r4yI am running Ubuntu 10.04 and am downloading Ubuntu 12.04 to put onto CD, what program do I use to burn it into CD?, I have always used Nero on Windows XP and I would like to not use Nero, lol.00:10
r4yIs a prgogram already installed for this?00:10
r4yI mean do I need to install ISO Master?, or is there a program already installed in Ubuntu 10.04 for this?00:12
geirhaUbuntu has been able to burn isos for as long as I can remember00:14
geirhayou right-click the iso and choose "Burn to disc..." or something like that00:14
r4yAh OK, I will see when the time comes.00:15
r4ySounds like something I've seen before00:15
r4yGreat, TY00:16
r4yTake care, bye00:16
r4ywrite to disc, but I have to halt my computer, then rehook up my CD writer00:17
IveBeenBitI have a problem setting up dual boot on a machine that already has Windows on it. The first stage where it asks me to choose a place for boot loader installation, it only will show the live USB drive. It seems I cannot get to the hard disk that holds Windows01:21
escottIveBeenBit, what version of windows?01:21
IveBeenBitWindows 701:22
escottIveBeenBit, can you select "try ubuntu" with the live USB and run "sudo parted -l " and paste that to paste.ubuntu.com01:23
IveBeenBit1 moment please. Thank you.01:23
IveBeenBitSorry it took so long. I have a Dvorak keyboard and have to type in Qwerty without seeing the letters. HAHA. URL upcoming01:28
escottIveBeenBit, why do you have partitions on your flash disk?01:29
IveBeenBitI don't know. I used unetbootin and installed an ISO on the flash disk. My guess is that unetbootin did it.01:30
IveBeenBitOr maybe I did months ago when I was messing with it. It could be my fault.01:31
escottIveBeenBit, ok never used unetbootin... it also did it in the stupidest way imaginable01:31
escottIveBeenBit, so when you go into the installer you dont see windows at all?01:31
IveBeenBithang on I will go back to the installer so I can tell you accurately01:32
duanedesignIveBeenBit: i ran into that and realized mt usb was not formatted FAT3201:32
duanedesignbut ntfs01:32
IveBeenBitat the installer it has /dev/stb and under that .../stb1 and ...sdb501:33
IveBeenBitan the bottom is the drop down and I can choose dev sda, sdb or sdb101:34
escottIveBeenBit, then it is seeing sda01:34
escottIveBeenBit, but it doesnt list windows? perhaps it is booting efi. can you see if there is a folder /sys/firmware/efi or /sys/firmware/uefi01:35
IveBeenBitRight, but when I pick that, it does not change the selections at the top...still shows the graph of the USB's partitions01:35
IveBeenBitin sys/firmware there is only acpi and memmap01:36
escottIveBeenBit, i dont remember all the steps in the installer is this after you selected "manual partitioning" or before?01:36
IveBeenBitbefore. I am trying to get to the part that lets me partition01:37
IveBeenBitIt's the very 1st step after it tells you to make sure you have enough hard drive space.01:37
duanedesignis it trying to onstall the bootloadder while creating the usb?01:37
ubuntuuserback again, my mouse still not working I already discarded a hardware issue (it works on bios), so not sure what to do from here.01:37
escottIveBeenBit, well the bootloader will be installed to the mbr so your original question about the bootloader is irrelevant to whether or not it shows windows partitions on that disk01:37
ubuntuuserI am using a 12.04lets version desktop01:38
IveBeenBitescott: so I should just tell it to install the bootloader at sda?01:38
escottIveBeenBit, i thought the bootloader was after the partitioning... so im a bit confused as to what step you are at01:39
IveBeenBityou want to remote desktop into this thing? I just formatted everything so there's nothing personal on it01:39
escottIveBeenBit, the bootloader would be installed to sda if you plan to install the system to sda.01:40
IveBeenBitbut it's seriously the first screen after it says "make sure you have 5 gigs and are connected to the internet"01:40
escottIveBeenBit, i could be wrong about the order in which it asks you things01:40
IveBeenBitI was planning to give Ubuntu its own partitions, and put the bootloader in there01:40
escottIveBeenBit, pbr loaders are very fragile01:41
IveBeenBitBut understand I am a linux dumbass and may be trying to do something stupid without realizing it01:41
