cyphermoxslangasek: sad because of what I did or sad because of the initial state of it? it's initial state made me sad, too00:44
Kanowhats the command used to create the efi binaries you find at http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/raring/main/uefi/grub2-amd64/current/00:59
Kanosigned is clear, i mean the other ones00:59
slangasekcyphermox: the initial state, of course :)01:36
Kanoslangasek: do you work on secure boot?01:38
slangasekKano: yes.  The unsigned binaries there are generated from the grub2 source package and handled as a custom upload type in .changes01:38
Kanoin that _amd64.tar.gz01:39
Kanobtw. did you notice that kubuntu does not support secure boot01:39
infinityKano: We left it up to the flavours to add SB support, rather than doing it across the board.01:45
Kanoits still weird when you get grub but can not start the kenrel01:46
sarnoldhrm, how do the flavours get different sb support than the main distro? I'd have thought the same grub* would be used on all..01:48
Kanodoes the default grub installed in secure boot env support booting unsigned kernels?01:48
infinitysarnold: It's the same grub, not everyone has twiddles seeds and installers to have signed kernels.01:48
Kanothe grub most likely and shim too but not the signed kernel01:48
sarnoldinfinity: aha, thanks :)01:48
Kanosome might want to use other kernels01:49
Kanogrub2-signed (1.5) quantal; urgency=low01:51
Kanodoes not have this check it seems01:51
Kanolaunchpad has it...01:55
Kanowhats the tool to create the iso images now?02:01
Kanoit does not seem to work with the normal live config02:01
Kanoi see no references to grub02:01
Kanofor better bsd support: http://people.freebsd.org/~nox/tmp/grub2-paste_180121.patch02:03
Kanothis patch should be added to grub202:04
Kanowas commited to grub2 a bit later02:04
infinityIf it's committed upstream, raring or later will get it.02:05
Kanoi just dont like bzr02:05
infinityI'm not sure how deep our concern for bsd support is, as far as SRUing such things back.02:05
Kanoit was just a typo02:05
Kanoi would prefer when grub would use git02:06
sarnoldI'm a bit dissapointed the patch didn't #define the magic number02:06
Kanochecking out bzr takes ages02:07
infinityKano: No one's making you use bzr...02:07
Kanoand where is git for grub?02:08
infinityKano: If your goal is just to file a bug and provide a patch, you could just grab the source package and work a patch against it.02:08
Kanoits already commited02:08
Kanoi just want to search the commit02:08
Kanorevno: 455602:12
Kanomust it be02:12
infinityLooks like.02:13
Kanois there a better way to show the commit instead of02:15
Kanobzr diff -r4555..455602:15
infinityThat's what I use.  There doesn't seem to be a "bzr show".02:16
infinityThough I guess it would be trivial to alias "bzr show $n" to "bzr diff -r$((n-1)..$n"02:17
stgraberI've been using "bzr log -p" lately, which shows you the commit message, author and the diff02:17
sarnold"better" .. maybe bzr log -p ?02:17
Kanobut with git you see the log entry02:17
Kanoah -pr02:18
Kanowhy does bzr always create patches with -p0?02:19
infinityIndeed, bzr log -pr is pretty much exactly git show.02:19
infinitySlightly less friendly to find, but whatever.02:19
infinityNow I know, at least.02:19
Kanoand it is p0 not p102:19
infinityKano: And that, yeah.02:20
Kanofor diff you can use -p1 i see02:20
Kanowhatever you use, please add it02:21
stgraberif you have bzr-git installed, you can also do "bzr diff --format=git" which will give you an output identical to that of "git diff" (so -p1 by default)02:23
Kanobtw. that was the original bug report: http://people.freebsd.org/~nox/tmp/grub-bugmail.mbox.txt02:37
Kanobut it seems it never appeared on the mailing list02:38
Kano(bzr log -r 4556;echo;bzr diff -r4555..4556 --format=git)02:49
Kanomaybe something like that02:49
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bdrungtumbleweed: will you take care of the testing for bug #1068019?13:39
ubottubug 1068019 in distro-info (Ubuntu Oneiric) "distro-info needs to be updated for Raring" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106801913:39
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rawplayerhow can i remove the black line after removing the top bar from unity-greeter?19:21
rawplayermaybe its an idea to provide an option for the gsettings schema related to unity-greeter to hide the bar or disable it entirly19:22
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Bluefoxicysigh this is ridiculous.20:10
Bluefoxicywe need a system like dkms for friggin' nginx20:10
TheLordOfTimeBluefoxicy, uh... what?21:16
* TheLordOfTime only responded because 'nginx' is on highlight for him21:16
BluefoxicyTheLordOfTime:  there is no dynamic module loader for nginx21:48
Bluefoxicywant to get a module into Debian/Ubuntu?  You have to convince them to include it and build nginx with the module.  Possibly as an additional package.21:48
BluefoxicyTheLordOfTime: if you want to generally include modules with nginx, you need an nginx package that brings in the source code; and you need a package that knows about all the module packages brought in and rebuilds nginx with all that stuff as a trigger when you install or update any of them.21:49
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TheLordOfTimeBluefoxicy, err, yeah, that's how they designed it...21:58
