ibeardsleethumper: nice response to that that openchat email20:29
thumperibeardslee: thanks, I tried to stay reasonable20:29
thumperalthough I did have to laugh a bit about the bit where he said canonical could install a package to control your webcam and record you having sex to make porn movies for the amusement of canonical employees20:30
thumperI don't think any of us have time for that :)20:30
ajmitchwhere am I missing this entertaining mail?20:30
thumperajmitch: nzoss-opencat20:30
thumperwindows 8 - a video something20:30
thumperturned into ubuntu bashing20:30
ajmitchsounds typical20:30
ajmitchI see the main person instigating that is a local20:32
ajmitchyou should sit down & have a chat with him after codecraft some time, it could be entertaining :)20:33
thumperyeah... or I might just end up getting angry20:34
ajmitchjust reading your reply now20:36
thumperhi mwhudson20:56
lifelessmwhudson: sorry21:17
mwhudsonlifeless: np21:17
mwhudsonlifeless: i shouldn't reply to fb when cranky in the morning because a baby isn't sleeping21:18
lifelessmwhudson: that will be a while then :)21:18
mwhudsonlifeless: although right after i posted that, she went so sleep for so long that i was late into the office this morning so...21:20
ollyit seems unlikely you could record *any* very useful video by turning on people's webcams21:45
ollyyou'd get a lot of footage of people staring at screens21:46
ollyperhaps it'd work for a porn website for people turned on by ceilings21:46
ollyor nose picking21:46
thumperolly: heh21:57
ajmitchthumper: ok, I see now that I should not read my dunlug email22:09
thumperI unsubscribed from dunlug after the last lot of unty bashing22:10
ajmitchmonday morning & I want a stiff drink22:10
ajmitchand I'm not a fan of a number of recent changes, but still...22:10
lifelessmwhudson: :)22:10
mwhudsonolly: i was drinking coffee when i read that dammit22:19
ibeardsleethere are a number of people with gripes about unity, on the whole it does the job for me.  And certainly the 'how dare someone monetise their work' comments are a bit arse. As are the "I'll go to distro $x" and Distro $x is built on Ubuntu22:22
mwhudsonwho was it who made the "that's it! i'm switching to arch" t-shirts?22:23
ajmitchibeardslee: but it's ubuntu without the evil bit set that they're moving to22:26
thumpermwhudson: we should so get some of those printed22:32
mwhudsoni think it was a bit of an omg ubuntu meme for a while22:33
mwhudsonis omg ubuntu still a thing?22:33
mwhudsonit seems to not have dns currently22:34
mwhudson;; ANSWER SECTION:22:35
ajmitchI'm not seeing a CNAME22:38
ajmitchjust an A record also with a 30 sec TTL22:39
mwhudsonyeah, it works now22:40
ollyi think unity has suffered from being pushed into prime time too early23:00
ollypeople form an impression from when they first use something, and that tends to stick around23:00
ollyit's a difficult choice, because pushing things out to the masses helps get a lot of people bashing away at them and shaking out issues23:02
ajmitchit might have worked out better to have it available but not the default desktop for a couple of releases, but that's in the past now23:02
ollyit is for unity, though it's something to think about whether one can learn from23:03
ajmitchby the time precise rolled round unity was fairly usable, or people had learned to put up with it :)23:03
mwhudsonhow's wayland going heh heh23:03
ajmitchit'll be ready any day now23:05
thumperI have an answer to that, but I'm not allowed to say :)23:07
ajmitchwhatever it is, people will complain23:09
ajmitchI think that's one thing we can be sure about :)23:10
ibeardsleeon the whole people don't like change23:11
ollythat's what you need to change23:11
mwhudsonibeardslee: but they don't like the current situation either!23:12
mwhudsonso you have to change just the things _they_ care about23:12
mwhudsonbut everyone cares about different things23:12
ajmitchon the whole, people like to complain23:13
mwhudson+1 insightful23:13
ibeardsleemwhudson: the current situation is a change ;)23:15
ibeardsleebut I think ajmitch does nail it23:15
ollyon the plus side, if they're complaining, they probably actually care23:15
ollyif you made a major change and there was no response, that'd not be a very good sign23:16
mwhudsonthis is true23:18
ibeardsleesome of the LCA tweets seem to be covering the same thing (Bdale's keynote)23:20
* thumper is missing LCA23:21
thumperajmitch: you are there?23:21
ajmitchno I'm not23:22
ibeardsleealthough I think part of the difference is that "want it to work the way I used to use it"23:22
* ibeardslee isn't there either23:22
* mwhudson comes across a link to http://xkcd.com/178/, randomly23:23
snaili'd click that link, but i'm not really into pokemon...23:45

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