Cheri703I have no idea how to file a bug against it though00:04
Cheri703might wait til this weekend when apparently pre1 will be out? I dunno00:04
Cheri703blergh, back working now in xubuntu, but had to go back to 4.12, it did not like ppa-purge00:05
xubuntu350How do you upgrade this to a studio version? minimalist install?00:14
filantropusCan someone tell me how can i activate the java plug in mozzila?00:27
frejjjhi all00:39
frejjjhow do i add a repository using a xubuntu live session usb stick to login to linux, i need to fix grub so its on the right partition cause right now i cant boot my allready installed xubuntu 12.10 so i had to use the "try live" from USB to fix this00:41
frejjjroot@xubuntu:/# sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update00:42
frejjjsudo: unable to resolve host xubuntu00:42
frejjjCannot access PPA (https://launchpad.net/api/1.0/~yannubuntu/+archive/boot-repair) to get PPA information, please check your internet connection.00:42
frejjji get that error now and dont understand why00:42
Cheri703that package might not support xubuntu?00:43
Unit193frejjj: Did you try checking your internet?00:44
Cheri703it's about the hostname of the computer maybe?00:44
frejjjbtw, i am using an UEFI bios, and i installed GRUB on /dev/sdb/ which is the hdd that holds my main windows 7 partitions, does UEFI bios need some special setup?00:45
Unit193!uefi | All documented here, used it once before myself.00:45
ubottuAll documented here, used it once before myself.: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI00:45
frejjjUnit193, doh, i am on the internet now? and everything works in FF etc, can google etc.00:46
frejjjthanks for that link Unit193, will read!00:47
Unit193frejjj: As you are already root, you don't need to use sudo.00:47
frejjjyeah i know, i can try it without, sec00:48
frejjjroot@xubuntu:/# add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair00:49
frejjjCannot access PPA (https://launchpad.net/api/1.0/~yannubuntu/+archive/boot-repair) to get PPA information, please check your internet connection.00:49
Unit193Did you check the link Cheri703 had?00:51
frejjjnope, checking it now!00:53
frejjjbut i can sudo00:55
frejjji just did not know the root passwd for xubuntu live cd so i created a new one00:55
frejjjmaybe i should just try and install https://sourceforge.net/projects/boot-repair-cd/files/ on a USB stick?00:56
frejjjand follow the UEFI advice00:56
Unit193frejjj: Real quick, try   wget https://launchpad.net/~yannubuntu/+archive/boot-repair/+files/boot-repair_3.197%7Eppa28%7Equantal_all.deb00:57
frejjjshould i be in my mounted installed /dev/sda1/ {/ partition} or on my live usb stick disk?00:58
frejjjroot@xubuntu:/# wget https://launchpad.net/~yannubuntu/+archive/boot-repair/+files/boot-repair_3.197%7Eppa28%7Equantal_all.deb00:59
frejjj--2013-01-26 01:59:36--  https://launchpad.net/~yannubuntu/+archive/boot-repair/+files/boot-repair_3.197%7Eppa28%7Equantal_all.deb00:59
frejjjCould not seed PRNG; consider using --random-file.00:59
frejjjDisabling SSL due to encountered errors.00:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:02
Unit193Do you have any space on that?  df -h01:02
knomefrejjj, please use that when pasting - thanks!01:02
frejjj15GB available01:03
Unit193You've got some interesting errors, you could try that live cd if you'd like.01:03
frejjj15% used01:03
frejjjyeah i think i might boot back into windows and download that boot-repair iso and install it onto my usb stick and boot into that01:03
frejjjand i need to fix all the bios UEFI stuff too first tho01:04
Unit193frejjj: You did get the 64bit Xubuntu?01:04
frejjji did01:07
frejjji think i will use that, since the repair iso page recomended that for UEFI and more recent computers01:07
frejjjthanks guys for all help, bye01:12
frejjjdamn wrong keyboard set01:12
xubuntu485hi, i have an old  notebook, it is so slow on facebook, i need help about install ayn linux01:36
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:51
Guest7267Hi. All my title bars are grey. How do I make the focused window be blue? Yes, I have pressed a lot of obvious-looking buttons, but no result.02:13
Ribertyhow can i get .bashrc to work?03:58
Unit193What do you mean by getting it to work?03:59
Ribertyi looked at the .bashrc file and it said that i needed to put my alisess into .bash_aliases, which i did but i get error msg04:01
