jeramyAlright, does anyone to help a newb?00:14
jeramyI have kubuntu installed with windows, and my additional drivers app is broken. Does anyone know what causes this?00:16
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jeramyeggsI believe that jockey(?) is crashing, and this causes the additional drivers package to stop responding.00:23
mandoguitjeramyeggs:    maybe try running it from terminal to see if that makes a difference      type      sudo jockey-kde       and then type in your password (you won't be able to see what you are typing but that is normal) and then press the Enter key00:28
mandoguitjeramyeggs:   also just a thought..........if you have just installed kubuntu, suggest you download all upgrades as those may contain fixes for your problem00:30
jeramyeggs@ mandoguit: am going to try and update, then the command, give me 0ne moment.00:33
mandoguitjeramyeggs:   look for    Muon Update Manager      should be in Menu -> System00:36
jeramyeggs@ mandoguit: running it now, took me a minute to find it.00:37
jeramyeggs@ mandoguit: There are quitee a few. Updating them all. Another quick question while we wait. I had dual monitors working thru the installation, but apon reboot, i lost my Tv. Why does this happen?00:40
mandoguitjeramyeggs:   not quite sure to be honest; could be they are using xrandr temporally for the livecd etc.   If you have nvidia (for example) you can use the program that gets installed along with the nvidia drivers to set up dual monitors after installing.   you should also be able to use xrandr too but I have no personal experience with using it00:46
jeramy@ mandoguit: Still updating. That makes sense. I do have Nvidia GPU, and they are horrible about supporting Linux aren't they.00:49
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mandoguitthey have been known to raise the ire of the linux community from time to time (including Linus Torvalds) ;-)    there is a nice little video clip (should be on Youtube I would imagine) showing Linus Torvalds emoting his feelings towards nVidia  lol00:54
jeramyeggs@ mandoguit: Seen it, constantly watch tech news. I thought i was pretty good with tech, but linux is making me humble. Tried the command, and it thru errors, are we allowed to post the output of terminal?00:56
jeramyeggs@ mandoguit: Updating security is taking forever.lol00:58
mandoguitjeramyeggs:   3 lines max iirc...........anything over that copy/paste to     pastebin.com   or the ubuntu paste site (of which the url I can't remember off hand)00:58
jeramyeggs@ mandoguit: First error-Error: "/var/tmp/kdecache-jeramy" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0.01:00
mandoguitsheesh....  mind like a sieve here.     it's    paste.ubuntu.com01:00
mandoguityou can ignore that one01:00
mandoguitohhh....I see this channel has it's own paste site   paste.kde.org  (type /topic)01:02
jeramyeggsMandoguit: hope this is right.http://paste.ubuntu.com/1574557/01:04
jeramyeggs@ mandoguit: Everything has been updated.  Funny, I tried the command again, and the load bar for searching for additional drivers popped up for a moment then dissappeared. System needs to update on reboot. Gonna reboot real fast, are you still gonna be here in a few?01:08
mandoguitjeramyeggs:  for another 10 minutes or so.01:09
jeramyeggsWell if i dont catch you, thanks....; )01:09
mandoguitok    good luck   hope things work out for you.   if I am not here I am sure that there are others who will chime in to help :)01:10
jeramyHey, just got it to load with the command, you know anything about the nvidia drivers? like which might be the best to load?01:11
mandoguittry -current (recommended) first01:12
jeramyeggs_Thanks again man, havent had to have my hand held since my first Android...01:13
mandoguitnp...glad to help.01:14
jeramyeggs@anyone, Alright, I got my additional drivers package working, and downloaded the current Nvidia driver. Now hdmi doesn't show up in displays, do i need to configure Nvidia X server?01:24
jeramyeggsAnyone want to be a good samarita, and help me with my display problems?01:36
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jeramyeggsAlright, I got my Vizio to display above my laptop.01:42
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jeramyeggsAlright, I have Video being displayed out of hdmi, but am having trouble with puching audio out of it. I have gone into Phonon, and changed from Analog Stereo to HDMI, but lose sound out of laptop, and no sound out of TV. Any help would be greatly appreciated...01:50
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Digger236-join #bogus02:44
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carloscanal en español?03:08
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:09
KimLarouxcarlos: ^03:09
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pawanhow to install adept manager04:09
pawanwe want to installed education games please advise me04:10
pawanhow to install games04:15
pawanpls advise me for games04:28
tuvoksame as any other package04:54
tuvokyou should familarize yourself with apt-get,aptitude,synaptic, muon, and the operating system you installed on your machine in general.04:55
tuvokKubuntu has excellent documentation04:55
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shadeslayerpawan: apt-get install kdegames05:15
