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jiridoHi.. Can anyone tip me of for info on how to change color in the digital clock in lxpanel?15:42
jiridoI found it!15:43
billytwowillypretty impressive work lubuntu guys17:40
genoobiehey all22:25
genoobiewas debating whether to use xubuntu or lubuntu22:38
mathihi, I edited crontab with crontab -e, now are the crontabs automatically launched ?22:45
gomiboymathi: yes, cron checks every minute if there is something to do22:49
mathican I use a bash file ?22:50
mathiit doesn't work .. :(22:50
gomiboymathi: if you have cron running, that is :)22:50
mathiwell i edited crontab -e, and I rebooted22:51
mathiit should be running ?22:51
gomiboyrun this to check: ps ax | grep cron22:51
mathii see cron running22:54
gomiboymathi: ok, now, is your bash script executable? if it's not: chmod +x /your/script22:56
mathigomiboy, if I modify my crontab, i need to reboot computer to reload the file ?22:58
gomiboyno, as said cron will check the crontab every minute to see if there is somethin to do22:59
mathigomiboy, ok, I created a bash script that launches Teamviewer23:01
genoobiehey all23:01
mathigomiboy, if I launch it from command line, it works perfectly23:01
mathigomiboy, but if cron tries to execute it23:01
genoobiehardware support in lubuntu vs xubuntu should be the same, correct?23:01
mathiTeamviewer won't launch23:01
mathigomiboy, any idea why ?23:01
gomiboymathi: Teamviewer is something like vnc? a remote graphic terminal?23:03
mathigomiboy, yes23:03
mathiwhy the cron would fail to laod it ?23:03
gomiboygenoobie: yes, same kernel, same hardware support23:03
gomiboymathi: because cron runs as root and doesn't know nothing about the user you are logged in as, nor about your X environment, etc...23:04
mathigomiboy, so what's the solution to this ? :-)23:05
mathigomiboy, indeed, how can I launched it on behalf of a specific user ??23:06
gomiboymathi: try in your script something like: su - yourusername -c /path/to/teamviewer23:09
gomiboybut i don't know if it will be sufficient...23:09
gomiboymathi: i made some tests, just use this: DISPLAY=:0 /path/to/teamviewer23:26
mathigomiboy, for some reason, cron can't execute the command23:30
mathigomiboy, it works with su - <username>23:30
mathibut only from command line23:30
gomiboymathi: something else is wrong... check the logs: tail /var/log/syslog23:38
gomiboymathi: it's late here, my bed is calling me, someone else will help you. bye :)23:52
mathisee you, thank you for the help23:52

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