escottIveBeenBit, grub really doesnt like doing that you would probably have to do it all manually01:41
duanedesignI had a hard time with the usb-creator yesterday. i also did not have any DVDs. I ended up installing 11.04 on CD and upgrading onr distro at a time until I got to 12.10\\01:41
escottIveBeenBit, there is a difference between the "bootloader" and the second stage grub files and the boot files01:42
IveBeenBitGrub has given me big problems before. It broke Windows last time I tried to ise Ubuntu01:42
IveBeenBitBack then I had motherboard RAID installed but I reconfigured everything because Ubuntu doesn't like BIOS-driven RAID apparently01:43
IveBeenBitbut it put grubs everywhere01:43
escottIveBeenBit, they call it fake raid for a reason01:43
IveBeenBitso I was hoping to keep it segregated this time01:43
escottIveBeenBit, the reason fakeraid support is bad is because its complete junk and most developers recognize that and don't have any interest in writing drivers for it01:44
IveBeenBitSo I got rid of all the fake RAID arrays. The problem is I have one of these fancy motherboards that uses an SSD as a windows cache disk. So I have to tie the HDD and SDD together into a fakeraid01:44
escottIveBeenBit, and thats not going to work.01:45
IveBeenBitI was afraid you would say that01:45
escottIveBeenBit, i would go buy yourself another disk and don't put it into any intel storage anything and use it properly01:46
IveBeenBitRight now I only have 1 HDD plugged in and no RAID activated. I was going to partition everything and install both OSes and then turn on the RAID and see if it breaks Ubuntu01:46
escottIveBeenBit, you can google around and see if anyone has had success with that intel speed whatever, but i doubt it01:46
duanedesignIveBeenBit: their are some windows programs the mess with the MBR (eho knows why). For example Adobe Creative Suite01:46
escottIveBeenBit, it will01:46
IveBeenBitDo you think I could put Windows on an entire separate HDD, tie that into the SSD with Fake RAID and give Ubuntu it's own HDD that is not in a RAID array at all?01:48
escottIveBeenBit, supposedly its supported with dmraid 1.0.0-rc15 so you could try, but i would not01:48
escottIveBeenBit, that is what i would01:48
IveBeenBitescott: what do you mean? "That is what I would"01:49
escottIveBeenBit, have a disk outside the rapid storage array and use that to boot linux01:50
IveBeenBitOK. Well then I will have to put an old HDD into this badboy and start from scratch. I'll probably be back to bug you guys then.01:51
escottIveBeenBit, the other thing that people sometimes do is put their bootloader and /boot directory on a thumb drive and then use whatever fakeraid stuff on their disks01:51
escottIveBeenBit, that circumvents the "grub doesn't know what intel is doing" problem and puts it all on the shoulders of dmraid which has a better chance of working. i still would not trust intel rapid storage with my data though01:51
IveBeenBitI don't trust Intel RST with my data. All the data goes on a separate HDD but RST has been working well for me for a year.01:53
IveBeenBitDo you guys have an opinion on this: http://bcache.evilpiepirate.org/01:53
IveBeenBitOr this: https://github.com/facebook/flashcache01:53
IveBeenBitBTW thank you very much for your time, guys.01:55
escottIveBeenBit, if you have it in writeback mode then you are trusting it with your data01:55
escottIveBeenBit, i would certainly trust an in kernel software implementation more. neither are in the ubuntu kernels at this time. bcache may make it into mainline at some point01:57
IveBeenBitescott: so I should just watch the update notes and see if bcache is ever included? Then maybe switch?01:57
escottIveBeenBit, well you can't "switch"01:58
duanedesignIveBeenBit: http://linux.slashdot.org/story/10/08/28/2112208/some-windows-apps-make-grub-2-unbootable01:59
duanedesigni am sure they are not doinr it on purpose ;)01:59
IveBeenBitOK Well then I will start over. So the plan is: 1) Put Windows on its own HDD & fakeraid it to the SSD 2) Put Ubuntu on its own disk - no RAID. Anything else I should know?02:02
duanedesignif you have any questions fek free to ask them here. You may not get an immediattte response but we do check thr channel regularly02:05
