Que20Je cherche de l'aide : J'ai une tres mauvaise connexion depuis que je suis sous Xubuntu, je ne sais pas pourquoi. J'ai pourtant éssayé de réinstaller le driver de mon dongle wifi (rtl8187) mais rien y fait... Help! :'(00:14
GridCube!fr | Que2000:14
ubottuQue20: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.00:14
Que20Thank you00:15
hansinRecently installed Xubuntu 12.10 in a virtual machine so I could code in a Linux environment while also in Windows. This is probably the best Linux desktop experience I have had to date, and I have installed many distros. So kudos on that.\00:30
SiilenceFelt exactly the same way the first time I installed it.00:30
hansinThe fonts look really nice, and it is cool to finally be able to add TT fonts by dropping them in the appropriate folder and have then just work (not sure when that transition happened.00:31
hansinWhat I am excited for, and I know this is some time off, but seeing Xfce transitioned to GTK3 and then able to be run from Wayland.00:31
hansinBut basically wanted to give a kudos out to the dev team. I always end up dumping Linux because the desktop experience just is not up to par from me, but I am writing more web type code, and nice to code in a decent Posix environment, in fact for me better than OSX in that most server are Linux based. So really happy with the Xubuntu 12.10 experience.00:33
hansinBtw, see that Xfce 4.12, which is a transition towards GTK3 (cool) is set to be released in early March. Any chance it will make it into Xubuntu 13.04 as default, or has that not been decided yet? Thanks Btw.00:37
nicholosophyhansin, as long as it doesn't transition to looking like gnome3, I'll be happy :p00:53
nicholosophyFor someone who has used linux on and off for over a decade, I love xubuntu. I just switched full time to it and deleted Windows 8 last night.00:53
nicholosophyalthough I do have a couple of windows VMs (Win 8 and XP) for work stuff00:54
hansinnicholosophy: From what I have seen said about this in various places, the Xfce devs are committed to keeping a more "traditional" desktop paradigm that many people are used to and actually find productive for their workflow. Many of us who use computers to do certain tasks don't care about the distractions that the "social" desktop brings about, or will ever use a tablet or similar for most...00:56
hansin...productivity. Let's face it, screen real estate matters, along with other issues.00:56
hansinThere are maybe some interesting ideas that could available to the traditional desktop, things like Spotlight in OSX or the cross-platform open source Launchy, both app launchers triggered by Alt-Space (Alt-2 is not ideal, but I suppose I could re-map). I also like to install Guake for a drop-down terminal. Basically, a solid core desktop where maybe some cool supplemental programs that...01:01
hansin...people could pick and choose (so if you wanted HUD type thing, you could add it.) Anyway, solid Xfce on Wayland might be a great core.01:01
nicholosophyhansin, amen!01:01
hansinAs they say, KISS, but not so simple that you cannot customize to your liking.01:02
hansinJust simple in the sense of a well thought out solid core.01:02
hansinAt least that is my take ;)01:04
fmjunkieHi guys,, I was hoping someone could answer some questions for me about getting compiz to work in Xubuntu 12.04?01:50
pleia2we won't know until you ask :) but keep in mind that it's not an official supported configuration01:51
fmjunkieoh ok,, well i seem to be having trouble with the whole decorator part.. this is that terminal says after i run compiz --replace "Couldn't find a perfect decorator match; trying all decorators01:52
fmjunkieFound no decorator to start01:52
fmjunkieanyone know what I can do to fix this?01:54
nicholosophyanyone know if there is a ppa for thunar dropbox plugin?02:21
Cheri703wadapdoc: best to ask in a public channel before pm'ing people. if you have questions you can ask here.02:42
wadapdocoh okey02:43
