nomoney4megood evening everyone00:01
nomoney4mewould anyone be able to help me with setting up my newly installed ubuntu laptop?00:02
carifcan anyone recommend a keyboard layout utility? I'm trying to figure out what scancodes my microsoft wireless comfort 4000 keyboard is actually generating00:06
cholbyhey is there an ubuntu I can put on my iphone?00:06
cholbyI don't like iOS00:07
beancholby: no00:07
Random832carif: showkey will give you scan codes00:07
Random832carif: run it on the console, and 10 seconds of silence to quit.00:07
cholbybean somebody told me there was a mobile version in beta00:07
cholbyi can't find it though00:07
cholbyis it on sourceforge?00:07
beancholby: whoever told you that was a liar.00:08
Random832cholby: it's not going to be for iphones, most likely00:08
cholbywhy can't I just put the current version of ubuntu on my phone?00:08
beanbecause that is not how phones work00:08
beanthey're specialized to run one certain piece of software00:08
Random832bean: in theory it is, there could totally be a cyanobuntumod00:08
beanRandom832: on iphone?00:09
Random832but i don't think ubuntu phone OS is even ready at all, let alone ready to be ported to random hardware00:09
Random832bean: IIRC someone did once successfully install android on an iphone00:09
shwaiilQ: Can we use "Hot corners" like Osx ? I just got use to it at work... ! Thanks for looking! ubuntu 12.1000:10
will3032840Hello? I need some help with ubuntu and a WDNA3100v2.00:10
Random832but it's certainly a lot harder to make work than a pc, and like i said i don't think ubuntu mobile is even ready at all yet00:10
jribshwaiil: I  would be surprised if there isn't some compiz plugin for that00:10
will3032840this is a dev question, cause I need the WDNA3100v2 working for ubuntu ARM.00:10
will3032840as in a belkin WDNA3100v2.00:11
beanRandom832: there was a linux on iphone project like 3 years ago00:12
carifRand832, ty. Is there a way to get the codes translated into their symbolic equivalents? e.g. Left Alt seems to be generating keycode 11100:12
will3032840Hello? why isn't anyone responding00:12
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carifRandom832, ^^^00:13
beanwill3032840 please do not beg for people to answer00:14
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/00:14
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Random832carif: what do you mean by symbolic equivalents?00:20
Random832you asked for scancodes, not symbols00:21
Random832try xev (run in X, not console) if you want what X is interpreting as, but you said to find out what scancode it is actually sending00:21
carifRandom832, yup, I asked the wrong question, xev will give me symbols, ty00:21
Random832apt-get install x11-utils if it's not by default00:22
beanwill3032840: does your device show up in dmesg when it gets plugged in?00:22
will3032840can I repost my question or not?00:22
beanwill3032840: does the usb device show up in dmesg?00:23
will3032840bean: yes, and it identifies the device correctly but it says no interfaces avalible00:23
beanwill3032840: thats a broadcom chip, yeah?00:24
liveusbwhat's the password for root on the 12.10 live image?00:26
dblinxHere is a question.... just got hit with a few viruses and maleware on my eeb server... need to know a way to make sure its clean00:26
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beanliveusb: why do you need the root password? ubuntu doesn't have a root user with a password by default.00:26
bean!sudo | liveusb00:26
ubottuliveusb: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo00:26
beandblinx: as in windows viruses or bad scripts in linux?00:27
scristopherdblinx, clamav will do the job00:27
scristopheralso were the sites php based sites that got hit?00:27
beandblinx: what scristopher says plus http://www.rfxn.com/projects/linux-malware-detect/ maldet will work well00:28
gustavobean: windows viruses are made by smart people... bad scripts in linux are made by new or bad users00:28
Ben64dblinx: depends what you mean by "got hit"00:28
filantropuscan someone tell me how i activate the java plug in mozilla firefox?00:28
beangustavo: not necessarily.00:28
scristopherif they were php based sites that got injected depending on the obfuscation clamav may or may not detect it00:28
Ben64dblinx: reinstall00:28
beanyou can try running maldet00:29
scristopherdblinx, were these websites that got injected with malware?00:29
beanon it00:29
dblinxOr restore from backup00:29
beanbut that'll quarentine all bad files.00:29
escottfilantropus, you should be aware there are multiple java zero-days out there in the wild. its not a safe thing to be doing00:29
scristopheror ?00:29
scristopherwell there is a easy way to find stuff if clamav doesnt00:29
Ben64if they were able to have a login on the computer, nothing is safe00:30
scristopherfind . -name "*.php" | xargs grep base64 --- if it is base64 encoded stuff00:30
dblinxHow... clam found 20 infectioned fikea00:30
scristopherclam should remove the stuff as well00:30
scristopheri like to get the base64 encoded crap and decode it, save it for later study myself00:31
filantropusi'm installing it from the java page00:31
escottfilantropus, java is insecure. you should be very wary of using java in a webbrowser00:31
Myrttiescott: some banks in their infinite wisdom require sun java to use their Internet banking systems00:31
escott!openjdk | filantropus00:31
escott!info openjdk | filantropus00:31
ubottufilantropus: Package openjdk does not exist in quantal00:31
dblinxIll try that... what if its a x86...00:31
filantropusthen, how can i run a game that needs java¡00:31
escott!info openjdk-7-jre00:32
ubottuopenjdk-7-jre (source: openjdk-7): OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT. In component main, is optional. Version 7u9-2.3.4-0ubuntu1.12.10.1 (quantal), package size 220 kB, installed size 682 kB00:32
escottfilantropus, ^^^ finally thats the package00:32
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scristopherdblinx, are you asking me?00:33
escottMyrtti, the last thing i would call the banking industry is "wise" certainly not infinite ;)00:33
scristopher... im not sure what you mean by that because i think we are talking about 2 different things00:33
daftykinsescott: probably why it's a common non-literal phrase :P00:33
scristopherbase64 is the type of encryption alot of malware uses00:33
scristopherif you can find any y ou can decode it00:34
filantropusthanks.. but... how can i install that package...00:34
Myrttiescott: no kidding. my point being that openjdk/icedtea isn't always an option00:34
filantropussorry, i'm new on this...00:34
dblinxOk... wil try that and see00:34
escottMyrtti, that doesn't change the recommendation not to use it.00:35
scristopherdblinx, i recommend to use either php to decode base64 or this site http://www.whitefirdesign.com/tools/unobfuscate-php-hack-code.html00:35
escottfilantropus, sudo apt-get install package-name00:35
escott!apt | filantropus00:35
ubottufilantropus: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)00:35
scristopherif you find base64 code it will break down into plain text as long as its not a base64 encoded image00:35
Myrttiescott: besides, Firefox can be set to allow to run java only on set whitelisted domains.00:36
escottMyrtti, then perhaps you can tell filantropus how to setup that whitelist00:38
lauratikavideos ending with .MOV extensions play sketchy no matter what player im using... totem,smplayer etc etc. any ideas why?00:39
beanlauratika, have you tried VLC? I wonder if it'd be better.00:39
kouriinui need help with ubuntu can someone help me00:39
bean!ask | kouriinu00:40
ubottukouriinu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:40
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lauratikai dont have it, but so far all other extensions pĺay well... wonder if there is an issue with this sort of files.00:40
filantropusthe instalation of package is done00:41
filantropusbut the game still is asking for plug in.00:41
beanlauratika: vlc may help.00:41
beanlauratika: i prefer it on *nix, to be honest.00:41
kouriinutried to download ubuntu but the program doesnt come up to say try or download it goes straight to /grub/i386-pc/normal.mod not found grub rescue tried boot repair it doesnt work00:41
escottfilantropus, im sure there is a plugin package as well00:41
escottfilantropus, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java#Browser_plugin recommends the icedtea-7-plugin00:42
beankouriinu: how many hard drives do you have00:42
ttyI am wondering in bash can I take tree > (and have a different directory for a file to go.).00:42
dr_williskouriinu:  you mean youy tried to download the ISO file from ubuntu.com? or what exactly00:42
gwen_fifty-sixHello! I'm french but I don't found a solution to my problem in the french documentation... I'm on Ubuntu Studio, and I can't use 2 screens in the same time because I have a shadow on my first monitor.... You can help me?00:43
beantty: that would be a complicated script.00:43
kouriinui mean that i put the iso on a disk (not on this computer ) and when i booted it it went straight to /grub/i386-pc/normal.mod not found00:43
scristophertty, what do you mean00:43
beankouriinu: so your live-cd does not boot? or after installation?00:44
kouriinucorrect live-cd does not boot i have tried 3 other live-cd and they dont boot either00:44
sw!studio | gwen_fifty-six00:44
ubottugwen_fifty-six: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org00:44
scristopherim not sure i understand but i would be happy to help with your script tty00:44
beankouriinu: and that computer is set to boot off cd?00:44
beankouriinu: what sort of computer is it?00:45
kouriinui do believe so yes it is a dell insprion00:45
beankouriinu: what model of inspiron00:45
gwen_fifty-sixUbottu, This isn't only a package, I have installed Ubuntu studio with a live CD, and I have the low latency 'noyau' too...00:46
ubottugwen_fifty-six: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:46
lauratikatry vlc and it's worst seems to be an issue with mp4 files...00:46
ttyI can't write to the directory I want to use the tree < (file). So I want to make the file go to a directory that I can write to.00:47
beankouriinu: hmm, i'm not sure what the issue would be. Ususally that happens after you install and grub doesn't install correctly. What OS was on the laptop before?00:48
damselfly9kouriinu; when you said you tried 3 different cd's, did you download each separately or did you just try using the same iso image three times?00:48
escotttty, is your use of "<" an indication you are asking about bash redirection?00:48
scristopherthats what im wondering00:48
kouriinui downloaded three seperately00:48
kouriinuand it was windows 700:48
scristophersimply writing a file to a directory should be easy, redirecting a file to a directory should be as well00:49
burner___can anyone help me get unity working?  Compiz keeps crashing and i'm left with no window management and no dash... if i get a term open quick enough, i can run openbox --replace and work without a dash yet, but I really want to try unity instead of xfce00:49
kubotsuor, he just wants to move the file .. fancy words decoded00:49
damselfly9kouriinu; do the downloaded iso files match their checksums?00:49
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kouriinui dont know00:50
kouriinuhow do you know that00:50
ttyI am taking < to write to file so I can see all the directories and files.00:50
beankouriinu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM#MD5SUM_on_Windows00:50
scristopheri think00:50
beantty... are you just wanting a list of all files under this directory?00:50
ttyYes. But I want it in a txt but the problem is that I can make a text file that I am trying use tree on.00:51
kouriinui can not use that because the computer i am trying to put it on does not reconize any os now and the computer i am downloading the iso on isnt windows00:52
ttycan = can't00:52
escotttty, so you "tree > /full/path/to/somewhere/you/can/write"00:52
kouriinuhow do i check it on ubuntu00:52
shwaiilQ: Is there a way to have Tabs or split screen in the terminal window ?00:52
beankouriinu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM#MD5SUM_on_Linux00:52
escottshwaiil, yes00:52
beanshwaiil: sure, there are lots of terminals and emulators that can split screen00:53
scristopherfor i in $(ls filename); do mv $i -($date +%Y%m%d); done ?00:53
damselfly9kouriinu; if the cd never booted, how could it make your windows unbootable (?)00:53
scristophersomething like that heh00:53
scristopherprolly not00:53
scristopherbut its hard to tell00:53
ergi'm using pkg-config to get the libs path for linking to opencv, but it's searching in /usr/local/lib instead of /usr/lib. i removed the libs from that path but need to make it find the right ones.00:53
beantty: why do you need to write it to a file?00:54
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kouriinuwell when i first put it in it booted downlaoded and then the grub error happened....i got the boot repair disk put it in it said it worked and when i put the boot disk back in it wouldnt pull up the ubuntu menue00:54
ergthe /usr/lib/pkgconfig/opencv.pc file doesn't have any reference to /usr/local -- where is pkg-config getting /usr/local from?00:54
kouriinuthe disk i used to boot ubuntu on the other computer was the same one i used to boot in on the another computer nad it worked fine00:55
filantropushi Escott00:55
filantropusthat plug in00:55
kubotsui've had similar issues with burnt .iso's00:55
filantropusdoesnt work...00:55
kubotsueven on the same computer , same disc wont work a second time .. quite wierd00:56
damselfly9weird, almost like the cd lost data almost immediately00:56
guest29584Can anyone suggest a good place to find some grub2 experts to look at the output of "bootinfoscript" and suggest some grub2 repairs? (I have already posed my question in #grub and am waiting for a response there.)00:57
dr_willisor the drive that burnt it was a little wonky or weak spots on the cd.00:57
kouriinui have redownloaded and booted the re downloaded iso on another disk00:57
escottfilantropus, is it listed in "about:plugins" in firefox? have you restarted firefox00:57
kouriinuand it STILL doesnt work00:57
dr_willisguest29584:  the askubuntu.com site and the forums00:57
kouriinubut itll playy other disks fine like itll use the boot repair disk fine just not the ubuntu iso disk00:57
dr_williskouriinu:  try making a bootable usb may  be the best thing to try00:57
filantropusi have restarted firefox00:57
escottguest29584, you certainly won't find anyone with grub knowledge here. its not like ubuntu uses grub or anything00:57
damselfly9oh. just thought of something, what are the chances that the first ubuntu boot that worked wrote some garbage back to the cd because it was being booted in a burner?00:58
kouriinui will try that but i can figure out how to make it bootable on my usb iv looked at videos but dont understand i guess im techilogically stupid00:58
escottdamselfly9, 000:58
filantropuswhat thats about:config thing?00:59
escottfilantropus, just type it in like an address00:59
filantropusshows a great list00:59
escottfilantropus, and i suggested about:plugins not config00:59
kouriinuso how do i get it bootable on a usb00:59
guest29584dr_willis: Thanks, I'll look.  escott: Ha, nice. I meant no offense. Would you like to help?01:00
dr_williskouriinu:  dozens of tools at the pendrivelinux site to put the iso on usb.01:00
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kouriinuok i will try that01:00
dr_williskouriinu:  or theres imageing tools that basically do a direct data dump of the  iso to the usb. those can be the least problematic01:00
filantropusIcedTea-Web Plugin (using IcedTea-Web 1.3 (1.3-1ubuntu1.1))01:00
escottguest29584, if you would like to ask. its not offensive just silly. walk into the emergency room and ask if they have a phonebook because you need to call a surgeon01:01
escottfilantropus, then you have the plugin.01:01
filantropusbut doesnt work...01:01
ScuniziI'm thinking of picking up a USB turntable. If you have experience with any that work please let me know.01:02
escottfilantropus, then i dont really know. thats the official way to install it, but i havent had one installed in years so i have no real experience01:02
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filantropusmaybe i can probe with another plugin?01:02
WBFI know ndiswrapper doesn't work for ARM, but the driver that is required for my wifi dongle requires ndiswrapper ):01:03
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damselfly9WBF; guess you need a different wifi dongle01:03
dr_willisglad i bought dongles that work out of the box  with linux. ;) amazon has several, got 3 differnt kinds for about $13 each01:04
WBFdamselfly9: can someone at least help me with trying to get it to work? I need a driver made for arm.01:05
FloodBot1weige: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:05
dr_willisWBF:  there is the #ubuntu-arm channel - ive never ran ubuntu on arm. Only arm box i got is my Pi01:05
damselfly9WBF; I couldn't promise much, but what kind of wifi dongle is it?01:05
weigeUbuntu on Arm all shit01:06
WBFdemselfly9: netgear wdna3100 v201:06
ttyBecause of the tons of directories and files. I am doing this an executrices for a unix class of mine.01:06
escotttty, what is your primary language?01:07
escottwell nevermind...01:08
damselfly9WBF; that dongle uses the BCM4323 chipset01:08
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weigeALL FUCK U!01:08
Lisa_Foxexecutrices  plural of ex·ec·u·trix - Noun -01:08
Lisa_FoxA female executor of a will.01:08
FloodBot1weige: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:08
FloodBot1weige: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:09
Ben64some people just really don't like this channel01:09
* Lisa_Fox nods01:10
guest29584escott: Sure, no problem, here you go.  http://paste.debian.net/228764/  It's a two-drive sata system, first one 500GB fairly normal, I think it was /boot /root /swap /home, maybe with rounding partitions between? The second one 350GB has 6 partitions w/ assorted OS's?01:11
WBFdamselfly9: but, that requires ndiswrapper ): I want a linux driver written.01:11
damselfly9WBF; oh, you want someone to write a linux driver for you?01:11
Ben64i just buy chips that are compatible with linux01:12
WBFdamselfly9: yes01:12
escottguest29584, ok... and what is the question01:12
damselfly9WBF; it won't happen because the programming info for the bcm4323 is not open source01:12
WBFdamselfly9: ): I guess I'll never get wifi on my arm device, I'll just throw it out.01:13
Ben64you can get cheap usb wireless devices for <$1001:13
damselfly9WBF; you could get  different dongle instead of throwing away you arm device01:14
pakHi all .. Can any one tell me from which  file I can get the current cpu temperature in ubuntu system01:14
WBFdamselfly9: well I cannot now that it's out of the box and radioshack's horrible return policy ):01:14
guest29584escott: Well, after I temporarily installed an old DOS 6.22 drive for troubleshooting and removed it after, grub2 now doesn't seem to find anything bootable. I'm not sure why. I thought the script might help?01:14
escott!info lm-sensors | pak01:14
ubottupak: lm-sensors (source: lm-sensors): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.3.1-2ubuntu2 (quantal), package size 98 kB, installed size 395 kB01:14
VivekanandaHello everyone01:15
damselfly9WBF; then absorve the cost, buy another different dongle and give this one to a friend who uses windows01:15
pakubottu, Thank you.. par i tried it and this is not able to detect the sensors..01:15
escottguest29584, what do you mean "installed dos 6.22" was it on another hard disk you attached and then removed?01:15
pakubottu, I am getting this error.. /sys/bus/pci/devices: No such file or directory at /usr/sbin/sensors-detect line 2900.01:16
ubottupak: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:16
escottguest29584, also please clarify cant find anything bootable. meaning nothing boots or windows doesnt boot01:16
damselfly9WBF; a second dongle is probably cheaper than a second arm device01:16
pakubottu, I want to know he file from where it is reading the temperatures..01:16
ubottupak: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:16
escottpak, its not reading from a file01:17
guest29584escott: As far as I know, everything I did was virtual (on a VirtualBox image of the drive), but there could be a bug, error, problem?01:17
pakescott, So from where it is getting the data ?01:17
escottpak, or at least not all of it.01:17
pakescott, I am currently looking fo the cpu temperature part only..01:18
escottpak, lots of places. querying the i2c bus for instance01:18
escottpak, find /sys -iname "*temp*" or find /sys -iname "*therm*"01:18
escottpak, how these things work changes depending on what chipset you have01:19
pakI am looking for arm chipset.01:19
guest29584escott: I don't have the message in front of me, but it is not finding anything to boot, and not coming up with the boot menu. A long sentence about insert boot media I think it said. Not my lengthy grub2 menu.01:20
escottguest29584, is this a message from the bios or from grub's preloader?01:20
escottguest29584, sounds like a message from the bios which suggests you need to go into the bios and confirm the correct boot device is selected01:21
Vivekanandaanyone familiar with bash script. It is a quick and simple question. I am just replacing \w the PS1 with \W but it seems not to work .01:21
guest29584escott: I'm not completely sure, It's been a long time since I had to deal with either. Is there a page where I can peruse grub2 messages?01:21
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escottguest29584, grub would never say "insert boot media" so if it says that its the bios01:22
pakescott, Thank you.. I got it .. it reading from /sys/devices/platform/coretemp.0/temp2_input file..01:22
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guest29584escott: As far as I know, the correct boot device is selected. I was paraphrasing a long message in a few words. I am running on an Ubuntu live CD now, and I can see, mount, browse, etc. the two drives in question. I tried a simple sudo ubdate-grub, but got "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?)."01:26
escottguest29584, if you are going to update grub from the livecd you need to chroot first. did you do that? do you know how to do that? your grub.cfg looks ok01:26
escottguest29584, i would write down or take a  picture of the error message you are getting so we can figure out exactly where it is coming from01:28
guest29584escott: Oops, sorry, s/ubdate/update/  No, this is the first time anything like this has happened. Do you have a link?01:28
escottguest29584, i would not waste your time with a chroot just yet01:28
guest29584escott: OK, I will write the message down if/when I reboot. In the meantime, is there a place where I can look at likely suspect messages from grub2?01:29
guest29584escott:  (Perhaps I can identify it from memory.)01:30
escottguest29584, http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html#Troubleshooting01:30
uiopqwerhow can i get notifications-daemon to display multiple bubbles. older versions used to do this :(01:36
n0sqis there a way to fix my sudoer file even though i can't get into it? or will i have to re-install ubuntu?01:37
escottn0sq, you can boot the livecd and chroot in or boot to the rescue/single user mode01:38
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MichaelPwhat is the best site for plymouth boot screens ?01:47
antonio__There is never anyone active in kdenlive01:48
katharma_http://www.neobux.com/?r=katharma  Make money online guaranteed01:50
harrisrhow do i transfer music from ubuntu to itouch 4 ios 6 dr_willis01:51
escott!ipod | harrisr01:52
ubottuharrisr: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod01:52
harrisrthat doesnt help01:53
harrisrwhen i go to rythmbox it says initilize and it wont let me select model number01:54
k1lharrisr: the newest ios thingies are not reverse engeneered so far.  as far as i know you have to use itunes in wine for that01:55
harrisrhow do i get it to work in wine01:55
MichaelPWhats a good site with good plymouth boot screens ?01:58
bakpak2hvytry themacuser.org01:59
bakpak2hvydis gun b gud01:59
bakpak2hvyhey there02:00
JakeR5555i have a problem with evince and apparmor02:00
bakpak2hvyim not familiar with apparmor02:00
JakeR5555when i open a pdf file in it and go to my shared windows harddisk it won't allow me to create a folder but it allows me to save the file in already created folder02:01
bakpak2hvybut what seems to be the problem?02:01
harrisrk1l, how do iget itunes to work with wine02:01
bakpak2hvy^use windows02:01
MichaelPbakpak2hvy, where the themes on there? or is that a site to screw with mac users02:01
escottJakeR5555, shared via samba?02:01
marcuswdon't use itunes02:01
marcusw>using linux02:01
darksidesimmonsJakeR5555, creating the directory using windows?02:01
marcusw>want to run closed source02:02
harrisrwell i need to move my songs to ipod touch 402:02
bakpak2hvyMichaelP: i dont understand your question02:02
JakeR5555darkside from linux02:02
bakpak2hvyharrisr: have you tried not using shitty apple products?02:02
JakeR5555outside evince i can create a directory but from inside evince it reject the mkdir02:02
JakeR5555apparmor stopping me02:03
harrisri have a android tablet but just bought ipod touch for mobility02:03
bakpak2hvyharrisr: again, no shitty apple products02:03
harrisrtoo bad02:03
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod02:03
harrisrits for my wife02:03
bakpak2hvyno excuses02:04
ntzrmtthihu777anyone can help me with conky, and the caviar dreams font in particular?02:04
MichaelPbakpak2hvy, i asked for a good plymouth boot screen site.. you said try http://themacuser.org/ ... No themes.. Looks a a joke site to F*ck with mac users02:04
bakpak2hvyoh, you're looking for something like two kids in a sandbox02:04
justmehharrisr, first, apple products are not shitty02:04
justmehinterfaces are sparse, and devices tend to be locked in02:04
harrisri know i never said they were02:04
justmehbut just moving some songs?02:04
justmehno u didnt02:04
bakpak2hvyi did!02:05
justmeh[18:03:30] <bakpak2hvy> harrisr: again, no shitty apple products02:05
justmehthat was for bakpak2hvy02:05
justmehanyway, ive used a lot of programs, usually you can just plug the device in and the default system audio player will deal with it, or have a plugin for it02:05
KylieBrooksso fireeefox sux for memory02:06
not-bakpak2hvylol im back02:06
harrisrit says to initilize it in rythmbox but wont let me click model number02:07
justmeh!ops not-bakpak2hvy ban-evasion02:07
ubottujustmeh: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:07
justmeh!op not-bakpak2hvy ban-evasion02:07
ubottujustmeh: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:07
darksidesimmonsJakeR555, sounds like permissions ls -lah or sudo chmod 777 -R <directory name> as a test or disable apparmor apparmor_parser -R /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.evince02:07
justmehsrry k1l not sure of the current trigger, thx02:07
harrisrwhy is he banned02:07
harrisrcan i be an op02:08
justmehnot exactly.. :P02:08
justmeh!rules | harrisr02:08
ubottuharrisr: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:08
JakeR5555dark good02:08
harrisri have a good attitidue02:08
JakeR5555so...  apparmor_parser -R /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.evince02:08
darksidesimmonswhat was your fix?02:08
ntzrmtthihu777anyone? I got conky and my theme all working right, just I get those character blocks here and there. I think I just don't have the right font, and just want to install a font02:09
justmehUbuntu Core Channel Guidelines <-02:09
darksidesimmonsweird it was apparmor after all02:09
harrisrwhat about it02:09
justmehyou asked why, now you can find out02:09
justmehthe short answer is no, the longer answer is maybe02:09
bak-againlol guise02:09
harrisranyway rythmbox wants to initilize my itouch but wont let me select model number02:09
ntzrmtthihu777the conky config files reference two fonts, caviar dreams and Santana. How do I check if the fonts are installed?02:10
JakeR5555darksidesimmons thanks you help me.. i didnt even think about it that way02:10
escottharrisr, there is presumably a reason for that. apple is known for intentionally breaking any application that attempts to talk to their products that is not itunes. its probably related to that02:10
harrisri need to put my songs on my ipod02:10
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escottharrisr, then you need to get itunes running either02:11
=== goodguy is now known as Guest30134
escott!wine | harrisr02:11
ubottuharrisr: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu02:11
justmehi usually use gtkpod02:11
harrisri tried02:11
escottharrisr, or you can try a virtualization tool02:11
harrisrit says something about choose a source02:11
=== Guest30134 is now known as good_guy
justmehjust skip it and use the wine solution02:12
justmehback everything up, then try rhythmbox02:12
justmehi cannot guardsmen you will not experience data loss otherwise02:12
kevinmthomasi have a question does anyone know why ytalk and talk dont work in a terminal?02:12
harrisrjustmeh can we pm02:12
harrisrall these people are confusing02:13
justmehiphone 5 is popular the troubleshooting needs to stay in common chats02:13
harrisrJustasic, iPod directory structure not found02:13
justmehharrisr, then its just not working for you02:13
darksidesimmonsI think we still need to modify the /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.evince as better solution02:13
justmehor its got the wrong mount02:13
justmeh[18:11:26] <justmeh> i usually use gtkpod02:13
JakeR5555darksidesimmons i don't need that kind of protection. i know it may cause somebody to hack me.. MAYBE, but i don't need it02:14
kevinmthomasanyone have issues with ytalk?02:14
JakeR5555i really appericate your help02:14
k1lmarcusw: stop that. be helpfull if you want to help02:14
VivekanandaHello everyone I have a small problem with the bash and changin \w to \W does not work. http://pastebin.com/ewENdp3702:14
marcuswactually, I would like to ask a question02:14
harrisrok i clicked ok and entered my model number but error initializing iPod:  Unsupported checksum type02:14
darksidesimmonsthis https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evince/+bug/778638 explains both approaches02:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 778638 in evince (Ubuntu Natty) "evince-thunbnailer gets permission denied from apparmor (and hangs the system for long periods of time)" [Low,Fix released]02:14
marcuswwhy don't we have amazon ads in this chan?02:15
JakeR5555darksidesimmons yeah but i didnt know how put permission for my shared windows harddisks.. it just didnt work. took hours of my time02:15
ntzrmtthihu777I am glad we don't, it would look like hell to me, I am using irssi02:15
justmehkevinmthomas, what?02:16
justmehbtw hide join/parts in your options if the chan moves too much @ noobs02:16
guest29584escott: Thanks for your help, I have a few things to try now, but I'll have to reboot. If I come back, I'll bring that boot-time error message with me. Thanks again.02:16
kevinmthomasi have ytalk installed it wont connect both parties just hang02:16
justmehah not running that, sorry02:16
kevinmthomashow about talk02:17
darksidesimmonsany snmpv3 experts around?02:17
kevinmthomasis there any terminal chats avail in a server os?02:17
dyadic_hay guys I keep get sugges for tollet cleanser when try 2 run terminol from Dash how disable amazoom spy02:17
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ntzrmtthihu777use irssi kevinmthomas for irc02:18
justmehpidgen i think has a cli package02:18
kevinmthomasyes irc works great but i mean or an inter server chat02:18
ntzrmtthihu777hmm, dunno02:19
kevinmthomaspidgin is graphical02:19
k1ldyadic_: you can easily disable the amazon search in the system settings02:19
dr_williskevinmthomas: years ago there used to be  talk. but ut was annoying02:19
kevinmthomasyes talk just hangs now dosent work im looking for something like it02:20
dr_willis!find talk02:20
ubottuFound: beanstalkd, fonts-tomsontalks, freetalk, gnome-speech-dectalk, gnu-smalltalk, gnu-smalltalk-browser, gnu-smalltalk-common, gnu-smalltalk-doc, gnu-smalltalk-el, gosa-plugin-netatalk (and 16 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=talk&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all02:20
ntzrmtthihu777I completely removed unity and the launcher, I use gnome-fallback02:20
primiushello, I run a website which sells penis enlargement merchandise, I was wondering who I should talk to about an affiliate agreement for ubuntu desktop integration02:20
ntzrmtthihu777!find caviar02:20
justmehtry finch02:20
ubottuPackage/file caviar does not exist in quantal02:20
dr_williskevinmthomas:  yiu have used talk befor?02:20
kevinmthomasi did try finch also graphicl02:21
ntzrmtthihu777erm, why did it check for quantal? I use precise02:21
justmehthere's a cli package for finch02:21
kevinmthomasfinch doesent work in a terminal02:21
kevinmthomasoh cli?02:21
dyadic_primius: i dont want ur penis product when search 4 terminalo r wen i try running my chrome thanks but no thx02:22
antonio__is it possible to delete all packages that were installed on a certain day?02:22
antonio__trying to install kdenlive from source is a pain!02:22
tylerwoodwardI have a question. I want to make a copy of my install so I can install it on another PC. What is the best way of doing this?02:22
primiusdyadic_: it's ok, just click on the ads and they'll go away02:23
linuxmank1l is having a busy saturday morning :D02:23
kevinmthomasthe other issue i have is my pop and imap are closed i cant seem to use a mail client to check myy mail02:23
justmehtylerwoodward, several02:23
justmehlooks like deja dup is the defualt backup program now02:24
spundunhi all...02:25
antonio__WHY ARE WE SCREAMING02:25
spundunhow do I install https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-4.7 using apt-get or synaptic?02:25
justmehthat looks like the easiest02:26
spundunI'm on ubuntu 12.04.102:26
kevinmthomasanyone have issue with getting mail o work on a client however it works in terminal02:26
tylerwoodwardHe really wants us to know his name.02:26
justmeh@ tylerwoodward02:26
tylerwoodwardYes, justmeh?02:26
justmehlook up02:26
tylerwoodwardOh I see02:26
linuxmanso many trolls at this hours..02:26
justmehlinuxman, lol02:26
rhin0why do I get 10 updates for "generic kernel" 20 minutes after doing a full update (after installation) (xubuntu 12.04)02:27
rhin0whats "generic kernel"02:27
BluesKajjust don't feed the trolls , and maybe they'll go away02:27
Mathiasany programs that'll paste lines into a window that doesn't like ctrl+v(and such)? (i.e. typing them for you)02:27
ubottuBackground to the decision to replace -686, k7 and -smp kernels with -generic can be found here https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2006-August/019983.html (the -386 kernel is still available if needed)02:27
rhin0ok thanks02:27
tylerwoodwardThanks justmeh. That looks like what I need.02:27
justmehnp tylerwoodward02:28
lulzorzBluesKaj: or gag them for mention of ZOMG AMAZON ADS, that works too02:28
lulzorzit's clear that this is a user-supported feature and that these unsavory characters are a fringe group which should be marginalized as heavy-handedly as possible02:28
antonio__is it possible to delete all packages that were installed on a certain day?02:29
BluesKajit's a full moon .. the goofballs are out in force02:29
justmehi would look in /var/cache/apt/archives/ for files created that day02:29
justmehthen apt-get --purge remove them02:30
justmehthere will likely be collateral damage02:30
antonio__I think I'll just reinstall ubuntu and try again02:32
spundunI'm trying to find gcc 4.7 for my ubuntu 12.04.1. I'd rather not compile it myself.02:32
