mojtabaDo I need to do something before that?00:00
keelGan pop3/imap email client or just send an email with smtp?00:00
mojtabaI just got dead.letter in my home directory00:00
mojtabaI want to send it via my gmail00:01
mojtabakeelG: I just want to use my gmail account00:01
mojtabaI guess it is imap.00:01
keelGmojtaba: Im afraid I have no expereince with a cmdline based email client or any other client which will allow you to do that. However It wouldnt surprise me it existed :)00:01
mojtabaactually I want to use command line one, because finally I want to set a task with cron to email the external IP address of the server remotely on a daily basis00:02
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keelGmojtaba: check this out: http://www.fclose.com/b/linux/1411/sending-email-from-mailx-command-in-linux-using-gmails-smtp/00:03
mojtabaI know how to get the external ip address of the server via cmd00:03
JPetersonhow do i mov ethe unity launch bar to the bottom?00:03
dr_willisJPeterson:  short answer.. you dont./00:03
k1l_JPeterson: that is not ment to happen00:03
keelGMark Shuttleworth is slightly "Steve Jobs" when it comes to the unity bar00:04
dr_willisthere used to be unofficial and crashy mods/hacks one could use.. but not seen those mentioned in ages.00:04
mojtabakeelG: I will take a look. thanks00:04
RollinV2keelG, slightly? lol00:04
k1l_if you want unity not to be like unity, just dont use unity. thats it :/00:04
keelGI was only putting it mildly ;)00:04
dr_willisyou can always run some other docks if you wanted00:04
vultehello all, I edited /etc/fstab so it would auto mount a CIFS network volume.. with the line for that CIFS volume, the system hangs on boot due to CIFS being unable to mount the network share. is there some way to delay the mount until some point later in boot?00:04
dr_willisalong with unity00:05
keelGYea, make unity autohide and run AWN or docky or whatever00:05
Noskcajis it possible to use opencl with the mesa drivers?00:05
RollinV2they won't even let unity be docked to the right or bottom edge of the screen. its beyond a slap in the face to customization.00:05
JPetersonneither were you00:05
dr_willisvulte:  i think theres some waiting option for cifs.  or just set it to noauto , then mount it from rc.local after some delay so you know the system is up and ready00:05
RollinV2plank is good dock.00:05
k1l_RollinV2: before going to judge read about the history of the gnome2. :/00:06
dr_willisive seen more issues with users messing things up with their customizations  then i want to mention...00:06
keelGPlank looks awesome00:06
vultedr_willis: is noauto an argument i can put in the share's line in /etc/fstab?00:07
dr_willisvulte:  yes.00:07
RollinV2k1l_, gnome2 was forked too much. i get it. doesn't excuse unity's complete lack of customization options.00:07
vultedr_willis: thanks00:07
bakersI just packaged up a game, can someone tell if this runs for you? http://www.perturb.org/tmp/shivah.tar.gz00:07
dr_willisnight all..00:07
IveBeenBitI am having problems installing Ubuntu in a dual boot with Windows 7. The partition editor does not recognize any of my hard drives, and then the installer crashes. Does anyone feel like helping me in #ubuntu-beginners?00:08
k1l_RollinV2: no, there is a very famous citation from linus torvalds about the customizations from gnome2.00:08
keelGbakers: I normally wouldn't mind helping out the next guy with his pet project. But why don't you test your code yourself00:08
k1l_so judging unity in that way is not to be true about the gnome2 itself.00:08
RollinV2i've read linus option on gnome3. never saw his gnome2 rants.00:09
bakerskeelG: I tested it on fedora, and I want an ubuntu test00:09
bakerskeelG: I'm testing if the binary I made is cross distro compatible00:09
keelGbakers: I get that, why not just live ubuntu and test it?00:09
tronnixivebeenbit i;m over there00:09
bakerskeelG: I could do that!00:09
k1l_RollinV2: kk :/00:10
RollinV2he is right about tweak tool00:10
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keelGRollinV2: I guess you have seen the Mechanig project ?00:10
hehatemehello wine 1.5.5 wont show up in the repository. only 1.5.200:11
RollinV2keelG, i can't keep up with everything. googling it now.00:11
RollinV2keelG, looks useful. should come built into the distro.00:13
nibbleranyone good with digikam? i'm importing my pics which i managed with f-spot before. the tags, which seems to be saved in the xmp/Subject field, are comma sperated. now when importing it sometimes gives me several distinct tags, and for some pictures only one long tag, including several commas... how to control this?00:14
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Noskcajam i able to se open cl with the open-source drivers?00:15
Nekosananyone know if this will work with 12.04? http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-USB-Webcam-5MP-50-0M-Camera-Stand-Mic-6-LED-for-Laptop-PC-Mac-Linux-/290849463013?ssPageName=ADME:X:AAQ:US:112300:16
keelGRollinV2:  Yea. From what I could tell they forked with Ubuntu Tweak and are trying to package it slightly more userfriendly. Beats CSSM thats for sure!00:16
allan_anyone here willing to help out a linux noob?00:16
keelGallan_:  if you state your problem, with adequate details I am certain someone will :)00:17
RollinV2use paste.ubuntu.com if your problem is multiline00:18
allan_in the ubuntu software center the buttons and words keep glitching. it seems the glitch is only visual, but its rather annoying and I dont know anything about linux to fix it00:19
tronnixare you running a live distro?00:19
tronnixor installed?00:19
allan_I am dual booting however.00:19
chamunksI'm slightly concerned about this output http://puu.sh/1T9dU  can someone make sure I'm not worried over nothing.00:19
chamunksthe output is apt-get response to an install I'm trying to run http://puu.sh/1T9dU00:20
tronnixinstall synaptic package manager, and use software center minimally00:20
allan_also I am having some issues getting steam to install. Im using 12.1000:21
keelGallan_: what tronnix said - however, does the problem exist in a Guest session or if you login as another user?00:21
allan_I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to use this instead of windows 7, or just run along side.00:21
hehatemeive added  ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa and it just has 1.5.2 not 1.5.500:21
allan_It exists on my main account. No idea about guest sessions.00:22
chamunksdoes anyone thing that it would be safe for me to restart this server after seeing this Its my first time on this server.00:22
CraftyBanardoHi Guys, can anyone help me with a samba issue. I feel like I've been banging my head against the wall for the last 2-3 hours.00:23
waspinatorcan anyone see the footer here in firefox? http://www.cssreset.com/demos/layouts/how-to-keep-footer-at-bottom-of-page-with-css/00:33
waspinatordoesn't show up in FF 18.0.100:34
waspinatorbut it does on windows ...00:34
hipitihopwaspinator, ok on 17.01 linux00:34
hanlondIs this an appropriate place to ask questions about ubuntu server?00:35
jribhanlond: yes, and there's also #ubuntu-server.  Either channel is fine00:36
k1l_hanlond: you can ask here. but there is #ubuntu-server, too00:36
hipitihopwaspinator, sorry too quick a nd was running a windows vb here, meant to say, ff 18.0.1 on windows is ok00:36
k1l_jrib: *5* :)00:36
jribk1l_: at least I'm fairly certain I've said the right thing now ;)00:36
waspinatorya works for me on windows too...00:36
hipitihopwaspinator, but it is also fine on 18.0.1 on buntu (lts)00:37
waspinatorI'm on 12.10 x32. strange00:38
keelGwaspinator: also ok on 12.10@ff18.01 - if its the "tear footer" thing00:39
waspinatoroh doh! I'm just an idiot. I have two screens 1920x1080 and 1920x1200, and when I moved my FF window from the bigger one to the smaller one it looked like it was full screen but it wasn't. the bottom was just being cut off00:42
keelGwaspinator: is it getting late by any chance? ;)00:44
hehatemewhat is Xlib/Xfree86?00:44
Cyber_AkumaInstalling Ubuntu to a usb drive right now... though I want to know what would be the best way to install 3rd party drivers since i've never done it before, especially Nvidia's00:45
Cyber_AkumaI assume since nvidia's drivers are binaries they won't be avaliable in teh reposotories00:45
waspinatorkeelG, unfortunately it's not so I can't blame it on that. guess I am tired though. thanks for your help00:45
dbromhello all. question: I would like to compress my files and use as little space as I can. I am using tar at the moment but when I use tar.gz I have been told that there is a change that i can loose data ... whats my options00:47
escottdbrom, tar doesnt compress and no00:47
josesierraHello... I have a recurring issue that I hope someone can help me troubleshoot.00:47
keelGtar is a container, and doesn't compress00:47
dbromCyber_Akuma: : are you using a gui00:47
josesierraMy connection to the internet is intermittent.  Every couple of minutes it stops loading pages or connecting...00:47
josesierrathen after a few seconds it reconnects00:48
josesierrawell, more like thirty seconds00:48
dbromwhen I make a tar ball its not compressed00:48
josesierraI'm using wireless right now, but it happens even if the connection is wired...00:48
keelGjosesierra: does it happen on another machine as well?00:48
josesierrait's super annoying, and it happens all the dang time.00:48
escottdbrom, usually when someone says tarball they mean a tar.gz/tgz file which is compressed but a plain tar archive is not compressed00:49
josesierrakeelG, I have several machines on this network.  It happens on my laptop as well (ubuntu) but it doesn't happen on the two windows machines on the network00:49
josesierrathe two windows machines, one is wired and one is wireless, and they don't have any issues (aside from being windows, of course)00:49
keelGjosesierra: does the network disconnect if you run ping to i.e.?00:50
josesierramy other ubuntu laptop has the same issue but I've only tried connecting via wireless.00:50
josesierrakeelG, lemme check00:51
keelGjosesierra: do you see the network reconnecting in the top panel?00:51
josesierrakeelG, negative.  there's no visual indication of the issue.00:51
keelGjosesierra: run the ping00:52
josesierrakeelG, just pinged and it's pinging pretty consistently at 30-40ms... with a bump to 160ms once in a while00:52
keelGbut no disconnects?00:52
keelGare you using google chrome or chromium browsers by any chance?00:52
josesierrayes I am...00:53
Jpmhusually when I install from my usb stick it offers me the choice of install side-by-side with Windoze - on Compaqs it does not - is this because they set the partition table too small?00:53
josesierraI have the issue with FF as well though...?00:53
keelGjosesierra: I would guess its a DNS relates issue or an issue with dnsmasq00:53
josesierra(that was my first attempt at troubleshooting...)00:53
escottJpmh, a lot of laptops are shipping these days with 4 primary partitions. you need to convert one to extended or delete one00:53
josesierrakeelG, how can I fix it?00:54
keelGjosesierra: are you using a local DNS server?00:54
josesierrakeelG, not that I know of... I mean, no, I don't have a DNS running at my house00:55
keelGjosesierra: check your DNS settings and try changing them to another knowgood00:55
Jpmhescott: that's what I suspected - do not really want to delete one - how can I convert one to an extended one?00:55
Jpmhescott: actually is there any way I can re-partition without damaging what is on there?00:55
escottJpmh, yes. the easiest way is probably to install gdisk and then convert to gpt and then convert back to msdos00:56
keelGjosesierra: if that still fails, we can try to disable dnsmasq00:56
josesierrakeelG I hate to be this noobtastic, but I have no idea how to do that.  Wireless settings?00:56
Jpmhescott: can you point me at some instructions for beginners on that - I am linux competant but this is all new to me00:56
keelGjosesierra: yes :) http://askubuntu.com/questions/2321/what-is-the-proper-way-to-change-the-dns-ip00:57
josesierrakeelG: thank you!  attempting now...00:57
escottJpmh, i dont know of any written instructions for this. it doesnt really matter what you do to the partition table as long as your end result has the partitions starting and ending at the same LBA00:57
snow_its your router thats the blame, check its settings00:58
Jpmhescott: what tool would I use to creat a new partition table then with more partitions - or for that matter to change one to an extended one.  If I change one to extended will Windoze object?00:59
josesierrakeelG... I'm not sure what DNS to set it to?  Should I run DNS locally...?00:59
escottJpmh, you can use whatever you want. parted, gdisk, sfdisk, gparted00:59
keelGjosesierra: set it to for testing (googles DNS)00:59
escottJpmh, whatever you are comfortable with00:59
josesierrakeelg: roger01:00
Jpmhescott: ty so much - I am comfortable with parted - but if I convert one of the existing partitions will Windoze complain?01:00
escottJpmh, i dont think so but i dont know much about windows. i think it doesnt like to boot its main partition on an extended partition01:01
keelGJpmh: Windoze just reads the partition table and displays your drives :)01:01
Jpmhescott: ty - I will make the "recovery" partition extended then01:01
keelGJpmh: Unless something goes wrong that is ;)01:02
escottJpmh, that would probably defeat the purpose of the partition01:02
JpmhkeelG: I want to do a side-by-side for someone who I think will change to ubuntu but dare not take away windoze immediately01:02
escottJpmh, just give them a usb live system01:03
escottJpmh, of setup a virtualbox system01:03
keelGthat shouldn't be a problem - however I must admit I don't know what will happen if you move or change the recovery partition or if even grub is capable of detecting and adding a boot entry to this01:03
josesierrakeelG wierdly enough, it seems to be working pretty darned good right now... no drops so far, and I would've had several drops in this amount of time01:03
josesierraand fast.  way faster than it was.01:04
snow_@jpmh; I am thinging that rezising is the only safest repartitioning you can do, but i think if you're talking about repartitioning that there is no way to test it out other that have a back up set else where for safety01:04
josesierrakeelG thank you!!!01:04
Jpmhescott: the live usb is just too slow on a low-end compaq and the same thing for a virtual box - this is one of the reasons he should be using ubuntu01:04
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keelGjosesierra: np :) I dont know what is wrong in your network, that would cause this to be a problem only on your ubuntu boxes and not affect windows though01:05
escottJpmh, i dont know why the liveusb would be much slower01:05
Jpmhescott: I occasionally run off the live usb - it is VERY slow compared to a real disk01:05
hplcthe server version of ubuntu, how is bind set by default? to serve localhost? localdomain? or not set at all?01:06
snow_it's your usb port maybe01:06
keelGJpmh: flashdrives have limitations in read IO, also if its old and used that could cause it to be slower than "normal"01:06
Jpmhsnow_: I don't think so - the system even tells you that to run full speed install to hard disk01:06
keelGJpmh: limitations in IO = drive vary in speeds :)01:07
escottJpmh, that would be slow to start programs and boot, but it should be the same speed to run programs, unless you are concerned about boot performance01:07
JpmhkeelG: I think it may be the squashfs - but eitherway - him running that way is not the way to change him01:07
Jpmhescott: I agree - and it is slow boot and slow load of programs that I see - so we are on the same track01:08
pravuzHey! Anyone else having issues with nvidia powermizer? Mine is on adaptive, but stuck on the highest performance level. my gpu is burning up:S01:08
keelGJpmh: Are you comfortable with converting to GPT and UEFI booting? Then you can just make all partitions primary. However this might still break the MS recovery partition01:09
JpmhkeelG: I have absolutely no idea about GPT or UEFI - so probably no01:10
escottkeelG, i dont think windows will boot if you convert01:10
keelGescott: point taken, dont listen to me Jpmh01:10
keelGor well01:11
JPetersonhow do i change the `dpkg -l`desired state from purge to insatlled?01:11
JpmhkeelG: ty - and I appreciate the laugh I got from you telling me to igmore YOU01:11
escottkeelG, that said converting to gpt and back was the way i first suggested keelG attack the problem its very easy to do01:11
keelGescott: I am actually almost certain windows doesnt care.. Since its GRUBs job to kick windows into starting up at that part of the boot process01:12
allan_does anyone know if Ubuntu is designed to properly take advantage of quad+ core processors?01:12
Cyber_AkumaI just did a fresh install of Ubuntu, and I dunno if this is normal or not, but it can't seem to tell when I am clicking on a window that is over another window. If I click an option for example and it opens a window, I can't click on anything in that window, it keeps clicking on the items that are beind that window01:12
escottkeelG, no windows absolutely cares. its completely different01:13
keelGescott: also win7 is HAL independent, and I dont think its even changed, other than ACPI calls01:13
escottallan_, only version 2.0+01:13
linuxman44Cyber_Akuma, lol01:13
linuxman44bizzare stuff01:13
allan_>.> so 12.10 would be able to then?01:13
keelGescott: I wish I could put it to the test! :)01:13
Cyber_AkumaLook, no need to laugh, I haven't used ubuntu in a while01:13
Cyber_Akumais that default behavior?01:13
escottkeelG, the boot entry points for the kernel are completely different01:14
Cyber_Akumait seems to lock mouse input to a certain window01:14
Cyber_Akumaand dosen't let me click on anything else01:14
keelGescott: arent those handled by GRUB?01:14
felipe_Brzi've downloaded some firmware in an attempt to solve a wireless card problem. Other than copying the .fw files into /lib/firmware/brcm, is there anything else I need to do in order to activate it????01:14
Cyber_Akumaeven the installer did this01:14
escottkeelG, http://gitorious.org/tianocore_uefi_duet_builds/pages/Windows_x64_BIOS_to_UEFI01:14
Cyber_AkumaIs this a feature of the new UI or no?01:16
waverHello all!01:16
JpmhkeelG:  and escott  ty - i have a spare machine I will test on01:16
keelGescott: I agree, from what you just linked me - it would break Windows boot - however it would be because it would require ACHI driver for booting :)01:17
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keelGescott: rest of the changes they talk about are BCD, which are irrelevant since we would be using GRUB in this scenario01:17
escottkeelG, trust me it wont work01:18
waverI am having some odd random freezing on my Ubuntu 12.04.1 box01:18
waverlooking at syslog I don't see anything that would explain why it is freezing01:18
waverwondered if I might get some other eyes on it01:18
keelGescott: I do beleive you :)01:19
keelGwaver: server/desktop is other ttys responding?01:20
waverdesktop but I am running it headless as a server01:20
waveryou can see looking at that chunk of syslog it freezes at the 19:39:01 point01:21
waverthis keeps happening01:21
keelGwaver: is that your tail?01:21
waverthat is a chunk from syslog yes01:21
waverevery time it has frozen, networking stops working etc, I reboot and it  comes back up01:22
keelGwaver: do you have any fatal errors or such in dmesg?01:22
waverhmm don't believe so let me see01:23
Jpmhescott: ok - i have converted a test system using gdisk - added a partition - how do i convert back?01:23
keelGwaver: reboot - I guess you hard boot it, by powering it on?01:23
waveryea :-\01:23
escottJpmh, gdisk can convert both ways, one of the menu options will let you convert to and from gpt01:23
escottJpmh, when you convert back just ask that gpt setup one of the partitions inside an extended01:24
Jpmhescott: I hit help and do not see it?01:24
waverhmm keelG nothing in dmesg01:24
keelGwaver: is it logged into the desktop?01:25
waverone change that I made to the server and this started happening was.... i replaced a 2TB WD Caviar Green with a 3TB Caviar Green01:25
waverI can login to the desktop via vnc01:25
escottJpmh, probably under the recovery/transformation options "r"01:25
keelGwaver: hmm, new hardware01:25
Jpmhescott: ty - let me look there01:26
waverthe drive seems to be working fine but.... this odd freezing... hmmmm01:26
waverI've got a PCI SATA Controller, thinking about changing to that... wondering if it is SATA Controller related... it is an older mobo01:26
keelGwaver: try running a long test on the disk (will take atleast 24hours)  with either smartctl or gsmartcontrol (one is cli other is gui, but does the exact same thing).01:27
waverah yea hmm01:27
keelGwaver: oh lol, forgot it is locking up - well, boot a liveCD. Then you might see if its related to other hardware problems :)01:28
waveryea... thinking I might have to put the video card in and hook it up01:28
waveris really a bummer :-\01:28
keelGwaver: these kinda things usually are ;/01:29
damselfly9waver; if you kept the original drive it was coopied from, then you might be able to llf it and check for bad sectors01:29
waverhmmm bad sectors on the new drive?01:29
damselfly9it happens01:30
damselfly9quality control isn't too good these days01:30
keelGwaver: I have tried more than once, when I ran a smartctl on a new drive - only to find out, it wasnt new at all01:30
waverI actually did scan the drive using WD Diag util long tst01:31
damselfly9besides, all drives have bad sectors, it's just a question of whether they've been remapped01:31
wavertests showed the drive was ok01:31
damselfly9on a scsi drive, it can actually tell you how many were bad from the factory01:32
keelGAll drives still have these two tables, but I guess its vendor specifik how and if you can access both of these01:32
keelGcant recall if smartctl shows them01:33
=== phy1729_ is now known as phy1729
keelGyea P-List and G-List: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_sector01:35
damselfly9still, I've had drives with bad sectors and it didn't instantly lock up the whole machine01:36
keelGthat is true! However, I merely suggested him to boot a liveCD and test the disk, since he recently had it replaced :)01:36
=== root is now known as Guest33763
damselfly9maybe trying the pci sata card waver mentioned?01:37
waverif it freezes again01:38
waverI am going to do that01:38
keelGWhen did it freeze?01:38
waverhmm it has just randomly been freezing01:38
wavertailing syslog I just see something similar to what I sent via pastebin01:38
damselfly9waver, do you think there is any chance you might have accidently unseated some memory while changing the hdd?01:39
keelGor anything else for that matter :P01:39
waverhmmm damselfly9 that is possible01:41
waverperhaps the RAM isn't in all the way ;-) heh01:41
waverI will check it all01:41
waverI can say that all of the ram is showing up properly tho01:41
keelGWell, if you boot a LiveCD/USB the unseated memory would def. show as well ;)01:42
PhysicistHello fellas! Any device about install Steam on BackTrack 5 r3? I tried every little thing (almost probrably), but, appear that the archtecture is fail!!01:42
damselfly9I had some loose memory once. It survived 5 passes on memtest and then went crazy01:42
keelGPhysicist: you know that BT5r3 is based on Ubuntu 10.04 right?01:42
PhysicistYes! And i'm doind a upgrading to 12.04..01:43
keelGPhysicist: Then you might not experience any issues installing, but I am merely guessing ;)01:44
PhysicistSo keel G, can you say how can I do it?01:44
=== mr0wl_ is now known as mr0wl
manamanais this as bad as it looks? http://i.imgur.com/9SPEGL4.jpg (HD failing SMART test)01:45
PhysicistWhat mean?01:46
damselfly9yeah, failing a smart test is bad01:46
escottmanamana, its worse than it loos01:46
keelGI wouldnt store my family vacation pictures on that drive, no01:46
manamanaoh shit01:46
damselfly9time for backups01:46
escottkeelG, its perfectly safe for him to take that disk out and stack printed photos on top of it.01:47
keelGescott: true, its perfectly safe as a paperwieght ;)01:47
PhysicistFellas, can I install Steam on Backtrack?01:47
damselfly9Physicist; didn't you say it didn't work?01:47
keelGI would think you would experience a lot of issues on a 10.04 based ubuntu distro - however maybe if you upgrade to 12.04, why dont you try? :)01:48
manamanaluckily I just got a new 1 TB, does it still make sense to keep using the one who failed the test as backup?01:48
escottmanamana, no its trash01:48
wavermanamana: how old is it?01:48
waverwarranty replace?01:48
PhysicistI just have finish upgrading to the 12.04 base, still cannot, but, maybe have one solution. Wine?01:48
escottmanamana, disk failure isn't imminent. disk failure already occured01:48
manamanawaver: less than a year01:48
damselfly9manamana; I would trust a drive that's ready to fail at any moment for backups01:48
waverwarranty replace that thing!01:49
keelGPhysicist: if you have Steam in .deb format, you wont need wine01:49
escottmanamana, always stress test new disks when you get them. don't just assume its good because its new01:49
PhysicistI knoe keel G, remember of the i386 failure?01:49
keelGalways stress test any electronics component when you just get it01:49
keelGwell, maybe its because you are running 32bit and its 64bit or vice verse01:50
PhysicistNo, I have AMD 64 - a great machine, and this happened anway!01:51
keelGmore on the "stress test subject" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burn-in01:51
Physicistkell G: my machine is 64bit, why that?01:52
damselfly9waver; does your machine have more than one sata controller (mine has two different ones, so I thought I'd ask)01:52
waverhmm damselfly9 I checked that01:52
waverjust intel here01:52
waverolder mobo can see the controllers here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681312703001:52
damselfly9ok. mine has two, one is pci-locked and the other isn't01:53
keelGwaver: what damselfly9 just said got me thinking, its not one of these motherboards with a broken controller from intel?01:53
keelGah p3501:53
waveroohhh hmm it is the Abit IP35 Pro01:53
waverold old old01:53
waverthinking of doing a rebuild01:53
waverbut still squeezing some juice out of this one01:53
damselfly9a broken sata controller might tend to freeze things up01:54
keelGTry the LiveCD/USB first and check the disk meanwhile you test if crashes :)01:54
waverwhat's interesting is.... this seems to have just presented itself since adding this 3TB drive01:54
waverhas been running with many 2TB drives for a long time01:54
waverno prob at all01:54
PhysicistBye guys! Thank a lot for nothing!01:54
keelGHow large is the parition?01:55
waverfull drive umm 2.7TB01:55
keelGand you are using MBR?01:55
damselfly9if it's an old motherboard, it might have the old bios limitation of 2tb disks01:56
waverhave to for more than 2TB01:56
escottkeelG, presumably he is using mbr+gpt01:56
keelGor that yes01:56
waverI believe just GPT but can't say for sure, used gparted01:56
keelGoh well, nvm then01:57
keelGId still go with the liveCD test :)01:57
wavercool gotcha keelG01:58
escottwaver, also do a ram test01:58
moon`you can't install a 64bit version of ubuntu on a 32 bit system yeah?  It just wouldn't run?01:58
wavergotcha, is Ram test something I can do while booted or do I need to boot something to test it01:58
keelGon a 32bit CPU? No01:58
escottmoon`, correct. the other way around yes01:58
moon`I installed ubuntu on the wife's laptop off of a livecd I had and it's a 64 bit version that installed but I didn't realize her laptop had a 64 bit cpu01:58
escottwaver, the livecd has a ram test option during boot01:59
waverah yes01:59
keelGmoon: You can install 32bit ubuntu on a 64bit CPU, np :)01:59
keelGmoon : Sorry, I am obviously having problems reading :)02:00
WugWould anyone by any chance know a command I could use to force reconfigure chromium-browser and all of its dependencies?02:01
=== qos|away is now known as qos
gormanatorhey everyone...kind of a newbie to ubuntu...exploring multitouch options. By default i can do two finger scrolling, but I was looking for a little more customiziablity. It doesn't seem like my current touchpad is supported by touchegg, a solution I tried earlier02:05
keelGAnyone know the accuracy of power usage of devices estimated by powertop?02:11
jarray52After running "sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-quantal" on Ubuntu 12.04, Virtualbox no longer works. I get the error message telling me to run /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup. However, vboxdrv setup doesn't exist in /etc/init.d. Any suggestions?02:13
keelGjarray52: Have you checked this out? I am not certain if its your exact issue:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/205154/virtualbox-etc-init-d-vboxdrv-setup-issue02:16
jarray52keelG: Thanks.02:16
dollarbang1can someone tell me how to open a terminal session under Ubuntu desktop, thanks.02:18
escottdollarbang, ctrl-alt-t02:18
keelGCTRL+ALT+F[1-7] ?02:18
keelGif you mean another tty :)02:18
xrsor you could search in the launcher menu for terminal02:19
=== qos is now known as qos|away
dollarbang1(*&^&*%&^*(&&(*)(&(*)&&^%&^&$^&%^ can't be that dang easy....thanks very much, the RTFM wasn't much help.02:19
escottdollarbang, just hit the window key and start typing the keywords is the other way to start applications02:19
keelGHold down the win...02:19
keelGwhat escott said :D02:19
keelGoh actually02:20
keelGif you hold down the Windows key, you should see a little cheat sheet for shortcuts as well02:20
damselfly9Physicist; welcome back02:21
philsfisn't empthy supposed to open new incoming messages automatically, like, say, pidgin or any other IM app?02:21
keelGphilsf: you should have a notification in the indicator @top panel02:22
PhysicistHello fellas! My backtrack 5 r3 have one notification of one newest update - ubuntu 1.04. Should I upgrade?02:22
jarray52keelG: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-dkms fails02:22
=== stan_ is now known as Guest8336
Physicistthanks damselffly!02:22
damselfly9Physicist; I don't know, 1.04 is pretty old02:23
philsfkeelG, I get the notification, and can open the window (when it doesn't crash) from the message indicator menu. But I'd really like if the window opened automatically02:23
AGreyCraneSo... mount /dev/vdb1 /mnt/test  -  EXT4-fs (vdb1): unable to read superblock  end_request: I/O error, dev vdb, sector 2050   and yet fsck -t ext4 /dev/vdb1 yeids : /dev/vdb1: clean, 11/2097152 files, 176658/8388352 blocks  any suggestions?02:23
xrsPhysicist,  if its not security related, i wouldnt02:23
xrsthen again if you do break functionality its easy to make a new backtrack02:23
keelGAGreyCrane: stupid question here: vdb1 is that like lvm?02:23
Physicistdanselfly9: I know. Its a security yeah, of the system to upgrade!02:24
AGreyCranekeelG: Its the virtio (KVM) disk02:24
subb1HI guys.02:24
virusuyhowdy yall !02:25
escottAGreyCrane, what about not telling fsck the filesystem type or telling mount the filesystem type02:25
nizorNeed help on the connection to wireless network......passworded network.....pls02:26
subb1I use ubuntu one service. But each time I add files to ubuntuone synced folder, I'll have to do System > Preferences > Ubuntuone , the click 'Connect' to start the sync. How to automate this? ie when a change is made to the folder, automatically it should get synced.02:26
damselfly9Physicist; or did you mean 11.04? that would only be 2 years old02:26
xrsnizor,  what is the problem you are having?02:26
jarray52keelG: http://dpaste.org/VEGBQ/02:26
subb1I'm using Lucid Installation of Ubuntu02:27
nizorXrs connecting to a password protected wireless network02:27
damselfly9Physicist; 11.04 Natty Narwhal is a classic02:27
AGreyCraneescott: fsck still runs clean. mount still fails02:28
PhysicistAppeared a security notification system itself, reporting a new version to update, 12.04 LTS - but I do not know if my system will continue backtrack! I am using the BT 5 r3. Its new!02:28
keelGTry and install it from here: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads02:28
keelG@ jarray5202:28
escottAGreyCrane, how about reading sector 2050 with dd?02:28
damselfly9Physicist; 12.04 is reasonably new02:29
damselfly9Physicist; people report less problems with 12.04 than with 12.1002:29
Physicistdamselfly9: I know! I guess I will try upgrade and see what happened! But do you understand that I am using the newest backtrack? And this is a update from  the system not myself?02:31
ongandrewhi everyone02:31
AGreyCraneescott: reads fine, no error02:31
escottAGreyCrane, weird02:31
keelGAGreyCrane: im curious, are you trying to mount a kvm disk, to your host machine?02:31
damselfly9Physicist; updates are dangerous. clean installs are better02:32
AGreyCranekeelG: no, kvm disk to guest machine02:32
ongandrewi got some problem can you guys help me out02:32
AGreyCraneescott: command I ran was02:32
PhysicistBut the BT 5 r3 is the new version!02:32
AGreyCraneescott: sorry for the wasted line there: dd if=/dev/vdb1 of=/dev/null skip=2050 count=1 bs=51202:32
ongandrewI'm trying to install a 64 bits ubuntu desktop 12.10 to my new asus  g75vw from a dvd. Everything worked slowly but fine until it finished, then the  installation program prompted me to restart.I clicked restart button  after which the computer freezes and finally I have to power it off.02:32
PhysicistShow a freaky window want update itself!02:33
AGreyCranekeelG: and fwiw, I have vda1 mounted fine (vda is raw on nfs, vdb is lvm on iscsi)02:33
ongandrewcan anyone help me with that02:33
damselfly9Physicist; I don't know backtrack (I can't try every distro)02:33
wb4bbcOngandrew , I have that same machine are you trying to installit along side with windows ?02:33
ongandrewjust ubuntu02:34
kruxdid you turn it on >?02:34
damselfly9Physicist; if you don't want to update, can you say no?02:34
wb4bbcHmmmm, I have heard that some people have disabled the UEFI and that helped just a idea02:35
genio_يالبى الأوبنتو <3 :D02:35
ongandrewUEFI? sorry just new to ubuntu just want to try out a new os so i have 0 idea02:35
PhysicistBT is being updated based on ubuntu as ubuntu or as BT? This question is!02:35
xangua!backtrack | Physicist02:36
ubottuPhysicist: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)02:36
escottongandrew, what version of windows did this come with?02:36
AGreyCraneescott, keelG: just tried with the start on 4096 same issue ( this time block 4098 ) strange02:36
ongandrewwindows 7 basic02:36
wb4bbcBasic on  ROG GW75 ?02:36
PhysicistThank you fellas! Good day!!02:37
escottongandrew, can you tell how far the boot gets? does ubuntu get loaded at all? does grub load?02:37
ongandrewafter installing ubuntu it just says restart now or continue testing ubuntu right i clicked on the restart now then after that it would eject the cd and lets you press enter after pressing enter nothing happened02:38
keelGAGreyCrane: I must admit, I am way out of depth here - I have limited experience with iscsi and hardly any with LVM ,702:38
keelGAGreyCrane: the only experience I had with LVM was that I couldn't get it to mount either :P02:38
keelG(crashed drive)02:38
wb4bbcDO a search on ROG website there is a whole thread on what you need to do02:38
ongandrew@wb4bbc you tanking to me?02:40
AGreyCranekeelG: no worries, thanks for the input :) LVM is the underpining for the disk, but in the vm it just looks like a drive. I think it has something to do with advanced format (4k sector) drives. I'll figure it out02:40
wb4bbcRepublic of Gamers you do have one of those machines02:40
kris_therriencan anyone help me i cant connect to my remote mysql database from ubuntu02:41