Unit193What error?04:02
Ribertyactually i put a alias into .bashrc04:02
Ribertyalias conke=’(leafpad /home/manuel/.conkyrc  &)’04:02
Unit193Should be like   alias why='cat /var/run/reboot-required.pkgs'04:02
Ribertyterminal outputs no command 'conke'04:03
Unit193Did you re-source it?04:03
Unit193As in, open another terminal?04:03
Ribertyoh ok04:04
Ribertyok that worked. so if i wanted to edit multiple documents i would put "&" sign between each?04:05
Unit193Can't you just either open with the file manager, or leafpad ~/.con<tab> ?04:06
Ribertywell im editing multiple conky docs and their scripts04:08
Ribertyso its a lot easier to type in one command to link all the documents to open at once04:08
rk0nWhat's the app called that regular Ubuntu uses for audio control? I'd like to install it on my xubuntu setup.04:59
holsteinrk0n: theres pavucontrol05:05
rk0nYeah, I found it thank you. Do you know how I can set the tray icon to show? I'm trying to figure it out right now.05:05
rk0nPadevchooser looks like, I'll try it outl.05:07
rk0nOkay apparently that's a really old thread, heh.05:08
lewis1711how does one control the channel that the volume up keys change? using them produces no audible change, so I am guessing they are working on a different channel06:53
lewis1711the media hot keys I mean, volume +, volume -, mute06:53
heraclitisAnyone know if xubuntu runs well in a virtualbox?06:56
heraclitisI want to virtualize xubuntu in a xubuntu host.06:56
nicholosophywhen transferring files between two disks, I seem to get this pausing of all other gui programs07:12
nicholosophythought it might be thunar but nautilus is doing it too07:13
nicholosophyany suggestions?07:13
heraclitisuse cp and mv from cli07:14
heraclitisthe syntax is "cp </dir/to/source/file> </dir/to/destination/file>" (if you want to copy)07:16
nicholosophyyer I know07:17
heraclitisWell that's my suggestion.07:17
heraclitiswhat is the minimum ram allocation necessary for xubuntu to run with no issues?09:00
slimjimflimhi, the border around all my windows just disappeared.  i can't minimize/maximize/close windows.  not sure what caused it.09:40
baizonslimjimflim: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78344909:42
slimjimflimbaizon: win09:44
slimjimflimis that a permanent fix?09:44
baizoni mean no09:44
baizonif it happens again just run that command09:44
baizonit can happen again09:45
heraclitiswhat is the difference between OEM and Normal mode when installing ubuntu from alternate image?10:57
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate10:58
heraclitiswhat does that do?10:59
TheSheepheraclitis: it displays you a link to the documentation where it is all explained, enjoy10:59
heraclitisoh thanks10:59
Unit193Basically, one askes for user info during install, other asks on first boot.  (I think, could be more.  URL )11:01
heraclitisI just installed on virtualbox, and it asked me all the same questions, including the encrypted lvm questions, username/password, etc. I saw no differences. That's why I ask.11:04
heraclitisI figured it out, thanks11:14
c2tarunHi friends, is it possible to write desktop widgets for Xubuntu?11:49
c2tarunheraclitis, is there any tutorial for that? I tried googling Xubuntu widget development but all I found is how to run KDE widgets on Xubuntu11:50
theadminHi, is there a way to disable trash in Thunar and have it delete stuff right away? I know of Shift-Delete but I keep forgetting that exists. Running 12.04.11:51
c2taruntheadmin, I don't think so, though if you find one, please share11:58
theadminc2tarun: Will do if I don't forget. Okay then, see you.11:59
nantoua year ago or so a chatter told me about an app to edit 2 windows of a text editor within the same app, he used it to translate11:59
nantoucan anyone tell me the name of the app?11:59
heraclitishere's a script I found: http://forum.vectorlinux.com/index.php?topic=16180.011:59
heraclitisit adds an option to the "send to" menu, bi-passing the trash, using "rm -rf"12:00
Unit193c2tarun: http://wiki.xfce.org/faq#file_manager Not at this point.12:05
c2tarunUnit193, I think you mean theadmin12:06
* c2tarun he left :P12:06
Unit193Yep, but you were interested too, sort of. :P12:07
c2tarunUnit193, yup :)12:12
xubuntu155someone online ?13:26
MoL0ToVhowto add autologin on xubuntu?14:22
koegsMoL0ToV: http://xubuntu.org/news/faq-1204-precise/14:38