spundunwith clang I did the same using nice directions here. https://launchpad.net/~h-rayflood/+archive/llvm02:33
kouriinui got the ubuntu to boot but i still get the /grub/i386-pc/normal.mod error02:34
kouriinuhow do i fix that02:34
spundunI found a package for gcc-4.7 here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-4.702:34
spundunbut I don't know how to cleanly get it into my system like I did with clang02:34
beankouriinu: by doing a grub-install on your drive you're booting off of.02:34
kouriinuhow do i do that02:35
spundunoh looks like it's for ubuntu 12.1002:37
kouriinuhow do i do a grub install on the driver02:37
Mathiasnvm, i think i managed to get an answer from google, after 30 tries. well well :P02:39
=== Jikan is now known as Jikai
beankouriinu: is there only one drive?02:40
beankouriinu: if only one drive "grub-install /dev/sda" on the command line, I believe.02:40
M61Hi guys anybody can help me with GRUB2 issue on loading Ubuntu 12.10? Only Win7 is listed :( tried the troubleshooting already and I have the paste.ubuntu.com URL02:40
kouriinuwhat command line02:40
ntzrmtthihu777M61: do you have the live cd still?02:41
beankouriinu: the terminal02:41
ntzrmtthihu777boot it, you will need to add a ppa and install a package, let me get the commands for your M6102:41
kouriinui cant get it to pull up02:41
Dave77is there ubuntu 64bit v 12.10 available?  when I try download "get ubuntu 12.10" it gives me 12.0402:42
beankouriinu: i can't help02:42
ntzrmtthihu777yup, I had it but downgraded for 12.04 Dave7702:42
Akiva-ThinkpadIs qt creator the only worthwhile ide for developing?02:42
ntzrmtthihu777kouriinu: press ctrl+alt+t02:42
M61Dave: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop02:42
kouriinui did02:43
ntzrmtthihu777kouriinu: what version of ubuntu do you have?02:43
Neytirihow would i completly cone my harddisk?02:43
Dave77M61: yes it tries to send me file "ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso"02:43
MathiasNeytiri: tried dd?02:43
ntzrmtthihu777hmm, strange Dave77 .02:43
ntzrmtthihu777kouriinu: Press ctrl+f2 then tell it to run gnome-terminal02:44
beanDave77: grabs 12.10 for me...02:44
kouriinunothing comes up02:44
ntzrmtthihu777M61: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update02:44
ntzrmtthihu777M61: sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair02:44
beanDave77: http://ftp-mirror.internap.com/pub/ubuntu-releases//quantal/ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso02:44
kouriinuwait it says an error occured while attempting to process this problem report unknown encoding idna02:45
nibblllNeytiri: dd for real clone. but check "hard disk upgrade mini howto" for other good approaches02:45
Dave77thanks.. if there is a bug in file download page.. who would fix it?02:45
M61ntzrmtthihu777: done it, few times already still it loads only WIN702:45
beankouriinu: you should probably just reinstall if there is nothing you care about on there.02:45
beanAnd during that process it will fix your problems02:45
ntzrmtthihu777bean: Dave77 wants 64 bit, not 32 bit02:45
kouriinui just did re isntall it its the only way i got it up again02:45
ntzrmtthihu777strange, very strange M6102:46
M61Dave77: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/thank-you?release=latest&bits=64&distro=desktop&status=zeroc02:46
beanDave77: http://ubuntu.mirrors.pair.com/releases//quantal/ubuntu-12.10-desktop-amd64.iso02:46
beantheres the actual iso02:46
M61ntzrmtthihu777: I have the config URL if you can have a look?02:47
Dave77right problem was I had JS disabled to stop the annoying cookie warning02:47
ntzrmtthihu777I am no experd, M61. Just pointing out stuff I had to do myself02:47
ntzrmtthihu777but, if you don't mind, I will have a look02:48
M61it's weird tho, okay thanks sent it in pvt msg02:48
beankouriinu: well, something went wrong on your install process02:48
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:49
=== histo1 is now known as histo
beankouriinu: does it drop you into any sort of prompt when it gives you the error?02:49
BWMerlinI keep getting the following error, how can I correct it? "The following packages have unmet dependencies: glx-diversions : PreDepends: nvidia-installer-cleanup but it is not installable  Recommends: glx-alternative-mesa E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."02:50
beankouriinu: if you can boot up the live cd again, can you run "grub-install /dev/sda"02:51
beanBWMerlin: apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade ont he command line, maybe02:51
kouriinuok how do i do that02:51
beankouriinu: open up the program "terminal" once you get it booted.02:52
arooni-mobilemy chrome ubuntu 12.04 latest version seems to be crashing.  ideas?02:52
beanarooni-mobile: as in chromebook?02:52
cakebossHey all. I need to convert from .img to .bin, how can I do this in ubuntu?02:52
arooni-mobilebean, no i have ubuntu 12.04; chrome is an app02:53
kouriinui tried to re isntall it now it send me to busy box02:53
arooni-mobilei see: Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/50-user.conf", line 9: reading configurations from ~/.fonts.conf is deprecated.02:53
kouriinuit says built in shell02:53
beankouriinu: it really sounds like something is broken with that computer, maybe.02:53
beanarooni-mobile: oh, you said "chrome ubuntu 12.04 latest version", so i was confused.  it is chromium or google chrome02:53
dr_williscakeboss:  you mean a cdrom image? to a cue/bin ?  theres some command line tools in the repos i recall.02:54
BWMerlinbean: no luck with that02:54
kouriinuits a new computer so...02:54
beankouriinu: so why are you deciding to use ubuntu?02:55
=== XenGi_ is now known as XenGi
=== Homer is now known as Guest72378
kouriinumy friend wanted something other than windows and my other friend suggested ubuntu they said itw as a good program02:56
kouriinuand well it works good for me02:56
kouriinujust not on my friends computer02:56
beanI would love to help you get it installed, but I don't think I can really help at this point.02:56
kouriinucan you point me to anyone who can02:56
beankouriinu: everyone here is a volunteer. Maybe someone else can help.02:57
kouriinui understand i just wondered if you have a site or someone specific that you could point me to02:57
ntzrmtthihu777q me kouriinu and I'll see what I can do02:57
dr_williskouriinu:  there a huge varity of hardware out there.. so its never going to be perfect.02:57
kouriinuwhat is q me and well ill do what i can to02:57
beanntzrmtthihu777, kouriinu: you should probably just discuss it in here.02:58
ntzrmtthihu777q = query, private message02:58
dr_williskouriinu:  its always possible the next release will work with no hassles on his hardware02:58
ntzrmtthihu777hard to keep up with 4-5 convos going at once, plus people coming and going02:58
dr_williskouriinu:  brand nes/just came out  this month kind of hardware will almost always be  the most likely to be problematic.  it takes time to work out bugs in the new stuff02:59
josenetoMy ACER ASPIRE 5532 camera is not being recognized02:59
beankouriinu: you said inspiron N5050 right?02:59
beanthat's not *super* new.02:59
beanor maybe it is.03:00
beanI wonder if it has a weird bootloader or something03:00
kouriinui did yes03:01
dr_willisbean:  also depends on the release being used.. if you are using 12.04 -  anything thats  came out after it was released could be prone to problems.03:01
dr_willissince it wasent avaiable to test befor release03:01
beankouriinu: you said 12.10 right?03:01
dr_willisor even stuff out a month or 2 befor release03:01
kouriinui understand and i wouldnt care if there was another OS on the comupter03:01
=== c0li is now known as c[0]li
krazedIs there an official 12.04 torrent w/ gnome3?03:03
beankouriinu: you should try 12.0403:03
beankouriinu: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201105-8079/ ubuntu says that the Inspiron 15 N5050 is certified to work03:03
dr_williskrazed:  theres no official gnome-3 only  ubuntu.03:03
ntzrmtthihu777yup, there is a torrent of 12.04, but I think you will have to install gnome3 yourself03:04
dr_williskrazed:  theres unofficial ones.. ;)03:04
kouriinuthast good03:04
dr_williskrazed:  you mean to be saying 'gome-shell' when you say gnome3 right? since unity uses gnome303:04
krazeddr_willis: Thanks, I meant like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/ReleaseNotes/12.10 but for .04.03:05
beanzack: hi?03:05
linuxmangome :D03:05
josenetoMy ACER ASPIRE 5532 camera is not being recognized03:05
=== witquicked_ is now known as witquicked
ntzrmtthihu777I use gnome-fallback myself, unity just doesnt do it for me03:06
dr_williskrazed:  if you need the latest gnome-shell  from a pps or unorricial source.. then i dont see the reason to stick tgo 12.04 ;)03:06
TriupsI am running ubuntu 12.10.  I prefer to make my own firewall scripts...what is ubuntu's method of doing this?03:06
linuxmanlike iptables?03:06
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.03:06
bokorunning 12.04 thru descentos03:06
dr_willisboko:  and whats DescentOs?03:06
bokoits ubuntu with MATE desktop03:07
bokoand a couple other nice features, its on distrowatch03:07
Triupslinuxman, yes, I mean iptables.  Just wondering where ubuntu likes this done.  I will try those linkes dr_willis brought up for me03:07
josenetoMy ACER ASPIRE 5532 camera is not being recognized03:07
dr_willisjoseneto:  tried it in cheese?03:08
beanjoseneto: yeah, try installing cheese and see if it shows up there, also be a bit more patient, we usually have to google your issue before replying.03:08
josenetoi wuld if anyone would help03:08
beanjoseneto: !patience03:08
bokolol cheese03:08
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:09
dr_williswebcams seem to either work out of the box.. or are totally new/unsupported.. from what ive seen03:09
kevinmthomasI have a question regarding setting up POP3 and IMAP, I have successfully installed Postfix and I am receiving emails from the outside world and I am able to send however I cant setup a client as the ports are blocked and I have them opened on my router ports 143 and 11003:09
beankevinmthomas: is this at your home? or on a server.03:09
kevinmthomaswell its my server03:09
kevinmthomasi am running here03:09
kevinmthomasits ubuntu server 12.0403:10
beankevinmthomas: just saying that some ISPs block outgoing mail03:10
justmeh@ joseneto you were given an answer: try cheese03:10
josenetoi am03:10
dr_willis!info cheese03:10
ubottucheese (source: cheese): tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.6.0-0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 56 kB, installed size 355 kB03:10
josenetojustmeh : iam03:10
kevinmthomaswhen i run a portscan 110 and 143 are closed as they are open in the router03:10
justmehjoseneto, cool ;)03:10
kevinmthomaswhen i remove them from teh router they become stealth again03:10
dr_willisstealth  ;)03:11
justmehkevinmthomas, are you doing port triggering or forwarding?03:11
kevinmthomaswell im not sure I am new to this03:11
justmehtriggering might not be so reliable..03:11
kevinmthomasi belive its port forwarding03:11
kevinmthomasin my cisco router03:11
justmehis the mail server on your local network?03:11
kevinmthomashowever the ports are blocked03:11
beankevinmthomas: so you're trying to connect from the outside world to your ubuntu server at your house03:11
kevinmthomasthe mail sever is on the local server03:11
justmehnmap yourself03:12
kevinmthomasyes see - i can send and receive emails just fine its using a program like thunderbird03:12
josenetojustmeh, almost there (installing)03:12
kevinmthomaswhere the problem occurs03:12
kevinmthomasor outlook03:12
* justmeh nodds @ kevinmthomas 03:12
justmehthat's not the same though03:12
kevinmthomasso i beleive it is related to the closed ports03:12
justmehthunderbird or the other is trying to connect to
beankevinmthomas: well, you need to make sure your forwarding is right in your router.03:13
justmehwhen running a mail server its YOURIP:xyz03:13
justmehso if your isp has that port closed then you are unable to run one03:13
josenetojustmeh, it installed and i had no success :-(03:13
arooni-mobilehi folks i see "Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/50-user.conf", line 9: reading configurations from ~/.fonts.conf is deprecated." ... when i try to start up chrome.  i'm not really sure what i need to do to make it work again..   ubuntu 12.10;  latest chrome03:13
kevinmthomasi have comcast03:13
kevinmthomasi did a google search03:13
scristopherjust run it on a different port?03:14
beanarooni-mobile: thats a "warning" not a critical03:14
justmehoh ahahaha03:14
kevinmthomasand found info all over the map03:14
justmehfor sure you need to call support and ask them to open the port03:14
dr_willisarooni-mobile:  its just a warning.. are you  using a personal   .fonts.conf ?03:14
justmeh(whois'd you)03:14
kevinmthomashere is a dumb question - when a port is closed and it is open in the router, is it definately teh ISP?03:14
arooni-mobiledr_willis, its crashing tho03:14
dr_willisarooni-mobile:  i imagine its not from that warning then.03:14
beankevinmthomas: fwiw, I don't recommend running mail on a residential network. lol03:15
kevinmthomasi hear you bean03:15
justmehPC (firewall, daemons) -> router -> modem -> net03:15
justmehany one of those can close it03:15
dr_willisarooni-mobile:  i recall there being some command line options to use a failsafe/clean  profile you may want to try. it could be a plugin causing the issue03:15
arooni-mobiledr_willis, how can i do that03:15
kevinmthomasi dont belive there is a firewall open in ubuntu server03:15
kevinmthomasi looked for that03:16
beanthere is, but its not on by default03:16
justmehkevinmthomas, i'm gonna scan ur ports03:16
kevinmthomasplease do03:16
dr_willisarooni-mobile:  check the command line options to the browser      normally    command --help     will show them03:16
justmehcome to #flood kevin03:16
kevinmthomasjoin the room #flood?03:17
dr_willisarooni-mobile:  or just move/rename your browsers config dir/cache  and see if it starts normally from a clean state03:17
justmehjoin already03:17
=== jono is now known as Guest22113
josenetojustmeh, ......03:20
justmehjoseneto, sorry let me flag the others03:21
justmehi was just pointing out they did give you one thing to do03:21
arooni-mobiledr_willis, tried with --disable-extensions; still crashin03:21
justmehdr_willis @ joseneto plz03:22
justmehbean also plz03:22
dr_willisarooni-mobile:  try as a newly made user perhaps. or the guest user.03:26
justmehdr_willis, @ joseneto plz03:28
justmehcheese failed03:28
dr_willisjustmeh:  sounds liek an unsupported camera to me.03:28
=== JKL1234- is now known as yournamehere
justmehjoseneto, how about using lspci to find the camera's id and googling it03:29
=== yournamehere is now known as JKL1234-
justmehor googling the camera + 12.10 precise03:29
josenetook lets try03:29
justmehrun: sudo lspci -vvv and pastebin it03:30
josenetojustmeh , http://pastebin.com/d6EkaWhw03:31
justmehi don't really see it there..03:32
justmehyour gonna have to google the notebook model and see what you find i think03:32
josenetoi did03:32
josenetoi found nothing03:32
josenetoin this specific model03:33
craigbass1976Is there no chromium-browser for 12.04 on a ppc laptop?03:33
josenetobut i also have another camera which is a microsoft and it doesnt get recognized03:33
beancraigbass1976: i doubt it.03:33
CIarencehi all03:33
craigbass1976bean, no soup for you!03:34
CryptoSechello to everyone in #ubuntu channel room... I'm running 12.04 and I'm having a problem printing text documents to my HL-2140 brother printer... in one of my attempts... I tried printing a 4 page documents but all i get is an endless papers coming out of my printer with  zero texts printed on any one of the pages....  And it just keeps printing pages after pages way beyond the 4th page.  ...03:35
CryptoSec...What do you guys think the problem might be?? drivers messed up?03:35
craigbass1976CryptoSec, I'm surprised.  HP has been good about giving out drivers03:35
craigbass1976CryptoSec, Oops, that's a brother, isn't it?03:36
craigbass1976CryptoSec, did you grab the driver from their site?03:37
craigbass1976CryptoSec, http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/index.html03:37
CryptoSeccraigbass1976: it's a Brother brand.... I just used the drivers that came with ubuntu...03:40
misterswagtrying to create a symlink for /var/lib/mysql to /srv/mysql03:43
misterswaghow would i copy it to /srv/mysql?03:43
TheLordOfTimemisterswag, which place are you trying to make the symlink at?03:43
craigbass1976CryptoSec, try the ones on brother's site03:44
TheLordOfTimei assume /srv/mysql would be the link to /var/lib/mysql?03:44
TheLordOfTimemisterswag, ^03:44
misterswagyes TheLordOfTime03:44
misterswagso sudo cp -R -p?03:44
TheLordOfTimemisterswag, sudo ln -s /var/lib/mysql /srv/mysql03:44
TheLordOfTimeassuming /srv/ exists and needs superuser creation rights.03:44
misterswagthanks TheLordOfTime03:44
misterswagyes it does03:44
puffWhen I try to install or remove a package, I get an error 'ldconfig' not found in PATH or not executable.03:45
misterswagto copy /var/lib/mysql over there TheLordOfTime do i do sudo cp -R -p /var/lib/mysql /srv/mysql?03:45
Barfolomewhas anyone gotten emacspeak to work?03:45
puffI'm looking at a forum thread about downloadnig libc and manually extracting ldconfig, but I'd like to understand what went wrong to begin with.03:45
TheLordOfTimemisterswag, this is why symlinks exist: you don't need to copy them all over if they exist elsewhere, just set up the symlink with the command i gave you03:46
misterswagoh im trying to move it out of /var/lib03:46
misterswagsince its limited space03:46
misterswagand symlink it back so i dont have to mess with apparmor03:46
misterswagand the configs03:46
CryptoSeccraigbass1976: should I use the cupswrapper or LPR driver? It's the first time I came across such a decision for my printer?03:47
misterswagTheLordOfTime, so my objective is copy it out to /srv/ and symlink it back03:47
TheLordOfTimemisterswag, erm... i don't advise that, since the mysql executable uses /var/lib/mysql...03:47
misterswagyeah so cant i cp it to /srv/mysql03:48
misterswagand symlink it back to /var/lib/mysql03:48
TheLordOfTimemisterswag, ideally first, you turn off the mysql process first...03:48
misterswagyes i did03:48
TheLordOfTimemisterswag, then sudo mv /var/lib/mysql /srv/mysql03:48
TheLordOfTimethen sudo ln -s /srv/mysql /var/lib/mysql03:48
TheLordOfTimebut I HIGHLY recommend you don't do that03:48
misterswagwill it get messy?03:48
TheLordOfTimemisterswag, just because mysql is weirdly tempermental03:48
misterswagi see03:49
craigbass1976CryptoSec, I can't remember.  We have an MFC at work and I don't remember which one I grabbed -- that was three years ago.  Anyone else?  Is LPR or cupswrapper a better bet to grab from Brother's website?03:49
misterswagTheLordOfTime, currently i have my ssd to mount as /var03:50
misterswagi would just like to give all of /var/lib/mysql to that ssd03:50
elb0wSo I just upgraded to 12.10. I am getting this issue when I select my headphones and play music from the shell it is not going to them03:50
misterswagthat would be my other scenario03:50
elb0wit goes to my speaker instead03:50
TheLordOfTimemisterswag, that's going outside my expertise, but i don't think it'd be easy to set up03:50
TheLordOfTimemisterswag, especially since /var/* is already there03:50
TheLordOfTimein fact i think it'd be incredibly hard03:51
misterswagit sounds iffy too03:51
misterswagall i can do is just use it till it runs out of space03:51
misterswagand make sure /var has enough space03:51
misterswagon next install03:52
elb0wnvm fixed it03:52
elb0wgood ole pacmd03:52
CryptoSeccraigbass1976: I did some Google search and I found that LPR is more command line and cups has more gui front end to it... so it just matters what the user is comfortable and his preference.03:52
CryptoSecand with that... I just answered my own question...03:55
wiz007how to reset fonts to ubuntu defaults04:03
=== __mmiller is now known as __mikem
wiz007is there any command to reset fonts to default in ubuntu04:04
__mikemoh great I don't remember the password for my nick04:04
__mikemoh well, I am having trouble getting wireless to work on my laptop. I have a centrino n-1000 wireless chip and no matter what I do, it asks for the wireless password, waits for a bout a minute then asks for it again04:05
Dave77how do I find the device name of a USB stick/sd card writer?  Is there some way from file explorer? I'm trying to partition an SD card in USB stick.04:06
damselfly9Dave77; "lsscsi"04:08
KanohDave123, sudo fdisk -l04:10
KanohDave77, ^04:10
puffCan anybody help me with an apt error?  https://gist.github.com/0c44c797e6b034ef01f504:12
Dave77Kanoh: found it thanks04:12
__mikemdoes anyone know how to get the centrino n-1000 wireless chip to work with ubuntu?04:13
puffAh, hm.. okay, adding /sbin to my regular shell PATH before invoking sudo fixes that.04:15
damselfly9that link was for __mikem04:15
__mikemthank you, looking04:16
jjgalvez__linux-backports-modules-cw-3.x-precise-generic, there are 3.3,3.4,3.5,and 3.6 which one should I install? I wanted to get the updated backported wireless drivers from my card04:16
tetcheyCan I extend the authentication timeout for GUI apps like the Ubuntu Software Centre? I have made the timestamp_timeout 60 minutes in the sudoers file, but the USC seems to ignore it04:18
__mikemAnd this is already starting to look like more trouble than its worth.04:18
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damselfly9that second link gives really easy instructions, __mikem. they might even work04:22
__mikemdamselfly9, yes. I did the rfkill list thing and nothing is blocked except my blutooth.04:25
__mikemand I don't think the bluetooth has anything to do with my wireless04:25
__mikemspecifically, hp-wifi is not soft blocked or hard blocked04:26
=== chiluk is now known as chiluk_away
__mikemdamselfly9, ^04:29
damselfly9what? I don't have intel wifi. I tried to find you info. but it appear to not work for you04:30
__mikemIts like HP goes out of their way to select their hardware based on how much frustration it will cause when trying to get it to work with linux04:31
dell_anyone know about antix? it wont go into suspend on my del latitude04:31
damselfly9rfkill probably would have given you an error if it was a hardware problem04:32
__mikemthe hardware works fine because it sees all the available access points04:32
damselfly9probably just your system networking setup04:33
__mikemTHe system is a bran new system other than having been dist-upgrade'ed right after finishing the install. After that I installed linux-wlan-ng and linux-wlan-ng-firmware04:34
cleanhi, is it possible to set password for user accounts in persistent live usb ?04:36
__mikemI'm about to just go out and buy a usb wireless card.04:36
cleananybody using LiveUSB ?04:37
damselfly9__mikem, don't buy a bcm43xx -based one04:38
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
CLUSTERfooAnyone know why it could be that Wake On Lan works perfect within a small window of time, but if I leave the computer sleeping / down for more than about an hour, suddenly it doesn't respond to WOL?04:38
__mikemdamselfly9, yeah I had an adventure with broadcom a few years back, although I atleast got it working with fwcutter04:39
__mikemit wasn't very reliable though04:39
damselfly9that link to the ubuntu wifi troubleshooting page might help04:40
__mikemyeah I am keeping these links for later. I'll try them tomorrow. I was sort of hoping there would be some package I could just install that would make it work.04:41
Akiva-Thinkpadis there handwriting recognition software on ubuntu?04:42
__mikemAkiva-Thinkpad, tegaki-recognize maybe04:43
DWSRIs there anything similar to GlusterFS?04:44
dell_anyone know about antix? it wont go into suspend on my del latitude04:44
dell_or si their an antix channel04:45
__mikemdamselfly9, anyway thank you. I'll see if I can get it working in the morning.04:46
__mikemdell_, this channel is for ubuntu. Antix is a different distribution04:48
DWSRIs there anything similar to GlusterFS?04:48
cleananybody using persistent LiveUSB ?04:49
__mikemdell_, there doesn't appear to be an antix channel, but there is a generic linux channel called ##linux. Someone in there might know about antix04:52
=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
elvillasdoes anyone know how to connect a TV as a screen to my computer through an HDMI cable?04:57
=== rk0n_ is now known as rk0n
rk0nWhat's the app called that regular Ubuntu uses for audio control? I'd like to install it on my xubuntu setup.05:02
cfhowlettrk0n, pavucontrol should already be present05:02
rk0ncfhowlett: Thank you very much.05:03
__mikeminsidently, what happened to that restricted driver manager that used to be on Ubuntu?05:03
__mikemI used to be able to go to this thing that said Aditional DRivers, and it used to autodetect everything and give me the option of enabling things like graphical drivers and stuff05:03
vivid__mikem: if youre on 12.10+, you can find it in the software sources utility05:04
cfhowlett__mikem, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras05:04
__mikemfound it.05:05
__mikemSays nothing is in use, although there should be atleast the graphics driver installed, although the graphics card on this machine doesn't work on windows either, so maybe its broken.05:06
cfhowlett__mikem, probably a safe bet05:06
__mikemI just need to get a new laptop, preferably one that is known to play well with linux. THis thing is absolutely an abortion05:07
=== chiluk is now known as chiluk_away
__mikemoh well, have a good night05:07
a_b0yis there a ubuntu version for tablets?05:10
cfhowlett!arm|a_b0y, the ubuntu nexus 7 project is underway,  also see ...05:10
ubottua_b0y, the ubuntu nexus 7 project is underway,  also see ...: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.05:10
crocketubuntu tablet is certainly a win.05:11
a_b0yisn't nexus 7 google?05:11
crocketI don't want a stripped down version of linux, which is android.05:11
crocketA full-fledged linux table is desirable.05:11
crockettable -> tablet05:11
mikemikecan anyone help me on a c++ algorithm ?05:11
dr_willisgood luck finding  a full featured linux tablet at this time.05:11
cfhowletta_b0y, yes nexus is google, but it will run ubuntu05:11
crocketmikemike : That's for C++ or #algorithm.05:12
a_b0yi don't like google05:12
mikemikenobody is on #algorithm05:12
dr_willisthey are testing a ubuntu on the nexus 705:12
crocketmikemike : You have to be patient.05:12
crocketGive it hours or half a day.05:12
crocketmikemike : Or use stackoverflow05:13
crocketmikemike : You can utilize http://stackexchange.com/05:13
dr_willisstackoverflow is handy ;)05:13
a_b0yso will this ubuntu tablet only work on google products?05:13
Noskcajdr_willis, it works fine as long as you don't try to dual-boot05:13
mikemikei know about stackoverflow .. i was looking for a quick answers since I don't have some hard code05:13
crocketWill the ubuntu tablet contain a full featured ubuntu OS?05:13
mikemikejust a bubble sort05:13
cfhowletta_b0y, there IS no ubuntu tablet available05:13
dr_willisa_b0y:  there is a port of ubuntu to the Nexus7 its the ONLY one i know of at this time05:14
crocketWhat a disappointment.05:14
dr_willisthere was mention of a Kubuntu tablet some months back. but not sseen it mentioned anywhere lately05:14
crocketI'll have to buy a lightweight laptop.05:14
dr_williswe have NO info on any  ubuntu tablets. :) we dont know what may come out in the next year05:14
Noskcajcrocket, acer c7 chromebook $200, done05:15
dr_willisthat chromebook i hear works well05:15
a_b0yso this ubuntu port a fresh install port or will it just piggyback off of android?05:15
* cfhowlett also hear good things about chromebook05:15
kepleri want an asus zenbook prime, the 11 inch with 1080p screen, but im waiting for them to make the bezel smaller (and hopefully add a gige card)05:15
dr_willisYou can run ubuntu in a VM on most any mondern rooted android devicce.05:15
majnoonpulseaudio is enabled by default correct ??05:15
crocketNoskcaj, Isn't it too cheap?05:15
dr_willismajnoon:  yes05:16
Soelenhello everyone, my apache webserver is not working anymore, even after a restart, I dont know what is going on05:16
Noskcajcrocket, it's pretty good actually. check out some reviews05:16
Noskcajmajnoon, all but lubuntu05:16
seelI need some help with getting an irssi script saved and loaded05:16
BWMerlinI keep getting the following error, how can I correct it? "The following packages have unmet dependencies: glx-diversions : PreDepends: nvidia-installer-cleanup but it is not installable  Recommends: glx-alternative-mesa E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."05:16
crocketIt is not light.05:17
crocketMy arms are fragile.05:17
Noskcajcrocket, then get a light ultrabook05:17
dr_willisplease overreact elsewhere...05:17
savioHello Guys05:17
cfhowlettsavio, greetings05:18
saviocfhowlett, same to u05:18
seelI know that I need to save the file in ~/.irssi/scripts but it puts it in the home folder and I'm not sure how to save scripts where things are hidden and all05:19
dr_willisseel:  you just use the full path.05:19
dr_willisseel:  or use ctrl-h to have the file manager show .whatever files05:19
dr_williscp foo  ~/.whatever/whever05:20
majnoonok installed pa vol control (not correct name) did EXACTALLY what i wanted :)05:20
dr_willisor  hit ctrl-l and type in the path in the file manager05:20
Soelenwhat is going on with my webserver?05:21
dr_willisSoelen:  checked your logs yet?05:22
seelso using nano, how would I do that exactly?05:22
dr_willisseel:  save it to ~/.irssi/scripts05:22
seelI have the script in there but to save it in the right place...05:22
Soelendr_willis: kinda, I guess those logs on var/www/apache2, but I didnt found any hints there05:22
seelwhen I did that it said permission denied05:22
dr_willisor save it to your home directory then copy it to ~/.irssi/scripts05:22
SoelenI am not even sure if it's the webserver or something else05:23
dr_willisseel:  you sure that directory exists?05:23
dr_willisseel   mkdir ~/.irssi/scripts05:23
seelyeah, I did that already05:23
keplerdid you do it as root?05:23
=== daniel is now known as Guest93784
dr_willissave it to your home direcoto . then try to copy it via cp05:24
majnoondEfault max volume not worth a darn pavol let me "boost: it \o/05:24
seelkepler: didn't do it as root, just created the folder05:24
seeldir, I mean05:24
seelok, let me try that05:25
cfhowlettnuxninja, greetings05:25
seellooking it up, it actually shows the file is already there in the right place05:27
seells ~/.irssi/scripts/bitlbee_rename.pl05:27
seelthat's the file, so that's right05:27
dr_willisuse 'cat' instead of ls - to verify the proper stuff is IN the file05:28
dr_willisand use  'ls -l'   instead of ls to veryify the ownership and permissions  of the file05:28
seel_got disconnected for some reason...05:30
seel_but yeah, when I try to load it I just get a permission denied for some reason05:30
koveras0927even as root?05:30
seel_I'm not logged in as root, no05:31
dr_willisseel_:  may  be time to check the irssi docs and the #irssi channel05:31
dr_willisand use ls -l to verify the permissions and ownwership of the file   and 'cat' to verify its contents05:31
koveras0927so irssi is an irc program and you're having trouble installing it?05:32
dr_willishes having trouble getting a script he made to load in it05:32
seel_well, and each new script I create or download has to be given permission to be executible, right?05:32
koveras0927ha way above me, I'm not really there yet05:33
dr_willisseel_:  no idea on that in irssi. i dont see why it would need to be executable..  the #irssi channel woul dbe the place to ask05:33
seel_someone else's script but yeah, it's for facebook actually05:33
dr_willisI perfer weechat to irssi05:33
seel_it's to show the names rather than the numbers for people on facebook05:33
ludhi ,any program to sync my ipod nano 4th g05:35
ubottu;id: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod05:35
seel_I've tried weechat a few times but the only real difference I liked was the buddy list oub, what really seperates the two for you?05:36
dr_willisbuddy list? never notice05:36
dr_willisit has smart filteering and a  'script' manager system.05:37
crocketIs ubuntu tablet coming?05:37
dr_williscrocket:  we are not privy to canocals design goals.. or timelines05:37
seel_ok, so more user-friendly then?05:37
dr_williscrocket:  i imagine it will be one here .. eventually05:37
cfhowlettcrocket, no set time, no announcements05:37
dr_willisseel_:  its more powerfull and thought out i find.05:38
dr_willis'user friendly' is a meaningless buzzword these days05:38
ludbut ubuntu runs perfect even in ARM05:38
dr_willislud:  not perfect on arm.. and its more about the other hardware on a tablet then the cpu05:38
dr_willisthere is #ubuntu-arm05:39
DigitalPhilanyone able to help with  fancontrol/lm-sensors? I've been messing with this for a while, and it pretty well has gotten on my nerves...05:39
ludthat is something i just don't get why if this distro is debian-based has no ARM version?05:40
dr_willisthere are arm versions of ubuntu. they are a work in progress...05:40
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.05:40
ludyeah but debian does.05:41
dr_willisdoes what?  we never said there was no arm ubuntu....05:41
cfhowlettlud, as always ubuntu ain't debian ...05:41
dr_willisthers no ubuntu for my raspberry pi. ;) its arm cpu is too low end05:42
ludthanks guys, i'm glad there is a version on the way.05:42
=== nuxninja is now known as jamaican-brotha
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jamaican-brothahi Shiva05:42
dr_willislud:  its allready here.. but as we said.. see #ubuntu-arm as to how well developed it is05:42
cfhowlettDNS query request: please run a terminal: nslookup www.wordpress.com and paste the output.  I can't get accurate results behind the China firewall05:42
ludyeah i know i'm using raspbian05:42
dr_willistheres more to  an os then just supporting a CPU05:42
ludo really? my bad,05:43
dr_willisif you are using raspbian then you see all sorts of quirks and issues with it that are still being worked on....05:43
koveras0927 nslookup www.wordpress.com05:44
koveras0927Non-authoritative answer:05:44
koveras0927www.wordpress.comcanonical name = lb.wordpress.com.05:44
FloodBot1koveras0927: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:44
cfhowlettPretty sure the focus is on #phone for the moment.  If that works out, we can hope that a portable port will follow - probably the nexus 705:44
dr_willisa portable port? ;)05:45
koveras0927Any reason you wouldn't be able to run the smartphone version on the nexus 7?05:45
tim_i have a question about what type of linux to use on a netbook05:47
penguinmancfhowlett: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1571847/05:47
koveras0927depends on the netbook05:47
ludI got a chrome netbook, the 200$ one, any advise on installing ubuntu?05:47
koveras0927I think that was mentioned earlier, one sec.05:48
cfhowlettpenguinman, thank you.  Will see if I can drill under the firewall ...05:48
penguinmancfhowlett: ugh, i hear that thing is beastly.05:48
tim_koveras0927: acer aspier 1 with 1 gig of ram running intel core atom@1.5ghz with a 320 gig HD05:49
cfhowlettpenguinman, it has it's moments.  Interestingly, the easiest exploit to configure was facebook.  twitter and youtube are pretty well locked down.05:50
donnieTrue or false. I run Xunbuntu. and I want to remove Thunderbird. Since I'm on Xubuntu. It's safe to "remove xfce desktop' and my xubuntu will be untouched05:50
penguinmandonnie: yeah, it's just a meta package05:50
koveras0927tim_: I'd say you should stick with xubuntu or lubuntu05:52
donniepenguinman: So it is completely safe. Cause I'm reading a forum that says let it uninstall the xubuntu-desktop... and really nothing will be lost at all everything will work and functon the same05:53
