robrucyphermox, odd, disconnected the wired and now it's progressing fine. odd.00:02
cyphermoxrobru: ah, sorry00:44
cyphermoxI'll be going back home in about 15 minutes00:45
cyphermoxso in 15m + 1h I should be able to reproduce00:45
cyphermoxyou mean the button Connect doesn't react in quantal until you unplug wired?00:46
cyphermoxI think I may have seen that early on in the quantal cycle, I thought it was a bug that had been fixed since00:46
robrucyphermox, oops, was afk for a bit. home yet?02:18
robrucyphermox, ok, sorry, I'm all over the place over here ;-)02:44
robrucyphermox, so yeah, what happened was the installer wouldn't progresswhile the wired connection was connected02:45
robrucyphermox, but the really weird thing was that I specifically saw notifications saying that wired and wireless were both connected. so I'd choose my wireless and click 'connect' and I'd get the notification that it connected, but the installer just never progressed to the next step. at least not until I unplugged the wired.02:45
robrucyphermox, keep in mind this was with the quantal installer, so you may well have fixed it since;-)02:46
cyphermoxno, it shouldn't happen in quantal02:47
cyphermoxcan you file a bug, I'll reproduce it here and see where it was fixed if at all so that it can eventually make it to quantal02:47
robrucyphermox, what should I file it against? network manager?02:49
robruon an unrelated note, anybody else noticing that U1 is totally broken on raring? I have two raring laptops here and neither of them can sync U1. going into U1 prefs and connecting to my account gives the helpful "IPCError" error message each time.03:09
robru"Sorry, an error has occurred and Ubuntu One needs to close." Show details... -> IPCError03:10
penguin_does anyone use ubuntu at night?04:21
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doomlordubuntu / google nexus .. what can it do/not do12:03
doomlordubuntu / google nexus 7 ^.. what can it do/not do12:04
xnoxcyphermox: interesting. I wonder if it would progress by clicking back & forward again (but this time no wifi page would have been shown)15:11
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