qwebirc17982I'm installing this for the first time can someone help me?00:30
qwebirc17982I go though the install fine but after it wont boot from the drive00:30
qwebirc17982It just goes to a black screen and say insert media and press enter00:30
tgm4883qwebirc17982, bad burn?00:31
qwebirc17982no I checked the disk00:32
qwebirc17982The instal works fine and I burned Mythdora and tried that with with same results00:32
qwebirc17982it's like it doesn't see a boot drive00:32
tgm4883sorry, I misread what you said00:32
tgm4883so after install, it reboots and then isn't booting00:32
tgm4883just asks for disk or something00:33
tgm4883did you install from CD or USB?00:33
qwebirc17982Tried installing it to both a harddrive and a thumb drive00:33
qwebirc17982After the install it says remove the disk and restart00:34
qwebirc17982upon restarting it sees no boot drive00:34
qwebirc17982it's like nothing was written to the harddrive00:34
tgm4883how many hard drives do you have?00:35
qwebirc17982just the one00:37
qwebirc17982I actually removed it so I can just install it to the thumb drive now00:37
qwebirc17982to use it as the main boot partition00:37
tgm4883qwebirc17982, yea it sounds like something got installed somewhere odd00:37
qwebirc17982I've installed it three times now all with the same results00:37
tgm4883qwebirc17982, you are installing it to a thumb drive?00:38
qwebirc17982It's like it's just not booting a boot partition for the motherboard to see00:38
qwebirc17982Yeah after the HD wouldn't work I thought I would try the thumb drive00:38
tgm4883Did you set your bios to boot from the thumb drive?00:38
tgm4883(also, does your system support booting from USB?)00:39
qwebirc17982to both00:40
qwebirc17982Well the thing is it wouldn't work with the HD either00:40
tgm4883qwebirc17982, are you doing manual or automatic partitioning?00:41
qwebirc17982I used automatic the first time00:41
qwebirc17982Just now I used manual00:41
qwebirc17982I just made a /00:41
qwebirc17982I didn't make a swap or anything else00:41
tgm4883qwebirc17982, where did you tell it to install the boot loader?00:41
qwebirc17982just to see if it would work00:41
qwebirc17982....I didn't00:42
qwebirc17982how do I do that?00:42
tgm4883qwebirc17982, it's in the installer. IIRC, at the bottom of the partitioning screen00:42
qwebirc17982so what partions should I have?00:43
tgm4883well if you are just doing the install drive and are going to have your media separate then00:43
tgm4883 / and swap00:43
tgm4883where swap is ~ RAM00:43
tgm4883actually, you could probably go without swap if you have enough ram00:44
qwebirc17982I have 2GB00:44
tgm4883I'd probably add swap then00:44
qwebirc17982but I don't see the boot00:44
qwebirc17982do I have to make /boot?00:44
qwebirc17982and is it /swap?00:45
tgm4883qwebirc17982, no, swap is specified by the partition type (eg. don't format it ext4, make it swap)00:45
qwebirc17982okay I'm starting this over again right now00:46
qwebirc17982where do I make the boot?00:47
tgm4883the boot partition?00:47
qwebirc17982or how big do i make the boot partition?00:47
tgm4883you shouldn't need to specify that, it will just reside on /00:48
qwebirc17982So it will actually00:48
tgm4883but if you want to make it, probably 100-200MB00:48
qwebirc17982so it will be /boot00:48
qwebirc17982...   /00:48
qwebirc17982and swap partition?00:48
qwebirc17982and boot should be ext4 journalied?00:49
tgm4883yea that is fine00:49
qwebirc17982make / primary right?00:49
qwebirc17982okay we'll see if this works00:51
qwebirc17982thank you00:51
qwebirc17982I'll be back soon00:51
qwebirc25226I've got mythfrontend autostarting but the menu bar still shows and clicking in the frontend doesn't make it disappear.  I have to restart the frontend manually. This just started but I can't figure out what I changed. Any ideas?02:05
tgm4883qwebirc17982, are you running standard mythbuntu?02:07
tgm4883eg. xfce?02:07
tgm4883or Unity/Ubuntu02:07
tgm4883qwebirc17982, did you change something in screen setup?02:07
tgm4883in the frontend?02:07
qwebirc25226I don't think so...it fixes itself when I exit and start it again from the menu02:08
tgm4883qwebirc17982, it fixes itself. Ok, so what do you do to make it happen?02:09
qwebirc25226reboot the computer02:09
tgm4883hmm ok, so it starts with it visable?02:10
qwebirc25226ya....I've got multiple frontends too and I've only noticed it on this one02:11
qwebirc17982how to I set up a capture card?02:11
tgm4883it's a 12.04 install?02:11
tgm4883qwebirc17982, via mythtv-setup02:12
qwebirc25226ya...upgraded to 12.10....well....I can't remember what version I started with02:12
qwebirc2522611.04 maybe?02:12
qwebirc17982when I go to the set up it only lets me set up video and audio02:13
qwebirc17982I never get a tuner option02:13
tgm4883qwebirc17982, you need to exit the frontend and go to the mythtv backend setup (or run mythtv-setup from the command line)02:14
qwebirc17982how do I do that?02:14
qwebirc17982sorry I'm really new to this02:14
tgm4883exit the frontend?02:15
tgm4883or start the backend setup?02:15
qwebirc17982get to the command line02:15
qwebirc25226it's in the menu....under system02:15
tgm4883in the applications menu you should have something labeled terminal02:15
qwebirc17982now what is the command for mythtv-setup?02:17
qwebirc25226just run it from the menu if you're new to this...much easier02:18
qwebirc17982also how to I get the screen config to stick?02:18
tgm4883that works too02:18
tgm4883screen config?02:18
qwebirc17982it's off screen right now02:19
qwebirc17982I went to the set up for that but when I esc it defaults02:19
qwebirc25226is it nvidia?02:20
tgm4883could be, I'd have to know what parts are off the screen02:20
qwebirc17982I have a hauppauge 1600 TV tuner card02:21
qwebirc17982I don't see it on the set up list02:21
tgm4883it's DVB02:21
qwebirc25226a 1600 is atsc and analog...I'm using one too02:22
qwebirc25226for analog use the pvr-x50 or something like that02:24
qwebirc25226tgm4883: for my issue I just thought I'd check and see if you had heard of it before...I'll keep poking around...thanks02:29
tgm48831600 is DVB (I've got one, although I didn't use the analog side)02:30
tgm4883I'm unsure on the screen thing02:30
qwebirc25226I'm using both....it's nice to be able to add ota hd to my sd satellite feed02:32
qwebirc17982using a keyboard what is the menu key?02:47
qwebirc7246I am trying to install mythbuntu and can't get it to recognize the video capture card which is a hauppauge 1850.19:17
qwebirc7246I just bought a Hauppauge 1850 to use with Mythbuntu 12.04.  It does not seem to recognize the card. Any suggestions?19:18
gregLqwebirc7246, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=139268419:28
qwebirc7246That thread seems to indicate that he got the 1850 to work with Ubuntu 9.10, extracted the channel scan information, and then used that for installing another application, ME TV.  No information about how he got MythTV to see the card....19:33

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