=== truexfan81 is now known as truexfan81_
tim_koveras0927: ive looked into xbuntu but not lubuntu. whats better in your oppion05:53
=== truexfan81_ is now known as truexfan81
koveras0927I really like xubuntu myself but have only played around with lubuntu a little bit, not enough to form an unbiased opinion, sorry05:55
tim_easy to install?05:55
cfhowletttim_, sudo apt-get install lubuntu05:56
koveras0927yeah it's easy, about as easy as any regular ubuntu installation05:56
Noskcaj cfhowlett, isn't it: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop?05:56
Noskcajor lubuntu-core05:57
cfhowlettNoskcaj, errr ... I think it's desktop.  Thanks.05:57
Noskcajcfhowlett, np.05:57
tim_im still on windows 705:57
tim_just plannig what to do a dual boot with05:58
Noskcajtim_, both have pro's and con's. but please don't use windows 805:58
cfhowlettNoskcaj, help me out ...05:58
koveras0927windows 8 makes me sad.05:58
Noskcajcfhowlett, yeah, what05:58
cfhowletttim_, if you don't have to go windows 9, don't05:58
Noskcajkoveras0927, let's hope windows blue fixes that05:58
cfhowlettNoskcaj, please state the correct command for tim_ to get lubuntu DE05:58
tim_XD i would kill windows on my netbook but i need it for school05:59
koveras0927from windows i don't think there is one, just download it from the xubuntu website, use unetbootin to install it to a flash drive, and boot off the flash drive05:59
Noskcajtim_, install either lubuntu-desktop (all of the stuff from the iso) or lubuntu-core (just the DE (i think))05:59
koveras0927or lubunu06:00
Noskcajkoveras0927, Wubi?06:00
Noskcajkoveras0927, use LiLi instead, it's better06:00
tim_oh right. for linux you can mix and match06:00
cfhowlettNoskcaj, there it is.  sudo apt-get install lxde06:00
koveras0927Noskaj: I've never actually used LiLi, then again I usually go with straight ubuntu06:00
Noskcajkoveras0927, it's windows only, probably the best usb maker there is06:01
koveras0927Noskaj Actually I think I've used this before, I only found unetbootin when my cd drive broke back in 0806:01
=== nuxninja is now known as jamaican-brotha
tim_noted. ive got to use a usb key to install  what ever i end up using06:02
koveras0927tim_ try using both, whatever you can get working first, but it's not hard.06:03
koveras0927tim_ have you ever set up a dual boot before?06:03
tim_im kind of a noob when it comes to linux install06:03
tim_and no06:03
jamaican-brothaunetbootin is a piece of cake...just experiment06:04
koveras0927so your chromebook is running windows 7 you said?06:04
tim_netbook* but yes06:04
jamaican-brothatim_ nothing to worry just take ur time06:04
koveras0927do you know how to shrink your windows partition to allow space to install linux?06:05
tim_no i dont.06:05
tim_okay i know nothing about linux install06:05
=== zhurai-tsuki is now known as zhurai
koveras0927right click computer, click manage, and go to disk management. Right click your main windows partition C: and click shrink06:05
koveras0927then you just put in the size in MB that you want your linux partition to be, I'd say 40 would be fine for just learning how to use it06:06
koveras092740GB, not MB06:06
koveras0927then after you shrink your partition you'll have free space for linux, use unetbootin/LiLi to make a bootable usb drive and boot off of it, then it's pretty self explanatory from there06:07
tim_okay thanks06:08
tim_ill make sure i do a full backup first06:08
koveras0927Good idea :D06:08
koveras0927when you click install lubuntu or whatever ubuntu distro you're installing, click the option saying install alongside windows, it will keep both windows and linux and let you choose what to boot when you start up next time06:09
tim_okay thanks for all the help!06:09
ludwhen comes out to market the ubuntu phone?06:11
cfhowlett!phone|lud, unknown06:11
ubottulud, unknown: Ubuntu for phone has been announced, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to find out more and to sign up for progress updates. Discussion is in #ubuntu-phone06:11
koveras0927lud I've heard rumors that ubuntu will be availble for galaxy nexus in feb, but not sure about other devices06:12
=== matthewv- is now known as matthewvz
jbudHey #ubuntu, I'd like to set a few hotkeys, as well as remove some pre-set hotkeys from here (12.04), but under Settings->Keyboard->Shortcuts I'm unable to remove some hotkeys, and also I cannot use certain keys in the bindings for my own (anything with Alt and PrintScreen). I also tried using gconf-editor but it seemed to bug up when I tried adding my own customs06:24
jbudTL;DR, how can I access the hotkeys file? Where is that stored? I'd like to add and remove these settings manually06:25
BillyZanehi everyone06:25
kishoHi i am new in ubuntu06:25
BillyZaneomg. oooo mmmmm ggggg... i got tightvnc to work on ubuntu finally06:25
kishono is easy06:25
Ciphoenixwelcome kisho06:25
kishomy english no is very good06:26
kishowry u from ?06:26
kishowoow africa cool06:29
yacksby mistake, typed in06:31
Ciphoenixyacks trying to post a question?06:32
kishoalguien habla español06:32
Ciphoenixkisho: that's great06:32
ubottukisho,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.06:32
LiThiuME3My cached memory is ALWAYS maxed out... Kernel + apps takes 26% of memory Cached 73% :| is that normal?06:34
jbudLiThiuME3: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/06:35
LiThiuME3om nom nom nom nom delicious ram06:35
jbudSaw this the other day too06:35
jbudnp :)06:36
LiThiuME3Im quite the new indeed at linux06:36
LiThiuME3its my first VPS06:36
LiThiuME3started a week ago06:37
jbudReally/ How are you enjoying things so far?06:37
guideXthere's a weird clicking problem i've noticed in ubuntuy06:37
LiThiuME3I like the challange and the head banging part of it :P06:37
guideXwhere you must click three times sometimes06:37
guideXin the folders06:37
jbudLove Linux :) I'll be trying out Arch when I get my PC fixed up next week06:37
cfhowlettguideX, on 12.10?06:37
LiThiuME3jbud no GUI ssh only06:37
guideXhmm I don't know, i will check06:38
guideX(sorry lame windows user)06:38
jbudDamn you Windows users!06:38
guideXyeah (kicks can)06:38
* jbud angrily shakes fists06:38
guideXubuntu 11.0406:39
LiThiuME3jbud reading a lot of tuts online and guides etc...06:39
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest98145
jbudguideX: pretty sure I had a similar issue when I started, I went to settings -> mouse/touchpad   and played with the settings06:39
cfhowlettguideX, system>settings  mousepad is where you should look06:39
jbudLiThiuME3: Really? Are you into any scripting at all?06:39
guideXhmm ok06:39
LiThiuME3Still having problem with my deluge and other stuff I want to figure out if I can setup a dns server on my box also I need to find what runs my ftp server06:39
guideXI would be happy with just a click, or two clicks.. thanks06:40
LiThiuME3jbud no not really I need to learn bash06:40
jbudThat's what completely sold it for me. I love being able to build scripts so easily with the huge range of tools06:40
guideXis there anything exactly like notepad?06:40
jbudLiThiuME3: Bash is super easy to pickup :)  tldp06:40
jbudguideX: gedit06:40
cfhowlettguideX, exactly like?  no. Similar to?  absolutely06:40
guideXI'm pretty slow and shakey with it06:40
guideXI perfer regular old notepad for php stuff..06:40
LiThiuME3learn a new command that is my fav now lol pgrep06:40
Ciphoenixbetter than notepad IMHO06:41
guideXwell i could do vi i guess06:41
jbudLove vim06:41
guideXnothing is better than notepad, except visual studio ofc06:41
guideXwell for me..06:41
jbudguideX: I wrote a wiki on vim if you want for a reference: http://wiki.jbud.me/index.php?title=Vim06:41
LiThiuME3jbud need to learn vim to I read that Its superior to nano once you konw how to use it :P06:41
jbudAfter reading through the documentation06:42
jbudvim is awesome I love it06:42
guideXalso... if I want to have ubuntu, but without the terrible new interface in 12, is there an option or06:42
guideXbut without "fooling around" with it06:42
Ciphoenixyou mean notepad++?06:42
keplerguideX, i use kubuntu06:42
LiThiuME3jbud do you know why when I creat a new user on my box it only have > when it log in SSH and not username@this:06:43
jbudLiThiuME3: I'm still trying to get things figured out though. Like matching the intellisense to netbeans for Java or Visual Studio for .NET06:43
jbudLiThiuME3: You're in something right now06:43
jbudLike, a program or something06:44
jbudBasically its waiting for you to type something else06:44
jbudits like, if you were in bash and you said:   while true; do06:44
jbudits waiting for you give more06:44
jbudTry ctrl+d06:44
LiThiuME3kk 1 min06:44
LiThiuME3now I need to figure out my problem with deluge lol06:46
jbudI'm giving up local torrenting now06:47
jbudI grabbed myself a seedbox for $6/mo06:47
LiThiuME3Well my VPS is a seedbox pretty much06:47
jbudSuch a good deal, plus my ratio has raised through the roof06:47
jbudOh yeah06:47
LiThiuME334$ unmetered 1Gbps06:47
jbudThat's awesome!06:48
LiThiuME3400 go hdd06:48
jbudI wonder, is that part of the new google fiber optic? I hear thats the big thing, 1 gb/s06:48
LiThiuME3Yeah thats crazy lol06:49
LiThiuME31Gbps to home06:49
jbudLiThiuME3: https://fiber.google.com/about/06:49
jbudCheck it out, they've got a free option06:49
LiThiuME3A Google Fiber user named Mike Demarais ran a speed test only minutes after his service went live according to ArsTechnica. He achieved 696.38 Mbps download and an impressive 620.49 Mbps upload.06:50
jbudFree internet, guaranteed for 7 years?06:50
keplerhttp://speedtest.net/result/2432981385.png !06:50
LiThiuME3whats that ?06:51
keplerwork machine06:51
LiThiuME3can you host me a box pl0x ?06:51
keplerwe have a couple of 10 gig links06:51
keplerunfortunately no06:52
keplerstill waiting for a chance to speed test on one of the 10 gig links. im on a gig port now06:53
keplernot sure boss would be happy about running fiber to a workstation...and stealing one of the cards from a server06:53
jbudSo I wonder if this will be standard speeds soon then06:55
jbudFor everyday residentials06:55
kepleri hope so.06:55
LiThiuME3jbud if I am part of a group and I the file I want to cp is owned by a group I am part of and the folder I want to copy it to is a Group that I am part of but it does not want to copy06:55
kepleri was happy to get 105 down 20 up. if i can get gig/gig, id probably explode06:56
jbudLol dl a movie in like 3 seconds06:56
jbudLiThiuME3: Can you cp it at all? Even in any other folders?06:57
LiThiuME3cp: cannot create regular file `../reencode_serie.sh': Permission denied06:57
jbudo interesting, its the folder that's having problems06:58
jbudCreating files within that folder06:58
guideXin 11.04 how do you get to the "task manager"06:59
jbudguideX: ps aux06:59
jbudguideX: top07:00
jbudthose are the two that I use07:00
LiThiuME3i think I found my prob lol07:00
LiThiuME3-rw-r--r-- 1 deluge deluge  526 Jan  7 12:03 reencode_serie.sh07:00
guideXhmm ps aux07:00
jbudYou'll also want to grep for the specific task you're looking for07:00
jbudHahah LiThiuME3 that'd be it07:00
jbudDidn't even consider that07:00
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
jbudguideX: ps aux | grep bash    <-- this will show you all the bash scripts currently running07:01
Notimikhi is se.archive.ubuntu.com down for everyone or is just my isp hosed?07:01
guideXis that one of those leet bash algorithyms07:01
LiThiuME3jbud even with chmod 777 I can't move them07:01
jbudNotimik: I can ping it fine?07:01
LiThiuME3but as root I can...07:01
guideXyou mean they don't have a good list of programs somewhere with a "kill" button07:01
guideXi'll have to write one :>07:02
Notimikjbache: mm but i get these when updating from it W: Failed to fetch http://se.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/quantal-backports/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages  Unable to connect to se.archive.ubuntu.com:http: [IP: 80]07:02
jbudguideX: kill -9 [process id]07:02
Notimikjbud: for more or less all of the repos07:03
jbudNotimik: Yeah I take it back, its not loading for me there either :(07:03
SyriaAnyone could please help to record the play back on computer using audacity or any another application?07:03
guideXhmm that's not working, is there another way?07:04
guideXto end a program which is misbehaving07:04
jbudguideX: It should, unless there's permission issues, then you'd need to sudo07:04
jbudI mean there may be a gui for it, but I prefer the command line07:04
guideXyes but.. then I put in the credentials I logged in with, but they're wrong somehow07:04
guideXplus I can't tell which column is which to the task list07:05
LiThiuME3jbud my user was part of two groups deluge and lithiume3 (which is the username it self) I chown -R lithiume3:lithiume3 [the dir]     now I can do anything07:05
jbudguideX: 2nd left is the process id07:05
jbudif it helps..07:05
LiThiuME3but if I had it chown -R deluge:deluge [ the dir ] I could not do nothing07:05
guideXah cool07:05
jbudguideX: ps aux | grep bash | awk '// {print $2, $NF}'07:06
jbudjust replace bash with what you're actually looking for07:06
guideXhmm ok07:06
guideXsorry I would google it, but it's chrome which is misbehaving.. has me in an endless loop.. "oh crap, I can't kill the process, I better google it, damn, I can't google it, I better kill the process" etc..07:07
jbudguideX: ps aux | grep chrome | awk '// {print $1 }' | xargs | kill -907:08
jbuddestroys chrome07:08
nearsthi all07:08
guideXhmm cool thx07:08
guideXi'll try it07:08
nearsttry htop07:09
jbudI wouldn't myself :P Its just a little dangerous is all. I'd personally just `ps aux | grep chrome` and then manually pick and kill each one07:09
Notimikis there a devops team for the repo servers?07:09
LeMikeHello. I have a script that always downloads a file. But this can be local cached for one week. How would the condition in sh script look like?07:09
folorncould anyone help me with a quick problem .."how do i change the file permissions on a certain user again?"07:09
folornif anyone could help..07:09
folornneed a password changed for a certain user and im on gnome 3 i think.07:10
m3powHello !07:11
m3powit seems there is something wrong with my LAN adapter07:11
m3powas i browse along everything disconnects and i have to restart the laptop in order to be able to reconnect again07:12
jbudfolorn: is the file group the same group assigned to the user you want to give the permissions to?07:12
nearstfolorn, try read man regarding chmod, chown and chcon07:12
m3powis it a software or hardware issue ?07:12
jbudfolorn: If so, just chmod g+7 [file]     7 for read write execute07:13
folornthanks guys07:13
jbudoops uh, g+rwx  I think is what I meant to say07:13
folornya was hopeing for it to be terminal so im trying to learn my way around still forgot maybe chown would work if i found the correct file path.. which is a mircle at this point lol :)07:14
jbudfolorn: lol yeah its a bit crazy at first. I wrote everything I could on a cue card, and referred to that thing religiously for the first few months07:14
=== XenGi is now known as XenGi_
nearstm3pow, try look into /var/log/syslog regarding the failure of your LAN adapter. try lsmod to look into your network adapter module07:15
fegohi, /607:15
diverdudeDid anybody in here ever interface with basler cameras from ubuntu?07:16
=== slank is now known as slank_away
fegohi, can anyone suggest me a mid range hp laptop with nvidia graphics please? that has good Ubuntu compatibility07:16
m3powthanks fego07:16
m3powfego i have HDX18 atm07:16
ranjanfego: never go with nvidia cards, its always a pain with ubuntu07:16
ranjanfego: why cant you go for an ultrabook with Intel HD Graphics.07:17
ranjanfego: also hp is the most troublemaker for me in case of ubuntu compatibility.07:17
ranjanfego: i have HP DV4, with dual graphics.07:18
nearstwow, new ubuntu unity update is scary07:18
ranjanfego: even with the latest ubuntu the battery drains out within 1 to 1 and a half hours07:18
jbudnearst: Should I beware?07:18
nearstjbud, nope. i know ure good07:19
fegoranjan: mind a pm?07:19
guideXhmm nothings working.. maybe I should reboot07:19
_ravenhow is the chance to get v ubuntu phne for asus padphone2?07:19
ranjanfego: sure07:19
guideXheh reboot is so fast07:20
jbudYes :)07:21
nearstguideX, lucky!07:21
guideXhmm it keeps saying no such process07:24
guideXwhen I do the kill07:24
jbudguideX: Cause its already killed, try ps aux again07:24
jbudAlso try doing it manually, don't do that other way I showed you07:24
guideXit changed07:24
antonio_anyone have experience getting a broadcom wireless driver to work?07:25
guideXit keeps changing07:25
antonio_in 12.1007:25
guideXI can't do it fast enough07:25
BlackWebI'm trying to Partition a 3TB HardDrive on my system which I've done on a Ubuntu_Server_12.04 Install & had it work with no problems, but when i try it in 12.04 Then I'm running into a problem it keeps erroring out then when i do a fdisk -l Then its showing the Hard Drive twice one as /dev/sda & /dev/sde; Has anyone ever ran into this problem, I know theres only 1 3tb Hard_Drive07:25
nearstguideX, try install htop07:25
folornj #kubuntu07:26
folornhrm back07:28
BlackWebWheres Dr_Willis when you need him LOl07:29
kyoI FUCKU07:29
kyosorry send error07:29
LiThiuME3no you dont07:29
nearst!language | kyo07:30
ubottukyo: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:30
kyoemacs is too hard to study QAQ07:30
jbudlol send error?07:30
kyoOK i know07:30
kyolol poor english07:30
theadminkyo: Don't use emacs then, use gedit or geany or whatever07:30
aeon-ltduse vim... :)07:30
kyoGedit 0 0 u r kidding?07:30
jbudvim is awesome07:31
Aziroshinscite is also a good option.07:31
theadminaeon-ltd: If anything, Emacs is a lot easier to understand than Vim.07:31
kyoEMACS can make coffee07:31
jbudYeah but vim has a game: http://vim-adventures.com/07:31
kyoVIM can't07:31
theadminjbud: oh please, M-x tetris07:31
nearstkyo, nano work fine im guess07:31
theadminkyo: Yes, but you're complaining emacs is hard, so use something else.07:31
AziroshinNo one asked yet whether either of these will blend. Amazing.07:31
aeon-ltdtheadmin: i was starting the wars again :)07:32
kyo0 007:32
nearstemacs is epics07:32
Tm_T!ot | kyo and others07:32
ubottukyo and others: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:32
aeon-ltdsorry for derailing.07:32
theadminaeon-ltd: Oh, heh.07:33
guideXhmm, is there another way to install htop, i get an error07:34
guideXi'm missing an operand07:34
nearstsudo apt-get install htop07:34
guideXah ok07:35
=== daniel is now known as Guest60313
BlackWebHas anyone ever ran into the problem of it showing a HardDrive as 2 Seperate Devices?07:35
=== lebdron is now known as afotek
kyowhat is seperate07:35
aeon-ltdBlackWeb: 2 partitions? or are they assigned different /dev/sdx?07:36
arshavinBlackWeb: you mean like /dev/sda and /dev/sdb07:36
guideXomg there's like bazillions of them07:36
BlackWebHave a 3tb Hard Drive been trying to format Fdisk -l  Shows the same hard Drive as /dev/sde & /dev/sda07:36
jbudlol yes Chrome does that07:36
guideXoh ok07:36
guideXit does it on windows too but more like 4-507:37
guideXwhich is a lot for windows :P07:37
_ravenhow is the chance to get ubuntu phone for asus padphone2?07:37
jbudguideX: o actually I'm speaking from past experience on Windows. Haven't checked it out for Linux actually07:37
arshavinBlackWeb: that's really strange have you tried gparted?07:37
theadmin_raven: Is it a multli-core phone?07:37
afotekHello. I want to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu. How do I prepare a partition for Ubuntu before installing Windows? As I understand, it's better to install Windows first. Do I make an extended partition or plain ext3 partition?07:38
theadmin_raven: If so, likely.07:38
jbudI found Chrome to be really awkward and buggy on linux, so I swapped to Firefox07:38
arshavinBlackWeb: that's really strange have you tried gparted or cfdisk?07:38
guideXjbud there was like two whole pages07:38
kyoext3 allowed07:38
BlackWebFirst it only showed it as /dev/sda,  Went ahead `parted -a optimal /dev/sda` Table: gpt and then while it was making partition errored out so exited and now its showing it as 2 devices so now trying to mkfs.ext3 -v -l "" /dev/sde1 and it looks like it just worked, but how am I suppose to tell it to mount07:38
=== slank_away is now known as slank
theadminafotek: Eh. Just install Windows to an empty hard drive, but leave some unpartitioned space for Ubuntu to use later07:38
guideXah cool that worked :>07:38
guideXnow it opens again :)07:38
BlackWebwhen I tried gparted then it errored out while it was making the partition also07:39
afotektheadmin: Is it possible to leave 50 Gb of unpartitioned space before Windows partition?07:39
arshavinBlackWeb: it may be because of that gpt thing which is different fro normal mbr07:39
_raventheadmin quadcore. i havevto decide to send it back soon if here wont be a free os on it07:39
Guest60313hey i am trying to make a bootlable usb for arch linux and i am using ubuntu but in start up disk creator it doesnt show the duel iso can anyone show me what command i should use its in my downloads folder and my usdb is sdb107:39
guideXhtop is a nice prog07:39
justmehhey Guest6031307:40
BlackWebI tried using msdos instead of gpt & it said that it doesnt support over 2TB07:40
theadminGuest60313: If you can't read the ArchWiki, don't use Arch. But, sudo dd if=something.iso of=/dev/sdb07:40
justmehlink me to the page your following07:40
arshavinGuest60313: what do you mean by does not show07:40
BlackWebOn my Ubuntu_Server_12.04 it worked fine, Same type of hard Drive & Motherboard07:40
saju_mhow check squid user auth via terminal?07:41
justmehwhy don't you type that into google saju_m lol07:41
theadminafotek: From what I've experienced the partitioning in the Windows installer makes that kind of hard. It's easy to leave space after it, though, but are you sure 50GB is enough? Doesn't sound like a lot07:41
arshavinBlackWeb: is it internal or external07:41
Guest60313arshavin: like i search for the iso and select it and it doesnt show up after i click open07:41
justmehits an excellent search07:41
saju_mi googled ando tried lot of things07:41
justmehbtw not that anyone cares, but i just masterd basic drbd :D07:42
saju_mbut i could not get it07:42
Guest60313theadmin: ok i didnt use sudo man i feel dumb07:42
arshavinGuest60313: ou mean when you tab to complete the command07:42
theadminGuest60313: Oh, lol07:42
Guest60313theadmin: ha maybe im not ready to try arch yet if i cant remeber to put sudo lol07:43
nearst!iso | Guest6031307:43
ubottuGuest60313: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.07:43
BlackWebI can try switching the SATA Port on the Motherboard, I know I have it plugged into a 6Gbs Ports While on my other system its plugged into Standard SATA Port07:43
saju_mmy squid setup working and asking for password, if i cofigure it in firefox.07:43
afotektheadmin: I'm using GParted for partitioning. I have a 1 Tb drive and I'm going to make partition for Ubuntu (50 Gb), partition for Windows (50 Gb) and NTFS partition for the rest for all the data.07:43
saju_mbut i want to test it via termial or another tool?07:43
theadminafotek: Woah. You can't store ALL the data on NTFS, especially various user configurations.07:43
keshavHey guys !!07:43
arshavinGuest60313: why do you want to mount arch iso?07:43
keshavI had a question regarding cloud computing07:44
keshavcan anyone help me out >>07:44
theadminkeshav: Ask the question...07:44
ludask buddy07:44
Guest60313arshavin: i would like to make a bootlable usb so i can try it out never used anything beside ubuntu kubuntu or xubuntu thought i would open my horizons a bit07:44
theadminGuest60313: Yeah if you never used anything but Ubuntu Arch is gonna be very hard for you07:45
nearsttry remastersys07:45
keshavI am quite new to cloud computing and I wanted to make a private cloud just for getting a hang of it. so which platform should i use for it ?07:45
afotektheadmin: I thought it'll be fine: configs are stored on system partitions and user data is stored on NTFS partition.07:45
arshavinGuest60313: you just do dd if=x.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=4M07:45
Guest60313theadmin: well looking for way to force me to increase my knowlege on linux and this looks like what i think im looking for07:45
keshavopenstack opennebula cloudstack ??07:45
theadminafotek: Well, depends on what you mean as "user data"07:45
theadminGuest60313: Heh, might be better to go with Gentoo then :P07:46
Dave77what is the equivilant of directX on ubuntu?07:46
afotektheadmin: music, documents etc.07:46
theadminafotek: Oh, that'd be fine07:46
theadminDave77: OpenGL07:46
nearstDave77, xorg :P07:46
Guest60313theadmin: i was looking into that but from most of the reviews sites say arch is easier07:46
saju_mkeshav: try this http://fosshelp.blogspot.in/2013/01/howto-install-openstack-using-devstack.html07:47
Dave77I mean how difficult can it be for large games company to include linux binary/setup on the DVD?07:47
theadminGuest60313: Easier to install? Not really, just faster (less compiling). Easier to use? Heck no, it breaks with almost every update.07:47
kostkon_the dirextx equivalent is SDL07:47
arshavinGuest60313: what crap arch is easy only after you have high speed internet a few tutorials and lots of stet07:47
AziroshinAre there CDs that won't be able to contain the ubuntu image?07:47
AziroshinThese CD RWs say they are 700 MB. I suppose they are too small. Why the hell do I even have crap CDs like these? I don't get it. Sigh..07:48
arshavinGuest60313: this whole arch hype is crap07:48
theadminAziroshin: Uh, all CDs are 700MB...07:48
arshavinGuest60313: now they don't even allow an offline installation media07:48
AziroshinThe Ubuntu image is 763, and wodim complains. -overburn doesn't help07:48
theadminAziroshin: You need a DVD to install Ubuntu if you're using a version later than 12.0407:48
=== slank is now known as slank_away
keshavis there another group for cloudcomputing ?07:48
afotektheadmin: So I can leave 50 Gb for Ubuntu in "unformatted" and it'll be OK?07:48
theadminafotek: yep07:49
afotektheadmin: Great, thanks!07:49
Guest60313arshavin: ha so u say gentoo also ? ha guys i just wanna try using something a lil more different ubuntu ive been using for 6 years and i kinda wanna just try something else lol07:49
AziroshinI don't have dvds available. I guess I will have to look into that "iso to usb" software I've forgotten the name from.07:49
afotektheadmin: And can I change hard drive and volume attributes under Ubuntu?07:49
kyoyes u can07:49
theadminafotek: attributes as in...?07:49
AlocerAziroshin: unetbootin ? ? ?07:49
antonio_does anyone have experience getting a broadcom wireless adapter working in 12.1007:50
theadminAlocer: No, that never works07:50
antonio_its such a pain in the @#$#07:50
afotekLike read-only07:50
AziroshinAlocer: I think that might have been it, thanks.07:50
theadminAziroshin: You can just use dd07:50
Guest60313still and will allways be diehard ubuntu fan i got a galaxy nexus just to be the first to try out ubuntu mobile and have a nexus 7 with ubuntu 13.0407:50
arshavinGuest60313: if you want try something different then arch is ok07:50
Aziroshintheadmin: I dd the iso onto the raw usb stick and it will work, yes?07:50
arshavinGuest60313: but they need to provide offline installation media for it to be accepted by everyone07:51
AlocerAziroshin: theadmin: i think u should make the usb bootable07:51
lud@antonio_ ubuntu should install the drivers right away.07:51
theadminAziroshin: Yeah, something along the lines of: sudo dd if=~/Downloads/ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb07:51
afotekkyo: and what software can I use for that?07:51
antonio_lud: it didn't07:51
theadminAlocer: Nah, just dd'ing it works, Ubuntu images are hybrid07:51
Aziroshintheadmin: I will just do that, thanks.07:51
Alocertheadmin: Aziroshin: dd is much simpler07:51
AziroshinYeah, I love that dding it over works out of the box, I didn't know that.07:52
nearstdd is fun im guess07:52
arshavinGuest60313: check your usb drive device name by typing "sudo fdisk -l" and replace of=/dev/sdx07:52
afotektheadmin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTFS "Attributes: Read-only, hidden, system, archive, not content indexed, off-line, temporary, compressed"07:52
theadminafotek: I don't think the Linux NTFS implementation cares for any of those. After all, hidden files in Linux must have names starting with a ".", "system" is a purely Windows thing, and there's no permission implementation for NTFS that's POSIX-compatible so no "read-only" either.07:53
arshavinnearst: amazing utility if you know how to use it,but terrible if you don't07:53
antonio_this is so damn annoying..07:54
antonio_I cannot get my wireless broadcom device to work07:54
theadminantonio_: Do you have a wired connection?07:54
nearstwhich broadcom07:54
djQueryjust ran var$ chown -R me www  but it fails on 1 directory in there that is currently marked as read only07:54
antonio_theadmin: yes07:55
djQueryhow do I remove the readonly from the directory07:55
theadminantonio_: Okay, open the "additional drivers" tool and see if there's a Broadcom driver around.07:55
theadmindjQuery: sudo chmod a+r www07:55
afotektheadmin: that's quite bad, because I thought it's possible to create external read-only backup07:57
arshavindjQuery: run chmod on that directory07:57
djQuerynopers still happening07:57
djQueryarshavin, ^^07:57
antonio_theadmin: its a well known problem with ubuntu and broadcom drivers07:57
theadmindjQuery: Can you paste the exact error?07:57
djQuerychown: changing ownership of `www/jquery-ui': Operation not permitted07:57
theadmindjQuery: Uh, are you using sudo?07:58
theadmindjQuery: If not it likely won't just work07:58
arshavindjQuery: tru sudo su07:58
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!07:58
theadminarshavin: That's not the way to do it.07:58
theadmindjQuery: Use "sudo -i" to get a root shell and work from there.07:59
djQuerysudo chmod a+r jquery-ui07:59
djQuerywhile in the www directory as well08:00
Guest60313arshavin: i got it working thank you08:00
Guest60313theadmin: i got it working thank you also08:00
antonio_this is starting to really piss me off...why can't my damn wireless work!08:00
djQuerytheadmin, is that like sudo root08:00
kostkon_antonio_, did you open the drivers tool and what happened08:01
theadmindjQuery: "root" is not a command so that doesn't do anything :P08:01
theadmindjQuery: But it gives you a root shell, similarily to "su -"08:02
djQuerychown -R david www   no errors this time08:03
antonio_I can't open additional drivers..but its installed08:03
alocer!mint | alocer08:03
ubottualocer, please see my private message08:03
kostkon_antonio_, are you getting an error?08:03
djQuerytheadmin, arshavin, thanks for the help guys08:04
antonio_koston: if I try finding it under dash board it doesn't even show up08:04
theadminantonio_: Pastebin the output of "sudo jockey-text -l"08:06
pr0x1mitywhat is long black and smells like shit?08:06
pr0x1mitythe niggers in the welfare line! =D08:06
kostkon_antonio_, right. open the sodtware centre, select edir -> software sources, i believe, and then click on the last tab08:07
theadminbazhang: Thank you >.<08:07
antonio_kmod:wl - Broadcom STA wireless driver (Proprietary, Disabled, Not in use) [auto-install]08:07
theadminantonio_: Tada.08:07
theadminantonio_: sudo jockey-text -e kmod:wl08:07
antonio_Sorry, installation of this driver failed. Please have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log08:08
theadminantonio_: ...Okaysies, pastebin that08:08
antonio_how do I open that?08:08
theadminantonio_: You could use that, yes08:09
theadminantonio_:  bcm43xx: blacklisted, b43: blacklisted, b43legacy: blacklisted # <- why are those blacklisted?08:10
antonio_I have no idea08:10
antonio_can I just edit that file and "un" blacklist them?08:11
theadminantonio_: grep -HP 'b(cm)?43' /etc/modprobe.d/*08:11
theadminantonio_: Gotta figure out where they are blacklisted first08:12
theadminantonio_: Okay, sudo mv /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-bcm43.conf /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-bcm43.ignore # and reboot after that08:14
antonio_so this ?08:15
antonio_sudo mv /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-bcm43.conf /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-bcm43.ignore #08:15
theadminantonio_: yeah08:15
antonio_back in a few..thansk08:15
Em_I am unable to install Gparted via "sudo apt-get install gparted". Help08:15
theadminEm_: What is the error?08:16
Em_theadmin: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done Package gparted is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source  E: Package 'gparted' has no installation candidate08:17
theadmin!info gparted08:17
ubottugparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.12.1-1 (quantal), package size 522 kB, installed size 1832 kB08:17
theadminEm_: Er. Run "sudo apt-get update".08:17
Em_theadmin: what was wrong?08:17
theadminEm_: Likely you're missing the package index. Happens if it's a new install.08:18
antonio_didn't work :(08:18
theadminEm_: Or if it's a LiveCD or such08:18
theadminantonio_: Damn. Well I'm out of ideas08:18
Em_theadmin: what is the package index for?08:18
antonio_this is so goddamn annoying08:18
theadminEm_: Basically it's a list of packages and where to get them from, it's created by "sudo apt-get update"08:18
antonio_I have so much work to do...and I don't need to be dealing with such minor b.s.08:19
Em_so the command "sudo apt-get update" updates my kernel and gives it the information or the list of packages wher eto get softwares from, right?08:19
spikebit gives updated packages, yes08:20
spikebinfo, that is.08:20
theadminEm_: ...apart from the kernel part, that sounds right08:20
antonio_what can I do?08:20
kostkonantonio_, try using the additional drivers ui08:20
Em_theadmin: the update is done but I still get the same error message08:20
antonio_koston: I can't open additional drivers..even though its installed08:21
antonio_how can I open additional drivers from term?08:21
kostkonantonio_, open the software centre, select edit -> software sources, then select the last tab. i think08:21
warl0khello everyone08:22
warl0kanyone here good with 10.04LTS ?08:22
fegothe update is needed to update the adress book used to locate packages08:22
theadminEm_: What Ubuntu version are you using?08:22
antonio_koston: the only one available is the driver thats not working08:22
Em_theadmin: 12.10, do I need to reboot my compuiter?08:22
theadminEm_: no.. this is weird08:22
warl0kI've got a linux box running as a VM that *briefly* is responsive to ping while booting, but as services start it stops responding to pings.08:23
kostkonantonio_, try to activate it again08:23
antonio_it is activated08:23
warl0kcan't quite figure out what the hell is going wrong with it.08:23
kostkonantonio_, then try rebooting and see what happens08:23
Em_@theadmin: I'm quite new to this distro, the whole Linux thing actually.08:24
antonio_koston: I've already done that..nothing08:24
warl0knormally I'd just FFR the stupid thing, but it's got half a terabyte of needed websites on it..08:24
theadminEm_: I understand, but that should've been enough. Seriously strange.08:24
kostkonantonio_, does it say that is activated and working?08:24
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
antonio_just says its using an alt driver08:25
kostkonantonio_, ?08:25
antonio_this is b.s.08:26
antonio_is there anyway to take my ubuntu installation back to default? any term commands?08:28
kostkonantonio_, don't think so. you can always reinstall08:28
antonio_well..guess I'm doing thta08:28
antonio_back in a few...08:28
dr_willispurge and reinstall every pacakge.. ;)08:29
theadmindr_willis: You can't expect that to work08:30
Em_theadmin: tried rebooting my computer, didn't work.08:30
