yofelpenguin42: if it's completely transparent then the blur effect is probably not working. An alternative would be a different plasma theme if blur doesn't work00:31
penguin42yofel: It's bluring, but the problem is it's just blurring black, so getting no contrast00:31
penguin42yofel: The font in the menu is black, and being mostly transparent whatever colour it's going to be it's going to be the wrong one00:33
yofelnow I wonder if we really don't have a setting to disable transparency in plasma themes o.O00:35
yofeldisabling effects completely isn't much of a workaround00:36
penguin42yofel: Hmm interesint00:39
penguin42My Desktop theme is air, yet the 'Translucent background' bit was set to Oxygen transparent background00:39
yofelI was just going to ask, because Air is at worst dark-grey here on Konsole00:40
penguin42and that's a lot better; it's only a vaguely transparent menu - where as the Oxygen one was frankly well almost transparent00:40
* penguin42 wonders hth that happened00:40
yofelset and forget? ^^00:41
penguin42I don't even remember seeing that section, so it's possible I forgot it really well00:41
Bluefoxicypuppet 3.0 won't go into Debian Sid until after the next release02:20
Bluefoxicybecause they're in feature freeze for their next stable02:20
Bluefoxicythis seems dumb.  If you update unstable, you cannot have a separate update that goes into testing02:20
yofeland putting it into experimental isn't an option?02:28
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BluesKajHey all13:56
penguin42Hey BK13:56
sanHi Huys14:08
sanunity help required?14:08
sanmy Unity is broken with gnome 3.7.414:09
sanany way to resolve it?14:09
Bluefoxicyhttp://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-puppet/puppet.git;a=summary  AHA@!16:21
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PhosphateDoes anyone have experience with 13.04 on a Nexus 7? Is it possible to use the soft keyboard during setup or do you need a micro usb host adapter for a keyboard?21:08
ironhalikanyone can tell me anything about 13.04 battery life as compared to 12.10?22:42

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