shadeslayeror via muon, search for kdegames05:15
shadeslayer!info kdegames05:15
ubottukdegames (source: kdegames): games from the official KDE release. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.9.4-0ubuntu0.1 (quantal), package size 7 kB, installed size 65 kB05:15
shadeslayernot to mention, adept has been deprecated05:16
shadeslayer!info adept oneiric05:16
ubottuadept (source: adept): package management suite for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0~beta7.2+nmu1ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 362 kB, installed size 1344 kB05:16
shadeslayer!info adept precise05:16
ubottuadept (source: adept): package management suite for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0~beta7.2+qa1build1 (precise), package size 363 kB, installed size 1316 kB05:16
shadeslayersince quantal05:17
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caf_rjbom dia a todos!!!09:04
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ProgersI cant start my kubuntu on my Laptop09:22
Peace-Progers: good09:23
Peace-Progers: before worked => done someting => not work ?09:23
Peace-or just installed => do not work ?09:24
Peace-version ?09:24
Progershe saying that "Strating LightDm Display Manager [fail]09:24
Progersyesterday installed it,today he is not working09:25
Peace-Progers: ok.... so it seems lidghdm doesn't work for you... but kubuntu can be started09:25
Peace-Progers: you can login via terminal09:25
Progershe is loading too long09:25
Peace-and then type startkde09:25
Progershow to open this terminal?09:26
Peace-Progers: i am not sure that you can when it fails but yu can try  pressing : CTRL ALT F809:26
Progersok i will try09:27
Peace-If you can't get the terminal then you need to reboot , at the boot time choose advanced option or kernel recovery09:27
Peace-Progers: i mean http://nowardev.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/recoveryc.jpeg09:28
Peace-Progers: then you get this http://nowardev.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/aukckf6e.jpeg     choose resume and you should see the terminal09:28
Peace-afte a while09:29
ProgersCTRL ALT F609:29
Peace-it's good the same09:30
Peace-you can choose f1-->f6 f8--->f1209:30
Peace-f7 it's the current session09:30
Progersdisplay is not set or cannot connect to the x-server09:32
Progerswhen i typed startkde09:33
Peace-Progers: ah... so you have not installed properly your video card09:33
Peace-Progers: you lacks of video drivers09:33
Peace-Progers: lspci | grep -i vga09:33
Progershe diplays video card name09:35
Peace-Progers:  i have 5 minutes then i left coocking for my family09:35
Peace-Progers: intel ati nvidia ?09:35
Peace-just the brand09:36
Progerscompatible controller:intel corporation 2nd generation core processor family integrated graphics controller (rev 09)09:37
Peace-Progers: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel09:37
Progerscompatible controller:advanced micro devices [amd] nee ati caicos [radeon hd 6400m/7400m series]09:38
Progersinstall intel?09:39
Peace-Progers:    or you install the intel driver then you rreboot and try with that , or this one >>>>>>>>> sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-radeon09:39
Progersor amd09:39
Peace-Progers: i will try xserver-xorg-video-radeon09:39
Peace-Progers: then reboot09:39
Progersxserver-xorg-video-radeon is already newest version09:41
Progersxserver-xorg-video-radeon is already newest version09:42
Peace-droidMm you have a problem with tha driver then09:43
Peace-droidProgers but how you have installed kubuntu09:43
Progersfrom dvd disk :D09:43
Peace-droidTry to use the intel one09:44
Peace-droidMaybe you could get at least x running09:44
Peace-droidBtw x is installed?09:44
Progerssudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel ???09:45
Peace-droidAnd remove the radeon09:45
Progersxserver-xorg-video-intel is already the newest version09:45
Peace-droidOk remove the radeon one09:45
Peace-droidSudo apt-get remove xorg bla bla09:46
Progerssudo apt-get remove?09:46
Progersbla bla :D09:46
Progerswhat now?09:47
Peace-droidNow do thhis09:47
Peace-droidType i09:47
Peace-droidDamn android tablet09:48
Peace-droidYou need to to type in terminal : type x09:48
Peace-droidWhat does it say09:48
Progers-bash: type x not found09:49
Peace-droidYou need to install x09:49
Peace-droidYour problem it,s that ahahhaah09:50
Progerssudo apt-get install x?)09:50
sudarshanI have an isssue with the ethernet port09:51
Peace-Progers: wait i have written bad09:51
Peace-Progers: type X09:51
Peace-with X09:51
Peace-with x it says not found for sure Progers i have an android tablet and sometime i don't remember well09:52
sudarshanAfter the replacement of mother board. Kubuntu 10.04 is not detecting and connecting to the ethernet . I have a dual boot of Kubuntu and windows xp09:52
ProgersX is /usr/bin/X09:52
Peace-Progers: ok now you can reboot09:53
tion_how do i enable compiz?09:53
Peace-droidTion you dont need of compiz09:54
Peace-droidTsystem settings desktop effectz09:54
tion_why are you telling me what do or do need?09:54
tion_why are you telling me what do or dont need?09:54
Peace-droidDo as you wish09:54
ProgersLoading too long09:55
tion_i cant get more that 640x resolution in X?09:55
Peace-droidProgers need to cook sorry no time09:56
ProgersI will reinstall it,Thanks for help09:56
