slickymasterHello, all. It's my first time so I'm kind of lost. How do I get to help?17:47
thorwilhi slickymaster. there will be a meeting later today, so can expect more people actually around18:01
thorwilslickymaster: i have to run for a bit18:02
slickymaster@ thorwil. Ok I'll wait, then and come back later. Can you tell me the hours?18:03
meetingologyslickymaster: Error: "thorwil." is not a valid command.18:03
manualbotslickymaster: Error: "thorwil." is not a valid command.18:03
thorwilslickymaster: 9:00 PM UTC. really gone now :)18:04
teolemongodbyk: i was wondering whether you were taking advantage of the amazon affiliate program ?18:23
godbykteolemon: Not at the moment. Right now I have the ubuntu-manual.org site directing people to the createspace.com site for purchasing printed books.19:08
godbykteolemon: Otherwise, I wouldn't know which of the amazon.com/.de/.co.uk/etc. sites to direct them to.19:09
teolemonwe've started the media blitz 15 min ago19:14
teolemondo you track downloads/pageviews ?19:14
godbykWe do.19:19
teolemonthen we hope to melt your tracker :-)19:21
godbyklol. good luck! :-)19:24
cqfd93hi hannie!21:00
hanniehey to all21:00
rickerohi hannie!21:00
CarstenGHi Hannie21:00
rickero... and hi all :-)21:00
cqfd93hi all!21:00
JasonOHello Hannie, hello all.21:00
CarstenGHi  Enrico21:01
CarstenGHi Sylvie21:01
hannieNice to see you all. Welcome! Let's wait for Kevin who will be chair21:01
CarstenGHi Jason21:01
godbykHello, everyone.21:01
hanniehey godbyk21:02
CarstenGHi Kevin21:02
godbykI'll give everyone two to three more minutes to arrive before we get started.21:02
JasonOHi CarstenG21:02
godbykYou can find the meeting notes at <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HLwhH9I_Q9rZw98tovNy97MnC43bBkaGuXZmHz6r3C4/edit>.21:02
hannieLooks good21:03
hanniegodbyk, I see nicknames I do not know. Perhaps slickymaster and teolemon can introduce themselves in the meantime?21:05
godbykWhy don't we go ahead and get started.  We can start with some introductions.21:05
godbykI'll see if I can remember how to get meetology to play along.21:06
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godbykWelcome everyone!21:06
godbykThis is the first meeting during the Raring cycle.21:06
godbyk#topic Introductions21:06
godbykSince we have some new faces here, why don't we do a quick round of introductions.21:06
godbykif everyone could just write a sentence or two about who they are and what role they currently play (or hope to play) in the Ubuntu Manual Project, that'd be great.21:07
* hannie editors coordinator21:07
* thorwil pokes slickymaster21:08
godbykI'm Kevin Godby. I do a little bit of everything. I work on the LaTeX formatting code, maintain the website, and publish the manuals.21:08
cqfd93I'm Sylvie Gallet - I started using Ubuntu in early 200921:08
cqfd93I started doing translations on Launchpad in August 2012, and joined the Ubuntu French Translators Team in September 201221:08
cqfd93I'm now a member of the Ubuntu Manual Team, and editor of the French translation21:08
* rickero is enrico rosina (french translators team) - had some busy weeks generating um with latex for the fr team. (hi all) 21:08
* teolemon is Pierre, member of the French team. 21:09
hannieThe French are well represented!21:10
CarstenGI'm Carsten, come from Germany. Started with the Ubuntu Manual round about one year ago. I do some translation and was screenshot editor for the Quantal release. And I help a little bit with LaTeX stuff...21:10
JasonOI'm Jason Odoom and I've just arrived from hiatus and sm now back with the Manual Team. I used to do Marketing/Publicity.21:10
hannieteolemon, Pierre = Pierre S?21:11
godbykSince thorwil isn't speaking up, I'll point out that he creates the title pages and covers for our manuals. He also handles other artwork for the manual and our website.21:12
godbykIt's nice to meet everyone and good to see some new people here.21:12
CarstenG... and some are missing...21:13
godbyk#topic Updates on Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.1021:13
godbykI wanted to give a few updates on our previous manual releases.21:13
godbykWe've had a lot of new translations recently.21:13
hanniequite a few, actually  http://doodle.com/556xqbacyxeuuea38g5h7cia/admin?#table21:13
godbykFor 12.04, we've now released the manual in English, Dutch, French, Slovenian, and Spanish.21:13
godbykAnd for 12.10, we've released the manual in English and French.21:13