baizoni dont understand it... open google.com, type in autologin xubuntu and the first result is what youre searching :/15:09
koegsbaizon: we are the better google frontend15:12
baizoni think so15:12
baizonit takes less time to type that in google then ask here =)15:12
MoL0ToVif i use the fn +f4/f5 keys, brightness don't change. is a keyboard problem? i can change by applet..15:41
baizonMoL0ToV: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Debugging/Backlight15:43
Cheri703MoL0ToV: we discussed this yesterday, you said the backlight is fine it is just a matter of having the functions mapped to the keyboard. did you search your model and that issue? Have you checked out custom keyboard mapping options?15:44
MoL0ToVi searched the model but no results15:49
MoL0ToVi'm trying xev | sed -n 's/^.*state \([0-9].*\), keycode *\([0-9]\+\) *\(.*\), .*$/keycode \2 = \3, state = \1/p'15:50
Cheri703what is the model again?15:50
MoL0ToVon xubuntu15:50
MoL0ToVbut nothing appears when i stryke the keys15:50
MoL0ToVmodel is asus k56ca15:50
Cheri703MoL0ToV: you might try a combination of xbindkeys and xev15:51
Cheri703that's how I made my mouse have custom buttons. you set up a config file for xbindkeys and the "action" is the xev command15:51
Cheri703one sec15:51
Cheri703actually it's xte with xbindkeys sorry15:52
Cheri703so the context here is referring to mouse customizing, but you can use it for keyboard clicks as well15:52
Cheri703oh, that's arch15:53
Cheri703but still15:53
Cheri703similar idea because it's xbindkeys and xte15:54
Cheri703example from my config:15:54
Cheri703"xte 'keydown Shift_L' 'keydown Control_L' 'keydown Alt_L' 'key c' 'keyup Shift_L' 'keyup Control_L' 'keyup Alt_L'"15:54
Cheri703b:12 + release15:54
Cheri703"xte 'keydown Control_L' 'key c' 'keyup Control_L'"15:54
Cheri703"xte 'keydown Control_L' 'key v' 'keyup Control_L'"15:54
Cheri703MoL0ToV: does that look like it will help at all?16:05
Cheri703Sorry if I came across rude before >_< I woke up recently16:05
MoL0ToVi have no enough time to try16:06
MoL0ToVi go to work! bye16:07
MegabyteI have noticed that neither my mouse nor my tablet (Wacom Bamboo) are turned on by default when the system boots. What should I do?16:09
MegabyteCheri703, Hey Cheri16:09
boolit does not seem like XUbuntu creates logical partitions even if I select it in the manual partitioning16:09
Cheri703I am new to xubuntu (switched from vanilla ubuntu), so I will help where I can, but mostly observing :)16:10
genoobiehey all16:27
genoobiejust installed xubuntu'16:27
genoobieporblem with getting the wlan going16:27
genoobienot sure how to proceed16:27
GridCube!details | genoobie16:30
ubottugenoobie: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:30
genoobiesorry, I should have been more specific GridCube16:31
genoobieokay, I am a bit of a noob16:31
genoobieI have a PCMCIA wlan card16:31
genoobieit's a broadcom16:31
genoobieit was not "recognized" on install16:32
GridCubedo lspci and paste the part of bcm blah blah bla16:32
genoobienetwork controller Broadcom BCM4306 blah (rev 02)16:32
GridCubelol, blah16:33
Cheri703genoobie: did you try the "additional drivers" thing? I had to google where to find it in xubuntu16:33
Cheri703it's under "software sources" in the settings manager16:33
GridCubejust copy paste the actual result so google is more friendly16:33
genoobie802.11b/g wireless lan16:33
genoobiesee I only have wireless16:33
Cheri703ah, nvm16:33
genoobieso I can't copy and paste unfortunately16:33
genoobiebut the detail is there16:33
genoobieyes, on additional drivers16:34
genoobieit's not listed16:34
GridCubegenoobie, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx16:34
genoobiecan I use the install cd for that?16:34
Cheri703:/ might need a wired connection to get it16:34
genoobieoh, hrm16:34
genoobielet me see if I can get on16:34
Guest30042Hi :) I wanted to use Xubuntu on my thinkpad and everything is working nicely. However, when using my dock + external monitor(s) things are really getting annoying. (I know I could use scripts and key shortcuts etc, but thats just not really comfortable) So my question is: is it possible to somehow use the "auto-setting-stuff" like in Unity/gnome3/etc?17:02
holsteinauto setting stuff?17:02
holsteinwhat is happening? and what do you want to have happen?.. you want to mirror the display when you plug it in? what are you calling a dock??17:03