escottongandrew, nothing happened? time stopped? a tear in the fabric of the universe? how did you escape the singularity...02:41
keelGAGreyCrane: best of luck mate :)02:42
=== dollarbang is now known as Guest75552
ongandrewi just pressed the power button to shut it down i have wait for about 30 mins but with no luck nothing happens just the ubuntu logo02:42
escottongandrew, so after you power it back up you get the ubuntu logo for an extended time?>02:43
ongandrewnope after the reboot it goes on normally but it seems a little slow02:44
ongandrewafter install the reboot screen just hanged and after i have restart my pc its all good i think but a bit slow02:45
escottongandrew, so your complaint is what exactly? that the installer wasnt able to get the cpu to reboot?02:45
escottongandrew, thats an annoyance but nothing to worry about. just means you have to manually powercycle the system or figure out the proper ACPI fixups to get reboot/halt to work correctly02:46
damselfly9it's terrible needing to press the power button :(02:47
keelGGood thing you wont need to reboot with Linux!!!!!!111one02:47
ongandrewhow do i do that and aren't there files missing? caus it needed to restart thought there might be something missing through the installation process02:47
keelGdid you see what I did there?02:47
Cyber_AkumaWell..... took me all of about 30 minutes to trash my Ubuntu installation02:48
escottongandrew, x86 has never had a particularly well defined way to halt/reboot the system from software02:48
ongandrewyou guys use ubuntu also right02:48
ongandrewi use x6402:48
kris_therriencan anyone help me i cant connect to my remote mysql database from ubuntu02:49
damselfly9ongandrew; yes, but I don't mind hitting the power button02:49
escottongandrew, there are a bunch of strange techniques that may have different results on different systems. you'll probably want to look for instructions on selecting the write ACPI settings for your particular laptop anyways02:49
ongandrewwon't that dmg your computer? i mean always force shut downing your computer like on windows your system could be dmg or corrupted02:49
keelGonly if the OS is still running02:50
escottongandrew, if you wait until it has halted and the OS isn't doing anything its fine02:50
damselfly9ongandrew; no, I shutdown then press the power button02:50
Blacklite_how do i remove this annoying bouncing icon when I start an app in kubuntu 12.04?02:50
ongandrewo ok02:50
VictorVEAh! The magic of IRC02:50
ongandrewwhats the best stable verion of linux that is good for beginers like me02:51
Cyber_Akuma... I told ubuntu to install to a usb flashdrive AND to install the bootloader to it02:51
ongandrewhave 0 knowledge from linux02:51
Cyber_Akumawhy did it still trash my windows bootloader?02:51
escottongandrew, this is the ubuntu channel... so we will usually suggest that you start with gentoo :-P02:51
damselfly9ongandrew; free or non-free?02:51
keelGCyber_Akuma: cause you need to install GRUB in its place?02:51
Blacklite_escott: lol02:51
VictorVEongandrew, go with Ubuntu, the regular one02:52
VictorVEthen specialize02:52
Cyber_AkumakeelG: Again, I installed the bootloader to the usb flashdrive02:52
Blacklite_I need help02:52
keelGescott: please stop, I cant bare to laugh so hard at this hour! ^_^02:52
damselfly9ongandrew; if you got the money to spend, RedHat or Suse02:52
VictorVEZero knowledge of linux = default one :P02:52
ongandrewregular one? which version02:52
keelGCyber_Akuma: sorry mate, I just answered your last senteance :)02:53
escottongandrew, regular ubuntu desktop would be the standard recommendation unless you have a specific desire/hardware limitation02:53
Cyber_AkumaI decided to try out ubuntu by installing it to a usb flashdrive... it couldne't focus on the right window to save it's life, got corruted after a reboot, and now screwed up my windows bootloader...02:53
Cyber_AkumaI think Linux hates me..02:53
VictorVEFor long-term support,02:53
VictorVEchoose Ubuntu 12.04 LTS02:53
escottongandrew, 12.10 if you want to upgrade in 3 months, 12.04 if you dont02:54
Blacklite_FFS GUISE!!!02:54
VictorVECyber, Linux doesn't hate :)02:54
keelGYea Guise stop harrasing Blacklite_!02:54
Blacklite_how do I remove the bouncing icon in KUBUNTU PRECISE02:54
ongandrewwhats the diff of 12.04 and 12.102:54
Cyber_AkumaVictorVE: First time I ever tried a livecd it kernel paniced on boot... a livecd! Granted, that was Knoppix years ago...02:55
escott!lts | ongandrew02:55
ubottuongandrew: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)02:55
Cyber_Akumabut yeah, I have NEVER had much success with linux. I thought to try again with ubuntu... it just wrecked everything >.<02:55
escott!eol | ongandrew02:55
ubottuongandrew: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:55
VictorVEongandrew: 12.04 = no reinstall in years02:55
VictorVE12.10 = reinstall in months02:55
keelGBlacklite_: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+do+I+remove+the+bouncing+icon+in+KUBUNTU+PRECISE02:55
VictorVEyour pick!02:55
jarray52keelG: Thanks again. That worked like a charm. I now have virtual box running on Ubuntu 12.04 with the 12.10 kernel.02:56
ongandrewok ok i think am gonna go with 12.04 thanks everyone02:56
escottongandrew, you dont have to reinstall, but you would have to upgrade which replaces all the software on the system with newer versions02:56
keelGjarray52: no probs mate! good to hear you're up and running02:56
usr13ongandrew: You mean 12.04 and 12.10  Well, the first obvious difference is that they are 6 months apart. Second, and most important, 12.04 is LTS and 12.10 is not.02:56
AGreyCranekeelG: FYI worked around it for the moment by enableing write-through caching on the disk in KVM. Something about qemu not likeing 4k sector disks in cache none mode02:56
VictorVEyes 12.04 = GOOD CHOICE!02:56
damselfly9Cyber_Akuma; strange, the pendrive shouldn't have overwritten window's boot loader02:56
Blacklite_keelsG: like I haven't tried that already.02:56
Cyber_AkumaI know02:56
livefree424_I'm following the Ubuntu app tutorial for the currency converter and i followed all the steps but instead of a currency converter all my code displays is a HELLO WORLD any ideas...here is my code http://pastebin.com/46U8hsAq02:56
ongandrewanother thing about the difference on bought the version i mean is there interface diff or something like that02:56
Cyber_Akumathats why I am so surprised this happened02:57
VictorVEYou are a newcomer so probably would appreciate the larger life-span02:57
Cyber_AkumaI just wanted a removable install of linux I could plug into the pc when I needed02:57
keelGAGreyCrane: sounds like some advanced konfu! You must teach me some time ;)02:57
Cyber_AkumaNot only could I not get it to work, but it for some reason overwrote the windows bootloader02:57
escottAGreyCrane, thats a bit scary02:57
damselfly9Cyber_Akuma; what did it over-write it with?02:57
keelGCyber_Akuma: do you have Linux installed as well on the machine with Windows?02:58
Cyber_AkumakeelG: windows is on an internal hdd, ubuntu was installed on an external usb flashdrive02:58
Cyber_AkumaAnd I set the bootloader to isntall to the falshdrive when I installed ubuntu02:58
livefree424_Cyber_Akuma: you can go to ubuntu.com and use the windows installer and its like running a program but gives you ubuntu os02:58
keelGCyber_Akuma: how did you install?02:58
escottCyber_Akuma, thats not always supported02:59
Cyber_Akumalivefree424_: I prefer to run it native02:59
AGreyCraneescott: yeah, working of an old bug report from 2010, but the suggested work around still worked o.O https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=60854802:59
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 608548 in qemu-kvm "QEMU doesn't respect hardware sector size of underlying block device when doing O_DIRECT" [High,Closed: errata]02:59
WarNinJahello everyone, can someone please tell me how to connect to an undernet server please? i do not know the address to get there02:59
mgdunnhas anyone had issue during installation, whether you turn nomodeset or apci=off on or not.  Computer is a Dell XPS15z if that helps. I've seen it has had a bunch of issues02:59
Cyber_AkumakeelG: booted the livecd, chose to manually configure the install path, formatted my usb drive as ext4 and set it's mount point as "/", then set the bootloader to install to the flashdrive02:59
gormanatorey everyone...kind of a newbie to ubuntu...exploring multitouch options. By default i can do two finger scrolling, but I was looking for a little more customiziablity. It doesn't seem like my current touchpad is supported by touchegg, a solution I tried earlier02:59
mgdunnalways get blank screen03:00
Cyber_Akuma... barely that is, the mouse wasn't behaving03:00
damselfly9WarNinJa; us.undernet.org or eu.undernet.org (?)03:00
Cyber_Akumastill didn't even after it was installed03:00
WarNinJadamselfly9 thank you i will try, ill let you know if it fails thanks again03:00
livefree424_I'm following the Ubuntu app tutorial for the currency converter and i followed all the steps but instead of a currency converter all my code displays is a HELLO WORLD any ideas...here is my code http://pastebin.com/46U8hsAq03:02
JonEdneyIs thjere a way to run the gnome shell on 12.10, but still be able to go back to unity if need be?  I am not familiar with the gnome interface and want to check it out03:02
Cyber_AkumaThe mouse was never focusing on the right window, and attempting to install videocard drivers just made the whole isntall corrupt03:02
escott!gnome | JonathanD03:02
ubottuJonathanD: GNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.03:02
escottJonEdney, ^^^03:02
escott!gnome-shell | JonEdney03:02
waverthmmm ok it froze again03:03
escottJonEdney, apt-get install gnome-shell03:03
wavertrying the PCI sata card03:03
JonEdneyty escott03:03
waverthinking this has to be related to the new 3TB drive03:03
escottJonEdney, the debian gnome-shell seems to work a lot better though03:03
wectorNot think more do it03:04
keelGwaver: my immediate attention is directed at the drive also, but needs more testing  before I could say anything with certanty ;(03:04
waverfor sure appreciate you guys thinking through it with me03:05
escottwaver, were you in AHCI mode before?03:05
waverjust nice to bounce some ideas off of others :)03:05
keelGalways glad to help :)03:05
waverI also checked to ensure all of the memory is seated properly03:05
waverhmm escott03:05
waverhas been awhile since I've had a monitor hooked up to look at the bios on this box03:05
escottwaver, (and are you in AHCI now)03:05
waverthe sata could be set to I believe "IDE" mode03:06
wavernot 100% sure on that though03:06
waverjust seems like I remember something wonky like that03:06
waverI can hook up a monitor and look03:06
escottwaver, that could be an issue with a 3tb disk (its going to have some crazy firmware to deal with fixing up logical vs physical sectors03:06
wavermmmm yea03:07
ClientAliveI need to use the linux command line on my brand new lappy (with winblows 8 on it). I'm having a difficult time getting it to boot the 64 bit desktop cd for 12.04. So far I have: disabled secure boot in bios, enabled legacy boot in bios, move the cd/dvd rom drive to the top of the list in both the legacy and uefi lists. Reboot ant it STILL boots into win 8.03:08
ClientAlivewhat do I do?03:08
genio_how i can play Minecraft on ubuntu guys ??????????????03:08
escottClientAlive, if you change to legacy bios windows will be non-bootable03:09
ClientAliveIt's booted now03:09
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
ClientAliveI made that change03:09
ClientAlivelet me reboot and go into bios setting to verify03:09
escottClientAlive, its clearly not taking. if it were then windows wouldn't boot03:09
ClientAliveI'll check03:09
keelGClientAlive: It will mostlikely detect you have a EFI partition and boot UEFI - if you didnt have that present, it would fallback and boot legacy03:10
damselfly9does windows 8 absolutely require uefi?03:10
escottClientAlive, the firmware is probably trying to be smart and ignoring your requests because it would make the system unbootable03:10
mgdunnDoes anyone have any advice for my attempt at installing.  I have to turn nomodeset on or else the computer just turns off, if I turn that on and apci=off on I still eventually just get a blank screen.  My computer is a Dell XPS15z if that helps since I know it has had some issues.  Basically any attempt at install end in a blank screen03:10
keelGdamselfly9: iirc yes03:10
keelGTo be "Windows Certified" I know it _HAS_ to, but I don't if they allow some backwards compatability03:11
mgdunntried from DVD and USB for both 12.04 and 12.1003:11
keelGmgdunn: dual gfx?03:11
wectorI did it via 12.10 atall03:12
somsip     zxcbnnm03:12
somsipoops - vacuuming keyboard...03:13
ClientAliveok. I'm looking at my bios settings, insyde bios (gag me), system configuration tab, boot order submenu, and the option entitled "Legacy Support" is <Enabled>, the option entitled "Secure Boot" is <Dissabled>03:13
ClientAliveat any rate what can I do to boot that live cd in this system?03:13
=== dt3kk is now known as sect0r
escottClientAlive, you shouldnt have any trouble booting the install cd even in efi mode. i would verify you burned it correctly03:14
ClientAlivethat is a possible problem03:14
wectorWindows most die03:14
keelGI experienced trouble booting Ubuntu LiveUSBs in UEFI mode however :)03:14
somsipoops - vacuuming keyboard...03:14
ClientAliveit is the "amd 64" release and I'm running intel. I didn't think that should matter tho. Does it?03:15
damselfly9ClientAlive; what model intel cpu?03:15
ClientAlivesudo kvm-ok03:15
ClientAlivehang on03:15
ClientAlivesorry bout that03:15
ClientAlivehttp://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/load_configuration.do?destination=review&email_id=2436514&jumpid=in_r329_emailconfig  <- That's the beast03:16
ClientAlivethat what they shipped me03:16
mgdunngraphics is nvidia gt525M if that helps03:16
escottmgdunn, if that is nvidia optimus then that will be a problem03:18
damselfly9ClientAlive; doesn't really say what model cpu chip it's running03:19
ongandreware there anyone that i could change my booting screen like i want to see a circle like the one on the website (which i can't seem to find now) he said how fast does your computer load03:19
ClientAlivePerhaps I should throw out there what I'm really, ultimately after. Here's the situation. I paid another $175 for that cpu because it has intel vt-d. I've made numerous attempts to find out if the chipset and bios are going to support that through HP but alas, to no avail at all. I need a certain way to know (or understand) whether I'm able to make use of this vt-d technology or this things going back to HP.03:19
ClientAliveintel i7 - 3820QM03:19
cubhow to view images in terminal03:20
keelGlike as ascii art?03:20
escottcub, eog03:20
cubidk like when im using links03:20
cubto browse03:20
keelGClientAlive: what is it you wish to achieve by using Intel VT-d?03:21
ClientAlivewhat I was hoping may help is to run sudo kvm-ok (after installing it) via the live cd.03:21
=== Wug is now known as Wug[Hyperspace]
escottClientAlive, just because the cpu has vt-d doesnt mean anything03:21
escottClientAlive, the motherboard must have an iommu as well. you probably just wasted $17503:21
ClientAlivethat's the same thing someone else asked me. Atm, I'm not an expert on the technology. I do however want to experiment with it and learn.03:21
cubim just trying to use links on a ubuntu server install to view pics03:22
ClientAliveso my current objective is to determine that I have it available (the cpu supports it but what about the other factors?)03:22
cubthats why i was asking .. ty for helping03:22
compdocClientAlive, why do you need vt-d?03:23
ClientAliveescott: that is exactly the problem. Try finding out anything about a lappy mobo or it's chipset or the bios from HP - not gonna happen  ;<03:23
ClientAlivePissed as hell about that03:23
damselfly9ClientAlive; how much ram do you have?03:23
ClientAlivecompdoc: do I have to know why I need it to want it?03:23
ClientAlive8 gb03:23
escottClientAlive, if you need vt-d you should be building your own machine from components you can select and verify before you purchase03:23
compdocnever found it necessary in all the years ive been building vm servers to run kvm03:24
keelGClientAlive: This will tell you what the CPU supports, but as escott mentioned, some of the tech requires other tech or might even be limited by the OEM: http://ark.intel.com/products/64889/Intel-Core-i7-3820QM-Processor-8M-Cache-up-to-3_70-GHz03:24
ClientAliveescott: ideally, yes. I love this lappy in every other respect but I probably wouldn't have paid for a cpu upgrade if not for vt-d. I may want to return it for a refund if the chipset and bois aren't going to allow it.03:25
keelGI recall Sony not letting their customers enable Intel VT at all, even though the CPU supported it - fail!03:25
ClientAlivekeelG: what you said is exactly the part I'm after. It is why I'm here. Is the information I seek to discover.03:25
ClientAlivethe chipset and the bios03:25
escottClientAlive, there is no good way to find out except to install kvm and see if you can passthrough whatever device it is you want to pass through03:26
escottClientAlive, and dig through every single tab in the bios03:26
JPetersonhow do i add ~/.bash_profile to ubuntu1 from the shell?03:27
damselfly9ClientAlive; I had the interesting experience lately of trying one distro's burnt cd where the cd tested good but more than half the machines I tried it in rejected it as non-bootable03:27
craigbass1976What's the best way to install unity on xubuntu?03:27
ongandrewquestion everyone how do i obtain this kind of loading screen (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFRP1D4KkH0)03:27
escottJPeterson, vi ~/.bash_profile03:27
zman099should i buy a new laptop or buy a ssd for my old latitude d63003:27
zman099and install ubuntu03:27
craigbass1976unity interface only has three stars in software center, so I wasn't sure if that was the one.03:27
bsmith093i have the wierdest problem, sudo apt-get update refuses to connect to any server i try, but every other web based thing i have works fine. fresh 12.04 install03:27
JPetersonescott: with add i mean synchronize03:28
ClientAliveescott: ok. This makes sense. So far, what I've seen in bios says "Virtualization Technology" with options to "enable" or "dissable" (it's currently enabled because of me). This seems very general name to me and I don't understand if "Virtualization Technology" in cluded vt-d or not.03:28
craigbass1976bsmith093, where are you?  I was in a school the other day and I think they were blocking ubuntu updates for some reason03:28
ClientAlivedamselfly9: interesting03:28
bsmith093craigbass1976: home network worked fine 20 minutes ago03:28
damselfly9ClientAlive; so apparently there has been something weird going on with cd bootcode lately that makes it only bottable in some machines03:29
escottClientAlive, what you expect the firmware to be well documented? crazy man, next you will expect it to be written correctly. it never ends with people like you03:29
ClientAliveit would be nice03:29
ClientAliveno, I just wonder how virutualization tech works in general. If it is normal for the virutalization extensions to include vt-d or have it separate03:30
ClientAlivethat's what would be very telling03:30
rstat1usually separate03:30
ongandrewhow do i obtain this kind of loadking screen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFRP1D4KkH003:30
escottClientAlive, could be either way. it could mean vmx it could mean vt-d it could mean that your board doesnt support vt-d it could be both03:30
ClientAliveI see03:31
phunyguyIs it possible to load Ubuntu on a Microsoft Surface tablet? I got one for free from work, and I was just curious.03:31
keelGphunyguy you can tell us, is the bootloader unlocked?03:31
ClientAliveI'll try the empiracle method then as you suggest (make a vm and try to pass a device through).03:31
xrsphunyguy,  yes you can but you may need to use boot-repair for the linux bootloader to work03:31
phunyguyI have no idea03:31
=== patrick is now known as Guest71924
escottphunyguy, thats an arm device? with win8?03:31
phunyguyxrs, do you have any guides/03:31
phunyguyescott, ARM, with WindowsRT03:31
rstat1surface rt has a very locked bootloader.03:31
keelGuff, no dice iirc03:31
JPetersonu1sdtool --create-folder ~/.xbcm03:32
=== Termana is now known as Guest98371
phunyguyWould love for that to work.03:32
JPetersonu1sdtool: error: PATH: '/home/user/.xbcm' don't exists03:32
keelGits still ARM03:32
phunyguyit's a nice tablet, good weight, microSD slot, USB port...03:32
rstat1If you figure out a way around the UEFI SecureBoot then sure you can run any ARM os on you want.03:32
xrsi thought i had a better one than this but i guess i didnt bookmark it:   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:34
cgkadesdoes anyone know where the system logs portable drive or thumb drive insertion?03:34
JPetersonthe folder command is `u1sdtool --create-folder ~/.xbmc`, what's the file command? u1sdtool --create-file ~/.bash_profile03:34
escottcgkades, syslog03:34
Tux_1cgkades: dmesg03:35
escott!pm | ongandrew03:35
ubottuongandrew: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.03:35
cgkadesTux_1: thought so, thanks03:35
escottongandrew, im not answering because i dont know the answer. its a plymouth mod i dont know which03:35
ongandrewoh ok03:36
cubhow do i find out my computer info.. like model etc03:36
cubthere's a command right?03:37
escottcub, lshw, lspci, lsusb03:37
keelGif you want your computer model, you can also do dmesg |grep ThinkPad (if you have a thinkpad)03:38
=== Spyder is now known as Spyderp
crippledmonkyou can also open a terminal window and type cat /proc/cpuinfo03:38
keelGfyi, best cli tool in these late (early) hours: sl03:41
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=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
craigbass1976How do I install the regular ubuntu interface on xubuntu03:53
CoreyIIRC it's a meta package "ubuntu-desktop"03:53
crippledmonksudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop03:54
=== slank is now known as slank_away
kewelhow to install java 7 on lubuntu 12.04?04:01
kewelnm. just got it04:01
kewelcan anyone find a cool list of common/popular repositories?  I dono why but it would make me feel better04:02
dr_willischeck the omgubuntu and webupd8 blos sites04:03
dr_willisthey mention most popular apps you may want to know about04:04
keweldr_willis: cool .. thx04:05
Dave77is there any software for ubuntu that would help me to download files, what do I need?    I want to send URL from other PC to ubuntu box and have it download the file.04:07
LucenutHey peeps, kinda new to ubuntu. How do I connect to my local network windows shares?04:07
escottLucenut, open the file manager and click on "local network"04:07
escott!samba | Lucenut for more advanced stuff04:07
ubottuLucenut for more advanced stuff: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.04:07
LucenutI am in eclipse and want to edit some files on a development webserver.04:08
hehatemei keep getting the get thread context failed message in wine. any ideas?04:08
tim_hello if im about to run a dual boot of xbuntu and windows 7 and im wondering if i need to make a partion from within windows or if i can create a partion in the setup04:08
escotttim_, either04:09
tim_oh okay. that makes it very easy.04:09
tim_i now just need to boot from my flash drive04:09
tim_and im all set04:09
hehatemeis it true that its not a good idea to install ubuntu first then windows04:10
escott!grub | hehateme04:10
ubottuhehateme: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:10
dr_willisif you know how to reinstall the grub loader you can do it easially enough.  hehateme04:11
escottgoodnight dr_willis04:12
dr_willisand know how to leave partions free for windows04:12
=== slank_away is now known as slank
hehatemethorugh live cd? does it already have boot installer?04:13
hehatemethat being said it doesnt matter if its xp or 7?04:13
dr_willisif you have to ask.. it may be much better idea to install windows first04:14
LucenutOK, I don't get this. Trying to connect to my local network windows shares.04:14
dr_willisxp or 7 shoultent matter mych04:14
hehatemealready  to much on my linux partition04:14
=== qos|away is now known as qos
LucenutIn the file manager I went to Network and then tried opening the "Workgroup" and the "Windows Network". Both fail.04:15
LucenutWindows explorer has an address window where you can type "\\SERVER\C$"04:16
LucenutHow can I do that in ubuntu?04:16
dr_willisLucenut:  in the file manager you can also hit    ctrl-l  and enter the share path        smb://server/share04:16
LucenutOr specifically Eclipse.04:16
kewelso is there a difference between a repo and a ppa?04:16
dr_willisor try the server ip instead of name04:16
dr_willisa ppa is a personal repo. uts a little differenr04:17
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge04:17
grndlvlI have a lenovo t430s running ubuntu 12.04LTS using the 3.4.0-030400-generic kernel (because of lock ups have been on it since like the second day and suspend previously worked) and recently suspend stopped working any ideas or a good direction to start diagnosing the issue? thx in adv.04:19
grndlvlbtw it does attempt to suspend, however, it immediately wakes up04:20
AnonGr_!x #part04:20
LucenutOK, I was able to connect in the file explorer. But in Eclipse I still only see the linux file system. Do I need to map a drive or something?04:22
dr_willisgrndlvl:  try older kernels. see if it goes back to working. if so definatly file a bug report.04:22
dr_willisLucenut:  for non gnome apps.. look in your ~/.gvfs directory04:22
grndlvlyeah I tried the latest 3.2 release as well :(04:22
dr_willisLucenut:  or you can mount shares by hand to specific local directories to be easier to find.04:22
grndlvldr_willis: ok thx; I will try to debug further and if I can't figure it out I will post a bug report. I wish I knew when it stopped exactly. The weird thing is I have been using the same kernel b/c 12.04LTS is still supplying 3.2 out of the repos.04:24
dr_willisi never use hibernate or suspend. ;)04:26
LucenutSorry Dr Willis. I don't understand either of those suggestions.04:27
grndlvldr_willis: yeah I hear ya. I rarely do myself, except when I do b/c of travel and what not04:27
grndlvlthx though04:28
LucenutI tried creating a "virtual file system" in Eclipse with the same IP/info as I connected with the file explorer but no luck.04:28
dr_willisLucenut:  look in your users .gvfs directory. the shares get mounted inside there04:29
dr_willis the full path would be /home/yourusername/.gvfs04:29
grndlvlha found something that might be down the right alley04:29
LucenutI couldn't find anything like .gvfs04:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 1076498 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Lenovo T430s]: System immediately wakes itself up after hitting the sleep key" [Medium,Confirmed]04:29
dr_willisLucenut:  look again.. ;)  you do realize things that begin with a . are hidden by default in the file manager.. type in the full path04:30
LucenutType it in where?04:30
LucenutEcplise doesn't have an address box.04:31
=== amit is now known as Guest34303
dr_willisuse the normal file manager perhaps?04:33
dr_willisI dontuse eclipse.. so no idea how it works04:34
LucenutOK, there is an address box. I typed in smb:// and it's just grinding.04:34
dr_willissmb:// is a special kind of address used by Gnome/gtk/ type apps.. TRY the .gvfs directory04:34
dr_willisnot all apps support smb:// type nameing04:35
HowardTheDuckhi is ubuntu a good operation system04:35
dr_willisHowardTheDuck:  works very well for most people/04:35
LucenutJust type ".gvfs" in the address bar?04:35
xrsHowardTheDuck,  Ubuntu Studio is better04:35
waverso far so good using the PCI Sata04:35
wavershall see if it freezes04:35
dr_willisLucenut:  again.. i DONT use eclipse..  however you enter a path to save/load files.. you look in your .gvfs directory04:35
josesierraWondering if somebody might know something about this or maybe point me in the right direction: I'm running Gnome Shell 3.6 and it just gobbles up memory like crazy04:35
HowardTheDucki have 10.04 but im afraid to upgarde04:36
josesierraUnity does as well, even more than Gnome Shell...04:36
HowardTheDuckbecause of this g-nome04:36
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004 - Supported until April 2013 (Desktop), April 2015 (Server)04:36
cfhowlettHowardTheDuck, gnome will not prevent upgrades ... what do you mean04:36
xrsopen the task manager and see whats taking up all the memory04:36
dr_willisgnome-2 is basically dead.. time to bury it and move on. ;)04:36
HowardTheDuckwow dead is a strong word04:37
cfhowlettHowardTheDuck, xubuntu and lubuntu are lightweight alternatives04:37
HowardTheDucki like gnome do04:37
dr_willisI wouldent say its strong enough.. its been sick for a long time.04:37
dr_willisTheres numerous docks in 12.10  you can play with04:37
dr_willisIve heard plank is nice.. but not sure if its in the default repos. (it may be to new)04:37
zykotick9dr_willis: gnome2 is dead.  and gnome3 fallback is even living-dead at this point ;)04:37
cfhowlettHowardTheDuck, don't upgrade yet.  install xubuntu-desktop and lubuntu-desktop and try them out.04:37
OerHeksand Kubuntu04:38
HowardTheDucki have the verion of lubuntu that was around when 10.04 ubuntu came out installed on my centrino laptop04:38
dr_willisYep. Not heard lately if gnome-fallback is on or off the chopping block at this time.. ;) i wouldent count on it being around for much longer04:38
dr_willis12.10 lubuntu is very nice04:38
crippledmonkAnyone ever use crunchbang? Don't hit me. just asking.04:39
HowardTheDucknestles crunch04:39
* cfhowlett smacks crippledmonk ...04:39
dr_willisI just install openbox :) if i need openbox04:39
dr_willisor blackbox. or fluxbox. or whatever ;)04:39
LucenutDr. Willis I tried "file:///.gvfs", "file://.gvfs"04:40
crippledmonkThat's the great thing about linux. LOT'S of choices04:40
singharkiratI m nd04:40
LucenutNothing works.04:40
cfhowlettsingharkirat, greetings04:40
singharkiratI m new to ubuntu, can i know how to update this thing... :-/04:41
dr_willisLucenut:  how about just /home/yourusername/.gvfs ?04:41
timaaaIm in the middle of setting up xbuntu and im wondering how to do a partion04:41
cfhowlettsingharkirat, what version04:41
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:41
dr_willistimaaa:  how to do what partition? what sort of layout your partions should be in? depends on your needs.04:41
cfhowlettsingharkirat, you want to upgrade to a new version of ubuntu or just update 12.04?04:42
timaaaHow to do a partion to install xbuntu04:42
singharkiratJust update04:43
dr_willistimaaa:  the installer can auto partition. Or you an do it by hand.04:43
cfhowlettsingharkirat, just run update manager  system>update manager04:43
Toph2dr_willis,,, i'm just followin the thread.. In my directory, .gvfs is a directory not a file04:43
dr_willisToph2:  thats correct.. it is a directory that contains all the samba mounts and other special mounts04:44
Toph2dr_willis,,, ok04:44
=== Justasic2 is now known as Justasic
cfhowlettsingharkirat, have fun, be safe04:45
singharkiratDo we have something to shrink a,partition?04:45
=== qos is now known as qos|away
dr_willisgparted can do all that singharkirat04:45
LucenutDr. Willis I can browse to /home/greg/ then I add ".gvfs" and it just sits there saying wait.04:45
dr_willisLucenut:  try going there from your normal file manager.04:46
singharkiratI m not getting any shrinking option...04:46
cfhowlettsingharkirat, you said you wanted to update ubuntu.  are you installing something now?04:47
dr_willissingharkirat: if your system is allready using 4 primary partitions   then you may have to do some work to repartion things04:47
singharkiratI installed04:47
LucenutNope, can't find .gvfs in the file explorer.04:48
cfhowlettsingharkirat, so why are you now shrinking partitions?  To accomplish what?04:48
zykotick9dr_willis: huge advantage of gtp, no primary partition limit :)04:48
=== Justasic2 is now known as Justasic
meghais their a software for fxp transfter ?04:50
cfhowlettmegha, fxp?  you mean ftp?04:50
Nickelxhello all, this might be a strange question to come to the irc about, but does anyone know of a gameboy advance emulator that's compatible with 12.10?? I'm having issues with visualboy advance and have been looking for fixes and whatnot to no avail.04:50
meghacfhowlett: no i meant fxp04:50
dr_willisfxp - Hmm.. i recall seeing that asked befor.. thats some sort of modified ftp.. i think we  looked into it and a great many of the ftp clients did it.... but ive never used fxp04:50
dr_williscouldent really see the point of fxp ;)04:50
singharkiratI hv 3 primary partitions..  I want to shrink one and make them 404:51
cfhowlettsingharkirat, boot your ubuntu cd/usb.  fire up gparted.  shrink (CAREFULLY).  Remove the boot CD/USB and restart ubuntu04:51
BlackDalekhow do I send quick chat messages over a LAN? Is there any program for this in Ubuntu?04:52
zykotick9Nickelx: i've used mednafen for gba in the past04:52
dr_willisBlackDalek:  depends on how the other guys are logged in if they will see them or not and what apps you should be using04:52
meghadr_willis: it useless but i have no other way than to use fxp04:52
Nickelxzykotick9: thanks hombre, i'll google that right now! <304:52
dr_willismegha:  try the various ftp clients and see i guess.04:52
meghadr_willis: can you name some of the clients ?04:53
bsmith093any ideas, update manager works fine, but apt cant find any server i try and connect it to, and every other web thing works perfectly04:53
BlackDalekdr_willis, this is over a the same LAN (everyone will be using the same client) - NOT over internet...04:53
dr_willismegha:  apt-cache search ftp        nautilus has ftp built in also04:53
BlackDalekDoes such an app exist for Ubuntu?04:53
meghadr_willis: ok :)04:53
dr_willisBlackDalek:  using whata same 'client' ?  are they sshed in? in X in what?04:53
singharkiratI have installed ubuntu 12.10 on my lenovo thinkstation s20, on some of them every thing is fine but on some the system hangs after grub... Amy help04:54
dr_willisI thought the ubuntu IM stuff had some sort of "local network" chat feature04:54
singharkiratI noticed that the graphics appear very poor on the system with this problem...04:55
Nickelxzykotick9: i just installed that via apt, and i can't find it, why would that be?04:55
BlackDalekdr_willis, I think it used to.. but now everything seems to be geared towards needing to go through the interent :(... I am trying to find something that will allow IM over a LAN without needing internet connection to function...04:55
BlackDalekdr_willis, LAN IM client would need to run on either Ubuntu 12.04 or 12.10, as that is what all PCs are using.04:57
cfhowlettsingharkirat, check for restricted/proprietary drivers.  Also, if you are installing for work deployment machines, I'd suggest you install 12.04, the Long Term Support release04:57
bsmith093apparentyl anon proxy will screw up apt, dunno why but one quick purge and i can apt-get again04:58
dr_willisBlackDalek:  you could set up some sort of jabber or irc server for the lan to use. that may be the easiest thing.04:58
waverkeelG you still around?04:59
zykotick9Nickelx: it's a cli starting app, with a quasi-GUI once started.  from terminal try "mednafen /path/to/rom"04:59
waverdamn server froze again! UGH04:59
Nickelxkk, i'll give it a shot04:59
arun_i have a problem05:02
arun_can any one help me05:03
Nickelxzykotick9: thanks a billion, this is awesome. :D05:03
LucenutHmm still no luck connecting to windows shares from Eclipse. I can with file explorer smb//...05:03