godbykA big round of applause and thanks to all the translators!21:14
godbykBy the way, if the translation editors would like to write a short release note in their language, I'd be happy to post it to the Ubuntu Manual Facebook page.21:14
hannieAnd those who helped the translators21:14
CarstenGYeah, congratulation to them!21:15
godbykJust email the release message to me at kevin@ubuntu-manual.org and I'll get it posted.21:15
godbyk#topic Switching from Lulu.com to CreateSpace.com21:15
godbykYou may have also noticed that we've switched printers.21:15
godbykWe were having some difficulty in printing our manual with Lulu.com and were unable to figure out what the problem was.21:15
godbykWe've switched to CreateSpace.com which seems to be working well so far and has a few added benefits:21:16
CarstenGLulu itself ;-) SCNR21:16
godbyk1. The price of the printed manuals is cheaper.21:16
hanniegodbyk, why could they print the previous versions but not the last one?21:16
godbyk2. The manuals are now available on Amazon.21:16
godbykhannie: That's a great question that neither I nor the lulu.com tech support team can answer (apparently).21:16
CarstenGHannie: They could print the last one. I have 12.10 here ...21:17
godbykIf anyone does notice any problems with the printed manuals from CreateSpace.com or Amazon, please let me know.21:17
hannieCarstenG, that was not printed by lulu21:17
godbykCarstenG: Well, sort of. 12.10 printed okay for me, but then it failed for you the first time. Then we got it to print for you but it failed for the next person to purchase it. So it was kind of hit and miss.21:17
CarstenGIs was...21:17
godbykIn any case, I'm hopeful that switching to CreateSpace will resolve the printing problems we were having previously.21:18
godbykNow to get to the topic we've all been waiting for...21:19
godbyk#topic Plans for Getting Started with Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring cycle)21:19
godbykIf you take a look at the meeting notes at <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HLwhH9I_Q9rZw98tovNy97MnC43bBkaGuXZmHz6r3C4/edit>, you'll see a proposed release schedule.21:19
godbykThe proposed schedule is the same as what we used for 12.10 (Quantal) but with the dates shifted accordingly.21:20
hannieThis may also be useful: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule21:20
godbykIf there were any milestones in 12.10 that you thought came too early—that is, you wanted to spend more time editing or something—let me know and we can try to adjust the Raring schedule.21:21
godbykI'll give everyone a couple minutes to look over the proposed schedule.21:22
godbykIf you have any questions or concerns about it, please voice them now.21:22
hannieShould authors wait for the Beta Release on March 23?21:23
hannie# March 2821:24
godbykhannie: I'm afraid if we wait that long, the editors won't have much time to do their part.21:24
hannieTrue, so Alpha in VirtualBox is what they can use?21:25
godbykIf we want to release the manual on the same day as Ubuntu 13.04 (25 April), then that only gives us a month between beta 2 and the release date to write, edit, and proofread everything.21:25
godbykhannie: They should be able to run Ubuntu in a virtual machine, yes.21:26
CarstenGDo we have a chance to get the manual into the iso?21:26
hannieCarstenG, I'm afraid the iso must be ready before our raring manual is out21:27
CarstenGWell, I dont know, wenn they generate the final iso...21:28
CarstenGAt Final Freeze? 18th april21:28
godbykCarstenG: The timing doesn't work out for us and they're pretty strict about what gets in the ISO, too.21:28
CarstenGSure, I think so... It was just an idea.21:28
hannieWe can aim at getting it in USC as soon as possible21:29
rickeroWould it be possible to include a link to the "on line" manual inside the ISO ?21:29
godbykSomething I'm also going to look into is creating our own PPA and releasing the manuals through there.21:29
hannieah, that is a good idea!21:29
godbykThat way we don't have to wait on the USC process.  We just have to have people add our PPA.21:29
CarstenGHannie: most of the time for this is not in our hands... kevin told..21:30
CarstenGYes, a PPA sounds good-21:30
hannieAbout the feasibility of the release date:21:31
godbykI will look into setting up a PPA and also ask around to see if there's a way we can fast-track our USC submissions.21:31
