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hanlondI have a question regarding the use of & in the shell01:02
escotthanlond, and...01:03
hanlondI have no GUI installed, so if I use VI to edit a file and add & the the end of the command, how do I then start using VI01:03
escotthanlond, fg01:03
hanlondand is there a way to unfocus from VI afterwards?01:04
escotthanlond, ctrl-z if vi doesnt capture it01:04
hanlondwill that work with any process?01:05
escotthanlond, any process that trap SIGSTP01:06
hanlondThank you very much01:06
escotthanlond, or remap ctrl-z01:06
hplchello, how does server version comes shipped when it comes to dns? to servre localhost? localdomain? or not at all by default?01:14
escotthplc, presumably not installed by default01:15
hplcescott, but if choosen during install i mean01:16
hplcmy english aint that great01:16
escotthplc, it will serve any computer configured to ask it for dns information. so if it is also a dhcp server it would presumably suggest itself as the dns server01:22
hplcescott, so in that case one can say that it would serve the homelan / domain?, im not that good at being 100% correct, but i hope i make sense enough01:25
escotthplc, put it to you this way. i'm making some tea, i will serve you some but only if you come by and ask....01:26
escotthplc, you have to configure the other computers on the domain to ask that computer if you want it to be the dns server01:26
hplcescott, ok, yes that way i get it01:27
hplccan the server version act as dns / dhcp and be the firewall at same time? or put something else to guard the border?01:29
escotthplc, yes. thats probably the easiest setup to configure01:29
escott!ics | hplc01:29
ubottuhplc: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing01:29
hplcyes, recon that from "firestarter" in the desktop edition01:30
hplchow does ubuntu going to handle the UEFI? the shim bootloader?01:31
escotthplc, the "shim bootloader" is for secure boot. there is support for direct efi loading not sure its in the ubuntu kernel though01:32
hplcand does ubuntu support use of btrfs? it seems like a solution where one can add HDDs as time goes by01:32
RoyKbtrfs isn't very stable yet01:33
escotthplc, yes buts far from a usable filesystem01:33
hplcescott, but doesnt UEFI mean 100% hardware cutoff anything that isnt MS?01:33
hplcRoyK, escott ok01:33
escotthplc, huh?01:33
RoyKhplc: if you want raid, use md01:34
hplcescott, i meant, the idea behind uefi is to allow ONLY ms to pass the bootloader on a hardware level due ti INTEL chips set that way? right?01:34
hplci was under that impression after reading linux format nr 16701:36
escotthplc, you read it wrong01:36
escottand you are talking about secure boot not efi01:36
escottand you are incorrect about secure boot :)01:37
hplcbut isnt secure boot and UEFI the same thing?01:37
escottthat said i dont think secure boot is very useful so i would disable it01:37
escottno they are not01:37
hplcim confused, qoute from page 38 "UEFI and / or microsofts secure boot is hampering manufactoring of linux or dual boot computers" end quote01:40
patdk-lapeverything you read on the internet must be true :)01:41
hplcno not internet, the paperback version of a magazine01:42
escotthplc, there has been an enormous amount written about this. you are welcome to read about it01:43
patdk-lapthose still exist?01:43
escotthplc, many laptops from Dell/Compaq/etc are shipping with 4 primary partitions (a boot partition, windows partition, recovery partition, and a OEM driver partition)01:43
escotti could write a sensationalist article about how that is hampering the installation of linux and how its an evil trick by MSFT01:44
escottor i could write about how its a relatively minor technical impediment for those who know what they are doing01:45
hplcbut still, im confused, is "Linux Format" paperback magazine a joke? to me it looks quite serious01:45
escotti could even write about how evil microsoft ships windows partitioned in such a way as to use the ENTIRE disk01:45