zykotick9Nickelx: read the instructions, it's got lots of options!  fyi alt+shift+1 to config joy1 ;)05:04
arun_hey guys help me anyone /05:05
arun_help me guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysssssssssssssssssss05:06
Nickelxzykotick9: lmao, i was going to ask that soon enough!!!!!05:06
arun_<arun_> can any one help me [10:45] == karakedi [~eAC53C340@unaffiliated/orphan] has quit [Ping timeout: 256 seconds] [10:45] == NaN123 [~Thunderbi@] has joined #ubuntu [10:45] == cfhowlett [~cfhowlett@] has quit [Quit: Leaving] [10:45] == jSwan [~jason@76-10-128-20.dsl.teksavvy.com] has left #ubuntu [] [10:46] <Nickelx> zykotick9: thanks a billion, this is awesome. :D [10:46] <Lucenut> Hmm still no luck c05:07
arun_hey is anyone listening me05:07
dr_willisarun_:    it would help if you stated the actual problem more then spamming05:07
arun_thanks man05:07
LucenutAnyone know how to connect to windows shares from Eclipse?05:08
arun_Hey how to remove pdf copyright security ?05:08
dr_willisLucenut:  there is the eclise channels perhaps.05:08
alejandro_anybody here speak spanish?05:09
alejandro_i have a doubt about the installation of some drivers05:09
tonsofpcsalejandro_: there is a #ubuntu-es I believe05:09
arun_Hey how to remove pdf copyright security ?05:09
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.05:09
dr_willisarun_:  thats not really a ubuntu support type issue.. and i think the answer is 'you dont'05:10
arun_oh is there any pdf support channel?05:10
tonsofpcsyes, http://www.adobe.com/05:10
alejandro_i have installed  ubunto 10.4 but the wifi driver cant recognize any red05:11
tonsofpcsalejandro_: "network" (not "red")05:11
ac1Why no 12.04?05:11
arun_hey is there any theme for ubuntu 12.105:11
tonsofpcsyou probably need a specific driver for your wifi card.  Why not try 12.04 or 12.10?05:12
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:12
alejandro_because 12.10 cant recognize the red (network)05:12
xanguaarun_: you can find lots of in gnome-look.org05:12
alejandro_tonsofpcs come on!!!!05:12
tonsofpcsas you can see, only three people have said anything in the past 20 minutes.  If you think the conversation is ambiguous, you can ask for clarification.05:12
arun_!tab thanks05:13
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.05:13
alejandro_!tonsofpc because 12.10 cant recognize the red (network)05:13
ubottualejandro_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:13
tonsofpcsalejandro_: perhaps an issue with the card?  is this a laptop with a wifi on/off switch? my netbook requires I force the wifi on in BIOS.05:13
* dr_willis feels he should point out that !COMMANDS are bot triggers05:13
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:14
* tonsofpcs !facepalms05:14
alejandro_i dont thing so, i have installed ubuntu four times, two time 12.4 and two times with 10.405:14
alejandro_and nothing05:14
tonsofpcsalejandro_: fn key plus a wifi symbol on one of the top keys maybe?05:15
dr_willis10.04 is nearing its end of life.05:15
alejandro_!tonsofpcs nope05:15
=== Justasic2 is now known as Justasic
=== qos|away is now known as qos
dr_willisalejandro_:  dont put a ! befor their name05:15
alejandro_dr_willis, i write what i want05:16
dr_willisalejandro_:  then you are not paying attention.. !commands are bot triggers.. so you are going to be constantly spamming the bot..05:16
dr_willisalejandro_:  this will most likely annoy people05:16
tonsofpcsdr_willis: I think he's using google translate or something...05:16
PhysicsBrainHello fellas! How can I enable the sudo password in the 12.10 QQ. My system do not require the password!!05:16
tonsofpcsalejandro_: si quieres ayuda en espanol, /join #ubuntu-es05:16
tonsofpcsPhysicsBrain: visudo05:17
alejandro_no problem i can understand you tonsofpcs05:17
dr_willisPhysicsBrain:  we have to wonder how it got disabled.05:17
alejandro_how i can switch on my network card using bios?05:17
tonsofpcsalejandro_: depends on the BIOS.  My work netbook can't function with linux using the wifi because the switch is handled by software05:18
PhysicsBraintonsofpcs: Only this and my system will require the system password?05:18
tonsofpcsPhysicsBrain: please read the file and/or its man page.05:19
mhsMy micromax data card is not working properly in ubuntu 12.10. The device is not detecting at all.05:19
tonsofpcsalejandro_: I had one laptop that I had to dual-boot windows with because you needed to manually enable the wifi in windows each time you shut down completely, then reboot to linux.05:19
dr_willismhs:  and whats a micromax data card?05:19
PhysicsBrainAlone! I did not anything to disable it!05:19
tonsofpcsalejandro_: may  be easier to get a USB wifi card.05:19
alejandro_mmm ok05:19
PhysicsBrainWhy tonsofpcs?05:20
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:20
alejandro_im going to seek a tutorial in web05:20
tonsofpcsPhysicsBrain: because otherwise you might break your system05:20
PhysicsBrainOk. Thanks, but, i have to add any line in the visudo file?05:21
dr_willisPhysicsBrain:  so you did a clean install of 12.10 and the sudo password was disabled by default?05:23
cfhowlettbekub, greetings05:24
PhysicsBraindr_willis: No! I just had change the file! this is weird, i know. It's ok now!05:25
cfhowlettbekub, greetings ... again05:25
PhysicsBraindr_willis: I did a upgrade. 12.04 -> 12.10! I did something to chande it! I fix it yet!05:27
PhysicsBrainwhy in this chat show the ip?05:28
PhysicsBrainThis is crazy!05:28
ubottuTo get any kind of cloak (ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page, for unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.05:28
dr_willisPhysicsBrain:   hasent been an issue for the decades that irc has existed...05:29
PhysicsBrainOk!! No problem. Bye fellas!! Good day!!05:30
=== Justasic2 is now known as Justasic
cipher__hi, i'm using pulse-audio & alsa, recently no sound devices have shown up to play through, the audio bar is grayed out and such. i recall I fixed this one by deleting a file and restarting my computer, can anyone point me toward that?05:40
cipher__this once by*05:40
cipher__err, it was directory actually05:40
dr_willisthe  .pulse* stuff in your home directory perhaps05:40
cipher__will it re-populate the file if i purge it?05:41
dr_willisif you are worried about it.. move/rename it.05:41
dr_willisand see05:41
cipher__thank you05:41
dr_willisYou said you deleted it befor. ;)05:41
Frank604pretty quiet here05:48
=== mike is now known as Guest73216
dr_willisIts Sunday Morning. :)05:48
=== qos is now known as qos|away
virusuydr_willis: here in Uruguay it's 3am :P05:49
Frank604it is 9:49 pm saturday here05:49
SegFaultAXHow can I determine which source a package will come from?05:50
SegFaultAXVia apt or dpkg.05:50
alessandro_it is 06:52 am here05:50
Frank604apt-cache policy packagename ?05:51
SegFaultAXFrank604: Yup, just landed. Thanks.05:51
Frank604No problemo Mr. Bernard05:52
kewelwhat's the apt-get command to show installed packages matching 'java' ?05:55
dr_willisapt-cache search pattern05:55
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)05:55
kewelswee ot05:55
kewelack too much .. how do I remove java 7?05:56
dr_willisdepends on how you isntalled it.05:56
dr_willisapt-get remove packagename05:56
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.05:56
dr_willisor install some other java and just tell the system to use the other java05:57
LiteBeerkewel: dpkg -l '*java*' | grep ^ii05:57
kewelI used sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer05:57
dr_williscant say ive ever needed to uninstall java. ;) so never really tried it.05:57
kewelI'm trying to downgrade to java 6 ..05:57
kewelmy roommate is trying to play games on pogo .. and this piii 1ghz 512 is having trouble with java (i think)05:58
kewelI did 'sudo apt-get install oracle-java6-installer' .. but I tested my java version on the web and it's still 705:59
dr_willisthere is a way you can have both installed and switch btween them.05:59
keweldo tell!06:00
dr_willissee the !java factoid url06:00
dr_willisi belive its in there06:00
LiteBeerkewel: try: update-alternatives --config java06:00
kewelgot it06:02
keweldo I need to restart chrome?06:02
xrsi would06:02
PrincessLunaAnyone with an ultrabook? How are you using the msata drive?06:07
mhsCan any body tell me the Indian chatting rooms06:08
kewelchanged to default to 6 .. rebooted .. listed version options with 'sudo update-alternatives --config java' -- told me 6 .. like I told it to .. however when I go to a java test page in chrome it says I'm running 706:09
kewelit makes sense if that doesn't make sense06:09
timmmHello im about to set up xbuntu and im wondering how to comfigue the hard drive06:09
sakuiwhy does my screen go blank in ubuntu server 12.04.1 x86 after grub bootloader?06:10
xrstimmm,  i would make a swap partition that is = in size to the amount of ram you have, the rest depends on how big the hard drive is but you want the largest partition to be /home  (you will need a "/" partition. this is where xubuntu and its apps will install to.)06:11
ubottu#ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India06:12
timmmSo currently i have a hard drive configured for windows 7. So do i need to resize the partions? Xrs06:13
xrsif you want it on the win7 hard drive and you have no "unallocated" space, yes you will need to resize the partition. in that case you are better off with a small SWAP and all else partitioned as "/" (not haveing a /home partition will make things harder in the long run but for your setup thats the easiest way)06:15
timmmI got a bacckup06:15
timmmIm confused by what to do06:15
xrswell then resize the windows partition to give you however much linux space you want and let Xubuntu take care of the rest06:16
timmmIm not sure how to resize a partion. Call me a noob its okay, xrs06:17
dr_willisthe installer can resize existing windows partions. or you can use gparted from a live cd for total control.06:17
xrsthere is a program called gparted (i think xubuntu put it in the Settings Manager in the launcher menu)06:17
xrsgparted is like windows disk management06:18
dr_willistypical layout for a windows/xubuntu sustem  -->    (primary windows ntfs - a few 100gb+)  (extended partion with logicals for  Luubntu /  and swap)06:18
Rayits usually by clicking mouse right button > resize/shrink06:18
dr_willisor you could use all primaries if you wanted to. but theres a limit to 4 of those with non-gpt systems06:18
Rayensure that if u use gparted, ntfs supported. (ntfsprogs)06:19
xrsuse gparted to resize the windows partition and let the xubuntu installer handle the rest of the partitioning. be sure you tell it you want to dual boot with windows06:19
xrsxubuntu's gparted comes with ntfs-utils06:20
dr_willisMy normal disk layout -->     (windows) (linux / 30gb) (/home big as i can get it) (1gb swap)06:20
timmmso do i need a usb to us gparted?06:21
Rayrecomendded swap is 2x of your ram, but its not a "rule" on making swap06:21
Spanky100dr_willis:  You using any utility in Windows to access your home directory?06:21
dr_willisa gparted-live cd/usb s a very handy tool06:21
timmmDont have disc drive06:21
dr_willisSpanky100:  any of the windows tools to access ext* ive found very flakey.06:22
xrstimm go to the launcher menu (the mouse thingy in the upper-left) select Settings Manager -> gparted06:22
Spanky100Me too.  that's why I asked...06:22
Rayno usb need06:22
timmmI dont see it xrs..06:22
=== slank is now known as slank_away
Rayakh, u use xubuntu?06:23
Spanky100dr_willis:  You formatting home with NTFS then? I presume you mean to imply that /home is on a separate partition...06:23
xrsokay let me switch over to my xubuntu PC06:23
timmmIm running off my usb key with xbuntu06:23
dr_willisSpanky100  You dont use NTFS for home06:23
dr_willisI use 4 primary partions06:24
dr_willisMy current setup has /home on its own 3TB hard drive.06:24
Spanky100No I don't....  Was wondering if you do though with your 3rd partition so you can see it in your windows directory...06:24
Spanky100Or is third partition /home just ext3 or ext406:25
timmmOkay i have a windows netbook running xubuntu from my usb key and am trying to install it.06:25
Spanky100I've kind of given up on multi-boot systems.  I've pretty much dedicated on box Linux or Windows and kind of just stick with it...06:26
apostimmm do you see a round blue icon with a mouse in the upper left corner of the screen?06:26
aposclick that then click settings manager06:26
aposgparted is in there06:26
Raythats it~06:26
Raystep-by-step makes it easier06:27
timmmI dont see it06:27
dr_willisI rarely boot into windows these days. its on its own hd on most of my systems06:27
Spanky100New VMware Workstation 9.X working pretty well on Ubuntu 12.04 over here.... Have to give credit to the VMWare guys.  The interface is clean.06:28
Rayon xubuntu, is Gparted included on the live CD/USB?06:28
aposit disapears after install but its there for the install06:28
dr_willisRay:  if its not.. you can install it  and it will install to ram. so you can use it06:28
Spanky100I'm about 75/25.  Work applications necessitate some Windows...  Been trying to stick with Ubuntu or variants for all my server tasks.06:29
dr_willistheres specific gparted live cds you can get also06:29
timmmFound it06:29
timmmUnder system06:29
Spanky10075% Windows unfortunately.  Lot of time on the workstation....06:29
Rayhmm, keep you're eyes open, you just opened it when find the gparted~06:30
aposi havent touched a windows pc since i found ubuntu studio06:30
timmmYa i found gparted06:30
Rayopen it -_-06:30
timmmIt is open06:30
dr_willisnow may be a good time to watch a gparted tutorial or 2 on youtube. ;)06:31
aposright click on your windows partition and choose resize06:31
Raytry to locate the win partition06:31
dr_willisand.. you DO have backups allready made?06:31
dr_willisyou do know how to restore from thebackups? ;)   seen that happen once...06:31
timmmOkay so ive got 284 gigs total of my main partion06:32
Rayhe know it, he plays with partition!06:32
aposnow you need to decide how much space you want for linux06:32
Spanky100timm:  Of all the utilities I've used on Windows Images - I would recommend Macrium Reflect.  Unless you are are sure your image is bulletproof.06:32
aposi would say no less than 16GB06:32
timmmI think ill go about 8406:33
Rayright click on the desired partition > resize/move06:33
Rayyou're on making a place for the new neighborhood~06:34
timmmFrig its giving me errors06:35
Spanky100... so your internet explorers can become firefox explorers ...06:35
Raywhat error?06:35
Rayhaha, how about Mozilla Internet..??06:36
timmmIts giving me error codes06:36
Spanky100Chromium Explorer06:36
Rayyeah, i mean could you explain it more detail..?06:36
Spanky100...(hope you've got a good image)...06:37
Raytype here what you read there in the error06:37
aposRedo! Backup & Restore is nice.   clonezilla frontend GUI any idiot can use. i ship my PCs with a Redo! DVD containing the "factory" image.06:37
Raypartition training just by the chat, what....06:38
Raytimm Make sure you've unmounted the partition.06:38
Rayany responds?06:39
timmmIm gunna send you a screenshot of what ive got06:40
Rayi assume youre uploading the image and giving me the link? ok06:42
damian_^hi, where can i find a global menu for xfce xubuntu? there is a few ppa's but none seem to be up to date for quantal...06:42
timmmYup ray06:43
apossudo apt-get install main-menu?06:43
=== root is now known as Guest23050
damian_^apparently there is an indicator-applet-appmenu but i cant find that either...06:44
aposthats broken06:44
aposi say use main-menu and organize the launcher menu to your liking?06:45
aposor are you trying to do something else?06:45
Raynot a good idea, but its needed.06:45
zarakimy wifi isnt working on ubuntu 12.04 lts, but working on other OS. solutions?06:46
damian_^sorry apos was that to me?06:46
Rayzaraki you dont yet installed the wireless driver i suppose...06:46
aposzaraki,  try installing ndis wrapper, otherwise we'll need to know what chipset it uses06:47
=== slank_away is now known as slank
damian_^sorry,  by global menu i mean that osx style file, edit, etc, in the panel06:47
apostimmm,  go into windows cmd and run chkdsk /f06:48
aposur windows is borked06:48
aposa lil06:48
=== slank is now known as slank_away
=== qos|away is now known as qos
aposor you could install testdisk but id rather have windows fix windows06:49
Rayyeah, i supposed it to,06:49
Rayotherwise, chkdsk and shrink/resize from windows06:49
aposi dont think windows disk management will let you resize the system partition06:50
damian_^will gnome panel applets work in xfce somehow?06:50
timmmWindows is firing up06:50
Rayoh, i forgot it!06:50
aposdamian_^,  i heared of new support for that in xfce but i know nothing about it06:50
Rayitself, the local disk c06:51
damian_^ill do a search :)06:51
Rayhaha, resizing mounted and "itself" partition-_-06:51
Rayso, you're win partition makes the installation step stuck?06:52
timmmI cant go anywhere when i try and. Use the installer06:53
Rayohm, okay06:53
timmmIts set up so i dont have any free hard drive space06:53
Raytry to use another partition, could you..?06:53
apostimmm,  go into windows cmd and run chkdsk /f06:54
=== madprops is now known as larm
=== larm is now known as kbobum
Raychkdsk /f, by the way, what the meaning of "/f? param..? i dont know06:55
=== kbobum is now known as madprops
timmmIt says acsess denied as you do not have suffiect privallages. You have to invoke this utility in elvated mode.06:56
aposyour not an admin06:56
timmmNo i am.06:56
aposthen your windows is a lot worse off than we thought06:56
Rayare you an Admin..?06:56
timmmYes i am.06:57
Rayit just makes the progress stuck06:57
Raytry different partition, would you..?06:57
timmmWhich one?06:57
Raydepending on the SCreenshot,06:58
nomoney4uHello there.  Can anyone help me set up my computer? I recently made a switch over to Ubuntu 12.10 from Windows and realized that I don't have the drivers for my graphic card.  Do I need it?06:58
aposat this point ur windows is broken, not letting you run chkdsk. from here you need to talk to the guys in ##windows06:58
aeon-ltdnomoney4u: if you want to get any power from it then yeah06:58
zarakindiswrapper asked to install new driver, select 'inf' file. my comp has only ubuntu currently what to do?06:58
aeon-ltdzaraki: you can extract drivers from the windows exes.06:59
nomoney4uaeon-ltd: So in my case, my graphic card is an ATI 4850 512mb.  Would I search for a linux driver for it?06:59
=== dns53_ is now known as dns53
aposzaraki,  if its an internal wifi run "sudo lspci" or if USB run "sudo lsusb" and let us know what chipset the wifi is07:00
timmmI just ran command propt with admin permissions and i gave up some stuff07:00
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto07:00
aeon-ltdnomoney4u: there07:00
nomoney4uThank you both of you.07:01
nomoney4uoops, that was a bot :P07:01
aposit happens07:01
zaraki00:1e.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 82801 Mobile PCI Bridge (rev 93)07:01
zaraki00:1f.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation ICH9M LPC Interface Controller (rev 03)07:01
zaraki00:1f.2 SATA controller: Intel Corporation 82801IBM/IEM (ICH9M/ICH9M-E) 4 port SATA Controller [AHCI mode] (rev 03)07:01
zaraki00:1f.3 SMBus: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) SMBus Controller (rev 03)07:01
zaraki08:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 03)07:01
FloodBot1zaraki: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:01
zaraki0e:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4322 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller (rev 01)07:01
aposwhoa there nelly ur gonna get urself kicked07:01
timmmApos, got it runnig07:01
TheLordOfTime!pastebin | zaraki07:02
ubottuzaraki: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:02
apostimmm,  restart the mnachine, let chkdsk /f run then boot back into xubuntu n try gparted again07:02
kewellubuntu 12.04 on p3 1ghz 512mb -- downgraded to java 6 .. and I still can't get the java games on pogo to work .. is this a lost cause?07:02
aposso zaraki  is using a BCM4322 chipset07:02
aposkewel,  whats the address? ill try it on mine07:03
Rayhow about looking drivers up on Jockey-gtk or -kde?07:04
zarakiso, what do u want me to do?07:04
timmmThere was some corrupt stuff07:05
timmmStill going07:05
Rayok, just get back to xubuntu, gparted, choose dev/sda (unmount it) and resize it07:06
timmmi willl when its done.07:06
kewelcan anyone think of a cool website I can test my java inst on? games or something?07:06
Rayi recommend 20-30 Gb on it, if you want.07:07
aposzaraki,  check out: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=89671307:07
timmmRay i think i will do 8007:07
Rayyeah, but the sda2 is not enough for it, is it "66 GB"..? i cant see it07:08
aposkewel,  i am able to play bloons2 on pogo.com07:09
kewelapos: what kinda puter you got?07:09
aposthis machine is a basiclly fresh xubuntu 12.04 install07:09
kewelcpu ram?07:09
aposcore2 duo, 3GB07:10
kewelIs java friggin my puter up?07:10
kewelpiii1ghz 512mb07:10
aposi am using firefox07:10
apos512 is very low07:10
Rayhaha timm dont  give up07:10
kewelfirefox is too slow on this .. I'm using chrome07:10
aposyou need to add at least another 256 to that machine to expect pogo to work07:11
nomoney4uWould anyone of you recommend doing gaming over virtualbox rather than dual booting to windows?07:11
kewelthat's what I figured07:11
kewelthat's what I'll tell my roomie07:11
keweljava is as java does07:11
kewelmy momma always said07:11
* kewel has a wonderful, nurturing mother07:11
keweland a dumb sense of humor07:12
=== wolf is now known as Guest35898
kewelme not my mom07:12
keweldoes java fuxx0r up my system when I'm not running java apps?07:12
aposyou will definately know when java is in use, otherwise it wont do much but take up space07:13
kewelthat's what I thought.  neato.07:13
Rayi live at java, using java~07:13
Gorrothi'm using the ATI Gallium drivers, but there is no /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and i don't see the gallium drivers setup under /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/.  where is this info?07:13
Gorrothbecause i'm trying to use xrandr or change the configs manually to select the proper primary display in my dual monitor setup07:14
damian_^can someone please try decipher how to find the ppa related to this package?   https://launchpad.net/~nilarimogard/+archive/test/+build/396676607:14
zarakitar (child): hybrid-portsrc-x86_32_5_10_27_6.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory, apos?07:14
damian_^i cant find the appropriate ppa on that page...07:14
aposzaraki,  type ls and make sure the file is in the folder your currently in07:15
Spanky100Java has really kicked some people in the booty crack these last couple of weeks.  More holes than a pile of swiss cheeese...07:16
eoin_hey anyone know anything about subtle tiling window manager?07:17
Spanky100I had three clients with problems related to Java exploits with trojans, malware, viruses likely coming through Java...07:17
Spanky100All in past two weeks.07:17
aposdamian_^,  my guess would be to look / ask this guy: https://launchpad.net/~lamont07:18
wectorHow install fln07:18
dr_willisill take a double latte07:18
Rayyeah sometime it makes me daft~07:18
Spanky100What I don't understand is why there is not an automated update for Java on the 64-bit version of Windows.  Not a good idea as that is probably the more popular version of Windows right now.07:18
dr_williswector: whats fln07:18
Rayyeah, you right07:19
wectorThis is a post nuclear rpg07:19
Rayi dont really far knowing about java code07:20
aeon-ltdeoin_: ask the question succeeding that question07:20
aposSpanky100,  its not listed as a recommended update?07:20
dr_williswector: so its a linux game?07:20
eoin_ok, how do i get to the linux mint irc?07:20
aeon-ltdeoin_: ##linuxmint07:20
Raybut my laptop seems getting "java exception" when i try to run my fav apps07:20
eoin_in x chat i cant see it in the network list07:20
aposi wasnt away mint had its own irc server07:21
aeon-ltdeoin_: ? it's on freenode07:21
dr_willistheir main channel is not in freenode07:21
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:22
Raydifferent distro07:22
ubottuUbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org07:22
Rayits like you disscussing about red hat, suse, some others.07:23
Raytim123 = timmm?07:24
Raysame source07:24
eoin_ok still lost how exactly do i get to linuxmint-help07:25
apospoint your xchat to connect to irc.spotchat.org07:26
dr_willisor click on the link'  if that showed as a link07:27
RayDynamic Topic07:27
Pie_hi all07:28
virusuyPie_: 'sup !07:28
Pie_whats going today ?07:29
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:29
Raywanna ask, better go here instead of the forum-_- waiting for answers07:30
tim123So got an install07:30
Rayinstalled tim123..?07:30
tim123Just about07:30
Rayhoping succesful07:31
tim123I hope07:31
blackheartsir today i istalled ubuntu 12.10 and tried to remove unity with sudo apt-get remove unity* and sudo apt-get autoremove when i  restarted no ita dialog box comes says uable to detect garphics adpter  display and input devices i can navigate as keybord dosent works here so please help me to get ubuntu running with awesome wm07:31
Pie_do Ubuntu has Ambassdors like Fedora did ?07:31
apostim123,  if thats not a junker of a PC i would *highly* recommend Ubuntu Studio. same look and feel, less headache07:31
aposPie_,  i believe so07:31
tim123Its a netbook -_-07:32
Pie_apos, can you tell how to join them07:32
aposthen xubuntu was the best choice07:32
Rayblackheart why you did you removed unity..?07:32
aposcuz he didnt like it?07:33
blackheartlow system  =_=07:33
baddayI have trouble to start programs with Sugar 0.90 from the official ubuntu sources, is it recommended to use the outdated version of the official sources? I use ubuntu 12.04 ARM07:33
Rayyou cant remove unity instead of change it07:34
aposi have *never* seen sugar work.07:34
Raysugar? work?07:34
cubsugar tastes best in tea07:34
blackheartso sir i installed unity again then also same dialog box comming07:34
Raythen we better moving to ##culiner :D07:35
aposblackheart,  if you can get to a command line interface, tyope sudo apt-get install awesome && sudo apt-get awesome-extra07:35
baddayapos: well, sugar itself seems to run well07:36
Rayblackheart when you uninstall & install unity, few of packages are lost07:36
apos type sudo apt-get install awesome && sudo apt-get install awesome-extra07:36
aeon-ltdi would not recommend tiling for those who aren't used to tiling07:36
blackheartok i am just upgrading unity with command line07:37
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=== Nirvnana is now known as Nirvana
* washuu_de is back (gone 1105406:58:06)07:37
blackheart@ray can i manuly install them07:37
tim123Hey ray can i acsess my media on the windows partion or do i need to move it to the linux partion?07:38
Raybtw, im still on Junior High know... haha07:38
kostkonblackheart, also try giving:  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop --reinstall07:38
Raytim123 YOU definitely can access them from xubuntu07:38
apostim123,  yes linux can play with the windows files but dont hold your breath on windows getting along with linux07:39
antonio_hey folks07:39
Guest24437good morning07:39
tim123Okay thanks.07:39
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Rayat my country, its evening07:39
Guest24437is someone out there to explain me a liite thing?07:39
Guest24437okay here its morning xD07:39
antonio_Ray, where at?07:40
Guest24437than i say hello07:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:40
tim123Its 3AM here in canada07:40
Guest24437thx ill write it down :-d takes a moment07:40
blackheartits 1.10 pm in india :P07:40
Rayaah, sorry its afternoon now not evening07:40
tim123Yes i am canadain, i dont live in an igloo.07:41
badday blackheart: and sunny here in delhi ;)07:41
Rayoooh, i called  my mother and unfortunately its my sister's friend -_-07:42
Rayhere 2 AM07:42
baddayback to topic, guys07:43
Ray2 pm07:43
cubhow to make unity run faster?07:43
baddayRay | !ask07:43
Guest24437So here we go. Im totally new to ubunut but i want to realize the following situation. Atm im runnning Win7. n my computer there are 3 hard drives with various partitions. On one of the hard drives i have a unpartitioned area, and here is where id like to install ubuntu. Note that this partion is NOT on the drive where win is installed. It shoulkd end up with a dualboot system. So i go to intall ubunut manually and ad07:43
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:43
aposcub,  reduce swapiness and move tempfs to RAM07:44
* washuu_de is away: Away07:44
* washuu_de is back (gone 00:00:01)07:44
apostry diff grfx drivers?07:44
Rayuse "My Unity" decrease the size and its transparenity07:44
cubhow do i do that07:45
Rayits an App07:45
cubyes Ray i've used it07:45
cuband my graphics chip isnt supported so it really didnt help much07:45
Raybloody right you do07:45
eoin_how many people are happy with unity as it is now?07:45
aposcub,  http://www.upubuntu.com/2012/06/11-tips-to-speed-up-computers-running.html07:45
Raymany people, definitely07:46
aposi ditched unity almost immediately. i keep trying it out as a touch screen OS but im just not happy with the menu07:46
Rayyeah, now im downloading gnome307:46
aposxfce = boss07:47
eoin_same as me apos ubuntu is great linux distro it's just that UI07:47
Raysometime bored with this unirt07:47
cubyeah the menu is crap07:47
cubmy hardware is what is really giving me the problem tho07:47
aposxfce would be a better option over unity07:47
Rayhaha its because your hardware, probabky07:48
cubim sure because i used a fedora live cd on my laptop, which has better hardware, and it uses a gnome desktop like unity,07:48
cubran fine07:48
cubvery fast even for livecd.. so i am sure its my hardware, but im trying to figure out a way to make the best07:48
aposthen replace unity with xfce and be happy07:48
cubi used lxde , and kde, i dont like them07:48
aposor use fedora. not my cup of teea but its not terrible07:49
eoin_is fedora 18 any good haven't tried it yet07:49
aposubuntu studio = god07:49
cubcouldnt install anything else on here except ubuntu as thats the only CD i have... dvd burner doesnt work07:49
cubor reader for that matter07:49
Raydue on my connection... its too slow, im supine on that DE07:50
aposno thumbdrives?07:50
cubwell yes but i couldnt get it to boot from my usb  drive07:50
aposno old hard drives you dont care about?07:50
cubtried setting it in bios and it couldnt figure it out07:50
cubyeah thats what i installed linux on lol07:50
cubmy windows hard drive is dying07:50
cubso im on a very small AND old hardddrive07:50
cub15gb :\07:50
Rayyou can use gnome3 from USC, could you?07:50
aposin BIOS enable legacy support. that outta fix the boot issued USB07:50
apos......this keyboard is nutty07:51
kostkoncub, 15gb is extremely low nowadays07:51
aposenable USB legacy support*07:51
dr_willisive ran my whole ubuntu install from 32gb flash drives befor. ;)07:52
Rayanyone here uses Mythbuntu or Edubuntu..?07:52
cubi know07:52
cubthis is a pos machine07:52
aposi dont own any hard drives. all my computers run from 16gb & 8gb USB thumbdrives formatted in ext207:52
cub15gb hd, 1gb ram, intel graphics chip..07:52
cubdvd reader doesnt work07:52
aposedubuntu is only usefull in large deployments07:53
cubsome usb ports dont work07:53
cubjust junk )07:53
cubbut the guy who sold it to me for 200 something said "everything is working perfectly!"07:53
tim123We got xubuntu07:53
Rayinstalled tim..??07:53
cubi might try xfce07:53
dr_willisIf you were near to me cub id give you about 6 old pcs ;)07:53
Rayhaha, how rich07:53
cubhaha dr_willis, the donation would be appreciated for just one working one lol07:54
dr_willisI picked up 3 from the trash a few months back07:54
dr_willis1 of those worked..  ;)07:54
cubactually the machine i paid for was much better than this one, but the motherboard gave out07:54
cri_come funziona la vpn su xubuntu?07:54
Rayand you keep it dr_willis..?07:54
cubi was running ubuntu on it, had compiz and everythuing as my nvidia card was supported. But the guy got cheap07:54
tim123Ray we are good07:54
dr_willisThey are all  going on the rummage sale in the spring.07:55
cubinstead of fixing my machine he gave me another one of "equal value", without the video card", and less memory07:55
cubhe gave me a larger hd  tho , which now is dying.. so07:55
tim123Thanks to everyone who helped me07:55
dr_willis15gb was a larger hd?07:55
dr_willisthats scary07:55
Raywoow haha xD07:55
cublol no actually i have a 80 gb hard drive on here07:56
aposany one have a 2.5" hard drive they could spare?07:56
cubyes it's still small, the original was 40 gb, he upgraded to 80 (he said for free), gave me less memory, and kept the nvidia graphics card...07:56
cubthis is years back  tho07:56
Coffeecocoapos i got one07:57
Coffeecocopickup only07:57
aposill pay to shipo07:57
dr_willisYou may want to Upgrade to a Raspberry Pi. ;)07:57
Coffeecocofrom au07:57
aposwhat part?07:58
aposany were near perth?07:58
Coffeecocona im sorry im a bastard i didnt think you was for real07:58
Coffeecocoim in melb btw07:58
Rayhey, anyone now using alias for the term now?07:58
dr_willisRay:  what?07:59
inversehow do i install WarCraft III on Ubuntu07:59
Raydr_willis : alias07:59
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Raydr_willis : alias for terminal08:00
Raydr_willis : alias... the .bash file08:00
Rayim still missunderstand with the .profile08:01
dr_willisRay:  thers numerous guides on making bash alias's for differnt things08:03
dr_willisRay:  .profile is read at the first login i recall..  unless .bashrc exists08:04
Raythats why ive said that im  not understand yet... its, to complicated but complex08:04
dr_willisi dont see whats complex about it... it reads .profile...    unless .bashrc exists.. then it uses .bashrc instead.08:05
dr_willisput some  'echo this is  .profile' at the top of the .profile file. and so on with other files to see whats getting loaded when08:05
Rayshould i add the Hashtag dr_willis..?08:07
dr_willisRay:  Huh?08:07
dr_willis  You may want to read up on some bash scripting guides.08:07
dr_willis# this is a comment.. its not ran.08:07
dr_willisecho this is ran.. its a command..08:08
Rayoh... i see08:08
dr_willis# echo - this dosent get ran,....08:08
dr_willisthis is very very much bash basics. ;)08:08
Rayhow can i see the the command run?08:09
dr_willissee wht command run?08:09
Raythe 'echo this is  .profile' command.08:09
dr_willisthat will get printed when you login08:09
dr_willisIF it runs .profile08:09
dr_willislogical eh?08:09
Raywhat? partition?08:10
Rayi use primary for my ubuntu08:10
dr_willisPartition? huh? you seem to be jumping around..08:10
Rayi think "logical" thats it jumping to the partition08:11
jrtappersI have a strange X related problem. I have two X sessions running, changing from ctrl+alt+7 to ctrl+alt+8 blanks the 7 screen, but the other way round leaves the 8 screen frozen08:11
Rayif i log out now, the browser closed :/08:11
dr_willisopen a new terminal - it will reread some of the bash init scripts08:12
Raynothing happen08:12
dr_willisthe aparently it didenbt run .profile ;)08:13
dr_willissince .profile is only ran by 'login shells'08:13
jrtappersI have two monitors, one X session on each08:13
=== qos is now known as qos|away
Rayok i see, tks for the bash basic knowledge08:14
dr_willisive never used seperate X sessions that way jrtappers .   so no  idea on it08:14
jrtappersdr_willis, I have integrated on open source drivers and a graphics card on propietary, so two X sessions is neccessary it seems08:15