baizonGuest30042: you can always write / get event scripts. That can be one sollution17:03
genoobieI'm back :)17:04
genoobieI tried additional driver17:04
Cheri703Guest30042: I don't know that it's the "official" recommendation, but this worked for me overall (some panel things that are not behaving how I want, but overall it's been fine) http://www.webupd8.org/2012/11/how-to-use-multiple-monitors-in-xubuntu.html Disclaimer: you can't easily downgrade if you upgrade to xfce 4.12 (I tried that last night, it didn't work well, had to go back up)17:04
genoobieI tried the additional drivers option17:04
Cheri703genoobie: any luck?17:04
genoobiewell it's been saying "download and installing" driver for about 5 min17:04
genoobiewonder if I should cancel17:05
Cheri703yeah, it took a long time on mine when I tried to do a video driver, felt like too long, but it eventually did it17:05
genoobieokay, will wait17:05
genoobieit's an older system17:05
genoobieI really like the distro so far17:05
genoobieseems pretty peppy on a PIII 800 with 384 Ram17:05
genoobieI think I can convince my family to switch17:06
genoobiewith this OS17:06
genoobiemostly winxp users here17:06
genoobieCheri703, any way to tell if it is "working"17:08
Guest30042Cheri703: Hm, i read something about better support in 4.12, but i think thats not really what i want. => When I put my laptop in the dock, I want it to automatically switch to the external one and disable the laptop one. => when pulling it back out, it should reverse that. AND also resitze the wondows. (from 27" to 12" some windows just get "lost"17:08
Cheri703ah, as far as automatic I don't know :s (also what thinkpad do you have? I've been eyeing them)17:09
Guest30042Cheri703: I'm using a x22017:09
Cheri703ah, ok17:09
genoobieseems like an unbelievably long time17:10
Cheri703genoobie: I'm not sure how to tell, sorry :/17:10
genoobieokay, going to go out for a bit17:11
Guest30042Cheri703: atm I'm running elementary OS on it and docking etcetc is just wonderfull, however I'm missing features (overall) and wan't to switch to something new17:11
Cheri703ah, ok17:12
genoobiestill load17:16
genoobieloading that17:16
genoobieurgh still loading that is17:16
genoobiethere's something wrong17:16
Cheri703yeah, possibly restart and try again? not sure :s17:16
holsteinq: i add xfce4-cpufreq-plugin, and added it to the panel.. what do i do to "juice it up" so that it can control the cpu governor settings?18:00
hhhzzzainhello, when you click on the battery icon "power icon" with left-click. is it suppose suppose to expand a window showing more information? or does it only open a notification window?19:59
hhhzzzainanyone there?20:12
hhhzzzainneed someone to quickly confirm something.20:12
hhhzzzainwhen you click on the battery icon "power icon" with left-click. is it suppose suppose to expand a window showing more information? or does it only open a notification window?20:12
Fieldyif I create /etc/network/if-up.d/zzz-firewalling-and-forwarding with some custom iptables commands, they should get executed last when networking comes up right? I did exactly that and even the exact same commands for another install however on this latest one it's not getting executed, or something is overriding it later. it is mode 755 like the others in that directory20:26
holsteinhhhzzzain: i dont have any good test cases for that right now.. what is the issue?20:40
hhhzzzainholstein, just wanted to know if the power icon when clicked expands or opens a windows showing status of batter, time left, brightness etc? or it does nothing?20:44
hhhzzzainonly if i move the mouse over it, a black notification appears telling those information but I can not change brightness that way (I have to press the function key and use arrows key).20:45
holsteinhhhzzzain: i have jupiter installed here, and the other machine i have is a desktop.. the ones handy, that are running xfce20:45
hhhzzzainmy comment is why does xubuntu does not have a brightness slider by default?20:46
holsteinhhhzzzain: not sure... i think its because its challenging to provide that for all different types of hardwrae20:46
hhhzzzainyou have to go and install the "power-manager-plugins" after researching about it then "add to panel" brightness slider.20:46
holsteinhhhzzzain: you might have to install that, but others may not20:46