tion_how do i enable compiz?09:56
tion_linux is getting worst every year this stuff used to work out of the box years ago09:57
Progershm i have to disks Ubuntu and Kubuntu what  to install:D09:58
Progershm i have two disks Ubuntu and Kubuntu what  to install:D09:58
Progerswill install Kubuntu :D09:59
mmh__hello,i am trying to open libkface(a cmake kde project) in qt-creator in my gentoo kde system but its not asking for any build directory but only cmakelists.txt file is getting open,what am i missing,how to open?i have kdepimlibs,qt-core and  cmake installed in my system10:00
tion_i instaled ubuntu now i cant boot in windows10:03
tion_can anyone help?10:03
tion_i get a blue screen half way booting10:03
tion_anser damit10:06
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shadeslayertion_: this is a volunteer channel10:10
shadeslayernot paid support10:10
shadeslayeras for a blue screen half way booting, looks like a winxp problem more than a kubuntu problem10:11
shadeslayer##windows might be better10:11
tion_it happend after i instaled ubuntu10:14
tion_blue screen says unable to mount10:15
Peace-droidYou have  bad behavior tion you should be kicked10:15
tion_testdisk says there are  Warning: Incorrect number of heads/cylinder 240 (NTFS) != 255 (HD)10:16
tion_ive installed ubuntu and can only get 540x res in X what a pile of .... this card used to work just fine even with compiz enabled10:18
tion_can you help?10:18
tion_or going to make run in circles?10:18
Peace-droidand btw the idiot are not us understood tion_ ?10:18
tion_yes sir10:19
tion_  Partition                  Start        End    Size in sectors10:20
tion_>Warning: Incorrect number of heads/cylinder 240 (NTFS) != 255 (HD)10:20
tion_  1 * HPFS - NTFS              0   1  1  3647 254 63   5860505710:20
tion_  2 E extended LBA          3648   0  2  9728 254 63   9769126410:20
tion_ Warning: Incorrect number of heads/cylinder 240 (NTFS) != 255 (HD)10:20
FloodBotK1tion_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:20
tion_  5 L HPFS - NTFS           3648   1  2  6975 241 50   5346342410:20
tion_can it be fixed?10:21
tion_whats so funny?10:22
ProgersI am Installing Kubuntu now :D10:22
tion_whats so funny?10:22
ProgersInstalling Kubuntu10:23
tion_should i just ignore you?10:23
ProgersYes,because i am not talking with you right now10:24
Peace-droidProgers installing again will not probably solve your problem10:24
Peace-droidProgers your problem it s a driver problem10:25
ProgersBut when i install the driver the system working well10:26
tion_im just going to sleep over in this channel maybe next year some one can actually help10:26
Peace-droidOr a package that you lacks10:26
Graf_Westerholttion_ "[11:11:27] <shadeslayer> ##windows might be better"10:26
shadeslayertion_: somehow I doubt that being condescending will help you10:26
Progersi think the problem in the package10:26
Peace-droidTion_ i will not help you cuz your behavior10:26
Peace-droidIs bad10:27
tion_should i roll over and play dead like a nice dog?10:27
ProgersPeace-droid what to do after installing  Kubuntu?) Update it?)10:27
tsimpsontion_: it would help if you actually listened to the advice given to you10:28
tion_im not going to windows10:28
ProgersBecause i cant turn on desktop effects after the update10:28
tion_i dont have windows cd10:28
tion_im using testdisk10:28
tion_its linux10:28
Peace-droidProgers that means video driver problem10:29
shadeslayeryour windows doesn't boot, I don't see why that's a Kubuntu issue10:29
Progersi have win7-winxp-win8 but removed them all :D10:29
tion_it happend after i instaled ubuntu10:29
Peace-droidI use only kubuntu btw10:29
shadeslayerand how did you go about that?10:29
shadeslayerwe need more specifics on how you installed k/ubuntu10:30
ProgersPeace and how can i fix the problem?10:30
tion_i tryed to mount win partition will the computer was under heavy load10:30
shadeslayerthat doesn't answer my question10:30
shadeslayerdid you do a manual install and do weird things to your partitions ?10:31
tion_then the drive made some dreadfull noise and ubuntu crashed10:31
shadeslayerhow does that even help me tell you what the problem might be?10:31
Peace-droidProgers it s not easy task10:31
tion_ Warning: Incorrect number of heads/cylinder 240 (NTFS) != 255 (HD)10:32
tion_should i change that?10:32
tion_i wonder why i allways come here and after hours i still cant acomplish the simplest of tasks10:33
Progers__Ok i am from Kubuntu now :D10:34
Progers__Peace i am now on kubuntu what to do now?) install driver or not10:36
Progers__Peace i am now on kubuntu what to do now?) install driver or not10:38
Peace-droidIt works ?10:38
Peace-droidWell yes10:39
Progers__after formatting all the disks and installing kubuntu its working now :D10:39
Peace-droidSo... Use it10:39
Progers__But i have a question10:39
Progers__Install radeon drivers or not?10:40
Peace-droidIf it works you don'tneed to install drivers10:40
Progers__in the additional drivers10:40
Progers__ok i will update the system now:D10:41
Peace-droidMm for the moment i will not if iwere you10:41
Progers__you mean dot to update?10:42
Progers__not to update10:42
Progers__update the system or not?)10:43
Peace-droidFirst rule if it works do not touch it10:43
* Peace-droid cooking with tablet10:43
Progers__but there is security updates i think no?10:43
