skellatWell, that was a trip to Cleveland.  A trip down Union Avenue from Slavic Village on the way to Shaker Heights just was not amusing.02:16
_bbbcolorful part of town02:18
skellatNot as much as it was 20 years ago02:19
_bbbi bought house in slavic village 10 years ago02:19
_bbbbut yeah i know that drive well02:20
skellatThat works.  At least the Red Chimney appears to still be open.02:20
_bbbdrove it earlier today even02:21
skellatAlrighty, I wasn't expecting all those channels to close at once on me02:22
_bbbi get the potato soup sometimes on weds02:22
_bbbat the red chimney.. good stuff02:22
* skellat wanders off02:23

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