wadapdocCheri703 I hope you can help me out cause I'm kinda lost. Anyway this is the problem... yesterday while I was updating some software on a Win7 the screen froze and I waited for a couple of minutes and decided to reboot the PC. After rebooting the PC I couldn't get past a screen that kept on showing up no matter what I did. The error that it was showing was 0xc000009 and that's effecting some I/O device or something.02:50
xubuntu395How do I create RAID-1 across two partitions before installing XUbuntu 12.10?02:53
wadapdocFriend of mine told me to do a Xubuntu-to-desktop boot and using the try out setting see if my HDD is alive and if I can recover some files which I did now is the funny part. After I recovered everything I decided to erase everything and install the Xubuntu package but after getting several errors while installing and constant rebooting somehow it worked but I'm getting stuck again after the Ubuntu booting map.02:53
wadapdocAfter I choose to boot ubuntu the screen frezes and after a while I get some error and few more kernel fails.02:54
Unit193wadapdoc: Pretty sure you have a dead/dieing harddrive.02:55
wadapdocCan it be stuck on a bad sector that over loops somehow?02:55
wadapdocI haven't used any error fixing commands like chkdsk02:56
Unit193What's the brand?02:57
wadapdocit's an old SATA Hard02:57
wadapdocthe funny thing is I atm while I'm booted from the usb I can acsses the HDD via Gigolo02:58
Unit193If it is seagate, try http://www.seagate.com/staticfiles/support/seatools/seatools-test-codes.html02:58
wadapdocI can connect to it.02:58
wadapdocI remember the thing failing on some vmlinuz file or command02:58
wadapdocI don't know I'm new to Linux and learning but I like it.02:59
wadapdocUnit193: Any other ideas?03:09
Unit193As I said, check the harddrive.  Using seatools for seagate, WD ones for wd, or maybe mhdd.03:11
wadapdocHaha I'm not sure how.03:13
wadapdocI can't use the for Windows file I guess the only option is the dos one.03:15
wadapdocUnit193: what do I do once I dl the dos iso? I'm a complete noob.03:19
wadapdocOh crap I don't have a DVD rom to burn the thing to a CD.03:19
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent03:19
wadapdocIs that for me?03:20
GridCubeif you dont have dvd's you can use a pendrive yes, wadapdoc03:23
wadapdocbut I got the Xubuntu boot thingy on the USB03:23
GridCubewhat do you want to burn to a dvd then?03:26
wadapdocUnit193 suggested that I try seagate tools to see what's wrong with my HDD.03:27
wadapdocAlso when I was installing Xubuntu I never configured the partitions.03:29
wadapdocAnd I just learned that I need to configure them.03:29
wadapdocIt looks like I got one ext4 type partition without any mount command which is 248gig and 2 others swap that are each 1071mb03:32
GridCubeif you just choose to use the whole disk the installer takes care of that03:32
wadapdocbut at the Used subpanel thingy it shows Unknown for the 248gig partition03:34
wadapdocdamn this is weird03:34
GridCubewadapdoc, open a terminal and type: sudo fdisk -l03:35
GridCubeand paste the result to a pastebin03:35
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:36
GridCubealso you could paste the results of df03:37
=== Juvenal_ is now known as Juvenal
Juvenalhello, long time linux/ubuntu/gnome user here. am installing xubuntu for the first time ever as we speak03:40
Juvenalanyone have any tips or extensions or 'need to have/know' things for xfce?03:40
wadapdocGlad to have you here03:41
Juvenalglad to be here, gnome was making me sick03:41
wadapdocYeah those gnomes03:41
wadapdocAnyway I'm new here and new to linux/gnome/ubuntu03:42
Juvenali was using gnome 2 on ubuntu 11.10 before, and there were quite a few awful ui bugs introduced when ubuntu shifted to gnome 303:42
wadapdocGridCube: any info?03:43
GridCubewadapdoc, can you paste the results of df aswell please03:44
Juvenalwadapdoc, whats the issue you were having?03:45
wadapdocsure just tell me how do I do that03:45
wadapdocI'm having some issues with my HDD as it looks like03:46
GridCubewadapdoc, on a terminal, type df and press enter03:47
wadapdochere it is GridCube http://pastebin.com/rpERi16k03:48