escottall to prevent other operating systems from being easily and readily installed01:45
escottOMG sensationalist blog posting coming right up01:45
escotthplc, (a) you arent going to have windows on the computer you are talking about because its a server (b) you can just disable secure boot (c) you can probably switch to bios boot mode if you want01:48
hplcescott, well yes, i do indeed consider using ubuntu server instead of my present FreeBSD01:49
hplcescott, and i cant understand what is so funny about me mentioning that paperback magazine, is its articles made up out of thin air? i dont understand01:52
escotthplc, i didnt make fun of the magazine, but there are better things to read than linux format01:52
escotthplc, lwn.net is very solid01:53
hplcescott, is it something that exist both in electronic and paperform? what does it cost?01:54
escotthplc, website only. there is a membership if you want to read the current one or you can read a week or two behind01:55
hplcescott, as a homeuser, that doesnt need to keep up with cutting edge news, is the free version enough? right?01:56
escotthplc, a one week old lwn article is probably more up to date than a print edition of linux format that has been sitting on the shelf of B&N for the past week01:57
escotthplc, it can be very technical in some parts that may or may not be what you are interested in reading01:59
hplcescott, yes that is more than welcome02:00
mortrcaI replaced the motherboard in my server and now I'm having problems getting it to boot. Everything seems to be fine at first, everything reports "OK" as it starts, until it gets to Tomcat. There it just says "* Starting Tomcat servlet engine tomcat6" and hangs.02:02
mortrcaApache fails to start, but it reports a syntax error in apache2.conf and then moves on without haning.02:03
mortrcaTroubleshooting pointers anyone?02:04
escottmortrca, is the networking working correctly?02:07
escottmortrca, ie if your interface card was on the motherboard it will have a new MAC address and perhaps a new device02:07
mortrcaescott: It displays a message about waiting another 60 seconds for network configuration which I haven't seen before02:08
mortrcaand moves on after the 60 seconds02:08
escottmortrca, i would look into that. make sure that something isn't misconfigured there02:08
escottmortrca, check /etc/udev and all the /etc/networking stuff02:09
mortrcaescott: I seem to have bigger issues. I now cannot get a BIOS post or any video out from the board. I think this is now a hardware problem.02:26
mortrcaThanks for the suggestion, if I ever get that far I'll give it a try.02:26
iamzimGood day, i'm thinking about going for a psad+fwsnort setup, is there a more effective solution?02:29
hanlondI have a question regarding /etc/network/interfaces03:47
hanlondif I have a DNS server pointing to and IP address www.xxx.yy.zz03:48
hanlondwhat do i need to set the following to in order to get an SSH client working03:49
hanlondI have03:49
hanlondauto eth0 \n iface eth0 inet static \n address www.xxx.yy.zz netmask 255.255.255 network broadcast gateway
escotthanlond, dns is handled through /etc/resolv.conf03:51
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CoreyI'm trying to resize a KVM guest that itself uses KVM.  Every time I make the attempt, I have to blow away the partitions in fdisk, recreate them, and reboot.  This changes the UUID, and leaves me unbootable.09:21
Corey(I'm operating on a copy)09:22
CoreyScrew it.  Adding the new space as a new partition, and I'll handle it in LVM. :-p09:24
CoreyTHERE we go.09:29
CoreyAdd that as a new PV, add the new PV to a VG, lvresize, resize2fs, and we're in business.09:29
Corey"simple" as that.09:29
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e_t_What are you using as the block device for the first-level KVM?09:32
Coreye_t_: LVM.09:33
CoreySo yeah, turtles all the way down. :-)09:33
Corey(LVM is on top of a hardware RAID10 of direct attached storage.)09:33
CoreyThe sad thing is that this... is my personal environment, not work's. :-)09:33