Peace-droidNeed to eat now bb10:44
Progers__Ok :D10:44
tion_Progers, :D10:44
tion_you tired him :)10:45
tion_hes giving up ;D10:45
tion_cuz :D10:47
Progers__tion: go and sleep10:47
tion_go get it were the sun dont shine10:48
tsimpson!guidelines | tion_ you should read this10:48
ubottution_ you should read this: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:48
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tion_Disk /dev/sda - 80 GB / 74 GiB - CHS 9730 255 6310:54
tion_     Partition               Start        End    Size in sectors10:54
tion_>* HPFS - NTFS              0   1  1  3647 254 63   5860505710:54
tion_ P HPFS - NTFS           3648   1  1  3707  74 63     95249710:54
tion_ P HPFS - NTFS           6976  19 20  8327 134 63   21711104 [backup]10:54
FloodBotK1tion_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:54
tion_ [  Quit  ]  [Deeper Search] >[ Write  ]10:57
tion_                       Write partition structure to disk10:57
tion_should i do this?10:57
tion_will windows boot afterwards?10:58
Graf_Westerholttion_, this is a Kubuntu chan, not for MS Windows.10:59
tion_what mswindows?10:59
tion_im trying to fix the drive FCOL10:59
Peace-droidThe second time you say idiot in the channnel tion_11:00
Torchtion_: if you have to ask, no, don't "do this"... no one should mucj around in *fdisk / parted / whatever who does not exactly know what he's doing11:00
tion_so what you are saying is you dont know11:00
tion_i cant leave it as it is11:01
Graf_Westerholttion_, you have a MS Windows problem. This is a Kubuntu chan.11:01
tion_what windows problem?11:01
Graf_Westerholttion_, what is your problem you try to fix?11:01
Graf_Westerholttion_, what problem you try to fix in this chan?11:02
tion_how do i enable compiz?11:02
tion_i cant get more that 640x resolution in X?11:02
tion_after installing nvidia driver11:03
tion_can you help with that?11:03
tion_for 111:03
Graf_Westerholttion_ " [  Quit  ]  [Deeper Search] >[ Write  ]    Write partition structure to disk" This is about compiz?11:03
tion_no thats was about MSwindows11:04
tion_so you said11:04
Graf_Westerholttion_, you ask about a MS Windows problem in a Linux chan?11:04
tion_are you here to start some kind of run around the ring argument with me?11:05
Graf_Westerholttion_ you do not get it that you are in the wrong chan.11:05
tion_i guess you are right11:07
tion_this must be the help stalling chan11:08
tsimpsontion_: if you are unhappy with the responses in this channel, there are other channels and support avenues11:09
Peace-droidTsimson are you ops?11:09
tion_were can i get support on testdisk?11:10
Peace-droidWell he said idiots a lots of times11:10
tsimpson!alis | tion_11:10
ubottution_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*11:10
tion_Peace-droid, you already said it twice.11:11
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KJ_agent007hi fabian11:56
KJ_agent007hi pivert11:56
KJ_agent007any one here know irc commands?11:56
Tm_TKJ_agent007: what exactly you're looking for?11:57
KJ_agent007just basics, I guess11:58
KJ_agent007you can find it on google, I'd expect11:59
Tm_Twell, /join #channelname to join to channel, /part #channelname to leave channel11:59
Tm_T/nick newnick to change nick11:59
KJ_agent007the hubby showed me how to use this after yahoo shut down its chat rooms11:59
Tm_Tthose are the basics11:59
KJ_agent007ok, this is a gui for irc running on kubuntu 12.1012:00
KJ_agent007it's called quassel12:00
KJ_agent007all irc commands will work on it too?12:00
Tm_Tthose atleast12:00
Tm_Tand most of the others too12:01
KJ_agent007oh cool12:01
KJ_agent007you can get channel listings by right clicking on the server12:01
KJ_agent007can you get viruses on kubuntu?12:03
Tm_T!virus | KJ_agent00712:03
ubottuKJ_agent007: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus12:03
KJ_agent007alrighty, that's what my hubby said.12:04
KJ_agent007why can't you get viruses on linux?12:04
KJ_agent007is it because of the way the file system works?12:04
Tm_TKJ_agent007: how the operating system works12:05
ovidiu-florinhello world, I got this error while I was apt-get update 'ing, I can't instal the updates I think becaause of this. http://paste.kde.org/657398/ any recommendations on how to fix this ?12:05
shadeslayerKJ_agent007: long story short, in order to do anything that affects the system in any way you need to enter your administrative password12:07
shadeslayerfor eg. installing packages and what not12:07
KJ_agent007makes sense12:08
KJ_agent007not many viri are able to do that12:08
KJ_agent007what about worms?12:10
KJ_agent007like stuxnet?12:10
shadeslayerKJ_agent007: well .. if you run a script with elevated priviliges only then will it have access to your system12:10
shadeslayersame thing12:10
KJ_agent007can those bypass firewalls?12:10
shadeslayerLinux is structured very differently12:10
KJ_agent007is a firewall realln needed on a linux system?12:11
shadeslayeryou have a firewall installed by default12:11
shadeslayerit's called ufw12:11
KJ_agent007it loads up on startup12:12
jjeronimopff I wrecked my audio config12:25
jjeronimowhat is the easyest way to get the config file to the original state?12:25
jjeronimoforgot to make a backup :412:26
Peace-jjeronimo: mm i guess reconfigure the package12:28
Peace-i think i am not sure btw12:28