GridCubedf -h to get human readable numbers :P03:48
wadapdocone sec03:48
GridCubei... what?03:49
GridCubeyour partitions are all sort of weird03:49
wadapdocyeah I know!03:50
wadapdocI just don't know what the hell happened03:50
Juvenalare you booted to a livecd?03:50
wadapdocyes from a USB03:50
hansinJuvenal: maybe just dig around in the settings manager ( Start | Settings Manager ) a bit and explore. I am not an expert, but finds it pretty intuitive. I like to clean up to my liking like removing icons from menus, set background, move to a single Gnome/Windows style panel to the bottom (so delete launcher at bottom and move top panel to below), etc. I guess just explore it a bit, but I...03:50
hansin...really like Xfce in the latest Xubuntu. They did a good job with this distro I think.03:50
GridCubeoh... right... XD live session03:50
GridCubethats why the all sort of weirds03:50
JuvenalGridCube, you did the same thing i did "wtf, that looks like a live session"03:51
wadapdocI don't know what you guys saw but all I saw was bunch of numbers and went "wtf do all these numbers mean!?"03:51
GridCubei forgot about that part03:51
GridCubewadapdoc, its pretty simple if you take the time to read it03:51
GridCubenot the fdisk -l part though, that might take more time03:52
hansinwadapdoc: I am not totally following, but do you know for sure you installed, or are you just running from the LiveCD and have not installed to the harddrive yet?03:52
wadapdocso any ideas how we should fix this GridCube?03:52
hansinLiveUSB I mean ;)03:52
GridCubewadapdoc, you see the problem is here: Disk /dev/mapper/nvidia_ffbfhbci1 doesn't contain a valid partition table03:52
wadapdocI have installed but when I boot Xubuntu without the LiveUSB it fails03:53
GridCubethats what fdisk -l is saying, thats your / partition03:53
Juvenalhmm, well this isnt a great start. not booting after install03:53
Juvenallikely the ufi bootloader wasnt installed correctly..03:53
wadapdocbut when I connect to the drive whie Gigolo from the LiveUSB03:53
wadapdocI can see the installation files03:53
wadapdocI think the issue might be I haven't installed the thing properlly with the partitions03:54
GridCubeyour partition tables are broken, you can try using testdisk to recover it03:54
wadapdochow? where?03:54
GridCubebut i dont recommend you to use testdisk because its fairly complex03:54
GridCube!info testdisk03:55
ubottutestdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.13-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 516 kB, installed size 1201 kB03:55
wadapdochow do I use that03:55
GridCubewadapdoc, http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step03:56
GridCubebut as i said, fairly complex03:56
GridCubei've done it a few times though03:56
wadapdocoh so what do you suggest?03:56
GridCubeyou can try that, or reformat and use some tool like chkdsk to separate faulty sectors03:57
GridCubeand try the installation again03:58
wadapdoclets go with the option of reformat03:58
wadapdoccan you gudie me through pretty please03:59
GridCubesorry, gotta go, but do read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fsck03:59
wadapdocaww man ty anyway03:59
wadapdochave a nice day03:59
GridCube:D night actually, sleepy sleep tiems04:00
GridCube!uefi | Juvenal if you are having problems with uefi please read this04:00
ubottuJuvenal if you are having problems with uefi please read this: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI04:00
GridCubebye :)04:01
hansinwadapdoc: you might have issues with raid (looks like you ION board might have a RAID setting in the BIOS ???). At least, this is what made me thing so - see #8: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130581104:02
hansinAnd then there is fail because GRUB cannot access these partitions. Well, something like that. Though was an issue with an earlier Ubuntu release.04:03
wadapdocwhat do you suggest?04:03
