zequencexrs: Depends on the type of questions you have. Since Ubuntu Studio is mainly about multimedia, we are better at answering questions about that. On desktop stuff, it's either Xubuntu/XFCE related, or even Ubuntu related, all though we try to answer any question we get02:05
xrsi was specifically told Ubuntu Studio is NOT a supported fork and i am NOT to seek help in #xubuntu or #ubuntu02:07
zequencexrs: What were you asking about?02:08
zequenceUbuntu Studio is an official flavor of Ubuntu, and the desktop is mostly imported from Xubuntu.02:09
Unit193It's a targeted flavor of Ubuntu/Xubuntu, if you are seeking operating system help, would be nice to say you use UbuntuStudio, and if you are seeking audio help, #opensourcemusicians02:09
xrsi was helping other people in #ubuntu. some one asked if they could get support for Ubuntu Studio in there and i said yes, also told him if #ubuntustudio is totally dead he can try #xubuntu and thats when i got ran out of there02:10
Unit193Note, not all applications are the same, Xubuntu doesn't use nautilus so #ubuntu would be better there.  I'm taking a look at the logs for more info about that run in.02:11
xrsalso noticed a few config files are in different spots n slightly different than in Xubuntu02:12
zequenceThere are differences of course. It all depends on the question02:13
holsteinxrs: you can send folk to #opensourcemusicians too.. for audio specific stuff04:46
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west_how do I get instrument files on hear to play diff instruments using keyboard or external instrument. Im a noob.09:02
west_can I make some dub step sounds.09:03
famax8west_: dude is quiet vague what you are asking, try to be more specific if you need help for the guys, such as which application you use etc, otherwise i would recommend you to first read the main tutorials and then come back here for deeper or more specific help10:09
famax8west_: meanwhile you can always record via your mic your sounds from a bass and so on on ardour and then rework them ioporting them in otehr programs10:14
west_ok thanks for the heads up. will do tutorials. thanks.11:35
behnoudhi got a question anyone?14:39
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Guest41010i have a problem with sh-201 with ubuntu studio14:42
Guest41010any idea?14:42
zequenceGuest41010: sh-201?14:58
Guest41010Roland Sh-201 sound card14:58
zequenceGuest41010: What kind of problem are you having? Is it a usb device?15:10
Guest41010see im not sure but im noob on ubuntu15:16
Guest41010i should patch this on my ubuntu15:17
Guest41010i guess...15:17
Guest41010but how i dont know? :S15:17
zequenceGuest41010: That's already included in the kernel source, since that is 2.615:27
zequenceGuest41010: Could you use the terminal for a bit, please? And paste the output on paste.ubuntu.com15:29
zequenceGuest41010: cat /proc/asound/cards15:29
zequenceMake sure your audio device is connected15:29
Guest41010actually sometimes plays but sometimes not15:47
zequenceGuest41010: Ok, so your device is recognized. To get desktop audio working, you need to use the pulse audio mixer. You can find from the volume applet at the top bar, or this in a terminal: pavucontrol15:49
Guest41010its open15:50
Guest41010Output Dummy Output15:50
Guest41010but sometimes its SH-20115:50
Guest41010and Input: No input devices available15:51
zequenceGuest41010: Under the "Output Devices" tab, have you set your device "Set as Fallback"? The green icon15:52
Guest41010for which one?15:53
Guest41010for both sometimes15:53
zequenceGuest41010: You can only set it for one device15:53
Guest41010but sometimes like now only Dummy Output is15:54
zequenceMake sure you select it for your usb device. It should be the second one15:54
Guest41010actually theres no hardware output device15:54
Guest41010it happens when i restart my device15:54
Guest41010or sometimes when it crash15:55
zequenceGuest41010: Do you have any wav files on your computer?15:55
Guest41010it doesnt play15:55
Guest41010should i restart the OS?15:57
zequenceGuest41010: Restarting won't help15:57