Peace-jjeronimo: it's on pulseaudio package12:30
jjeronimoPeace-, k, thx I'll look into that12:30
jjeronimonope dident help12:32
Peace-jjeronimo: i guess you should reinstall pulseaudio12:33
* jjeronimo is afk12:35
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BluesKajHey all13:56
corradohow can i download the file=13:56
BluesKaj!list | corrado13:56
ubottucorrado: BluesKaj: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:56
corradoit has not use....13:57
BluesKaj!it | corrado13:57
ubottucorrado: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:57
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AknotI donwloaded the caledonia colours thing. Where do i have to put it?14:59
cahyadiAknot: you can use import scheme from systemsettings ->colors15:01
Aknotwhich file do i have to import? it wouldnt let me choose the whole folder15:01
cahyadiAknot: the file should look like this caledonia.colors15:03
Aknotand what about theme files, i cant import them15:03
cahyadifor theme file you can go to workspace appearance > desktop theme15:04
Aknotyes i downloaded workspace theme but i cant import it, there is no button for it, which folder do i have to put it in?15:04
cahyadiyou can copied the folder after you untar it to /home/"username"/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/15:06
cahyadior maybe .kde415:06
shadeslayernope, .kde15:06
shadeslayerand yes, it goes into ~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme15:06
AknotI downloaded kfaenza brown folders but it wont show in the list, if i dl only kfaenza it will15:22
marsjeI have an application that needs me to draw a rectangle by holding down my mouse button. But when I do, I initiate a drag window operation. How can I turn off this feature? If I want to drag a window, I just want to do it by dragging the title bar.15:31
AknotWhats a black desktop theme with no transluceny15:32
apacheloggermarsje: systemsettings -> appearance -> style -> configure -> drag mode15:38
apacheloggeralso you may want to notify the author of the application15:38
apacheloggerthis feature of oxygen can be deactivated by application authors15:39
marsjeapachelogger: I guess this happens when using a gtk app in kde?15:40
marsjeapachelogger: I don't have that setting that you refer to. I have Application Appearance and Workspace Appearance15:42
marsjeapachelogger: I have Application Appearance -> Style, but no configure or drag mode15:42
apacheloggermarsje: if I am not mistaken it should not happen with gtk15:43
marsjeapachelogger: I'm on kubuntu 12.10, KDE 4.9.415:43
apacheloggerthough I may be wrong15:43
marsjeapachelogger: it does :)15:43
apacheloggerthat is unfortunate I suppose :P15:43
apacheloggermarsje: http://wstaw.org/m/2013/01/27/plasma-desktopYd1643.png15:44
marsjeyeah, makes it unusable... the application is recordMyDesktop15:44
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simion314hi all, did the last updates contained a new version of fglrx(the one that drops support for some older cards)? I am having some issues after i made the updates15:45
marsjeapachelogger: I guess it depends on the widget style... behind that is a configure button, but it is grayed out. I don't have Oxygen in that list.15:45
apacheloggernot having oxygen in that list seems, erm, wrong15:46
apacheloggermarsje: is your gtk+ style oxygen?15:46
marsjeapachelogger: looks like it15:47
apacheloggeryou'll probably need to change that, short of not having oxygen as a kde style listed (which is really weird, like really)15:48
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marsjeapachelogger: I originally installed ubuntu, than xubuntu, now kubuntu, so maybe it gets mixed up15:50
apacheloggerentirely possible15:50
apacheloggernot exactly something that receives a lot of QA ;)15:51
marsjeok, I change the GTK theme and it seems to solve the problem15:51
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marsjedon't quite understand how it all works together, but anyway, problem solved (or worked around it)15:52
AknotIm using dark colors, and some programs have black text on dark background so i cant see it, what can i do?15:56
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AknotIf i set time and date settings to "set time and date automatically" it gives this error every time: Unable to authenticate/execute the action: 6,16:22
Aknotand it crashes16:22
lordievaderGood afternoon16:25
shadeslayerAknot: long standing issue16:25
sbivol_shadeslayer: I remember that issue since forever. what's the cause?16:31
apacheloggershadeslayer: we should remove that or something16:34
mandoguitfwiw just try setting it here in my upgraded 12.04 -> 12.10 without any problems16:38
shadeslayerapachelogger: how does that stuff even work16:38
shadeslayerI mean16:38
shadeslayeris that something we add?16:38
apacheloggerupstream thing16:38
shadeslayeroic, so fix it upstream?16:38
apacheloggerand I do not remember how it is supposed to work exactly16:39
shadeslayerseems kind of useful16:39
apacheloggerthe code is a mess16:39
apacheloggerthat kcm is around since kde216:39
shadeslayerlike pgst ? :P16:39
apacheloggerand has no dedicated maintainer16:39
apacheloggerand that is exactly what the code looks like16:39
apacheloggerto us the feature make next to no sense as we always timesync when a network connection is established16:39