hansinwadapdoc: maybe read through the thread. I have not done much with RAID set ups, and I have never seen these alternate device entries for Nvidia. If you know how to access the BIOS, maybe see if there are RAID setting for the SATA controller, and just disable RAID. Of course you would then need to do a reinstall. But do take a look at the thread from the above link as there seemed some info.'04:06
wadapdocAlright thank you very much.04:06
hansinwadapdoc: me personally, if I was only going to use one drive (do you know what RAID is by the way, just curious?), I would get into the BIOS and disable any RAID. But the whole thread seems to be a pretty good read and I actually learned something ;)04:09
hansinwadapdoc: just curious, but what is your computer or motherboard brand/model?04:10
wadapdocI don't know what RAID is but I read earlier on some thread something about it and honestly I was trying to do something there but only ended up as I remember clearing the whole HDD.04:13
wadapdocThe motherboard model on this PC is very old one it's a MSI n1996 if I'm not mistaken04:13
wadapdocbut I'm pretty sure that I disabled the RAID thing and set it to IDE.04:15
hansinwadapdoc: Ok. Well, RAID (redundant array of independent/inexpensive disks) is for using multiple drives where you can do things like mirror the drives so if one crashes you do not lose data, or you can "stripe" data so things things are accessed twice as fast (data split between drives), etc. But you wouldn't need that with one drive.04:17
wadapdocYeah I was just looking through it's settings what it does.04:17
hansinBtw, I am only guessing it is a RAID thing from what I was seeing, but could be wrong. You must have had some sort of Nvidia chipset in there if it is giving you /dev/mapper/nvida... entries in your partition table. But I am not an expert.04:18
wadapdocanyway I tried fsck /dev/sdb1 and it says the filesystem is mounted and that if I continue it can cause filesystem damage.04:19
hansinyeah, because /dev/sdb1 is you USB stick.04:19
hansinI would probably dig through the BIOS a bit again and make sure things look good for you SATA controller and hard drive settings. In fact, I would set the SATA controller to SATA if you can (not IDE). Then I would boot again into the USB and do a clean install (tell it to use the whole drive.) It should repartition it all for you.04:21
wadapdocI wrote fscsk /dev/mapper/nividia/ffbfhbci1 to try and enter the HDD but it says Permission denied and that I Don't have access to it hmm04:21
wadapdocI have AHCI, RAID and IDE04:22
dancatI am using gmusicbrowser and it seems not to support m4a ... is there a work around anyone knows about?04:22
dancatasking here since this is the stock audio of xubuntu04:23
hansinFYI, you hard drive should be /dev/sda -- the whole drive, and each partition /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2 etc.04:24
hansinBtw, I'd probaly go with AHCI: http://www.diffen.com/difference/AHCI_vs_IDE04:24
wadapdocI'll be back just to try these things04:25
Juvenalah, silly me04:27
hansinwadapdoc: one last thing...04:27
Juvenaldidnt use the right efi boot partition04:27
hansinwadapdoc: Just for your info, you sda1 is a primary partition, and your sda2 in the second primary which contain the extended sda5 as SWAP. Basically, that part looks like it should be. Give it a go ( change to ACHI and do a clean reinstall ), and let us know how it goes!04:28
hansinwadapdoc: Or you could first try and just change the BIOS setting and see if current install boots (worth a try) and only reinstall if no boot.04:29
Juvenaldancat, it looks like gmusicbrowser claims support for m4a in 1.1.x04:30
Juvenalwhich is an RC04:30
Juvenalv1.1.2 added support04:31
Juvenaldancat, what release are you using? anything over 10.04 should have gmusicbrowser 1.1.x04:33
dancatOkay, I am learning the vocab. My m4a(s) are encoded with AAC and they do not show up in gmusicbrowser but show and play in other media programs04:34
Juvenalsounds like a bug in gmusicbrowser then04:35
Juvenalor an issue with your specific m4a's04:35
Juvenalsince 1.1.2+ claims support for m4a04:35
dancatI've looked everywhere for an answer and the only thing I am seeing is http://forum.gmusicbrowser.org/index.php?topic=604.msg2859#msg285904:36