hannieit depends on if we have enough authors/editors to do the job21:31
hannieC7P (John) will contact authors of the previous version21:33
hanniehey JC, welcome21:33
CarstenGHi John21:33
godbykAfter c7p hears back from the authors, we'll make a list of open positions and post them to our website and try to find people who will fill those slots.21:34
hanniewebsite=mailing list?21:35
godbykhannie: Both.21:35
hanniePeople may also add their name to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApS28NMLnYJXdGd1LVl5X2hvNkg2SEZiVzZ2RnYtWHc#gid=021:36
godbykAre there any objections or comments on proposed milestone dates?21:36
BobbertI have added my name where I used to author, but I can fill any changed positions. So sorry I am late.21:36
CarstenGOne thing for the schedule: I think we should have more time for review...21:37
hanniethanks for adding your name, Bobbert21:37
CarstenGDuring translation of precise, I found some things, which are not as they are mentioned in the manual...21:37
CarstenGI guess other translators have the same impression?21:37
BobbertMistakes do happen because the manual has been gradually re-written for the newer versions of Ubuntu.21:38
godbykCarstenG: So you want more time in the Editing phase?  Or the authoring phase?  Or somewhere else?21:39
CarstenGediting phase...21:39
hannieIdeally, the editors will correct mistakes. But it is impossible to release without any errors21:40
godbykWell, it's okay if the editing extends into the indexing phase a bit.  We have a little leeway there.21:40
godbykIf we move up the authoring deadline so the editing can start earlier, then changes may still be made in Ubuntu at the last minute.21:40
godbykThe authors should carefully review their assigned sections and test all the procedures on the latest version of Ubuntu.  They should update any out-of-date instructions.21:41
godbykThe editors should do the same.21:41
godbykHopefully with at least two people reviewing each section, there won't be too many errors that slip past.21:42
Bobbertbut for example the "getting online" or "troubleshooting" sections are hard to do that in.21:42
hannieIf we can have an author/editor pair for each chapter/section, it can be done21:42
godbykBobbert: Some of the longer sections may need to be broken up into smaller assignments, I think.21:43
CarstenGYes, John, but troubleshooting will hopefully not have so much changes... It should stay nearly untouched21:43
hanniegodbyk, that is already the case (see spreadsheet)21:43
hannieCarstenG, very true. Some chapters need more attention than others21:44
CarstenGyes, I thought sometimes, the text was only copy pasted from lucid to precise (e.g)21:45
hannieMuch of the text can be used in a newer version21:46
godbykDo you feel that the editing phase was rushed during the Quantal cycle?21:46
hannieEditors have to wait until authors are finished, so it depends21:47
hannieNot all editors had finished their chapter in time (Ubuntu Desktop)21:48
godbykWith the proposed schedule, the authors have about two months and the editors have two weeks.21:48
hannieAnd Jim suggested we should not have the same person working both as an author and an editor21:48
godbykI would say we shouldn't have the same person working as an author and editor for the same section of the manual, at least.21:49
godbykIt's hard to see your own mistakes.21:49
hannieright, but if we cannot find enough people we have to accept it21:50
godbykhannie: We should then move the editors around if that's the case.21:50
godbykBut I don't think we should have someone editing the same section they authored.21:50
hannieyes, moving around is an option21:51
CarstenGWelcome back Enrico21:51
BobbertWe could write one section and edit another, though.21:52
hannieYes, that is the idea21:52
rickerooops... been disconnected21:52
godbykIf there are no objections, I'll add these milestone dates to Launchpad.  If we need to adjust them a bit later, we can do so.21:53
godbykI'll have c7p contact the authors from the 12.10 release and see which of them would like to return for the 13.04 cycle.21:53
godbykThen I'll post job openings for the empty positions to our website, the mailing list, Facebook, etc.21:53
CarstenGWhen  I look to the list, I see much editors, but only a few authors...21:54
hannieI have already done a call for editors, and had several responses21:54
hannieCarstenG, that's because I did my call before c7p21:54