hhhzzzainholstein, also when you press "restart", does it restart completely for you?20:48
holsteinit? meaning the machine?20:48
holsteini would say, usually.. some hardware cases it doesnt do anything20:48
holsteindepends on the driver support20:48
hhhzzzainbecause when I press restart, no what distro, it can not restart, it hangs with the blank black screen, I have to manually hold the power button to shut down again and start.20:51
holsteinyou can usually add in whatever you want/need.. with FOSS hhhzzzain , the answer is almost always "yes you can", but the "how you do it" can be challeing20:51
alegenhey anyone who has experience with davmail?20:51
hhhzzzainnot me alege,20:52
holsteinhhhzzzain: in a lot of ways, linux is linux, and we all kind of have similare hardware support, or access to it20:52
hhhzzzaini understand.20:53
hhhzzzainfor being practical, you have to resort to what gets the job done (windows) but you have to promote the better future (open source).20:53
holsteinsometimes, trying a proprietary graphics driver can really make things easier.. or more complicated20:53
holsteinwell, its the drivers that "get the job done"20:54
holsteinthe manufacturer can provide you a driver for whatever operating system you choose to run20:54
holsteincould be the best drivers are written for windows... the drivers that work best with your hardware.. but that has nothing to do with windows20:54
hhhzzzaini understand. but what i am saying is, for the end user who have less experience, do not expect them to rush over to foss and be happy.20:55
hhhzzzaina lot of :(20:56
holsteini dont expect anything.. im just saying, dont expect hardware to work when the manufacterer doesnt support it20:56
hhhzzzainfor example, recently i have switch from firefox to chrome because firefox kept crashing because of flash.20:56
holsteinall of the manufacturers are free to, and encouraged to write drivers for whatever platform20:57
holsteinhhhzzzain: that is *not* an analog20:57
holsteinflash is however not well supported on linux20:57
holsteini switched to chrome as well, but that has nothing to do with firefox..20:57
holsteinthey dont package (nor are they allowed to) their own flash like chrome does20:57
hhhzzzainyou switched for different reason.20:57
holsteini know that flash is what it is. and it not well supported20:58
holsteini switched years ago with firefox was slow, but its fast again.. and flash is still not great for us20:58
holsteinbut, flash is always able, and welcome to be properly implemented20:59
hhhzzzainI did not make my point clear, but you get it.20:59
holsteinhhhzzzain: if you bought a system76 machine for example that comes with ubuntu, all would just work for you.. just as the windows install20:59
hhhzzzainI know.20:59
holsteinshould you use xubuntu? if you want.. will it work? if there are drivers20:59
holsteinno one "expects" you to switch though... especially not the manufacturer of your hardware, which provided you drivers for windows21:00
holsteincan you us xubuntu on your machine? sure.. but the experience might be challenging depeding on hardware support21:00
holsteinthat really goes for *any* operating system the manufacturer doesnt support21:01
hhhzzzainand here is the one of the key stages. Unless you can get computer manufacturers to support, you will continue to have problems. But the end users do not know about gnu/linux and would not know that they need to buy those computers. They go to a store and buy a laptop (supported for windows) and later they find out about ubuntu (for example).21:02
holsteinhhhzzzain: they can support it... and many do21:03
hhhzzzainyes as linux have gained popularity.21:03
holsteinhhhzzzain: you can buy a linux system from resellers such as system7621:03
hhhzzzainwhat about dell, hp, acer, asus?21:03
hhhzzzainthey did not decide to randomly start building computers that support both windows 8 and linux.21:04
holsteinhhhzzzain: i bought a linux machine from hp and one from asus.. and i have seen them from dell, and they still do21:04
hhhzzzainsomeone had to pressure them, show the,.21:04
hhhzzzainwere they originally windows machines?21:04
holsteinhhhzzzain: no. i purchases them from the manufacturer with linux21:04
hhhzzzaindid windows come installed21:04
holsteinhhhzzzain: no21:04
holsteinhhhzzzain: no windows.. just linux21:04
hhhzzzainsee but you were aware.21:05