zequenceGuest41010: Maybe you could paste the pic of the output section?15:57
zequenceUse Screenshot to grab a pic15:58
zequenceShould be somehwere in the menu15:58
Guest41010in progress15:58
Guest41010print screen15:58
zequenceGuest41010: Ah, that didn't look normal at all. Let's restart pulseaudio: pulseaudio -k16:03
zequenceWill kill it, but it respawns16:03
zequenceThen reopen pavucontrol and check if you see your devices there16:04
Guest41010still nothing happened16:04
zequenceGuest41010: Well, it seems like pulseaudio is having problems with your setup, however, alsa recognizes your cards16:05
zequenceThis means jack will work, but you may keep having problems with PA16:05
zequenceGuest41010: To use jack with your audio device, open qjackctl..16:05
Guest41010JACK is here16:06
zequenceGuest41010: Then, in Setup -> Interface, choose hw:116:07
Guest41010its not hw:sh-201 by me16:07
zequenceTo make sure qjackctl always starts with your usb devices, you can manually write "hw:SH201"16:08
zequenceWithout the quotes16:08
zequenceIf you look in "Connect", you should see pulseaudio sink and source (hopefully)16:08
Guest41010lots of errors16:09
Guest41010when i hit the start16:09
zequenceQuitting jack sometimes does not work16:09
zequenceBut, if it starts, then it's ok16:09
zequenceDid it start?16:09
zequenceIf no, first kill it: killall -9 jackdbus16:09
zequenceThen try again16:09
Guest41010error again16:12
zequenceGuest41010: It started once, did it now?16:12
Guest41010its still on starting16:12
Guest41010overall operation failed16:13
Guest41010server communication error16:13
zequenceOk. Let's make pulseaudio sleep for a while, while you start jack.16:13
Guest41010should i kill?16:14
zequenceDo this in a terminal, then start jack from qjackctl: killall -9 jackdbus && pavuspender -- sleep 1516:14
zequencePA will sleep for 15 sec16:14
zequenceAnd you should be able to start jack16:14
zequenceGuest41010: killall -9 jackdbus && pasuspender --sleep 1516:15
zequenceGuest41010: killall -9 jackdbus && pasuspender -- sleep 1516:15
Guest41010D-Bus: JACK server could not be started16:17
zequenceGuest41010: Ok, just to make perfectly sure everything else is dead and killed..16:18
zequenceGuest41010: Close qjackctl16:19
zequenceGuest41010: killall -9 jackdbus && killall -9 jackd && pasuspender -- qjackctl16:19
Guest41010Warning: no translation found for 'en_US' locale: /usr/share/qt4/translations/qt_en_US.qm16:20
Guest41010Warning: no translation found for 'en_US' locale: /usr/share/locale/qjackctl_en_US.qm16:20
zequenceWarnings don't matter16:21
zequenceTry starting jack now16:21
zequenceIf it fails, paste the error for me at paste.ubuntu.com16:21
Guest41010the sound is up16:23
Guest41010idk why16:23
Guest41010the jack is stopped16:23
Guest41010but skype started to ding16:23
zequenceOk, so qjackctl is not running anymore?16:23
zequenceCause, that would be strange16:23
Guest41010its open16:24
Guest41010lemme a sec16:24
Guest41010the last log:16:24
Guest41010from Qjackctl16:24
zequenceGuest41010: It complains about the device not existing16:25
zequenceGuest41010: Big letter "hw:SH201"16:25
zequenceIt's case sensitice16:25
zequenceThen it should work16:25
zequenceAgain, start qjackctl with: killall -9 jackdbus && killall -9 jackd && pasuspender -- qjackctl16:26
Guest41010no process found16:27
zequenceThat just means there was nothing to kill16:27
zequenceGuest41010: Make sure "Setup -> Interface" says "hw:SH201", not "hw:sh201"16:28
zequenceThen, start jack16:28
Guest41010it is16:28
Guest41010with caps16:28
zequenceNot SH-20116:28
Guest41010same error16:29
zequenceOk, set it to hw:116:29
zequenceAnd restart qjackctl, again, with this command: killall -9 jackdbus && killall -9 jackd && pasuspender -- qjackctl16:29
Guest41010server prefix: usr/bin/jackd16:31
Guest41010name: default16:31
Guest41010driver alsa16:31
zequencePlease, do not make any other changes than what I tell yiou16:31
Guest41010alright just checking16:32
Guest41010again no process found16:32
zequenceno process found is not a problem. It only means there was no process to kill16:33
Guest41010just said done16:33