dr_willisnope - i wouldent exxpect it to work08:30
warl0kanyone know of something other than iptables that could cut off a network connection post-boot?08:32
warl0kbecause I have thoroughly flushed iptables, I think.08:32
nomoney4uhello there ubuntu community :)08:32
dr_willisstopping the network service.  ifdown eth0,08:32
dr_willisdriver crashing... (that would be odd)08:32
warl0kyeah, network connections are up, but all the packets are dropped.08:33
warl0kno panics08:33
dr_williswireless or wired?08:33
dr_williserr.. you flushed the rules then rebooted? that wouldent survvicce a reboot.08:33
warl0kwhy would I reboot?08:34
warl0kit's Linux.08:34
zenu@war10k Have you tested the ethernet cable with a loop test/ another computer?08:34
dr_willisyou said post-boot...08:34
warl0kshort of changing a core portion of the kernel, there's never a need to reboot.08:34
dr_willisso it does it on ever bootup?08:34
warl0kon bootup there is a window of maybe 5 seconds where it will respond to ping.08:34
warl0kthen as services start up, bye-bye goes the network connection.08:35
dr_williswonder if theres a conflicting ip on the  network08:35
Devakiis there a way to enter a command as soosn as i login to freenode on xchat ?08:35
Devakiim sick of messaging nickserv :/08:35
dr_willisDevaki:  xchat has on connect and on join options. check the server settings and docs.08:36
keplerDevaki, menu, network list, edit08:36
dr_willisxchat used to have some very good guides/links in its help menu08:36
keplerxchat menu, that is08:36
dr_willisit would be in the 'server' settings for the freenode server. i belive08:36
kepleryeah. there is a box for nickserv password08:36
dr_willisor just make a simple alias you can type to do whatever it is you want.08:37
Devakibut that doesnt work.08:37
keplerwhat doesnt work?08:37
Em_I can't install gparted. Error: "Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done Package emacs-snapshot-gtk is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source  E: Package 'emacs-snapshot-gtk' has no installation candidate"08:37
=== Devaki is now known as Guest71093
Guest71093nickserv password dosent work08:38
Guest71093as you can see , i am guest now08:38
keplerworks for me08:38
warl0kapparently irqbalance doesn't like me.08:38
Guest71093stupid xchat.08:38
dr_willisthere is the xchat irc channel.08:38
kepleryou went to freenode, hit edit, and added your password to the nickserv box?08:38
=== yann_ is now known as YannT
keplerclose and open? it only does it on connect, not after hitting apply or something08:39
Guest71093I know08:39
Guest71093i did08:40
kepler /shrug. works for me08:40
warl0kdr_willis: apparently on hyper-v VMs running Linux, irqbalance service causes this issue.08:40
dr_williswarl0k:  never done any of that stuff. ;)08:41
aloceranyone knows how can i find what program uses internet with tcpdump ? ? 08:41
* kepler plugs esx 08:41
hayhi, on one of mine kvm guests (I have 8 running without any problems) I get occasional: lost page write due to I/O error messages and can't even umount partitions... the issue still remains with only one guest after changing all the hard drives in the RAID array (we changed drives although nothing strange was in the logs of the host machine)... I am pretty lost why it happens, any ideas are08:42
hayvery appreciated...08:42
keplernas, san, or local?08:43
=== tylerhjo` is now known as tylerhjones
haythere is a local raid on the host machine08:43
koegsalocer: you could try to use nethogs08:44
warl0kkepler: different strokes for different folks. I wanted a cluster sans SAN requirement, so I went with Server 2012 and Hyper-V and SCVMM.08:44
bekkswarl0k: Whats SCVMM?08:45
bekkswarl0k: And "sans" means "without", correct?08:45
keplerwarl0k, that was for hay. :P but boooo ms08:45
Em_I am unable to install anything via the CLI08:47
FloodBot1Em_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:47
haykepler, I am lost as just what to do next.. I could create a new guest and transfer all the data and services, but I just want to understand why it happened... and after googling for quite a lot I found out that I am not the only one with this issue :S08:47
bekksEm_: Why? Whats happening when doing what exactly?08:47
dr_willisEm_:  sone a sudo apt-get update   recently?08:48
dr_willisdone a. ...08:48
keplerhay, not sure. :/ ive only encountered those types of problems with my nas08:48
Osakasa^hello, how do i check which driver version Additional Drivers installed? (amd card)08:48
punch_linei have also had the same problem... have you checked your processes?08:49
Em_dr_willis: Yeah, I've done that.08:49
Em_bekks: Here's the error, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1572119/08:49
auronandaceEm_: what version of ubuntu?08:49
keplerEm_, sounds like you don't have the correct repos08:50
Em_auronandace: 12.1008:50
Em_kepler: How can I check that?08:50
punch_linewhat error do you get doing a .......apt-get update?08:50
Em_I'm running Ubuntu right now08:50
antonio_hey folks...08:50
antonio_So I just reinstalled 12.1008:50
keplercat /etc/apt/sources.list08:51
antonio_Now I want to try to diagnose my wireless problems08:51
bekksEm_: lsb_release -sc will tell you the ubuntu version.08:51
auronandaceantonio_: lspci will tell you what wireless you have (among other hardware)08:52
Em_bekks: It says quantal08:52
Em_uname -a == "3.5.0-21-generic #32-Ubuntu SMP Tue Dec 11 18:52:46 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux"08:52
bekksEm_: Thats good then. Could you please pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list too?08:52
antonio_audrondance: this is the output08:53
auronandace!b43 | antonio_08:54
ubottuantonio_: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx08:54
Em_bekks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1572125/08:54
kostkonantonio_, did you try to activate it again in the additional drivers?08:55
Em_bekks: It gives me the same error message when I try to install emac08:55
bekksEm_: Then pastebin the output of sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade please08:56
antonio_koston: installing additional drivers08:56
kostkonantonio_, nice08:57
coz_hey guys, 12.04..nvidia cirrent..screen flashes..black and back when opening anything including applications,, any ideas?08:58
Em_bekks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1572129/ ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/1572130/08:59
antonio_what term command do I use to find out what chipset my wireless card is?>09:00
bekksantonio_: lsusb09:00
=== ranjan is now known as Guest65616
kostkonantonio_, you already did. <antonio_> http://pastebin.com/ME4203GF09:00
bekksEm_: And whats the output of apt-cache policy gparted ?09:01
warl0kbekks: yes, without a SAN.09:04
bekkswarl0k: And whats SCVMM?09:05
Em_bekks: gparted:   Installed: (none)   Candidate: (none)   Version table:09:05
antonio_koston: Sorry, installation of this driver failed. Please have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log09:09
kostkonantonio_, :/09:09
Knight2000I have a little problem while installing Ubuntu 12.04 on my windows 7 Computer: I cant create new Partitions. Can anyone help me pleas?^^09:09
Em_bekks: ?09:09
auronandaceKnight2000: you can only have 4 primary partitions09:10
=== qos is now known as qos|away
antonio_this is the result of it09:10
kostkonantonio_, btw, have you installed all the availables updates? if not, install them all and then try to activate it again09:10
przemekhello Dears does anyone know what that raid 3ware 9750 log errors output means? http://pastebin.com/Sx0zqi8A09:10
Knight2000ok. what can i do to get Ubuntu and Windows running?09:10
auronandace!dualboot | Knight200009:11
ubottuKnight2000: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot09:11
antonio_Knight2000: have you tried virtualbox?09:11
Knight2000if i use virtualbox my sense of Linux is gone^^09:11
bekksKnight2000: ?09:11
Unknown0BCHello, is there a ubuntu program I can use to do a full system diagnostics ? My laptop has been acting very absurd, also in windows ( not surprising - that one though )09:12
bekksEm_: You could check which repos are enabled in detail.09:12
Knight2000But for Multiboot, i need a new partition09:14
Unknown0BCFound System Testing. I hope its any good.09:15
bekksUnknown0BC: No,, but there are programs to analyze different aspects.09:15
nearst!qemu | Knight200009:16
ubottuKnight2000: qemu is an emulator you can use to run another operating system - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo09:16
auronandace!partitioning | Knight200009:17
ubottuKnight2000: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap09:17
kostkonantonio_, what's the output of:  apt-cache policy bcmwl-kernel-source09:18
Knight2000can i have more than 4 partitions with these programms?09:18
antonio_koston: http://pastebin.com/LTAm3mqm09:19
bekksKnight2000: You can have up to 18 partitions on a default MSDOS disk label.09:19
bekksKnight2000: It does not depend on which program you are using.09:19
auronandaceKnight2000: not more than 4 primary partitions no, but one of your primary partitions can be an extended partition into which you can put several logical partitions09:19
thoniujan gak berenti2,.......09:20
Knight2000what si the difference between primary and logical?09:20
auronandaceKnight2000: a logical partition is inside an extended one09:21
bekksKnight2000: Technically, the difference is the place where the information is stored - primary or extended partition tables.09:21
kostkonantonio_, just to be sure. the output of:  iwconfig09:22
antonio_eth0      no wireless extensions. lo        no wireless extensions.09:23
kostkonantonio_, right ok09:24
Knight2000i see... But can i convert an partition to a extended whithout formating it?09:24
auronandaceKnight2000: no09:24
Knight2000ok. i have a problam -.-09:24
bekksauronandace: Which is not true.09:25
bekksKnight2000: Using gparted, you can move your partitions without formatting them, but you should create a backup before.09:25
auronandaceKnight2000: then you need to get rid of one of your primary partitions to put an extended partition in its place then you can put logical partitions inside that09:26
BillyZane2what's a good media player that will play all file types?09:26
spikebVLC, mplayer (and any of its front ends)09:26
Knight2000@auronandace but i really need all of this 409:27
kostkonantonio_, apt-cache policy broadcom-sta-source09:27
auronandacebekks: an extended partition is a container for logical partitions, so you can't convert a primary into an extended without getting rid of all its contents09:27
auronandaceKnight2000: then you either need to get another harddrive or use a vm09:28
antonio_koston: here you go http://pastebin.com/9A0d35dZ09:28
kostkonantonio_, if you don't have it then give the following: sudo apt-get purge bcmwl-kernel-source && sudo apt-get install broadcom-sta-common09:28
antonio_I'm going to hold off for just a second...updating everything09:29
kostkonantonio_, nice, then do what ive told you09:29
kostkonantonio_, and then reboot09:29
Knight2000ok... i will get a ssd an put windows on it. after that i will use my old C partition for Ubuntu09:29
Knight2000should work, or?09:29
auronandaceKnight2000: yes, just curious, what is on the 4 primaries that you can't get rid of?09:30
jim__Hi, I tried gnome 3.6 (fedora 18 and ubuntu 12.10) and it's unusably slow compared to gnome 3.4, unity and kde. i just move windows and lags so bad. It only happens when i use nvidia driver, nouveau seems to work better. Is there any solution?09:31
Knight2000C is for OS and some programms that must be installed on the same partition as windows, D for Data and E for all other programms09:31
auronandaceKnight2000: so thats 3, is the other a system restore partition?09:32
Knight2000the last one is just 100MB named System Reserved. I think i is for the Windows BootLoader09:32
Knight2000had vanilla installation of windows. no restore partition09:33
auronandaceKnight2000: i make sure my windows only takes up 1 partition, frees the others up for more OSes09:33
antonio_no workey09:34
Knight2000it takes just one. but i have to share Data and Programms (using Wine) with both OSs09:34
kostkonantonio_, :/09:35
antonio_this is driving me nuts!09:35
auronandaceKnight2000: it would be a very bad idea to share a programs folder between wine and windows09:35
kostkonantonio_, is the new driver listed in the drivers tool now09:36
kevin_my nautlius seams to have major problem with samba shares. It stops download after a few minutes. There is no problem when I use smbget... Does anyone know if you can do something to get it to work better?09:36
auronandaceKnight2000: things will break catastrophically09:36
antonio_what drivers tool?09:36
antonio_additional drivers?09:36
kostkonantonio_, yes09:36
antonio_I cannot load additional drivers09:36
antonio_the program is installed...but I cannot find it09:36
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
auronandaceKnight2000: better info in #winehq09:37
kostkonantonio_, i mean the software sources09:37
Knight2000hm.... ok. but i cant (and dont want to, because of my file organization) move the contents from the other 2 Partitions to C09:38
auronandaceKnight2000: programs installed in wine go to the linux partition, inside the .wine/ folder in /home09:40
kostkonantonio_, try following again the instructions on the wiki. your card's chip id is BCM431209:40
kostkonantonio_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx09:40
auronandaceKnight2000: anywho, i gotta go sorry09:40
kevin_my nautilus seams to have major problem with samba shares. It stops download after a few minutes. There is no problem when I use smbget... Does anyone know if you can do something to get it to work better?09:40
Knight2000ok. bye. thank you^^09:40
antonio_koston: was just reading that page..09:41
antonio_so should I use this one? sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-lpphy-installer09:41
Em_I am unable to install gparted or emacs using sudo apt-get install emacs/gparted09:42
maanhi michael09:42
=== michael_ is now known as Araneidae
Knight2000ok. i buy a SSD now... That will use less the time as moving all contents of E to C... Bye to all of you. And tank you all^^09:42
kostkonantonio_, try it yeah09:43
antonio_what should I do about the other ones I installed..how can I uninstall them?09:43
AraneidaeWhat's the cleanest way to install the AMD Catalyst 13.1 driver?  And how do I figure out which version I'm running now?!09:44
kostkonantonio_, don't worry about that09:44
antonio_brb..reboot time09:44
csprofucking hello09:44
mah454I enabled xdmcp in ubuntu (lightdm) , after restart lightdm , use this command for test : Xephyr -query :109:45
=== ubuntu__1 is now known as oakmeow
mah454but only show black screen !09:45
mah454How can debug it ?09:45
antonio_not working09:45
subdesignany good real time resource monitor app?09:46
macsimhi, I got a graphic bug with nividia GTX 560 Ti, after a time I got a black square on top left of my screen who allways stay over everything here is the screenshot : http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/5608/cran26012013104002.png any idea ? thanks (I'm on 12.10)09:46
antonio_I'm at a complete loss right now as to what to do09:47
antonio_thanks koson!09:49
kostkonantonio_, how?!09:49
antonio_I went to software sources and applied the changes..09:49
kevin_my nautilus seams to have major problem with samba shares. It stops download after a few minutes. There is no problem when I use smbget... Does anyone know if you can do something to get it to work better?09:50
antonio_not sure what caused the change...09:50
kostkonantonio_, there was a driver listed there and you activated it?09:50
antonio_I tried activating it before and it didn't work09:50
kostkonantonio_, i think installing the firmware helped a little :P09:50
antonio_now I need to install kdenlive from source :(09:51
kostkonantonio_, why from source?09:51
antonio_isn't from source usually better?09:51
antonio_ie, more stable?09:51
antonio_spikeb: do you use kdenlive?09:52
spikebno, but generally speaking, using the distribution's packages is the best idea.09:52
antonio_I'm having a problem with kdenlive where a ton of the rendering profiles aren't available09:52
kostkonantonio_, they have a ppa if you want to use that, do it bu all means. it's an "official" ppa http://kdenlive.org/download-ubuntu09:53
antonio_koston: will that one be better than the one thats already in the package manager?09:54
=== daniel is now known as Guest97108
=== altair is now known as Guest93731
antonio_koson: on http://kdenlive.org/download-development#script they talk about a development package for kdenlive.  Would it be unwise to use a development version?09:58
kostkonantonio_, not the unstable versiosn. the url i gave you was for the stable one09:59
kostkonantonio_, but it says on the page: "Versions of Kdenlive in official repositories are deprecated. It is strongly recommended to install Kdenlive 0.9 packages using Sunab's alternative repository"10:00
coz_hey guys, 12.04 screen flickering with kernel update, without nvidia driver, with nvidia driver screens goes black then back to normal when opening any application,,, any ideaas?10:00
kostkonantonio_, so, why not, just use the ppa. you'll get an update everytime there is a new version out, hopefully10:00
NaeblisHi. Getting the following error when I try to install postgresql-server-dev-9.1: The following packages have unmet dependencies:10:02
Naeblis postgresql-server-dev-9.1 : Depends: libpq-dev (>= 9.1~) but it is not going to be installed10:02
NaeblisE: Broken packages10:02
NaeblisI tried to go update and dist-upgrade. Not working10:03
txomonwhich is the difference between using apache-prefork-dev and apache-threaded-dev?10:08
bekksThe threading model being used.10:09
bekksThe first uses forks, the second threads.10:09
txomonbekks, but by default, which is used?10:09
bekkstxomon: I think it is prefork, but I'm not that sure about it.10:10
Petrovhmm, i have installed win 8 and now i'll install ubuntu (dual boot, on the same hdd), but ubuntu can only see my hdd and not the partitions?10:12
txomonbekks seems that Apache HTTP Server - high speed threaded model10:12
txomonis the one used10:12
bekkstxomon: The term "threading model" applies to both methods.10:13
cristian_cI've enabled suspend with: dbus-send --print-reply --system --dest=org.freedesktop.UPower /org/freedesktop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Suspend10:14
wectorHi all10:14
cristian_cIt works but when I try resume, a kernel panic occurs or desktop is unusable10:14
cristian_cIf I launch chromium by the terminal, I get: pcilib: Cannot open /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:02.1/resource: No such file or directory10:14
cristian_cHow can I solve this problem? Any ideas?10:14
antonio_Now I'm having a really hard time getting rendering profiles to work in kdenlive10:15
wectorNot ideas10:15
wectorVery bad10:16
wectorAre some body10:19
meghai have installed dwm, but i am unable to change to fonts and color scheme of urxvt-25610:19
_ravenAVPampa Live imi Nebelhorn Piratenradio: http://stuke7.piratenpartei-bayern.de:8000/mp3-96.mp3.m3u    Follow us on Twitter: NebelhornRadio10:20
_ravensry wrong channel10:20
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
meghaas previously i had installed on arch linux, where they used .Xresoruces to enter the config where as ubuntu is using .Xdefault for the config.10:21
bekksmegha: Both files are used...10:22
meghabekks: so i can use any of the files ?10:23
wectorNice man10:23
meghacause in arch linux only .Xresource file is used no .Xdefaults10:24
wectorOf course10:24
mah454I can not connect to xdmcp server !10:25
mah454only show black screen10:25
mah454How can fix this problem ?10:26
bekksmah454: Did you restart your X-Server?10:26
mah454bekks: yes10:26
mah454after configure lightdm10:27
wectorReboot trying before10:27
bekksmah454: So what did you configure in detail?10:27
mah454bekks: with this document : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/xdmcp10:27
mah454I use KDE desktop10:28
przemeksmuxi irc crashed so i will text you again :)10:29
wectorSo what10:31
wectorMy ubuntu is bad10:34
ex3mehey there :)10:34
wectorWhy not10:35
ex3meis there any volume problem with realtek sound chips? in my ubuntu the sound is very low normally10:35
SAngeliCan anyone please help me with ubuntu server for apt-get update error?10:35
SAngelihere is the error:10:35
SAngeliW: Unable to retreave bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/it.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise-updates_main_source_Sources Sum hash does not correspond10:35
SAngeliW: Unable to retreave bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/it.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise-updates_universe_source_Sources Sum hash does not correspond10:35
ex3mesorry, no idea...im kinda new to ubuntu10:35
SAngeliI was told to run sudo software-properties-gtk but get another error:10:36
SAngeliif anyone can please help it would be appreciated.10:36
antonio_anyone have experience installing adobe air on ubuntu 12.10?10:36
SAngeliThanks ex3me10:36
ex3mehave you had a look in the ubuntu forums? normally there are very good manualrs10:36
ex3mei found a solution there for most of the problems, exept mine10:37
SAngeliI got this aswer from forum10:37
SAngeliI am googling arond now10:37
ex3meok, im out...im too new to help anyone it seems10:37
wectorCan I do play counter strike via it10:37
ex3mei managed to play Cs. 1.6 once in openGL10:37
ex3meit was working with a emulator, i think it was not wine, it was called different10:38
wectorI'm will10:38
ex3medoes anyone  know how to fix a volume problem with a realtek 97 AC HD Soundcard?10:39
wectorNo thanks10:40
ex3medoes it make sense to try other linux systems as well? does others use different drivers maybe?10:40
bekksex3me: No.10:40
ex3meok i see...thanks :)10:41
wectorNo no no10:43
antonio_anyone have any luck installing adobe air on 12.10?10:44
wectorI have no some money at all10:45
shakkirhow to install ubuntu?10:45
ex3meis this a serious question shakkir?10:45
SAngeliI solved this problem running this command: apt-get dist-upgrade10:46
SAngelinow all is fine.10:46
SAngelithank s10:46
ex3mecongratz mate :)10:46
wectorTell about me and it10:48
cristian_cAn other question:10:52
cristian_cWhat command must I use from terminal to make the Find box appeared in chromium?10:52
cristian_cAny ideas?10:53
jjeronimofind box?10:53
bekkscristian_c: There is no such command.10:54
jjeronimooh ic10:54
baddayhi there, I am trying to install sugar on top of Ubuntu ARM, therefore, I followed the suggestions given here: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sweets_Distribution#Installation; everything finishes successfully, but when I try to install sweets desktop via "apt-get install sweets-desktop", it results in http://pastebin.com/tKDpNdku ; and I noticed that "apt-get update" tells me: http://pastebin.com/Shnaa9c6 , so there seems to be some issue with the sources, b10:54
badday ut I guess keys were automatically installed by the script?10:54
cristian_cbekks, oh10:55
wectorWell I try do10:56
=== gavinguo is now known as gaving
tockitj_i need to build vim from source - how to install it and make it available for removal later on ? :(10:57
=== gaving is now known as gavinguo
cristian_cbekks, ok, but why can I use shortcut for my browser (Home, Back, Next)?10:58
bekkscristian_c: Shortcuts in a browser arent terminal commands.10:58
bekkscristian_c: And they have nothing in common.10:58
cristian_cbekks, ok, but can I add other shortcuts?10:59
wectorI added11:00
bekkscristian_c: No.11:00
Unknown0BCGood Day, When trying to start ffserver on Ubuntu Oneiric I get an error: bind(port 8090): Address family not supported by protocol11:03
Unknown0BCReasearch indicates that it is possibly a bug in libav.11:03
Unknown0BCNow how can I upgrade just that lib ?11:03
soteHello from Melbourne Australia, Issue: can not change clock from 24-hour to AM/PM . It will change in the Advanced Settings but the clock itself remains in 24 hour mode, Can not right click on clock it only shows ABOUT.  Indicator Applet Complete 0.5.0 - Want my clock in AM/PM as I am not in the ARMY!11:08
Guest59721here you can hack any FACEBOOK ACOUNT http://hackfacebookaccount.org/?ref=209306811:09
sotelogged in using gnome as unity annoys me11:10
=== VD is now known as Guest81578
alocer"apt-get --install-suggests" will it install all the suggested packages for the dependencies ?11:12
sotewho is that directed @11:13
BlackWebI'm try to enable Desktop Cube Which  its showing it as being, but Still getting just the desktop wall, has anyone ran into this problem?11:13
soteuntick wall11:13
AziroshinI have tried creating a bootable media of 12.10. I have available 700MB CD RWs as well as a 4 GB  SD card in a card reader on USB. dd-ing the CD iso onto the stick directly as well as unetbooting the image onto a single partition on the stick both produce the same results: Ubuntu hangs on the bootscreen, F1 revealing I/O Error in relation to /dev/sda11:14
=== Err404NotFound is now known as Error404NotFound
AziroshinWell, I'll just install 12.0411:16
AziroshinI can always convert it to 12.1011:17
Barfolomewanyone here gotten emacspeak to work?11:17
eeepchey there, i got xubuntu 12.10 on my asus eeepc (1005p) and i tried to connect it with a TFT Monitor. now that i cant see anything after i login. Installed lxde-core on a tty, here i can log in. can anyone help me? what file needs to be edited?11:17
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
alocereeepc: Do you have access to terminal.11:19
alocereeepc: Can you reconfigure the xorg.conf again? ?11:19
eeepcalocer: yes im on lxde know11:19
eeepcalocer: thought there is no xorg.conf file? i didn't find it11:20
sgo11with google-chrome, when I visit github.com, it shows "The site's security certificate is not trusted!". what's going on? never meet this problem before.11:21
larsduesingsgo11: here is everything ok with that certificate11:22
sgo11if I use chrome through ssh tunnel, it works fine.11:22
alocereeepc: try read " man 5 xorg.conf" if it helps . I don't know anything else11:23
larsduesingsgoll: Offending certificate is "DigiCert High Assurance EV CA-1" - that is perfectly valid11:23
sgo11can my ISP change the certificate somehow ?11:23
larsduesingsgoll it can theoretically.11:23
alocersgo11: where do you live ?11:24
larsduesingcan you have a look which CA is issuing yours?11:24
sgo11alocer, china.11:24
eeepcalocer: i will try it thank you!11:24
alocereeepc: :P that was all i know11:24
alocersgo11: u have that thing (censorship) right? if yes they have simulated git webserever11:25
ben1uhello, I had a kernel panic last night. Where can I find more info about that crash?11:25
aloceri have same problem with google.com11:25
larsduesingalocer: no, only a "firewall" that breaks up any ssl-connection11:26
eeepcalocer: i there a way to uninstall xserver and install it agein?11:26
rocktopI have ksoftirqd take 100% of CPU usage can some one help please ?11:26
alocereeepc: dont do that11:26
daniel13how do i install ubuntu without a dvd?11:27
eeepcalocer: ok :)11:27
alocereeepc: reconfigure it11:27
k1ldaniel13: use ausb stick?11:27
k1l*a usb11:27
larsduesingeeepc: "apt-get --reinstall install xserver-xorg" But it may break your installation.11:27
Soopahdaniel13: with a USB key11:27
alocereeepc: nvidia  have some tools if you are using nvidia graohic card11:28
sgo11I have to use github.com through ssh tunnel from now on. the speed is too slow. what a pity.......11:28
Soopahdaniel13: thk you...11:29
eeepclarsduesing: that could help, thanks11:29
larsduesingeeepc: and a "sudo" in front :)11:29
larsduesingeeepc: np11:29
k1leeepc: wait.11:30
eeepclarsduesing: yes, i did it. i will reboot no and see if it worked11:30
eeepckil: ok11:30
k1leeepc: there is no xorg.conf by default anymore11:30
k1lif you need one just make one11:30
alocereeepc: make one11:31
k1l!hcl | eeepc11:31
ubottueeepc: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection11:31
k1ltake a look into that lists if you hardware needs some special setings11:31
subdesignanyone found Clementine audio player sometimes very quiet?11:31
eeepck1l: xubuntu already works on my netbook, but i cant login to xfce anymore. the config must be broken when i tried to connect a TFT Monitor. i installed lxde on a tty11:33
eeepck1l: im now on lxde on this netbook11:34
jacklkHello, I have Ubuntu installed on my desktop but it has no network card, is there a way to update it? I have another working computer with internet, and a USB stick. Is it possible to download anything?11:34
k1leeepc: ? xubuntu worked and then stopped working? what did you do just before it wasnt working anymore?11:34
alocereeepc: there was tool that allow you to reset the xfce configuration11:34
k1leeepc: instead of installing over and over again i would look out for the real issue11:35
eeepck1l: i connected a TFT monitor, then my screen was black.11:35
k1leeepc: you tried the shortcuts for switching the display output?11:37
eeepck1l: yes, didn't worked.11:37
soteback soon, will try another DE to see if I can change clock from 24-hour format to AM/PM, Advanced Settings didn't help!11:38
alocereeepc: do you have a problem without TFT monitor connected  ?11:39
dr_willislearn to read military  time..  ;-)11:39
sotemy mate typed it out for me as a joke11:40
ioriazulu time ?11:40
bekksdr_willis: 0500 ZULU. :P11:40
sote13=1 14=2 and so on lol11:40
dr_willisgive me a sit-rep!11:40
eeepcalocer: when a try to login to a xfce session, yes theres no screen. i can login to lxde but not to xfce11:40
ankurhi guys i have a problem plz help me11:41
ankuri had 4 partiotions in windows c,d,e,f11:41
k1leeepc: can you pastebinit the .xsession-errors from that user after you tried to loogin into the xfce?11:41
alocerk1l , eeepc : Shall we reset the configuration of XFCE or not ?11:41
alocereeepc: try "xconf" it helped me alot11:42
sotegive xfce 5 mins to load then try right clicking on the screen ... I started off with basic ubuntu 12.04 but added about 5 other DE's to it so I could have my own version of Ulimate Edition that could actually be seen! but still it's ubuntu 12.04 depending on what DE I log into.11:43
eeepck1l: here is the pastebin http://pastebin.com/1XrdMSwE11:43
SAngeliDoes anyone know MDADM (Radi software under Ubuntu server)? I have a question to ask11:44
k1leeepc: you need to login to xfce and after that upload the file from CLI to no be overwritten by your lxde session11:45
eeepcalocer: yes i think i have to reset the default xfce configuration. can u tell me how i can do this?11:45
alocerk1l: upload what ?11:46
eeepck1l: theres no screen when i login to xfce11:46
k1lalocer: not you, the eeepcuser. the file .xsession-errors11:46
soteopens games, clicks AMOR , back later have a nice chat session o/ bye bye o/11:47
k1leeepc: yes. and problems from that get logged into that file. but it gets overwritten when you login into lxde11:47
eeepck1l: ok i understand this. but how can i send u that file11:48
k1l!pastebinit | eeepc11:48
ubottueeepc: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com11:48
eeepcok i will try it11:49
ioriaone time i deleted all the  .  (hidden) folder in my home directory and xfce  restarted11:50
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
alocertry deleting .cache and .config  in your home dir's but first get a backup.11:50
ioriayep :-P11:50
=== Jikai is now known as Jikan
ioriai'd like to start a project to build ubuntu under cygwin on windows.... :-) tha's sound idiotic ?11:54
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest80257
theadminioria: Pretty much, what do you mean "build ubuntu"? Build APT?11:55
theadminBecause that's the core of it11:55
ioriadpkg, at least11:56
theadminioria: Might be possible, but I'm not sure it will work. Not all Linux apps build on Cygwin.11:57
theadminioria: Also, APT is more of a binary package manager, and Cygwin does not offer Linux binary support...11:57
ioriatheadmin: thanks for the reply... i'll be thinking about it mybe something like portage that emules APT11:58
theadminioria: Generally speaking, hamsters. I think you can run Ubuntu on coLinux, though.11:58
=== qos|away is now known as qos
alimjioria: Theadmin is right. Not all Linux Apps could be built on Cygwin. By the way, There is already "apt-cyg" available for Cygwin that mimic apt-get syntax11:59
user8737lxpanel has totally messed up. Won't show minimized windows & widgets have moved to the left. I want them on the far right.11:59
ioriaalimj: thanks11:59
MrokiiHello. What (if any) is the recommended way to install Qt5 on Ubuntu?11:59
theadminMrokii: The recommended way is wait for 13.04, I think.12:00
alimjioria: Anytime - http://code.google.com/p/apt-cyg/12:00
ioriaalimj: that's interesting tx12:01
Mrokiitheadmin: And if I don't want to wait for 13.04?12:04
Mrokiitheadmin: Maybe I found an answer myself. There seems to be a repository for Qt5.12:05
k1lMrokii: if you want it for ubuntu-phone the get-started guide mentions a PPA: http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/12:06
megha if i am  having .xinitrc file, how can i execute it ?12:06
meghabecause in there, there are few commands to be executed before the dwm starts.12:07
k1lmegha: restart the dm?12:07
meghaconversely where can i put those command that are there in .xinitrc file ?12:07
theadminMrokii: Installing an unsupported Qt version can likely break Qt apps. You've been warned.12:07
jribmegha: how do you login/12:07
meghak1l: but if we are using login manager you can't use .xinitrc file12:07
Mrokiik1l: I was just interested in Qt5 in general.12:07
Mrokiitheadmin: Okay, thanks.12:08
meghajrib: still i have to disable the login manager and execute the .xinitrc script.12:08
jribmegha: is that what you want to do?12:08
meghajrib: if there is another way round than it's more better. keeping the login manager and also executing commands in .xinitrc script12:09
k1lmegha: so you want a autostart for programs?12:09
jribmegha: create a ~/.xsession (instead of ~/.xinitrc) and use "user xsession" session in your login manager12:10
g0tchahey guys, how can i check if im running the latest version of a package in ubuntu server?12:10
theadmink1l: Most desktop environments read commands in ~/.config/autostart, will that do?12:10
theadminmegha: Sorry, the above was for you12:10
jribg0tcha: apt-get update && apt-cache policy PACKAGE12:10
theadminmegha: Or what jrib says12:10
meghawow 2 options in hand :)12:11
g0tchajrib, thanks.. i have znc 0.206 installed, and when i check it says package 1.0 for ubuntu is there, but it doesnt want to update to it12:11
k1ltheadmin: im not sure about that12:11
g0tchakeeps telling me i have the latest verison.. any idea?12:11
Mrokiitheadmin: I wanted to try out this repo, btw: https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-proper12:12
jribg0tcha: show the output of « apt-cache policy znc » and your attempt at upgrading it in a pastebin please12:12
k1lg0tcha: maybe need to run a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?12:12
theadmink1l: Well, it's more of a folder with .desktop files with Exec= lines, but all in all that does what it needs to do, run programs on login.12:12
g0tchajrib, alright, one sec12:12
meghajrib: what you meant was instead of .xinitrc file create .xsession file and from the login manager select user xsession right ?12:12
jribmegha: yes12:14
g0tchajrib, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1572524/12:14
theadminMrokii: Well, go ahead -- just if it breaks don't blame me :P12:14
k1ltheadmin: i think /etc/xdg/autostart/  should work, too, with the .desktop files12:14
=== qos is now known as qos|away
cristian_cbekks, I was told that in kubuntu browser shortcut are possible12:14
g0tchak1l, im on server 12.04.112:14
Mrokiitheadmin: I didn't intend to balme anybody but myself. :I12:14
jribg0tcha: are you pinning?12:14
g0tchajrib, what do you mean?12:15