e_t_So you lvresize the storage volume for the first-level guest and it blows away your partitions?09:33
CoreyNot exactly.  This is under libvirsh.09:34
CoreySo on the host, I copy the old VM's lv to a new, larger one.09:34
CoreyIn that new larger one, fdisk sees the new space, but nothing else does.09:34
CoreySo deleting the root and lvm partitions in fdisk and recreating them with the lastblock boundary further out (which works if you're NOT using UUIDs) fails horribly at reboot time.09:35
CoreyNow I feel like a grumpy old man shaking his fist and screaming to get off his lawn.09:35
CoreyThis is also Lucid; not sure if it's any better in Precise.09:36
e_t_Does it work any better if you mount by label instead of UUID?09:36
CoreyMost likely, but I'm not sure how to make that work in Ubuntu.09:37
CoreyA cursory search didn't turn up anything.09:37
Corey"adding the extra space as /dev/vda6" worked a treat though.09:37
e_t_I don't think fstab is distro-specific.09:38
Coreye_t_: I suspect that cutting the box to mount by label, rebooting, and then updating the uuid's with the CURRENT partition table would work as well.09:38
Coreye_t_: No, but update-grub and the stuff surrounding it are.09:38
CoreyIt's not even fstab; it doesn't get to that point.  It's the initrd and the kernel locations.09:38
CoreySo I'd have to update grub.cnf09:39
CoreyOr whatever the name of the file in question is, in CentOS (my strong suit) it's menu.lst09:39
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damrocki got some packet drops with my intel ethernet adapter13:09
damrocki didn't had this problem with kernel 3.713:10
damrockshould i install the actual kernel module 1.2xy something?13:11
RoyKdamrock: custom kernel?13:17
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RoyKseems either chkrootkit is out of sync with ubuntu, or that /sbin/init really is infected on 12.0414:42
damrockno custom kernel14:44
damrockppa kernel14:44
damrockmy SAS controller doesnt work with 3.714:44
damrockbut with 3.5, but with 3.5 ethernet is fucked up14:45
patdk-lapstop buying unsupported hardware?14:45
Tm_Tdamrock: ppa kernels are most likely supported only by the maintainers of said ppa14:45
damrockmarvell is proper supported14:46
damrockwhat should i buy, sil chipset?14:46
patdk-lapmarvell is not very specific, they make LOTS of things14:46
damrockmarvel provide its own kernel modules14:46
damrockbut the way to compile moduels changed in 3.714:46
damrockso i cannot compile the kernel module for 3.7 my sas controller14:47
RoyKwhat sas controller is this?14:47
damrockrocketraid 272014:48
damrock2 pieces of them14:48
damrock16 x 2 tb drives with mdraid 514:48
RoyKerm - 16 drives in raid-5?14:49
RoyKsingle raid5?14:49
* RoyK mumbles something about playing with matches and gasoline14:50
damrockraid5 with 1 spare14:50
RoyKbetter convert that to raid-6...14:51
damrockyeah if i get the ethernet work in 3.514:51
RoyKI'd use r6 with a spare or even split it up to smaller raid sets with that amount of drives...14:51
damrocki would have to wait for btrfs raid514:52
patdk-lapno need for a spare14:52
RoyKwhat sort of nic?14:52
damrockintel e100014:52
patdk-lapif you really want a spare, just throw the spare on the motherboard port14:52
damrocki put the spare to mobo port14:52
damrock16 drives and 1 spare on mobo port14:52
RoyKdamrock: should work, but perhaps new pci id14:52
damrockwell i buy new hardware next month, 17 3tb wd red harddrives with intellipower and sell those 2tb ones14:54
damrockthey are cheap pnly 130 bucks for each14:54
RoyKthat's pretty good14:55
damrockim out of space...14:55
RoyKwhat are you storing on all this?14:56
RoyKanyway - I'd recommend using r6 for such a setup - really14:57
RoyKlarge desktop-grade drives have rather high error rates14:59
damrockmaybe i put the entire thing to lvm and run it with lvm14:59
RoyKlvm doesn't support raid[56], though15:00
damrockvgcreate does not work?15:01
damrockvgcreate vg1 /dev/md or something?15:02
