nuxninjahey guys13:49
nuxninjaso wats this channel all bout13:55
k1lnuxninja: see /topic13:55
k1lso like the discussion about ubuntu becoming a RollingRelease Distribution or not13:56
nuxninjanot working k1l13:56
k1lyou are not used to read topics?13:57
nuxninjai cant run the command /topic13:58
k1lstrange irc client13:59
nuxninjaerror:     --- #ubuntu-discuss :You're not a channel operator13:59
nuxninjaxchat for gnome13:59
k1lah, the usual -gnome problem. no problem for the real xchat here14:00
nuxninjakool but 12.10 is xtremely buggered up ....unity is champ but other problems.........14:00
k1lim fine with 12.10. unity could be more speedy, but i think that relates to the vgs driver14:01
nuxninjaill be installing 12.04 back again....just cant work with 12.1014:02
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