k1lg0tcha: version 1 is in backports. the regular universe just got the 0.206 version12:15
meghathanks k1l , jrib , theadmin :) rebooting my system12:16
g0tchak1l, tbh, im not sure i get what you mean12:17
jribg0tcha: what's the output of « apt-cache policy »12:17
auronandace!backports | g0tcha12:17
ubottug0tcha: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging12:17
g0tchajrib, you want me to paste all that?12:19
theadmin!pastebin | g0tcha12:19
ubottug0tcha: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:19
jribg0tcha: ah, seems a change was made to backports so packages weren't installed by default.  See the link auronandace sent you towards the bottom ("Installing Backports")12:20
meghajrib: the commands inside the .xsession file is not getting executed12:20
jribmegha: what session did you choose in the login manager?12:20
=== altair is now known as Guest29591
g0tchahere it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/1572543/12:20
meghait gave me xclinet script12:21
jribmegha: what?12:21
meghaya it's giving me that option. and that ran into my dwm12:22
meghajrib: i am able to run both the instances script as well as dwm using both of them i can log into dwm12:24
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
ChriysHi there. I have my ubuntu server 12.04 running postfix with courier imap. But it cannot send or receive email outside of the local network. I tried to connect the server using thunderbird but doesn't work. I generated a self-signed certificate. The computer has local ip connected to the TP-Link router and the ports are open.  Here is the configuration of postfix http://paste.ub12:24
Chriysuntu.com/1572489/. i did the steps on ubuntu website to install and config postfix https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/serverguide/postfix.html  and i also did those steps for config of mysql with postfix http://library.linode.com/email/postfix/courier-mysql-ubuntu-9.10-karmic12:24
jribmegha: here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/77191/how-can-i-use-lightdm-for-user-defined-sessions I thought they had added that in by default though.... may want to do more research12:25
jribmegha: (see the first answer although it is wrong about ".xinitrc")12:25
meghajrib: ya going through it.12:27
baddayis there a terminal command to show available desktop environments and change it if necessary?12:27
meghajrib: 1 ans is wrong ?12:27
meghai have to create xsession file in /etc/X1112:28
theadminbadday: You can change desktop environments on the login screen. The officially supported ones by Ubuntu are Unity, KDE, Xfce and LXDE.12:29
theadminbadday: You can install those from the repos.12:30
=== Mi-- is now known as Mi`
baddaytheadmin: yeah, I know, but currently I have only the core installed and therefore no graphical UI and therefore no login screen12:30
jribmegha: no, what that first answer says is what I do.  But he mentions that it will execute .xinitrc and that is wrong.  It will execute ~/.xsession12:30
meghaya correct12:31
AtumTbadday, and gnome12:31
baddayAtumT, theadmin: is there not also a dpkg-command?12:31
meghajrib: should i place all of my commands into /etc/X11/xsession ?12:33
jribmegha: no...12:33
meghaas by default in my home directory i was not havin xsession file12:33
meghajrib: ok12:33
meghajrib: so how can i do autostart from programs in window managers ?12:34
meghai.e. manually12:34
jribmegha: use ~/.xsession and select the session you just created in your login manager12:34
meghaif this works than this will be helpfull as then there will be no need for any file.12:34
meghajrib: ok doing it.12:35
watchahi, i'm trying to install sphinxsearch 2.0.6, but when I run the install, it says that it need libmysqlclient16 ? can't seem to install it thou?12:35
=== qos|away is now known as qos
ioriabadday: what's the problem with aptitude ?12:36
baddayioria: sorry, didn´t get u12:36
auronandace!aptitude | ioria12:37
ubottuioria: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.12:37
ioriabadday: you want to install another DE, don't you ?12:38
baddayioria: no, I already installed it but want to make sure it appears and is correctly installed12:38
meghabadday: for that you have to log out to check12:38
ioriabadday: yep logout and select in the menu the new DE12:39
oalI've set up a few VMs, and i need to forward some ports to them. Now, I use ufw. Is this still the best way to do this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=833844?12:40
markaumHello, does anyone here know how to install oracle database on ubuntu?12:40
markaumI'm having a lot of trouble trying to install it12:41
bekksmarkaum: Thats not officially supported by Oracle.12:41
patrunjelhi, could anyone please recommend an mp3 player/addon that remembers where I've stopped listening to something and starts from there the next time I play the file?12:41
bekksmarkaum: Because it isnt supported :)12:42
markaumbekks: I know, we use RHEL for our servers, but we are trying to change the OS that the dev team is using12:42
bekksmarkaum: Which will lead to an totally unsupported environment which leads to the loss of support by ORacle. Best advice: Dont do it.12:43
markaumbekks: We develop software using the Oracle ADF Framework, and we have to use JDeveloper. Using JDev on windows is frustrating, crashes a lot12:45
markaumbekks: On Linux, we have a huge gain of productivity. The only setback is having to use virtual machines to run Oracle Linux12:45
baddayioria, megha, AtumT, theadmin: The thing is that if I restart it tells me "failed to load session ubuntu", therefore I would like to check which desktop environments are installed12:47
markaumAnyone knows how to install Oracle XE on Ubuntu?12:50
markaumI've tried many tutorials, but still, the database refuses to start up12:51
AziroshinI successfully burned the 12.04 image, and booted it. Unfortunately, "ubuntu" and a blank password are not working.12:52
AziroshinIt's telling me the login credentials are wrong.12:52
patrunjelhi, could anyone please recommend an mp3 player/addon that remembers where I've stopped listening to something and starts from there the next time I play the file?12:52
AziroshinI know smplayer does this, but it's primarily a video player.12:52
patrunjelthanks, I'll try it out and see how it goes12:53
AziroshinI know it does it for video files12:53
AziroshinI doubt it'll be any different for mp3s.12:53
patrunjelit might, since you expect mp3s to be songs and such, but I'll sort it out12:54
=== daniel is now known as Guest44125
AziroshinDoes anyone have an idea about logins not working on a non-modified live cd?12:58
AziroshinI don't get it. That can't be right.12:58
n8whey guys12:58
n8wi need to make a full backup of my deb system(including partitons etc). what app would u recommand me?12:59
auronandacen8w: you could use dd if you want an exact backup13:01
n8wauronandace: hm it looks quite ok...simple n it does what i need...nice...what about rsync?13:03
auronandace!backup | n8w13:03
ubottun8w: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning13:03
AziroshinHmm. Ill try making an USB stick of that and modify passwd13:06
=== lobo is now known as Guest19612
Guest19612i co dalej?13:07
markaumDoes anyone at all knows how to install Oracle XE on Ubuntu?13:07
kruxhave you asked google ?..13:09
watchahm, how can I see what permission, a folder has, via. terminal?13:13
usr13watcha: ls -l13:14
llutzwatcha: ls -ld /folder13:14
vnc786missing 1366x768 on ubuntu 12.10 any idea tried xorg from intel website but no success13:15
watchawhat is the most simple/newbie friendly ftp server to setup?13:23
wjtaylor_any way to disable the screen saver while watching web movies ... you tube... ted... etc.13:25
Lemurhey i just got ubuntu how do i change the resolution?13:27
ikoniaLemur: the display properties tool13:27
Lemurwheres that?13:28
Lemurin system setting?13:28
ikoniaLemur: I'd suggest reading https://help.ubuntu.com to get an understanding of the basics of using the desktop13:28
Lemurk thx13:28
kylescottmcgillis there a Regex channel or does someone know how to make something conditional, or better put, "find X where it CAN contain this"13:30
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
kylescottmcgillbasically im trying to find whitespace or no whitespace between an xml document <xml></xml> <-- i want to find this or <xml> </xml>13:31
dandandanhey i have a very strange problem in 12.10 server13:33
dandandandoes anyone have a minute to give me a second opinion?13:34
sotecouldn't work out my clock issues in gnome classic so logged out and into gnome... now my clock is in AM/PM mode.. so now I'm happy13:34
ThinkT510dandandan: if anyone does then they will chime in, so just post the issue13:34
dandandanok ill make a paste13:35
mrshr3dKyle - you might be able to, I'm no expert but there are good tuts on regret just do a google13:37
watchahm just got my apache server running, everything is fine from here, I can see my site just fine.. but not from my laptop on the same local network? just show 40413:37
mrshr3dWatcha, can you see it by IP address?13:38
watchanot from my other computer no,  and from the server itself it just redirects to localhost when using ip.13:38
watchabut when I restart apache, it say( servers fully qualified domain name .... ... for servername=13:39
ikoniawatcha: so ?13:39
ikoniawatcha: that's only a warning because you've not set a valid fqdn13:40
nbtkylescottmcgill: <xml>\s*</xml> will match <xml></xml> or <xml> </xml> with any number of spaces13:40
nbtis that what you meant?13:40
watchaokay, so that's nothing to worry about?13:40
dandandanok so heres the deal, im wgetting a file to a ubuntu server and i get a http redirect like so pastbin.com/1YFJAfK9 . n13:40
ikoniawatcha: it means it's just bound to that ip address, as there is no fqdn13:41
dandandanfrom centos, and older versions of ubuntu it works fine13:41
dandandanand ive tried it from different providers/locations, same result13:41
ikoniadandandan: what is the url you are trying to get ?13:42
dandandanit only seems to happen on ubuntu13:42
dandandani cant really share it13:42
ikoniathen I can't really help13:42
dandandanit has sensitive information13:42
dandandani can show you what the server is returning if you like13:42
ikoniait's fine, I'll leave it there - good luck13:42
dandandani can dump the headers and edit them out13:42
dandandanthanks anyways13:43
mrshr3dRplace the sensitive info with something else then ;-)13:43
sgo11normally, what image resolution should I use for mp3 id3 tag? I can not find the answer by google. thanks.13:49
dandandanin the process of doing that i see13:51
dandandanfor some reason the ip resolves to a completely different machine13:51
dandandanwhy? no idea13:51
sgo11ha, some forum suggests to use 600x60013:52
dandandanwas a noob to miss that one tho13:52
wildNBKhi all, just installed a new system, it has 3 hdds, but I can only see 2, one that the instal is on and my storage drive, can't see the new one13:55
kylescottmcgillnbt your a legend13:55
ThinkT510wildNBK: how are they all connected?13:56
jiffe1I am trying to upgrade my install of mongodb using their distro http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/ubuntu-upstart but after apt-get update the version isn't any different13:57
jiffe1it is on a new machine I setup with the same version of ubuntu13:57
wildNBKall in sata2 ports13:57
jiffe1I even removed the distro and apt-get update and the package is still there with the same version13:57
ThinkT510wildNBK: in what way are you seeing only 2 disks? what tools are you using to check?13:58
wildNBKjust nautilus at the moment13:59
OerHeks wildNBK what is the size of hdd 3 ?13:59
ThinkT510wildNBK: sudo fdisk -l13:59
wildNBKahhh, is shows in gparted as 'unallocated'14:00
ThinkT510wildNBK: so it is detected, theres just nothing on it yet14:00
wildNBKyep, just writing the partition table now, sorted, sorry to mess you about14:01
ThinkT510!yay | wildNBK14:01
ubottuwildNBK: Glad you made it! :-)14:01
dandandantrns out my dns is being hijacked14:01
dandandanthe http requests get re routed to the virgin island14:01
jiffe1well an apt-get upgrade did upgrade to 2.2.2 even though apt-cache show shows 2.2.0, must be cached :)14:01
dandandanthis happens on amazon ec2 and also OVH14:02
BluesKajHowdy folks14:06
sotehello blue, from Australia14:07
wildNBKThinkT510, not out of the woods yet, I can't create files/folders on the new drive as I don't have permission, how do i resolve this?14:09
mangoixkubuntu better then ubuntu?14:10
mangoixi like the graphic more on kubuntu14:10
mangoixkubuntu menu its more like windows "easy" to use14:10
sotemount-manager ? worked for me14:11
TomyLobook this is nuts: my laptop has ecrypted home folders. my public key is in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on that thing. if i log in while i'm logged in from somewhere else, everything is fine and the ssh server accepts my key14:11
DWSRAnyone here use GlusterFS?14:11
TomyLobohowever, while i'm not logged in, it *refuses* my key14:11
DWSRI'm wondering if it's possible to initialize a storage brick with data already existing14:12
bekksTomyLobo: Because your key cant be accessed then.14:12
TomyLobobekks yes, i realize. it's still nuts14:12
ThinkT510wildNBK: depends what filesystem you put on it14:12
ThinkT510!fstab | wildNBK14:12
ubottuwildNBK: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions14:12
TomyLoboit allows you to lock yourself out of your server, for instance14:12
bekksTomyLobo: Thats one of the caveats of encryption - I dont use it :P14:12
bilelhi, I've just installed ubuntu aside windows with a usb live key, but why grub hasn't been installed so that I can choose which partition I want to use? Do I have to install it myself?14:13
soteshould I need to use a anti-virus on Ubuntu? I know what sites I use and with the bad site I use Firefox with adblock plus and NoScript.14:13
ThinkT510!av | sote14:14
ubottusote: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus14:14
sotethe only nasty site is redtube14:14
TomyLoboso you dont need antivirus, eh?14:14
TomyLoboyesterday i was told in this channel, that there's nothing stopping a keylogger from logging my password entered into kdesudo14:15
BluesKaj!antivirus | TomyLobo14:15
ubottuTomyLobo: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus14:15
sotethat's what I thought, I do access windows via the QNAP err well the storage folders like media14:15
ThinkT510TomyLobo: a keylogger isn't a virus14:15
TomyLobobut it's malware and an antivirus would detect it14:16
bekksTomyLobo: No. AntiVIRUS is designed against VIRUSES. :)14:16
soteclam-av works well but never needed to use it14:16
bekksTomyLobo: It will not detect rootkits, etc.14:16
mangoixThinkT510: it is. trojan / virus14:17
TomyLobook, then let me link you a piece of antiviruswormtrojanrootkitmalwarespam software14:17
=== gsmith1 is now known as vulte
TomyLobo"antivirus" is a shorthand14:17
vulteI'm having a strange problem with GNOME/possibly compiz...Odd pixelation occurs on text and, for a little bit after boot, the wallpaper14:18
ThinkT510TomyLobo: not all "antivirus" products protect against all malware threats14:18
BluesKajbekks, then the question is , is linux safer from rootkits and keyloggers than other OSs ?14:18
mangoixThinkT510: why shouldnt keylogger be virus? caouse it is a smaller version of virus, that calls for a trojan.14:18
bekksmangoix: Because a keyloagger does not spread itself.14:19
soteonly issue I was having earlier was in Gnome Classic... Couldn't change the clock from 24-hour to AM/PM even though in the advanced settings it said it changed but the clock still showed 24-hour format :( so I logged out of Gnome Classic and into Gnome14:19
TomyLobo8. Ownership of the means of production is in the hands of the workers14:19
mangoixbekks: no matter. btw, yes it can spread itself too.14:19
mangoixif it want to14:19
ThinkT510mangoix: a virus does damage to the system, a keyloger collects keystrokes, at best its spyware not a virus14:19
mangoixThinkT510: it diffrent from time to time, it could damage your system at same time too.14:20
soteI thought all computers kept a log of the keys that have been pressed/ typed14:21
TomyLobothat would be insane14:21
ThinkT510mangoix: spyware just collects information and can pass it on, thats it, anywho this is getting offtopic14:21
vultecould I get some help..Odd text and wallpaper pixelation is occurring on my 12.10 install. It could be associated with my amd radeon card14:21
soteI didn't like 12.10 went back to 12.0414:22
mangoixThinkT510: but it could also damage your system at same time.14:22
ThinkT510mangoix: no, it collects information, please stop this discussion now14:22
DWSRAnyone that can help me with initializing a storage brick on GlusterFS with pre-existing data?14:23
mangoixThinkT510: it could also damage your system at same time + collects information. Stop now.14:23
mangoixdepends on the trojan14:23
kostkonThinkT510, mangoix, stop it :P14:23
nuxninjamsg ls14:24
vultecould I get some help..Odd text and wallpaper pixelation is occurring on my 12.10 install. It could be associated with my amd radeon card14:25
TomyLobo"virus", "keylogger" and "trojan" are distinct categories of malware, that may or may not come bundled in one package. malware from each of these categories is detected by one or another program commonly referred to as "antivirus". can we agree on that?14:25
nuxninjavulte install amd driver14:25
nuxninjafrom amd.com14:25
vultenuxninja: i'll give that a shot. thanks14:26
TomyLobovulte err14:26
TomyLoboit might be hard to get rid of14:26
vultehow do you mean?14:26
TomyLobomake sure it has a clean uninstall14:26
mangoixTomyLobo: thats what i said. :)14:26
mangoixleave it now..14:27
TomyLoboyou said a keylogger is a smaller version of a virus, which is that pissed ThinkT510 off14:27
mangoixstfu now14:27
mangoixleave it14:27
mangoixi said14:27
vultea .run file.. how would i run that? ./*.run from terminal?14:27
FloodBot1mangoix: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:27
soteAMOR = Amusing Misuse Of Resources <-- love it but want to make it so I have many AMOR critters on my screen, How would I do this14:28
mangoixTomyLobo: a keylogger can be a virus as well.14:28
mangoixso leave it now and stfu..14:28
TomyLobocan be != is. it's subset vs equivalence.14:29
mangoixTomyLobo: EYYY do you wanna lick my hairy balls?14:29
mangoixwe leave this now..14:29
totemdr_willis, good morning14:29
=== yann_ is now known as YannT
vulteThat was mature14:30
nuxninjavulte like that from terminal: $sudo bash <file name...........>.sh14:30
vulteah bash. ok thanks14:30
mangoixTomyLobo: its enought now.14:31
sotewhat is mangoix's problem?14:31
mangoixleave it14:31
charminthemooseHow do I get plymouth to display the upstart service messages on TTY1 in a system where 'details' is the only plugin script for plymouth?14:31
mangoixsote: wtf do you want? stfu and leave it i said.14:32
vulteOn installing AMD proprietary driver, "One or more tools required for installation cannot be found on the system. Install the required tools before installing the fglrx driver." what are the tools i need to install first?14:32
sotemangoix grow up you child14:32
nuxninjawhich driver you downloaded vulte14:32
vulteAMD Catalyst 13.1 Proprietary Linux x86_64 Display Driver14:33
vultei'm on 64-bit 12.1014:33
nuxninjacorrect it should work14:33
vulteit says it's missing "one or more tools" required for install14:34
nuxninjawhich card14:34
vulteradeon hd 685014:34
sotecome here for help but get abused ... thanks14:34
zimbohas anyone used trisquel, on a desktop and server in a small office? how does it compare with ubuntu?14:34
zimboin general14:34
TomyLoboanyway, back to my original question: why does that !av factoid (unqualifiedly) say that linux doesn't need an antivirus, when a keylogger installed on a sudo-root-capable account can compromise your entire system?14:34
ThinkT510zimbo: best asked in ##linux14:34
nuxninjavulte check askubuntu.com and similar sites it should be pretty straightforward14:34
zimbo ThinkT510 ok14:34
DWSRTomyLobo: Because a keylogger isn't a virus.14:35
mangoixsote: leave it now child. this is off topic14:35
DWSRTomyLobo: a keylogger can be installed by a virus.14:35
vultenuxninja: will do. appreciate the assistance. :)14:35
sotepeople come here for help, not your abuse14:35
mangoixDWSR: OFF TOPIC; LEAVE IT!14:35
TomyLobo1. so an antivirus would detect the virus14:35
DWSRAnyone here use GlusterFS? I'm wondering if it's possible to initialize a storage brick with data already existing14:35
nuxninjaany time bro.....i nearly got banned once14:35
DJonessote: mangoix Leave it, drop the discussion14:35
DWSRmangoix: Lose the caps please and thank you.14:35
TomyLobo2. an antivirus might also detect the keylogger itself14:35
=== slank_away is now known as slank
mangoixDWSR: No. Leave it!14:36
mangoixDJones: ok this guys go on and on..14:36
zimbowow the ubuntu community isn't that friendly, i guess shuttleworth and his lemmings are just about making money hey?14:36
DJonesTomyLobo: You'd still need to input a password before the keylogger could run, if you're not sure what you're installing, you probably shouldn't install it anyway14:36
sgo11anyone use easytag? I just use easytag to remove the picture from mp3 file. but the file size is unchanged. how come?14:36
mangoixDJones +14:37
TomyLoboDJones you mean it's impossible to log your own keys with user rights?14:37
DWSRsgo11: Because of mp3 headers and padding.14:37
zimboi could write a key logger in c in about an hour lol not that difficult14:37
DWSRsgo11: The picture was removed, but the space has been left so that the file does not need to be completely rewritten if you add a new picture of similar, or smaller size.14:37
mangoixDWSR: A keylogger may be a virus as well. thats the fact! so leave it now..14:37
sotetopic is dropped, moving on too see what others need help with!14:37
TomyLobozimbo could it log user A's keys if run as user A?14:38
DWSRsgo11: There should be a way to remove padding from files in easytag.14:38
DJonesTomyLobo: You could do that in your own user environment, but without it being installed with admin rights, what could it do with it14:38
zimboof course14:38
sgo11DWSR, I want to delete that space too. how can I do that? The picture is mis-added with very big resolution. let me check easytag settings...14:38
soteDjones, Thankyou, have a nice night/day14:38
TomyLoboDJones "own user environment"? like a box in a box? :)14:39
TomyLoboand i don't know what something can and can't do with admin rights, with respect to logging keys. that's why i'm asking :)14:39
zimboit would log your passwords for example14:40
zimbolike you bank info14:40
TomyLoboor your own password which you enter into sudo14:40
DJonesTomyLobo: Its probably a better conversation to have in #ubuntu-offtopic, thats more for general discussion like that14:40
JpmhI have a bootable usb stick from which I have made many systems - usually I get a choice of installing alongside the existing Windoze - on HP Compaq machines I do not get this - is this becuase they have setup too few partitions14:40
=== slank is now known as slank_away
TomyLoboDJones we're at a conclusion anyway, i think. will you follow? since you seem to have the power to change that factoid :)14:41
ThinkT510TomyLobo: in the vast majority of cases malware is nothing to worry about on linux unless you frequently download things from sources you don't trust14:41
DJonesTomyLobo: Are you ok with a pm?14:41
TomyLobonot by everyone. go away mangoix14:42
soteis there a room admin that I can complain about threats to ?14:42
DWSRsote: DJones is one.14:42
DWSRsote: Hence why he kicked you.14:42
=== yann_ is now known as YannT
ThinkT510sote: theres #ubuntu-ops14:43
sotebetter to work with a situation then to turn a blind eye14:43
sotestill learning how to use this... thanks everyone for their info and tips14:47
nearsthi ppl14:48
ThinkT510sote: irc or ubuntu?14:48
sotethe IRC part14:48
ThinkT510sote: ah, more help can be found in #freenode too14:48
soteshould I make a complain about the threats I got from another user or should I just forget about it14:49
soteeasier to forget14:49
sgo11DWSR, I really don't find a way to remove the padding space of id3 tag from mp3. do you know how to do that? or which key words should I google for? thanks.14:49
ThinkT510sote: better to forget14:49
DWSRsgo11: Not really sure.14:49
Jpmhsote: if the threats are real you should pass them immediately to your local Police Department14:50
DWSRJpmh: Probably just an ITG.14:50
sgo11DWSR, I did search remove padding, but no luck. let me do more search then. thanks. :)14:50
sotereading does my head in so I come here for assistance14:50
JpmhDWSR: what is am ITG?14:50
DWSRInternet Tough Guy14:50
sotelearn something new every day14:51
JpmhDWSR: I would agree - however a few reports to PDs tend to build up and get them under control14:51
nearstsgo11, try sudo apt-get install easytag14:51
sgo11nearst, the problem is caused by using easytag. :)14:51
DWSRJpmh: With the only problem being the fact that you have no idea who they are in real life.14:51
DWSRJpmh: Still, this is OT.14:51
nearstsgo11, thereis a lot of id3 editor in foss :)14:52
LiquidDemocracyI want to play a Java game in Firefox. What package do I have to install?14:52
JpmhDWSR: I assure you that the logs are sufficient that if the PD follows up it can all be traced14:52
ThinkT510LiquidDemocracy: firefox has likely disabled your java plugin14:52
DWSRLiquidDemocracy: It should be installed by default, but https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins should help you14:52
sgo11nearst, yeah, but I can not find one which can remove the picture and its space. easytag removes the picture, but the size of mp3 is unchanged. it keeps the picture space there.14:52
DWSRLiquidDemocracy: Also, that.14:52
sgtkilljoyLiquidDemocracy: openjdk14:53
nearstsgo11, ouch. im not really sure bout that. just last time im use that one im guess14:53
sotethe police would laugh at me and say what is said on the internet is heresay14:55
soteanyways, materr soon to be forgotten about14:55
DWSRsote: I would recommend just ignoring it if it's just a one-off.14:55
soteit was mangoix that made the threat14:56
vultesote: if it's an actual literal threat i.e. "i'm going to come and hurt you" the police would take it seriously in my experience14:56
soteso I can block people on this thing aye14:57
ThinkT510sote: sure, /ignore nickthatyouwanttoingnore14:57
DJonessote: If you're concerned about it, join #freenode and report it there, thats the network admin channel, if not, just ignore it, you can always put the person on ignore14:57
soteThanks for your time and effort14:57
vulteman, installing these AMD proprietary drivers is a lot of work..lol14:58
kevinmthomasmorning everyone14:58
ThinkT510vulte: i stick to the open source ones14:58
vultehello there14:58
bilelhi, I've installed ubuntu aside from windows, grub2 is installed too, but it keeps booting windows each time, I don't see the grub screen, what can I do?14:58
bhaveshCan I upgrade my Linux Kernel from live USB?14:58
samba35how to get list of all dpkg--recconfigure(able) package14:58
faLUCEhi, I have a vga monitor connected to my notebook (therefore, I use two monitors). However, I can't set on the vga monitor a resolution > 1024x768 ... what can I do?14:58
vulteThinkT510: I was using open-source but was experiencing issues with random pixelation14:59
sotewindows update is boring to watch, loves watching sudo updates in the terminal ... :)14:59
=== t_pol is now known as qu4nt1n
OerHeksbilel,  hold left shift @ boot to enter grub menu14:59
kevinmthomasi wanted to thank you all for helping yesterday im still having issues with getting a mail client to work with my mail on my server14:59
ThinkT510vulte: are you running any 3d apps/games?14:59
faLUCEubuntu 12.1014:59
kevinmthomasits 12.04 i think 32 bit15:00
vulteThinkT510: I have multi-monitors and needed to use the "put" function from Compiz to allow me to use flash full-screen on monitor 2. Compiz could be the issue, unsure15:00
ThinkT510vulte: oh, flash and 2 monitors, out of my league sorry15:00
bilelOerHeks: do you mean "left shift" + "@" when the pc boots?15:00
faLUCEhi, I have a vga monitor connected to my notebook (therefore, I use two monitors). However, I can't set on the vga monitor a resolution > 1024x768 ... what can I do? I did not have this problem on ubuntu 11.10 for example15:00
vulteThinkT510: no problem, thanks for your time :)15:01
ThinkT510bilel: there are 2 shift keys on your keyboard, hold the one to your left while it boots15:01
bhaveshcan I upgrade the kernel of already installed Ubuntu from a live USB?15:02
vultei always forget the name of 12.10..last I used ubuntu seriously was hoary :P oh well15:02
ThinkT510bhavesh: not sure why you would want to. having network problems?15:02
DWSRbhavesh: Yes, you can upgrade the kernel from an installed Ubuntu.15:03
ThinkT510!12.10 | vulte15:03
ubottuvulte: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) is the current stable release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.10/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/12.10 - Support in #ubuntu15:03
bhaveshThinkT510: well its showing kernel panic15:03
DWSRThinkT510: Even if you are, you could download the packages to your installed distro, then trigger the upgrade.15:03
vultethinkt510: Yeah I looked it up :P thanks15:03
ThinkT510DWSR: hence why i asked about his network15:03
bilelThinkT510: ok, but why isn't it showing up by default? I don't really like the fact that I have to always keep in mind "press shift" as soon as I boot my computer otherwise it'll default to windows. I remember with ubuntu 11.04 it was showing up by default, but apparently not with 11.1015:04
bhaveshDWSR: well I cannot boot into the installed ubuntu, so I was trying to use the live usb for upgrading the kernel15:04
root_____how to give ipaddress+portnumber a hostname e.g: localhost.com any solution?15:04
DWSRbhavesh: Yeah, I was following.15:04
=== root_____ is now known as Ail
DWSR!hosts | root_____15:04
ThinkT510bilel: it should show by default15:04
ThinkT510!grub | bilel15:04
ubottubilel: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:04
bhaveshDWSR: So how am I supposed to use these commands for upgrading the kernel from live USB? http://www.upubuntu.com/2012/09/how-to-install-linux-kernel-354-on.html15:04
Ailhow to give ipaddress+portnumber a hostname e.g: localhost.com any solution?15:05
DWSRAil: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=340715:05
DWSRThat will show you how.15:05
bilelThinkT510: thank you, I'll try this out.15:05
k1l_!rootirc > Ail15:06
ubottuAil, please see my private message15:06
bhaveshDWSR: if I follow those commands, then it will upgrade the kernel of ubuntu installed on usb, right?15:06
AilDWSR: i already tried it in hosts file but only ipaddress work fine but when i give portnumber withipaddress thn its not working15:07
DWSRAil: You can't assign portnumbers.15:08
DWSRAil: You'll have to do localhost.com:port15:08
AilDWSR: any other way15:08
DWSRThat's how DNS works.15:08
vulteInstalling AMD Catalyst, appears in terminal: "Module build for the currently running kernel was skipped since the kernel source for this kernel does not seem to be installed." will that be an issue to the driver working?15:08
=== OpenSource is now known as Guest97257
DWSRvulte: Yes.15:08
DWSRMeans the kernel module isn't installed15:09
vultewhat is the package name so i can install it?15:09
vultei'm on quantal if it matters15:09
sgo11DWSR, I solved the problem by installing libid3-tools and then run "id3convert -s file.mp3".15:09
DWSRsgo11: Awesome, good to know.15:09
k1l_vulte: can you nopaste the whole installing error message with named kernel etc.?15:10
sgo11DWSR, :) thanks for your help.15:10
vultek1l_: Yes, one moment while I do that15:10
vultek1l_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1572945/15:11
yeatsvulte: 'sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`' (note the backquotes around 'uname -r')15:11
k1l_vulte: is there a reaason you dont use the driver ubuntu ships?15:11
vultek1l_: Having issues with text pixelation and distortion with stock open-source driver. Maybe related to Compiz from what I've learned15:12
DWSRk1l_: Because amdcccle provides better performance in some cases.15:12
DWSRWhatever they call the proprietary blob.15:12
disharmonicQuick question, Can i symlink to a NTFS partition?15:13
k1l_it just i saw some of those missing kernel header failures lately.15:13
k1l_all with the .deb paackage15:13
DWSRdisharmonic: Yes, if you wan tto divide by 0.15:13
DWSRdisharmonic: What exactly are you trying to do?15:13
yeatsk1l_: I've seen the same problem with virtualbox (from the vbox repo) - looks like 'linux-headers' is not listed as a dependency (though it actually is)15:14
vultek1l_ + yeats: it now worked correctly with those kernel headers. thank you to both!15:14
vultewish me luck, I'm going to reboot..15:14
DWSRgood luck.15:14
k1l_is there a reason you are not running the newest kernel build?15:14
=== n is now known as Guest53738
k1l_-22 seems the latest build in the 12,10 repo15:15
disharmonicDWSR, i'm a bit short on space on my EXT4 drive as i never allocated space for games. With the Steam beta i'm runnin out of space fast. I was thinking to symlink steams games folder to my NTFS partition15:15
DWSRdisharmonic: I would definitely NOT do that.15:15
DWSRBut it's certainly possible.15:15
vultek1l_: didn't realize that. I think I'll get the driver stable on what I have right now then update and fix it15:15
yeatsdisharmonic: yeah, you don't want to do that15:15
disharmonicyeats k11 there's a metapackage that gets the latest headers and source.15:16
DWSRdisharmonic: As long as you have a method of reading and writing to NTFS partitions (ntfs-3g, or built in ntfs support in the kernel), you can symlink to whatever.15:16
yeatsdisharmonic: yep15:16
k1l_vulte: yes, just keep in mind to reinstall the driver after a kernel upgrade (if dkms doesnt do the job)15:16
DWSRk1l_: dkms should do it, from my personal experience.15:16
=== LarrySteeze|Away is now known as LarrySteeze
Bruse_Hi guys. I created a Ubuntu 12.10 version that I am trying to install on my Macbook Pro 9.2 (13" Mid-2012). But when I try to boot from the CD all I get is a blinking cursor. Anyone know how to fix this?15:18
disharmonicDWSR, on 12.10 DKMS strangely does not depend on the kernel headers. I run into that issue when i installed virtualbox(it wasn't a dep for that either)15:18
DWSRdisharmonic: Ah, I'm on 12.0415:18
=== gsmith1 is now known as vulte
SourceSlayerThey "type your command" thing on the unity launcher is stuck...15:18
vultemuch to my surprise, it booted15:19
vultebut I have a new problem :(15:19
Raytry to use the LTS ver. like 12.04 for more further assistance bro~15:19
disharmonicDWSR, yeats so symlinking to NTFS could potentially lead to filesystem issues?15:19
SourceSlayerIt's covering a part of the screen but I can still click on things under it, is there any way to get rid of it without logging out?15:19
DWSRdisharmonic: No.15:19
DWSRdisharmonic: It could potentially lead to you corrupting your Steam install.15:19
DWSRdisharmonic: ntfs rw support is pretty stable these days.15:20
RaySOurceSlayer : installing ubuntu on macbook?15:20
yeatsdisharmonic: no chance of increasing your (non-NTFS) disk space?15:20
SourceSlayerRay: I've already installed it.15:20
Dougie187Does anyone know if there's a way to get "shopt -s direxpand" to work in 12.04?15:20
SourceSlayerWhy? I guess this is a common problem?15:20
vulteJust rebooted successfully after installing AMD proprietary driver. I'm turning off mirroring displays so I can use my dual monitors, and it says "The selected configuration for displays could not be applied: required virtual size does not fit available size: requested=(3840, 1080), minimum=(320, 200), maximum=(1920, 1920)15:20
disharmonicyeats, it could be done. But i have no way atm to back up all my data. So it would be risky15:21
