gwen_fifty-sixHello! I'm french but I don't found a solution to my problem in the french documentation... I'm on Ubuntu Studio, and I can't use 2 screens in the same time because I have a shadow on my first monitor.... You can help me?00:48
gwen_fifty-sixIf you have an idea, this is my mail box for topics, websites inscription and other.... Contact me! gwenel56 @ymail .com (remove spaces! ans this is y mail and not G mail!! :D)00:51
gwen_fifty-sixGood night! ;)00:51
UnWorldlyis there a library that most of the plugins are using for their dsp functions like your oscillators and fft's and stuff?04:22
kleanchapI am thinking of using ubuntustudio. Is SELinux installed by default on this distro?04:27
kleanchapHow much diskspace does a full install of ubuntustudio use?04:29
UnWorldlymine takes up about 100 gigs but its also full of music and software at this point04:35
UnWorldlyno selinux04:35
famax8hey people13:57
smartboyhwHello famax8 welcome back!13:57
famax8again havingthe same issue, ardour wont hear the line in - is connected with jack on13:57
famax8smartboyhw: hey man how are you?13:57
smartboyhwfamax8, fine13:58
famax8so yeah ardour wont get any signal i plugged it in jack and all buit nothing some on the wave or even the signal14:01
famax8woudl knwo why is this? it workd last night very well14:10
smartboyhwfamax8, weird. Did you try repeating steps and such?14:11
famax8tried unplug replug save stopstart etc14:12
famax8im really disappointed by USt 12.10 - only issue so far, the most simple task is impossible and help is fairly poor online - i never had ot go to the forums so far but this time no way to do different ^^14:18
famax8??????? aaalllooooooo???14:49
len-1304famax8, sorry I missed a lot of that.14:53
len-1304Just woke up.14:54
famax8len-1304: missed what?14:54
famax8oh right no problems - i was just wondering why the list of users is so big and nobody is talking today ^^14:54
len-1304Please remember there are very few of us and only on a volunteer basis.14:54
len-1304The way we work is that we leave the IRC open all the time so that if some one asks a question while we are not hear we can read it and respond when we are here.14:55
famax8i know but still over the 54 users ther must be people talking tho not necessarly doing support14:55
smartboyhwfamax8, I really want to, but quite busy now14:56
len-1304I aslo think that some of the users listed don't remember that they are :)14:56
famax8but at least talking bs as usual14:56
famax8hahaha yeah i thought so14:56
famax8smartboyhw: u at work?14:56
len-1304There never seems to have been here14:56
smartboyhwfamax8, no I am a 14-year-old student!14:57
famax8len-1304: hahahah15:00
famax8smartboyhw: wow and u know about your stuff alredy at 14 - good to see that i wasnt the only one lol15:01
len-1304Most of the talk is I have this problem... wait two minutes and vanish.15:01
smartboyhwfamax8, what's your age then?:P15:01
famax8me im 28 now15:32
famax8and i didnt vanish im trying to sort this thing out ^^15:32
famax8in order to post the solutoin here after so it helps others - isnt it what we are here for?15:33
len-1304Double then. And I am almost double that.15:33
famax8len-1304: u an oldies then haha if anyone start to take the piss about it tell them u nto old u an original lmao15:34
len-1304I learned audio as digital was just being introduced. The first Radio stations I working still used turntables.15:35
famax8i use turntables as well when im mixing funk16:14
famax8and stuff like this16:14
famax8now i try to do it all on pc and live with my time16:14
gwen_fifty-sixHello! I'm french but I don't found a solution to my problem in the french documentation... I'm on Ubuntu Studio, and I can't use 2 screens in the same time because I have a shadow on my first monitor.... You can help me?If you have an idea, this is my mail box for topics, websites inscription and other.... Contact me! gwenel56 @ymail .com (remove spaces! ans this is y mail and not G mail!! :D)17:12
holsteingwen_fifty-six: i use arandr17:14
holsteinhttp://www.webupd8.org/2012/11/how-to-use-multiple-monitors-in-xubuntu.html is relevant, though i dont suggest updating XFCE17:14
holsteingwen_fifty-six: no one will likely email you, though you are welcome to join and post to the mailing list if you prefer emails17:14
holsteini would elaborate as to what a 'shadow' is17:15