shadeslayerI didn't know it setup NTP16:40
shadeslayerthough I always suspected it did16:40
apacheloggerso to have any value from continous syncing you'd have to have a broken hardware clock or houndreds of days of uptime16:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: let's remove after 4.10 final release?16:40
apacheloggeror rewrite the KCM16:41
apacheloggeralso the option is bogus anyway16:42
sbivol_shadeslayer: doesn't work at all in 4.10, so no one would notice it's missing if you remove it from 4.10.16:42
apacheloggerwhat it really does is update time when you apply the changes16:42
shadeslayersbivol_: *nod*16:42
shadeslayersbivol_: and not needed as apachelogger mentioned16:43
apacheloggerthough it suggests it will continue to do so16:43
shadeslayersince it autosync's time16:43
apacheloggerso that is really a one-time sync button and nothing more16:43
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ProgersAny one know why qt creator is not starting the programm at the terminal he saying this http://paste.kde.org/657626/17:10
Progersin the kubuntu 12.1017:13
mandoguitProgers: seems to be a common buglet    a couple of recent solutions at   http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14010521/cannot-connect-creator-comm-socket-tmp-qt-temp-jh2103-stub-socket-no-such-file17:25
Progersthen i must install xterm17:27
Progersmandoguit: Thanks for help17:31
mandoguitProgers:  yw.  :)17:33
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ProgersWho know how to open all txt,cpp,h files by kate?17:48
AknotIm trying to install drivers through jockey but it gives error every time17:49
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mandoguitProgers:   one way is to right click on the filename (ie   filename.txt) and then select Open With.    If you are presented with more than one option you can remove the association of any applications you don't want opening certain files by again right clicking on the application name and selecting "Remove Association"17:56
ProgersThanks again:D17:57
mandoguitAknot:  probably a good idea to post the exact error messages here or via a paste site.   personally I am not really up on all the ins and outs of driver installations but someone might be able to help you with a little more detail on what is taking place17:58
mandoguitProgers:  :)17:58
Progersmandoguit: What is the best video player on Kubuntu?17:59
mandoguitProgers:   the one that suits a persons particular needs.  ;-)    personally I lean towards using vlc a lot18:01
Iridiansometimes when I'm moving my mouse in a fullscreen application, the tiled-window-selector thing activates, this drives me insane18:01
Iridianwhat feature is this and how do I disable it?18:01
Progersmandoguit: I will install VLC then)18:01
Iridiangoddamnit this is painful18:02
Iridianwith tiled-window-selector I mean the feature where all my currently active applications in my workspace are tiled next to each other on the screen, and I can select one of them with my mouse to focus on that18:04
Iridianwhat's this feature called?18:04
Iridianokay, found the feature, it's called "Present Windows"18:08
sbivol_Iridian: It's Present Windows18:08
sbivol_oh, you found it :)18:08
Iridianthanks. And I was able to disable it in System Settings -> Desktop Effects. Nice. Now I can work again. I suspect my laptop kbd is a bit faulty, and transmits special key signals which plasma interprets as a command to bring up that thing18:12
Iridianbut cba to dig deeper, just want to code.18:13
douglin kmail how do you send an e-mail saved as draft?18:17
DarthFrogdougl: Open it for editing again.18:27
douglDarthFrog, ok18:27
DarthFrogYou're welcome.18:28
sbivol_dougl: select the message with the mouse and press T on the keyboard. Does the same as DarthFrog said.18:28
douglsbivol, thanks18:30
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getronHi everyone18:46
Aknoti changed color to obsidian coast, but it didnt change dolphins text colour, so i cant see any text in dolphin unless i paint it with mouse18:57
Kako_Hi! i'm in need of help because i tried to install kubuntu on my imac g5, i don't have ethernet connection and my b43 thingy won't let the rest of linux start unless it's blacklisted19:18
Kako_i've tried scanning the web but i can't19:18
Kako_find anything19:18
mandoguitKako_:   http://clusterbleep.net/blog/2012/05/09/ubuntu-12-04-splash-screen-lockup-with-livecd/     also has the instructions on what to do after the install is finished19:27
Kako_thanks mandoguit, I didn't find that before, hope it helps i'll get back to you with results19:27
Kako_ok i forgot to mention i don't have access to grub, at least not that i'm aware of, i can only seem to access yaboot19:29
Kako_also i don't have a wired connectoin19:31
cirewas there a change with package smbfs? I cannot find it. Was it replaced by sth new?19:37
Kako_how would i check if there was a change to smbfs?19:41
Kako_ok so i have the b43 legacy and the b43 drivers installed19:49
Kako_they just seem to crash the system on boot19:49
mandoguitKako_:    after turning on the computer (or rebooting) at the initial splash screen hold down the shift key to access the grub bootup menu.   once you are there follow the directions on the web page I sent you  ( press the "e" key and then add the blacklist b43 statement; see web page for actual syntax)19:49