DWSRvulte: Sounds like x didn't detect both panels properly.15:21
soteUbuntu 10.10 worked fine on the Mac Mini15:21
vulteDWSR: it detected fine on the old open-source driver. how can i make it re-detect?15:22
DWSRvulte: Stop X, then 'sudo X -configure'15:23
DWSRvulte: That *should* work.15:23
vulteokay. how do i stop and start x before and after doing that then? sorry, new-ish to ubuntu15:23
DWSRvulte: First thing, pop open a terminal and check the output of 'xrandr -q'15:23
DWSRvulte: That will ask X what displays it thinks that you have.15:24
RaySourceSlayer : Stuck..? how stuck is it?15:24
sotewatch youtube videos on how to fix or customise your install15:24
=== Optichip is now known as corp769
vulteDWSR: there are DFPs 1-7. 6 and 7 have resolutions up to and including 1920x1080@60Hz15:25
=== corp769 is now known as Optichip
DWSRvulte: So it knows that you have 2 1080p panels.15:25
disharmonicvulte,  http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Oneiric_Installation_Guide#Dual.2FMulti_Monitors15:25
=== Optichip is now known as corp769
DWSRdisharmonic: Ah, thanks. Was looking for that.15:25
=== corp769 is now known as Optichip
disharmonicDWSR, as i'm using fglrx i always have the link handy. The wiki is quite good these days15:26
vultedisharmonic, DWSR: ran the commands listed, do i need to restart X or something? it still isn't working yet15:27
disharmonicvulte, for configuration changes to take effect you usually have to restart x yes15:27
vulteok. what is the procedure to restart X then15:28
k1l_vulte: just log out15:28
vulteah. thanks15:28
DWSRvulte: Yes, usually. Restarting or logging out.15:28
k1l_vulte: that will restart the xsession15:28
k1l_you could restart the xserver with other comands but that will result in a logout ,too15:28
dcopeAnyone know what driver support is like for this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1682913202015:29
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest50980
Guest50980hi everybody15:29
Dougie187Anyone know of a ppa with newer versions of bash for 12.04?15:29
Raydcope : what ubuntu ver. do you use?15:29
disharmonicdcope, afaik CMedia chips are well supported, but don't quote me on that15:30
=== gsmith1 is now known as vulte
DWSRHow can I uninstall the default office suite (OpenOffice I believe?) from a term?15:30
yeats!hardware | dcope15:30
ubottudcope: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection15:30
disharmonicvulte, you probably need to enable Big Desktop in amdccle now15:31
vultedisharmonic: Yeah, was just going to say the same error exists. I'll try and figure that out15:31
DWSRIs there a way to remove all packages a metapackage depends on?15:33
dcopeyeats: thanks15:33
disharmonicDWSR apt-get remove libreoffice* should do the trick15:33
dcopeRay: i'm using 12.0415:33
DWSRdisharmonic: Thanks. Keep forgettign I can use wildcards.15:33
dcopeHm, only mentions 7.1 on the link yeats got the bot to write.  I guess it'll work.15:34
disharmonicDWSR,  also removing the core package should force all its depending packages to uninstall as well15:34
Raydcope : i guess it works15:34
vultewoohoo! multi monitors are go. Thank you so much!15:34
Raydcope : check with the jockey15:35
disharmonicvulte, np :)15:35
Dougie187Is the only way to get bash 4.2.29 rather than 4.2.24 in 12.04 to build it yourself?15:35
DWSRdisharmonic: Can I remove X?15:36
DWSRdisharmonic: By just doing apt-get remove x*?15:36
disharmonicDWSR, that would remove all packages starting with x. Not recommended15:37
disharmonicalthough apt-get probable wouldn't be able to do it anyway15:37
DWSRX server is provided by xorg, correct?15:37
vulteMore issues, hope you guys don't mind..I installed compiz packages and rebooted and that's when the display issues started. those are fixed with new AMD driver, but keycommands set in CompizConfig are not functioning. I'm not entirely sure compiz is actually on15:38
sujonwhen I compile into Codeblocks...it shows (Permission denied)15:38
disharmonicyeah. removing xserver-common should frce the removal15:38
kevinmthomasOngoing question, I have mail working properly on my ubuntu server as I can send and receive mail however I cant access a client as it wont recognize my smtp and pop3 or imap server15:38
vultepossibly important side-note, I am on GNOME 4 and not Unity15:40
bekksvulte: Gnome 3. :)15:40
vulte3. right15:40
sujonwhy it shows permission denied  while compiling in Codeblocks ? Whts wrong ?15:41
DWSRsujon: You don't have permission, clearly.15:41
soteI don't like unity much either ... logged in using gnome but about to log out and into gnome classic so I can attempt to fix my clock again15:41
sujon<DWSR> (I am Beginner)  Btw I am running as admin on PC15:41
disharmonicvulte, Gnome 3 doesn't use compiz. It uses Mutter15:42
vultedisharmonic: can I force use of compiz over mutter in that case?15:42
cableordslhello guys i need your advice, it seems like a simple question, but im about to change from a dsl to cable provider, and i wonder whether the ip change is as easy peasy with JDownloader afterwards, goolging the problem leaves me bewildered....15:43
DarkSnowil y a quelqu'un ?15:43
disharmonicvulte, not sure. Why would you even want to do that. Mutter is faster than compiz15:43
DWSR!fr | DarkSnow15:43
ubottuDarkSnow: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:43
disharmonicsujon, by admin you mean as root?15:44
k1hallo.. Im new  at linux  N i installed ubuntu 12.4 lts15:44
vultedisharmonic: you're right. let me put it this way. To be able to place full-screen flash on monitor 2, i need a key combination that will move the current window to the next monitor. Compiz is the way I thought to do that. is it possible, then, do do something like that with mutter?15:44
DWSRdisharmonic: Can I force a removal of everything depended on by ubuntu-desktop?15:44
k1I need  help with sound N video card driver15:45
disharmonicDWSR, hmm i don't know of a way to remove packages listed in a meta-package15:45
vultedisharmonic appears in high demand right now..I don't mind waiting my turn :)15:45
DWSRdisharmonic: Or, can I copy my entire ubuntu install to another drive on the same system?15:45
sujondisharmonic : I don't know clear. how to overcome this problem ?15:46
disharmonicvulte, i havent used Gnome3 much.15:46
=== ashleyd is now known as ashd
cableordslhello guys i need your advice, it seems like a simple question, but im about to change from a dsl to cable provider, and i wonder whether the ip change is as easy peasy with JDownloader afterwards, goolging the problem leaves me bewildered....15:46
vultehmm...okay. thanks15:46
DWSRcableordsl: It should be easy.15:47
soteBack soon, watching Compiz Fusion Tutorial - Howto Increase Desktop Functionality with Ubuntu  on Youtube15:47
k1plz... help15:47
DWSR!ask | k115:47
ubottuk1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:47
cableordslDWSR, googling seems like no use, people state different things, most say its not easy or doesnt work. how can i make sure before i make the contract with the cable provider?15:48
sotecya everyone o/ have a nice day/night, might be back later o/15:48
vultelater sote15:48
disharmonicvulte, http://askubuntu.com/questions/122748/enabling-native-shortcuts-on-gnome-3 maybe that helps15:48
vultedisharmonic: hey, that looks like it might work. thanks a lot!15:49
disharmonicDWSR, you can clone your Ubuntu install using clonezilla or a similar tool15:49
k1I  installed linux ubuntu 12.4 lts.. I need help wirh install sound N video card Driver.. This 1st time im using linux.. plz.. help15:50
disharmonicsujon, have tried to compile starting the cmd with sudo?15:50
cableordslhello guys i need your advice, it seems like a simple question, but im about to change from a dsl to cable provider, and i wonder whether the ip change is as easy peasy with JDownloader afterwards, goolging the problem leaves me bewildered...googling seems like no use, people state different things, most say its not easy or doesnt work. how can i make sure before i make the contract with the cable provider?15:50
vulteHmm..There are GNOME 3 shortcuts for moving windows to different workspaces. for this purpose, is monitor 2 a seperate workspace?15:50
=== OpenSource is now known as Guest78453
Lemuris there anyone here that uses tor that can help me with a problem i'm having trying to set up my ubuntu in virtualbox15:51
soteK1 maybe this is what you are after, use in terminal : sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras15:51
lantiziaWhats the best/most-appropriate away for me on 12.04 to use the kernel from 13.04 ?15:52
disharmonicvulte, well you can always test it ;)15:52
ThinkT510lantizia: you don't15:52
sujondisharmonic : I just have installed codeblocks from Sotware center and started to compile . but It shows me a message and says(Permission Denied)  .I used to compile with codeblocks in windows and Running Ubuntu some days ago. So don;t know yet it's full features15:52
vulteyeah, it didn't work. looking into it online15:52
disharmoniclantizia, there's a ppa that has all the current kernels iirc. It's not recommended for daily use though15:53
soteLinux is fun, You'll become addicted15:53
k1Im installing now15:54
UldicsAnyone can help in changing the order of modules loaded?15:54
Uldics[   17.913537] gamecon: no such parport 015:54
Uldics[   17.964447] parport_pc 00:09: reported by Plug and Play ACPI15:54
Uldics[   17.964506] parport0: PC-style at 0x378, irq 7 [PCSPP,TRISTATE]15:54
FloodBot1Uldics: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:54
disharmonicsujon, you don't have access to a certain folder most likely. You need to change the folders permission or ownership15:54
k1What should I do Now ??15:55
soteread forums, I know it does your head in but still... learn from trial and error15:55
sotetry your media player now15:56
Lemurclsvtzwzdgzkjda7.onion/viewtopic.php?f=20&=3564@start=100     (tor link) i was following this tutorial and i hit a snag setting up my ssh tunnels, can someone check it out and maybe help me?15:56
rawplayerhi, how can i remove the top bar in unity-greeter which you see in lightdm15:56
cableordsl hello guys i need your advice, it seems like a simple question, but im about to change from a dsl to cable provider, and i wonder whether the ip change is as easy peasy with JDownloader afterwards, goolging the problem leaves me bewildered...googling seems like no use, people state different things, most say its not easy or doesnt work. how can i make sure before i make the contract with the cable provider?15:58
oalWhen I press the down arrow in my terminal, the input is moved down one line. When I press the up arrow, nothing happens. I want to see the last command I ran. Does anyone know what's wrong?15:58
disharmonicIf you want to learn some basic cmd line and understand Linux/Unix better i recommend reading this as well http://www.tldp.org/LDP/intro-linux/html/index.html15:58
bekkscableordsl: How JDownloader related to any IP changes?15:58
vultedisharmonic: I got it working. i had to set custom commands with a command-line tool called "wmctrl". hooray!15:59
Lemurhow to post a link on here?15:59
cableordslbekks, i can change ip automatically with JD. and dsl15:59
k1For Sound.. Front left is working but Front Right is not working15:59
bekkscableordsl: For evading IP bans on downloads?15:59
disharmonicvulte,  great. I need to give Gnome3 a chance one of these days. It actually seems quite useable15:59
sotethanks for the link disharmonic16:00
UldicsAnyone can help in changing the order of modules loaded?16:00
cableordslexactly, bekks, thats what im worrying about16:00
vultedisharmonic: yeah. Moving from Windows 8 it is a breeze. There are little nitpicks I have with it, but so far I really like it16:00
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
pybokehim new to irc, how do i enter a new line into my chat?  i tried ctrl+enter or alt+enter, but no go16:01
Lemurhow do you post a link on here?16:01
vulteI'm trying to move to primarily using Ubuntu and keeping windows just for games and stuff..Gotta get all this silly stuff like multiple monitors sorted first. so far it feels great though16:01
Lemurcan anyone tell me how to post links on here?16:02
vulteUnfortunately as a CS major I need to use Visual Studio and compile apps for Windows, so I have to do that there.. :(16:02
Troy^what is good virtual pc software to run ubuntu under windows 7?16:02
zykotick9pybokeh: don't.16:02
vulteTroy^: Oracle VirtualBox16:02
Lemur@troy lookup virtualbox16:02
cableordslhello guys i need your advice, it seems like a simple question, but im about to change from a dsl to cable provider, and i wonder whether the ip change is as easy peasy with JDownloader afterwards, goolging the problem leaves me bewildered...googling seems like no use, people state different things, most say its not easy or doesnt work. how can i make sure before i make the contract with the cable provider?16:02
pybokeh+1 for virtualbox16:02
Lemurwhat vulte said16:02
zykotick9-1 for oracle16:02
pybokehhaha +1 for -1 for oracle16:03
disharmoniccableordsl, you should probably take that question to #ubuntu-offtopic16:03
vultefrom my experience with networking, what cableordsl is saying shouldn't be a problem at all16:03
OerHekscableordsl, we don't know if your next provider support ip change like that, contact them i guess16:04
Lemurcould someone please tell me how to post a link on here? i cant describe my problem without showing the tutorial i tried to follow16:04
pybokehLemur: does copy/paste work?16:04
Lemurummm not exactly16:04
Lemuri'm in virtualbox16:04
cableordslvulte, DerHeks i have no fritz box, only the modem, that consider to order16:04
Lemurand i dont have the shared clipboard on16:04
=== administrator is now known as Guest88792
vultecableordsl, are you by any chance in europe?16:05
pybokehigore, just a test16:05
d0lphin_I'm sorry about the question but..., i... install libdvdcss and nav dns libdvd and totem... and... when i play one dvd it dont give me the subtitles "allready select the option to load subtitles in totem"16:05
cableordslyes, vulte16:05
vulteI've never heard of FritzBox outside of europe :P16:06
ThinkT510!test | pybokeh16:06
ubottupybokeh: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )16:06
vulteBut with the modem you have, it seems like it should be fine. YMMV16:06
cableordslvulte, yeah seems like a german name^^16:06
Lemurlemme see if i can figure out how to turn the shared clipboard on16:06
vultecableordsl: It's actually just an internet nickname, I came up with it randomly. Interesting that it sounds german though since I am german by blood16:07
Lemurgot it16:07
=== yan is now known as Bl4ck
Lemurtheres the tutorial i tried to follow16:07
Lemurthe snag i hit is down almost to the end16:07
vulteuhoh, a .onion. hopefully somebody's on tor16:07
Lemurwith setting up ssh tunnels16:07
Lemur<3 my tor16:08
d0lphin_any idea why totem is not play dvd subtitles?16:08
FloodBot1Lemur: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:08
k1l_Lemur: that page is not viewable for ppl not on tor16:08
cableordslvulte, please insert my name otherwise i oversee what u write, by german, i meant FRITZ16:08
Lemuri know that16:08
sotesorry Lemur Firefox can't find the server at16:08
Lemuri need someone familiar with tor to help me anyways16:08
OerHeksd0lphin_, make sure the subtitle filename is equal to the movie filename16:08
vultecableordsl: ah, okay. and sorry about that16:08
k1l_Lemur: so that limits the users who could help to a minimum. good luck with that16:08
Lemurwell not really i guess...  lemme see if i can find it on  the real internets16:08
disharmonicd0lphin_, you can also try vlc instead16:09
pushcxI'm browsing some afp shares in Nautilus, works great. Where are they in the filesystem? I'd like to open a shell there and use some command line tools.16:09
vulteThere are onion viewers available to the public web from what I remember16:09
Lemurreading the comments on it its supposedly been posted around alot16:09
Lemuri can probably find it16:09
MegabyteHey guys16:09
sotevlc works great for slow motion but I can't get any sound from it so I use Xine16:09
zykotick9pushcx: check ~/.gvfs16:09
kostkonsote, is xine still around?16:10
d0lphin_OerHeks it is one dvd... ; disharmonic no... i don`t try whith vlc only whith totem... but if i remember totem allways wrk fine but it looks it is not working the subtitles now :|16:10
sotemust be, it looks great too16:10
pushcxzykotick9: empty16:10
cableordslvulte, can you help me with my problem, it seems that i need a reconnection script for JDownloader, dunno if it exists, gooogling, i am a noob, says, i need to change the mac address in order to receive a new ip16:10
MegabyteI have noticed neither my mouse nor my tablet (Wacom Bamboo) get turned on by default when the system boots. What should I do?16:10
zykotick9pushcx: don't know then.  good luck.16:10
migothinstation who know ?16:10
pybokehwhat is "flood"?16:10
kostkonsote, huh, thought was dead long ago. at least, gnome got rid of it in their media player16:11
vultecableordsl: I'm not personally familiar with JDownloader16:11
pybokehin the geek world, what is meant by "flood"16:11
kostkonaka totem16:11
MegabyteHey guys?16:11
soteflood is posting too much in here at once16:11
kostkon!info xine16:11
ubottuPackage xine does not exist in quantal16:11
zykotick9pybokeh: using more then 1 line in irc ;)  usually flood is 3-4 lines.16:11
DarkSnowhi !16:11
cableordslvulte, ok thanks anyway, do you know where i can get help=?16:11
vultelemur: I looked it up and if you replace .onion with .tor2web.org, it will work on the public web16:11
k1l_pybokeh: how does that relate to a ubuntu support issue? we have the #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat16:11
pybokehoh ok thanks!16:11
pybokehi saw someone mention flood here that is why i ask16:12
soteoh a chit chat ch.. where?16:12
vultecableordsl: http://support.jdownloader.org/index.php?/Tickets/Submit16:12
disharmonickostkon, xine is better than GStreamer imo.16:13
pybokehsince i didn't know what flood meant, how am i suppose to know asking about it is not allowed here? ;-)16:13
soteyeah I got excited and installed a heap of media players, making my own version of Ultimate Edition lol16:13
vultepybokeh: you're fine, you didn't know :) happens to all of us16:13
urlwolfinstalled on a dell 1720 with broadcom, so no wireless. ethernet works. When installing updates, ethernet dies. Now I16:14
kostkondisharmonic, i don't agree :P but let's end it here otherwise they are gonna say we are chit chatting :P16:14
cableordslvulte, thanks16:14
urlwolfNow I'm pretty much locked out of my own computer16:14
urlwolfcan't install anything16:14
zykotick9!flood | pybokeh16:14
ubottupybokeh: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:14
urlwolfany workarounds?16:14
cableordsldisharmonic, no ones answering in ubuntu-offtopic16:14
disharmoniccableordsl, m8 the only ones that can answer your question with certainty are the providers16:15
m8disharmonic, :O16:15
kostkonm8, lol16:16
m8kostkon, i'm the only can answer :D16:16
disharmonicm8, lol. You're just asking for it with that nick :P16:16
=== sharky1 is now known as sharky
kostkonm8, apparently :P16:16
cableordsldisharmonic, so do you think calling them and ask whether they support ip change helps?16:16
disharmonici don't see what else you can do.16:17
m8kostkon, :E16:17
k1l_guys, please keep this channel clear for ubuntu support. thank you16:17
UldicsAnyone can help in changing the order of modules loaded? http://pastebin.com/CS5ErLWF16:17
kostkonm8, :P16:17
vultewithout knowing for sure what cableordsl means by ip change, whether he means a static IP or what, his ISP may be able to help16:17
deed02392is ubuntu supposed to come with runit as standard? or init?16:17
kostkonupstart | deed0239216:17
kostkon!upstart | deed0239216:18
ubottudeed02392: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/16:18
cableordslvulte, i think, i will ahve a "quasistable ip" that changes only every two weeks or for providerwise16:18
deed02392kostkon, i want to know because a package i'm installing wants to use runit by default16:18
o0mI need and experienced Ubuntu/Linux guru to PM for problem solving. I would appreciate it. Thanks!16:19
deed02392i don't have the skill to replace that, i just want to know which ubuntu supports by default16:19
vultecableordsl: you mean "questionable"? are you doing questionable things online? :P16:19
ThinkT510o0m: why not in channel?16:19
laserso0m: Ask here. Otherwise, you're out of luck. (Most likely!)16:19
wildNBKwhich package do  I grab to allow the use of the 'old style' gnome interface?16:19
zykotick9!notunity > wildNBK16:20
ubottuwildNBK, please see my private message16:20
o0msorry thought it was to convoluted or something to annoy in chat =P16:20
cableordslvulte, "quasi-stable"!16:20
disharmonicHe probably wants to refresh his IP so he can d/l from free locker services faster16:20
ThinkT510wildNBK: there is gnome fallback mode but gnome2 is dead, live with it16:20
kostkondeed02392, hmm no idea. if you could paste here the exact message using a pastebin) you are getting maybe someone will be able to help you16:20
cableordslvulte, no questionable things i guess16:20
o0mim having a bot pf trouble... my upgrade isnt working, dont have any repo list... I cant seem to upgrade atall16:20
o0m*bit of16:21
vultecableordsl: in my experience, if you aren't set up with a static IP from your provider, simply power-cycling your modem will give you a new IP16:21
disharmonicThinkT510, wildNBK  i find Cinnamon provides a relativly similar experience16:21
vultecableordsl: if you aren't sure, ask the cable provider in question16:21
ThinkT510disharmonic: not supported here16:21
o0manyone able to run me through how to maybe get all those back so im able to?16:21
cableordslvulte, i think its clear that i will have a static ip, that i m pretty sure of16:22
wildNBKThinkT510, ok, the worst thing I find is the 'being sold stuff' in the home menu, can I at least get rid of that?16:22
disharmonicThinkT510, obviously. I don't see why it shouldn't be mentioned though16:22
ThinkT510wildNBK: of course, check privacy settings16:22
k1l_cableordsl: that is a topic for the offtopic channel. (like mentioned before)16:22
vultecableordsl: Ask the cable provider if they can set you up with a dynamic then16:22
cableordslvulte, do you think i will have a chance with no programming knowledge to change my ip then (with JD) in this case?16:22
disharmoniccableordsl, static IP usually means it doesnt change. at all16:22
wildNBKlol, that easy... thanks!16:23
ThinkT510disharmonic: feel free to mention it as long as you state it isn't supported on ubuntu (same with mate)16:23
soteunplug the modem cable for 5 mins will reset your IP?16:23
vultecableordsl: without knowing the specifics of the provider, your setup, etc, I cannot say for certain. If you ask the cable provider prior to setup, I'm sure they can answer your questions16:24
cableordslvulte, kll, disharmonic, yepp, thats what i think sukks with a stable ip. do you think i can still change it with jdownloader?16:24
cableordslvulte, kll, disharmonic, i dunno the modem name yet16:24
MegabyteCan you guys help me with my mouse?16:24
vultecableordsl: The modem wouldn't matter so much as how the ISP handles IP handouts16:24
vultecableordsl: again, ask them16:25
cableordslvulte, ok thaks i will16:25
k1l_cableordsl: last warning now. this is offtopic here as its not a ubuntu issue. talk to jdonwloader or your ISP16:25
lasersMegabyte: It ran away? :(16:25
vultek1l_: I think we got it solved now. no need to worry mate16:25
Megabytelasers, For it to work, I need to plug and unplug it.16:26
defer_Is it possible to create udev event that runs lomoco -8 to get right mouse resolution?16:26
Megabytelasers, What do I do for it to work by default?16:26
defer_When i plug in my usb mouse mx51016:26
k1l_vulte: its a pitty for the real ubuntu issues that get faded in that offtopic :/16:26
lasersMegabyte: Try different USB port?16:27
cableordslkll, no one ansered on offftopic, anyway, thanks for your help, vulte, kll, disharmonic16:27
lasersMegabyte: http://askubuntu.com/questions/55820/on-startup-usb-mouse-needs-re-plugging16:27
vultek1l_: agreed. If needs more help and I'm still around, I'll talk to him in offtopic myself16:27
lasersMegabyte: (Btw, I have that same issue on my XBMC HTPC for keyboard. I never got around to it. So.. Thank you in advance!)16:28
Megabytelasers, Let me try this then...16:29
laserss/keyboard/remote control/16:29
lasersMegabyte: Okay. :)16:29
soteMy wireless mouse and keyboard fails to respond on start up also but I just unplug and replug it in, yes the usb port is powered but still sometimes it fails to respond on start up.. no big deal16:29
vultesote: is the problem with the usb receiver ubuntu-specific or happens no matter what OS?16:30
sotethink it's just my computer but it don't bother me16:30
vultesote: alright :)16:30
jrtappersHello, how do I add another card to Xorg without losing my current settings?16:35
jrtappersAnd can someone step my through it please16:36
lasersAdd a card and play it out.16:37
jrtapperslasers, the card is installed, its not working though16:37
=== slank_away is now known as slank
jrtappersIt shows the alt+ctrl+f* terminals and the shutdown animation16:37
lasersjrtappers: $ lscpi | grep -i vga16:37
koumihow to find dhcp server ip address in ubuntu16:38
jrtapperslasers, it doesn't come up in the grep, but the integrated is detected16:38
jrtappersil pastebin it16:38
koumihow to find dhcp server ip address in ubuntu????????????16:39
jrtapperskoumi, are you on the network already16:39
jrtapperslasers, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1573208/16:40
koumiok bun in my lessons in univercity i need to find the ip of the dhcp server16:40
jrtapperslasers, The integrated is not used by ubuntu 00:02:016:40
kostkon!homework | koumi16:41
jrtappers!homework | jrtappers16:41
jrtapperskoumi, Is it for homework or is it to use the network?16:42
lasersjrtappers: Ehm. Have you tried tweaking around with /etc/X11/xorg.conf? (I had no experiences with ATI, only NVIDIA)16:42
jrtapperslasers, Its the integrated thats not working16:42
damselfly9koumi; it says here http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-find-out-dhcp-server-ip-address/16:42
MegabyteNo luck16:42
koumifor homework16:43
jrtapperslasers, I have 2 running off the 7770 (B & C) and 1 off the internal (A)16:43
koumifor homework16:43
jrtapperslasers, A only shows the alt+ctrl+f* terminals and the shutdown animation16:43
damselfly9koumi; that link I just posted explains that you can find that info in your dhclient.leases file16:44
vulteis there a screensaver settings on gnome3? i can't find it16:45
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest69285
laserskoumi: Seek assistance from your professors, professor assistants, comouter labs, etc.16:45
koumihey how to find dhcp server ip address in ubuntu???????????? i need it for my homework16:45
kostkonvulte, there are none16:45
damselfly9koumi; I just gave you the answer16:45
k1l_koumi: did you read what was posted to you?16:45
Guest69285anyone there?16:45
lasersjrtappers: The monitors works -- but not the boot animination?16:45
k1l_!ask | Guest6928516:46
ubottuGuest69285: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:46
kostkonvulte, you can install xscreensaver if you want fancy screensavers, gnome3 only gives you a blank screen for a screensaver16:46
vultekostkon: That blank screen was that I was thinking. I want the screens to stay on fulltime16:46
jrtapperslasers, The monitor works (Tested in 7), it shows a black screen apart from showing the alt+ctrl+f* termianls and the shutdown animation16:46
koumican  you resend me the link please/16:46
kostkonvulte, you mean on displaying stuff?16:47
k1l_vulte: take a look into the energiy settings16:47
koumidamselfly9 can  you resend me the link please?16:47
lasersjrtappers: So you're asking how to start a 2nd xsession?16:47
damselfly9koumi; since I did your homework for you, you could at least scroll your screen back16:47
k1l_koumi: scroll back and read it again16:47
jrtapperslasers, that might work well, any solution really16:48
lasersjrtappers: Do you have two working monitors and one blank screen?16:48
vultek1l_, kostkon: I want the screens to stay on regardless of inactivity. under power settings everything is set to don't suspend and never, but the screens still go blank till I move my mouse16:48
jrtapperslasers, Yes16:48
hamstermarhi evry body | i have make bashscript evrything works Good but I have bug i Want tell to The script to do this: {check for evry url in a file using curl and then i there is the specefice word on the page put it in an other file if not don't put it in that file }16:49
lasersjrtappers: Hmm. Try $ DISPLAY=:0.1 exec COMMAND  -- COMMAND being your DE or WM.16:49
koumibut the is not a link sent by you  damselfly916:49
lasersjrtappers: Gnome? KDE?16:49
ThinkT510hamstermar: try asking in #bash16:50
jrtapperslasers, Gnome 316:50
XReaperUldics: ohithere16:50
subdesignhello, any idea why my wifi stops working after I install linux-backports package?16:50
kostkonvulte, hmm, yeah, i think there is an option to dim the monitor, try in the monitor settings. i'm on 10.04 right now and can't tell you where that option is exactly16:50
vultekostkon: okay. thanks16:50
hamstermarThinkT510 where16:50
jrtapperslasers, can that be a normal terminal or does it need alt+ctrl+f116:50
ThinkT510hamstermar: /join #bash16:50
subdesignand removing this package, wifi gone, and wired lan works again16:50
hamstermarok thanks16:50
UldicsXReaper: can you help me with changing the order of modules loaded?16:50
AkTiVda wa eba w maikawa16:51
AkTiVcirei dolni16:51
lasersjrtappers: Make a simple script? Do it in normal terminal. $ DISPLAY=:0.1 exec gnome-session (me think)  -- Try it first.16:51
damselfly9koumi; I tried. since this is your homework, try a yahoo search for {linux "show dhcp server address"}. that is what I searched for you get you the link I posted16:51
kostkonAkTiV, whois say you are in bulgaria so..16:52
kostkon!bg | AkTiV16:52
ubottuAkTiV: опитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently16:52
cableordslvulte, the isp says theyre giving out dynamic ips. good news16:52
jrtapperslasers, that does nothing and closes the termianl16:52
hamstermarThinkT510,hhhh no one is in there16:52
hamstermarThinkT510,hhhh no one is in ther16:52
AkTiVkostkon ty16:52
kostkonAkTiV, np16:52
vultecableordsl: excellent! good luck16:52
ThinkT510hamstermar: 762 people are there16:53
cableordslvulte, so there is no problem reconnecting manually, what do ypou think?16:53
lasersjrtappers: Hold on. Testing something simple here.16:53
jrtapperslasers, Is there something meant to be in front of display? An $ or something16:54
Guest69285can anyone tell me how to get password of facebook account16:54
iceroot!ot | Guest6928516:55
ubottuGuest69285: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:55
disharmonicAnyone know where the Software Center installs bought 3d games? /usr/bin?16:55
lasersjrtappers: DISPLAY=:0.1 exec gnome-session    <-- Not working?16:55
jrtapperslasers, nope, but it closes the terminal16:55
kostkonjrtappers, i think only when you want to get its value. when setting it you omit the $16:55
icerootdisharmonic: dpkg -S packagename16:55
kovudoes anyone know how to install a bj=1-sx printer on ubuntu16:56
icerootdisharmonic: that will show you all path which are used16:56
lasersjrtappers: Can you see X cursor on blank screen when you're hovering over there?16:56
donsdI installed 12.10 and lost all my crontab settings. Are my old settings stored somewhere?16:56
MegabyteI found out the solution16:56
lasersMegabyte: What is it? :o16:56
kovudoes anyone know how to install a bj-10sx printer on ubuntu16:56
Megabytelasers, it's simpler than what anyone may think...16:56
jrtapperslasers, I forgot the exec and it got this16:57
disharmoniciceroot, right. Thx16:57
koumiok thank you damselfly9 i found it16:57
lasersjrtappers: Ah, you may have to set up xorg first. I usually use nvidia-xconfig / nvidia-settings (and that's NVIDIA stuff, not ATI)16:57
Megabytelasers, Turn your computer off physically and wait 5 minutes16:57
Megabyteas in, plugging it off16:57
jrtapperslasers, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1573266/16:57
hplcanyone that can verify that any of the xubuntu lubuntu etc etc works on HP dv6 laptop?16:57
=== truexfan81_ is now known as truexfan81
jrtappers*, how do I list displays16:57
kovudoes anyone know how to install a bj-10sx printer on ubuntu16:58
Megabytelasers, If you think I'm trolling, take a look: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=165288316:58
lasersjrtappers: Damn you for disobeying the exact command. :p16:58
OerHekskovu, canon bj10sx is not in openprinting database http://www.openprinting.org/printers/manufacturer/Canon/ you might want to try the 10e driver16:58
kostkon!hardware | hplc16:58
ubottuhplc: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection16:58
jrtapperslasers, that just closed my terminal, so I tried changing it a bit16:58
kovuhow do i install it please16:58
jrtapperslasers, Is there a way to list all displays?16:58
kostkonhplc, you could check there first and then if you are still unsure come back here again16:59
lasersjrtappers: xrandr -q, maybe?16:59
lasersjrtappers: On their respectful X11.16:59
jrtapperslasers, that looks useful, il pastebin it17:00
hplckostkon, got it, thanks17:00
kostkonhplc, np]17:00
kovuthe ubuntu picks up the parellel to usb converter but not the printer17:00
damselfly9kovu; this, might help- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=142866217:00
lasersMegabyte: Sounds like meh-meh hardwares?17:00
Megabytelasers, Probably... but if you had trouble with your keyboard, this should work17:00
lasersMegabyte: remote control. I'll try it tonight. :P17:01
jrtapperslasers, I >'d the output to a file17:01
jrtapperslasers, does the send file option on Xchat work here?17:02
Guruuu(you'll have to enable the multiverse repo to get ttf-mscorefonts-installer)  ,,, how to enable it?17:03
=== Andrei_ is now known as Andrei
jrtapperslasers, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1573283/17:03
kostkonGuruuu, in the software centre, select edit → software sources17:03
Guruuuvia shell please?17:04
kostkonGuruuu, it's a menu option17:04
ubottutalos05: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:04
kostkonGuruuu, right17:04
Guruuui'm using putty17:04
lasersjrtappers: You have dozen DisplayPorts?17:04
Guruuussh access to the machnie17:04
jrtapperslasers, no, 217:04
jrtapperslasers, 1 VGA on mobo (A)17:05
hplckostkon, that page were extremely outdated and said project canceled in 2005 :s17:05
lasersjrtappers: What is the problem? I see two connected monitors.17:05
hplckostkon, scrap that link17:05
awestrokeI have chown'd and chgrp'd /var/www to www-data, and added www-data to my users groups, and chmod -R g+wrx /var/www , but I still can't place files there17:05
jrtapperslasers, I have 3 monitors17:05
kostkonGuruuu, nano /etc/apt/sources.list and remove the comment symbol # from the beginning of the line that contains the url of the multiverse17:05
lasersjrtappers: On this X11 server. You want the result of 3rd monitor? Do xrandr -q on that moniotr (2nd X11 Server)17:05
kostkonhplc, ok17:06
=== Robbilie_ is now known as Robbilie
Guruuuthank you kostkon17:06
kostkonGuruuu, then save the file, close it, and then give:  sudo apt-get update17:06
jrtapperslasers, says cannot open display17:06
jrtapperslasers, when I am on ctrl+alt+f1 terminal on A, B and C turn off17:06
jrtapperslasers, when I leave with alt+ctrl+f1, the  terminal stays on A17:07
jrtappersA is the problem screen17:07
lasersjrtappers: Don't use TTY.17:07
kostkonurl → uri*17:07
jrtapperslasers, what do I do then? Im bad at these configs17:08
AntDamhey all, i'm new to ubuntu and xchat...trying to learn and coming over from windows17:08