IveBeenBitThank you guys for the help! Let's see how this goes!02:06
duanedesignIveBeenBit: You can also ping our team members in #ubuntu-beginners-team . That is where we chit chat and take care of team business02:07
duanedesignIveBeenBit: best of luck!02:07
IveBeenBitwhat is the proper etiquette to do that so I'm not being intrusive?02:07
duanedesignjust ask if dsomeone can herlp with issue X in #ubuntu-beginners02:08
IveBeenBitGood deal. Thank again. I'm Audi!02:09
duanedesignIveBeenBit: you can also join the the Neginners Team we are always looking for new members :)02:09
duanedesigncurrently the ter=am is open. The only prerequisite is that you want to help the community domehow02:10
IveBeenBitI will do it if I can ever get this marvelous OS to work on my computer!02:10
duanedesignhopefully se can help you do that02:11
duanedesignIveBeenBit: i will send you a PM w/ my email02:11
IveBeenBitOK nice. PM received02:12
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ryan1975Good day. I am looking for help understanding a piece of hardware on my Ubuntu desktop.20:24
ryan1975Am I in the right place?20:24
ryan1975I have a Planar touchscreen. The touch pointing device was working for a while, but it has stopped working.20:26
ryan1975how do I test it for a hardware issue?20:32
holsteincould be complicated20:38
holsteinyou'd have to go to a supported operating system and driver20:38
ryan1975Someone else seems to have gotten the hardware working here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2082116&highlight=Planar+touchscreen20:41
holsteinwell, you had the hardware working, correct?20:42
ryan1975I had too, but now it is not working, and I do not know enough to troubleshoot HW vs. software.20:42
holsteini dont think its an issue of "can it work"20:42
holsteinto troubleshoot the hardware, id want to have another one, and just swap it out20:42
ryan1975No. It is not an issue of can it work. I am trying to use "how it works" to determine why it stopped working.20:42
holsteinhave one working, and swap in the questionable one20:42
holsteinOR, you'll need to go to what is supported20:43
holsteinryan1975: i disagree20:43
holsteinryan1975: if it was working, then it *can* work20:43
holsteinits not working now, and you dont know why, and you are (and rightly so) trying to determine if its bad hardware20:43
ryan1975Yes. I agree that it can work. I wonder if I did something to the software to make it stop working.20:44
holsteinthe answer is not one you want to hear though, since it likely envolves installing a supported operating system20:44
ryan1975For example, I upgraded from 12.04 to 12.10.20:44
holsteinone the manufacturer supportes20:44
holsteinryan1975: try a  12.04 live CD20:44
ryan1975Hmm...I could try that.20:44
holsteinif it worked in 12.04, it'll work with the 12.04 live CD, and you can decide what to do about it from there20:44
ryan1975Fair enough. If it does not work with the live CD. Test it on a Win7 laptop.20:46
holsteinryan1975: if it doesnt work, i dont feel like you can assume the hardware is broken20:47
ryan1975The hardware is designed for Win7 according to the manufacturer.20:47
ryan1975Do you have a different recommendation if it does not work from a 12.04 Live CD?20:48
ryan1975I'm trying to come up with a list of things to try rather than a single task Do loop.20:49
holsteinryan1975: it'll be literally whatever you feel comfortable with based on what the manufacturer expects20:49
holsteinwhat would i want? 2 devices.. one working.. swap in the broken one.. on whatever operating system20:50
ryan1975I understand.20:50
ryan1975Do you have a suggestion for tracking down potential software solutions?20:51
ryan1975The device shows up in lsusb as "Quanta Optical Touch Screen" under 12.10.20:51
ryan1975It did the same in 12.04 when it worked.20:51
holsteini usually try live CD's til something works, then i'll just search around.. searching "ubuntu" and "linux".. searching broad as possible20:53
ryan1975Thank you for your help. I'll go see what I can find.20:54
IveBeenBitI am having problems installing Ubuntu in a dual boot with Windows 7. The partition editor does not recognize any of my hard drives, and then the installer crashes.23:18

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