hhhzzzainmost people are not.21:05
holsteinhhhzzzain: ?.. you can be too21:05
hhhzzzainI am also.21:05
hhhzzzainwhat about my father??21:05
hhhzzzaindoes he know what I know?21:05
holsteini dont disagree that the end user can have a challenge, but there is nothing we can do here about it21:05
holsteinwe are not allowed to have the ability to support some hardware21:05
hhhzzzainyes we two can not and not in this channel.21:06
holsteinhhhzzzain: not in the linux community in many places with certain hardware21:06
hhhzzzainso what is your point?21:07
holsteinhhhzzzain: ?.. just that.. that you might not get support for you hardware from the linux community21:07
holsteinyou might not be able to21:07
holsteinits not that we dont want to.. it might be that we cant21:07
hhhzzzainmy point is, that someone has to work with manufacturers (canonical).21:08
hhhzzzainI understand you completely but we are talking about two different but related things.21:08
holsteinhhhzzzain: im sure they are tryiing21:08
hhhzzzainI know.21:08
holsteinhhhzzzain: and they do in some cases, but that doesnt mean that it will always work.. if the manufacturer doesnt want to21:09
holsteinhhhzzzain: i would contact canonical for that, or /join the #xubuntu-offtopic channel to discuss21:09
hhhzzzainyou did get me at all.21:10
hhhzzzainI am not complaining. I am just point the importance of a big player/organization such as canonical or any other and their role in foss21:11
hhhzzzainwell that is settled.21:11
boolwhy isnt the grub boot loader updated to show Xubuntu instead of Ubuntu?21:11
holsteinhhhzzzain: i dont think so, but you are welcome any ot channels...21:12
holsteinbool: xubuntu *is* ubuntu21:12
holsteinbool: what is the issue eactly?21:12
hhhzzzainit will not show "xubuntu".21:15
hhhzzzainit will show "ubuntu" because it is ubuntu with xfce desktop and some modification.21:16
hhhzzzainso they decided that is better to show as "ubuntu" on the grub menu.21:16
boolyeah, ok21:17
booli can live with it21:17
souperkhello, I have just installed xubuntu. How come when the system boots, until the desktop22:26
souperkthere's only a black screen?22:26
souperkI would like to see... the boot text... how can I do that?22:26
souperki mean, all the console messages showing at boot, before the desktop comes up.22:27
recon_lapsouperk: whats the last thing you see before the blank screen ?22:28
recon_lapsouperk: and i think pressing delete will show the boot messages22:28
souperkwhen I turn on my laptop22:29
souperki have the grub bootloader,22:29
souperkthen I select my xubuntu installation partition22:29
souperkand the system boots up...22:29
souperkcorrectly! but I would love to see all the console txt while booting22:30
souperkhow can I make it permanent?22:30
recon_lapsouperk: you probably have to change it in your grub file /etc/default/grub22:33
recon_lapsouperk: maybe add SPLASH="no"22:34
souperkoh...can I edit that file directly from the file mananger in the desktop?22:34
recon_lapsouperk: no, and it's an important system file. you could break your boot menu22:35
souperkhow can I edit it safely, then?22:36
recon_lapsouperk: backup the file before changing, having a rescue boot method. and then use sudo nano to edit the file and hope it works right22:41
souperkprobably you're right, as I clicked on it in the file manager with the right key of the mouse22:42
souperkit asks me to open it with leafpad...22:42
recon_lapsouperk: open it, if you're not sudo'd you cannot change it22:42
souperkyes, when I tried to save it it tells (impossible to write)22:45
recon_lapsouperk: you see where it set splash22:46
souperkyes i am editing the file with sudo nano command now22:50
souperki deleted the splash thing22:50
souperknow i do a 'sudo update-grub' as its written on top of that file22:51
souperkand lets see...22:51
recon_lapsry, try add splash=verbose console=tty1 loglevel=622:53
souperkit did not work :(22:53
souperki just rebooted and still black screen, after deleting splash before quiet.22:54
souperkdo I have to add a new line in grub file?22:54
souperkwith what you wrote?22:54
recon_lapsouperk: if grub was GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset" , you should remove the quite and splash setting and add settings, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="splash=verbose console=tty1 loglevel=6  nomodeset"22:56