Rayis there any channels talking about screenlet? i know this is funny but how it works -_-08:15
Raywow, two graphics driver active?08:16
dr_willisyou mean the screenlets desktop widgits?08:16
jrtappersRay, yes08:16
Raydesktop widget08:16
Rayjrtappers : it might be crash or conflict08:17
jrtappersRay, intel integrated on open source and a 7770 on closed source08:17
Rayno idea :/08:17
jrtappersRay, its running now, its just odd that changing 7 to 8 blanks 7, but 8 to 7 leaves 8 frozen08:18
jrtappersRay, so at the moment that screen is for things that do not change08:18
Rayim using single card and driver :/ jrtappers08:19
Raythis is insane08:19
jrtappersRay, so was I until yesterday, then I decided to try to get monitor 3 working08:19
jrtappersRay, The cool thing is that I can have different window managers on the different screens08:20
Rayjrtappers : in single machine.?08:21
hehatemeive installed wine 1.5.5 through a tarball but my exe wont associate with wine and i dont have the option on a right click08:21
jrtappersRay, yes08:21
jrtappershehateme, have you tried installing wine program loader from the software center?08:22
dr_willishehateme:  you mean you compiled from source?08:22
Rayits recommended you to install wine from aptitude or ubuntu soft. cent.08:22
hehatemeyes i used ./tools/wine installer08:22
antonio_I'm having a weird issue.  I was just using gimp...problem is one of the windows can08:23
antonio_can't be moved...the top of it is pushed over the top of the screen..like this http://s98.beta.photobucket.com/user/con_movies/media/Screenshotfrom2013-01-26222101_zps310cb887.png.html08:24
antonio_how can I adjust this?08:24
hehatemei had to install 1.5.5 cause its not in the software center only 1.5.208:24
dr_willisalt-click on the window anywhere and drag it back perhaps?08:24
=== ghost64 is now known as Guest89519
dr_willishehateme:  winehq has a ppa with newer versions I belive08:24
hehatemei used the ppa and only 1.5.2 is avalable on it08:25
jrtappersIs there a way to keep a TTY running in the background? That might be the first step08:25
liquidmetalI'm looking for an application indicator that can display the output of a shellscript I made - does anyone know something like that?08:25
jrtappershehateme, why do you need 1.5.5?08:25
antonio_never mind, got it08:25
Rayyeah haha08:25
dr_willistheres example indicator-applets code writen in python ive seen on the askubuntu.com indicator-applet list08:25
hehatemei need it for the .net framework 4.0 that it can support08:25
dr_willisyou can always fallback to running wine via the command line...   wine /path/to/your.exe08:26
dr_willisi rarely double click on a .exe to run it. ;)08:26
dr_willisgiven the huge # of times wine fails ;)  double clicking often shows nothing.08:27
kouriinui keep getting an (-5006 : 0x8000ffff)error when i try to install a game why08:28
dr_willisI can only think of like 2 apps i normally use in wine also. so i dont use it much any more08:28
hehatemei get an error message about stack overflow08:28
dr_williskouriinu:  what game and how are you installing it?08:28
liquidmetalanyone know an appindicator for ubuntu that can display whatever I provide?08:28
kouriinufall out 3 and i am trying to install it with wine08:28
Raycheck for the compatibility at winehq08:29
dr_willisliquidmetal:  you mean an indicator-applet?  theres ones written in python you can change to do whatever you want08:29
aposit'll be the apocalypse by the time you get that running08:29
jrtappersliquidmetal, you could try using notify if you are at shell08:29
aposthis year should be the start of linux gaming but it hasnt happened yet08:30
Rayits provided by steam??08:30
dr_willishmm.. just saw some posting about CS and  Halflife on linux steam now...08:30
liquidmetaljrtappers: what do you mean notify?08:30
keplerapos, http://steamforlinux.com/08:30
kouriinui dont know08:30
aposyes thats one of them08:30
aposthen theres the steambox and the ouya08:31
dr_willis!appdb |  kouriinu08:31
ubottukouriinu: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help08:31
Rayyeah, i wonder that linux for games... it was greatful08:31
kouriinui just want to install it08:31
hehatemei cant get an older wine to completely remove08:31
jrtappersliquidmetal, "notify-send Hello Hello"08:31
jrtappersrun that08:31
aposand blizard is making a linux game this year. Id has always been down with linux08:31
liquidmetaljrtappers: ah... don't want to do that08:31
dr_willisliquidmetal:  some details on what you want to do would be helpfull.08:32
spacecasehello!  Is there any way to share my wifi connection to my ethernet jack? in ubuntu?08:32
kouriinuyeah that site hasnt helped me08:32
dr_willis!ics | spacecase08:32
ubottuspacecase: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing08:32
timfrostjrtappers: screen may be what you want for ' Is there a way to keep a TTY running in the background? '08:32
jrtappersI would like L4D2 on steam for linux, that would be good, seeing as tit was theri first test game, and its not on the store08:32
dr_willisnot even played L4D on windows. ;)  its too scary......08:32
liquidmetaldr_willis: I wrote a quick script that logs into my ISP can calculates the data I've used. It would be awesome if that number can show up on top and refresh every few hours or so.08:32
jrtapperstimfrost, tried screen, this is to keep an X session running on a second monitor08:32
wildc4rdjust with the resource use I can understand it, in windows, 2.5 gig of my 8 gig RAM is used just at desktop, with ubuntu its about 500 meg08:33
dr_willisliquidmetal:  use conky and have it run your script every 20 min.. it will be on the desktop08:33
aposspacecase,  click your wifi signal -> edit -> select wired _> tell it to share08:33
ubottuSnakevincy: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:33
dr_willisliquidmetal:  you could also make it do a notification every 60 min.. if needed08:34
liquidmetallooking into that too... found this: http://www.eurion.net/python-snippets/snippet/Create%20an%20Application%20Indicator.html08:34
liquidmetaldr_willis: a more general question - how do decide if you want to put something in the top bar or the desktop?08:35
timfrostjrtappers: can't help then.  Xsession != TTY08:35
dr_willisliquidmetal:  indicator-applets go in the top panel.  theres numerous widgits things like conky you can have drawn on the desktop08:35
Rayjust logging in from xchat :D08:35
jrtapperstimfrost, Just trying to get some clues08:35
user_now im Ray08:36
wildc4rdis there any way I can get GKrellM to always be on top of other windows?08:37
Chikowhat is the best way to have a program run on startup on ubuntu 12.04.1 lts ?08:37
dr_willisit used to have a dock mode wher it would make other windows resize around it ages ago wildc4rd .. not used it in years08:37
Chikoalso would be good to see the output of each program i've been using screen so far08:38
dr_willisgetting out some of the old skool apps tonight. ;)08:38
Chikojust want something that will run on startup as well as in the background08:38
dr_willisChiko:  what kind of program...08:38
dr_willisChiko:  its all in the details ;)08:38
user_it must be an Antivirus... if u use windows xD08:38
kamidiuser_ (Ray) = TrollBot?08:38
Chikodidn't think that would apply but sure it's a server application that handles multiple connections whilst writing to the console showing server like information :P08:39
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
user_what, Trollbot????08:39
dr_willisChiko:   X app? terminal app? used by a user? or as root?08:39
Chikoterminal app08:39
liquidmetalthanks dr_willis!08:39
Chikouser/root don't care probably root08:40
=== user_ is now known as Ray
dr_willisChiko:   you could start it from /etc/rc.local  and spawn it as root or a user. and have it log to a file.. then just tail the log file as needed.08:40
dr_willisChiko:  or spawn a screen session in rc.local for it. you could then connect to. if its more interactive08:40
ZadYreeI'd like to know if there is an easy way of kernel upgrading, under 12.1008:40
Chikoscreen may be better yeah08:40
Chikoso /etc/rc.local to launch whatever i want on startup?08:41
dr_willisZadYree:  best to stick to the kernels in the repos.. there are some experimental kernel ppa's i belive.08:41
dr_willisChiko:  that will run them on bootup yes.08:41
Chikois there anything else? i'm under the impression there is several ways of doing this under linux08:41
Chikosomething jobs~08:41
dr_willistheres always several ways to do somthing.. it depends on the details08:41
keplercron jobs?08:41
Chikoyeah those08:41
ZadYreedr_willis, I assume a recent one would be more appropriate regarding my hardware08:42
dr_williscron runs a command on a regular basis.. but  i dont rcall ever seeing cron used to start a screen session08:42
keplercron is a scheduler, so it wont open something at startup...well, cron starts at startup, but the task occurs when it is told to08:42
dr_willisZadYree:  you could always trh the ppas i guess.. or see if 13.04 newer kenrnel works.08:42
tigrakoshello i have install rtorrent with webui in my server and its work fine when i install zpanel and i try to go mysite/rutorrent i get this SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. ! thanks!08:42
Chikoyeah could come in handy for another app though08:43
ZadYreeI thought it was possible to do with the native software set ;)08:43
hehatemei cant get wine completely off my system08:43
Chikoi have a health checker currently which just sits and checks the other apps every so often thinking it may be worthwhile to have it run and close handled by the cron..or not08:43
dr_willisZadYree:  you can compile your own kernel.. you asked for  an EASY way08:43
ZadYreehehe, I may be lead to do that if it's the only solution :P08:44
dr_williscompiling your own kernel is not 'easy'08:44
dr_willisand you could test a newer kenrle via a 13.04 live cd. if you wanted to save some time08:44
ZadYreeI may do this first08:45
keplerfeature in the new kernel you need?08:45
FlyOnZeWallChiko, when you say "apps", so you mean programs running in the GUI?08:45
ZadYreesupport for my laptop features08:45
ZadYreeHad to code several syscalls which need to be called as root, so... key layouts may be better hehe08:46
mvki had a little problem with ubuntu lastnight, my notebook was running out of battery while being DISCONnected from a powersource08:46
mvkthen got stuck in a bootloop; i think it wanned to hibernate..08:47
mhsHow to install and use Micromax 353g data card in Ubuntu 12.10?08:47
ChikoFlyOnZeWall: apps referring to programs i write in c++/c# that only work with the console08:47
mvkso i was waken up by the sound of my 2k laptop.. stuck in bootloop08:47
mvkyou can imagine better ways to be woken up with..08:47
ChikoI'm not using the GUI just using a hosted vps08:48
Chikoand running services from it08:48
mvkhow do i prefent my notebook from going into hibernation, are there any ways to test hibernation / check some log?08:48
FlyOnZeWallChiko, ok, then for the record I'd like to state that "apps" is one of, if not the, most ambiguous trend word in the software development area atm =P08:50
=== hayden_r_ is now known as hayden_ru
ChikoI was just going for a general as the "app" isn't important :P08:51
cirwineverytime I log in, an Ubuntu One popup appears08:52
cirwinhow do I stop it?08:52
ChikoI just wanted feedback on running things on startup =P08:52
* cirwin takes the poor-man's approach to running things at startup. Assign them keyboard shortcuts :)08:52
dr_willisChiko:  make your apps into actual servces that log to log files may be a better approach08:57
dr_willisunless they need tobe interactive08:57
afendiosman"Need to get 25.1 MB of archives. After this operation, 11.3 kB of additional disk space will be used."  ... why does this mean?08:59
dr_willisits downloading 25mb of updates.08:59
dr_willisit will install the updated and only 11.3k of more disk space will be used08:59
hehatemewhat does this mean?08:59
hehatemeerr:wincodecs:PngEncoder_CreateInstance Trying to save PNG picture, but PNG support is not compiled in08:59
afendiosmanmeans the only needed update is that 11.3k ?08:59
dr_willisthe binary/data files or whatever of that pacvkage have grown by 11k09:00
dr_willishehateme:  and whats saying that? sounds like it dosent have png support compiled in.09:00
inversewhere can i learn more about Ubuntu?09:01
inversecompletely new to it.09:01
dr_willis!manual | inverse09:01
ubottuinverse: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:01
hehatemedr_willis from trying to use wine09:01
dr_willishehateme:  well whatever is being ran  sounds like it dosent have png support compiled in.09:01
ikoniainverse: https://help.ubuntu.com09:01
hehatemeso how do i get png support?09:01
blackhearthey guys i have installed xfce4 but light dm doesnt shows option to switch it it09:02
dr_willisdownload whatever it is compiled with png support i guess...09:02
dr_willissince its a windows app in wine.. its not really s ubuntu limit as far as i can tell09:02
afendiosman##winehq for wine specific problem09:02
Chikodr_willis: for now i connect over ssh to monitor the current status of the server (updates real time) for future though it will handle api calls and i won't need to view it directly09:03
afendiosmanerr #winehq09:03
us3rhow do i find out what version of ubuntu im running? 12.04?09:03
Chikodr_willis: hmm an actual service thats what i was interested in09:03
ikoniaus3r: lsb_release -a09:03
blackheartplease help09:04
ESphynxhey guys... where can I get Ubuntu dev support? :|09:05
ikoniaESphynx: define "dev support£"09:05
ESphynxikonia I'm trying to get an SRU going09:05
ikoniaESphynx: right, so what do you need help with ?09:05
ikoniawhat have you done so far, and what are you stuck on09:06
ESphynxikonia: I'm stuck on the fact that my software is 219 commits apart from the version in Quantal, and at least 25% of those commits are important bug fixes09:06
=== User_ is now known as SomeGuy
GnomexHi Guys I need Some help09:06
ikoniaESphynx: what do you expect to happen ?09:06
ESphynxikonia: I'm at a loss.09:07
ikoniaESphynx: apologies, are you trying to get packge updated to a higher version in quantal ?09:07
ikoniaESphynx: is that the end goal ?09:07
ESphynxikonia: my main worry was that the package is uninstallable at the moment on Quantal/64 bit.09:07
Gnomexi can Update my pakage.. they said like this..  --->> W:GPG error: http://deb.torproject.org quantal InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 74A941BA219EC810, W:Failed to fetch http://archive.offensive-security.com/dists/pwnsauce/Release.gpg  Something wicked happened resolving 'archive.offensive-security.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)09:07
Gnomex, W:Failed to fetch http://archive.offensive-security.com/dists/pwnsauce/main/binary-i386/Packages  Something wicked happened resolving 'archive.offensive-security.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)09:07
Gnomex, W:Failed to fetch http://archive.offensive-security.com/dists/pwnsauce/microverse/binary-i386/Packages  Something wicked happened resolving 'archive.offensive-security.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)09:07
Gnomex, W:Failed to fetch http://archive.offensive-security.com/dists/pwnsauce/macroverse/binary-i386/Packages  Something wicked happened resolving 'archive.offensive-security.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)09:07
FloodBot1Gnomex: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:07
Gnomex, W:Failed to fetch http://archive.offensive-security.com/dists/pwnsauce/restricted/binary-i386/Packages  Something wicked happened resolving 'archive.offensive-security.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)09:07
Gnomex, W:Failed to fetch http://archive.offensive-security.com/dists/pwnsauce/universe/binary-i386/Packages  Something wicked happened resolving 'archive.offensive-security.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)09:07
SomeGuyTrying to switch from Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon over to Ubuntu 12.10..new user here..Cinnamon just has to much stuff on it I don't need, Ubuntu seems easier, if anyone can help message me ( :09:07
ESphynxikonia: but as April aproaches, my worry lessens (the problem is already fixed in Raring)09:08
ikoniaESphynx: sorry, I missed that as Gnomex flooded the channel, can you try again please.09:08
ikoniaSomeGuy: ok - delete mint, install ubuntu, that's how you switch09:08
dr_willisSomeGuy:  thats a little vague. ;)09:08
SomeGuyHaha, ya I am having trouble uninstalling mint09:08
Gnomexi'm not FLood09:08
dr_willisGnomex:  looks like you got a lot of ppas and other repos that are dead.09:08
ikoniaESphynx: if you have patches that can be included in the CURRENT quantel build, then raise a bug, attach the patches and do a build09:08
aposGnomex,  !pastebin09:08
ikoniait will get reviewed09:08
c0liuse pastebin then09:08
ikoniaGnomex: you just flooded the channel with 50 lines of text - you flooded09:09
Gnomexhow can i solved tat09:09
kostkon!paste | Gnomex09:09
ubottuGnomex: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:09
ikoniaESphynx: if you're trying to get package bumpted from say version 1.2 to 1.4 - my personal view is you are wasting your time.09:09
ESphynxikonia: basically, the latest version of the software would work on Quantal... but it's to have it accepted as an SRU that is the problem.09:09
dr_willisGnomex:  why do you have all those ectra things added to your system? torproject and  offensive-security.com ?09:09
SomeGuyI am totally new to these Operating systems ha, running a dual boot at the moment, want to remove Mint without screwing up everything, couldnt find any solid info on how to remove mint properly09:09
dr_willisGnomex:  step 1 would be to remove them from your pps's and sources.list09:09
ikoniaESphynx: are you trying to bump a package from version 1.2 -> 1.4 (for example)09:09
aposyeah get rid of those ppas since they dont work09:10
dr_willisSomeGuy:  tell the ubuntu installe rto install over it and reformat its partitions.. backup imporntant stuff first09:10
dr_willisSomeGuy:  or use gparted from a ubuntu cd. and reformat the partions.09:10
dr_willisor just delete the partions, and let the installer repartion as it wants09:11
SomeGuydr_willis: Ok cool, so when I go to install Ubuntu it will give me the option to install over linux?09:11
Gnomexdr_willis how can i back to normal pps09:12
dr_willisthe installer has advanced options where you can do whatever you want.09:12
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html09:12
Gnomexi think i'm try to install some tools09:12
dr_willisGnomex:  Huh? You dont want to mix repos from differnt  disrtos like that.09:13
ikoniaGnomex: with respect, you don't know how to run your OS, why are you trying to install security tools09:13
ikoniaGnomex: it's like trying to build an engine when you can't change a tire09:13
Gnomexyeah.. i know.. i'm wrong..09:13
Gnomexlike try n error..09:13
ikoniaGnomex: I would suggest re-installing and getting back to a known good state09:13
Gnomexi'm just alone here nobody teach me..09:14
ikoniaGnomex: read09:14
Gnomexyeah i'm read manual..09:14
ikoniagreat, then you should have no problem09:14
Gnomexsomething i dunno what means all this..09:14
Gnomexbtw i like Ubuntu..09:15
aposGnomex,  https://www.trustedsec.com/downloads/social-engineer-toolkit/09:15
Gnomexhow to i'm purge back pps..??09:15
dr_willis!ppa-purge  | Gnomex09:15
ubottuGnomex: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html09:15
aposlauncher menu -> settings -> software sources ->09:16
ikoniaGnomex: re-install09:16
dr_willisGnomex:  aparently you knew enough to add all those extra repos and ppas ..  time to remove them.. or backup your imporntant data. and reinstall a clean system  and condider it a lesson in not adding lots of stuff you dont need09:16
ikoniaGnomex: you are at a bad state,09:16
Gnomexi'm on Unity now.. can u tell me step by step..09:16
aposlauncher menu -> settings -> software sources ->09:16
ikoniaGnomex: download ubuntu CD. Burn CD. Boot From CD, install ubuntu over broken install09:17
Gnomex:( to bad if i must reinstall back..09:17
aposGnomex,  erase and clean install Ubuntu Studio. then go to https://www.trustedsec.com/downloads/social-engineer-toolkit/ and download backtrack and use unetbootin to "burn" backtrack onto a USB drive09:18
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aposbecause who knows what else you might have done to that poor machine09:18
dr_willisGnomex:  you are using backtrack now ?  or ubuntu? If you are planing on using backtrack.. i have to wonder WHY...09:18
Gnomexi'm just trying to install backtrack...09:19
aposyou dont "install" backtrack09:19
dr_willisGnomex:   your original question had nothing to do with 'installing backtrack'09:19
ikoniaGnomex: then this channel is not for you09:19
ikoniaGnomex: try #backtrack-linux channel09:19
dr_willisactually - isent backtrack ment to be ran from a live cd? not installed?09:20
aposyou dont "install" backtrack09:20
Gnomexi'm try  to get back Normal Ubuntu09:20
ikoniaGnomex: then re-install ubuntu09:20
Gnomexcoz cant Update my pakage09:20
aposi'd reinstall. you can no longer trust that machine09:20
dr_willisGnomex:  best would be to reinstall.. who knows what all you have done to your system.09:20
ikoniaGnomex: you have 2 options 1.) install backtrack linux 2.) install ubuntu, which do you want09:20
dr_willisi would be 1/2 way done witn a ubuntu install in the time this chatting has been going on09:21
GnomexUbuntu loor...09:21
ikoniaGnomex: you have 2 options 1.) install backtrack linux 2.) install ubuntu, which do you want09:21
Gnomex2 Install Ubuntu09:21
aposyou dont install backtrack...09:21
ikoniaGnomex: right, download the ubuntu CD, burn it, boot from it, install it09:22
Gnomexbacktrack not Good apos..??09:22
ikoniaGnomex: that is what you need to do09:22
dr_willisGnomex:  why do you even think you need backtrack at all?09:22
Gnomexto bad if must reinstall back..09:22
ikoniaGnomex: ok - stop09:22
ikoniaGnomex: why are you talking about re-installing backtrack09:22
aposbacktrack is a live operating system. you can run backtrack from USB or DVD using a disk imaging program like unetbootin or 'linux 'Live USB Creator.09:22
dr_willisGnomex:  now you sound like a broken record.. come back when you  have ubuntu installed.09:22
ikoniaGnomex: you've just said you wanted to install ubuntu, not backtrack09:22
GnomexNot reInstall BackTrack..09:22
liquidmetaldr_willis: have you written an app indicator like the system load indicator? How can I get the chart/graph thingy.09:22
ikoniaapos: it's also a desktop install09:23
Gnomexu told me reInstall Ubuntu right09:23
ikoniaGnomex: yes.09:23
dr_willisliquidmetal:  nope. i rarely code.  I do recall some indicator-applets at the askubuntu.com site that were similer.09:23
ikoniaGnomex: so why are you talking about re-installing backtrack09:23
aposyou can but you should NOT09:23
ikoniabut that is not for this channel09:23
Gnomexsorry 1st i think  backtrack n ubuntu same system...09:23
Gnomexbut i'm wrong..09:24
aposikonia as in the person who thinks ubuntu studio is not an ubuntu OS?09:24
dr_willisbacktrack is not ubuntu..09:24
ikoniaGnomex: no, they are not09:24
ikoniaGnomex: so download ubuntu, install ubuntu, and forget about backtrack09:24
ikoniaapos: what ?09:24
Gnomexi got old Cd Ubuntu..09:24
ikoniaGnomex: boot from it, install it09:24
aposarent you the guy who was telling ubuntu studio users they can get help here?09:24
Brainiaclater I had installed the kernel 3.7 mt internet 3G do not install anymore! Any device?09:24
ikoniaapos: no09:24
Gnomexthen Update back pakage..??09:24
dr_willisGnomex:   i suggest gettting the latest ubuntu 12.10 version if your cd is very old.09:24
ikoniaBrainiac: 3.7 is not a supported kernel in ubuntu09:25
ikoniaBrainiac: 3.5 is the current supported kernel09:25
Gnomexcan u give link to Download 12.10 lts09:25
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Quantal, and help keeping the servers' load low!09:25
GnomexOkay.. Thanks Dude..09:25
Brainiacikonia: I saw in a blog to upgrade and did it! My Ubuntu is the 12.10.. Really?09:26
Guest24437followin problem: i instaalled ubuntu on a second hard drive and also bootlader there accordingly to some suggetions i got here. Now how can i boot from this partition i cant find it in bios09:26
ikoniaBrainiac: then you have followed a blog that suggests downloading and installing software outside the ubuntu stable repos09:26
ikonia!info linux-image | Brainiac09:26
ubottuBrainiac: linux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (quantal), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB09:26
ikoniaBrainiac: as you can see 3.5 is the current stable kernel image from the official repos09:27
dr_willisGuest24437:  look again.. ive ve seen very few bios's that dont have that feature. Or at the very start/power up ther may be some F keys. or bs, or del, or esc. that may bring up a menu09:27
ikoniaBrainiac: I strongly suggest verifying information before installing software suggested on peoples blogs09:27
Guest24437yes i get this by using f12 but there is only my "c" drive dvd usb lan etc09:27
Guest24437no other hard drive09:28
dr_willisGuest24437:   you can put grub on the other hd if you wanted to.09:28
BrainiacThanks a lot. I will see that carefully! I am re-installing.09:28
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dr_willisBrainiac:  or just use the grub menu to select an older kernel09:28
ikoniadr_willis: it will still be installed09:28
ikoniadr_willis: and still have updated headers etc09:28
studio-user661anyone up who has some fair experience getting dualbooting working right? Trying to get Ubuntu studio 12.10 and slackware-14 to play nicely, and using a shared /home with different uid/logins on the different distros09:28
dr_willisthen he can try to remove it..09:28
Gnomexhey can u give me direct link to Download it..?? my english not well.. sorry09:29
Guest24437i know but sinnce i just want to test it is more cobvenient not to touch windoof bootloader#09:29
dr_willisbut we dont know what he did.09:29
ikoniastudio-user661: you are going to have a hard time09:29
studio-user661why's that? ikonia?09:29
ikoniastudio-user661: 1.) using different uid's is going to cause problems 2.) dual booting with ubuntu's grub2 build and a seperate linux distro will cause pain09:29
Guest24437dr_willis i can tell u exactly what i did shall i?09:29
dr_willisGuest24437:  i always boot from my 2nd hard drive.. if you cant figure out the bios settings.. well.. we cant really walk ya through it.09:29
=== slank_away is now known as slank
dr_willistheres so many varity in bios's09:29
BrainiacHow can I do it? Recuperation mode?09:30
Guest24437i know but i really ont find the setting xD09:30
ikoniaBrainiac: where did you get the 3.7 kernel09:30
dr_willisGuest24437:  power down.. unplug the first HD. ;) power up.. see if it boots the 2nd hd.09:30
ikoniamainline vanilla ?09:30
Guest24437that one thing i want to avoid since my machine is nicely hidden ;-)09:30
Guest24437in bootmenu i only get "hard drive" but no further selction09:31
BrainiacIn a site!09:31
ikoniaBrainiac: tell you what, you want ot be cryptic with me, help yourself09:31
ikoniaBrainiac: I'm asking reasonable questions such as "where did you get this software as it's not in the official ubuntu repos" - you want to give clever responses like "from a site!" - good luck with your problems09:32
Guest24437seems no1 can help me?09:34
BrainiacI'm sorry ikonia. Was not from a official repositoy. How i say, i saw in a blog of ubuntu things, a many people did the same. I really do not remember the blog!!09:34
BrainiacCan I just select the old kernel?09:35
lukaszHi! Im newbie. I work with dual monitors. I want to disable vertical toolbar on second monitor. Its possible?09:36
Brainiacikonia, can I? just select?09:37
leebtronikonia: studio_user here, I use different logins and uids to keep the config files seperate in the /home/username folders, and then remap/hardlink/symlink the /movies, /music/ documents, etc subfolders to communal folders on a seperate partition09:37
lukaszhmmm I dont know corect name for it09:37
ikoniaBrainiac: sorry - I'm not progressing this any more, you're package will probably have downloaded now headers etc, and you want to provide no iformation, so I don't want to help09:37
ikonialeebtron: yes, and that will still cause you problems as /home must be owned by the same uid/gid09:38
ikonialeebtron: unless I'm not understanding what you are doing when you say a shared home09:38
lukaszserp_: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Hht7VZ29XgM/TTTSuhvpJoI/AAAAAAAAY1A/sO0_DAaEvZk/s1600/unity1.png09:39
lukaszon the left side you can see toolbar .... Vertical stripe with icons09:39
Brainiacikonia, what information shoud I provide?09:40
nibbleranyone good with digikam? i'm importing my pics which i managed with f-spot before. the tags, which seems to be saved in the xmp/Subject field, are comma sperated. now when importing it sometimes gives me several distinct tags, and for some pictures only one long tag, including several commas... how to control this?09:40
lukaszI want to disable it on one of my monitors09:40
ikoniaBrainiac: ask the channel, I'm out09:40
dr_willislukasz:  theres settings somewher to show/hide it on one or both montitors09:40
dr_willislukasz:  i just cant rember where.09:41
leebtronbasically, I have a 128GB SSD HDD in this laptop with 8 GB /dev/sda1 for swap, 16GB /dev/sda2 in ext4 for slackware '/', 24GB /dev/sda3 in ext4 for UStudio '/', and the remaining 80GB or so in /dev/sda4 as an ext3 for /home on both slackware and UStudio.09:41
dr_willislukasz:  a quick serach at askubuntu.com should show you09:41
ikonialeebtron: then they need to share the same uid/gid09:41
BrainiacThank you ikonia! you are really weird!09:41
BrainiacI am! I will try on my own!09:41
dr_willisI recall it being a easially iverlooked pulldown menu item on the monitors or displays or some semi-related setting dialog09:41
leebtronI use different logins for the different os's, so they technically have separate folders inside /dev/sda4, but I also have created /dev/sda4/Documents, /dev/sda4/Downloads, /dev/sda4/movies, etc; and inside both os's I have symlinked or hardlinked /home/slackwareuser/movies to /home/movies.... so the folders appear transparently, yet are both accessible from either side09:43
ikonialeebtron: /home is the key thing, not the directories under it09:43
leebtronI don't have any issue with my data management, outside of getting thunar to mate well with my networked RAID box...09:44
leebtronI don't have a problem dealing with home ikonia09:45
czari may have just been hacked09:45
ikonialeebtron: so what's the issue you actually need help with ?09:45
czari was just hacked via desktop sharing, some commands were run on my terminal09:45
leebtrontthe problem i'm having is getting lilo to properly chainload into Ubuntu's GRUB2, and/or keeping slackware 14.0 from getting screwy when it's booted from GRUB209:45
czarwill someone check out the commands for me to see what i need to clear it up09:46
ikoniaczar: re-install ubuntu then09:46
ikoniaczar: do not paste the commadns09:46
ikoniaczar: if you feel you have been compromised, re-install ubuntu09:46
ikoniawe do not want to see them09:46
aposits no longer trusted09:46
aposneeds to be removed from the network09:46
czarare other computers on my network also compromised?09:46
bekksczar: Maybe.09:47
ikoniaczar: remove it now to remove risk09:47
czarok done09:47
dr_willishacked via desktop shareing.. err.. so they guessed your password?09:47
leebtronmy /home directories operate perfectly well, and maintain data transparently throughout both operating systems. I'mnot trying to get something silly like using the same login across the OS's while retaining the same inode for /home.... that's just asking fro trouble09:47
czarpassword wasnt enabled, the computer wasnt supposed to be connected09:47
czarto the net09:47
dr_willisso they got into a user account? or were you running as root?09:48
czaruser acct09:48
dr_williswell you can do what you want. but the most sure/safest thing would be a reinstall..09:48
leebtronczar: what services are you running as user?09:49
lukaszI have one more question,. How is simplest way to actualize firefox?09:49
ikoniaactualize ?09:49
lukasz(I'm newbie)09:49
czarfirefox is actualized09:49
czarnext question09:49
ikoniawhat does actualize mean09:49
lukaszI have firefox 1509:49
dr_willisif root was not comprimized and you dident have any special user rights going on.. it should have only hurt the users home files09:49
lukaszCurrent firefox is 18.009:49
czaris root a specific user09:49
ubottufirefox is the default web browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion | To install plugins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins09:49
czari use one acct for everything09:50
ikoniaczar: re-install09:50
ikoniawhat does actualize firefox mean ?09:50
dr_willisczar:  if your ubuntu level is such that you have to ask what root is.. id say backup/reinstall and next time set passwords..09:50
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo09:50
czarreinstall as in format root partition?09:50
dr_willisczar:  yes.  - backup any imporntant user files first09:51
czari have files on a seperate partition09:51
* dr_willis wonders why a desktop system that was supposed to be not on the network.. had desktop shareing enabled...09:51
dr_willisits possible your users own personal files have been damaged also.. i would check them out09:52
czarsome pedantic fags in here tonight09:52
=== someone is now known as Guest70440
dr_willisif they havent been jsut deleted09:52
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leebtronczar: what services do you have enabled as user? if you're running wifi, and have rdesktop or something similar running at the same time, then it's possible that someone could have networked directly to you on an open socket09:53
leebtronikonia, are you familiar with lilo/GRUB2?09:54
ikonialeebtron: certainly seperatly, I don't use them to do what you want to do, I don't like the concept of what you are trying to do (personally)09:54
leebtronwhich is what, do you think?09:55
ikoniachainload grub2 from lilo09:55
leebtronI am not certain that you completely understand what I'm sttempting to do09:55
=== asus is now known as Guest67348
leebtronthe only reason for that is that I vastly prefer lilo to GRUB2, but I haven't figured out how to install UbuntuStudio without also installing GRUB209:56
ikoniathere is a box in the installer that says "don't install bootloader" or words to that effect09:56
lukaszI cant find a package with latest firefox ...09:56
ikoniaI assume that's been carried across to the ubuntu studio installer also09:56
dr_willislukasz:  there used to  be PPA's with daily builds and  other newer versions.09:57
leebtronI haven't seen it there, it's a selection menu that allows for install to /dev/sda, or to one of the partitions under it09:57
ikonialooks like it's removed as an option then09:57
leebtronin which case I've installed it to /dev/sda3, my UStudio partition. If I attempt to load UStudio directly from lilo, it will boot up, butI am unable to use mouse or keyboard.09:59
DigitRigis it possible to add a user using usermod -G to group root?10:00
ikoniaDigitRig: sure10:00
DigitRigand will it give root privileges to root chown (group) directories?10:00
ikoniaDigitRig: no10:00
leebtronif I use GRUB2 as the primary bootloader, installed to /dev/sda; then slackware acts funky, and things just don't quite work right10:00
ikoniaDigitRig: its a group, not owner10:00
DigitRigikonia, but if the directory is chownd to root:root then isn't root also the group?10:00