damrockthen mkfs.btrfs /dev/vg1/lv1?15:02
RoyKoh, yes, lvm on top of md works fine15:03
* RoyK doesn't trust btrfs yet for production15:03
damrockoyu can't even trust kernel 3.5 for production15:04
damrockthats why im here with my ethernet problem with dropped packets15:04
* RoyK sticks to LTS releases ;)15:05
damrockand its intel, not such a cheap chinese manufactuer15:05
damrockyeah i had this prblem with 3.2 on lts15:05
RoyKreported a bug?15:05
damrocka lot of peoples reported it15:06
patdk-lapintel has lots of known driver issues that have not been fixed in years15:06
patdk-lapI dunno why you would trust intel to not have buggy drivers15:06
damrocki agree15:07
damrockbut it works on windumb15:07
patdk-lapintels e1000 and iw drivers have known to have issues15:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1018561 in linux "e1000e needs updating due to 82574L keeps dropping RX packets" [Medium,Confirmed]15:07
RoyKthat's interesting - I have rather a lot of machines with those cards15:07
damrockthose "eeprom fix" didn't help15:08
damrockmaybe some ethtool quirks in the nvram inserted or something15:08
damrockbut i said if i use the drawring kernel my sas doesnt work anymore... thats pretty funny15:09
RoyKso, the nic works with 3.7, but there you can't find the controller?15:09
damrockwell i get another nic at monday, im tired with this stuff15:10
patdk-lapwhat about just using 3.5 with backported modules?15:11
patdk-lapthat is what I do to get a more stable wifi driver15:11
damrockgood idea15:11
patdk-lapyou could always also download the e1000e driver from intel and compile it yourself also15:12
patdk-laproyk, I have gone into scary territory for me, running my own build of illumos-gate on oi15:13
patdk-lapnever built illumos kernel before15:13
RoyKhehe - does it work?15:14
patdk-lapspent almost all day yesterday getting it built15:14
patdk-laphmm, the *debug* one wouldn't15:14
patdk-lapbut non-debug boots15:14
patdk-laphave it on 3 machiens, the test build, my home15:14
patdk-lapand just shoved it into production15:14
* RoyK has never built an illumos kernel neither15:15
RoyKwhy did you upgrade?15:16
patdk-lapnfs panic15:16
RoyKbtw, what's the current oi status these days? "still not dead yet"?15:16
patdk-lapnothing better than free an null pointer :)15:17
damrockjust make install to compile the driver according to the manual... no depmod -a or something15:22
patdk-lapyou should always depmod -a15:22
patdk-lapbut that isn't a part of compiling the driver, that is part of installing the driver15:23
damrockweird instructions15:23
RoyKpatdk-lap: seems gcc just ignores a free((void *)0)15:23
patdk-lapnot sure about gcc, but I know libc in linux ignores it, and  Ithink also ignores anything random value you give it that wasn't malloc'd15:24
patdk-lapI don't think it was a free(NULL) as much as free(random) though15:24
RoyKjust tried to free(random) - that segfaulted nicely15:25
patdk-lapmight be one of the other malloc packages15:25
patdk-lapused many different ones15:25
patdk-lapwell, in this case it was a free(0)15:26
patdk-lapor some processing on a NULL pointer15:26
patdk-lapnothing better than single line bug fix's15:27
damrockok module installed15:42
damrockjust rmmod the module, then copy the new compiled module to the lib mod stuff and modprobe it15:42
damrockwell, the error remains15:44
RoyKdamrock: I saw a post about it with the error being the same even with 3.7.x16:03
FuzolanThe Message "Your BIOS is broken; DMA routed to ISOCH DMAR unit but no TLB space." should only lead to a performace drop or I'm wrong?16:23
samba35i have nokia 3500c phone i want to connect to internet using this phone ,how do i connect i tryed with wvdail but i get message on phone subcrib to packet data 1st and wvdail goes in redial attempt16:24
RoyKconnecting to the net via a phone from a server?16:29
damrockroyk whatever16:37
damrocki will buy another ethernet nic16:37
damrockjust try to figure out a good nic16:39
damrockwhats a recommended network nic for pcie x1?16:51