godbykI would suggest that any authors and editors start familiarizing themselves with any updates in Ubuntu 13.04 that affect their sections of the manual.21:54
godbykWe already have a raring bzr branch on Launchpad, so people can start writing and editing now.21:55
hanniegodbyk, good idea, Perhaps this should be mailed to the list21:55
godbykhannie: I'll do that.21:55
slickymastergood night, all. Sorry for being late21:55
godbykG'night, slickymaster. Thanks for coming!21:56
godbyk#topic Any other business21:56
godbykAre there any other topics that we should discuss?21:56
godbykDoes anyone have any questions, comments, concerns, criticisms, etc. that they'd like to raise?21:56
hannieperhaps slickymaster can introduce himself?21:56
slickymasterIt's my first time here, but I really want to contribute21:56
CarstenGHi slickymaster21:56
slickymasterHow can I help?21:57
CarstenGHow yo want to help?21:57
hannieslickymaster, you can become an author/editor/translator21:57
cqfd93A question to authors/editors:21:58
cqfd93translators really had a hard time translating and reviewing very long paragraphs (some of them have more than 3,000 characters)21:58
cqfd93is it possible to split them into several smaller ones (only for paragraphs that will be new in raring)?21:58
hannieJasonO, how about you? Any aspirations to become an author or editor?21:58
CarstenGSylvie, I have done some splittings until now21:58
godbykcqfd93: Agreed. CarstenG has been splitting up some of the larger paragraphs in the past couple days.21:58
slickymasterI'll be glad to help anyway you think would advisable21:58
cqfd93great news!!!21:58
CarstenGe.g. Thunderbid21:58
cqfd93I remember that one...21:59
CarstenGthere was two paragraphs, nearly one page...21:59
hannieslickymaster, did you have a look here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApS28NMLnYJXdGd1LVl5X2hvNkg2SEZiVzZ2RnYtWHc#gid=021:59
slickymasterno, I'll do it now21:59
hannieYou may add your name to a chapter or section if you like21:59
CarstenGSylvie, build the raring, and have a look to it. Tell me if its better noe.21:59
cqfd93what, exactly, is an editor's job?22:00
CarstenGYou proofread the content22:00
Bobbertand make sure instructions work22:00
CarstenGAnd check if the instructions and descriptions are right.22:00
godbykcqfd93: Proofreading, ensuring that the text and instructions are factually correct, making sure the writing is easy to read and understand, etc.22:00
hannieproofread for errors and check the contents22:00
hanniesee if there is any inconsistancy22:00
hanniecqf you would be very good at that22:01
slickymasterand the work would exactly what, translating, making sure instructions work, something else?22:01
rickerook thanks, it was not clear for me what is the difference between author and editor22:01
slickymasterwould be, sorry the typo22:01
cqfd93I'm very good at finding typos...22:02
hannieslickymaster, translating is another job. Here we are talking about making the English version of the manual22:02
CarstenGslickymaster: Translation starts first after the release. At the moment we need authors and editors.22:03
JasonOhannie: No, none at all. Atleast for this release.22:03
hannieJasonO, but you do want to help promoting?22:04
slickymasterAlright, got it. What is specifically the work of an author / editor?22:04
JasonOYeah and other jobs that are available.22:04
CarstenGSo Slickymaster: Do you know the new raring well? new features? You like to write good descriptions?22:05
CarstenGThen you are an author.22:05
hanniegodbyk, I am sure you have a job for JasonO22:05
CarstenGIf you like to proofread and check, then you are an editor.22:05
godbykhannie: I could definitely use JasonO's help!22:06
slickymasterI haven't tried it yet22:06
CarstenGIt's always the first time. :-)22:06
JasonOgodbyk: Awesome. :)22:06
godbykJasonO: It'd be great if you could help come up with some ideas on how to promote our manuals when we release new ones (English and translations).22:07
hannieslickymaster, is there any subject you are particularly interested in, like Browsing the web, or Getting online for instance22:07
godbykJasonO: Also, we'll need help attracting some attention to fill some author and editor roles soon.22:07
teolemonwe've just done a media blitz for French22:07
teolemonthere was some French specific stuff22:08
JasonOgodbyk: Alright, I'll work on it.22:08
teolemonbut i'll list the steps we took22:08