leebtronDigitRig: I'm not sure what you're trying to make work, but it sounds like you'd be better off using sudo10:01
DigitRigleebtron it's over sftp so I can't actually issue any commands10:01
leebtronyour ftp server?10:02
DigitRigwell, an ec2 instance I am sftp editing files on....10:02
leebtronor are you trying to get privledge escalation on another ftp server?10:03
DigitRiguhh I dont think so?10:03
leebtroncan you modify the permissions of the sftp login on the server?10:04
DigitRighmm, I'll try that, thaks leebtron10:04
leebtronDigitRig: if you canmodify permissions on the server's files, you shouldbe able to use SUID or SGID on the necesasary files' permissions which would be able to give you root's permissions with those files without actually giving you root permissions10:07
Pranashi guys. how to trace error if I get black screen after login?10:08
dr_willisPranas:  tried the  nomodeset option yet?10:09
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:09
Pranasdr_willis: nomodeset means very basic graphics mode, am I right?10:10
dr_willisit tells the kernel to do somthing differntly i recall.10:10
PranasI used nomodeset to install my 12.04 , because otherwise it would hang10:10
lukaszI want to install latest firefox. Im there:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion#Firefox-stable_channel10:10
dr_willisive ran for months with nomodsset witn ho issues10:11
lukaszIm clickink link in first point10:11
dr_willisno issues10:11
lukaszwhot next ?10:11
lukasz*what next ?10:11
Pranasdo you happen to have nvidia graphics card?10:11
dr_willisi only have nvidia. ;) well netbooks are on intel10:11
Pranasso I probably should look into this nomodeset. and other than that just default updated packages.10:13
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dr_willislukasz:  what version of FF are you looking for?10:13
Pranasbtw, I tried nvidia-current package. after that ubuntu gives me black screen like 30% of the time. at other times it's fine10:14
dr_willisPranas:  thats weird that its not all the time.10:14
dr_willisFF 18.0.1 is the latest? thats what i have on my ubuntu box10:15
lukaszdr_willis: LAtest - 18.010:15
dr_willisits came from the normal repos as far as i know10:15
lukaszMy ubuntu is 12.04 ... Its problem ?10:15
smokingfreaksome one familiar with metasploit on ubuntu 12.04 LTS?10:15
dr_willis!info firefox10:15
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 18.0.1+build1-0ubuntu0.12.10.1 (quantal), package size 22926 kB, installed size 47838 kB10:15
dr_willisim on 12.1010:16
smokingfreakno one?10:16
dr_willis!info firefox precice10:16
ubottu'precice' is not a valid distribution: extras, hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, raring, raring-backports, raring-proposed, stable, testing, unstable10:16
dr_willis!info firefox precise10:16
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 18.0.1+build1-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 (precise), package size 23122 kB, installed size 48584 kB10:16
dr_willislooks like its 18.0.1 on 12.04 also.10:16
lukaszAny ideas how to install firefox 18.0 on 12.04 ?10:17
dr_willisIts in the normal repos from what the bot just said.10:17
dr_willisits in  'main'10:18
dr_willisbbl  work time for me10:18
lukaszI still cant ubnderstand :/\10:19
BillyZanehi lukasz10:20
smokingfreakyeah lukasz "$ wget https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/firefox_18.0.1%2Bbuild1.orig.tar.bz2"10:20
BillyZaneare you very new to ubuntu?10:20
smokingfreakand after that $ tar -xjvf firefox*10:20
smokingfreak$ cd firefox*10:20
smokingfreak$ ./configur10:20
smokingfreaksudo make10:20
kostkonlukasz, what's the output of:  apt-cache policy firefox10:20
smokingfreaksudo make install10:20
BillyZanesmokingfreak: can you explain to me what all those steps do10:21
BillyZanewhy the $ ?10:21
liquid-silencehi all10:22
liquid-silencemoving to ubuntu on my imac10:22
liquid-silenceis the amd64-mac disk ok?10:22
lukaszIm trying to upgarde ubuntu to 12.1010:23
captineliquid-silence, haven't installed it on iMac.  but my friends mac mini couldn't do 64bit due to it's EFI chip.10:25
liquid-silenceok I will check10:26
arunhi guys10:26
captineliquid-silence, 64 Bit should be fine if you have a iMac that can run native 64bit kernel.  not sure if any of them suffer from the restrictions as the mac mini's did10:26
lukaszsmokingfreak: Im in firefox extracted package folder10:26
liquid-silencecaptine: because archlinux refuses to work10:26
aruni cannot remove pdf copyright security from my pdf file10:26
lukaszand im typing in terminal "./configure"10:26
lukaszdont work ....10:26
captineliquid-silence, how old is ur iMac?  As i said, i have never installed on an iMac (bought a mac mini 2012 server to run proxmox on, but havent gotten around to it yet10:28
=== bruno is now known as Guest53942
liquid-silencecaptine: 200910:29
liquid-silenceso I think I will be fine10:29
liquid-silencecaptine: mind a pm?10:30
captineliquid-silence, i have seen people ask for all questions and troubleshooting to be done in the general chat.  perhaps someone who has experience would be able to help when they get back from tea:)10:31
captineliquid-silence, i am looking some things up now quick.10:31
liquid-silencecaptine: I am currently in a terminal only downloading ubuntu10:33
crawlnI have a question about doing a mass conversion of mkv files to mp4 using avconv10:33
captineliquid-silence, ok.  do you still have osx installed then?10:33
crawlnanyone have time to help me10:33
defer_Is there any good udev guide for making rules?10:34
defer_I want to set udev rule that runs "lomoco -8" when i plug in my usb mouse10:34
liquid-silencecaptine: no10:35
captineliquid-silence, ok. what terminal are you in then?  are you planning to install from usb or CD?  which version of ubuntu you downloading?  12.04.01 or 12.10?10:35
Dan1987Hi all, Ive just done an upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10 through the update-manager. All went well during upgrade but on first log-in i have no Unity Desktop. All i have is the background. Any advice on what i can do? Cheers10:35
ted___Hello, I can't access my user and am unable to mount my private directory. Could anyone help?10:36
liquid-silencebut I am on a botched archlinux10:36
ted___My boot got messed up so I'm trying to transfer the data from it using a live CD.10:37
liquid-silencekilling time now10:37
liquid-silenceabout 30 minutes for the download to be completed10:37
ted___Does anyone know a way to access your data when your machine won't boot?10:38
aposlinux live disk10:39
ted___Using one.10:39
liquid-silencemount the device10:39
ted___Need a little more detail, please.10:39
aposthen whats ur problem?10:39
captineliquid-silence, ok.  I installed ubuntu on friends old mac mini few weekends ago and it went really smoothly.  Am sure once the DVD is burnt the install will go smoothly10:39
ted___The drive is encrypted.10:39
liquid-silencecaptine: I think so too10:39
liquid-silenceexcept for ATI10:39
k1lted___: start a ubuntu live system (like on a cd/dvd or on a usb-stick). then you could easily click-to-mount the partitions in the nuatilus file explorer10:39
liquid-silenceATI is the dogs breakfast10:39
aposthe drive is encrypted. you best bet is to attack the key.10:40
k1lted___: if its encrypted im out of the business10:40
liquid-silencecaptine: used the mac iso?10:40
ted___attack the key?10:40
ted___Isn't there someway I can get it to think I'm the right user with the right key and mount it?10:41
aposyes. do not try to desypher the data. instead try to unlock it.10:41
aposif you have the key10:41
FloodBot1apos: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:41
NickinatorWere you using Bitlocker?10:41
ted___No no...ubuntu made it that way.10:41
aposyou are about to embark an an epic hack.10:42
arunhey guys which is the best pdf file editor10:42
bilelhi, I've installled ubuntu 11.10 and grub2 yesterday, now I've juste fogured out windows can't even be booted anymore, the windows loader appears on the list, but when I click on it, it says "Secure Boot forbids loading module from /boo/grub/x86_64-efi/ntfs.mod", I can only boot ubuntu...10:42
k1lted___: maybe you need to install the encryption tools ubuntu brings in the repos to encrypt the partition. but im not sure because i dont use encryption10:42
k1lapos: no need for hacking with external tools in that case10:43
crawlncan anyone help me with avconv10:43
ted___No...it's got everything it needs right there. my credentials just aren't lining up.10:43
aposyou dont know what your talking about10:43
crawlntrying to convert an entire folder of mkv to mp410:43
NickinatorBy the sounds of it you're either using TrueCrypt or Bitlocker, and most "hacking" tools won't crack that (in less than a decade anyway)10:43
aposand neither do you10:43
aposso it seems i should keep my mouth shut as this conversation isnt appropriate for freenode.10:44
arunhey guys which is the best pdf editor10:44
ted___apos, I tried to follow this fix: http://goshawknest.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/how-to-recover-crypted-home-directory-in-ubuntu/10:44
ted___That just leads me to believe it can be more simple than attacking it.10:44
ted___You're right though...I'm not very knowledgable.10:45
arunhey guys any one10:45
arunhelp me yaar10:45
arunwhich is the best pdf editor?????/10:45
ted___I don't know arun, I don't use pdfs. Sorry.10:45
bekks!best | arun10:46
ubottuarun: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:46
arunhey by which can i edit the copyright pdf10:47
bekksarun: Hopefully by none. A copyright should be respected.10:49
kostkonarun, there are a couple in the software centre. have you checked?10:49
kostkonarun, pdf editors*10:49
BlackWebI've been looking into Encryption, Which I've been using GPG, But heard about Openssl AES256, Is OpenSSL AES256 More secure then GPG or are they Similar?10:49
BlackWebIs OpenSSL mainly used to encrypt with Ciphers10:50
apositsd illegal to enter or leave the USA10:50
ted___Do I honestly have to "hack" my own computer? I can't believe that it's set up so that when your boot breaks you're screwed.10:50
aposyou ENCRYPTED it10:51
k1lted___: you need to specifiy where exactly you have problems.10:51
ted___What do you want to know k1l?10:51
cgtdkapos: No one cares about export restrictions on cryptography10:51
* rudrab says hello to all10:51
arunhey isn't there any way to remove copyright restriction from a pdf?10:51
=== qos|away is now known as qos
k1lted___: you said you followed the tutorial you linked. so where is the problem in there?10:52
cgtdkarun: You've already asked several times.10:52
Soopahask google10:52
cgtdkSoopah: or DuckDuckGo10:52
arunbut no one ansered the question10:52
ted___I got to the 21st line...and instead of working like the example...I got the same error.10:52
kostkonarun, you aren't going to get help for that here. nevertheless, if yotu want to edit your pdf file, check the pdf editors that are available in the usc10:52
rudrabfriends, am i in right place to ask about ubuntu devices (i.e. phone) specially? or there is any dedicated channel?10:52
arunI googled a lot10:52
BlackWebApos is OpenSSL AES256 Encryption More Secure Than GPG10:52
BlackWebjust curious10:53
k1l!phone | rudrab10:53
ubotturudrab: Ubuntu for phone has been announced, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to find out more and to sign up for progress updates. Discussion is in #ubuntu-phone10:53
BlackWebI use GPG with keys10:53
ted___Of course, mine didn't look exactly like the example, because I used this tutorial: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/mounting-hard-drive-from-live-cd-558177/ to mount it10:53
aposmost encryption is limited to 56bit or 128bit eliptic curve because America wont let you inport or export higher.10:53
ted___so everything I was doing had a /mnt/mountpoint prefix.10:54
rudrabubottu: thanks.10:54
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)10:54
aposbeyound that its all about the algorythem in use10:54
aposand i need to leave now. i am in violation of some non disclosure pacts in several rooms. not to mention im sure ubuntu code of conduct has something to say about giving support whist drunk10:55
=== ryanclancy000 is now known as Guest16061
BlackWebAlright, So OpenSSL is mainly used to encrypt with password cipers, & gpg with keys right?10:55
cgtdkBlackWeb: What do you need encryption for?10:56
a5h15husing xubuntu 12.04...the pointer disappears after inactivity...any fix?10:56
BlackWebMainly Bank Stmt that I download instead of receiving papermail, want to secure them on drive so Tar/Zip them into file and just checking on encrypting the archive10:57
k1lted___: did you mount the /home partition as /home?10:57
BlackWebMainly Financial records10:57
ted___It ended up being /mnt/mountpoint/home10:58
BlackWebcgtdk, I've been using GPG using keys,10:58
ted___I'm not sure how to make it work otherwise.10:58
BlackWebthen heard about openssl does openssl just encrpyt mainly with cipers?10:58
a5h15hhave searched on the web...leading to a package called unclutter...but i dont have it installed...10:58
cgtdkBlackWeb: PGP/GPG and AES are both very secure and they should both be fine for your purpose.10:58
cgtdkI usually use GPG though10:58
aposon both accounts10:59
aposjust dont use a gpg key you reg'd publicly  XD10:59
BlackWebAlright, ya I'm using GPG now using keys, Which Openssl it that mainly just used for creating encryption with ciphers without the keys10:59
k1lted___: for the tutorial you follow you need to mount it to /home not /.../.../home10:59
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
ted___Oh...well I don't know how to do that.11:00
k1lted___: the mount command you used, what did it look like?11:00
BlackWebCan Gpg Decrypt a file Encrypted with OPenSSL11:01
ted___Just "mount" but see...when I try to mount it without making a directory first...it just says "Yep, it's already mounted!"11:01
cgtdkBlackWeb: No11:01
ted___That was dense of me...hold on I'll get better info.11:01
BlackWebAlright kinda figured that but ya its cool, Downloaded some files from net from anonymous Encrypted with AES25611:02
ted___mkdir /mnt/mountpoint     then  mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/mountpoint11:02
k1lted___: well, if you used the mount command mentioned in that forumthread, it should have looked like "mount /dev/sdXY /mountoint" just the mountpoint needs to say "/home"11:02
KaleoGood morning! I would like to know how can I fix a problem with my 12.10 QQ kernel. I just want uninstall a recent and install the 3.5!11:03
ted___You lost me...I'm sorry I'm trying to follow.11:04
ted___What part did I do wrong?11:04
k1lted___: yes, there is the problem. fot the recovery of the encrypted home you need to mount that partition to /home and not /mnt/mountpoint11:04
ted___I don't know how.11:05
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount11:05
k1lted___: just change your command to "mount /dev/sda1 /home"  _if_ that encrypted home partition is the sda1 partition11:05
ted___oh...oh! let me try that!11:05
k1lbut before you need to unmount that old mount command11:05
ted___Oh, okay...would that be "unmount"11:06
computer1does anyone here work on the LibreOffice build..?11:06
dr_willisumount   no n11:06
ted___Thank you dr_willis :)11:06
ted___be right back!11:06
k1lyes, without the first n11:06
Kaleo Good morning! I would like to know, how can I fix a problem with my 12.10 QQ kernel. I just want uninstall a recent and install the 3.5... version!11:06
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
KaleoDo not have people here? (sarcasm)11:08
dr_willishmm. whats a qq kernel11:08
dr_willisnever heard the term11:08
dr_willisand the question is a little confuseing11:09
Kaleodr_willis - i'm back!11:09
Kaleodr_willis: Can you help-me?11:10
dr_willisi have no idea what you are asking.11:10
dr_willisand the question is a little confuseing11:11
KaleoI want uninstall a recent kernel and back to courrent version: 3.5 of the Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal.11:12
ted___k1l I unmounted, then mounted like you said...I hit enter and it didn't say anything...just went to another command line.11:12
ted___Didn't change the directory or anything.11:12
k1lted___: there is no report when it went through11:12
bilelafter ubuntu installation, grub2 was missing, so I launched boot repair (http://paste.ubuntu.com/1572862/), now I can't boot windows anymore, when I select it on the grub list, I get "Secure boot forbids loading module from /bootgrub/x86_64-efi/ntfs.mod", do you know why? thanks for your help I don't know what to do now11:12
k1lno try the other tutoorial again11:13
ted___I can't?11:13
ted___It didn't put me in the directory.11:13
dr_willisif you used the package manager to install the kernels. the  use it to uninstall what you dont want11:13
k1lyou dont need to be in that directory11:13
ted___but that's what the tutorial says?11:13
KaleoWas installed from terminal - wget!!11:14
k1lted___: this? http://goshawknest.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/how-to-recover-crypted-home-directory-in-ubuntu/11:14
KaleoI do not have the address anymore11:14
ted___When I mount using /mnt/mountpoint....my command line changes to include the directory.11:14
ted___when I mount like you said...I'm still stuck in root@ubuntu.11:14
dr_williswget downloads files.. it dosent install stuff.11:14
k1lted___: no forget those forumthread with the /mnt/mountpoint stuff11:14
ted___I understand it isn't right...but as an example.11:15
bekksted___: root@ubuntu is a prompt, it does not tell you anything about the path you are in.11:15
Kaleoch mod.... from a comand!11:15
ted___bekks I might not be using the correct terminology but do you know what I mean?11:15
dr_willisKaleo:  chmod dosent install stuff either. it chamges file modes11:15
k1lted___: so start the commands that are mentioned in that last code-box on the tutorial11:16
bekksted___: No, to be honest.11:16
ted___the tutorial shows you being in your home directory...the command line/prompt..."displaying" that you're "in" the directory.11:16
k1lted___: there is no need to got to an directory at the start of that tutorial, as far as i can see11:16
KaleoGuys, how can I uninstall a kernel easily from terminal?11:17
ted___Alright k1l I'm going to give it a whirl.11:17
ted___wait yes it does.11:18
ted___Right at the beginning of the tutorial you see a # after /home/username11:18
icerootKaleo: sudo apt-get remove linux-image- TAB TAB to see als install kernels11:18
icerootKaleo: dont remove the generic package from linux-image11:18
icerootKaleo: linux-image-generic11:18
ted___Or is that part of the command, I'm understanding it wrong?11:18
k1lted___: that is because the user stated at the beginning of the tutotrial, that he could not use his home because its encrypted and to show that he already changed into that directory.11:19
k1lted___: you are looking in the wrong direction in this part. just keep moving11:19
ted___It doesn't work.11:19
ted___It says the directory doesn't exist.11:20
Kaleoiceroot: I want install just one yhat i have installed!11:20
Kaleo"That"... 3.7 version.11:21
Kaleoiceroot: Thank you!11:21
k1lted___: hmm. im not sure if its because you mounted the wrong partition or the wrong mountpoint or smth other :/11:21
k1lted___: where did it not work exactly?11:22
ted___Right at the beginning? I expected when you told me to mount that way...I'd get something like root@ubuntu: /home/user#11:22
k1lted___: no11:23
ted___Just like the example...instead I mounted and it doesn't say anything...just root@ubuntu:#~11:23
ted___Which doesn't look like the example at all.11:23
k1lmounting smth doesnt mean you get there instantly11:23
ted___So okay...how do I get there?11:23
k1lted___: you dont need to get there11:23
ted___In the tutorial the guy is there.11:23
ted___That's where he starts.11:23
k1lthats what im talking about. you need to do the commands mentioned at the start . no matter where you are11:24
k1lted___: the commands he is doing dont need a place11:24
k1lso dont stop at that meaningless point11:24
=== esy is now known as Neshemah
ted___Then why does he show himself using the commands in a place...and when I'm not in a place...theyy don't work?11:24
k1lted___: last time not: adding a user to the system doesnt need a place to get started11:25
ted___how come when I use /mnt/mountpoint...it changes the directory...and I can get halfway through the tutorial.11:25
k1lted___: ok. i quit. you dont listen to what i try to help you and keep doing the wrong commands. so hopefully omeone other got more luck in helping you.11:26
ted___Thank you for trying to help me. sorry about it.11:27
theManag3RHello, any experienced Virtualbox + Ubuntu users here?11:27
bekkstheManag3R: Why?11:28
theManag3RAfter one week of tight battle with trying to install Ubuntu in Virtualbox, I changed my .iso and I got it properly installed, but now it wont start...11:29
ted___I typed /home/user# adduser --no-create-home without being in the directory like you're saying and it just keeps telling me it doesn't exist. So I' sorry...I just don't understand k1l11:29
theManag3RIt boots properly, but it gets stuck on the Ubuntu default wallpaper11:30
liquid-silenceok burning ubuntu disk11:31
dr_willistheManag3R: you may want to install lubuntu un vbox. since unity wants a 3d enabled system11:31
=== qos is now known as qos|away
dr_willisit may not start properly in vbox11:31
zeroth__i'm using backtrack and when I restart it obviously loads a saved session but it's a mess of windows. How do I save a new session when I get it the way I want it?11:33
bekks!backtrack | zeroth__11:33
ubottuzeroth__: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)11:33
zeroth__Just looking for any info on saving sessions11:34
mhsCan anybody tell me which 3g data card(dongle) is suitable for ubuntu 12.10 please.11:34
mhsHello anybody?11:36
liquid-silencewhy is the damn iso bigger then a DVD?11:36
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
dr_willisbecause its a dvd11:37
dr_willisas of 12.1011:37
=== john__ is now known as __j0hn__
liquid-silenceI dont have dvds11:38
mhsHello I am using ubuntu 12.10, which 3g data card would be suitable for that.11:38
dr_willisuse a usb flash11:38
kruxmake it a usb11:38
liquid-silencedr_willis: from a command line?11:38
dr_willismhs:  check reviews online11:38
dr_willisliquid-silence: thats doable with   dd11:38
mhsI am not finding...11:39
dr_willisdd the iso straight to the usb  sdx11:39
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection11:39
liquid-silencesdb1 or sdb?11:39
dr_willisits a disk image11:39
liquid-silence\cool doing it11:40
liquid-silencehopefully my mac will boot11:40
dr_willismacs have dd?  ;-)11:40
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.11:40
mhsWhether does micromax work well with ubuntu 12.10?11:40
liquid-silencedr_willis: no on archlinux install11:40
liquid-silencethat is fscked11:40
liquid-silencebecause of stupid decisions with kernel 3.711:40
liquid-silencenot working with ATI legacy11:40
liquid-silencedr_willis: btw you using unity?11:41
dr_willisi normally use unity11:41
liquid-silenceah ok11:41
liquid-silenceI hope this works11:42
liquid-silencetook me 4 hours to kill arch with ati drivers11:42
liquid-silencedd takes forever :)11:43
bekksUse a reasonable bs= parameter then, like 16M or something11:43
newwenUbuntu 12.10 doesn't work with ATI legacy propietary drivers unless you downgrate X.org to v1.1211:43
dr_willisyou did use a bs=1mb  option11:43
=== qos|away is now known as qos
deed02392do I need to install PHP separately, or is the php5-fpm package sufficient to run a php fpm server?11:44
somsipdeed02392: if it needs php to run it should pull it in as a dependency11:44
deed02392i suppose11:45
eric_hungernhow can i delete / uninstall softwares installed by config make install11:45
dr_willismake uninstall   eric_hungern11:45
bekkseric_hungern: hopyfully by make uninstall - there is no other way.11:46
eric_hungernwhere must i do it . in the installed directory?11:46
liquid-silencedr_willis: what are your thoughts on unit?11:46
liquid-silencedr_willis: what are your thoughts on unity?11:46
dr_willisor by hand.. ewww11:46
dr_willisunity works well for me11:46
somsiperic_hungern: from the source/build directory11:47
bekkseric_hungern: In the same pathe where you ran make config, etc.11:47
liquid-silencedr_willis: using bs=16M11:47
eric_hungernbekks, ok thanks last question. will it delete / uninstal everything. i mean is it like apt-get --purge?11:47
liquid-silencedr_willis: how long have you been using ubuntu11:49
eric_hungernok guys thanks11:49
dr_willissince dapper i recall11:49
liquid-silenceany other distro's?11:49
eric_hungerni wonder why 12.04 so slow?11:50
* liquid-silence is going to install 12.1011:50
* eric_hungern had installed 12.04 LTS11:50
bekkseric_hungern: hopefully the make script does its job - if not, you have to clean up manually.11:50
FuzolanThe Message "Your BIOS is broken; DMA routed to ISOCH DMAR unit but no TLB space." should only lead to a performace drop when using iommu or I'm wrong?11:50
eric_hungernbekks, ok11:50
* eric_hungern must admit. ubuntu is one fo the bewst distros.11:51
cgtdkeric_hungern: are you drunk?11:51
eric_hungerncgtdk, a little bit:D11:51
cgtdkI see11:51
cgtdkNot that I disagree regarding Ubuntu! It is an extraordinary distribution.11:52
eric_hungernyour comment is good or bad?11:53
cgtdkeric_hungern: I like Ubuntu11:53
cgtdkexcept for Unity, but I don't have to use that11:54
eric_hungernme too . debian could did not recoginized my wireless card. but ubuntu11:54
eric_hungernunuity is good. it is like mac os global menu but i wold like to place it in the bottom11:54
eric_hungerni hate dash menu11:54
cgtdkI prefer the freedom of simply using a standalone window manager11:54
eric_hungernit would be great if there is way to remove the dash11:55
eric_hungernah yes cgtdk but you know gnome 3x is terrbile11:55
eric_hungernkde always crahes and consumes too much ram11:55
eric_hungerngnome 2x is old so unity is good11:55
eric_hungerni hope ubuntu will develop it very well11:55
* eric_hungern is looking forward to see the next LTS11:56
fedorhi to everyone. Is there an alternative to admuncher in windows for Ubuntu12.04?11:58
fedorand i do not mean addons for browsers11:58
bekks!info admuncher11:58
ubottuPackage admuncher does not exist in quantal11:58
fedori know that. That's why i've written alternative11:59
eric_hungerni wonder what is the new features in the next lts11:59
bekksfedor: I dont even know what admuncher is, so I was hoping to get some info from ubottu :)11:59
eric_hungernhow can i learn11:59
fedorthat's an addblocker11:59
meeti am using gnome shell. in the bottom notification bar which is shown in the overview, i want to remove the removable drives icon. how to do that?11:59
bekkseric_hungern: There are two releaseto go until the next LTS is going to be planned.12:00
bekkseric_hungern: No. 14.04 will be LTS.12:00
eric_hungernhm ok12:00
bekksfedor: Where, if not in a browser, could ads be seen? :)12:01
icerootis there a way i can send keyboard and mouse-events over ssh to an existing x-server? so that i have remote keyboard and remote-mouse? (dont need to see the screen, juust want to interacte with the x-server)12:01
eric_hungernice799, xdotool12:02
ted___That works for mounting an encrypted home from a live CD/usb...don't know that anyone needs it...but there it is :)12:02
eric_hungernbut you must know window id12:02
icerooteric_hungern: ah ok, i am already using it on the server to automate things, would be great if i can interacte with it from remote, i will have a look at the manpage12:02
icerooteric_hungern: ah ok, i want it globaly for the x-server and not for one specific window12:03
ted___thanks for your help earlier, k1l12:03
eric_hungernice799, hmm dig deeper:D12:03
icerooteric_hungern: i found a nc-hack to send my keyboard-events to the /dev/foobar on the server...12:04
icerooteric_hungern: sounds like what i want but nc is always hard :)12:04
icerooteric_hungern: http://superuser.com/questions/67659/linux-share-keyboard-over-network12:05
icerootthen i would just write a script to execute the second command so that i can enable/disbale it and put it on a hot-key so that i can switch easily my keyboard for local or remote-access12:06
eric_hungernsounds good12:07
eric_hungerni wil take note that idea. iceroot maybe oneday i need something like that12:08
icerooteric_hungern: ssh would be better (encryption) but i will give the nc-hack a try12:08
eric_hungernyes ice799 you should try that nhack12:08
icerootah i can great a ssh-tunnel for 4444 and route the nc-traffic through it12:09
icerooti like how you can do everything with GNU/Linux (when you know how to do it).12:11
icerootthe only limit is your skill, not the system12:12
MishaX2Is there anyone who could help me out with testing pgp mail encryption?12:20
zykes-how can I debug "Jan 27 13:19:56 svc02 kernel: [175799.587970] init: ceilometer-api main process (31797) terminated with status 212:20
MishaX2I cannot test it right now12:20
zykes-when there's no more info to go on ?12:20
RayStill cold yep~12:23
=== Mensch-Maschine_ is now known as Mensch-Maschine
bel3atarl3achran sba7 lkheir12:26
RayIs there any x irc chat app for IOS?12:28
bel3atarRay: IOS or iOS?12:29
icerootRay: ask #jail #ios or something like that12:29
MishaX2Could anyone help me with testing my gpg set up?12:29
bel3atarMishaX2: http://simpleshell.com/12:30
MishaX2I just want to send an encrypted e-mail to someone else and see if it works, I just needs someones e-mail address + public key right?12:31
MishaX2and the key I can find on the keyserver12:31
bekksMishaX2: Yes.12:31
icerootMishaX2: yes12:31
dkamHi guys - trying to get audio over HDMI working.  VLC doesn't output any sound.  Not really sure where to start - Alsamixer seems to default to "HDA ATI SB" rather than "HDA NVidia".  Will that be related?12:32
MishaX2Does anyone want to give me their e-mail address, so I can just see how it works and if it works12:32
MishaX2that'd be great...12:32
bekksMishaX2: You could send an email to yourself, using your public key.12:32
icerootdkam: yes it is related, use F6 in alsamixer to change the outrput12:33
icerootdkam: or use "pavucontrol" it should also be able to send data to hdmi12:33
MishaX2Ok, is it like this? I need someones public key... that person needs my public key. I can send a message to him and enter my private passphrase when sending it. He magically can decrypt it?12:35
dkamiceroot: Everytime I start alsamixer, it's using HDA ATI SB12:35
MishaX2He decrypts it with his private key and the message that I sent, was encrypted using my private key and his public key12:35
cgtdkMishaX2: I believe so12:35
icerootMishaX2: you only need the oub-key of someone and you will encrypt the message with his pup key, we will decrpyt it with his private-key12:35
bekksMishaX2: You need a public key of someone. The other person just needs his/her secret key.12:35
icerootMishaX2: your key is not needed for encryption, its only needed for signing12:36
bekksMishaX2: And the message you SEND is just encrypted using his/her public key.12:36
icerootMishaX2: you only use the key from the other person for encryxption12:36
MishaX2ah ok12:36
MishaX2Ok nice, that's pretty neat.12:37
liquid-silenceis it safe to upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10?12:37
liquid-silenceor is it better to install 12.10 straight up12:37
liquid-silencedr_willis: my imac is not seeing the USB disk12:37
icerootliquid-silence: its always best to "never touch a running system"12:37
liquid-silenceiceroot: so clean install?12:37
icerootliquid-silence: no12:37
icerootliquid-silence: never touch a running systems does not mean delete it, it means use 12.0412:38
liquid-silenceiceroot: why not use 12.10?12:38
icerootliquid-silence: but if you need 12.10 for some reasons, the upgrade is fine, no need for reinstall12:38
bekksliquid-silence: Because it will be supported much longer.12:38
icerootliquid-silence: because "never touch a running system" why should you install 12.10 when 12.04 is running fine=12:38
liquid-silenceiceroot: I just wish ati would work on arch currenly12:38
AleksanderHello. I'd like my user to have /home/user/Documents linked to ntfs partition with Windows' My Documents, how should I mount it? Make autofs mount it automatically on each startup, or perhaps with fstab?12:39
icerootAleksander: fstab12:39
iceroot!fstab | Aleksander12:40
ubottuAleksander: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions12:40
liquid-silenceiceroot: going to try the 12.04 alternative disk atm12:40
Aleksandericeroot, thanks, and what options should I give to allow user rw to it?12:40
liquid-silencehopefully that works12:40
icerootliquid-silence: works for what?12:41
liquid-silenceon my imac12:41
icerootliquid-silence: ah ok12:41
iceroot!mac | liquid-silence12:41
ubottuliquid-silence: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages12:41
liquid-silenceiceroot: no browser bro12:41
icerootliquid-silence: luckily i never owned an apple-jail so i dont know if it is working12:41
liquid-silenceon archlinux install without X12:41
icerootliquid-silence: w3m, lynx12:41
dr_willisor use your  phones browser. ;)12:44
mondeoscotchI've got a problem with Grub2... I have two displays connected to my computer, fisrt one I'm using as primary display for general purposes, second one is a TV that I'm using sometimes to watch Videos etc. problem is that Grub always shows boot menu on my telly, how do I change this?12:50
mondeoscotchI want Grub to show boot menu on another display12:51
mondeoscotchany idea how to confugure this?12:51
dr_willismay not be doable mondeoscotch12:52
dr_willisit may be a bios setting12:52
mondeoscotchthat's a clue12:52
mondeoscotchI'll have to look in to it12:52
dr_willisive had similer iissues12:54
mondeoscotchdid you managed to solve it?12:54
mondeoscotchthrough bios configuration?12:55
askarihi all12:59
cfhowlettaskari, greetings13:00
askarithx :D all13:01
jeanfidion peut trouver de l'aide ici?13:02
bekks!fr | jeanfidi13:02
ubottujeanfidi: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:02
autotickjoin #coolness13:02
jeanfidiok, i understand only a written english13:03
askarienglish is internasional language13:04
ogra_better switch off your voice output then13:04
hapsterhello. is it possible to use optirun (bumblebee) and use the nouveau driver instead of the nvidia one?13:05
k1lhapster: dont think so13:06
hapsterk1l: Manjaro Linux supports it. Dunno how they got it to work that way.13:06
sparxhow to load an icon in java from a mount point13:10
ath1is it possible with 12.04 to install grub NOT in the MBR but in the bootsector of the root partition?13:14
apossure but it wont boot13:14
cfhowlettath1, yes.  grub will install where you put it.  getting it to boot from the location might be a whole different issue13:14
cfhowlettdamrock, greeting13:14
ath1I currently use 11.04, which doesn't support this13:14
cfhowlettath1, that said, I have done just that on a triple boot ...13:15
damrocki got some packet drops with 82574L driver13:15
k1lath1: you need a bootloader in the mbr13:15
Unknown0BCHi, how many of you get an error when running ffserver ? It seems there is a bug in Oneiric distribution. I am looking for a resolution.13:15
ath1I plan to boot it with the windows 7 boot loader13:15
k1lath1: that wont work13:15
cfhowlettath1, good luck with that ...13:15
damrockhow to upgrade those e1000e driver in ubuntu, i downloaded those kernel things13:15
k1lthe windows bootloader doesnt see or boot the linux13:15
=== yzl is now known as LU_cifer
bekksdamrock: Why do you want to upgrade them?13:16
bekksdamrock: And which kernel do you use?13:16
ath1it works if you give the boot loader a linux boot sector in a file. I tested that.13:16