lasersjrtappers: Use regular terminal. (or make a simple script). That way, you can launch a 2nd X11 with one command.17:08
psauxwi got a wierd question ... I'm using a laptop right now and i tried pretty much all of the distros so I was wondering how come my laptop fan works well only with ubuntu?17:08
jrtapperslasers, I can't do anything but TTY on screen A17:08
=== fx is now known as Guest3365
kovuwhen i type into the command console lpinfo -v it detects unknown usb printer17:09
lasersjrtappers: When you start up computer, which monitors came on?17:10
kovuthis is what comes up ---> direct usb://Unknown/Printer17:10
k1l_psauxw: maybe because of the kernel settings and driver settings ubuntu uses.17:10
psauxwk1l_, yea that's what i think too ... but which settings ! :D17:10
jrtapperslasers, B and C have picture17:10
jrtapperslasers, A is on but black17:11
jrtapperslasers, I have an idea! How do I specify device with startx!17:11
damselfly9psauxw; you mean the fan never turns on at all with other distros?17:12
lasersjrtappers: Those are your new default monitors, I guess? I don't know if I can change default monitors in BIOS. I don't think so. My computer is really old. ;317:12
psauxwdamselfly9, nah i mean the fan turns SO MUCH on the other distros but with ubuntu it works without noise and without overheat17:13
jrtapperslasers, how do I select device when I run startx17:13
lasersjrtappers: When I start up, two monitors come on. I manually start 3rd monitor with hulu script. Now I think about it. I could start all three, but meh.17:13
kovuthis is what comes up ---> direct usb://Unknown/Printer17:13
kovuwhen i type into the command console lpinfo -v it detects unknown usb printer17:14
lasersjrtappers: man startx -- Good luck. :)17:14
jrtapperslasers, thanks, at the very least I have 3 new ideas! Sorry to have such a hard to describe problem17:15
damselfly9kovu; that forum thread mentioned that it started working after trying to print to it anyways. what happens then?17:15
lasersjrtappers: No problem. I should get fourth monitor. Just cause... :P17:15
AntDamanybody know where to get a list of videocards supported by ubuntu\linux?17:17
soteXChat-Gnome just crashed... sighs oh well...17:19
lasersjrtappers: There are some limitations.. For instance, you can't drag windows through all monitors. Only whatever X11 it's on.17:19
jrtappersHow do I set which pci device startx or gnome-session uses?17:19
jrtapperslasers, I have a idea, but I need to find someone who knows about startx17:20
lasersjrtappers: lspci ?17:20
jrtapperslasers, I know that the integrated is 00:02.017:20
jrtapperslasers, How do I start a new X session on a certain PCI address?17:21
damselfly9jrtrappers; at startup X detects what it can match to a driver. It goes by pci ids not slot numbers17:21
jrtappersdamselfly9, I have the pci id, I want to start a second X session17:22
damselfly9jrtrappers; the only way you could do that is within a virtual machine17:22
lasersjrtappers: No idea!17:23
jrtappersdamselfly9, no other way?17:23
damselfly9jrtrappers; the first copy of X will be taking control of your mouse and keyboard17:24
adamk jrtappers: Why not create an xorg.conf file that specifies the drivers for all your GPU devices in one spot?  Then running X will run it on both devices.17:24
jrtappersadamk, That would be ideal17:24
kovuwhen i try to print nothing happens17:25
jrtappersadamk, problem is that I'm using the AMD beta drivers, and that was hard for me to work out17:26
jrtappersadamk, Im not very good at complex config files17:26
damselfly9kovu; I wish I could be of moe help, but I don't have hardware like yours to experiment with17:26
adamkYou are going to have a very very difficult time getting Xorg to use the proprietary drivers on one GPU and open source drivers with any other GPU.17:26
adamkIt may not even be possible, honestly.17:26
jrtappersadamk, can you think of how to try?17:27
jacoi need help17:27
jacowith hdmi in ubuntu 1217:28
jacoanybody can help me?17:28
vultei'm on gnome3, I simply cannot find sleep/standby/suspend anywhere..is it hidden?17:28
jrtappersvulte, press the power button briefly17:28
jrtappersvulte, it will pop up17:28
adamkjrtappers: I wouldn't try.  If I wanted to use different drivers on different GPUs, I'd stick with all open source drivers.  That's your best chance of getting it to work.17:28
jasuntojust curious if any has ubuntu 12.10 64bit desktop running on a PC with two nvidia cards in SLI?17:29
vultejrtappers: Cancel, Restart, and Power Off are the options17:29
jacoanybody can help me with hdmi in ubuntu 12.0417:29
jrtappersadamk, the open source drivers can't run the games when I tried, AMD beta was my last hope, it kind of works17:30
adamkThen I wish you luck.17:30
vulte!ask | jaco17:30
ubottujaco: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:30
kovudamit i missed the messege how do i scroll up to see it17:30
jrtappersadamk, Ok, workaround, can I keep TTY going whilst im on ctrl+alt+f7?17:31
jrtappersadamk, Have it as a permenant terminal window on that screen17:31
damselfly9jrtrappers; so this is all about running games? Why not have two xorg.conf files, one which specifies the opensource drivers and the other which specifies the proprietary drivers? you could switch between xorg.conf files based on whether you want games or general usage17:32
adamkdamselfly9: The problem with that is that the proprietary drivers use a different libglx...17:32
zykotick9adamk: regarding your GPU open driver comment.  i've read you "can't" simultaniously run nvidia/ati propritary drivers...17:32
jrtappersdamselfly9, Sounds like a good idea, but how?17:32
adamkdamselfly9: And a different kernel module.17:32
adamkdamselfly9: So it would require rebooting between switching drivers.17:33
adamkzykotick9: That is correct.17:33
jrtappersOK, so can I keep TTY going?17:33
henkkaHello, could someone help me a bit. i have external monitor connected to my laptop. but cant set its resolution. its same as laptops17:33
damselfly9rebooting between games vs general usage wouldn't be too terrible17:33
vultehenkka: are you mirroring the laptop's screen on the monitor or extending it?17:33
jrtappersadamk, damselfly9, zykotick9  Ok, workaround, can I keep TTY going whilst im on ctrl+alt+f7?17:34
henkkavulte, oh that helped.. thanks :D17:34
vultehenkka: np :)17:34
damselfly9jrtrappers; you can set ubuntu to boot to text instead of to X, then you can switch xorg.conf files without rebooting17:34
jrtappersOk, so how would I do all of this?17:35
henkkaor didnt.. now i have apps on my laptop and empty desktop on monitor :D17:35
damselfly9with a lot of effort. but to run games is worth it to the true gamer :)17:35
jacoI have Macbook Pro with always ubuntu, of course and both the sound and video go jumping when I connect hdmi to TV. Anybody knows what is happening?. Thank you in advance :-)17:35
henkkaand mouse only moves on laptop monitor17:36
damselfly9jrtrappers; first step, setup for boot to text17:36
jrtappersdamselfly9, how long to set it up, roughly?17:37
damselfly9less time than a night of halo, if everything goes well17:37
jrtappersdamselfly9, Ok, should I backup my current config? (And how?)17:38
damselfly9jrtrappers; backing up is always good17:39
jrtappersdamselfly9, can we try using propietery and open source, just to see, with backup there is nothing lost if it goes wrong17:39
damselfly9jrtrappers; so for steps- (1) set for boot to text (2) make sure both drivers are installed (3) generate 2 xorg.conf files, one for each driver17:41
mainklainsorry mates but i have i serious problem and i don't know how to fix it17:41
evalicanyone here by anychance that can help me figure out how to remove a file i can not find.  Trying to either delete tiny figue 4.0 or somehow upgrade it17:41
AntDamhow would i remove eubuntu from ubuntu, via the terminal?17:41
henkkahmm btw, anyone have idea can you use laptop hdds in desktop machines? :D17:42
greenbarelsudo apt-get remove eubuntu  maybe  try it17:42
bekkshenkka: Sure.17:42
damselfly9jrtrappers; for the exact details you might need to ask better experts than me :)17:42
mainklainEncountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_precise_partner_binary-i386_Packages, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.17:42
jacoI have Macbook Pro with always ubuntu, of course and both the sound and video go jumping when I connect hdmi to TV. Anybody knows what is happening?. Thank you in advance :-)17:42
mainklainwhat you seduced to do?17:43
kovuplease can someone tell me how to innstall the driver for my bj-10sx printer17:43
evalicthank you that was what i wanted to do as well.  just  mine tf17:43
keelGKovu - have you tried using a generic PCL or PS driver?17:43
henkkamy desktop comp keeps freezing / crashing, could try if its hdd problem as i have extra laptop one. already tried windows / linux, 3 diffrent gpu, diffrent memorys.. 2 diffrent psu. all i can think its mobo problem or hdd17:43
greenbarel@henkka yes you can, if you have 2.5 external hard drive you can diskonect it and connest that from your laptop17:43
bekkshenkka: Then check the hdd status.17:44
kovuwhat are those17:44
henkkawith ubuntu it usually either hard crashed at startup. or freeze when doing something17:44
kovui want to try to install a ppd driver17:44
kovubut dont know how to17:45
mainklainthx anyway17:45
henkkareally old dekstop tho.. so could be mobo problem17:45
jrtappershenkka, run SMART17:45
henkkahmm havent tried that yet17:46
henkkawhat does that do? :p17:46
jrtappershenkka, will tell you if the HDD is in good shape17:46
jrtappersgo to disks17:46
damselfly9jrtrappers; I need to be offline for an hour for hardware maintenance17:46
jacoanybody can hear me?. am I visible?17:46
bekks!smart | henkka17:46
kovuyes jaco we see you17:47
jrtappers!smart | jrtappers17:47
jacooh, thanks17:47
bekkshenkka: The package you need is called smartctl17:47
jrtappershenkka, No17:47
jacoim newbie17:47
jrtappersbekks, you can do it with preinstalled utils17:47
kovusame here17:47
bekksjrtappers: Tell me how that utility is named when it is not smartctl.17:47
henkkaalready dried some surface scan program, but it didnt found anything17:47
bekksjrtappers: There are no other tools which are able to test the SMART capabilities.17:48
henkkahave to try that out when i have patience.. been pulling my hair off for about 2 days with that desktop comp17:48
jrtappersbekks, what about disks?  click the settings on the top right in it17:48
bekksjrtappers: Which just reads the smart info but is NOT able to run SMART tests.17:49
=== maximus is now known as Guest55578
bekksjrtappers: At least without an installed smartctl17:49
jacoso, nobody knows how help me17:49
jrtappersbekks, if its a dependency of a preinstalled package then it should be already installed17:49
bekksjrtappers: Which technically doesnt change what I said.17:50
kovuhow do i install my ppd driver for my printer17:51
jrtappersbekks, we are areguing over two ways of doing the same thing, so we are both right, argument over, abck to useful things17:51
RollinV2is there a way to reboot the desktop environment without relogging? thanks.17:52
jribRollinV2: not really.  Why do you want to?17:52
wectorI can buy17:52
bekksRollinV2: No, thats impossible, technically.17:53
jacoRollinV2: you can push ctrl+backspace17:53
jrtappersIs there an easy way to add a device to Xorg config?17:53
bekksjaco: Please dont suggest that,since that restarts the X server and does NOT care about closing open files, etc.17:53
RollinV2jrib bekks i was curious about it. mainly for refreshing if a gui related package is updated.17:54
gherkinbekks: what do you suggest?17:54
jribit's not even the right key sequence and it's been disabled for a while by default too :)17:54
RollinV2jaco, thanks. i will try that.17:54
bekksgherkin: I suggest saving your documents, and logging out properly :)17:54
gherkindoes anyone want to hear a joke?17:54
jribgherkin: #ubuntu-offtopic please17:54
hplcis there any generally accepted certification program for linux? or each distro went their own way?17:54
bekksRollinV2: That will kill your X-server - you have been warned.17:54
gogo4gherkin: sounds like fun17:55
gherkinjrib: it's an ubuntu related joke though17:55
jribRollinV2: jaco's suggestion won't work.  It's not the right key sequence.  ctrl-alt-backspace did used to restart the X server (but wouldn't take care to ask you nicely about saving your work) but that's been disabled by default for a while now.  It's not what you want17:55
jribgherkin: great, that's what #ubuntu-offtopic is for!  #ubuntu is for support17:55
gherkinoh :(17:55
lasersYou can't have 'fun' without #ubuntu-offtopic17:56
MunchorInstall is stuck on Calcualting files to skip copying for a loong time. Any idea?17:57
jrtappersWhat driver for Intel Integrated Graphics? Im setting up Xorg.conf17:57
RollinV2bekks, found out too late. lol17:57
jacooh, I really thought he would save all his work, of course17:57
konraddohi, someone asked me for help (how to list all files in current folder which name ends on 't' and order those files by date. i guess it'll be "ls *t -lrt", but unfortunatelly currently i don't have any linux installed to test it and i cannot find my pendrive with ubuntu. can somebody tell me if this is a proper command?17:58
jribkonraddo: it's not17:58
jribkonraddo: erm, maybe it is.  I thought -r was same as -R but I'm wrong17:59
jribkonraddo: in any case, you'll still be listing the contents of directories.  It depends on what you want to do exactly18:00
konraddoyou mean that it would list not only files in current folder, but also files that are in subfolders of current folder?18:00
jribkonraddo: sure.  If you have a folder named "foldert", you will get the contents of foldert as output18:01
shaydeHey guys I'm trying to partition my HD through the ubuntu installation, how would I go about doing that on 12.10?18:01
shaydeI have windows 7 already installed18:01
konraddook, thanks18:01
compdocshayde, their used to be an 'alternative' version of the installer for that18:02
shaydereally now?18:02
jribcompdoc: the normal installer allows partitioning too, doesn't it?18:03
shaydejrib thats what I thought too...18:03
shaydejrib you select "something else" after selecting ur language18:04
shaydeI'm just trying to figure out how to partition from there.18:04
compdocshayde, I dont see the alternative for 12.10. Just 12.04. I know the Ubuntu Server d/l allows partition setup, including LVM18:05
kovuhow do i make myself the root18:06
compdockovu, use the command sudo18:06
yeats!sudo | kovu18:06
ubottukovu: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo18:06
nebkatanyone ever have tty flashing above gui?18:07
nebkatspecifically the cursor18:07
nebkatwhen I ctrl-alt-f7 it switches the the tty, then moving around the screen slowly shows the gui again18:07
nebkatto the*18:08
vulteanyone who speaks german can PM me? i need a quick translation that is unclear with google18:09
jacohi, anybody has experience connecting hdmi to tv in ubuntu 12.04?18:10
smw!anyone | jaco18:10
ubottujaco: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.18:10
jacoanybody to help me with the hdmi in ubuntu 12.0418:12
vulte!ask | jaco18:12
ubottujaco: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:12
machicolaare there any video players for ubuntu that support .wmv18:13
vultemachicola: VLC does for sure18:13
hplcis there any certification that is more generally accepted than others? LPI?18:13
machicolaok, thanks18:14
kovui want to add a ppd file to cups but i cant18:14
kovuit wont let me18:14
kovuits a driver file for my printer18:14
yeatskovu: why not just use the Printers dialog?18:15
smwjaco, ask you real question, tell us what you have done, what happened, and what you expected18:15
vultehow can i add a shared SMB network printer? the address of the printer would be \\vcalcium\APTN118:15
yeatsvulte: 'sudo apt-get install samba' then use the Printers dialog18:16
jacoWhen i connect hdmi to tv the sound and video go bad18:16
vulteyeats: thanks18:16
smwjaco, need more info than "go bad" :-)18:16
kovui dont know what that is18:16
smwjaco, take your time, use as much detail as you can on one line18:16
jacoi mean, go jumping18:16
yeatskovu: you're on Ubuntu, right?  just click the Unity button and type "printers" and hit enter18:17
jrtappersIs there an easy way to add a device to Xorg.config? GUI or CLI?18:17
kovumy printer dont show upp18:17
kovuand its on generic printer18:17
yeatskovu: is it attached to your machine or on a network?18:18
=== yggdrasi1 is now known as yggdrasil
kovuits a bj-10sx arerell printer that has a usb converter18:19
kovuparallel *18:19
kovuwhen i type into the command console lpinfo -v it detects unknown usb printer18:20
yeatskovu: interested - bug 492876 is about that exact model18:21
ubottubug 492876 in cups (Ubuntu) "Parallel Printer - a) difficult to configure, b) didn't work until sudo chmod 755 /usr/lib/cups/backend" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49287618:21
vulteyeats, I still am encountering issues adding the printer..I can't seem to navigate to a server or see its printers via samba18:21
vulte@yeats, I am on gnome 3 if it makes a difference18:21
kovuso what i am confused i looked at this link how does it help me please18:23
richweskusis there anybody out there?18:23
yeatskovu: I was just sharing because someone else has obviously experience the same difficulties18:26
speaker1234ugh. I reinstalled windows and lost my grub boot menu.  I can't find the instructions to fix grub so I  can dual boot.  any pointers please?18:26
jacoin hdmi to tv, the sound and video go, stop, go, stop and so on, like cpu problem but it is not. Anybody know why it is happening. I have a Macbook Pro. I have iOS and Ubuntu and I always use ubuntu (is for that I am asking this question here)18:26
yeatsvulte: when you click on Network Printer then Windows Printer via SAMBA are you not able to enter the address?18:27
vulteyeats: there is no Windows Printer via SAMBA option. note this is on GNOME 3 not Unity18:28
yeatsvulte: should be the same dialog18:28
yeatsvulte: system-config-printer 1.3.1118:28
yeats(on 12.10)18:29
vulteyeats: maybe I need to install that package18:29
ioriahi. i need xbel-utils package (xbel_parse, specifically) but it is available only for hardy.  does anyone know a similar program in 12.04? tx18:29
bilelHi, I'm trying to install a new apt repository with add-apt-repository, this one (http://lgp203.free.fr/ubuntu), I run this command "sudo add-apt-repository  http://lgp203.free.fr", but it doesn't look like it's taken in account, do you know why?18:29
yeats!find xbel18:29
ubottuFile xbel found in docbook-website, docbook-xsl, docbook-xsl-ns, fp-docs-2.6.0, freemind, freeplane, libqtscript4-doc, librubilicious-ruby1.8, python-qt4-doc, qt4-demos (and 2 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=xbel&mode=&suite=quantal&arch=any18:29
yeats!find xbel 12.0418:30
ubottu12.04 is not a valid distribution: extras, hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, raring, raring-backports, raring-proposed, stable, testing, unstable18:30
yeats!find xbel precise18:30
yeats(sorry for spamming)18:30
ubottuFile xbel found in docbook-website, docbook-xsl, docbook-xsl-ns, fp-docs-2.4.4, freemind, freeplane, libqtscript4-doc, librubilicious-ruby1.8, python-qt4-doc, qt4-demos (and 2 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=xbel&mode=&suite=precise&arch=any18:30
Tertulero_31_oesanyone know how i can control my music play on Xchat???18:30
ioriayeats: tx but which package i should install ?18:31
Tertulero_31_oesanyone know how i can control my music player on Xchat???18:33
qwhello all18:33
jacohow are you?18:33
qwhelp me please install wine18:33
jacosudo aptitude install wine18:33
RollinV2also check the wine qiki for application compatibility winehq.org18:34
Tertulero_31_oesanyone know how i can control my music player on Xchat???18:35
qwmore I want to run the game Spider windose in Linux18:35
yeatsbilel: you wouldn't add that repo like that with add-apt-repository - you'd need to add the entries to /etc/apt/sources.list (or to a file in sources.d) - also, a caution against adding third-party repos unless you absolutely need to and know what you're getting into18:36
yeatsioria: it doesn't look like it's packaged at all for Ubuntu or Debian anymore18:36
jacowhen you have already installed wine you will know how to install such a game18:36
qwgame is download18:37
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
RollinV2qw, if wine is installed properly just click the installer for the game18:38
ioriayeats: ok. do you know, for any chances, another program that convert xbel file in html  ? i tried xsltproc it works but i'm not very good in xsl formatting18:38
jrtappersWhat is the easiest way to add a device to Xorg.conf?18:39
yeatsioria: I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that18:39
ioriayeats: ok thanx18:39
petergkjrtappers, get a sample, the cleanest way18:40
senterhi, someone have backtrack 5?18:41
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
yeats!backtrack | senter18:43
ubottusenter: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)18:43
thesebanyone have issues with volume being randomly MUTED often?18:43
Abhay92hi,i am new to ubuntu.can anyone tell me how to configure the source code?18:43
MuelliAbhay92: usually ./configure18:43
thesebAbhay92: what does that mean?18:43
thesebAbhay92: what source code?18:43
bilelyeats: I'm trying to install codeblocks to learn C, but I just found the package is available with synaptic, so I think I don't need to install this new repo, thx18:43
jacoI can't connect my ubuntu to tv via hdmi18:43
yeatsbilel: yes, codeblocks is in the normal repos18:44
jacoAbhay92: you have to write "./configure" in root foler18:44
jacobut, why do you want to do that?18:45
TheLordOfTimeshould I be worried when apt-get upgrade says its removing all DKMS modules, and causes micro system hangs that eventually resolve themselves?  (old system that is in dire need of udpates :P)18:45
shady__hi guys18:46
shady__can u tell wat is use of IRC?18:46
Muellishady__: see the topic18:47
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
tima_What is a good program to put xbuntu on a flash drive from windows?18:51
Abhay92how to install vlc fron package??18:51
tima_k thanks18:52
WalexTheLordOfTime: not terribly worried, it is a bit typical.18:54
WalexAbhay92: there are prebuilt packages for VLC. Just Software Center, Synaptic, Aptitude, 'apt-get' as usual.18:55
Abhay92./configure command istn't working?18:56
WalexAbhay92: don't install from source unless you are a fairly skilled computer engineer...18:57
WalexAbhay92: anyhow IIRC the Ubuntu Wiki has a page on building from source.18:58
Flannel!checkinstall | Abhay9218:58
ubottuAbhay92: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!18:58
RollinV2tima_, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows18:59
tima_.helpwhy thank you! love the amount of help18:59
qwhelp me please run game from wine19:00
ThinkT510!appdb | qw19:00
ubottuqw: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help19:00
blbrown_win3is there a way to see if my machine will work with compiz.  I did a opengl test and hardware acceleration is enabled at about 70fps19:00
sotetry play on linix19:00
ThinkT510blbrown_win3: best way is try it and see19:01
blbrown_win3ThinkT510, is it easy to go back from19:01
ThinkT510blbrown_win3: what are you running now?19:02
blbrown_win3ThinkT510, Ubuntu 12.1019:02
ThinkT510blbrown_win3: unity uses compiz by default19:02
TheLordOfTimeanyone know how to fix firefox not loading and returning "Firefox is already running" even if there's no firefox processes running?19:03
WalexTheLordOfTime: yes.19:03
TheLordOfTimeWalex:  what's the fox?19:03
jacoTheLordOfTime: use kill19:04
jacofor really killing it19:04
TheLordOfTimejaco:  kill -9'd all of them already.19:04
TheLordOfTimeand its still erroring19:04
WalexTheLordOfTime: in your profile dir, 'lock' and '.parentlock'19:05
SnapSnapWhen I try to perform a backup, I get the following error: "BackendException: Could not initialize backend: No module named couch.auth"19:05
WalexSnapSnap: presumably you need to find a CouchDB channel or mailing list.19:06
SnapSnapWalex, what does that mean? I'm not very familiar with how it works.19:06
codepython777on ubuntu, what is the correct place to start jobs/my programs at boot time?19:07
jacoanybody knows how connect to tv with hdmi19:07
Walexcodepython777: regrettably there are too many. But look into '/etc/rc.local'19:07
adamkjaco: You plug it in and then run 'xrandr' to see if the video driver sees the device.19:07
TheLordOfTime!privmsg | jaco19:07
ubottujaco: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.19:07
WalexSnapSnap: from the few details you give it looks like one of the files you are trying to backup belongs with a CouchDB database, and that probably needs a speicifc backup program19:08
codepython777Walex: no /etc/rc.local on my machine?19:09
codepython777oh there is19:10
codepython777i thought it was a dir19:10
ThinkT510!upstart | codepython77719:10
ubottucodepython777: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/19:10
alocerUnhandled page fault on read access <-- how can i get read of this19:11
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ThinkT510!away > qos|away19:11
ubottuqos|away, please see my private message19:11
IDWMasterHas anyone tried installing Ubuntu onto a USB flash drive before?19:12
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ThinkT510!usb | IDWMaster19:12
ubottuIDWMaster: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent19:12
IDWMasterI'm talking about actually installing it, not a live CD boot19:12
JPetersonwhat are the hotkys for ubuntu snap? (automatic window arrangement)19:13
misfitdoes anyone else find it concerning to connect to IRC and have it find your hostname/IP automatically?19:13
ThinkT510misfit: no19:14
xanguaJPeterson: control+super19:14
ThinkT510misfit: if you want a cloak ask in #freenode19:14
xanguaJPeterson: left, right, up or down :)19:14
misfitthanks ;)19:14
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IDWMasterIs there a way to make Ubuntu run faster when running from a USB flash drive?19:18
IDWMasterInstalling software in particular is slow19:19
ThinkT510IDWMaster: not really19:19
CurseorangeCould i get someone to help me with Wine here? or is there a specific channel i should join for tha?19:19
IDWMasterNo clever cache optimizations or anything?19:19
bekksIDWMaster: Use a faste USB flash drive.19:19
ThinkT510!wine | Curseorange19:19
ubottuCurseorange: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu19:19
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JPetersonwhy is the bottom bar shown?19:27
codepython777Walex: in rc.local, do i have to put a command like this --> /usr/bin/python mysrcipt.py in background -- append with "&"?19:28
Walexcodepython777: depends very much on what you want to happen, often a good idea.19:28
JPetersoni dont find any information of it at https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&q=ubuntu 12.10 bottom bar19:29
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justin11can i have created an example configuration file that we will be using for the rest of this article and Download it? yes or no?19:29
JPetersoni mean https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&q=ubuntu+12.10+bottom+bar19:29
_helios_JPeterson, what do you mean by bottom bar?19:29
bekksjustin11: huh?19:30
JPetersona bar thats on the bottom (of the desktop)19:30
_helios_hmm what version of Ubuntu?19:30
JPetersonprobably added in 12.04 or 12.1019:30
_helios_JPeterson, no it's not been added because I don't have a bottom bar.19:30
ThinkT510JPeterson: by default there is no bottom bar in unity19:30
JPetersonaround 100 px high19:31
JPetersonit has a backup notification icon to the right19:31
kostkonJPeterson, there is no such thing in ubuntu since 11.0419:32
_helios_Well this is off topic but I have these two small solar panels they put out about 6volts when I wire them in series in direct sunlight just 1 volt to much to charge my ipod ;(19:32
JPetersonclicking it gives a message similar  to "do you know what backup is?"19:32
justin11i am setting up unrealircd linode19:32
justin11i am setting up unrealircd in my ubuntu19:33
IDWMasterI'm running Ubuntu on a Samsung Series 7 Slate and noticed that the touchscreen is recognized as an absolute pointing device rather than a multi-touch screen. Any ideas on how to get it to recognize it properly?19:34
IDWMasterxinput sees it as an:19:34
IDWMasterAtmel maXTouch Digitizer19:34
epitamizorhey how come Xorg is built with 2.6 kernel but the iso ships with 3.219:34
justin11i am setting up unrealircd in my ubuntu 12.1019:34
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JPetersonhow do i move a window when the title bar has moved outside the screen19:37
ThinkT510JPeterson: alt+click19:38
Plumblumokey so this is a really fun problem, just typing shutdown closes my ssh connection but the computer refuses to poweroff but when using shutdown -h it turns off. what could that little fun problem be ?19:38
bekksPlumblum: Thats no problem but intended behaviour. :)19:39
ThinkT510Plumblum: man shutdown19:39
epitamizorjust use init 019:39
Plumblumbut it refuses to let me back in :P19:39
RollinV2user permissions19:39
Plumblumso what could the purpouse be19:39
bekksepitamizor: Which is what shutdown is calling.19:39
bekksPlumblum: Take a look at the "-h" option of shutdown.19:39
bekksRollinV2: Wrong :)19:40
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Plumblumi know it stands for halat/poweroff19:40
Plumblumbut that is what an "ordinary" shutdown should do19:40
bekksPlumblum: Not according to the man page. :)19:40
Plumblumsince i cant get back on it after shutdown i have to pull the plugg or hold the powerbutton19:40
bekksPlumblum: Because ommiting the -h option just brings a system down butr does NOT power off NOR reboots it. Thats intended behaviour.19:41
Plumblumjust thought it was some strange bug :P19:42
damselfly9bekks; I've always found -h will power it off if acpi is enabled19:42
RollinV2bekks, its correct for server shutdowns :-) .. but on a desktop you are right. permissions won't matter.19:42
bekksPlumblum: So if you want it to be powered off, use -h19:42
Plumblumwhy would i want to bring down a system ?19:42
bekksdamselfly9: Thats what -h is for.19:42
Plumblumif i forget -h how do i safley turn it off19:42
Plumblumsince it just sits there19:42
bekksPlumblum: Pull the plug.19:42
Guest25158hi peoples !19:42
Plumblumthats a strange behaviour xD19:42
Plumblumif you ask me atleast19:43
bekksPlumblum: Thats intended and well described in the man page.19:43
epitamizorhaving it off but not truely off keeps the comp warm19:43
damselfly9Plumblum; maybe have it on a powerstrip with a switch?19:43
Guest25158how OS ubuntu will good for me, than i have 2500GHz(bartron)/2Gb-ram ?19:43
Plumblumbekks, im sure it is :) but i will have to find an online option. im trying to get wol to work and its a pain testing when i have to run back and forth :P19:44
Guest25158друзья, есть тут русский кто ?19:44
RollinV2can also volt check19:44
justin11can i have created an example configuration file that we will be using for the rest of this article and Download it? yes or no?19:44
bekksPlumblum: Well, then it is a bug since the invention of UNIX.19:44
bekksjustin11: What are you talking about?19:44
damselfly9Guest25158; that sounds like good enough hardware19:44
bekks!ru | Guest2515819:44
ubottuGuest25158: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:44
RollinV2Plumblum, if it really bothers you.. make a bash alias for shutdown to shutdown -h19:45
JPetersonalt + click does nothing19:45
Guest25158о ес19:45
Plumblumbekks, im still trying to learn :P i found an online wikki, but it dosnt state what the purpouse of just typing shutdown does19:45
justin11bekks i am setting up unrealircd in my ubuntu 12.1019:45
bekksPlumblum: Then take a look at the man page please - it is described in there.19:45
JPetersoni can only move the bottom and side borders19:45
bekksjustin11: And which article are you referring to?19:46
JPetersoni can't access the top border19:46
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JPetersonthe window doesn't respond to snap either19:46
Guest25158какую ОС поставить на старенький компьютер ?, так парюсь с виндовс, и решил убунту установить, но не знаю, в новых версиях гном или пальцоадаптированая хрень19:46
bekks!ru > Guest2515819:46
ubottuGuest25158, please see my private message19:46
ThinkT510JPeterson: are you trying to drag it when you alt+click the window?19:47
ThinkT510JPeterson: hold down alt and click and drag it19:48
JPetersonit doesnt support that19:48
ThinkT510JPeterson: what are you using?19:48
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justin11bekks http://wiki.swiftirc.net/index.php?title=Installing_and_Configuring_UnrealIRCd_on_Linux19:48
JPetersonThinkT510: /home/user/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam19:49
ThinkT510JPeterson: i mean what desktop environment19:49
bekksjustin11: Thats a foreign wiki entry and I dont think someone in here has an example config fitting that setup.19:49
ThinkT510JPeterson: works here, don't know what to tell you19:49
deadbeefguys, i'm afraid the insallation of a package became corrupt; is there a way to do 'sanity checks', like checking the md5 of files, for packages in ubuntu ?19:50
epitamizorhey how come Xorg is built with 2.6 kernel but the iso ships with 3.219:50
Walexdeadbeef: yes19:50
bekksepitamizor: The kernel version of the build system doesnt matter.19:50
JPetersonThinkT510: how about the goldilocks?19:50
Walexdeadbeef: but note that the MD5 list is not signed...19:50
kostkonJPeterson, goldi what?19:51
ThinkT510JPeterson: you lost me19:51
JPetersonThe Story of the Three Bears19:51
kostkonJPeterson, ...19:51
ThinkT510JPeterson: how is this relevant to you being able to move windows?19:51
Guest25158join #ubuntu-ru19:51
JPetersonThinkT510: it isn't. i didn't interpret that you asked what to tell me in connection with that19:52
deadbeefWalex: no problem, i basically had a power outage and java started crashing after that; the ram seems to be ok, so maybe it's the files19:52
deadbeefi'm installing debsums, let's see19:52
damselfly9deadbeef; are you running it from a ssd?19:52
Walexdeadbeef: unlikely in the sense that once installed it is hard to get corruption...19:52
ThinkT510JPeterson: if you wanted to confuse me i think you just succeeded, i hope you figure out a solution to your issue19:52
deadbeefdamselfly9: nop19:53
JPetersonThinkT510: so you don't want to tell me anything?19:53
MraAlbertinaHi. If anyone familiar with web "Operating System"s, like EyeOS... can you please give me a suggestion of a linux based good one. I appreciate it.19:53
xanguaMraAlbertina: ubuntu19:54
ThinkT510JPeterson: what do you want me to tell you? you asked how to move a window thats partially off-screen, i told you to use alt+click and drag, somehow it doesn't work for you then you mention goldilocks19:54
justin11bekks do u know irc.oftc.net /j #linode19:54
bekksjustin11: No.19:54
MraAlbertinaxangua: thanks but no thanks.19:54
JPetersonyes in response to "[20:49] <ThinkT510> JPeterson: works here, don't know what to tell you"19:55
hhhzzzainJpeterson: Press Alt key then left-click on the window, it allows you to move the window up and down.19:55
ThinkT510JPeterson: sorry, slow on the jokes today19:56
JPetersonhhhzzzain: there's no such fucntion for any window19:56
hhhzzzainjpeterson: if that does not work, right-click in the title bar of and choose "move"19:56
hhhzzzainjpeterson: then you should be able to move the window once the "hand" icon appears.19:57
hhhzzzainjpeterson: tell me if that worked?19:57
sfdve1213hay otro canal para espanol?19:57
kostkon!es | sfdve121319:58
ubottusfdve1213: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:58
sfdve1213ubottu: gracias.19:58