holsteinif you mean, you are tring to set up dual head, and the screens are mirrored and not spanning, then try arandr17:16
holsteinworks for me... and the 2nd link talks about how to make those settings persistent17:16
gwen_fifty-sixI use arandr too, but when I select VGA, my 2 screens are in fonction but in my netbook, i have a shadow in the middle of my screen, and this a 'degradé'... I can see all, this is just in the shadow... I haven't understand all you have say in my mail... Sorry...17:20
holsteingwen_fifty-six: i would try /join #xubuntu-fr17:22
holsteini dont understand what a "shadow" is, other than a hardware issue..17:22
gwen_fifty-sixhum... the problem, this is when I start my computer, I have the shadow too...17:24
gwen_fifty-sixThen, no programs are in fonction.....17:24
holsteingwen_fifty-six: i dont understand what a "shadow" is17:24
gwen_fifty-six(I hope you understand what I say...)17:25
holsteingwen_fifty-six: i know what a shadow is to me.. its a dark place17:25
gwen_fifty-sixI don't know too!17:25
holsteinif you have a hardware issue, then software will not fix it17:25
holsteinotherwise, feel free to take pictures and/or screenshots17:25
gwen_fifty-sixI send to you screen shots if you are here tonight... I'm not with my other screen...17:26
holsteingwen_fifty-six: you should go to that french-speaking xubuntu support channel when you are ready to solve your issue17:27
gwen_fifty-sixXubuntu is on XCFE too?17:27
gwen_fifty-sixXubuntu is with XCFE too?17:28
gwen_fifty-sixThank you!17:28
gwen_fifty-sixSee you! ;)17:29
whoo‌ #snowlinux20:16
leebtronA question that may be better for a different channel, but I'm asking it here because it involves UStudio, and UStuddio has been primarily the cause of the issue - I've been having difficulties with keeping the installatino functional, and not interfering with my other OS, Slackware-1420:30
leebtronI've had unusual things, random errors start to occur after updating UStudio, and have had random malfunctions happen after UStudio overwrites my standard bootloader LILO on my Slack OS20:31
leebtronand do I need to use the UStudio session login for my audio apps to operate correctly?20:32
len-1304There are some loaded questions.20:35
len-1304Yes ubuntu (of any kind, probably any debian based distro) will over write LILO if you tell the install to put it's loader in the same place as LILO was.20:36
holsteini would just have slack as the main, and let it boot ubuntustudio20:36
holsteinyou can always install on separate drives20:37
len-1304The grub install does try to set itself up so it can boot any OS it finds on the disks.20:37
holsteinyou can even unhook the cables, if you are worried about it20:37
holsteinyeah, grub is made to take over20:37
holsteinand you are asking it to20:37
holsteinif you dont want it to, dont use it20:37
len-1304When installing, It is possible to set grub up to install on the partition you are installing to, but that is not default, you have to select that manually.20:38
holsteinyou dont have to use grub at all20:39
holsteinwhen i have multiple ubuntustduio installs for testing, i dont reinstall grub.. i'll have one "main" one, and i'll install, and go back to main and run "sudo update-grub"20:39
leebtron2apologies, timedout. how do I review the logs, please?20:45
holsteinleebtron2: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1573917/ i'll just put it in a pastie20:48
leebtron2thanks a bunch holstein20:48
holsteinleebtron2: np :)20:49
leebtron2I am running a system76 laptop (GAZP8) i7  quad-core, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD which I have partitioned like so - 'top' of drive down: /dev/sda1 - 256 MB ext2 for /boot; /dev/sda2 8GB swap; /dev/sda5 16GB ext4 'slackware root'; /dev/sda6 ext4 'UStusdio root'; /dev/sda7 ext3 '/home' shared across both distros.20:54
leebtron2when it was running the smoothest, I had Slack as my primary OS, and LILO as my primary BootLoader, and chainloaded to GRUB2 which was installed on /dev/sda6.20:55
holsteinsometimes i isolate... on different drives or whatever.. depends on how mission critical it is20:55
holsteini would just have one bootloader20:56
leebtron2but I've been slightly confuzzled by some of the packages descriptions in synaptic, and have botched the UStudio install, or certain aspects of it, and have had certain issues when trying to recorrect and/or reinstall.20:56