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Kako_but blacklisting disables it so it's not going to help me much is it?19:49
mandoguitKako_:    my last comment was in response to your previous enquiry re the grub bootup menu19:50
Kako_mandoguit: the computer keeps booting into yaboot19:51
mandoguitno idea what yaboot is19:51
Kako_yaboot appears to be the powerpc version of grub19:51
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yofelKako_: re samba: you're looking for cifs-utils19:52
Kako_yofel: where would cifs-utils be located19:53
yofel!info cifs-utils19:53
ubottucifs-utils (source: cifs-utils): Common Internet File System utilities. In component main, is optional. Version 2:5.5-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 68 kB, installed size 194 kB19:53
mandoguitKako_:   samba has nothing to do with your boot/b43 problems.   I think you got crossed with someone else's enquiry19:54
yofelah right, sorry19:54
yofelcire: ^19:54
Kako_i am able to blacklist with yaboot, but that just means no internet19:54
Kako_the computer i'm on can download stuff and i can transfer stuff19:55
Kako_but i don't know how to get the wireless working19:55
mandoguitKako_:  sorry but the wife has just informed me that she is ready to go shopping..... will be back later but hopefully someone will be able to help you with your problem19:55
Kako_ok thanks19:55
Kako_ok so for anyone that hasn't seen my message: I'm on a powerpc g5 imac with a b43 wireless issue, and no ethernet connection, i can download from the computer i'm currently on and transfer stuff19:56
Kako_and i've tried to install the wireless drivers but they just seem to crash the system19:57
Kako_does anyone know of b43 legacy powerpc drivers for kubuntu 12.0419:57
Kako_or will i need to downgrade19:57
AknotDoes kubuntu use pulseaudio and which version?20:09
lordievaderAknot: Kubuntu uses Pulseaudio, yes.20:10
lordievader!info pulseaudio20:11
ubottupulseaudio (source: pulseaudio): PulseAudio sound server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.1-0ubuntu4 (quantal), package size 883 kB, installed size 3228 kB20:11
Aknotlordievader how can i upgrade it to 3.0 i have issue with vlc with 2.020:12
LINKSWORD2Hey guys, Long time no see.20:14
LINKSWORD2Hey, BluesKaj20:14
lordievaderAknot: I'm not sure about that, perhaps you can find a Pulseaudio ppa. What kind of issues do you have with VLC?20:14
LINKSWORD2Hello, Darkwing.20:15
Aknotlordievader if i pause or rewind or anything the sound starts lagging behind video20:16
LINKSWORD2Guys, is there a way to hide a window, but keep it open in the background?20:16
lordievaderAknot: Isn't that a problem with VLC, instead of PA?20:16
lordievaderLINKSWORD2: Minimize the window?20:16
Aknotlordievader they said its known bug with pa 2.0 and said to install 3.020:17
LINKSWORD2It is minimized. I want it to be more hidden. lol20:17
Aknotlinksword2 minimize to system tray?20:17
LINKSWORD2OK, let me put it this way. I'm using a program to tether with my phone for internet access. That program requires me to run it through the terminal.20:17
LINKSWORD2Yeah, Aknot. Any ideas how?20:17
LINKSWORD2I need to keep the terminal running, but I want it out of the way.20:18
Aknotcheck terminal settings, they sometimes have option to "minimize to system tray" if closed20:18
lordievaderAknot: Hmm, I see, well there is this ppa from the audio dev team, however the newest version of PA is still 2.1: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-audio-dev/+archive/ppa20:18
Aknoti installed vlc backend for phonon lets try it20:19
LINKSWORD2Can't find it.20:20
yofelLINKSWORD2: run the application in screen or tmux, disconnect from the session and close the terminal20:20
yofelthe shell will stay running20:20
LINKSWORD2.... Uh. What? lol20:20
yofelyou can later open a new terminal an reconnect to it20:20
LINKSWORD2It's been about a year and a half since I've had the opportunity to run Kubuntu. I've probably forgotten everything I know.20:21
LINKSWORD2.... Apart from using Quassel to get help. :P20:21
Aknottrying vlc backend didnt help20:21
Aknotfuck its getting annoying20:21
LINKSWORD2When all else fails, shout Quassel. lol20:22
yofelinstall screen, open konsole and run 'screen'. In there run the application you need. Close konsole20:22
yofelthe shell will stay open20:22
yofeljust don't close konsole with ctrl+d20:22
LINKSWORD2sudo apt-get install screen  (correct???)20:23
yofelif you need to terminate the application open konsole again, run 'screen -r' to get the running shell again20:23
LINKSWORD2"unable to lock the download directory"20:24
yofelLINKSWORD2: another way would be to use a drop-down terminal like yakuake - F12 will show/hide it20:24
IdleOneI prefer guake20:24
IdleOneAknot: no cursing please, makes the channel logs ugly :(20:25
yofelI last tried that like 3 years ago... didn't manage to get it to not use the full screen width20:25
LINKSWORD2That was interesting.20:26
yofelwhat happened? ^^20:26
LINKSWORD2Internet through phone. It dropped on me.20:26
Tm_TAknot: please watch the language20:27
yofelah, I feel with you...20:27
LINKSWORD2yofel: I initially tried to install Oneric, but the CD I had it written on isn't working properly. I'm using Maverick right now, and unfortunately, have to upgrade fully to the next major distro version.20:28