TheLordOfTimeBluefoxicy, and afaik there's no dynamic module loading slated for any release in the near future21:59
* TheLordOfTime double checks upstream trac21:59
TheLordOfTimeBluefoxicy, that, and if such a system is created, it has to be created upstream first.21:59
TheLordOfTimewhich afaik will result in a complete redesign21:59
TheLordOfTimethat, and since nginx is universe here...22:00
Bluefoxicywhich is why we need something like dkms if we want to include outstream modules22:00
Bluefoxicyit's ridiculous.22:00
TheLordOfTimeBluefoxicy, let me reiterate nginx is universe.22:00
BluefoxicyYes I saw that part.22:01
TheLordOfTimeso unless upstream redesigns nginx (which is unlikely to happen) there's not going to be a dynamic nginx module loader22:01
BluefoxicyI'm not entirely sure why.22:01
TheLordOfTimebecause the way nginx is designed does not currently support such things.22:01
Bluefoxicywere you not paying attention?22:01
TheLordOfTimeand nginx is in universe because its community maintained22:01
TheLordOfTime if you want to generally include modules with nginx, you need an nginx package that brings in the source code; and you need a package that knows about all the module packages brought in and rebuilds nginx with all that stuff as a trigger when you install or update any of them.  <-- aka "do it by hand"22:02
TheLordOfTimeBluefoxicy, such a package as well i *think* would need a conflicts: nginx-*22:02
Bluefoxicythat's not a redesign22:02
TheLordOfTimeor at lleast nginx, nginx-full, nginx-light, nginx-...22:02
TheLordOfTimeBluefoxicy, if you make a package, i'll test it22:02
Bluefoxicythat's a pile of stupid crap to work around the non-existent dynamic loader22:02
TheLordOfTimebut until you make such a package... its an upstream-resolve issue.22:02
TheLordOfTimeso... *goes back to standard bug triaging*22:03
BluefoxicyPoor design considerations aside, I'm not sure why nginx isn't considered a main package22:03
Bluefoxicy(though I may be biased, since I found if I replace Apache on a production Web server with nginx it only needs 2GB of RAM instead of 8GB ... Apache itself uses 5.8GB of RAM for 250 concurrent connections serving static files with SSI)22:04
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TheLordOfTimetrust me, its good where it is in universe.22:11
TheLordOfTimeBluefoxicy, the same question could be made about lighttpd22:12
TheLordOfTimesince its also widely used22:12
TheLordOfTimei just gave up the arguing.  its irrelevant - since most NGINX bugs end up being SRU'd by me when upstream has patches/fixes22:12
TheLordOfTime(at least nowadays they're sru'd by me... ;P)22:13
BluefoxicyTheLordOfTime:  you know if there's any truth to the rumor that MySQL is being replaced?22:42
BluefoxicyI have been hearing that it's being seriously discussed to throw it completely out of Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.22:43
TheLordOfTimeBluefoxicy, why don't you ask the release team?22:52
TheLordOfTimeor debian22:52
Bluefoxicywell the MySQL release team says there are no replacements for MySQL and that all distros who are using MySQL will continue to use and supply it because there is nothing better.22:53
BluefoxicyBut of course Oracle would say that.22:54
jtaylorgiven that mariadb is a recent fork it is certainly able to replace it22:54
TheLordOfTimejtaylor, is the sql syntax still the same?22:55
jtaylorof course22:56
Bluefoxicyhttp://www.zdnet.com/opensuse-also-considers-switching-from-mysql-to-mariadb-7000010223/ hmm latest news i can find22:57
TheLordOfTimei ask because CREATE DATABASE dbname; works in mysql and mssql, but not oracledb unless you have a lot of other stuff with it22:58
BluefoxicyTheLordOfTime: i in-place replaced mysql with percona so...22:59
TheLordOfTimeare any of the forks in raring yet?23:22
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Bluefoxicywhich folks?23:28
BluefoxicyUs folks?23:28
Bluefoxicyoh, forks.  Can't read.23:28
BluefoxicyTheLordOfTime:  apparently Debian doesn't have any of them.  Which is strange to my senses23:28
BluefoxicyI mean it's like, you know.23:28
TheLordOfTimemight be stuck in the freeze23:28
TheLordOfTimeor in the "We can't process because frozen" queue23:28
Bluefoxicythey supply repositories which I'm pretty sure have a deb-src23:29
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Bluefoxicyyeah debian is weird about freezing sid23:29
TheLordOfTimeBluefoxicy, they don't have to23:29
* TheLordOfTime points at his local private debian repositories which only have the binaries23:29
BluefoxicyWell I mean, you can just pull the debs from somewhere else and build them yourself, and import them23:29
TheLordOfTimenote two things: (1) private repositories, and (2) they're private and binary-only because i'm paranoid about my source code.23:30
Bluefoxicyit's not like there's licensing problems23:30
Bluefoxicydefine 'paranoid about your source code'23:30
Bluefoxicyyou're a crappy programmer?23:30
TheLordOfTimeno, just paranoid.23:30
Bluefoxicythat seems strange in this crowd23:31
Bluefoxicyi'm not sure your source code can be used against you effectively23:31
Bluefoxicyman i still don't understand what is going on with upgrading from 2.7 to 3.0 puppet on ubuntu.23:35
Bluefoxicyevery time I move up, apt breaks everything.23:36

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