krabadorhi ubuntu-phone devs, i'm not a developer, i only would know if with the source to be released, it would be possible to port ubuntu phone os on other devices than galaxy nexus00:17
k1lkrabador: that should be possible, _but_ keep the hardware specs in mind and be aware that the driver situation is a mess on arm00:18
krabadoryes, i know about no documentation00:20
krabadorof arm soc00:20
bef0rdas long as you are able to flash other custom ROMs, I think it would be possible to do it00:22
krabadork1l, i really would use ubuntu-phone on mine, without an app store too00:22
krabadorbef0rd, that's properly what i'm hoping for >(00:22
krabadori really hope in a possibility of canonical to support more platoforms possible00:25
HashcodeI'm not sure canonical even needs to directly support more platforms, if the main build is open sourced similar to AOSP.00:29
HashcodeI think devs will find a way to make it work :)00:29
krabadormany dual core with 1gb of ram will never have the actual android version, and especially the next. with ubuntu os properly working, without features of future high specs phones too, i think it would be a great popularity boost for canonical, and for next canonical business00:29
HashcodeI have full Android running on 512MB ram devices which never had an original 3.0 kernel.  It's all possible.00:31
HashcodeI think Ubuntu will probably run even better on those devices due to the native code etc.00:32
krabadorHashcode, yes i was mean "officially"00:32
krabadori'm really waiting the end of february with impatience, i'm the user type that don't uses all the "core apps" :)00:43
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e3markHello everyone good morning00:58
surgemcgeeI can not for the life of me figure out why the Template element works in the show case but not alone in my apps! Ahhhhhh01:27
surgemcgeeAlso, encouragement to the Ubuntu team. It feels good to be a IT dev only due to the dedicated teams at Canonical.01:34
surgemcgeeLike it or not ;)01:35
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arunkumar413hi guys05:11
_ravenhow vis the chace to get ubuntu phone for asus  padphone2?06:54
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livefree424_Anyone excited to wait about a year07:21
_ravenhow vis the chace to get ubuntu phone for asus  padphone2?07:36
_ravenanyone here?09:13
popey_raven: yes09:40
_ravenpopey how think you about the chance to get ubuntu phone on the asus padphone 2?09:40
popeydepends if someone is willing to put the work in to make it happen09:41
_raveni have to make the decision to send it back09:43
_ravenobviously there is not at least a cyanogenmod rom for it09:43
popeydont bet on us making an image for it09:44
_ravenmeans less chance?09:47
popeysomeone in the community might do it, but there's no guarantee of it09:48
_ravenok i hope for it09:48
karanluthraIm a 3rd year comp sc undergrad, looking forward to contribute to the calendar app for ubuntu mobile os. Where to start from? I just read the user requirements.09:58
doomlord_raven: you could consider offering  bounty10:22
doomlordmaybe other padphone owners would do the same10:22
doomlordi think its  big job though10:23
doomlordQuestion: What QuadCore phone is most likely to get ubuntu-phone first10:24
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doomlordubuntu / google nexus: is there Camera app (stills)14:28
doomlordubuntu / ^galaxy nexus: is there Camera app (stills) .. is it likely to work from the outset14:29
Yuggekaranluthra: The sourcecode for the ubuntu-phone project will be released in late february, I think it is closed to canonical employees until then.14:33
popeyyes, there is a camera app14:36
Robbiliepopey do you think canonical might be interested in a "unity-web" version like i did :D14:36
popeyfor what purpose?14:38
Robbilieshowing unity off :)14:39
Robbiliewhat it looks and feels like :)14:39
Robbiliecouldnt you simplay write full sentences instead of single words? :P14:40
popeypass = I don't know. Commonly used in quiz shows when the contestant doesn't know the answer to the question presented.14:41
Robbiliewell thought smthng like this but didnt know the context :P14:42
Robbiliedo you know who to ask?14:42
popeypass ☺14:43
Robbiliedamn :D14:43
Robbiliearent you support? :D14:43
