penguin_is anyone here a developer?04:21
lifelessnot a one, we're all novellists.04:27
chilukroses are red.04:28
lifelessintel is blue04:28
penguin_and redshift is amazing04:28
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penguin_sudo apt-get install redshift && redshift -t 6500:4900 -g 0.7704:29
penguin_sudo apt-get install redshift && redshift -t 6500:4900 -g 0.7704:35
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infinityjjohansen: How did you want to deal with security sign-off for the current precise/quantal SRUs?  They don't technically fix any security flaws, but they're reverts to regressions that we landed in -security.10:00
infinityjjohansen: I'm personally inclined to say we should probably copy the lot to security, due to the regression.  Thoughts?10:01
jjohanseninfinity: hrmm, yes I think copying them to security makes sense.10:02
jjohansenhrmm were of the CVE patches where reverted?10:02
henrixjjohansen: no, the reverts were not from CVE patches10:03
infinityjjohansen: The reverts were purely for fsnotify regressions.10:03
infinityjjohansen: But rather nasty ones at that.  I've already hung a couple of buildds due to that kernel.10:04
jjohansenokay, I would say yes copy to -security, and if needed I can issue a nop USN detailing that its a fix for regressions10:04
infinityjjohansen: That would be lovely.  So, if you could abuse the security-sign-off task to that effect, so the bot sets the right promotion tasks for me, that would be great.10:05
jjohanseninfinity: alright, it should be done in a couple minutes10:05
jjohanseninfinity, henrix: I am only seeing the precise tracking bug https://launchpad.net/bugs/1104061, do you have the quantal one handy?10:12
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1104061 in Kernel SRU Workflow security-signoff "linux: 3.2.0-37.58 -proposed tracker" [Undecided,In progress]10:12
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1103932 in Kernel SRU Workflow verification-testing "linux: 3.5.0-23.35 -proposed tracker" [Undecided,In progress]10:12
infinityjjohansen: http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/reports/kernel-sru-workflow.html is handy.10:13
jjohansenah, yeah that is quite handy10:14
jjohanseninfinity: done10:17
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infinityjjohansen: Shiny, thanks.10:26
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* henrix -> SIGFOOD13:01
ben1uhello, I had last night a kernel panic on Ubuntu 12.04 after 7 days uptime. How can I find or dump it?14:22
ben1uI mean how I can for the future find why it happened.14:23
Gaudassesyslog ?14:26
ben1uthere is no information about that14:26
lantiziaapw, ogasawara, is there anyway I (a 12.04 user) can run/test the kernel changes related to #1105230 raised yesterday15:56
infinityikepanhc: Yay for the armadaxp uploads.  Do I get a matching -meta too?16:26
ikepanhcinfinity: not upload meta packages yet, will do so. upload kernel first because it takes time to build16:28
infinityikepanhc: Yeah, but no harm in doing both together, I don't copy them from the PPA until everything's ready.16:28
infinityikepanhc: (And it means you don't have to babysit)16:28
infinityikepanhc: I'll go grab some breakfast and hope to see a meta when I get back. :)16:47
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