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quietonewe changed from Centos to Ubuntu 12.04 for office samba server for XP boxes.  profiles were 'lost' and users can't change theme etc on new profiles.03:20
quietonei've been searching all week and have yet to find a fix. Any tips or reading suggestions welcome.03:20
quietoneAnd apologies for asking about XP here.03:22
sarnoldquietone: did you copy the samba configuration over wholesale? or just merge over the 'important' changes you might have made?03:23
quietonesarnold, my workmate did most of the work, so I am not sure how to answer. I know smb.conf is identical03:25
sarnoldquietone: is there anything interesting in the log files?03:26
sarnoldquietone: are file permissions on the drive correct? (users can write into their own directories...?)03:26
sarnoldquietone: time for me to bail, hope these help you figure it.. :)03:26
quietonesarnold, thanks03:27
brad358can someone who knows how to use samba help me please? i cant seem to edit the settings on it03:35
kevinmthomasI have a question, I have postfix set up on ubuntu server and I am able to send and receive mail but i cant get a client like Thunderbird to conect03:45
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daniel_-anyone can help me? I want to mysql to start after reboot. I put this into cron "@reboot sudo service mysql start" and used "10:50
daniel_-sudo update-rc.d mysql defaults"10:51
AlecTaylorI don't have a Window Manager installed, but I ran 'startx'. How do I stop the X server so I can restart it with OpenBox?11:08
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sk1pperdaniel: you can use sysv-rc-conf, to add and remove daemons from run levels11:13
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AlecTaylorWhen I try to connect (via VNC) to my server after I ran starx, I get an error: "No DISPLAY found"11:20
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docjayhey all - runner server 12.04.  Could someone give me a hand with 'libmysqlclient18' and 'percona-server-common-5.5'?14:15
docjaywhen I install one it removes the other and I need both to be installed14:16
docjayI'm stumped14:16
patdk-lapyou did something odd then14:23
patdk-lapcause they co-exist fine on my issue14:23
patdk-lapolder build of percona didn't play happy though14:23
patdk-laphmm actually, the ubuntu libmysqlclient18 gets replaced with the percona one, no issues14:27
patdk-lapused to be it wasn't named right, and caused issues14:27
docjayhey, thkx for your help14:29
docjayits a fresh install actually14:29
patdk-lapthere is only one catch I can think of14:29
patdk-lapI don't install the percona from their packages14:29
patdk-lapbut rebuild them into normal packages14:30
docjayoh, okay, what is the best way?14:30
patdk-lapnot sure if that makes a difference14:30
patdk-lapdo it this way for easy upgrades14:30
patdk-lapoh, that is the issue, libmysqlclient-dev14:31
patdk-lapwhy are you installing -dev?14:31
docjayI'm following a guide to install 'newznab14:32
patdk-lapseems silly14:33
patdk-lapdo it without the -dev14:33
patdk-lapthe -dev is only needed if you compile stuff yourself14:33
patdk-lapand nothing on that page is getting compiled. so14:33
docjayk, lemme try14:34
docjayunable to locate 'libmysqlclient'14:34
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patdk-laphmm, I also wonder why they mention lenny14:36
patdk-lapoh well, don't use random instructions from people :)14:36
docjayyeah, I am using precise now14:36
docjaywhat do you suggest14:37
patdk-lapya, and percona makes a precise build, so dunno why they would mix in a debian build14:37
patdk-laplets see14:37
patdk-lapremove all mysql stuff14:37
patdk-lapapt-get purge .*mysql.*14:37
patdk-lapadd percona repo for precise should do it14:38
patdk-lapthen start with installing percona-server-server-5.514:38
patdk-lapthen try the rest14:38
docjaywill do, adding the repo now14:39
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docjayfinally, the percona config started for me  ;)14:42
patdk-lapI'm upgrading my last ones from 5.1 to 5.5 right now :)14:43
docjaywhat do you think I should do about 'libmysqlcleint'?  you said that I really didn't need the -dev but it can't find it otherwise.14:44
docjaythanks for your help - how easy was that  :)14:47
patdk-lapthe libmysqlclient is a metapackage, it will install libmysqlclient18 in your case14:48
docjayit all worked just fine.   thanks!14:49
samba35how to get list of all dpkg--recconfigure(able) package15:00
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storrgiehow do I enable a server to start after reboot. I put a service file in /etc/init.d is that all thats required?16:46
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RoyKstorrgie: symlink it to rc2.d17:21
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storrgieRoyK, thank you sir17:36
storrgietesting now17:36
mwcampbellOn a new system, should I install vmbuilder via the python-vm-builder or ubuntu-vm-builder package?19:33
VasaI accidently chmodded all my system to 711 and now I can't run any commands19:59
Vasais there anything I can do? =/19:59
Vasaok i got access20:04
Vasawhat is a safe chmod for all the system20:05
Vasato fix this problem20:05
Vasaohhh man thank god it got fixed i was worried =.=20:07
Vasaand thanks for the help k1ng20:08
mdeslaurVasa: you likely need to reinstall if you chmodded your whole system. Permissions are now most likely in an insecure state.20:09
k1ng^ Vasa do as he said20:10
uvirtbotk1ng: Error: "Vasa" is not a valid command.20:10
k1ng ^ Vasa do as he said20:10
Vasaok i should backup then20:10
Vasaatleast i can backup20:11
Vasacan chmod 777 somehow damage the system? excpect for the outside security reasons?20:15
fxhi all, i'm having a bit of a problem, after upgrade to 12.04 i can't bring eth0 up, it shows all zeroes for mac address in ifconfig20:23
fxThe OS runs in a Xen VM, i booted DSL and the interface worked charmingly20:23
fxI can give it the previous mac, and an ip manually but when i do ifup it just hangs20:30
fxBloody udev20:43
fxremoved the rule, restarted, works =920:43
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jeeves_mosshow do I get MySQL to auth to a windows AD?22:57
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jacobjameshaving a problem23:24
jacobjamesmy server not showing up on the network.23:24
jacobjamesit is hardwired into the router and i can get access to the internet through a browser.23:24
jacobjameswhen i log into my router a netgear 7550 that computer does not show up.23:25
jacobjamesI have rescanned my network without success.23:25
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jacobjamesAnyone know anything about SMB?23:55
jacobjamesdoes it apply to linux?23:55
linuxman44correct me if i am wrong, but isnt smb only for windows? i think samba might be similar, but thats just a raw guess23:56
patdk-lapsmb was discontinued in windows with xp23:56
RoyKwell, cifs is just smb with signed packages23:58
RoyKjust he same old crap23:58
patdk-lapno, its a lot different23:58
patdk-lapcifs fixs lot and lots of smb issues23:58
jacobjameswhat is cifs?23:58
RoyKsmb2 fixes a lot more23:59
RoyKcifs is just signed smb23:59

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