roastedfired up my r-pi with openelec tonight04:38
roastedworked wonderfully04:38
roastedonce I get my hdds in for my server Ill host videos there and auto mount the smb share on the r-pi... stream over the network. pro.04:38
InHisNameI want to set an evironment variable BEFORE invoking python.  How to do that ?    gksu python script.py06:08
JonathanDhi waltman12:50
InHisNameHey anyone pay attention to my 1am question?   Oh, yes, Good Morning !14:08
waltmanInHisName: VAR=value python script.py14:26
waltmanThat works for any command, e.g. TZ=Europe/Helsinki date14:27
InHisNameBut, waltman, when I click the Icon on desktop with the command from 1am comment, the path is not there, it fails.  Need a way to inject the path before starting the command.    ---> gksu python script.py14:29
waltmanwhat's gsku?14:30
InHisNameWould   VAR=value  gksu python script.py work ?14:30
waltmanprobably, depending on what gksu is14:30
InHisNameI'll try that then.14:31
waltmanyou could also try putting it after gksu. With sudo it works either way.14:31
InHisNameNope,  adding that into the front of command does NOT work.  Program does not start anymore.14:33
InHisNameOK, I'll try that, then.14:33
InHisNameNope, just prompt for su password, then nada !14:35
InHisNameWhere can I put it during bootup.  THAT should do it just grand.14:35
InHisNameubuntu 12.1014:35
InHisNameIt was put into .bashrc but no good either.   can't find an "rc" file for python.14:36
waltmancan you modify the environment variable inside the script?14:38
waltmanhttp://o3.aolcdn.com/dims-shared/dims3/PATCH/resize/600x450/http://hss-prod.hss.aol.com/hss/storage/patch/1d65d35c3eea7d49422576a13d4b6b50 # this is what it was like getting home on the R5 yesterday14:41
InHisNameThe R5 is a coal train???15:07
InHisNameDid you really get to help shovel ?15:08
InHisNameI tried using -->os.environ['VARIB']="stuf"  but that aparently wasn't good enough to work.15:09
waltmanOK, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit...15:10
InHisNameBest that I set it during boot.  What script always runs that I can add an export environment var to it ?15:10
waltmanThat is, in fact, the same train line, but from like 100 years ago.15:11
InHisNameBoy !  you've been riding that train way too long, waltman15:16
SamuraialbaGood bacon to all!19:41
SamuraialbaI'm now a SubReddit Mod :O19:41
InHisNameI'm too young for that stuff20:13
teddy-dbearstupid 12.10 is taking way to long to update22:21
teddy-dbearit's been installing stuff almost all day :P22:21
Samuraialbawhat is your connect like?22:24
teddy-dbeardownload is done22:33
teddy-dbearit's all install for like the lat 4 hours22:33
Samuraialbaoh wow22:36
SamuraialbaI'm afraid to fire up my server VM for it now22:36
Samuraialbagot a spiffy DUAL Quad Xeon22:37
teddy-dbearfinally at the clean up stage23:09
teddy-dbearnow i have to restart my laptop because of a kernel update :-/23:10

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