infinityikepanhc: I guess I don't get metas afterall?00:42
infinityikepanhc: (This is what I meant by "if you upload them all at once, you don't have to babysit", cause I could be promoting and moving this mess along by now)00:43
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ikepanhcinfinity: just uploaded, shall be done in any minutes.01:43
ikepanhcinfinity: fall to sleep too early yesterday :p01:44
infinityikepanhc: My clock's completely backward.01:54
infinityikepanhc: Ack.  You still there?02:13
infinityikepanhc: You dropped the changes from the last upload in your quantal meta.02:13
infinityikepanhc: err, precise, I mean.02:13
ikepanhcinfinity: eh... let me check again02:14
ikepanhcinfinity: eh, you are right, give me another 10min02:14
infinity^-- That should have been and included the changes from
infinityHrm, it could be that Andy forgot to commit that revision to git.  That would do it.02:18
ikepanhcI will replay it. Just 10min02:19
ikepanhcuploaded, wait ppa finishing package verify02:30
infinityikepanhc: Would have more sense to keep Andy's previous changelog, and then just do your version bump on top, but oh well.02:31
infinityikepanhc: Other than the changelog being weird, this at least produces the same source and binaries, so I'm happy enough with it.02:34
ikepanhcinfinity: is there any guidebook for debian packaging? I am starting to think it would be better if I can read it02:35
infinityikepanhc: Well, I'm not sure a guide book here would have helped, it's just common courtesy to not wipe out a previous changelog entry. :)02:36
infinity(In this case, I doubt Andy cares about attribution, so the diff is just "weird", rather than anything else)02:36
ikepanhcyes, that's what confusing me, since we have two .1614.19 in changelog. that will make changelog weird in any way02:37
infinityWell, my suggestion would have been to just include Andy's change, and then change your version to 1614.20, dropping the 1614.19 change entirely.02:42
infinityBut too late now.02:42
infinitySince you can't reuse 1614.20, and doing ANOTHER upload just to twiddle the changelog more is pretty pointless.02:42
ikepanhcinfinity: btw, thanks for the review. I am glad that you let me know that I shall review the diff after upload02:43
infinityikepanhc: s/after/before/02:46
infinityikepanhc: Please. :P02:46
infinityikepanhc: Grab the old source, and "debdiff old.dsc new.dsc"02:47
infinityAfter is a little late, especially in the case of "oops, I did something weird and now I can't reuse that version number, so I get to have a strange changelog that documents my mistakes or mysteriously skips version numbers to hide them". :)02:47
infinitySo, for the sake of buildd resources and your own pride, review diffs before upload. :)02:48
* ikepanhc nods02:48
ikepanhcI can not agree more02:48
infinityPeople staging in PPAs actually get it a bit rougher here.02:49
infinityCause once you've uploaded to the PPA, the version is used up, and the package has eaten a few buildds.02:49
infinityPeople uploading directly to $stable-proposed get to have me yell at them from a queue review, and I can reject the package and they can redo it as if it never existed.02:49
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zequenceapw: lowlatency sources are updated. Did you want me to do something more this time?15:11
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