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teddy-dbearanybody around who can help me with a small problem?13:51
teddy-dbearI made the mistake of trying a different video driver and now can't change back because the panels won't load13:52
teddy-dbearnever mind13:57
teddy-dbearI got the panels back13:57
waltmanGlad we could help!14:11
teddy-dbearstupid 12.1014:13
teddy-dbeardoesn't seem to matter what driver is in use14:13
teddy-dbearthere is still a peoblem logging in14:13
teddy-dbearthere is still a problem with my spelling14:15
teddy-dbearit seems the only way to solve this problem is to get grub up first14:16
teddy-dbearand not to let the computer just boot14:16
teddy-dbearthat didn't work either14:17
teddy-dbearthe log in screen doesn't stay up long enough to type the password14:18
waltmanIt must be tough to type with paws instead of fingers.14:19
teddy-dbearthis is not working out well today14:26
teddy-dbeartried a older kernel14:26
teddy-dbearit booted but the highest resolution I can get is 1024x76814:27
teddy-dbearway to small for the screen14:27
teddy-dbearstupid computers14:30
rmg51I'm just going to have to leave well enough alone14:35
rmg51I was trying to get more then one choice in screenresolution14:36
rmg51not going to happen14:36
rmg51that just means I won't be able to connect to my TV14:39

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