patdk-lapany desktop nic?16:51
patdk-lapwell, depending on performance16:51
patdk-lapintel, broadcom, realtek, ...16:51
damrockit should give me 120MB/s with 4 or 8k frames16:52
patdk-lapheh? no16:52
damrockfor afp and nfs16:52
patdk-lapyour lucky if you get 112MB/sec16:52
patdk-lapbut I dunno about getting that kind of speed on a desktop class card though16:53
RoyKdamrock: using jumboframes_17:02
Yannikhi guys, im not quite sure if im right here, but Im looking for help to configure my file rights for var/www correct. Im running apache on ubuntu with php as mod_fcgid. www-data user and my standarduser share a group "ftpuser", which is the group of var/www. Is it correct to set every directory now on 755 and every file on 664?17:35
escottYannik, that is a strange permission set. why read exe on directors and read write on files in those directories17:39
escottYannik, 775 664 would seem more normal17:39
Yanniksorry, that was a typo17:40
RoyKYannik: better make them owned by root or some other user - allowing www-data write access to those files may open for some interesting issues if a bug is found in a php script or similar17:41
Yannikthey are owned by root (except for the files uploaded by the standarduser)17:41
Yannikbut i could change that via proftpd too17:42
YannikI thought putting them in the same group (ftpuser) the too users (standarduser and www-data) would be fine17:42
TheLordOfTimeagreed with RoyK on the www-data write access17:43
TheLordOfTime(sorry, late to the convo ;P)17:43
Yannikcurrently files have "- r w - r - - r - -" and directories have "drwxr-xr-x"17:45
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frojndHi there :)18:28
TheLordOfTimecan someone be kind enough to suggest to me some kind of run-of-the-mill iptables rules that allow for some ICMP stuff?19:01
patdk-lapTheLordOfTime, something like:19:15
TheLordOfTimeon campus network i'm curious whether they're trying to ping me or something, i19:15
TheLordOfTime'm running in a non-restrictive firewall mode19:16
patdk-lapiptables -A INPUT -t icmp -m icmptype 3 code 4 -j ACCEPT19:16
TheLordOfTimewhich is dangerous, hence the info request :P19:16
patdk-lapiptables -A INPUT -t icmp -m icmptype 11 -j ACCEPT19:16
patdk-lapthose two are required for ANY ip traffic to work19:17
TheLordOfTime-m icmptype  <-- errors out19:17
patdk-lapiptables -A INPUT -t icmp-type 3/4 -j ACCEPT19:18
TheLordOfTimewhich one allows pings/echos?19:19
patdk-lapiptables -A INPUT -p 1 --icmp-type 11 -j ACCEPT19:19
TheLordOfTimei think this network checks to see if you're online using that.19:19
patdk-lapiptables -A INPUT -p 1 --icmp-type 3/4 -j ACCEPT19:19
patdk-lapthose allow pmtu to work19:19
patdk-lapI said REQUIRED, ping is optional19:19
TheLordOfTimei will need ping19:19
TheLordOfTimeas well :p19:19
patdk-lapI believe ping is 819:19
patdk-lapiptables -A INPUT -p 1 --icmp-type 8 -j ACCEPT19:19
TheLordOfTimeokay, lets see if this works19:22
TheLordOfTimebecause my overly restrictive ruleset was causing me to not be able to be on the network19:22
TheLordOfTimeso... :P19:22
patdk-lapforget doing iptables manually, and use shorewall :)19:22
guntbertpatdk-lap: +120:26
FuzolanThe Message "Your BIOS is broken; DMA routed to ISOCH DMAR unit but no TLB space." should only lead to a performace drop or I'm wrong?20:32
NahitaHey guys, I just got my 1st server. And was wonder about dynamic DNS. Any specefic ones you recomend?20:41
virusuyNahita: dyndns ?20:47
Nahitaok, thnx. I also noticed there are free ones. So why would I pay for one?20:48
TheLordOfTimenot dyndns20:52
TheLordOfTimedyndns stopped their free service recently20:52
TheLordOfTimethose who still had free ones keep their free ones20:52
Spanky100I got a free one for my pop that works with a D-link router.  Though I think it will only work with D-Link routers...20:59
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Nahitahehe, but whats the diffirence between those you pay for and the free ones?21:02
frojndHi there, is there a way to backup iptables rules before I try and make changes in case I mess something up?21:19