=== LU_cifer is now known as lzy
cfhowlettath1,  do it then ... just be ready and able with windows and ubuntu reinstall media if needed13:18
SerenE_SparKwhen i try to load an image in java it gives me null point error.13:19
cosmonautabom dia13:19
ath1ok, thx13:20
cfhowlettnuxninja, greetings13:20
askarianybody that success install ubuntu in android?13:20
ubottuaskari,: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.13:21
k1laskari: that ubuntu-chroot installs are not covered by this channel. please talk to the app developer13:21
cfhowlettaskari, efforts are underway to install ubuntu on a nexus 7 device13:21
keelGand GNexus (Ubuntu Phone OS)13:22
cfhowlettbel3atar, greetings13:24
nuxninjaseems like a dead sunday :|13:25
s4ltinesstis the day of the dead13:25
askariok all..i want to install ubuntu in my android device.hisense phone with snapdragon dualcore procesore13:25
cfhowlett!phone|askari, wrong channel to ask.13:25
ubottuaskari, wrong channel to ask.: Ubuntu for phone has been announced, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to find out more and to sign up for progress updates. Discussion is in #ubuntu-phone13:25
dr_willisaskari:  you may want to check in #android  since  theres no official ubuntu for that..13:26
askarii success install damn small linux with limbo (like qemu)13:26
bel3ataraskari: bravo13:26
askariok sory :D13:26
k1laskari: like i told before. that is not officially covered in this channel. try #ubuntu-arm or ask the device-community13:27
nuxninjaknow what cpu and gpu you use arm or something else and check ubuntu site and wikipedia to know if your cpu/gpu kernel support is there13:28
askariok all :D13:29
luminarcHi. could someone help a bit. i am trying to install libdrm-nouveau2 but it fails to install.13:31
nuxninjatry nvidia drivers from nvidia site luminarc13:31
luminarcbut dont have nvidia card :P13:32
nuxninjaso how will it work?? unless you kno sometin better13:32
dr_willishmm.. isent nouveau the  open sourced nvidia drivers?13:32
cgtdkdr_willis: Yes13:32
dr_willisso if he has no nvidia card...   bah.. im going to get a soda..13:33
luminarcwell dunno why ubuntu wants me to install it.. but when i try to install lubuntu desktop it says i need it13:34
nuxninjai got me a hot choc ....cold here13:34
dr_willispastebin the exact error messages and what you are doinmg perhaps13:34
nuxninjaluminarc make sure you Dont have an Nvidia card ..13:35
luminarcwell i am 100% sure about that13:35
luminarci have intel gma 4500m13:35
nuxninjadr_willis ++113:35
cfhowlettluminarc, not nvidia ...13:35
nuxninjagood so no nvidia .......so then whats the problem13:35
luminarcwhen i try to install lubuntu desktop.. i need libdrm-nouveau2.. but when i try to install it it gives me error13:36
cfhowlettluminarc, wharrort e13:36
cfhowlettwhat error13:36
=== joe is now known as r0f0
nuxninjahow many times you tried luminarc13:37
luminarcmany :P13:37
luminarctrying to overwrite '/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libdrm_nouveau.so.2.0.0', which is also in package libdrm-nouveau1a 2.4.41~precise~ppa1.113:37
ogra_plymouth depends on all libdrm-* packages, it is nomal that they are installed13:38
dr_willisnow we are getting somewhere...13:38
dr_willispppa1.1 ->  hmm. you got a ppa enabled that conflicting perhaps.13:38
ogra_(on x86 arches at least)13:38
luminarcany idea how to get rid of it?13:39
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html13:39
nuxninjaalso pass no_modeset parameter during boot13:39
dr_willisgoldrake:  file not found..13:39
dr_willis ;013:39
nuxninjaif eventually noting works reburn the cd/dvd and try again..13:40
luminarck thanks.. i try it13:41
* dr_willis stares blankly at nuxninja odd advice]13:41
luminarchmm ppa-purge also requires libdrm-nouveau2.. :(13:42
=== Termana is now known as Guest87510
nuxninjamsg dr_willis looking blankly13:42
jp_which is the best 3d video player for Ubuntu ?13:43
dr_willisluminarc:  you could  figure out wwhat package that file belongs to and just remove it. then disable the ppa or install the otehr packagees13:44
apgWhen will Ubuntu 12.04.02 be released? How much of Megabytes it usually takes to upgrade a whole system to a new maintenance release?13:44
k1lapg: the exact day is mentioned in the release schedule13:44
escott!ubuntu+1 | apg13:44
ubottuapg: Raring Ringtail is the codename for Ubuntu 13.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+113:44
apgI meant ubuntu 12.04.213:45
cfhowlettapg, don't think a  date has been set.  patience.13:45
dr_willisnever  even  noticed a 12.04.1  - but im on 12.10 so guess it dosent matter much13:45
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120413:46
dr_willisthe .x releases seem to come about every 6 months dont they13:46
yeatsapg: it's not really a big deal - you just 'apt-get upgrade' (or 'dist-upgrade') and you're there - not like a release to release upgrade13:46
cfhowlettdr_willis, true.  this point release was delayed ... kernel issues as I understand it.13:46
dr_willisthose pesky pesky kernels13:47
k1lapg: and the "release" is just a summation of all the updates that came to this date. so i case of a new isntall you dont need to download all updates from 12.0413:47
nuxninjazram was to be inducted but too many problems with 13.04 .....next versions are supposed to be something of a rolling release13:47
sgo11do anyone use gthumb? for catalog, when I delete a image file which has a catalog, I don't find the catalog file gets updated (~/.local/share/gthumb/catalogs/<name>.catalog). That means the catalog file will have a file uri which does not exist. This doesn't seem correct. thanks.13:47
cfhowlettnuxninja, not true.  official word is NO rolling release plans for the immediate future13:47
sgo11PS: I use nautilus to delete that file.13:47
k1lnuxninja: that topic would suit better into #ubuntu-discuss13:48
k1l(since its not a real technical support problem for now)13:48
dr_willispreemptive technicial support. ;)13:49
lcabreza1PGP Whole Disk Encryption anybody knows any compatible for ubuntu ?13:49
apgk1l, cfhowlett, yeats okay, Thanks. Just curious :). Some problems here on 12.04.1, just out of curious of whether there will be some *minor* improvement.13:49
yeatsapg: what problems? did you want help with those?13:49
cfhowlettapg, point releases, by definition are "minor"13:49
luminarcThis package belongs to a PPA: xorg-edgers13:49
dr_willisluminarc:   you really needed the xorg-edgers ppa? why13:50
luminarci dont, this computer is mess. :P13:50
dr_willisthat ppa does a lot of stuff to the whole X system i recall.13:50
cfhowlettlcabreza1, as in whole disk encryption?13:51
apgyeats, I have seen the bug report in launchpad. Like, unity crash, ubuntu software center crash, libreoffice printing non black text, etc13:51
=== yann_ is now known as YannT
yeatsapg: ah - ok13:51
lcabreza1cfhowlett: i've tried it on RHEL. but don't know if there is any on Ubuntu version ?13:51
dr_willisluminarc:  i also think it included updated intel video drivers13:51
cfhowlettlcabreza1, nothing in software center ...13:51
apgyeats, but some times bug fixes come so long, don't they?13:52
lcabreza1 cfhowlett:hmm..i just check the forums, no official release yet from symantec ..13:53
=== root is now known as Guest13394
k1l!rootirc > Guest1339413:54
ubottuGuest13394, please see my private message13:54
lcabreza1anybody has an idea how to make activkey sim work on ubuntu 12.04. it can be detected using pcsc_scan but it just dies after that ..13:54
BluesKajHey all13:56
apgBlueKaj what can I do for you?13:57
apgBluesKaj what can I do for you?13:58
BluesKajapg, things are fine right , but thanks for offering :)13:59
BluesKajright now13:59
blzHi, how can I reinstall grub2 after installing ubuntu?14:00
ubottublz: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)14:00
mar1unifiedlinux: je t'aide, je génère un message :)14:01
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=== us3r is now known as Computer
=== Computer is now known as C0mputer
=== Guest55959 is now known as PatchAdams
delkin_Hi everyone. When I list my /etc/rc2.d I don't see anything related to X (no gdm nor lightdm). Shoulnd't this folder have all the services that are launched when my linux boots on runlevel 2? I can see with 'runlevel' that I am running on 'N 2'. I was expecting to find a service called something like S90lightdm that I could change to K99lightdm. Can someone give me a hint?14:18
sect0rdoes anyone know how to change Empathys contact list size?14:21
=== nuxninja_ is now known as shalini-bhabhi
dr_willisdelkin_:  ubuntu uses upstart for most services now.14:25
dr_willisdelkin_:  look in /etc/init/14:25
dr_willisdelkin_:  if you want to boot to text mode. use the text option14:25
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode14:25
doomlordhi, what is "Linux"14:25
ubottuLinux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as a kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux14:26
doomlordbut wikipedia says "linux" is an OS :) ("for the kernel, see Linux Kernel" ) :)14:26
dr_willisedit the wiki then.14:26
|nv|s|b|ethe publically schooled rise again14:27
dr_willislinux is also a brand laundry soap i recall...14:27
mhsI am finding record macro in libreoffice14:27
damrockisnt it possible to compile a kernel module against another kernel?14:27
k1ldoomlord: ask in ##linux if you dont like the wiki page.14:27
|nv|s|b|eit cleans any traces of windoze14:27
doomlordwe're jus thaving the debate on #programing14:28
doomlordis it a kernel or an os14:28
dr_willisthe term applys to both14:28
|nv|s|b|eits an os kernel14:28
k1ldoomlord: that is not a ubuntu support issue :/14:28
doomlordmy point is, it streamlines communication to just call the OS "linux", and "LinuxKernel" can disambiguate14:28
doomlord(i just thought some here might have na opinion)14:28
delkin_dr_willis: where should I set the 'text' option?14:29
dr_willisdelkin_:  did you read the info the bot gave? its in /etc/defult/grub14:29
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode14:29
dr_willisfor perment changes. eidt the file for one time use.. appand it to the grub option via the grub menus14:30
mhsHey I am not finding record macro in my libreoffice Version How to get it please.14:30
delkin_dr_willis: gonna take a look on that. thanks14:31
damrockwhy is nobody fixing those kernel module for e100014:34
damrocki get mad still those errors in 12.1014:34
k1ldamrock: is there a bug report on launchpad.net?14:34
damrockof course it is14:34
damrockits fixed with the 3.714:35
damrockbut i can't get my sas controller work with 3.7 because another issue there14:35
damrockso im damned14:35
damrockeither 3.5 sas works, or 3.7 ethernet works14:35
k1ldamrock: well there are no kernel upgrades for released versions14:35
damrockwhat a idiotic crap because the bug is known for 1 year now14:36
aposthen fix it14:36
damrockthere is a lot of issues with new ubunut14:36
=== Colonel is now known as Colonel_Panic
tioxThere are always issues with Ubuntu.14:37
damrocklsd install doesnt' work either with new version of python, because nobody tested if it works14:37
damrockso they put a new python version and hope everything runs fine14:37
damrockthats a catastrophic way to make ubuntu popular for peoples14:38
k1ldamrock: this is not a channel for ranting. if there is a bug you know file a bug report on launchpad.net and contribute there14:38
damrockthank god i use osx on my desktop i don't have the nerves with ubuntu on desk14:38
Sentynelhi folks, anybody know if there's anything I can do to stop a pile of apt-check processes being spawned whenever I update apt? I'm running ubuntu server on an ec2 micro instance and don't have the memory or cpu capacity to cope with this, so the whole thing locks up for several minutes every time. there's a bunch of threads/reports about it, but nobody seems to have any actual solutions.14:38
damrockit doesnt help if you fill a bug report you need to wait forever for the fix14:38
LucenutHey guys, how do you install java for a browser in ubuntu?14:39
damrocki fix it by myself, compiling the new e1000 drivers and basta14:39
damrockwait for christmas till it fixed, lol14:39
k1ldamrock: it doesnt help to rant here instead of helping the devs. so i dont see what you want to result in here14:39
damrockbecause the raring lsd package is still not fixed, and the bug is knwo for a year14:40
PatchAdamslucenut, I have used this method many times....http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-oracle-java-7-in-ubuntu-12-04.html14:40
ogra_damrock, how does ranting in a support channel help with that ?14:41
damrockfill a bug in launchpad sounds so funny14:41
damrockbecause it doesnt help14:41
ogra_but ranting in the wrong place does ?14:42
damrockyou need a boss who coordinate the entire distro, like redhat14:43
kostkon!ops | damrock14:43
ubottudamrock: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U, DJones!14:43
delkin_dr_willis: does it make sense to talk about runlevels since 'upstart' was adopted?14:46
=== altair is now known as Guest19655
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.14:48
riqdiizdr_willis: Hi all how can I get my ideos tether mode  detected by slitaz so I can use it for internet?14:48
dr_willisask in slitaz support pwrhaps?14:48
riqdiizIts dead silence there.14:49
rhett_valdahey, i am in singapore, and my laptop is spoiled yesterday, any suggestion on what to buy for internet browsing and possibly debugging, photo editing, 3d modeling sometimes. a little bit of this and a little bit of that from time to time.14:50
kostkonriqdiiz, tried their forums?14:50
aposUbuntu Studio14:50
cgtdkrhett_valda: Thinkpads are great in general14:50
k1lriqdiiz: that is no reason to ask in the ubuntu support :/  look out if they got a forums or something else like a maillist14:50
riqdiizk1l: how do I do that.14:52
dr_willisslitaz home page  perhaps....14:53
k1lriqdiiz: see at their page14:53
Lisa_FoxI'm trying to figure out where to put the command for synergyc so it loads on X startup (So i can use it at the X logon screen.14:55
gaussblurinchello! does anybody use online-folders for backups? (dropbox, google drive)14:57
Laughing_manUbuntu is gay and bloated .... Archlinux <33315:01
dr_willisi bet lots of people do gaussblurinc15:01
devonHelp! I removed Unity to replace it with Cinnamon, and now I've ruined a lot of things! How can I reverse it?15:01
dr_willis!ppa-purge | devon15:02
ubottudevon: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html15:02
gaussblurincdr_willis: yeah, thanks:) i want do the same:) can you advise which one and which tool is best for this?15:02
dr_willisgaussblurinc: not really. i use them all15:02
devondr_willis: couldn't I just use sudo apt-get remove cinnamon?15:02
dr_willisdevon: no idea.. try it and see?15:03
gaussblurincdr_willis: maybe tool?15:03
devonI removed Unity for a reason, it was slow and not to my liking, so I wanted to go to something else, like GNOME15:03
dr_williswe dont support cinnamon  so no idea what it unstalls15:03
devonis GNOME still supported or is it just Unity that's supported now?15:04
dr_willisunity uses gnome 315:04
k1ldevon: gnome is supported like unity is based on the gnome3 layer15:04
dr_willisgnome2 us dead15:04
brianmunkgaussblurinc, try them, Ubuntu One is good for ubuntu, googledrive is not super under linux (I dont think google made a linux app yet (there are 3rd party tools tho), and well dropbox works on every platforme15:04
devonso how could I remove the Unity parts of GNOME3 and just have a plain GNOME desktop?15:05
k1ldevon: but cinnamon ist not supported. since you need a ppa to install it. for support for cinnamon see the cinnamon community or devs15:05
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic". For 11.10, see !notunity15:05
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic15:05
dr_willisor just  use lubuntu15:06
devonI'll have to try this15:06
k1ldevon: you can go with gnome-shell or the gnome-fallback as supported desktops from gnome. but keep in mind that the fallback is not a real gnome2 and misses some features15:06
dr_willisand fallback is scheduled for removal in the future15:07
k1lfor sticking to the old gnome2 looks i woul recommend to go with xfce or lxde15:07
gaussblurincbrianmunk: and if i want to backup images? dropbox isn't good solution because of space limit :\15:08
dr_willisgaussblurinc: buy more?15:08
gaussblurincdr_willis: will do15:09
brianmunkgaussblurinc, I don't think any of them offer alot of space, unless you are paying for amount of storage15:09
gaussblurincbrianmunk: actually, i want to save images from my phone with android. So, i think, that solution with google drive will be better, but i am not sure15:10
k1lgaussblurinc: android offers an own storage with google services. so better ask the android support on that15:12
brianmunkgaussblurinc, I think drive is 5 gb free storage, and yes from android, google drive or dropbox is to be prefered atm imo15:12
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lautrivdoes ubuntu really inhect amazon ads ?15:14
devongood news/bad news15:15
devonGNOME installed15:15
devonbut now I still boot to a desktop with 2 icons and that's it15:16
devonopening a terminal and typing gnome-shell --replace opens the GNOME 3 window manager15:16
devonand the terminal just stays open, and if I close it, GNOME disappears15:16
ry|anI guess the part where you insatlled gnome is the bad news15:17
ry|anbut I don't see the good news15:17
Ciphoenixhas anyone tried dual booting with windows 8?15:17
devonhow can I fix this? with the skill I have, I know I shouldn't have touched it, but I couldn't deal with the slowdowns of Unity anymore15:17
larsduesingCiphoenix: works. definitely.15:17
Ciphoenixneed to know if there are issues15:17
k1ldevon: which ubuntu are you running? and how did you start that desktop?15:17
PatchAdamsI used to dual-boot...never any issues...no windows anymore!15:18
devonk1l: I am on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and the desktop started from login, the login stayed as Unity default15:18
dr_willisdevon:  dont use the close button.  do command &    then  the exit command15:18
CiphoenixIarsduesing: thank you :)15:18
k1ldevon: you need to choose you gnome session on the login menue15:18
brianmunkPatchAdams, 2nd that, no windows anymore15:18
larsduesingdevon: try "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop ubuntu-gnome-default-settings"15:19
devonoh, alright15:19
k1ldevon: so logout and choose the gnome session. (make sure you installed the gnome-shell metapackage)15:19
larsduesingoh, by the way, is here any rrdtool-competent person? :-)15:20
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic15:20
apgwhy do not consider to *at least* give a space for cinnamon or mate in ubuntu official repo?15:21
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".15:21
k1lapg: its because the depencies of those desktops15:22
josesierramy gnome-shell process is chewing up about 190mb or RAM... does that sound normal?15:22
josesierrabecause it seems unusually high to me.15:22
larsduesingjosesierra: Mine is at 194 MB now.15:23
josesierraand holding?  because it sometimes heads well into the two hundreds...15:23
K350is there any tool to convert megabytes to bytes?15:24
ChaozHenchmaninvestigate "gnome-tweak-tool"15:24
apgk1l, doesn't it like as simple as like changing the name of conflicting depedencies ? Sorry, I do not know deeper about packaging.15:24
ChaozHenchmanwhat does it mean to investigate in this case?15:24
larsduesingjosesierra: not too much had a look on it15:24
k1lapg: no15:25
cgtdkK350: What exactly do you mean by that? SHowing how many bytes X megabytes is?15:25
larsduesingK350: multiply by 1024*1024?15:25
k1lChaozHenchman: to look at it. there are some settings you might want to change15:25
lcabreza1getting this error on activkey : Slot 1 (0x2): Activkey Sim [CCID Bulk Interface] 01 0015:28
lcabreza1  (empty)15:28
jemaduxis there a main menu editor w/o installing gnome on ubuntu lts ?15:32
yeatsjemadux: alacarte *kinda* works15:35
kostkonjemadux, http://www.iloveubuntu.net/menulibre-1301-released-significant-under-hood-improvements15:36
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
jemaduxkostkon: thanks ... yeats : alacarte works and install full gnome that i dont want :)15:39
kostkonjemadux, np15:39
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rhett_valdawould you guys buy a fujitsu laptop?15:45
k1l!ot | rhett_valda15:46
ubotturhett_valda: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:46
badger_Hello, can someone help me with a broadcom network driver for 12.10 it is a 4311 device15:46
tax-agentno rhett_valda i would first check specs15:46
rhett_valdajoin #ubuntu-offtopic15:46
k1l!broadcom | badger_15:46
ubottubadger_: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:46
devonUpdate: I got everything working. Now I'm going to have to invent something to slap me whenever I try to make changes...15:47
badger_ubottu, I have followed a solved problem solution and I still can't seem to make it work15:47
ubottubadger_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:47
devonThanks for all the help!15:48
=== JotaK2 is now known as JotaK
yeatsjemadux: by "without installing gnome" I thought you meant gnome3/gnome-shell15:50
=== Guest70928 is now known as VlanX
badger_Does anyone know about broadcom drivers in 12.10? it has stopped my wireless functioning and I am really confused now!15:52
tax-agentthose devices belong to a cult of troublemakers.....pratical note badger_  check askubuntu.com or try with your live cd and see if ti works15:54
badger_tax-agent, It has worked fine previously. updating killed it.15:54
tax-agentThere you go!!!!!!15:54
tax-agentdont update.15:55
tax-agentjust run15:55
tax-agentsudo apt-get update15:55
badger_I have gone through this process on 12.04  but there are so many different guides and I dont fully understand what I'm tinkering with15:55
xevioxif someone has an usb wireless n adapter working (plug and play) please tell me the name...15:56
badger_tax-agent, I just ran that command. do i need to restart?15:56
badger_reboot ?15:56
xevioxwireless n ( 300 mbps)..15:57
badger_tax-agent, There was a setting previously in system settings about Additional drivers which now isn't in system settings.15:58
VlanXany way to show the size of each sub directory on nautilus?15:58
tax-agentnot really ......what i meant was ubuntu 12.10 is a network troublemaker........used 10.10 11.04 11.10 12.04 none of these had problems ...technically something is wrong with 12.10.........DONT UPDATE ....on  a fresh install just run the command i gave... and that's it.15:58
badger_ahh so should I not update to 12.10?15:59
_helios_tax-agent, I haven't had any problems with 12.10 64bit15:59
tax-agentyou could.....im running 12.10 on server with bonding but its the worst15:59
keelGtax-agent: dist-upgrades tend to be prone to errors - however my clean install of 12.10 is damn near flawless15:59
k1ltax-agent: that is not entirely true what you state here.15:59
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_helios_keelG, agreed15:59
tax-agentkeelG       you read my mind.....do that badger_16:00
_helios_keelG, I have a clean install of 12.10 64bit runs like a champion.16:00
badger_tax-agent, Okay, I will go back to a fresh install on 12.04 is there a tool that I can use to make a live-usb 12.04 to install from ? I have a iso but when i made a live usb on windows with a tool called unetbootin it doesnt install correctly.16:00
k1lbadger_: so you tried the b43 driver or the sta driver mentioned in that wiki page the bot gave you?16:01
keelGthe fact that 12.10 is quite stable aside, I must admit I get another "feel" in 13.04, like we are getting back to some roots - but its only a feeling and I haven't tried it for more than 30mins16:01
_helios_badger_, if your going to make it from windows use the Universal USB Installer16:01
tax-agentbadger unetbootin is superb..16:01
tax-agentdepends what image you are using16:02
badger_maybe it is the image that is the problem. i have a live cd of 11.04. but that makes me upgrade to 11.10 so its a very longwinded process to get back to 12.0416:02
FuzolanThe Message "Your BIOS is broken; DMA routed to ISOCH DMAR unit but no TLB space." should only lead to a performace drop or I'm wrong?16:03
islevegani am trying to connect to my nexus 4 internet tethering via bluetooth since there are conflicts between wifi and bluetooth when both are simultaneously enabled. i can "pair" and "connect" with the nexus 4 but internet connectivity is not happening.16:03
tax-agentjust down load it ....dont upgrade badger_16:03
tax-agenthi vipin16:04
k1ltax-agent: there is no general problem with the upgrades. dont tell that16:04
badger_tax-agent, download a new iso you mean?16:04
isleveganin the bluetooth tray item i have "plugins" and "local services". there are some options there that create different kind of failures when trying to connect to the bluetooth internet service from the computer.16:04
tax-agentk1l he has a 'problem' that's why otherwise not16:04
k1lbadger_: so you dont want to investigate what is wrong with your driver and make a new install?16:04
tax-agentif you dont have already then yes badger_16:05
k1ltax-agent: there was no information what is the problem actually. and you stating serveral time as a fact, that upgrade dont work, which is not true16:05
badger_k1l, I don't mind I have a clean install of 12.10 theres nothing on my linux partition i need to keep16:06
k1lthere is no general problem with the upgrades.16:06
islevegani am not sure which settings in plugins and local services is right for connecting to bluetooth internet tethering.16:06
VlanXplease i'd need some info with 7zip using ubuntu...16:06
badger_k1l, I think the broadcom driver is a problem as there are lots of differing driver solutions when I search for solutions16:06
AdeebDoes the cmd "rm -rf *" only remove files which are in the home dir?16:07
badger_everyone that helped thanks, going offline to reinstall from a cd.16:08
vipinhey guys!! i hav a problem installing docks in my lubuntu 10.04. It says u hav to enable compositing to run this dock. Can any one help me with this??16:08
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k1lbadger_: you should take a look into the official wiki page regarding that broadcom chips that the bot linked.16:08
tax-agentvipin install compiz or xcompmgr16:08
k1lvipin: you need a 3d vga driver for most docks16:08
isleveganfor example, in the bluetooth tray > Local services > Network > DUN Support > i have 2 options, NetworkManager or Blueman. In PAN Support I have the came options.16:09
_helios_Adeeb, I think that will delete everything it has permission to16:09
vipinhow do i do that?16:09
ericusAdeeb, it depends16:09
tax-agentvipin what card do u have amd or nvidia16:09
vipini hav nothing. its a crapy old laptop with just 256 mb ram and no graphic card16:10
ericusAdeeb, if you're in, let's say /home/user/randomfolder and run that command, everything in randomfolder will be deleted16:10
VlanXhow can i set compression level while zipping a folder???  Can anybody help me out with that?16:10
k1lvipin: so i dont see a chance to run a dock which need fancy 3d-support to run on that thing16:10
tax-agentso u mean shared memory.......so then just install xcompmgr from terminal vipin16:10
zykotick9vipin: from terminal "lspci | grep -i vga" to find your graphics card16:11
zniavregood afternoon , im tryind to theme a bit unity but im stuck with strange shadow between panel and launcher ( http://i.imgur.com/CxELtD9.png ) any idea how to remove it please ?16:11
ericusAdeeb, if you're in /, then everything will be deleted. Not recommended16:11
Lapp3nHej alla ubuntu kunniga... :)16:11
AdeebAre you trying to tell me that if it is ran as "sudo rm -rf *", it will remove everything --- even the OS files provided that the current directory is /?16:11
ericushej Lapp3n16:11
Lapp3nericus: Detta är inte den svenska delen.. hahha16:12
ericusI know Lapp3n16:12
ericusAdeeb, yes, as much as is possible to remove. Bad idea.16:13
Fuzolanadeeb: it depends on the current directory16:14
ericusif the cd is /, then it would be a disaster16:14
isleveganand in bluetooth tray > Plugins > there are many different items, some of which claim a conflict with others and i'm given a choice of either, not both. For example, NMDUNSupport conflicts with PPPSupport and NMINtegration while PPPSupport conflicts with NMIntegration and DhcpClient while PPPSupport conflicts with NMIntegration. I'm not sure which combination is correct.16:14
vipintax agent, i did what u said, it now says "GA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)16:14
=== tax-agent is now known as asaram-bapu
vipinyes i did16:15
asaram-bapuso you installed xcompmgr from terminal vipin??16:15
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vipinyes i did... i installed the docky dock too... it works but has a black rectangle around it... i installed xcompmgr and when i run it, the dock works properly and the rectangle is gone and it works proprly with all effects, but as soon as i close the terminal, it again stops working properly16:17
asaram-baputhe terminal keeps xcompmgr running as a process thats why!!16:18
vipinso how can i fix it?16:18
asaram-bapuvipin just press ALT+F2 and type xcompmgr in the run box........THATS it16:19
vipinnothing happened16:20
asaram-baputhen for now just run it from terminal and keep it minimized .....Dont Close it!16:21
vipinhow can i add xcompmgr to the auto start program list?16:21
JabocHello, does anyone know how to boot Ubuntu from disc on a macbook with a new hard drive?16:22
asaram-bapuvipin ...goto system tools-----preferences-------startup applications16:22
vipini dont have preferences option under system tools16:23
samba35i have nokia 3500c phone i want to connect to internet using this phone ,how do i connect i tryed with wvdail but i get message on phone subcrib to packet data 1st and wvdail goes in redial attempt16:23
riot_lePress alt+d when Boot @Jaboc16:23
layke_Not sure on the best channel? If I connect to a host using ssh, I specify the key to use usign, -i ~/.ssh/key how would I do the same using scp?16:24
asaram-bapuvipin install gnome-session-properties16:24
Jabocokay ill try that thank you @riot16:24
layke_I want to copy from.. so I am trying this16:25
vipinok.. can u give me the code to install that?16:26
layke_scp -i ~/.ssh/Master.pem ubuntu@host/vol/file.sql.gz .16:26
layke_But I get a cannot stat.. error.16:26
asaram-bapusudo apt-get install gnome-session-properties16:26
bennett1hi! anyone knows how to change the appearance of lightdm's login box?16:28
bennett1in special, I wanted to change the color that goes behind a selected text16:28
layke_Ah I was missing the :16:28
Lapp3n_ericus: Var tvungen byta dator..:S16:30
havok-laptopHello, I'm having some trouble with booting the "Try ubuntu" option16:30
havok-laptopIt gets stuck at the loading screen :/16:31
Jabocokay trying to boot ubuntu from a dvd/iso from a clean hard drive on a macbook. Tried to push option+D and nothing happened. When I just hold option down during restart I got a mouse cursor on an otherwise white screen. How can I get the macbook to read the dvd?16:31
keelGhold down ALT or C instead16:31
Lapp3n_I have a problem with big icones on my wifes ubuntu... How do I get smaller icones .. I have the resolution 1920x128016:33
asaram-bapuhi Devaki16:33
DevakiHello everyone. I just installed ubuntu 12.10 to my another computer, but unfortunately i have a problem with netwrok. ubuntu doesnt detect any wireless connectionss.16:33
DevakiAnyone knows wha might bethe question ?16:33
asaram-bapuwhat card u using Devaki16:34
Devakihow do i check that ?16:34
asaram-bapulspci dump from terminal16:34
Jaboc@keelG. I just tried that, got the flashing question mark and the white screen. Is it possible the .iso burn is corruputed somehow?16:35
keelGJaboc: I would test the CD on another system and/or make a MD5 sum or something to verify your download of the iso :)16:37
DevakiBroadcom Corporation BCM431216:37
DevakiBroadcom Corporation BCM431216:37
Jabockeelg: Thank you!16:38
Devakilspci returns that , asarm-baqu16:38
DevakiBroadcom Corporation BCM431216:38
asaram-bapuS*** another guy 1 min ago had the same card!!!!16:38
FergusLis there something special in Ubuntu (server) not having all cpu drivers ncluded ?16:38
FergusLcan't seem to add the right kernel module for my old CPU16:38
asaram-baputhere are many answers on google search try askubuntu.com Devaki16:39
k1l_!broadcom | Devaki16:40
ubottuDevaki: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx16:40
k1l_Devaki: see this page and try either the sta driver and/or the b43 driver16:41
asaram-bapuk1l, your'e the man THANK YOU16:41
havok-laptopLets try again. I'm trying to start the "Try ubuntu" option, but I get stuck at the boot screen with the five dots. The version I'm trying with is 12.04.1 for 64bit via usb16:43
keelGhavok-laptop: low-tech testing, have you tried on another known-good system?16:45
keelGhavok-laptop: also, I seem to recall you can press esc, and see where in the boot process it gets stuck16:45
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GhrimHow do I make ubuntu respect my mouse settings? there is no way to turn off acceleration in the GUI so I set it with xinput, which works, but only for about two seconds, then the acceleration kicks back in again.16:46
havok-laptopkeelG: If you mean tried on another computer, yes. The laptop i'm on now atm is running ubuntu with the exact same usb installer16:46
keelGhavok-laptop: try the other thing, with ESC then16:47
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havok-laptopkeelG: It's stuck at a line that says "fbcon: Remapping primary device, fb1, to tty 1-63"16:51
havok-laptopline above that is "fbcon: radeondrmfb (fb1) is primary device"16:52
=== MichaelJaikishen is now known as local-goonda
spabOkay.  This sucks.17:02
spabI'm mounting remote NFS exports from my media server on my local machine17:02
spabAnd 2 of 3 will mount with the right user and group17:02
spabBut another refuses to mount locally as anything but nobody:nogroup17:03
spabTwo of the three mounts on the server are physical partitions from /mnt17:03
spabBut one is a directory in a user home directory17:03
spabDo my UIDs have to be the same on both machines of that user for this to mount right?17:04
malcom2073Hey, I'm getting an error: "(xfce4-appfinder:31467): xfce4-appfinder-CRITICAL **: Failed to open window: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken."  which causes a 3 second delay whenever I try to launch a particular application, how can I track down what might be causing this?17:05
escottspab, or you have to map them in your exports17:05
spabIt's mapped in my exports17:05
spabIt mounts17:05
spablocally that is17:06
spabBut it won't give readwrite access17:06
spabThe other two mounted exports are root:root, but the problem export is nobody:nogroup and I cannot for the life of me figure this out17:06
spabMy /etc/exports lines for all 3 are identical so it *should* work, but doesn't17:07
spabI mean it mounts, I can df and see it, but can't read/write17:07
spabAnd changing the UID/GID prior to mounting has no effect17:09
spabIt just changes back to nobody:nogroup17:09
spabI have my suspicions that it has something to do with the problem mount being in a user's home directory but Google is being stubborn, or i'm not searching right, so I said "screw this noise; freenode"17:10
solidoodlesupporHello everybody!17:10
solidoodlesupporAnybody tried a tiling window manager for ubuntu?17:10
escottsolidoodlesuppor, what desktop are you using17:12
spabmalcom2073, I presume you Googled your error?17:12
malcom2073spab: Yeah, most results I was finding was people thinking their application was being run as root17:12