recon_lapsouperk: but i'm not sure if that will work.22:56
souperkthe line is the one you copied except for nomodeset22:57
souperkI dont have the nomodeset voice22:57
souperki have just GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"22:57
recon_lapsouperk: yep, grub can be different for different computers22:58
souperkGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="splash=verbose console=tty1 loglevel=6"22:58
souperkcan i try that? without nomodeset?22:58
recon_lapsouperk: sure, hope nothing breaks :)22:58
souperkhow can I make the # symbol?22:59
souperkI dont have it on my laptop keyboard... :/22:59
recon_laphere, use this one # ;)22:59
souperki want to make it in grub23:00
souperkand put it in front of the original line, to still keep it23:00
souperkI can't use the mouse in the terminal to copy and paste :(23:00
recon_lapsouperk: sure you can23:00
recon_lapsouperk: right click, paste23:00
souperkoh!! you're right23:01
souperkit works23:01
souperksilly me23:01
recon_lapsouperk: remember that when you reading online tuts :)23:01
souperkok, modifications done23:03
souperki am updating grub, then I will reboot and lets see if this time will work23:03
souperksomething already changed23:04
souperkas I noticed that turning off the system23:05
souperkshows console messages23:05
souperkbefore NOT23:05
recon_lapsouperk: thats what you want isn't it23:05
souperkbut still black! :((23:05
souperkI wonder why :((23:05
souperkI got a few lines just now, right before the desktop showed up23:06
souperkbut at the beginning all black as before23:06
souperkim reading somewhere else that if I just modify that line with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=23:09
souperkand nothing after the =23:09
souperkwould work!23:09
souperkcan you confirm?23:09
recon_lapsouperk: no, but makes sense as it just had quite nosplash in there before23:10
souperki red it here:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/248/how-can-i-show-or-hide-boot-messages-when-ubuntu-starts23:10
souperkits worth a try...23:10
souperkdidn't work either :/23:13
souperkit seems that there's no way :/23:13
recon_lapI'd have to reboot to work this out more, and that not practical23:15
souperkno worries :/23:16
souperkI thought it was simple to do this thing...23:16
souperkas i remember when I last used linux long long time ago23:17
souperkthe console messages were enabled by default23:17
souperkanother try is GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="noplymouth"23:20
recon_lapsouperk: welcome to linux on the desktop :)23:20
entrerihello, so I downloaded Lubuntu because it is a lightweight OS, but I'm not satisfied with it I find it buggy and still lacking in Graphic Interface options. For instance, I need to change some mouse settings and the graphic options are very limited, to change the scrolling behavior from right edge to two-fingers scrolling I need to edit some files using CLI, is Xubuntu more advanced23:24
entreriin its GUI23:24
Cheri703entreri: yes23:24
souperki had the same issue before! i installed lubuntu and immediately formatted the partition to install xubuntu!23:24
souperkdo it and you wont regret23:24
entrerinice, I had to be sure before downloading it 'cause my data is limited : P23:25
souperki couldnt install the latest ubuntu because my laptop was not "good" enough for it :/23:25
souperkxubuntu apparently is23:26
recon_lapentreri: xfce is good, still got a couple of glitches. but nothing major23:27
SiilenceI think it became a lot better with the latest release of xubuntu.23:32
SiilenceQuite a lift.23:32
souperkrecon, probably i have found a solution to the console messages!23:32
recon_lappressing esc maybe :P23:33
souperknah :)23:33
souperkit seems that we forgot the most important thing!23:33
souperkuncomment the 'GRUB_TERMINAL=console' line :D23:33
recon_laphmm, that seems like it would help, I'll have to try remember that in future23:35
souperkyes it helps23:35
souperkthe only problem is that now23:35
souperkI see the console messages (problem solved)23:35
souperkbut not as good as before...23:35
souperki mean.. the fonts are bigger!23:35
souperkeven grub shows up with bigger fonts23:35
recon_lapsouperk: think you might need to buy a mac :)23:36
souperkbut better than nothing :))23:36
souperk** off to sleep **23:43
souperkthanks for the help!! :)23:43

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