shaunofrojnd: iptables-save >file and iptables-restore <file "work for me (tm)"  (no space before either hyphen)21:20
frojndshauno: what if I don't have itpables-save? I only have iptables and iptables-restore21:21
frojndIs there another way around?21:22
dingo311everytime my server resarts the router gives it ip x.x.x.103. this is via network cable. all my settings are from befor i had the server and the router near enough to connect so i was using wifi for sometime. it had ip x.x.x.102, so all my settings use this ip. i have configured my router to use the 102 ip but have to run sudo dhclient eth0 to get anything to connect. how do i get the router/server to use the 102 ip default?21:33
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PeterGriffin dingo311 you can do this http://pastebin.com/dK2cfnGW22:00
dingo311PeterGriffin: not sure of line 922:10
PeterGriffinit is still the router ip22:17
dingo311PeterGriffin: that was a no go. i can pastebin the interfaces file if you need22:30
PeterGriffindo it22:31
PeterGriffindingo311: your router connects you to internet, right?22:33
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dingo311PeterGriffin: yea, not saying i got everything in the file coorect. im pretty noobish. i can ping the outside ip tho.22:34
PeterGriffinso what is the sitoation now?22:36
dingo311i rebooted the server, it didnt connect. I got it to connect.22:38
PeterGriffinpaste interfaces file22:39
PeterGriffinand did you change the resolve file22:40
dingo311the wifi had its own ip and mac. i turned off the hardware switch, plugged in an ethernet cable. got a new local ip and mac. i know how to update my router with dhcp reservation, but evry reboot it reverts back to the old ip, the
dingo311http://paste.ubuntu.com/1578174/     <---interfaces, did not change resolve files22:40
PeterGriffinwhat's the router ip22:43
dingo311the local?
PeterGriffinyou should write it in th gateway line22:43
PeterGriffinchange network to
PeterGriffinthen edit /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base22:44
PeterGriffininside write nameserver <your router IP>22:44
dingo311with <>?22:45
dingo311ok, anyway to check without a reboot?22:45
PeterGriffinsudo /etc/init.d/networking restart22:46
PeterGriffinthet should do it22:46
dingo311Running /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not enable again some interfaces * Reconfiguring network interfaces...22:48
PeterGriffinso did it restarted the interface22:50
PeterGriffinwhat ifconfig  says22:50
dingo311hanging on last part22:51
dingo311says failed to bring up eth022:52
PeterGriffinsudo ifconfig eth0 up22:52
PeterGriffinit should bring it up22:55
PeterGriffinor restart it again22:56
dingo311by it you ,ean whole system?22:57
PeterGriffinyea, in the second sentence  :)22:59
PeterGriffinyou shoud first try sudo ifconfid eth0 up23:00
PeterGriffineven try first sudo ifconfig eth0 down and then up23:01
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PeterGriffindingo311: did eth0 go up23:14
saltmiserPeterGriffin and dingo311 are the same person23:15
PeterGriffinreally lol23:19
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Vasahello I have a problem that a partition '/dev/xvda1/ is mounted as root / as read only and it makes any changes impossible, how do i go about getting it to the normal fully read/write access for root?23:54
Vasai tried the command mount -o remount,rw /partition/identifier /mount/point23:54
Vasamount -o remount,rw /dev/xvda1 /23:54
Vasahowever it says that "mount: you must specify the filesystem type"23:55
escottVasa, for a remount?23:57
Vasayes I want to remount the /23:58
Vasaas a read/write filesystem23:58
escottbut it shouldnt be asking for the filesystem type on a remount unless something is seriously wrong23:58
escottare you in a busybox shell?23:58
Vasayes it does but what filesystem should i provide23:58
Vasai am controlling it via a SSH23:59

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