malcom2073I've figured out a workaround though, so I'm not gonna worry about it.17:12
waveformHello all!17:13
spabHi there, waveform!17:13
escottspab, can the non-root user access a folder owned by a non-root user in one of the working directories17:13
spabescott let me check quick17:13
waveformI was here yesterday trying to troubleshoot some odd freezing I'm seeing with 12.0.417:14
waveformI was previously running headless and the system just kept freezing for no particular reason and nothing was in the logs17:14
spabescott, yes17:14
waveformI hooked up my video card and ran mem test on it... no errors found with memory17:14
waveformbooted into Ubuntu now with video cards hooked up and started down my normal path of getting things up and running and there was a kernel panic17:15
spabwaveform, I have to ask, could this be a temperature issue?17:15
waveformdon't think so spab, nothing has changed and the system has never had similar issues, especially temperature issues17:16
spabwaveform, any recent system updates?17:16
waveformunless the cpu cooler came unseated or something odd17:16
waveformyes spab I did do the latest ubuntu system updates17:16
escottwaveform, what was the panic17:16
waveformhmmm I've got a screenshot of it I took with my phone17:16
waveformnot sure how to tell with it17:16
waveformimage of kernel panic17:18
spabGah, this is the kind of crap that makes me want to pay a high school kid to fix17:18
thechefHow can I ban the package ttf-corefonts-installer forever from ever being installed again together with other recommends? It's one of the package I do not enjoy at all, because it usually messes up my system with ugly fonts and besides requires accepting an EULA in an otherwise automated installation procedure.17:19
spabI gave up on sysadmin stuff like 5 years ago, I realized I got no joy at all from it anymore17:19
waveformescott: if you get a chance to glance at that link I pinged let me know17:19
[1]lg188Hello Aptitude is suggesting packages I do not need. I have no dependencies left according to apt-get check.17:20
[1]lg188And it pisses me off.17:20
spabthechef, I think I know how17:20
iceroot!language | [1]lg18817:20
ubottu[1]lg188: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:20
kostkon!aptitude | [1]lg18817:20
ubottu[1]lg188: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.17:20
kostkon[1]lg188, be careful with it17:21
iceroot[1]lg188: and what is wrong if aptitude is suggesting something?17:21
spabAdd the following line to your /etc/apt/preferences17:21
spabPackage: nameofpackage17:21
spabPin: origin ""17:21
[1]lg188iceroot, I'm not going to rage on anyon I'm just expressing my frustration.17:21
spabPin-Priority: -117:21
iceroot[1]lg188: not here17:21
jrib[1]lg188: this channel is for asking and getting help.  If you want help, can you pastebin the actual aptitude and apt-get output?17:21
zykotick9[1]lg188: check "man aptitude" and read about the -R / --without-recommends option17:21
spabBy giving negative priority for this PIN you will block the installation of the package from any origin17:22
[1]lg188zykotick9, does it stop from suggestion for ever?17:22
thechefspab: Thanks!17:22
zykotick9[1]lg188: no17:22
kostkon[1]lg188, i would recommend to avoid using it per warning from ubottu above17:22
GhrimHow do I get rid of mouse acceleration??17:23
HasselsaurusHas anyone else spent time fighting with the AMD HD6450 and HDMI audio under 12.10?17:23
[1]lg188koturk, I have only 1 architecture x8617:23
kostkon[1]lg188, is it a 32 or 64 installation?17:23
spabkostkon, try xinput set-prop 14 273 -117:24
[1]lg18832bit server17:24
kostkonspab, ??17:24
=== local-goonda is now known as savita-behen
kostkon[1]lg188, ok17:24
spabAt your terminal window17:24
spabIt may need to be sudo'd17:24
spabkostkon, it will only be active for the current session, if you want it permanent you'll need to create a shell script and add it to your startup applications in System -> Startup Preferences17:26
escottwaveform, yeah im not sure either17:26
spabIt's a bit of a kludge but it works17:26
waveformyea ;-\ hmmm17:27
escottwaveform, this is on the guest?17:28
waveformsorry on the guest?17:28
waveformwhat do you mean exactly escott17:28
biancahey guys, ive been having this uissue with ubuntu and linux mint on my laptop where after i update i get a disk is read only error, and when i googled it the solution was to use the ext3 file system instead of 417:28
escottwaveform, you have vbox modules loaded. is this the host or the guest17:29
biancawill that have any negitive effects? or is it just the same?17:29
waveformohhh this is host17:29
escott!mint | bianca17:29
ubottubianca: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:29
waveformnot running a guest17:29
waveformI just had installed virtualbox to do some testing17:29
waveformwith an XP VM17:29
biancai said ubuntu and mint you moron17:29
xangua!attitude | bianca17:30
ubottubianca: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:30
spabbianca, is there a specific error you can paste/type?  That will help to understand the issue further.17:30
biancaim just asking if using ext 3 will make my laptop slow or anything17:30
spabbianca: ignore the bot, s/he is trying to govern politeness.  But don't swear.17:30
biancaomg i give up talking to you people17:31
[1]lg188bianca, !]17:31
solidoodlesupporescott: I use xfce17:31
solidoodlesupporIt's lite. Is there a window manager for that?17:31
escottsolidoodlesuppor, so you can probably use any window manager you want17:31
solidoodlesupporAh! Care to give a recommendation? I'm not familiar with the choices for ubuntu17:32
solidoodlesuppor<all my buddies use arch>17:32
ThinkT510solidoodlesuppor: xfce uses xfwm17:32
biancasooo is ext3 the same?17:33
escottsolidoodlesuppor, xmonad is the classic version.17:33
solidoodlesupporThat's the one in haskal right? I'm looking for something with lots o' fancy keyboard shortcuts ^_^17:33
dr_willisext3 should work bianca  - but ive never heard of such a problem with ext4...17:33
biancaokay thanks for answering my only question :) youve all been a huge help with your stupid comments and ignoring my question to point and make stupid comments17:33
dr_willisand theres a great many people using ext417:33
BigMalletWhere can I view my websites added to favorites17:34
dr_willisi would suspect hardware failure. bianca ..17:34
ThinkT510BigMallet: doesn't that depend on your browser?17:34
biancanaw ive been coming here for a week and nobody every fucking helps, you pick and choose what your read and seem to have no idea what yous are talking baout17:34
* dr_willis thought he was helping....17:35
kmicuI added "application in terminal" entry to Main Menu. How I can have it available in Startup Applications?17:35
ThinkT510bianca: like dr_willis said, sounds like a hardware issue, ext4 works great for me17:35
BigMalletWhere can I find my recently added Favorites17:35
kmicuOr how can I run application in terminal from Startup Applications?17:36
biancawell not for me and my hdd works in my pc just fine, and windows works just fine17:36
morf_Hello, does someone know where to find grub's menu.lst in Mint 12/Ubuntu 11?17:36
ThinkT510BigMallet: favourites for what? are you in a browser?17:36
biancalinux just doesnt support my outragiously generic and modern laptop17:36
dr_willishds often work.. untill they totally fail  and can be flakey in bteween17:36
dr_willisbut im done helping17:36
[1]lg188bianca don't push it17:36
escottthank you jrib17:37
Industrial`Can I set Unity gtk looks outside of Unity wm sessions? e.g. in i3wm17:37
Industrial`default gtk is butt ugly17:37
dr_willismorf_:  try the locate command...17:37
BigMalletlocate: manual17:38
[1]lg188okay guys now it's fixed. Thanks17:38
morf_dr_willis: Only an example-file in /usr/share/docs/17:38
dr_willismorf_:  you do realize that most distros are using r grub2 these days.. and grub2 dosent use a menu.lst17:39
zykotick9dr_willis: tough time locating a menu.lst in grub2 ;)17:39
BigMalletHow can I open a word document in xterm?17:39
escottBigMallet, libreoffice filename.doc17:39
pooltablehelp best music tags edit for ubuntu 12.04 lts?17:39
zykotick9BigMallet: with libreoffice or actually as a text file?17:39
spabmorf_, yeah, they changed over to grub.cfg in 9.x17:39
dr_willis!grub2 | morf_17:39
ubottumorf_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)17:39
BigMalletzykes-, Text17:40
zykotick9BigMallet: see if ubuntu has antiword available17:40
=== savita-behen is now known as super-supandi
morf_Hm okay, tank you.17:40
BigMalletzykes-, Anitword?17:40
dr_willis!find antiword17:40
ubottuFound: antiword17:40
pooltableadiword ???17:40
zykotick9BigMallet: 1) tab fail 2) sorry, i guess ubuntu doesn't have it17:41
dr_willis!info antiword17:41
ubottuantiword (source: antiword): Converts MS Word files to text, PS and PDF. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.37-8 (quantal), package size 153 kB, installed size 657 kB17:41
dr_willisyes it does17:41
zykotick9dr_willis: thanks17:41
BigMalletubottu, AWESOME!17:41
BigMalletThats exactly what I need17:41
pooltablehelp best music tags edit for ubuntu 12.04 lts?17:41
dr_willis!best | pooltable17:42
ubottupooltable: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.17:42
BigMalletdr_willis, Should I download from xterm or the browser?17:42
dr_willispooltable:  theres a dozen+ tag editor apps in the repos17:42
dr_willisBigMallet:  huh?   its in the repos.. use the packge manager tools of course....17:42
dr_willisthats why they exist17:42
spabHaha, every time I come here with an un-Googleable problem I wind up spending hours helping out others17:43
pooltableok sorry easy to use ?17:43
spabI blame the 90s17:43
=== qos is now known as qos|away
dr_willispooltable:  use the package manager tools/software center to search and look at whats there.17:43
=== Robbilie_ is now known as Robbilie
tungsthi all17:43
ThinkT510spab: whats the issue?17:44
spabThinkT510, I switched over from samba to nfs to mount from Ubuntu to Ubuntu, and one export mounts as nobody:nogroup and the others are root:root, I can't read/write to my mount17:45
spabThinkT510, I can mount the problem NFS export from the server to the local machine, 'df' and see space, but that's all I can do17:45
viderbitYo dudes :)17:45
spabThinkT510, the two working exports are mounted physical disks on the server in /mnt, but my problem export is a folder in a user home directory17:46
ThinkT510spab: ah, sorry i'm useless on those issues17:46
spabThinkT510, thanks for asking.  Asking is always good.17:46
dr_willisspab:  i tend to usse sshfs to get to users homes. ;) but it will be slower then nfs i imagine17:46
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
super-supandihello Doctor17:47
=== Neshemah is now known as Catbuntu
spabdr_willis, I used sshfs for the longest time, then needed to mount from a Windows client and switched to Samba, but that was stuttery and slow for video files,so a few days ago I made the switch to NFS17:47
spabAnd on the media disk, it's exponentially faster17:48
pooltabletry easttag thanks for the help17:48
spabAnd ditched that Windows machine17:48
dr_willisive switched to dlna/ushare/upnp for my media shares.  ;)17:48
blbrown_win3does ubuntu12.10 have built-In twitter support (writing and reading)17:48
zykotick9spab: fyi, when sharing over NFS - it's UIDs not usernames that are actually used (at least by default).  so if UID 1000 is owner on server, client will map to it's UID 1000 (even if the names are different).  I'm not sure this will help you right now though.17:48
pooltabledoes any know a cheap laptop screen repair shop ?17:49
dr_willispooltable:  i doubt if such a thing exists as a 'cheap' one.17:49
dr_willisreplacement parts cost as much as a new laptop it seems17:49
spabzykotick9, HRMMM.  I had my suspicions this could be a UID issue but couldn't find any Google answers17:49
spabpooltable, you can do it yourself17:50
waveformescott: I checked my BIOS and am running the latest version I did notice some interesting settings on the RAM voltages etc17:50
spabpooltable, it's an evening with a few beers but it is very, very simple providing you have an antistatic wrist strap17:50
waveformset them back to their defaults17:50
waveformand CPU back to its defaults17:50
waveformwant to make sure it isn't some oddness17:50
pooltablespab i think i can but not sure where to buy the screen from ?17:50
spabpooltable, what make/model laptop?  I have done 3, and bought them from China on eBay with no flaws17:51
spabNot even a dead pixel17:51
DJonespooltable: Maybe ask in ##hardware people there may be able to suggest somewhere17:51
pooltableasus k53u17:51
spabpooltable, let me check for you17:51
pooltablespad thanks17:51
sleon_say something17:52
spabpooltable, you may have to open the laptop display and get the physical model number off the back of the LCD17:52
sleon_how are you wector17:52
spabpooltable, is it a 15.6" LCD?17:52
spabI found one for 59.87 on Amazon17:53
pooltablesend link please?17:53
spabpooltable, back up -- did you break it, or did it just go dead?17:53
spabIf it went dead, it could be a backlight inverter problem17:53
pooltablespab step on it17:53
spabSorry, robots if that offends17:53
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abhi92hi guys ,iam new to ubuntu.i cannot install softwares since  'make 'command shows error as :"make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop."plz help me.17:55
escottabhi92, there has to be a makefile in your working directory17:55
ThinkT510abhi92: compiling should be the very last resort17:56
dr_willisabhi92:  not all  source code uses a make file17:56
zxzHi guys17:56
zykotick9ThinkT510: +117:56
ThinkT510!software | abhi9217:56
ubottuabhi92: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents17:56
spababhi92, is the software you want not available with the apt packages?17:56
DJonesabhi92: What are you trying to install? Generally, Ubuntu users just install from the official repo's17:56
kovuplease can someone help me install a bj-10sx printer on ubuntu17:56
=== super-supandi is now known as tina-patel
PhatTonyWhen I run antiword in terminal, I keep getting file size isnt readable17:56
dr_willisPhatTony:  whats the exact commandyou are using?17:57
PhatTonydr_willis, antiword filename17:57
escottPhatTony, does antiword support docx?17:57
dr_willischeck its man pages?  it may want other options. or have limits17:57
spabPhatTony, are you using any non-english characters?17:58
spabI have had trouble with antiword and cyrillics and umlauts17:58
dr_willisand be sure you are using the proper filename ;)17:58
PhatTonydr_willis, I use tab to fill in the name17:58
pooltablespad docx is windows 2007 and up end of file ext17:59
dr_willisfile not found18:01
kovuplease can someone help me install a bj-10sx printer on ubuntu18:03
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
PhatTonyAnyone  know how to setup a cron job?18:04
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
ThinkT510!cron | PhatTony18:05
ubottuPhatTony: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto18:05
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=== julian is now known as Guest8707
gregLPhatTony,  It's pretty easy if you install the package schedule tasks18:07
PhatTonygregL, Do I do a apt-get18:07
gregLPhatTony, It should be in the Software center18:08
replicamy cd contents are not read whn i plac it into my dvd wat shd i do any help18:08
spabreplica, I have a stupid question, are you putting your DVD into just a CD-ROM non-DVD drive?18:09
replica:| my dvd into my dvd drive itself18:09
kovuplease can someone help me install a bj-10sx printer on ubuntu18:12
escottkovu, is that not supported by cups?18:13
replicamy cd contents are nit displyed whn i put the cd into my dvd reader do i have problm with my dvd drivers any help18:13
escottreplica, what kind of cd is it18:13
replicait has songs in it18:13
escottreplica, like mp3s?18:14
replicayes i am kind of new to ubuntu18:14
escottreplica, because an audio cd doesnt have files on it18:14
kovuit isnt18:15
replicait has18:15
replicadoes my cd get mounted on my task bar whn it reads18:15
kovuit has a ppd driver but i cant install it in the cups folder as i need to be root18:15
escottreplica, then i would (a) see if you can find the cd drive on the left in nautilus. failing that try to run "udisks --mount /dev/dvd" failing that check "cat /proc/partitions"18:15
msanforduse sudo command to access root18:16
escott!sudo | kovu18:16
ubottukovu: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo18:16
dbromanyone use freenas... have a question and the freenas room is dead18:16
replicaescott replica@Replica:~$ udisks --mount /dev/dvd18:16
replicaMount failed: Error mounting: mount: no medium found on /dev/sr018:16
PhatTony!sudo | kovu18:17
ubottukovu: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo18:17
escottreplica, does that cd work on other computers? do other cds work in that drive?18:17
PhatTony!sudo ufw18:17
xxiaoafter a while ubuntu is mixed with original packages, checkinstalls, local make-install, any tool to analysis the status and possibly return to an original ubuntu state?18:17
BakouHas anyone run into issues with strongswan rejecting your CA cert because it "lacks basic constraints"?18:17
escottxxiao, reinstall18:17
xxiaoescott: sigh18:18
replicathe cd spins whn i tak it out but the cd dosnt get mounted nor can i see its contents18:18
spabdbrom, I did FreeNAS once, what's up?18:19
dbromok I have a user created and is able to login ove scp to the box but its able to to more then just the home directory18:20
kovuthat command dont work18:20
kovuthe command !sudo|kovu dont work18:20
msanforduse sudo infront of a command for root privledges18:21
ThinkT510kovu: read what the bot wrote18:21
escottdbrom, "able to to more then"18:21
dbromok... set it to use /mnt/data/bob as its home dir but its able to go to /mnt/data and see other directories18:22
escottdbrom, yes18:23
ultramancoolI keep getting errors like this, http://img.trulz.ca/11.png anyone have ideas?18:23
kovuthe problem is that it knows the converter cable but cant see the printer18:23
dbromdont want the users to go out side of its home directory18:23
escottdbrom, then you shouldnt be using scp18:23
spabkovu, does a USB device show up in your system log when you plug the printer in (assuming it's USB)18:23
dbromftp would do it18:24
ThinkT510!brain > PhatTony18:24
ubottuPhatTony, please see my private message18:24
escottdbrom, http://www.minstrel.org.uk/papers/sftp/18:24
carlom61anybody can help me with Ubuntu 12.10 + NVIDIA drivers installation (to avoid any Unity issue on reboot after install)?18:25
PhatTonyGot it... reading now...18:25
elliot-666sorry I'm a bit of a noob to Linux18:25
replica:D hehe i didnt dowload the drivers yet the thrid party one noob me18:26
ThinkT510elliot-666: we all start somewhere18:26
elliot-666lol indeed18:26
dbromstill able to go outside of the home directory18:26
xirtothHello, anyone have any idea about inte gpu drivers? most of games etc are not starting with default ones.. is theres some 3rd party ones i can use?18:27
Seven_Six_Twotried to install ampache, failed, stating "Something weird has happened,  unable to create ampache vhost.". Looked up bug, found one (#996507) that says a fix was released 6 months ago.18:27
escottdbrom, still what? you clearly havent had time to read and implement everything in the webpage i sent you18:27
elliot-666I really like LInux so far.18:27
replicaescott are third party drivers necessary do thy have dvd drivers too to read the cd contents ?18:27
ThinkT510xirtoth: intel drivers are already in the kernel, you shouldn't need to install any18:28
xirtoththinkt510, ok ty18:28
Pinkamena_Ddoes anyone know the channel for wine?18:28
kovuplease can someone help me install a bj-10sx printer on ubuntu i am a noob18:28
escottreplica, you should not need any special driver. either the cd is strangely formated or improperly burned or the dvd reader is broken18:28
ThinkT510Pinkamena_D: #winehq18:28
kovui am new to ubuntu18:28
replicahmmm will look into it thnkx anyways escott18:29
elliot-666is there any way to have propellerhead's Reason 5.0 work on Ubuntu?18:30
AminosAmigosjust lainched myunity to do some tweaks got a msg sayin i am running unity 2D ! How do i check with terminal if that's true ??18:30
xirtothlike when i try amnesia demo, it just crashes after load screen.. i seen it work in youtube with same hardware i have.18:30
ThinkT510AminosAmigos: ps aux | grep metacity18:31
kovuplease can someone help me install a bj-10sx printer on ubuntu i am a noob18:31
elliot-666anyone know how to use Reason 5.0 on Linux?18:31
ThinkT510elliot-666: is it a windows app?18:32
ThinkT510!wine | elliot-66618:32
dr_willisi wonder if anyone ecven knows what reason 5.0 is18:32
ubottuelliot-666: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu18:32
lucisHi all i have a question: I am trying to output my log files to a database. and am following this guide : http://vermeer.org/docs/1   . Yet i seem to be stuck at mport-to-oracle.sh  #to write files to the fifo we have a job import-to-oracle.sh #!/bin/sh nohup sqlplus username/password@dbname @/dev/ora.pipe >/dev/null &18:32
elliot-666thank you very much18:32
kovuplease can someone help me install a bj-10sx printer on ubuntu i am a noob18:32
lucisit does not tell me where to create/place this script18:32
escottkovu, please stop asking the same question. its not specific enough18:32
dr_williskovu:  you have looked at the forums and askubuntu.com about that printer?18:33
wallhi alll18:33
escottlucis, wherever you would like18:33
matrixa1Quakelive isn't going into match, simply not starting, not windowed mode or anything, any idea?18:33
lucisescott expected as much :) thx for the heads up18:34
kovui am here for help to for people like escott to hinder me18:34
AminosAmigosyeah got two metacity in red does that mean i am in 2d ? ThinkT51018:34
dr_williskovu:  so have you cheecked out the forums and askubuntu.com ?18:34
kovuyes i made a thread18:34
kovu0 replies and 99 views18:34
dr_willisdid you search first?18:34
ThinkT510AminosAmigos: if metacity turned up in the grep search then yes, unity used compiz, unity2d uses metacity18:35
CounterPillowHi, when I try to remove the openjdk-6-jre in favour of openjdk-7-jre-headless Ubuntu tries to install the entirety of gnome. https://gist.github.com/53deb6fde915f46ed13818:35
kovuyes i did a search but no results18:35
escottkovu, i dont see how i am hindering you. the fact is you won't get help with such a vague question18:36
escott!details | kovu18:36
ubottukovu: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:36
dr_williskovu:   both sites? the forums and askubuntu.com18:36
kovuyes both sites18:36
jg47hmhow to move a file into home folder18:37
kovui am running ubuntu 12.10 i am having problems with a bj-10sx printer not comming up when i type slusb in console the converter shows but the printer does not or is unknows printer18:37
kovui think it was slusb or whatever that command is18:38
dr_williswhat converter?18:38
escottkovu, so you need to get a driver. file for it18:38
ThinkT510kovu: lsusb18:38
kovua parrellel to use converter18:38
kovulsusb thats it18:38
dr_willisegads.. somhing that old? ;)18:38
kovui tried but the ppd file i downloaded i dont have a clue what to do with18:38
CounterPillowAlso, my server for some reason thinks it desperately needs X11 installed, and wanting to remove x11-common package makes it barf on  default-jre : Depends: openjdk-6-jre (>= 6b23~pre11-1ubuntu1~) but it is not going to be installed18:39
zygopterakovu >> Looking up your situation on linuxquestions_org, not all usb to parallel adapters are supported by linux. Some are windows only. The ones not supported by linux are seen only as unknown usb devices.18:39
kovui typed in on google bj-10sx printer driver ubuntu and it came up with a site18:40
aaamouraoHey, I have a problem with GRUB. I installed Ubuntu after Windows, but my MBR was not replaced by GRUB. My boot manager still being Windows Boot Manager and I don't know why. I tried to use a live disk to use grub install, and although the commands returned ok, nothing changed. I just can boot Ubuntu  using Super Grub2 Disk. Someone here can help me?18:40
escottkovu, that file needs to be put somewhere in /usr/share/ppd there should be exact instructions that came with the download18:40
escottaaamourao, what version of windows?18:40
aaamouraoand I'm sure that I installed GRUN at SDA and not a partition18:41
zygopterakovu >> It does not matter if your printer is supported by linux if your usb to parallel adapter is not.18:41
escott!pm | aaamourao18:41
ubottuaaamourao: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.18:41
aaamouraoescott: I use Windows 718:42
GalaxorI made a startup usb key18:42
GalaxorI try to get my bios to boot to it with uefi, and it acts differently than when I boot to the key using regular mode.18:42
kovuit shows as an usb device unnamed ptinter18:42
escottaaamourao, paste the output of "sudo parted -l" to paste.ubuntu.com. you might also download and run the boot-info-script from sourceforge18:42
GalaxorUnfortunately, the main difference is that it just shows a black screen and never boots up.18:42
GalaxorIf I don't boot to the key in uefi mode, the installer won't recognize that uefi is an option.18:43
escott!nomodeset | Galaxor18:43
ubottuGalaxor: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:43
Galaxorescott, thanks, I'll try that.18:44
CounterPillowOkay, I managed to fix my problem. I had to remove icedtea-netx first. Apparently Ubuntu's dependency-handling is even more broken than I initially thought18:45
PhatTonyIs there a program what will show me traffic on my wlan18:45
bekksPhatTony: Sure: iptraf e.g.18:46
GalaxorPhatTony: I like iftop.18:46
PhatTonyLike symantec endpoint protection18:46
yeatsPhatTony: look into wireshark too18:46
CounterPillowwireshark is a bit overkill18:47
yeatsCounterPillow: depends on your needs18:48
CounterPillowWhether something is overkill or not depends on one's needs? what a revelation18:49
* yakirice coughs18:50
netchiphow can I assign a specific IP to a specific service?18:54
ravurHi, when (in which place of which script) to mount unionfs to provide roaming profiles?18:55
bekksnetchip: You have to configure the service to bind to that specific servoice.18:55
Galaxorescott: nomodeset did not help.  Y'know what else is weird is that when I boot using uefi, I don't get the purple screen or the graphical bootup.  I get standard black-and-white grub.  Is that supposed to happen?18:56
=== fx is now known as Guest51249
escottGalaxor, sounds reasonable18:56
aaamouraoescott: sorry, I am no understanding. What should I do?18:57
arunhey guys18:59
arunmy bluetooth is not working18:59
bluesnowHi, I'm getting this error http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2107004 on Ubuntu 12.04 and I'm not sure how to fix it.18:59
xirtothdo i need specific drivers for radeon or is it there by default?19:00
Galaxorescott: Mkay.  Anything else I should try?  I've tried removing quiet nosplash, I tried acpi_osi=...19:00
arunits defaulti19:01
dr_willisxirtoth:  radeon is a bit vague. you mean your specific chipset is a radeon? or the radeon drivers are needed for your chipset?19:01
dr_willisthe term gets a little overused.19:01
arunhey dr_will help me yaar19:02
aaamouraoescott: here is http://paste.ubuntu.com/1577596/19:02
arunmy bluetooth is not working19:02
dr_willisi have 4 bluetooth dongles.. only 1 wworks in linux19:02
arunhey i have multiboot in 7 and linux19:03
escottaaamourao, so you have a gpt disk with an efi partition and a grub_bios partition19:03
escottit would be strange to have windows 7 booting efi but its not unheard of19:03
arunso will my bluetooth work properly19:03
dr_willisarun:  may depend on the exact chipset its useing.19:03
arunhey how to remove pair from bluetooth19:04
arunin my ubuntu ?19:04
arunhey guys r u there'19:06
arunhey guys r u there?19:06
dr_willisif it waswent working.. how did you pair it?19:07
aaamouraoescott: yeah, I think so hahaha Did you recognize some mistake that I committed?19:07
arunit was working before but not now19:08
escottaaamourao, so grub_bios is an indication that ubuntu installed grub for a bios boot19:10
escottaaamourao, i would figure out how the system is currently booting windows. presumably it is efi mode in which case you need to install grub-efi19:10
aaamouraoescott: ok, should I "sudo apt-get install grub-efi"?19:11
escottaaamourao, within a chroot sure19:12
aaamouraookey, scott.. I install it and run "grub-efi"?19:12
aaamouraoescott:  okey, scott.. I install it and run "grub-efi"? after change root, of course19:12
arunhelp me19:14
arunhey Mr. Will19:14
mojtabaCould you please let me know what is the equivalent download manager in ubuntu?19:14
bekksmojtaba: equivalent to what?19:14
tanveeris this ubuntu ?19:15
tanveerI need help19:15
mojtabaI am pretty new to linux and in windows era I used to use IDM.19:15
tanveeras soon as possible19:15
craigbass1976I've got 12.04 on /dev/sda2, and 12.10 /dev/sdd5  but grub won't recognize the 12.10 install. I haven't had to mess with grub since I could directly edit menu.lst or grub.conf.  What's the best way to make grub see the install.19:15
DJonestanveer: Yes it is the ubuntu support channel19:15
mojtababekks: download manager19:15
tanveerDJones:  HI I want to Install Teamviewer but its not working19:15
bekksmojtaba: You have to install one, if you need one.19:15
tanveerDJones:  i just installed fresh Ubuntu 12.1019:15
tanveerDJones:  and i also have no sound19:15
mojtababekks: Do you know which one is better?19:15
bekks!best | mojtaba19:16
ubottumojtaba: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.19:16
tanveerI also couldnt get chrome to work so i installed chromium19:16
mojtaba!best | mojtaba19:16
ubottumojtaba, please see my private message19:16
DJonestanveer: Just ask the channel in general, for the sound issue, you'll need to give details of your sound hardware, what you've done to try getting it working, and what actually happens19:16
PhatTonyWhats the cli to find a program19:17
dr_willisfind in what way?19:17
tanveerok DJones  can u help me install Teamviewer??19:17
tanveeril do sound after19:17
minoois there a way to determine which i386 packages are needed for run a specific binary on my amd64 precise workstation?19:17
arunhey Dr. WIll help me19:17
escottminoo, ldd19:17
DJonestanveer: Sorry, its not something I've used19:17
dr_willisarun:  with?19:17
minooi dont want to install the complete ia32-libs19:17
tanveerDJones:  its in the software center but i have no luck installing it19:17
PhatTonyI want to configure iftop but I can't seem to locate it19:18
dr_willisPhatTony:  start with man iftop19:18
lauratikaafter reboot ubuntu wont remember display settings always... anyone knows what can be the issue?19:18
arunoh at last it worked19:18
mojtabaI am looking for something equal to IDM in ubuntu19:18
bekksmojtaba: I guess no one in here ever saw IDM.19:19
mojtabacould you please let me know what can I choose? I have no idea.19:19
mojtabainternet download manager19:19
mojtabaI am pretty new to linux19:19
mojtabaplease help19:19
dr_willismojtaba:  i find i rarely need a download manager.. why do you want one?19:19
bluesnowAnyone know how to solve this problem? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=210700419:19
bluesnowI'm using Ubuntu 12.0419:20
bluesnowwith an intel graphics driver19:20
mojtabaI want to download some files from a website19:20
mojtabathen how can I do that?19:20
dr_willismojtaba:  click on the links?19:20
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
bekksmojtaba: Click them in your browser.19:20
tanveerhow do i get19:20
tanveerSteam on ubuntu?!?19:20
dr_willismojtaba:  or you want to give some more detailss...19:20
minooescott: if i run ldd <binary> i get: not a dynamic executable19:20
dr_willis!steam | tanveer19:20
ubottutanveer: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their devlopment, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.19:20
xirtothhow do i install flash player to firefox on kubuntu? noob on linux :)19:21
mojtabadr_willis: There are many files to be downloaded and I want to make schedule for downloading19:21
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash19:21
dr_willismojtaba:  for web site cloneing - httrack.  or check out wget, or curl19:21
xkernelhow to install Ubuntu 12.10 with separate /home partition and also encrypt the whole disk?19:21
mojtabadr_willis: suppose you visit a website and would like to download 20 files from there, not the whole website.19:22
zygopteraxkernel >> if you encrypt your system disk, you will have problems if you ever need to repair files to boot (which happens much too often)19:22
ikoniaxkernel: do you REALLY need to encypt the whole disk, more so as you don't know how to do it19:23
j32a32I am trying to run ubuntu 12.04 on my Acer Aspire One 725-0899 and I am unable to use the built in mouse pad and I do not have access to an external mouse.19:23
tanveermy steam on ubuntu is not installing19:24
tanveerits been saying waiting fo a while19:24
dr_willistanveer:  see the ubuntu-steam channel19:24
tanveerwhats it called?19:24
dr_willis!steam | tanveer  2nd time now...19:25
ubottutanveer  2nd time now...: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their devlopment, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.19:25
tanveerdr_willis:  i still have the same sound problem i am neweruser123  from long time ago19:25
xkernelikonia, yes I have to encrypt the whole disk and I'm already on encrypted disk but I need to have separate home partition so I don't restore my whole data every time I install system19:25
tanveerthe sound problem which no one could fix19:25
dr_willistanveer:  i doubt if i wold rember it if  it was from 10 min ago... ;019:25
tanveerit was from 1 month ago19:25
dr_willisi rarey mess with sound issues.  since ive rarely had sound issues19:26
psyke83hey guys. I'm on the 12.10 Ubuntu release, and something is driving me nuts. In gnome-terminal, key navigation is broken. If I press ctrl + left/right/up/down, control codes are printed instead of moving. How can I fix this?19:26
zygopteraxkernel >> (1) partition the second hdd (2) format that partition (3) add an entry to your fstab pointinh "/home" to that partition19:27
AminosAmigosI am running unity 2D and i have no idea why any help ?19:29
j32a32I am trying to run ubuntu 12.04 on my Acer Aspire One 725-0899 and I am unable to use the built in mouse pad and I do not have access to an external mouse19:29
blarggI have a 101-key keyboard and want to remap caps lock to be a modifier for accessing media keys. e.g. caps lock+F1=volume down, caps lock+F2=volume up, etc.19:30
blarggI'm thinking that I need to map it to be a fourth modifier, then make F1-F12 have secondary codes when it's pressed, but I'm not sure how.19:31
Cypher27ubuntu is life19:31
DJonessnql: Nope, wrong channel & network19:32
xkernelzygoptera, is ok to resize2fs the root on the working system or do I have to boot with livecd?19:32
* yakirice cheers at DJones19:32
dr_willisxkernel:  you dont resize a in use fulesystem19:32
j32a32I am trying to run ubuntu 12.04 on my Acer Aspire One 725-0899 and I am unable to use the built in mouse pad and I do not have access to an external mouse any ideas?19:33
l057c0d3rhello peeps...19:34
yakiricej32a32: http://askubuntu.com/questions/190489/touchpad-not-working-in-ubuntu-12-0419:35
l057c0d3rwas hoping i could get some help really fast... i didn't set up auto login when i installed ubuntu...  so i went into /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and added autologin-user="My user name" and autologin-user-timeout=5 so it would log me in after 5 seconds if another user was not selected19:35
