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zequenceHi. Was looking to get this SRU'd lp:#95643818:46
zequenceI patched jackd2 for raring18:47
penguin42bug 95643818:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 956438 in jackd2 (Ubuntu) "qjackctl unable to stop jackd2" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95643818:47
zequencejackd2 has since been updated, but I'd like to SRU the patch only18:47
penguin42zequence: So it's fixed on raring but broken on quantal and precise?18:49
zequencepenguin42: Yes18:50
zequenceHowever, the current version in Raring, while fixing the bug as well, would depend on newer packages, so that's why it seems most appropriate to only SRU the patch18:50
zequenceOr, the version of the package with the patch, that is18:51
* penguin42 isn't sure I've done that right - I hit the target for and selected Precise-updates, not sure if that's right though18:52
schallusionhi, after upgrading to the new kernel (3.2.0.-36) yesterday, my wlan stoped working. It is a Broadcom BCM 4313 device. any idea what could have gone wrong?19:35
schallusioniam using 12.04.119:37
zequenceschallusion: Try googling it. Else, make a bug report.19:50

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