leebtron2my preference would be to have just one bootloader20:57
leebtron2preferablly LILO, but UStudio doesn't seemto like that, and I haven't been able to get slack to play nicely when only using GRUB.20:57
leebtron2I didn't mind chainloading grub, it kind of gave me a second oppoprtunity to go back to LILO/Slack, but I'd probably7l wind up setting GRUB2 to default to UStudio and not display the menu at all.20:59
leebtron2I'm an old linux guy, RH/fedora core 6, and started using slack around 12, 13.37, and now 14. TBH, the newer, 'user-friendly' distros have confusedme for a bit21:01
leebtron2i'm used to seeing a bit more of what's happening, and I don't completely understand what the system is doing in UStudio. How I botched the installs before were by installing packages through synaptic that wound up disabling key components of the system21:02
leebtron2I installed gnome-session, and one of the network applets would uninstall a key nwetworking componoent, and I couldn't get it back w/o a reinstall21:03
leebtron2i guess either synaptic didn't describe it thoroughly enough, or there was an additional tab or section i wasn't seeing before i clicked 'apply'21:04
leebtron2when i want to work with audio, do i need to use the 'UStudio' session from the login manager, or do the packages incorporate fully into the xfce and gnome-sessions if they're installed?21:05
holsteinleebtron2: the packages are just that.. they work where ever21:06
leebtron2I ask because when i've been browsing synaptic from an 'XFCE' login session, some of the programs that I thought were default packages are not listed as installed.21:07
leebtron2that's what I thought.21:07
leebtron2can you tell me what then is the difference, exactly, from the differing sessions on the login screen?21:08
leebtron2like is it a startup configuration script or something?21:08
leebtron2opkay, cool beans21:08
leebtron2when i've been going through trying to trim down the install, removing the asian languages i do not, and probably will not ever speak, as well as the SCIM input methods/anthy and all of that why some of the seemingly core UStudio meta packages seem to be dependent on their installation?21:09
holsteinleebtron2: i would say, you dont need ubuntustudio21:10
holsteinyou can use all this software in slackware21:10
holsteinif you want ubuntustudio, i would use it more 'as-is'21:10
leebtron2I don't mind having spanish and german language support, but the asian stuff is more than i'd like21:10
holsteinits not really designed for the uber-geek to load up and 'trim down' and trick ou21:10
holsteinyou can, and are encouraged to, but it will be uncessarily challenging21:11
holsteinand for what? 70kb's free on the hard drive?21:11
holsteinthis is production.. you will be creating large files21:11
leebtron2I am aware, and have installed and used many of the packages on my desktop in slack, but Ilike the default config of UStudio, and the low-latency kernel21:11
leebtron2i thought they took up alot more than that21:12
leebtron2and TBH, it's been a very long time since i've had a HDD so small, which has made me a bit paranoid21:12
holsteini wouldnt worry til you need to21:12
holsteinthen, i would not run multiple OS's on it21:12
holsteini would slim down that way21:13
holsteinyou can mostly use all of our stuff from the live DVD21:13
holsteinif space becomes an issue21:13
holsteinok.. gotta run.. good luck, and check out #opensourcemusicians ..we had a few slackware users in there21:13
leebtron2I'm usually on a HDD of 250GB plus for the OS, and I have a 3TB RAID 10 NAS unit for my main storage, and only keep around what i've actively working on21:13
leebtron2thanks for all the info and help holstein21:14
xrswhats up with me getting rolled from #ubuntu for using Ubuntu Studio?22:16
xrswas told im not allowed to ask support questions for USt in #ubuntu or #xubuntu22:17
amarettoxI'm having some trouble using jack22:29
xrsim not experienced in supporting jack, if no one answers here you could try #jack22:31
amarettoxoh i see, connect to #jack instead of #ubuntustudio ?22:31
xrsu dont have to leave, but thats the official channel of the jack project. theres people in here who know jack, but right now it seems every one is afk22:33
amarettoxthanks man, ill give it a go22:35
xrswell that could have gone better....22:36

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