in the images folder15:46
lilstevieread the readme15:47
IamTryingOK - lilstevie.15:48
IamTryingI loaded now the images15:49
IamTryingroot@sun-M14xR2:~/Downloads/OLiFE/images# ls15:49
IamTryingbootloader.bin  system.img  transformer.bct  uboot-part.img  ubuntu.img15:49
lilstevieIamTrying: you are still missing a boot.img15:55
IamTryinglilstevie, YES - but where can i find it. i have no boot.img file no where for this ASUS Eee Pad16:00
IamTryingboot.img is it the image of Android?16:08
IamTryingor is it supposed to be coming from OLife?16:08
IamTryinglilstevie, https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images - i can only take the boot.img from Nexus 7?16:14
IamTryingthere are several files on there link16:15
IamTryingboot.img, recovery.img, system.img, userdata.img16:15
IamTryingimage-nakasi-jop40d.zip has (boot.img, recovery.img, system.img, userdata.img)16:15
IamTryingWhich one i should take for OLife?16:16
Tassadarogra_: bluetooth on Nexus 7 is not working because of problems with firmware loading, and it is not specific for nexus 7, but to all Broadcomm chips, right?17:27
ogra_well,yes and no17:34
ogra_this chip has some specialities yhat require some changes in userspace17:35
ogra_we'll ne working on that next week17:36
Tassadarokay, thanks17:36
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IamTryinglilstevie, i have the image boot.img but still same20:56
IamTryingroot@sun-M14xR2:~/Downloads/OLiFE/images# ls20:56
IamTryingandroid-info.txt  boot.img  bootloader.bin  recovery.img  system.img  system.img1  transformer.bct  uboot-part.img  ubuntu.img  userdata.img20:56

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