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smartboyhwGee thx zequence for the testimonial:)13:53
smartboyhwlen-1304, consider writing me a testimonial?14:56
len-1304WOW fancy new software updater.16:06
holsteinok.. how do we set cpu freq?18:17
holsteinwe, meaning, not me.. not with 'sudo cpufreq-set -r -g performance'18:18
len-1304holstein, Not sure what you mean... the we not me thing.18:19
len-1304It has to be done in root.18:20
len-1304It has to be done per core18:20
holsteinlike, how can a new user, not a programmer, coming to ubuntustudio do something that needs to be done18:20
holsteinwith a GUI18:20
holsteinlike we could in gnome218:20
holsteini think that is something a moderately advanced user might want18:21
len-1304holstein, I think the first step is to set the default to user18:21
holsteinlen-1304: you mean, default control?18:21
len-1304There are a number of cpu freq modes. There in ondemand, conservative, performance etc.18:22
len-1304There is also a user mode.18:23
len-1304There is a thing called xfce4-cpufreq-plugin18:23
holsteini install that18:24
holsteinbut it cant change anything18:25
holsteinits a nice GUI too18:25
len-1304All it can do right now with ondemand is monitor, but if set to userfreq I think it can.18:25
len-1304Let me test.18:25
holsteinlen-1304: i dont understand how to set to "userfreq".. i think that is the issue im having18:26
len-1304holstein, Can't even try it on this computer :P18:27
len-1304It runs full speed always18:27
len-1304Be back in a minute.18:28
holsteinlen-1304: no worries.. i can run th CLI command18:28
holsteini just think its a regression that we might be able to address18:28
Len-nbOK, this computer does the right stuff18:30
Len-nbcpufreq-info shows that the governors are:18:32
Len-nbconservative, ondemand, userspace, powersave, performance18:32
Len-nbSo cpufreq-set -c 0 -g USERSPACE sets things to user space18:34
holsteinOH.. lemme try that18:34
Len-nbWell it doesn't let the gui change speed.18:35
holsteinyeah... thats what i think we need18:36
holsteinlike in gnome218:36
holsteinfrom like ubuntu 7.10 and on18:36
holsteinjust recently regressed to a commandline only task18:36
Len-nbOK even as a userspace I still need sudo to change speed.18:38
holsteinwhat does "userspace" do then?18:38
Len-nbWhat I did.... :)  is I set up runlevel 2 as ondemend and runlevel 3 as performance18:38
Len-nbI have a command that can from userspace change runlevel18:39
holsteini used to just install an applet18:39
holsteini remember giving it permission18:39
Len-nbrun level 3 is "audio clean"18:39
holsteinthats a great idea18:39
holsteinmy studio machine hasnt been used much18:40
Len-nbI have an icon that gives three modes, desktop, audio, video and graphics18:40
holsteini had it uni-tasking18:40
holsteini hooked it up to my new-ish TV and now im using it more18:40
holsteindaily even18:40
holsteini'll be fine setting some shorcuts on the desktop to run the modes18:41
Len-nbIn audio mode, cron, anacrom, atd, mysql and my wifi are shut off18:41
Len-nbOh and the cpu is performance18:41
Len-nbI can also have the same utility shut off PA-jack bridging18:42
Len-nbBut I have found with the rest of the things I did, I don't really need to.18:43
holsteinwe shoud talk about working that into a GUI for the repos18:44
holsteina studio specific thing18:44
holsteinthings that we shouldnt do by default18:44
Len-nbI wrote it using: alltray, tk/tcl, bash and the polkit.18:44
Len-nbAnd upstart of course.18:45
Len-nbI would like to change the gui to python before I try releasing it, as tk doesn't play well with systray stuff18:46
Len-nbholstein, cadence, from falktx, looks like it will be able to do some of this. It is headed in that direction.18:48
Len-nbAlso the controls app zequence is working on.18:48
Len-nbI am not sure a third app is a good thing :)18:48
Len-nbStill I do have a command line that works now... it does need sudo file editing to configure it to the system though.18:50
Len-nbholstein, The thing to remember with performance mode is that many computers are noisier because the CPU fans are on full all the time.18:54
Len-nbSometimes very good performance can be had with a lower than full speed cpu that is not changing speed.18:54
Len-nbI found for example, I could get no xruns on this netbook running at half speed, but not with ondemand.18:56
holsteinmine is quiet though19:06
holsteinmost of the time i have it on on demend19:06
holsteinthe studio rig19:06
holsteini just like to bump it up to track19:06
Len-nbholstein, I have a bad wireless IF. My desktop is much better. The netbook would hardly be called a "pro audio" platform.19:40
Len-nbHowever, it does show up weakness in a system19:40

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