WebVisitor-0hey everyone, I am a somewhat newbie to ubuntu09:16
WebVisitor-0looking to set up multitouch gestures on my laptop, i tried touchegg and i don't think its compatible with my hardware09:16
WebVisitor-0any suggestions from anyone here09:16
ktogiasHi all.11:35
ktogiasI got a sony vaio duo 11 ultrabook with N-trig DuoSense multitouch screen11:37
ktogiasthe output of lsinput is http://pastebin.com/JCDkaRw611:38
ktogiasThe multitouch seems to semi-work under ubuntu 12.10... After running ntrig calib.sh as decribed in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch/Calibration/Ntrig it responds to two-finger touches but not to one finger...11:40
ktogiascalib.sh output is http://pastebin.com/hNeu5Q3V11:42
ktogiasIt gives an error ls: cannot access /sys/bus/hid/drivers/ntrig/*1B96*: No such file or directory11:42
ktogiasbasename: missing operand11:42
ktogiasmtdev-test output is at http://pastebin.com/TX7seCeG11:44
ktogiaswith geisview i see that just after running calib.sh a single touch is interpereted as 2 touches. one at the position of the finger and the other at 1920, 1080 corner of the screen... Subsequent single touches are not identified. it caches ony 2-finger touches...11:48
ktogiasAny hints please?11:48
ktogiasOn how to go on testing, or where to look for possible solution?11:48
ktogiasbefore running calib.sh I also get (EE) [dix] N-trig DuoSense: unable to find touch point 1 in xorg.log11:51
ktogiasSorry... I have a realy bad internet connection... I was disconnected.. if anyone replied to me, please repeat...12:53
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