hannieteolemon, any idea if may people download the French translation?22:08
godbykJasonO: I'll email you soon with some more info, too.22:08
slickymasterwell, I'm a java developer, professionally.22:08
JasonOgodbyk: Thanks.22:08
teolemonmay people ?22:08
hannie*many ;)22:09
slickymasterGetting online and Browsing the web, no matter which one22:10
slickymasterI would have to what?22:10
hannieslickymaster, just have a look at the spreadsheet and see if there is a chapter/section you like to help with (author or editor)22:10
hannieTo all, feel free to add your name to the spreadsheet22:11
rickeroabout the "download" question: I think the manuel is not visible enough. When I select "Applications => Help" menu, nothing tells me about it.22:12
hannieOk, so there is work to do for JasonO22:12
slickymasterAs I'm starting, I think it would be advisable to help as editor, to get a better knowledge how everything works, don't you think so?22:12
CarstenGrickero: Where are you?22:13
rickeroCarstenG: what?22:13
hannieslickymaster, please send an email to our mailing list and I send you some information22:13
CarstenG"Applications => Help" where is this?22:13
teolemonwe're making sure that as many ppl as possible will download it: we've spammed: forums/planet/wiki/google+/facebook/twitter/the translator's website22:13
teolemon(not spammed of course, but you see my point)22:14
teolemonand we may get an article in linuxfr.org22:14
hanniesounds good. Let's hope it will spread fast22:14
godbykteolemon: Nice!22:14
rickeroCarstenG: oh i don't have unity... it's the applications menu. But I think if you type "help" in the dash it will be the same22:14
JasonODo we ever have an exact number of how many times the Manual has been downloaded? Or maybe that can be implemented in the future?22:15
teolemonwe plan to make it standard in the French iso as well22:15
slickymasterhannie: ok, do you want me write anything in particular in the email, or that's not necessary?22:15
hannierickero, when you type help you get the official Desktop Guide (Ubuntu docs)22:15
hannieslickymaster, it is just so I have your email address22:16
godbykJasonO: I do have those numbers, though there's a bit of a pain to extract at the moment.22:16
rickerohannie: that's what I'm saying, nothing suggests me to download a manual22:16
godbykrickero: True. There's no download link within Ubuntu at the moment.22:17
slickymasterhannie. I'll do it now22:17
hannieok, so you want a link to the manual to come up when you type help in the Dash22:17
godbykrickero: The best we have at the moment is that you can find the manual in the Software Center.22:17
CarstenGEnrico: Ah I see. you mean, we should place a note in this help manual to our UM?22:17
hannieslickymaster, thanks22:17
rickeroexactly... this is what I meant. There can be downloads only if people see something about the manual22:18
godbykrickero: Yes. Right now the best we can do is to do a great job marketing it and making it popular and well-known.22:19
godbykJasonO is going to help us with that. ;-)22:19
CarstenGSo we need someone, who will update the ubuntu-docs package...22:19
godbykCarstenG: That'd be the Ubuntu docs team (see #ubuntu-doc).22:20
slickymasterhannie: Done.22:20
godbykIn addition to the marketing and making the manual well-know, we need to ensure that the manual is accurate and up-to-date.22:20
godbykSo we need to be careful when we're writing and editing to make sure the manual is correct and easy to read, etc.22:21
hannieQuality is very important indeed22:22
hannieI also would like to get more feedback, so we know what people think of our manual22:23
CarstenGSure, this was my point with the review process...22:23
rickerokevin: you also said : "any questions, comments, concerns, criticisms, etc"... I have 2 things in mind":22:23
hannieI heard from someone who has a project in Africa that she was very happy with the printed version22:23
hanniebecause there is not always electricity to read the screen version22:23
CarstenGHannie: You mean pleia2?22:24
godbykhannie: For requesting feedback, direct people to email feedback@ubuntu-manual.org.22:24
rickero2 different persons asked me if it would be possible to have the texts "justified" in LaTex22:24
hannieCarstenG, right22:24
CarstenGHi Tony722:24
hanniehey TonyP better late than never ;)22:24
TonyPsorry - I really need to be reminded earlier22:25
CarstenGEnrico, what do you mean with "justified"22:25