Robbilieanybody else from the irc team here who could help me then? :D14:45
popeyunlikely on the weekend14:46
popeytry emailing the mailing list?14:46
Robbiliehum which one? :D never used a mailing list ;)14:47
Robbiliehm thanks14:50
Robbilieshould i just mail in or mail "this teams admins"14:53
popeyjoin the team, subscribe to the list14:54
Robbiliealready done that but after i joines14:54
popeyemail ubuntu-phone@lists.launchpad.net14:54
doomlorddoes ubuntu-phone do any of the sandboxing android/ios do15:02
doomlord(i gather in android every app runs in a seperate user?)15:02
netcurlidoomlord: in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZv7aoiq1Kw jono did talk about sandboxing (at around min 19), that they want to do15:08
popeythats the plan15:09
M4rtinKas long as it is user configurable I'm okay with it :)15:20
doomlordi suppose web apps are already sandboxed by the browser15:21
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popeydepends on the browser surely?15:37
Robbiliepopey, i sent a mail about half an hour ago and nothing changed on the mailing lists website, did i d smthng wrong...?15:40
doomlordheh. google NaCl for sandboxing native code in the browser :)15:42
popeyRobbilie: did you subscribe to the list first?15:43
Robbiliesure xD15:43
Robbilieoh wait i know what the problem is xD15:44
Robbilienow it works xD15:51
Sinan___Guys does anyone know that, Since Galaxy Nexus has MHL version 1.0, it doesn't support USB host and HDMI output simultaneously. So how will we use keyboard, mouse and usb storages when we connected to a TV ?16:30
doomlordi think one wants a wifi NAS box and bluetooth keyboard16:35
Sinan___what about other unique usb devices?16:35
Sinan___not just storages16:35
doomlordi think one wants a propper hub16:36
Sinan___what kind of proper usb hub? there is no usb host on the device16:36
Sinan___you can't use usb host and HDMI simultaneously via MHL V1.016:37
doomlordok one wants another phone and port later :)16:38
doomlordunles one can control things across the network... evreything that matters is networkable i think16:39
doomlordphones are about wireless connectivity i think16:39
Sinan___but the problem is ubuntu-phone is fully compatible with ONLY Galaxy Nexus16:39
doomlordyaeh its a start16:40
doomlordi want to know what quadcore phone  will get it first16:40
doomlordthat'll be my next purchase16:40
Sinan___I have a note 2 and I want it to be first :)16:40
doomlordi'd love a note 216:40
doomlordi like nexus 4 benchmarks though16:41
doomlordso for a pocket computer ..16:41
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SashkoI want to develop an application (calculator) for phones. What programming environment do I need to start with?18:10
Sashkosome phone emulator for pc?18:11
doomlordif you dual boot ubuntu/android on nexus7 - is it possible to have shared storage (one accessing others filesys)18:12
doomlordSashko depends what phone; andriod SDK is availble everywhwere, and iOS sdk on macintosh18:13
doomlordandroid sdk is mostly java18:14
kevkidhello all!18:19
Sinan___Sashko: you need eclipse and android sdk18:47
hourddoomlord: did you find out if you can share the storage?18:50
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Robbiliepopey, how to respond to the mailing list item i started? :D21:15
Robbiliei started a new "thread" at the mailing list, how do i respond so it shows up on the page?21:16
popeyyeah, i saw the mail21:17
Robbilieok damn that was not the way it was intended to work -.- now i have a new thread :(21:18
popeyjust reply to mail21:18
popeyi mean, if you want to start a new thread, start a new mail21:18
popeybut if you want to reply, click .. uh.. reply ☺21:18
Robbiliei replied to the mail but it seems that only the person who answered reveived the mail and my answer isnt shown on the website...?21:19
popeyit doesn't update instantly21:23
popeydont worry about it21:24
Robbilienobody has a saved copy of the countdown that was visible on the ubuntu site early this year...?23:17
ajalkaneWhat countdown was that? Not that I have saved any countdowns, just curious...23:19
Robbiliethe one for ubu phone os :D23:33
ajalkaneI see sir... well I guess they removed it after noticing the mayan end of world didn't come23:34

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