lucisj332a32 what i can find is that when you type FN+F7 at the login screen, the touchpad works. the rest is up to you if this is the case.19:35
l057c0d3rhowever after 5 seconds instead of login me in..  the password box vanishes and it sais.. failed to authenticate..   where did i go wrong19:36
j32a32ubuntu recognizes the touch pad as Enabled but it does not work.19:36
yakiriceoh :/19:36
SolarisBoyis there a specific package to install to avoid these messages "locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory" on actions like apt-get installs etc. - it's a debootstrapped ubuntu 12.04.1 precise system19:37
lucisj32a32 they have mentioned that is indeed so, but it states that in the login screen the fn+f7 should do the trick.  perhaps synclient TouchPadOff=019:38
yakiriceyeah i just saw that also lucis19:38
j32a32ok thanks lucis19:38
PeterGriffinIs it possible to split the console in two and see 2 tty on the same screen in order to tail 2 files simultaneously?19:38
cireI cannot find package smbfs. Did it get replaced, and if yes, by what?19:39
schallusionhi, after upgrading to the new kernel (3.2.0.-36) yesterday, my wlan stoped working. It is a Broadcom BCM 4313 device. it does not get an ip address anymore. any idea what could have gone wrong?19:39
bekks!samba | cire19:39
ubottucire: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.19:39
cireubottu: I have a samba server. I need smbfs on the client side.19:40
ubottucire: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:40
ActionParsnipPeterGriffin: terminator can be split easily. Or just open 2 terminals side by side19:40
lucisschallusion, does the led of the wifi still light up?19:40
cirebekks: i need sth for doing "mount //server/share /target"19:40
bekkscire: Install samba.19:40
cirebekks: samba-common?19:40
cireI do not want the server19:41
jarray52Is there a way I can get my edid id number? I want the hexidecimal string version. xrandr --prop fails.19:41
ActionParsnipSchallusion: if you run:  dmesg | grep -i firm     do you see messages about missing firmware19:41
lucisschallusion, try rfkill unblock all          followed by : ifconfig wlan0 up19:41
PeterGriffinActionParsnip: I have only console, no graphics. It's a server19:41
os__konversationcanon pixma mp250 printer doesn't scan anything ..19:42
cireokay, I think samba4-clients is the way19:42
ActionParsnipPeterGriffin: ahh, you could use screen. Not sure about side by side19:42
os__konversationany ideas ?19:42
ActionParsnipOs_konversation: did you check the canon Europe site for driver?19:43
herpherpHello, someone pretty please take alook at my xorg.conf i cant get nvidia-settings to play nice: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1577719/19:43
cirecifs-utils was the right packagfe19:43
os__konversationActionParsnip: i check the offical site19:43
os__konversationit has a driver for ubuntu 10.0419:44
l057c0d3rany idea why i get failed to authenticate on login using autoloign?  added autologin-user=USERNAME to /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf19:44
herpherpos__konversation: was that for me?19:44
os__konversationherpherp: no :) sorry19:44
herpherpoh hehe np np :)19:44
IdleOnel057c0d3r: I am thinking there is something you need to edit in /etc/pam.d/lightdm but I am not sure what19:45
schallusionActionParsnip, lucis: i will try19:45
l057c0d3rIdleOne, i'll check it out...19:45
ActionParsnipOs_konversation: yes, does the driver work?19:45
os__konversationActionParsnip: i didn't try it actually .. :)19:45
ActionParsnipOs_konversation: it doesn't say its for Lucid,  just says Ubuntu and Debian19:46
netchipbekks, do you have any tutorial how I can do that? :)19:46
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bekksnetchip: Doing what?19:47
=== viveka is now known as Turiyananda
netchipbekks, binding a specific service to a specific IP ;-)19:47
netchipbekks, binding a specific service to a specific IP ;-)19:47
bekksnetchip: Depends on the service.19:48
l057c0d3rhmm.. maybe i should add myself to the group nopasswordlogin..19:48
os__konversationOperating system(s):19:48
os__konversationFedora 12 (32 & 64 bit), Ubuntu 10.04 (32 & 64 bit), open SUSE 11.2 (32 & 64 bit19:48
l057c0d3rit sais auto sufficeient pam_succeed_if.so user ingroup nopasswordlogin19:48
os__konversationActionParsnip: here please : http://software.canon-europe.com/products/0010752.asp19:48
schallusionlucis: the network is up (with eth1). it seems that the wlan is connected to the network but does not get an ip19:48
l057c0d3ror there is an optional pam_gnome_keyring.so19:48
netchipbekks, ah, so I can't do that right via Ubuntu?19:48
ActionParsnipOs_konversation: www.canon.co.uk/Support/Consumer_Products/products/Fax__Multifunctionals/InkJet/PIXMA_MP_series/PIXMA_MP250.aspx?DLtcmuri=tcm:14-822898&page=1&type=download19:49
bekksnetchip: You can do it entirely in Ubuntu - every service you runn is a part of Ubuntu.19:49
schallusionActionParsnip: this seems a hit19:49
ActionParsnipOs_konversation: says ubuntu and Debian .....19:50
schallusionActionParsnip: ACPI(PEGP) defines _DOD but not _DOS19:50
lucisschallusion, what does ifconfig tell you?19:50
l057c0d3rk well i think i got it now.. going to see if it worked19:50
netchipbekks, I mean, configure Ubuntu to let that service run on that IP ;)19:50
l057c0d3rthanks for pointing me in a good direction IdleOne19:50
schallusionlucis: ifconfig tells me the interface is up, iwconfig tells me it is connected, the log tries DHCPDISCOVER, but fails19:51
IdleOnel057c0d3r: hope you sort it out.19:51
bekksnetchip: Yes, you have to configure the service to do so. By default, a service runs on all available interfaces.19:51
bekksnetchip: There is no magic button that does your job. :)19:51
user57809anyone from toronto here knows a place where one could get his hands on an old computer hardware for cheap? or are craiglist/kijiji the best options in this case?19:53
netchipbekks, Ah, okay, thank you! :)19:54
lucisschallusion, try restarting the network service19:54
dyoung2Hi Just used swapon -s and it shows a partition size of 6236156. What does that mean? Is it in bytes/kb/Mb??19:55
schallusionlucis: i tried restarting the device and the computer several times ... the wlan itself is also working. another laptop gets the connection19:56
lucisschallusion, still try /etc/init.d/network restart. have had trouble myself in the past with down/up'ing interfaces and rebooting all not working. yet that restart did the trick19:58
ActionParsnipUser57809: ebay maybe20:00
schallusionlucis: still no dhcp working20:02
happyfaceI changed my cursor theme and the cursor is now switching between a generic black cursor and the new theme20:02
ActionParsnipHappyface: tried logging off and on?20:03
happyfaceActionParsnip, yeah20:03
happyfaceActionParsnip, might just be a defective theme20:04
DmnchildGreetings all, curious if anyone is seasoned with freenx? Im getting a 404 error on the apt-get install freenx (seems I got repository in there. using server 12.10) Following the FreeNX guide I get stuck here.20:04
ActionParsnipHappyface: tried a reboot too?20:04
happyfaceActionParsnip, yeah20:05
DarkSimOn Ubuntu 12.04 how do I look how much space there is left on a drive?20:05
ActionParsnipDmnchild: does the repo support Quantal?20:05
ActionParsnipDarksim: df -h20:05
DmnchildActionParsnip: I think its accessing the repo, per instructions it let me add, update etc. then I get 3 similar errors for different versions when it tries to install20:06
DmnchildW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/freenx-team/ppa/ubuntu/dists/quantal/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found20:06
ActionParsnipDarksim: partitions have space, not the drive.  Even if the partition is 100% of the drive, it's still the partition20:06
Dmnchildand so forth for different cpu20:07
DarkSimActionParsnip, I have a extra 100gb ext4 partition which I was supposed to store things on but everything happens to stay on the OS partition20:07
ActionParsnipDmnchild: http://ppa.launchpad.net/freenx-team/ppa/ubuntu/dists/20:07
ActionParsnipDarksim: you can mount the other partition as a folder and use it that way.20:09
ActionParsnipDmnchild: can you see why its not found :-)20:09
DarkSimYeah I guess, it just that everything I install manually gets installed on the OS Drive anyway20:09
DarkSimSo I guess it's less important to have seperate drives in Linux than it is on Windows20:09
lucisschallusion can you ping the modem? if you cannot it is normal you get no ip.20:10
DmnchildBah so time to downgrade then eh20:10
Frank604Darksim: or you can simlink the drive20:10
DmnchildI only have remote access to this computer so needs to support remote login (less i decide to only command prompt, but i am not on that level yet ;p)20:11
ActionParsnipDarksim: it can be advantageous,  separate /home is good, some people like to have other parts of the filesystem on its own partitions20:11
codepython777I've a remote ubuntu box with 10GB hard drive space (only ssh access with root). How can I backup the hard drive so that I can build a machine locally with 10GB hard drive that is a mirror of the remote box.20:11
ActionParsnipDmnchild: what are you intending to use freenx to achieve?20:11
DarkSimOh ok, still learning Linux (for almost 1 year now)20:11
DmnchildGUI remote login using the Nomachine Player20:12
DarkSimbut I guess I'll just wipe it all if it doesn't feel good20:12
DarkSimit's only 130gb20:12
ActionParsnipDarksim: yes but to do what on the remote system?20:12
codepython777touch: cannot touch `tempfile': Read-only file system -- any ideas on how to debug/fix this?20:12
=== Turiyananda is now known as Vivekanada
DarkSimSorry, you lost me20:12
bekkscodepython777: sudo mount -o rw,remount ...20:12
ActionParsnipDarksim: obviously its remote access, that is what freenx is for20:13
bekkscodepython777: Most likely, there is a reason why it was mounted readonly.20:13
codepython777bekks: why did this happen?20:13
DarkSimActionParsnip, you are talking to the wrong guy20:13
ActionParsnipDarksim: what activities will you be doing on the remote system20:13
bekkscodepython777: You have to find it out, e.g. using dmesg20:13
codepython777bekks: how can we find out whats the problem?20:13
ActionParsnipDarksim: doh20:13
ActionParsnipDmnchild: what are you going to do on the remote system20:14
Bruse_Hello folks20:14
DarkSimActionParsnip, I have free 104gb drive space, how can I use that to expand the OS partition?20:14
codepython777bekks: my dmesg does not even have a word "read" that is realted to read only it seems20:14
Dmnchildconsolidation of services I pay for through other companies… web hosting, seed box being the primary uses.20:14
=== barroll is now known as curseorange
Bruse_I am having trouble installing ubuntu on a Macbook Pro 9.2.20:15
Dmnchildstuff I could do via command prompt only, but still would like the remote login.20:15
bekkscodepython777: Then it might have run out of the ring buffer of dmesg already.20:15
ActionParsnipDarksim: you could mount it  as a folder and use it as data storage20:15
Bruse_When I try to boot from the DVD I keep getting stuck with a black screen and a blinking underscore20:15
DarkSimI understood that, but for the sake of change, let's merge the partitions instead20:15
codepython777bekks: http://pastebin.com/TdUDAFMD20:15
Bruse_I have tried multiple DVD's now20:15
Bruse_Anyone here recognize the problem?20:16
ActionParsnipDmnchild: if yoy can do it securely via cli, I'd do that. Fewer services listening20:16
bekkscodepython777: Which Ubuntu is it? And is it a virtualized server?20:16
codepython777bekks: /dev/xvda1 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro) -- ?20:16
codepython777bekks: it is a virtualized server that i got from another company20:16
ActionParsnipBruse_: what video chip do yoy use?20:17
codepython777bekks: /dev/xvda1 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro) -- I guess /dev/xvda1 is acting up?20:17
bekkscodepython777: I guess it is ro, since mount states it cant write to /etc/mtab20:17
Bruse_ActionParsnip it is the Nvidia HD400020:17
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest33032
ActionParsnipBruse_: oh a switchable gpu thing?20:18
Bruse_ActionParsnip , hmm, not sure. I think it is integrated with the CPU?20:19
Eddispagettihallo,  könnte mir jemand helfen?20:19
ActionParsnipBruse_: add the boot option:   nouveau.blacklist=120:19
bekks!de | Eddispagetti20:19
ubottuEddispagetti: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!20:19
ntalashaso how do i start firstime on ubuntu20:19
ActionParsnipBruse_: you will get issues with that mess. You will need bumblebee to get any sort of support20:20
Bruse_ActionParsnip I am a bit of a noob. What does that command do and how do I do it? Appreciate your help.20:20
ntalashaare you talking to me actionparsnip20:21
ActionParsnip! Bootoption | Bruse_20:21
ubottuBruse_: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.20:21
ravenhi i have an external hard drive that has broken in the last couple of days20:21
raveni dont know really what happend but my parents took the usb cable out from the computer when it was off and i was not home.. anyways trying to mount it via ubuntu but fdisk -l and lsusb -vv does not show the disk at all (its an external drive with separate power supply)20:22
ActionParsnipNtalasha: not seeing anything in my chat log20:22
ravenanyone knows what the reason could be ?20:22
ActionParsnipRaven: try in ##hardware20:23
Bruse_ActionParsnip ubottu Ok, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.20:23
bekksraven: Broken harddisk, broken USB case, broken power supply.20:23
ravenbekks i tried to change usb cable still the same20:23
codepython777bekks: if its read only, is there a way to create a backup of that drive so that i can try to boot from that drive?20:23
codepython777or is that too crazy to try20:23
malkaunshow do i get ccsm in 12.10 to remember my settings like keybindings and command shortkeys?20:24
bekkscodepython777: Sure, just copy the data to another filesystem.20:24
ntalashahey am using a generic ubuntu linux combination can someone help me understand,i need am failing to load the google chrome browser20:24
raventhe power supply nah dont think so, the LED on the drive flashes white20:24
=== slowz is now known as sl0wz
codepython777bekks: how do i copy? rsync? I'd like to create a replica of the original hard drive.20:28
ActionParsnipMaljauns: ask in #compiz too. I'm pretty sure ccsm isn't to be used now. It causes problems20:28
bekkscodepython777: then use a livecd and clone the disk using dd or clonezilla20:29
keelGHi guys - I have this small cosmetic issue with ubuntu, any suggestions will be much appreciated: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1577838/20:30
FuzolanThe Message "Your BIOS is broken; DMA routed to ISOCH DMAR unit but no TLB space." should only lead to a performace drop or I'm wrong?20:32
DmnchildActionParsnip: Hm, installing. so far better then the 12.10 lol. thanks. Now perhaps Ill get lucky and make it through setup without snags20:33
NahitaHey guys, do any one know any dedicated ubuntu server channel?20:34
ravurhow to use overlayfs as root? Do I need Ubuntu 12.10, or 12.04 is enough?20:34
phunyguyNahita, #ubuntu-server20:34
Nahitaphunyguy: thnx20:35
codepython777bekks: Is it safe to try ? sudo touch /forcefsck ?20:36
codepython777bekks:  as far as copying is concerned. I only have ssh access, so livecd is out20:36
codepython777bekks: wont even let me do that : touch: cannot touch `/forcefsck': Read-only file system20:37
schallusionlucis: thx for help ..20:37
aaamouraoHey, someone knows how to install GRUB in a PC with a UEFIbooting?20:38
lucisschallusion you figured it out?20:39
bekkscodepython777: "/touch forcefsck" is not part of booting a livecd and running fsck -f20:39
codepython777bekks: that was for trying to get the filesystem to recover from read only20:40
wbfdoes anyone know how to get a netgear N150 working in ubuntu?20:40
OerHeks!uefi | aaamourao20:40
ubottuaaamourao: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:40
wbfagain, does anyone know how to get a netgear N150 working in ubuntu?20:42
=== Red_M_ is now known as red_M
=== red_M is now known as Red_M
Vivekanadahello everyone. I google hangout my connection keeps dropping20:47
Vivekanadalike every few seconds20:47
Vivekanadahow do I trouble shoot?20:47
borisetoOne noobish question. Can somebody point me to a repository like getdeb/playdeb, since those are discontinued?20:50
lauratikais there a way to move file between folders without copying them?20:51
borisetolauratika, with cut or holding shift while drag n drop.20:51
xangua!ppa | boriseto20:52
ubottuboriseto: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge20:52
borisetoxangua, ubottu , yeap, thank you20:52
zykes-how can I debug these ? "Jan 27 13:19:56 svc02 kernel: [175799.587970] init: ceilometer-api main process (31797) terminated with status 2" ?20:53
lauratikano drag n' drop option...20:54
ActionParsnipVivekanada: does the whole web connection drop too?20:54
wbfAction! good to see you!20:54
ActionParsnipWbf: thanks :)20:54
wbfActionParsnip: do you know how to get a belkin n150 working on linux?20:54
ActionParsnipWbf: which wifi chip does it use?20:55
Devakiis anyone using MonoDevelop here ?20:55
ActionParsnipWbf: isn't a 'belkin n150' a router?20:56
wbfActionParsnip: RTL8188CUS20:56
wbfActionParsnip: oops meant netgear XD20:56
dr_willisLaurenceb: hold ctrl as you drag and drop'.20:56
wbfActionParsnip: sorry for the confusion20:57
=== lazers is now known as lazer
ActionParsnipWbf: http://thatguruguy.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/working-rtl8188cus-in-ubuntu-12-04/20:58
_helios_Hey for some reason libmp3lame is missing on Xubuntu how can I get it back?20:58
msevhi guys, is it normal that firefox takes 5-7seconds to start up in ubuntu 12.10?20:59
ActionParsnipMsev: cold start, yes20:59
dazedepends on your hardware :)20:59
ravurhow to make root filesystem on overlayfs?20:59
wbfActionParsnip: how would I get all the packages and manually install them to compile it? b/c I have no internet access on that ubuntu desktop20:59
dr_willis! Find libmp3lame20:59
dr_willis!Find libmp3lame21:00
msevlaptop: 2.2ghz dualcore , 2gb ram, nvidia 8600m gt 256mb,..lol ancient hardware21:00
xanguamsev: if you don't want it send it to me :)21:01
arunhey guys i am unable to install tar.bz2 of filezilla21:02
arunhelp me21:02
msevxangua haha21:02
_helios_dr_willis, I found it, I forgot to sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras on this machine lol21:02
msevI need it still :)21:02
xanguaarun: sudo apt-get install filezilla ; it's already on repository21:03
arunhey can't i install from .tar.bz2?21:03
ActionParsnipArun: nautilus can connect to anything Filezilla can21:03
=== awk is now known as Guest13544
kiraslaughwhat is the best way to set up vnc, like the most secure way?21:04
msevis there some command to list all installed software in the terminal?21:04
ActionParsnip!vnc | kiraslaugh21:04
ubottukiraslaugh: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX21:04
ActionParsnipKiraslaugh::what are you wanting to do on the remote system via the VNC?21:05
PhosphateAnyone have experience with 13.04 on a Nexus 7?21:05
DmnchildFreeNX is kicking my arse atm :( service is running now, seems to want to connect and comes up black screen. boo. Im determined to figure it out though ;p21:05
wbfActionParsnip: I said How would i manually actually download all the packages required in order to finish the tutorial?21:06
ActionParsnipPhosphate: #ubuntu+1 for raring support til release day21:06
kiraslaughwell i was actually just needing it to start VMs that i control remotely for school21:06
ActionParsnipWbf: wired connection21:06
PhosphateActionParsnip: Thanks21:06
wbfActionParsnip: well how would I do that with a windows laptop a flash drive and the device?21:06
ActionParsnipKiraslaugh: what do you virtulize with?21:07
chechodanhello everyone21:07
ActionParsnipWbf: grab what it needs online I guess. Using a wired link will be far far easier21:07
chechodani have a question for you21:07
arunhey guys my smartcam is not working please help21:07
chechodanhow redimension my swap from 2gb to 4gb encrypted21:08
ActionParsnipKiraslaugh: could try http://code.google.com/p/phpvirtualbox/21:08
chechodanhow this work?21:09
msevguys have fun!21:09
msevgotta go21:09
ActionParsnipChchodan: ask support questions21:09
chechodanthank you21:09
malkaunsActionParsnip, looks like i had to change the backend in ccsm to flat-file config21:09
ActionParsnipChechodan: where you are typing now, type you question21:10
chechodanok :) my question is: how redimension my swap from 2gb to 4gb encryoted21:10
=== nopf_ is now known as nopf
wbfActionParsnip: How do I find out the name of the package to compile the driver?21:11
ActionParsnipWbf: you could study the text in the script21:11
ActionParsnipWbf: is the USB wifi being used in a laptop?21:12
wbfActionParsnip: there's no package mentioned in the script21:13
arunhey hey my smartcam is not working guys help me21:13
ActionParsnipArun: do you see yourself in cheese?21:13
ActionParsnipWbf: is it a laptop?21:13
arunhey guys help me yaaaaaaar21:14
arunhey hey my smartcam is not working guys help me21:14
ActionParsnipArun: you seem to have ueed characters my client cannot show21:14
arunhey hey my smartcam is not working guys help me21:14
arunhey hey my smartcam is not working guys help me21:14
FloodBot1arun: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:14
arunhey hey my smartcam is not working guys help me21:14
ActionParsnipArun: great way to get banned and ignored. Don't vdo that,21:14
arunhey but guys help me21:15
ActionParsnipArun: do you see yourself in cheese?21:15
arunu mean21:15
arunhey which is fastest ubuntu download site?21:15
dr_willistorrents i find fsstest21:16
wbfActionParsnip: the build link is broken :O21:16
ActionParsnipArun: install and run it, it is a program. Try saying "I don't know what you mean" rather than "?????" Which is completely meaningless21:16
BluesKajarun, doenload for ubuntu or applications ?21:16
BluesKajarun , the packager manager21:17
arunok thanks for ur kind info21:17
ActionParsnipArun: the fastest download will change with load and location,  there is no single fastest or nobody would use any other.  But then it would be the slowest due to traffic21:18
wbfActionParsnip: as in /lib/modules/3.0.8+/build is broken21:18
arunoh thanks21:18
arunguys but pops some error while loading smartcam21:19
ActionParsnipArun: you haven't answered my question21:19
arunyes whats your question?21:20
bennypr0fanehello, I installed a GUI application (Canon scanner software "Scangear MP") ) in 12.04 (Unity) but it does not show in the menu. When I type its name in dashboard there are no results. I can start it from terminal though, so it's installed. How can I make it availalble in the menu?21:20
wbfActionParsnip: now build is missing.21:20
ActionParsnipArun: 3rd time now: do you see yourself in cheese?21:20
ActionParsnipArun: ok, run:  lsusb     use the 8 character hex I'd to find guides21:21
ActionParsnipArun: ib a terminal21:22
Muellibennypr0fane: you have to put a .desktop file in the correct directory. That should bootstrap you to get you going.21:22
arunhey it doesn't work in terminal aslso21:22
arunasks for packages21:22
ActionParsnipArun: LSUSB   in lower case21:22
ActionParsnipArun:   what is the output of:   cat /etc/issue     too please21:23
DmnchildCurious: No monitor attached to server, would this make it so no /.Xauthority is created? Seems I am stuck on this with FreeNX21:23
DmnchildFreeNX is trying to connect now, and from what I am reading my problem is coming from this file that does not exist21:24
arunlsusb: Bus 003 Device 004: ID 03f0:171d Hewlett-Packard Bluetooth 2.0 Interface [Broadcom BCM2045]21:26
arunBus 004 Device 002: ID 15d9:0a4c Trust International B.V. USB+PS/2 Optical Mouse21:26
arunBus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub21:26
arunBus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub21:26
arunBus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub21:26
arunBus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub21:26
FloodBot1arun: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:26
ActionParsnipArun: we don't need that, you do21:26
arunand for cat/etc/issue:21:27
arunUbuntu 12.10 \n \l21:27
ActionParsnipArun: imagine if evenn5 people pasted like that? Think about it..... how useless the channel would be?21:27
ClientAliveI have a desktop with 12.04 server and gnome 3 on it and just got a new lappy. I want to put 12.04 desktop (not server) on the lappy but I also want to install all the same programs on it that are on the desktop (with the exception of only a couple things). Is there an easy automated way to do this once I've installed 12.04 destktop on the lappy?21:28
jasuntoanyone familiar with the rsyslogd on 12.10?21:28
jasuntoor should i say rsyslog21:28
ActionParsnip! Clone | clientalive21:28
ubottuclientalive: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause problems with multiarch before 12.10) - See also !automate21:28
jasuntoanyone know how to enable syslog server in 12.10, more specifically server version21:29
ClientAliveActionParsnip: awesome. And I assume that all I would need to do is edit that file to delete the entries for the apps I don't want?21:29
markprimeanyone familiar with binwalk?21:30
iceroot!anyone | markprime21:30
ubottumarkprime: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.21:30
=== sysadmin is now known as Guest78667
arunhey i didn't paste that21:30
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
arun i just copied the whole output man21:30
jasuntohow do you enable syslog server in 12.10 server?21:31
ClientAliveActionParsnip: Hey thx man. That really was a stupid question. I know better. Peace  :)21:31
ActionParsnipClientalive: absolutely21:31
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=== gone is now known as markprime
keelGHi guys - I have this issue with Ubuntus Ambiance and Radiance theme - any suggestions will be much appreciated: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1577838/21:32
ActionParsnipJasunto: http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-remote-syslog-logging-on-debian-and-ubuntu/21:32
ActionParsnipJasunto: took me about 15 seconds to find......21:33
jasuntome too, except 12.10 is using rsyslog21:33
cristian_cWhat command must I use from terminal to make the Find box appeared in chromium?21:33
cristian_cAny ideas?21:33
arunhey action help me man where are u21:33
jasuntoand i dont see the lines that are mentioned in those old articles21:33
yeatscristian_c: Ctrl-F?21:33
cristian_cyeats, Ctrl+F opens xterm21:33
markprimehaving trouble making binwalk on 11.10 just wondered if anyone was familiar with it, any suggestions21:34
TheLordOfTimecristian_c, then you're doing it wrong - ctrl+f is the keyboard shortcut for find in chromium21:34
yeatscristian_c: wait - I'm not sure I understand - you want to invoke the Find box in Chromium from the command lin?21:34
TheLordOfTimeif something's intercepting that and running xterm instead...21:34
jasuntoand as i thought, opening said file from pasted guide results in blank page meaning that file doesnt exist21:34
jasuntorephrase: How do you configure syslog server using 12.10 rsyslog?21:35
cristian_cyeats, yes21:35
=== slank_away is now known as slank
cristian_cTheLordOfTime, but f I press Ctrl+F an xterm window appears :(21:36
yeatscristian_c: okay - then I have no idea, sorry21:36
cristian_cyeats, ok21:36
ThinkT510cristian_c: why do you want to do that?21:37
TheLordOfTimecristian_c, whcih means something somewhere has ctrl+f as a keyboard shortcut to open xterm, and is overruling chromium's shortcut21:37
TheLordOfTimecristian_c, you need to figure out what and disable that21:37
* TheLordOfTime uses ttys for terminal, so he can't help much.21:37
cristian_cTheLordOfTime, maybe :)21:37
_helios_TheLordOfTime, uses the 133t ctrl-alt-f1 f2 f3 etc... lol21:37
jasuntoguessed around and found uncommenting # provides UDP syslog reception $ModLoad imudp $UDPServerRun 514 works for udp21:38
TheLordOfTimecristian_c, no "maybe" there, that's a definite cause of such a problem.21:38
TheLordOfTimecristian_c, in all the ubuntu releases, ctrl +f is NOT a shortcut to open xterm.21:38
TheLordOfTimeby default at least21:38
cristian_cTheLordOfTime, I've not set any shortcut for xterm21:38
=== Guest78667 is now known as VlanX
VlanXhow do i clear arp cache on ubuntu?21:39
ThinkT510cristian_c: lsb_release -sd21:39
arunhey how to allow my software to use bluetooth software21:39
ClientAliveNow I have one other question tied to my first question: 12.04 desktop will surely come (by default) with some packages I don't want on there. Is there a convenient way to gather a list of stuff to remove and then do so in an automated fashion (like the command I was given for repicating the packages from my desktop machine to the lappy)21:39
cristian_cThinkT510, Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS21:40
jribClientAlive: apt-get remove package1 package2 ...21:40
ThinkT510cristian_c: are you using unity?21:40
_helios_ClientAlive, I think apt-get autoremove package1 package2 etc21:40
cristian_cThinkT510, no21:41
ThinkT510cristian_c: what desktop environment are you using?21:41
cristian_cThinkT510, lxde21:41
ActionParsnipCristian_c: CTRL + ALT + T   opens a gnome-terminal21:41
ThinkT510cristian_c: look for your keyboard shortcuts settings21:42
skp1can someone help me? everytime i set my computer to suspend after one hour, the power options reset to zero, i think when i logoff or reboot21:42
skp1reset to do nothing i mean21:42
ActionParsnipCristian_c: also works in other DEs and opens their terminals too21:42
cristian_cThinkT510, I don't find them21:42
ClientAlivejrib: helio: what about something more, errr... automated than searching for every package I don't want on there? Is it conceivable I could run << aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages  >> on the newly installed o/s on the lappy, diff the two files (the lappy one and the desktop machine one). Then review and edit that diffed file. When satisfied, is there a way to feed that fill in for the purpose21:42
ClientAliveof removing (not installing)?21:42
_helios_skp1, Are you plugged into a wall?21:42
Phonequer2Why does bzr dh-make shout about no "whoami" being set, and then, in the created package, sets everything to root@localhost -- while I've had set the whoami to meaningful values?21:43
=== Phonequer2 is now known as Phonequer
ClientAliveproblem: don't know the commands for diff or feeding the file in to remove the stuff.21:43
ThinkT510cristian_c: then you likely are not looking hard enough21:43
skp1_helios_: yes, it's a desktop21:43
jribClientAlive: how can your preferences be automated?  It's your preference as to whether or not you want a package21:43
ClientAlivejrib: hang on I will show you something21:43
_helios_skp1, that's weird, I don't use suspend though because it's known to cause issues.21:44
blarggI'm not getting any of the media keys to work. They're enabled, in particular in dconf-editor org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.media-keys. xev reports that they are showing up as media keys (e.g. KeyPress event [...] keycode 67 (keysym 0x1008ff11, XF86AudioLowerVolume)21:44
cristian_cThinkT510, ok21:44
arunhey guys hhhhhhhhhhellllllllppppppppp21:44
LaxisWhat do you need help with arun?21:44
ClientAliveActionParsnip gave me this a moment ago. It is for installing not removing. Can I do what I was asking in connection with it; but, in the end. for removal rather than installation?21:44
ClientAlive! Clone | clientalive21:45
ubottuClientAlive, please see my private message21:45
aruni cannot configure smartcam man21:45
ActionParsnipArun: did one of the lines from lsusb not identify the device?21:46
andy321help please with USB serial port adapter, can no see ttyUSBS0 connected, triend minicom with pins 2 and 3 shorted but nothing appears on screen, have chmod to 666 and made user added to dialout group, is there anything else to do?21:46
ClientAlivejrib: this -> "<ubottu> (In the future, please use a private message to investigate) To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause21:46
ClientAliveproblems with multiarch before 12.10)"21:46
jribClientAlive: yes?21:46
arunyes it did21:46
blarggAnyone got any ideas about my media key problem?21:46
ActionParsnipArun: did you search for the 8 character hex I'd?21:46
ClientAlivejrib: so to reverse the process with a diff and a review/edit thrown in the middle21:46
ClientAlivecommands to do so?21:46
arunBus 003 Device 004: ID 03f0:171d Hewlett-Packard Bluetooth 2.0 Interface [Broadcom BCM2045]21:47
arunthis is all i got21:47
ActionParsnipArun: thats a Bluetooth device,  not a webcam.21:48
blarggI'm not getting any of the media keys to work. They're enabled, in particular in dconf-editor org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.media-keys. xev reports that they are showing up as media keys (e.g. KeyPress event [...] keycode 67 (keysym 0x1008ff11, XF86AudioLowerVolume)21:48
spacecasefor some reason cinnamon is using a ridiculous amount of CPU.  Upwards of 50-60%21:48
ActionParsnipSpadecase: cinnamon isn't supported here21:49
ActionParsnipSpacecase: ^21:49
arunhey man don't u know smartcam ?21:49
ClientAliveActionParsnip: Surely you know the commands for the second part? Do you?21:49
arunit is a software to virtualize a phone as webcam21:49
ActionParsnipClientalive: seconds21:50
ActionParsnipClientalive: second part of what?21:50
jribClientAlive: This is my understanding of your situation: you have a new install.  You want to remove packages.  Yes?21:50
ClientAliveActionParsnip: I can scroll up, copy and past again if you like21:51
ActionParsnipArun: sorry, i'm not knowledgeable of every software ever21:51
orionarhello, im a noob, how do you cd to a file location in terminal21:51
ClientAliveActionParsnip: just let me know the best way21:51
ActionParsnipArun: think before you type21:51
arunthan teach me how to allow a software to use bluetooth21:51
orionarcan someone help me? i need to learn how to cd to a file location in terminal21:52
ActionParsnipArun: what phone do you have?21:52
_helios_orionar, you type cd path/path21:52
orionarwhat do i put in path/path, how do i find the filepath?21:52
_helios_orionar, type ls21:52
_helios_orionar, ls21:52
ClientAlivejrib: yes. I want an (almost) exact duplicate of the desktop machine on the lappy with these importand differences - (not appache2), not gnome 3 but rather unity (ubuntu's desktop release).. AND eclipse will be installed sparately.21:53
_helios_orionar, LS lower case21:53
orionarok thank you, ill try21:53
ClientAliveActionParsnip: I don't know what seconds means21:53
_helios_orionar, remember that the filesystem is CASE SENSATIVE21:53
ClientAlivenot in the context I see you use it anyway21:53
jribClientAlive: why are there two machines now?  You're cloning the package installation from one machine to another and want to modify it?21:53
_helios_orionar, so if a folder says MyStuff make sure you type it cd MyStuff21:54
ActionParsnipClientalive: was a typo21:54
orionarok thank you, i just type the location, and then the file name?21:54
andy321help please with USB serial port adapter, I can see ttyUSBS0 connected, tried minicom with pins 2 and 3 shorted but nothing appears on screen, have chmod ttyUSBS0 to 666 and checked ttyUSBS0 is owned by dialout group, is there anything else to do?21:54
ClientAlivejrib: it's 2 things going on: (1) clone the packages from the desktop machine onto the laptop machine. (2) Remove 12.04 default packages (on the lapptop install) that are not currently found on the desktop machine.21:55