godbykrickero: It is but there are a couple issues.  (1) It means we have to do a bit more editing to prevent overly long lines, and (2) justified text is actually a bit more difficult to read.22:25
godbykrickero: The ragged-right text is a bit friendlier.22:25
TonyPI agree22:26
rickeroCarstenG: Justified = adapted so each line has th same lenght22:26
CarstenGah ok22:26
hanniegodbyk, I think that was my preference too (justified)22:27
rickerokevin: I can live with the current display. just giving the feedback you asked22:27
BobbertI must go have lunch, so bye everyone. I will get writing soon :D. It would be good if the Manual was mentioned somewhere on the Ubuntu site, though to be honest.22:27
godbykhannie: Yes, I've heard a few other people ask about it, too.22:28
godbykBobbert: Thanks for coming!22:28
slickymasterI agree with rickero. Justified text is easier to read22:28
hannieBut like rickero says, it is only meant as feedback22:28
godbykrickero: I understand. Thanks!  Was there a second piece of feedback?22:28
hanniebye Bobbert22:28
cqfd93I agree with rickero22:28
JasonOBye Bobbert22:28
godbykslickymaster: Actually, the opposite is true from what I've read. With justified text, the word spacing is variable so it's more difficult for your eyes to follow along the line.22:29
* hannie will leave in a minute22:29
godbykI'll end this meeting before I forget but everyone is welcome to hang around and chat more.22:29
godbykThanks, everyone, for coming!22:30
meetingologyMeeting ended Sun Jan 27 22:30:06 2013 UTC.22:30
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meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-manual/2013/ubuntu-manual.2013-01-27-21.06.html22:30
slickymastergodbyk: I was just speaking for myself. Maybe it's just a question of getting use to22:30
godbykI'll post the meeting notes and IRC logs to the mailing list soon.22:30
hannieok guys and girls, see you all22:30
godbykSee you later, hannie.22:30
slickymasterhannie: I'l be waiting for your mail22:30
cqfd93Bye hannie!22:30
rickerook by all those who leave22:30
TonyPBye hannie22:30
teolemonwe're already #5 and #16 in the amazon linux section :-)22:31
godbykteolemon: Nice!22:31
godbykteolemon: As far as I can tell, there have been 8 copies of Premiers pas avec Ubuntu 12.04 sold and 2 copies of 12.10.22:34
teolemon12.10 is ahead though..22:35
CarstenGKevin: Only a general question: Do you plan to update you new build script?22:35
godbykThe two copies of 12.10 were both sold today, it says.22:35
godbykCarstenG: If I get time, yeah.22:35
godbykCarstenG: I've been just using the Makefile lately.22:35
rickeroit's Pierre who bought them :-)22:36
teolemonthen the amazon ranking algo might only take the last 24hr into account22:36
teolemonor smg22:36
teolemoni bought 12.0422:36
godbykteolemon: That could be.22:36
cqfd93I bought 2 copies of 12.10 yesterday :-)22:36
godbykcqfd93: Through Amazon?22:36
godbykAh, okay.22:36
teolemona guy told me he ordered one today22:37
godbykIt must take an extra day before they show up for me, then.22:37
cqfd93I also bought 3 copies of 12.0422:38
cqfd93through amazon.fr22:38
CarstenGOk, at all, I have to leave. It's nearly midnight here...22:38
CarstenGGood night and see you22:38
godbykcqfd93: Do you just have a lot of empty bookshelves you're trying to fill? ;-)22:38
rickerohahah here too... good night Carsten22:38
cqfd93yes, time to go to bed!22:38
godbykGood night, CarstenG.22:39
cqfd93godbyk: just a few co-workers interested :-)22:39
godbykcqfd93: Do you highlight your name in the credits before giving them the book?  ;-)22:40
godbykMay as well take credit for it!22:40
cqfd93in fact, I just show it to them :-)22:40
godbykI told a friend of mine that I published half a dozen books in nearly as many languages over winter break. ;-)22:41
godbykIt sounds more impressive that way.22:41
rickerook all... I'm also leaving. good evening to those who still have one, good night to the others22:43
godbykGood night, rickero!22:43
* cqfd93 is leaving. Bye everybody!22:43
godbykSee you later, cqfd93.22:44
slickymasterIt's time for me to leave, also. For me it's the begging of my collaboration with you guys, so I'll be looking forward to get hannie's mail in order to get me started. Until next time, I wish you all a very good night22:47
godbykG'night, slickymaster. Thanks for joining our project. We appreciate your help!22:48

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