zequencedoes jack start?16:33
zequenceIs your device still connected?16:34
zequenceTry with hw:016:34
zequenceThat's your onboard device16:34
Guest41010i have SH-201 Analog Stereo on Output Devices16:35
Guest41010on volume control16:35
Guest41010i meant16:35
zequenceOk, so it's working with pulseaudio now. I still want to see if you can start jack, or not16:36
Guest41010and its on input too16:36
Guest41010i tried jack before and i adjusted that and worked16:36
Guest41010but i cant remember what i did16:36
Guest41010ok lets try hw:016:36
Guest41010same errors (2)16:37
zequenceGive me the output from the log16:38
zequenceGuest41010: Sorry. It seems like there was something weird with my command ( I never tried it myself)16:39
zequenceGuest41010: So, first: killall -9 jackdbus16:39
zequenceThen: pasuspender -- qjackctl16:39
zequencepasuspender makes pulseaudio sleep16:40
zequenceNow it should work16:40
Guest41010with hw:0?16:40
zequenceWith both16:40
zequenceGuest41010: Have you installed jackd2?16:41
zequenceit's the default16:41
zequenceThere's also jackd116:41
Guest41010i dont know16:41
zequencejackd -V16:42
Guest41010where to find the ver?16:42
Guest41010its 116:42
zequenceThen it's jackd216:42
Guest41010actually 1.9.916:42
Guest41010but w816:43
zequenceGuest41010: btw, I forgot to ask you to make sure no desktop applications were using audio. Like the youtube, or such16:43
zequenceSeems like you might have some problems grabbing the card from pulseaudio16:43
Guest41010no task atm16:44
Guest41010it works with hw:SH20116:45
Guest41010and doesnt work with hw:116:45
Guest41010or hw:SH-20116:46
Guest41010i did that16:46
Guest41010killall -9 jackdbus16:46
Guest41010pasuspender -- qjackctl16:46
Guest41010audacious works fine with a wave16:47
zequenceThe trick is to use pasuspender to make PA sleep for a little while16:47
zequenceThen have it wake up again16:47
zequenceYou could add a script to qjackctl, in "Setup -> Options -> Start Script at Startup"16:48
Guest41010execute script on startup16:49
Guest41010ok what to open?16:49
Guest41010or writing16:50
zequenceGuest41010: Download this file http://paste.ubuntu.com/1577248/16:50
zequencePut it where you want16:50
zequenceAdd it where I suggested16:50
Guest41010download text as16:51
zequenceSo, next time you start jack, hopefully, you should see PA sink and source appear in "Connect"16:51
zequenceAbout 5 sec after you start jack, that is16:52
zequenceThen, you can go to the PA mixer, and choose Jack as the output16:52
Guest41010restarting JACK16:54
Guest41010doesnt work16:54
zequenceGuest41010: yeah, sorry. Seems to not work for me either..16:57
zequenceGuest41010: It seems it was not smart to download the file17:03
zequenceSomething is wrong with the file, but the text is correct17:03
zequenceCopy and paste the text instead, and save it to a file17:04
zequenceGuest41010: This worked for me17:04
Guest41010i did that17:05
Guest41010gedit > save17:05
Guest41010but .*?17:05
zequenceYep, it works17:06
zequencePA goes to sleep for 5 sec, jack starts, and then PA wakes up17:06
Guest41010im sure i have problem with saving17:07
zequenceYou should select and copy the text. Not download as17:07
Guest41010i did copy17:07
zequenceThere is some problem with the file that is downloaded. You can't see it in a text editor17:07
Guest41010and its on gedit17:07
zequenceWell, anyway. I'm sure you get the idea17:08
Guest41010but what is the format to save?17:08
zequenceI forgot one thing17:08
zequenceYou just need to make it executable17:08
zequenceIn a termina: chmod +x <myfile>17:08
zequenceOr right click, and change permissions17:08
zequenceOk, I need to get going. Good luck17:09
Guest41010you too17:09
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sirriffsalotHow would I set an environment variable when running Ardour beta 3 in ubuntustudio 12.10?22:46
zequencesirriffsalot: Which variable do you mean?22:47
zequenceYou can add variable to your ~/.bashrc22:47
zequenceexport MYVARIABLE=something22:47
zequenceAdd a line like that to the bottom22:48
sirriffsalotI did that with the export suggestion.. but arduor 3 is so laggy it is going to the point of madness22:48