JPetersonhhhzzzain: the windows only have a close button (rather than also minimize and restore)20:00
dr_willisHmm... the alt-click ANYWHERE ON A Window to drag it.. was a feature of every window manager ive ever used.. actually i think its a feature of X.20:00
hhhzzzainjpeterson: I entered the room a few minutes ago, what is your problem again?20:00
ThinkT510JPeterson: you're not trying to alt+click drag a window thats maximised are you?20:01
JPetersonno "minimize window" "maximize window" button on windows20:01
hhhzzzainjpeterson: oh ok, I remember that you could add those and pick which buttons to show at the "window" settings area.20:02
hhhzzzainjpeterson: I am not currently on ubuntu and can not direct you where you can find that settings.20:02
damselfly9JPeterson; what if you just close the window and try again?20:03
hhhzzzainjpeterson: you can fix that. but if you need to immediately minimize or maximize windows, right-click on the title bar (the top part of windows) and it should show options to minimize, maximize, move, close, others ...20:04
hhhzzzainjpeterson: some particular windows do not have maximize such as the settings. But you are saying all windows (file browser, internet, etc) do not have minimize and maximize buttons?20:05
funkymonkHi I'm using 12.04.1 LTS server edition. How do I upgrade php 5.3 to 5.420:05
ThinkT510JPeterson: are you running ubuntu in a vm?20:06
ThinkT510JPeterson: haha, thats why alt isn't being picked up20:06
JPetersonwell not entirely, alt + tab is registered20:06
_helios_I just got my belkin usb wifi adapter in the mail for the desktop, works great switching over to the desktop brb20:07
k1l_isnt it only 2dunity in a vm?20:07
hhhzzzainwho has "unity-tweak-tool" installed on their ubuntu 12.10?20:08
JPetersonk1l_: how do i determine that?20:08
henkkaHi, could someone help. Running 12.04.1 with intel gma 4500m graphic card. tried open steam.. says Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0". do i have to get some drivers or what? or doesnt ubuntu just work well with intel graphic cards..20:08
jrtappershello, could someone help me setup a xorg.conf file20:09
hhhzzzainjpeterson: http://askubuntu.com/questions/210962/window-controls-missing-cannot-maximise-or-minimize-applications20:09
k1l_JPeterson: "echo $DESKTOP_SESSION "20:09
jrtappershenkka, what driver are you using?20:09
k1l_should say ubuntu when unity3d20:09
adamkhenkka: Use a service like http://pastebin.com/ to show us your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file.20:09
henkkajrtappers, not sure if i have any atm. this hard drive was on radeon system before..20:10
hhhzzzainjpeterson: this is funny, but did you try moving your mouse over the grey bar at the top?20:10
henkkaadamk, ok sec20:10
jrtappershenkka, run "jockey-gtk" at terminal20:10
henkkajrtappers, (jockey-gtk:3140): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_icon_set_render_icon_pixbuf: assertion `icon_set != NULL' failed20:11
jrtappershenkka, try gksudo jocket-gtk20:11
hhhzzzainjpeterson: in unity like (mac os) the title bar action buttons are located at the top panel bar on the left hand side.20:12
jrtappers* gksudo jockey-gtk20:12
henkkayeah.. says theres no drivers20:12
JPetersonafter running `metacity --replace` in a window inside x windows toggling is disbled20:13
=== moo-- is now known as smallfoot-
JPetersonthe windows z depth cant be altered20:13
oxoocoffeeI was wondering if 12.10 supports TRIM and it it auto detect SSD?20:13
jrtappersCan lightdm be told which xorg.conf to use?20:13
henkkajrtappers, guess i should install some intel drivers.. but no idea how. :)20:13
bassoyou can game counter-strike 1.6 on ubuntu20:14
JPetersonstarting a console with alt + ctrl + t is allowed, but typing in the console window is not allowed20:14
jrtappershenkka, try additional drivers20:14
henkkajrtappers, yeah just dunno where to find them. cant find them from intel website atleast20:15
jrtapperstype in additional drivers in the launcher20:15
ThinkT510jrtappers: jockey-gtk is the additional drivers dialog20:16
jrtappersThinkT510, just wanted to try it in case, bugs can be weird20:16
henkkaYeah it just says that closed drivers blabla20:17
henkkatheres no install button or anything20:17
jrtappersOk, that means you will need to look on the web20:17
ThinkT510henkka: you shouldn't need to install intel graphics drivers20:17
di_giorgioMp3player [Nickelback - Savin' Me] CeBoLiNhA 201220:17
kostkonhenkka, you are already using the intel driver. ubuntu comes with it20:18
adamkhenkka: Again, pastebin that log file.20:18
damselfly9jrtappers; I think X needs to use a file called "xorg.conf" if there is one. But you could have a shell script to "cp xorg.conf.1 xorg.conf" or "cp xorg.conf.2 xorg.conf"20:18
=== ryan is now known as Guest93124
ThinkT510damselfly9: it doesn't need a xorg.conf but it will be obeyed if one is present20:19
jrtappersdamselfly9, ok, is there no way to specify which file, to avoid making the pc not boot by mistake20:19
RollinV2oxoocoffee, you find any answers about the ssd/trim?20:20
Guest93124hello world.20:20
jrtappersThinkT510, what would happen if xorg was deleted?20:20
henkkaadamk, http://pastebin.com/VjDbr6u920:20
oxoocoffeeRollinV2: I was googling around and found few. Still looking20:20
damselfly9jrtappers; that's why I was suggesting vefore that you might set it to boot to text console. that way it always boots20:20
LiThiuME3Hmmm can somebody help me I don't really know the proper term for something I want to do lol ><20:20
ThinkT510jrtappers: what exactly do you mean? if just the xorg.conf file then xorg will simply dynamically load as normal20:21
adamkhenkka: You have the nvidia drivers installed, which is why the GLX module is not working.  You are attempting to use the nvidia GLX module on an intel GPU.20:21
oxoocoffeeRollinV2: Looks like you can edit fstab to add extra params. But wondering if it can auto detect.20:21
oxoocoffeeAlso what is the best FS for SSD?20:21
henkkaadamk, wondering how that happened.. any idea how to fix it?20:21
ThinkT510LiThiuME3: describe what you want to do20:21
adamkhenkka: Remove the nvidia driver :-)20:22
RollinV2oxoocoffee, i couldnt find anything specific when i looked months ago. i use the ssd manager in windows dual boot to be safe.20:22
damselfly9oxoocoffee; btrfs is supposed to be good for ssd20:22
henkkaadamk, bit noobish on ubuntu. could you be more spesific :P20:22
RollinV2oxoocoffee, ah.. thats a good find.20:22
LiThiuME3ThinkT510 kind of a "shortcut" to a folder in linux if you ls it would looke like that   Folder name --> destination20:22
adamkhenkka: How you remove it depends on how you installed it in the first place.20:22
ThinkT510LiThiuME3: symlink20:23
LiThiuME3tyvm i'll google that ^^20:23
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henkkaadamk, prolly tried sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates at some point :D20:24
LiThiuME3ThinkT510 so I need to creat a dir mkdir MyDirName then ln -s /MyDirName /The/Destination20:24
ThinkT510LiThiuME3: sorry, i've not used symlinks20:25
LiThiuME3np ^^20:25
LiThiuME3thansk for the command tho20:25
LiThiuME3ill check it out20:25
LiThiuME3and test :P20:25
oxoocoffeeRollinV2: check my PM20:26
henkkaadamk, prolly tried sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates at some point :D20:26
adamkhenkka: Check the software center to see if the nvidia driver is installed from there.20:26
henkkaadamk, oh yes it is20:27
JPetersonk1l_: echo $DESKTOP_SESSION return ""20:27
k1l_JPeterson: which ubuntu was it?20:28
RollinV2oxoocoffee, thanks!20:28
oxoocoffeeRollinV2: I m also reading on which FS is best for SSD. Still not sure.20:28
JPetersonk1l_: 14.420:28
k1l_JPeterson: ?20:29
ThinkT510JPeterson: 14.04 doesn't exist yet20:30
relisherbtrfs gave me the best speed on my SSD, but then I ran into problems since I ran out of inodes20:30
ThinkT510relisher: btrfs is not yet production ready20:31
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=== lasers is now known as lazers
JPetersonmove is super + button120:34
JPetersonsomeone said alt + button120:34
ryan1975I am trying to troubleshoot a touchscreen device with Ubuntu 12.10.20:35
ryan1975The device is recognized using lsusb as a Quanta Computer Optical Touch Screen.20:36
henkkaok thanks everyone, that fixed the problem :D20:36
k1l_ryan1975: which hardware is that?20:37
ryan1975It is a Planar PX2230MW.20:37
henkkaone more question. always when i start ubuntu my sound is muted.. is there way to set it so it wont be?20:37
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
ryan1975There was an article posted by someone here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2082116&highlight=Planar+touchscreen20:38
ryan1975Who seemed to have gotten the hardware to work. I had it working for a while, but something has happened, and I don't know enough to troubleshoot the issue.20:39
frisdoes a console program exist to convert pdf to epub? i know about the gui one calibre20:39
oxoocoffeeSome say ext4 some btrfs :) here. Some saying that if you have jurnalization it should be off. So a lot to find out. Any one here can share what worked for him and what did not?20:39
jrtappersHow do I have one xorg.conf where propietary drivers are used and one where they are not?20:43
jacohave you ever had a problem with sound in hdmi. I mean, when I use the hdmi's sound video stops and goes, stops and goes, but not when useing pc's sound20:43
ThinkT510jrtappers: you plan to switch graphics often?20:43
cloudgeekhelp python install20:44
jrtappersThinkT510, I can't have the 3rd screen with propietary, cant run some software on open20:44
newphreakHello, when i log in via ssh, ubuntu sais there is 6 security updates, but apt-get upgrade has no new packages20:47
newphreakso what and where are these 6 security updates?20:47
newphreakI am by the way running ubuntu server 12.04.1 LTS20:48
lazersjrtappers: "man xorg.conf" -- I see it under Section "InputDevice" -- Try that?20:48
ThinkT510!dist-upgrade | newphreak20:48
ubottunewphreak: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.20:48
newphreakThinkT510: oh, dist-upgrade is a little different then on other distrobutions then :) thanks20:48
newphreaknow i know what to look for20:49
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade20:49
=== dankest|away is now known as dankest
alegenhey, anyone who has experience with davmail?20:50
funkymonkHow do I check what character encoding my filesystem is using?20:51
damselfly9jrtappers; this has directions for generating one xorg.conf, you'd do it once while the proprietary drivers are configured, then switch to the opensource and do it againhttp://www.ehow.com/how_8521031_create-xorgconf-ubuntu.html20:52
chaseping admin ?20:53
damselfly9jrtappers; you'd og course save a backup copy of the first xorg.conf you get, beause it will be overwirtten the second time20:53
chasei registered earlier but it isn't letting me login again (and i was cloaked, too)..20:53
=== chase is now known as misfit
k1l_misfit: ask in #freenode for freenode questions20:53
damselfly9guess he or she left20:54
LiThiuME3is there an easy way to test if a port is open on ubuntu via command line ?20:54
happyfaceIs there a channel where I can get support for 3.7 kernel?20:56
* dd slaps burrtil around a bit with a large trout20:57
guntbertRalf_: thats a different irc network/server - this is freenod21:05
guntbert* freenode21:05
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest24404
boolWhy is hibernation deactivated?21:07
Guest24404& is it possible to activate hibernation ?21:08
keelGDno & Yes :)21:08
boolthis guide tells how to activate it: http://www.noobslab.com/2012/10/important-thingstweaks-to-do-after.html21:08
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JPetersonhow do i replace with the non-untiy gnome?21:11
JPetersongnome --replace?21:11
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest25227
hhhzzzainjpeterson, what ubuntu version do you have?21:11
bekks14.4 isnt released yet :P21:12
hhhzzzainjpeterson, if 12.10 then you have to install another desktop package "xfce" or "xubuntu-desktop"21:12
damselfly9JPeterson is back from the future :)21:13
JPetersonhhhzzzain: because startx enters non-unity gnome i suspect i can start it from inside x21:13
yaro014Could anyone tell me, is it possible to run just some applications from virtualized windows under linux ? I dont want to load up whole windows desktop but just application which will pops up like normal window21:13
keelGDoes anyone have any experiences with a gui/client for SMS sending and retrival through a UMTS modem, they'd like to share? :) I have been looking at gnome-phone & gnokii, but I found gnome-phone to be lagging, and gnokii doesn't apear to have any active gui projects ;/21:13
JPeterson"i come from the future" (german terminator accent)21:13
hhhzzzainJpeterson: are you using remote desktop? vps?21:14
k1l_JPeterson: dont use startx. use the lightdm21:14
keelG@Yaro014 I guess you could use either something like VMware Workstation, which has a "unity" function og use a remote machine and RDP21:14
hhhzzzainjpeterson, I was not following your problem, maybe someone else can help.21:14
k1l_JPeterson: and 14.4 is not a valid ubuntu. please pastbin "lsb_release -a"21:14
=== Wug^ is now known as Wug
yaro014keelG: hmm Unity looks promising, this is what I looking for, is RDP not displaying whole desktop instead of just application ?21:16
damselfly9I guess skynet can assign any version numbers it wants21:16
keelG@Yrao014 - check this out for "seamless app RDP" or RemoteApp as MS calls it: http://askubuntu.com/questions/148159/remmina-remoteapp-over-rdp21:16
WugOK, so. I've got a website that loads in one browser and not in chromium21:16
keelGYou can make RDP display only application21:16
keelGalso :)21:16
Wugthe website uses https and has a self signed certificate, but I don't get to the warning page, it gives me error 2 (Unknown Error)21:17
WugI've tried clearing cache and browsing data and all that, and reinstalling the browser hasn't fixed it either21:17
Wugis there a magic command I can run to force reconfigure a package and all of its dependencies?21:17
yaro014keelG: your the man !, big thanx for that  :), this is exactly what I'm looking for. I just need to run RSAT for active directory. Big thanx again21:18
damselfly9Wug; are you sure that site isn't checking for browser useragent strings and making an exception of chromium?21:18
Wugit was working until some update in the recent past21:18
Wugrestarted chromium, and the website would no longer load21:18
jacohave you ever had a problem with hdmi's sound. I mean, when I use the hdmi's sound the video stops and works, stops and works..., but it does not happen when useing pc's sound and video in hdmi. Summarizing, video and sound from hdmi DO NOT work, whereas video from hdmi and sound from pc DO work.21:19
damselfly9jaco; that's good to know21:19
damselfly9jaco; no but it happens to a lot of people who come asking here, so now I can tell them21:20
dipixboi stop!21:21
henkkahmm anyone have idea how to remove mesa driver.. seems to cause problems21:21
damselfly9jaco; I don't use hdmi sound, I use a real soundcard21:21
Wugjaco: have you checked the cable?  I heard something the other day that such problems can be caused by the obnoxious drm scheme HDMI uses not working quite correctly on substandard cables21:22
Wugdon't go out and buy a $80 6 foot cable or anything, but it might be worth investigating21:22
dipixhenkka; sudo apt-get purge mesa-utils21:22
Wugdipix: you wouldn't by any chance know a command I could use to force reconfigure chromium-browser and all of its dependancies would you?21:23
Wuggod damnit21:23
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damselfly9Wug; very well, your computer is now damned21:24
Wugit already is21:24
Wugim trying to undamn it21:24
damselfly9Wug; is that website the only site your new chromium has a problem with?21:25
misterswagis it possible to add space from / to /var21:25
Wugdamselfly9: it's the only one I've found.  I've looked for others and not found any21:25
Wugfor the record, the website is https://cs.rit.edu/21:27
hehatemeis there a way to get win programs the require netframework to work on ubuntu21:27
damselfly9Wug; then consider yourself lucky you have many other web browsers to choose from21:27
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jacothank you so much to Wug and damselfly921:27
Wugdamselfly9: I'll pretend you're just trolling21:28
n0sqbummer, looks like i'll have to re-install 12.10 on one of my PC's - booted up knoppix to try to repair things but some files on the hard disk, like usermod, disappeared21:28
keelG@Yaro014  Glad I could help :)21:28
WugWould anyone by any chance know a command I could use to force reconfigure chromium-browser and all of its dependencies?21:30
damselfly9Wug; it is unfortunate tht not every browser works with every website, but that is the breaks. I have many sites that don't work with *all* browsers, so I have more than one browser available. That's hardly trolling to say it's a minor inconvenience21:30
ironhalikAny idea why my thinkpad with 12.10 installed would draw 25W of power when it should be around 10W at idle?21:31
keelG@misterswag Isn't you /var mounted @ /?21:31
keelG@Ironhalik - Do you have Laptop-mode-tools installed? Check with Powertop :)21:31
ironhalikkeelG: do I need to do some configuration after installing laptop mode tools?21:32
Wugdamselfly9: if you don't know how to reconfigure the package and all of its dependencies and can't think of anything else to try apart from using a different browser, then I'd appreciate if you would help other people and leave my query be21:33
hurleymanhello, I can't locate a media server irc so I apologize if this is in the wrong spot. I have been looking at switching to ubuntu for a media server21:33
=== Ryan is now known as Guest74618
hurleymanmainly for plex. I came across amahi anybody used it21:33
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
WugI have another computer with the same version of OS and browser that works fine, it's got to be a broken package or something21:34
kostkonhurleyman, https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/plexmediaserver/21:34
keelGironhalik: well, I have personally done some minor tweaks and adjustsments - but all in all, it does not require much config21:34
hehatemeis there a way to get win programs the require netframework to work on ubuntu21:34
damselfly9Wug; as you wish. I'll pretend you are just trolling21:34
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
keelGhehateme: check out the "mono" project, if you want to run .net code @native - else you'd probaly want to virtualize the MS environment21:36
=== Ryan_ is now known as ryanclancy000
PhysicsBrainGuys, greetings. Later I've installed the late ATI driver my Ubuntu QQ do not start anymore, appear a black screen with stains strange error. Anyone can help me?21:36
keelGPhysicsBrain: Do you get a console prompt if you press CTRL+ALT+F2 i.e.?21:37
WugPhysicsBrain: can you get us the text of the error?21:37
hehatemedoes mono run alongside wine?21:37
Wughehateme: I believe they are seperate21:38
hurleymankostkon, thankyou.  I came across that this morning and read up on the install.  looks simple enough.21:38
WugI'm not sure how much if any stuff they share between them21:38
kostkonhurleyman, yes, it should be easy21:38
keelGI am +1 with Wug21:38
hurleymankostkon, messed with amahi at all?21:38
Wug.NET applications are not strictly executables, so mono is probably just an implementation of the .NET framework21:39
kostkonhehateme, avahi? not really21:39
kostkonhurleyman, avahi? not really21:39
keelGI have some experience with Avahi21:39
hehatemewhat is avahi?21:39
hurleymanahahi or amahi?21:39
keelGBonjour / zero-config for you link local21:40
hurleymanavahi or amahi?21:40
kostkonhurleyman, oh it's amahi ok :P21:40
keelGavahi, I am sorry if I started up some confusion21:40
hurleymanno worries!!21:40
JPetersonhow do i programtaiclly from startx or other program run gnome instead of unity?21:42
hurleymanwhat about greyhole for disk pooling?21:43
WugJPeterson: have you googled it?  google yielded this: http://www.itworld.com/software/272614/use-gnome-classic-ubuntu-120421:43
keelGJPeterson: Install the Gnome DE21:43
Wughavent tested it21:43
BrewsterI have a friend that would like to use space on my vps to practice using wordpress21:44
JPetersonwith programatically i mean with an argument21:44
Brewsteroops forgot to finish21:44
k1l_JPeterson: could you first clarify which ubuntu you are using?21:45
k1l_JPeterson: and like told before. dont use startx. start the dm, like lightdm and choose the session there21:45
jrtappersHow do I stop Xorg -configure saying can't run in framebuffer mode, please specify Bus IDs21:45
k1l_JPeterson: so why were you talking about ubuntu 14.4 the last times you were asked o_O21:45
BrewsterI have a friend that would like to use space on my vps to practice using wordpress. However I really don't trust anyone with access to my vps. Is there a way that I can give them ftp access to only a specific directory?21:46
jrtappersBrewster, a user with only access to that folder by ftp may work21:46
keelGBrewster: I reckon all FTP server applications support ACL based on users21:46
jrtappersThinkT510, I have nearly solved the graphics problem21:47
Brewsteroh wait hold up I think I solved my problem21:48
jrtappersThinkT510, but Xorg -configure says it can't run in framebuffer mode, please specify Bus IDs21:48
Brewsteralright thanks21:48
carlom61Hi guys anybody with Ubuntu 12.10 + NVIDIA 310.xx and no errors with Unity?21:50
Wugcarlom61: im sure it depends on what graphics hardware you havw21:50
k1l_carlom61: i think there are alot users :)21:51
=== fx is now known as Guest7524
carlom61but there is an issue whereby after installation Unity disappears21:51
k1l_carlom61: you should describe your issue than talk about general problems21:52
carlom61I have default graphic drivers (x.org server Nouveau display) installed now, however, once I install updated Nvidia drivers eiter from website or proprietary NVIDIA binary, after reboot Unity disappears and I cannot get it back working. Is it possible that bloody NVIDIA ufficial drivers always cause this issue now?21:57
dodo_hi, my new ubuntu installation wont recognize any usb memory stick i instert in computer, this message appears:Adding read ACL for uid 999 to `/media/lubuntu' failed: Operation not supported21:57
k1l_carlom61: you tried the driver from the repo?21:58
carlom61same problem21:58
k1l_carlom61: you have the log from the install?21:58
keelGdodo_: I solution to your problem is desribed on the facebook wall of the official fanpage21:58
k1l_carlom61: maybe the kernel headers are missing21:58
alexxxxxxaHow to change IP adress? google doesnt help...21:58
dodo_keelg i dont have facebook acc21:58
alexxxxxxaIi even installed wicd21:59
keelGdodo_: hang on21:59
carlom61no because I have reinstalled fresh 12.10 now and I dont dare reinstall them b4 I get a solution working21:59
k1l_alexxxxxxa: restart router21:59
alexxxxxxabut just cant find "proxy" anywhere21:59
alexxxxxxait doesnt help21:59
alexxxxxxaI could do it on windows, by just typing "ipconfig /release, renew"...21:59
alexxxxxxaany hints?22:00
keelGdodo_: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Adding+read+ACL+for+uid+999+to+%60%2Fmedia%27+failed%3A+Operation+not+supported22:01
dodo_thank you keelg22:01
k1l_carlom61: no pm please22:01
wectorI gonna buy good shower22:03
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bsmith093i just upgraded via fresh install from lucid to precise , i had the gedit plugins  installed, they are still in the repo, so i got them again, but where does it svae sessions, becasuse non of my old sessions are there?22:06
HPChrisHey i'm trying to install ubuntu 12.10 along side win 7,  My win7 is on sda3 instead of sda1, before proceeding with installation it warns about possible boot failure risks and such,  any advice?22:06
Gleakerhello, I am trying to install ubuntu from the windows installer and its downloading the amd64 version and I do not have an amd processor... i assume this is ok?22:07
Gleakerthere was no option to pick anything different22:07
damselfly9Gleaker; no, it won't run22:07
keelGHPChris: Is your Windows already installed? If so, GRUB will mostlikely fix it for you NP. Else Have a liveCD ready with boot-repair.22:08
Gleakerit auto selected it i guess22:08
damselfly9Gleaker; you need a 64 bit cpu to run 64 bit linux22:08
keelGGleaker: AMD64 is if your cpu supports the x86_64 architecture22:08
guntbertdamselfly9: don't be silly - he defintely doesn't need an AND processor22:09
damselfly9he needs a 6422:09
Gleakeris there a way to convince the windows inatller i have an x86 system?22:09
carlom61hi guys, who is DEFINITELY using 12.10 + Nvidia 310.xx?22:10
ProdegoGleaker: yes that is ok22:10
k1l_carlom61: i am. but i told you that is not the way to resolve problems22:10
keelGGleaker: are you trying to install Windows?22:10
keelGGleaker: or installing Ubuntu FROM Windows?22:10
Gleakertrying to install ubuntu from the webpage, it has an installer22:11
keelGGleaker: I will find you another guide to install - hang on22:11
Gleakerfor some reason it d/l's and trys to install the amd64 version22:11
keelGGleaker: This guide has screenshots and it all: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Installing-Ubuntu-12-10-301012.shtml22:12
k1l_Gleaker: it is the 64bit version. the patent was invented by amd so its called amd64. but its for intel cpus, too22:12
keelGGleaker: i386/i686 is 32bit, and AMD64 is 64bit - if you have a computer from this decade - you should be able to run AMD64 just fine22:13
keelGGleaker: and as k1l_ says it doesnt matter if you have intel or AMD22:13
Gleakerok thanks, i will try it again cause it didnt work22:14
keelGGleaker: follow the guide I linked you22:14
HPChrismy win7 is on sda 3, recovery is on sda1,  howcome the ubuntu installer warns about possible boot failure before installation? never seen this before22:15
brianmunkdoes ubuntu 12.10 come with a new naming standard for wired network interfaces, my card is not eth0 but p6p1 and I just wondered why, does anyone have a answer or a site with more information?22:16
keelGbrianmunk: Not that I am aware of - my interfaces are named liked they've always been22:18
keelGHPChris: Because it will install GRUB instead of MS BCD22:18
keelGin the MBR22:18
=== randomx is now known as simpledot
HPChrisOkay thanks, I've installed it alongside before and would use the grub menu, windows would be inside the grub menu in the past , it has just never gave me this warning before, so things should be fine with detecting the windows partition aswell?22:20
n0sqduring re-install, i don't format /var but i get a message that all files under that directory will be deleted????22:20
keelGHPChris: I should think so yes22:20
HPChristhanks you kindly,  I'll be back if I have problems,22:21
orionarimma noob22:21
orionarHALP ME22:21
k1l_!ask | orionar22:21
ubottuorionar: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:21
keelGorionar: look at the channel topics for guidelines :)22:22
orionaroh ok22:22
liquidmetalAnyone here setup a dlna server on ubuntu?22:23
PhysicsBrainGuys, greetings. Later I've installed the late ATI driver my Ubuntu QQ do not start anymore, appear a black screen with stains strange error. Anyone can help me?22:23
orionarim sorry22:23
keelGPhysicsBrain: I have already enquired you for futher details22:23
PhysicsBrainSorry the late.. no text error, just the black screen and i cannot open the terminal.22:23
orionarfriend was making look bad22:23
keelGPhysicsBrain: what if you press CTRL + ALT + F222:24
Gnonthgolwhat is the precise-updates repo? do I want it?22:24
PhysicsBrainNothing keel G!22:24
PhysicsBrainMaybe the recuperation mode?22:25
keelGPhysicsBrain: you should try hold down "shift" when you boot, and boot ubuntu in recovery mode and reconfigure your xorg22:25
PhysicsBraingot it. Now I'm in BT other boot. I'll try and came tell you! Thanks Keel G!22:27
tb01110100Hello, I'm trying to install Ubuntu on my friend's Compaq Presario CQ57. However, the computer refuses to boot from the USB, though it shows up in the boot options menu.22:28
PhysicsBrainCan I do in other boot or only in the Ubuntu?22:28
tb01110100I select SanDisk, then it boots to Windows.22:28
damselfly9tb01110100; that happanes to me too, my pc has a low success rate of booting usb22:29
jwrigleyGnonthgol, what was that?22:30
Gnonthgolwhat is the precise-updates repo? do I want it?22:30
jwrigleyGnonthgol, are you asking conceptually what it is, or simply looking for the url?22:31
souperkhello, I have a problem! well, its not really a problem but.... being a newbie, its more a question! I would like to see the console messages scrolling at boot, instead of a black screen before desktop comes up!22:31
souperkhow can I do that?22:31
Gnonthgoljwrigley: conseptualy, the url is easy enough to find22:32
damselfly9souperk; it is a boot option you can specify in grub222:32
jwrigleysouperk, Generally escape will toggle that22:32
ring0souperk, remove 'splash' from /etc/default/grub afterwards run 'sudo update-grub'22:33
Gnonthgoljwrigley: but I ran into a dependency problem with perl on the main repo and wonders if I should activate the updates repo, however I do want lts22:33
tb01110100Hello, I'm trying to install Ubuntu on my friend's Compaq Presario CQ57. However, the computer refuses to boot from the USB, though it shows up in the boot options menu.22:33
souperkhello damselfly9 and ring0, thanks for your answers. ring0, do I have to edit that file "grub" right from ubuntu desktop?22:33
guntbert!repeat | tb0111010022:34
ubottutb01110100: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/22:34
ring0souperk, yes, you have to edit the file22:34
souperkI will try!22:34
souperkthe command "sudo update-grup" is important? or can I just boot the machine after the modification?22:35
damselfly9souperk; might be safer to comment it out than remove it altogether, so you don't forget where it went22:35
souperk*sudo update-grub *sorry22:35
ring0souperk, no you need to run the command afterwards or your adjustment will have no effect22:36
jwrigleyGnonthgol, Do you want it? Depends what version of Ubuntu you are running. A repository (repo for short) is the place from which ubuntu installs software. The updates repo contains recommended updates to software, precise-updates repo contains recommended updates for Ubuntu Precise Pangolin22:37
ring0damselfly9, how is he supposed to comment out splash in this line? GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"22:37
souperknice statement!22:38
souperkmaybe i can just put // in front of the line like i do in php files?22:38
damselfly9by copying the whole original line to a comment22:38
keelGtb01110100: It sounds like your machine doesn't want to boot the USB for one reason or the other. Does the USB boot on other machines, and are you using UEFI boot (Win8 certified machines)=22:38
ring0damselfly9, that would work22:38
tb01110100keelG: It's a W7.22:39
ring0souperk, uncommenting is done with a #22:39
keelGtb01110100: can you boot the USB on another machine?22:39
dcopehey all22:39
dcopeall of the sudden my 12.04 install is freaking out... it's like there is an input device clicking as fast as possible on my machine22:39
jwrigleyIn ubuntu jar-files can be executed if java is installed and the executable bit is set. Anyone know how that happens?22:39
dcopeany ideas?22:39
Gnonthgoljwrigley: I too have read the docs, but what exactly does recommended updates mean, is it major versions, minor versions or just patches, can it cause the system to become unstable?22:39
souperkI can put a line above that one with #GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"22:40
tb01110100keelG: BRB22:40
souperkso that I can still see how it was the original? is it ok?22:40
JokesOnYou77HI all, I'm getting a duplicate sources message when I run apt-get update and I think it has something to do with an extra Partners repo entry added by the software center, has anyone seen this before?22:40
keelGjwrigley: java -jar /path/to/jar.file22:40
damselfly9dcope; what is it doing at a rapid rate?22:41
Gnonthgoljwrigley: the kernel have options to register executors in userspace, when the kernel tries to run something that is not a shell file or an elf file it runs java22:41
dcopedamselfly9: it is hard to describe22:42
dcopedamselfly9: i right click on the desktop, and new folder is atuomatically selected22:42
dcopeby the time the right click is over, the new folder is also clicked like 15 times22:42
dcopeso now i have a bunch of open folders22:42
tb01110100keelG: Now that you mention it, No. :)22:43
dcopei think the sixaxis driver is cuasing it22:43
damselfly9dcope; does it keep doing that? or does it only happen when you right click?22:43
keelGtb01110100: That might be the root cause then ;) Use unetbootin, if you already tried that or it still fails - try to repartition/format the USB drive22:44
dcopedamselfly9: it keeps doing it22:44
dcopefor instance, i just clicked my user name in the top right of unity and it auto selected "Swithc User"22:44
damselfly9dcope; can you try a different mouse?22:44
dcopedamselfly9: i have22:44
dcopedamselfly9: i tried usb mouse and now i am over VNC22:44
damselfly9dcope; that's messed up alright22:45
dcopei removed the sixaxis driver but it's still happening22:45
JokesOnYou77Does anyone know why the software-center lists an extra Partners source that is "Added by Software-Center" and if it's safe to uncheck it?22:45
damselfly9what about a different usb port?22:45
dcopedamselfly9: i tried vnc too and it does it22:45
dcopewith the mouse unplugged22:45
Gnonthgoldcope: I hope you have checked the obvious and unplugged all the usb connections to see if there is another mouse hidden away22:45
dcopeit only happens after login all22:46
dcopei use the mouse at the login screen just fine. i log into my account and bam, it happens22:46
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest20876
damselfly9dcope; do have have any remote desktop options enabled?22:47
RollinV2JokesOnYou77, thats for software like dropbox vlc etc if i recall correctly. its safe to leave it on.22:47
dcopeargh this is annoying22:47
dcopedamselfly9: none, im doing vnc over ssh22:47
jwrigleyGnonthgol, precise-updates are considered to be stable, but as with any change it may introduce instability. Depending on the instability a new version will appear in either precise-security or again in precise-updates22:47
samo_svojI have a quuestion regarding default UI - currently it is Unity but entering into mobile phone market Ubuntu plans to use Qt for UI. Does it mean Ubuntu have plans to switch to KDE as default UI in future?22:47
dcopeis there a way to unload x drivers?22:48
jwrigleyGnonthgol, does that mean there is a kernel flag to activate java?22:48
dcopeor just reload the stock ubu x mouse driver?22:48
dr_willisyou can use qt without kde22:48
dcopeover ssh22:48
JokesOnYou77RollinV2, I think it's causing a duplicate sources entry: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1574253/22:48
damselfly9dcope; this only happened after you installed sixaxis?22:49
folorncould someone explain to me how to Add repositories from terminal please i forget " I've already imported the key so everything should be good just forgot the command all repos are debs too as well"?22:49
dcopedamselfly9: yes. "sixad" package. but i removed it and rebooted22:49
samo_svojdr_willis: of course you can, but it is more complex from developers perspective to mix GTK+ and Qt22:49
dr_willissamo_svoj: i belive some ubuntu apps are allready using qt. i foget what ones22:49
dcopedamselfly9: so it only happens when i click22:50
dcopei can mouse over a folder and it doesn't open22:50
dcopebut if i click it once to select it, like 10 new windows open22:50
samo_svojdr_willis: does it means ubuntu is leaving GTK+?