rsajdokI am trying to start loco project. After 'make init' I got: http://pastie.org/5876236 any suggestion?12:16
dakerrsajdok: hey14:52
dakerrsajdok: try changing the distribute package version on requirements/dev.txt14:53
dakertry : distribute==0.6.2114:53
rsajdok|aDaker: ok, I will try, thanks15:46
rsajdokdaker: still the same error20:24
rsajdokdaker: Maybe this problem exists because i have python2.7 pip-2.7 ?20:52
dakerrsajdok: wait a min20:56
dakerrsajdok: try this21:02
rsajdokdaker: ok, I will back in a few minutes21:17
rsajdokdaker: make env works fine, thanks23:02
dakerrsajdok: wow :)23:02
rsajdokdaker: "make db" http://pastie.org/588898023:10
dakerrsajdok: try to delete the db then run make db23:13
rsajdokdaker: works, problem was in that I created admin profile23:23
rsajdokIs there any plans to migrate from python 2.6 to 2.7 in loco project?23:25
dakerrsajdok: for now we are wating for IS to migrate the server to django 1.323:27
dakerrsajdok: i am running it with 2.723:29
rsajdokdaker: env:23:30
rsajdokdaker: What is IS ?23:30
dakerthe team that handles/manages canonical servers23:31
dakerrsajdok: ^23:31

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