sirriffsalotPressing the record button takes 4 seconds.. I have the latest nvidia drivers etc as this is a fresh 12.10 install22:49
sirriffsalotzequence, thanks for replying so quickly by the way!22:49
zequencesirriffsalot: add it at the ned of ~/.bashrc22:50
zequenceexport FORCE_BUGGY_GRADIENTS=122:50
zequenceyou'll need to logout and login again22:51
zequenceOr, does that only work for shell stuff..22:51
zequenceAnyway, try taht22:51
zequenceActually, you can try it by just starting ardour from a new shell window22:51
zequenceWhen you open a new shell window, it reads the .bashrc file22:51
sirriffsalotzequence, starting ardour from a new terminal, right?22:52
sirriffsalotzequence, is starting ardour from terminal by going /opt/Ardour/bin/ardour3 right?22:52
zequencesirriffsalot: that sounds right. i don't have ardour3 installed though22:53
sirriffsalotOk, hang on..22:53
zequencesirriffsalot: It says on the bottom of that forum post that the open drivers were a bit better22:55
zequencesirriffsalot: The free drivers are getting better all the time. I'd give it a try22:55
sirriffsalotzequence, nouveau.. what's this?:) Fairly new to linux in comparison to you :)22:56
zequencesirriffsalot: nouveau is what you have before you add proprietary drivers22:56
zequenceSo, just unactivate them22:56
sirriffsalotzequence, how do I do this in 12.10? can't find the drivers button anymore22:58
zequencesirriffsalot: It's now in Software Sources22:59
zequencefrom the terminal: software-properties-gtk22:59
zequencelast tab22:59
sirriffsalotNouveau display driver from xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (open source) ?:P23:01
sirriffsalotIs a relog/reboot necessary?23:05
sirriffsalotzequence, tried it both with the open source drivers and the environment variable.. Same frustrating problem23:13
sirriffsalotzequence, perhaps you can solve another problem instead.. I've got a laptop with RAID on it, and for some reason, no matter how I partition, the bootloader is either uninstallable or is not found when I try to install ubuntu 12.10..23:14
sirriffsalotzequence, mind telling me exactly how I should partition and place the bootloader and or other partitions?23:14
zequencesirriffsalot: During installation, make sure to have GRUB be installed onto the right drive23:15
zequenceI don't have any experience with raid, but the boot loader usually goes to the first drive, which normally is /dev/sda23:15
sirriffsalotYeah.. that's the problem.23:16
sirriffsalotFor some reason /dev/sda does not exist23:17
sirriffsalotOnly /dev/mapper/isw_dcggdjjfea_XPS.. :-S23:17
zequencesirriffsalot: Sorry, can't help you there. But, you could make a bug report. Have you had a similar problem while installing, say, regular Ubuntu?23:19
zequenceor just Ubuntu Studio?23:19
sirriffsalotzequence, no, it's the same problem for both. It really is my fault, because I cannot recall how I fixed this issue one year ago, hehe23:20
sirriffsalotzequence, I'm seeing no change whatever I do with ardour 3.. and a new session has no problems.. Just huge sessions get laggy.. does that explain things somehow?23:22
zequencesirriffsalot: This to me sounds like it has to do with Ardour itself23:27
sirriffsalotWell, their solution is the environment thing.. but to no avail for me23:28
sirriffsalotzequence, do you have any suggestions on how to most efficiently move all the files from A3 to an A2 session?23:29
zequencesirriffsalot: I'm not an expert in ardour in any way. Since it is a Ardour package you are using, i suggest asking about it on #ardour23:42
zequencemeaning, it's not a Ubuntu Studio build23:43
zequenceI know they can be a bit pedantic about that sort of thing23:43
sirriffsalotzequence, that description being one of the reasons I turned here, hehe23:48
zequencesirriffsalot: Well, since you are using their build, any user support questions should be ok for them23:49
zequence..which they should be anyway23:50
sirriffsalotWould it help to build it from scratch instead of using the pre-build binary?23:55

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