yofelany reason you didn't go with precise?20:29
LINKSWORD2I forget which version that is?20:29
yofel12.04, maverick is 10.1020:29
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120420:29
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was the fifteenth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/111020:29
LINKSWORD2I don't have Precise available to me, although that's what I will be upgrading to, once the download finishes.20:30
yofelah ok20:31
yofelin any case, welcome back :)20:31
LINKSWORD2Well, thank you.20:31
LINKSWORD2What came before Maverick?20:31
LINKSWORD2.... I feel so absent, not remembering some of this stuff.20:32
LINKSWORD2Aha, yes.20:32
LINKSWORD2Would you recommend upgrading from Maverick to Oneric, then to Precise, or can I jump-upgrade from Maverick to Precise?20:33
LINKSWORD2yofel: Would you recommend upgrading from Maverick to Oneric, then to Precise, or can I jump-upgrade from Maverick to Precise?20:42
OerHeksLINKSWORD2, you cannot jump-upgrade from Maverick to Precise, 10.10 > 11.04 > 11.10 > 12.04  or 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS20:44
LINKSWORD2OerHeks: It seems to be working.20:45
OerHeksI don' think so.20:45
DarthFrogLINKSWORD2:  How are you doing the upgrade?20:47
LINKSWORD2Once I got my internet connection available, I received a system notification that there was an upgrade available.20:47
AknotI logged back and a message came to the screen. It said some pulseaudio output thing is not useful and if i wanted to disable it or something, i chose yes and now when i open movie with vlc this comes: Audio output failed:20:47
AknotThe audio device "pulse" could not be used:20:47
AknotConnection refused.20:47
Aknotand i dont have sound20:48
DarthFrogLINKSWORD2:  You're probably upgrading to Natty.20:48
ubottuUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was the fourteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on 2012-10-28, see http://ubottu.com/y/natty for details.20:48
LINKSWORD2Nope. It says version 12.0420:48
DarthFrogGood luck. :-)20:48
LINKSWORD2Right? lol20:49
yofelI'm not exactly sure what it'll do here, maverick and natty have reached EOL, so it might very well just upgrade to precise20:49
yofel(which isn't really supported, but oh well...)20:50
LINKSWORD2Why is Precise not really supported?20:52
Aknotanyone??? i think it deleted pulseaudio output20:53
Aknotand now its using hd audio and the kmix is completely different with different volume controls for everything20:54
KimLarouxleaving before I had time to reply20:54
KimLarouxway to go, champ20:54
LINKSWORD2KimLaroux: Who are/were you talking to?20:55
KimLarouxAknot: what's the problem? pulseaudio is a piece of trash, so getting rid of it is the best thing you can do20:57
Aknoti dont have sound in vlc20:57
Aknotso how can i reset all the pulseaudio etc things20:58
KimLarouxAknot: you have to configure VLC to send audio to the right device20:59
Aknoti tried alsa dummy etc nothing works20:59
AknotAudio output failed:20:59
AknotThe audio device "pulse" could not be used:20:59
AknotConnection refused.20:59
Aknotit gives this when i start movie20:59
KimLarouxin "output module", just use Default21:00
Aknotand on the toolbar the audio device is grey and cant click it21:00
Aknotchose default still doesnt work21:00
Aknoti mean what kind of idiot designed the "hey you are not using this pulseaudio thing would you like to delete it"21:01
Aknotwhen in fact i do need it21:01
LINKSWORD2Aknot, whatever you do, don't choose dummy output...21:02
LINKSWORD2I tried that, and it stopped working entirely. After that, I found out various important files were missing and chose to re-install.21:02
Aknotwhy would it pop up right after login, it doesnt make any sense, like some microsoft employee trying to sabotage linux21:02
KimLarouxthen show All settings, go under Audio, Output Module, ALSA, and change the output device to default21:02
Aknotkimlaroux u mean in vlc? i tried every one of those they dont work21:04
KimLarouxSeem like you deleted more than just pulseaudio then21:05
AknotMessage to whoever designed that popup: Kill yourself21:05
KimLarouxThat should help you fix your problem21:06
Aknotit would give me pleasure21:07
yofelLINKSWORD2: bad wording: directly upgrading from maverick to precise isn't really supported21:08
yofelor rather untested21:08
AknotSo how do i reinstall pulseaudio21:08
LINKSWORD2I see. Well, I guess we will see.21:12
KimLarouxAknot: sudo apt-get install pulseaudio21:15
Aknotkimlaroux it says i already have newest version21:17
KimLarouxthen you didn't delete pulse21:17
KimLarouxis the problem from last boot, or did it persist after a reboot?21:18
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Aknoti havent rebooted yet, only relogged21:22
KimLarouxtry rebooting, the decives may reapear21:25
KimLarouxnext time, just ignore the message.21:25
KimLarouxyou can tell it never to ask again21:25
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AknotOk i got it working now but i have to use vlc backend instead of gstreamer21:37
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Guest42600my cat keep putting in zoom mode how do i get out22:35
Guest42600i forget22:35
Guest42600its meta something22:35
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