dancatwhich didn't make that much sense to me but...04:36
Juvenaldo your m4a files have id3v2 tags?04:39
dancatlet me see... I believe they are tags with the aac version tagging tool but standby04:40
Cheri703is there a way to run the "normal" (gnome?) ubuntu clock applet on an xfce panel? I miss my world clock...04:41
Cheri703nvm, I think I found something04:42
JuvenalCheri703, share? just switched to xfce and world clock is nice04:42
Cheri703haven't tried it yet, but: http://helpdeskgeek.com/linux-tips/run-gnome-applets-in-the-xfce-panel/04:42
Cheri703going to in a sec04:43
dancatno id3tag04:43
Cheri703getting my ctrl-alt-t set up to open terminal, I miss that too :)04:43
dancatwill id3 tags on a AAC file corrupt the file?04:43
Juvenalheh, same Cheri70304:44
Cheri703hmm...ok, so it's saying that program isn't available, one sec04:44
Juvenalxfce4-terminal messed me up04:45
Juvenalso used to 'gnome-terminal'04:45
Cheri703(for the record, you can set the keyboard shortcut under settings > keyboard04:45
Juvenalyep, found that a minute ago04:46
Cheri703looks like "xfce4-goodies" is the thing that'll give xfapplets04:46
Cheri703and xfapplets allows gnome applets04:47
Juvenalok, so dual monitors here04:47
Cheri703me too :)04:47
Juvenalwhere do i change that04:47
Juvenalright now its just mirrored04:47
Juvenaland in display i dont see options to change that04:47
Cheri703ah, so....if you're using xubuntu out of the box you have to set it up with arandr04:47
Cheri703I am using xfce 4.12 (which is pre pre beta at the moment) and it allows it04:48
Cheri703this explains both options: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/11/how-to-use-multiple-monitors-in-xubuntu.html04:48
Juvenalworks ;)04:48
JuvenalCheri703, did you recently switch from gnome to xfce too? lol04:49
Cheri703yeah :) like....thursday04:49
Juvenalhah, i did the same, but like an hour ago xd04:50
timaaaHello im in the middle of setting up xbuntu and im wondering what it means when it. Says no root file.04:50
Cheri703brb, rebooting04:50
holsteintimaaa: no root partition.. i would just clear out some empty space, and let the installer do the work automatically04:51
holsteinotherwise, you need a partition specified as root, as / ...and you'll want a swap file04:51
timaaaSo what do i do.04:52
timaaaI have a 200 gig partion do i set it to use that?04:52
holsteintimaaa: depends really.. i suggest, clearing out some free space and letting the installer do it automatically04:52
holsteinif you want the entire 200 for xubuntu, then just choose "use entire drive" or "replace existing OS"04:53
timaaaI want to keep windows too.04:53
holsteintimaaa: there is an "install alongside windows" option04:55
holsteini would have my data backed up, and i usually use a live CD and shrink the windows partition, reclaiming some empty space, as i suggested above.... then i let the installer use the empty spcae04:56
holsteinthere are lots of guides and tips.. and different ways to do it... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot04:57
Cheri703Juvenal: ok, bad news :( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=200421604:57
Cheri703looks like xfapplets won't work anymore -_-04:57
Juvenalah, lame04:57
timaaaI have a full backup. So i have to go and configure the partion from windows.04:57
Cheri703I want world clock dangit!04:57
holsteintimaaa: nope.. you dont have to, but you can,.. windows wont make you an ext4 partition04:58
holsteintimaaa: what do i usually do? make *empty* space, and let the installer do it, automatically04:58
JuvenalCheri703, indeed. i collaborate with people all over the world04:58
Juvenalworld clock will be missed04:58
timaaaCause i have three partions.05:00
timaaaWindows, recovery, and windows info05:00
Cheri703Juvenal: ooo, I had an idea, give me a sec05:00
Juvenaltimaaa, do you want to replace windows, or install along side windows?05:00
holsteintimaaa: its up to you.. i usually simplify, and shrink one05:01
holsteinJuvenal: dual boot05:01
holsteintimaaa: that page i linked lays out the options pretty well05:01
Juvenaltimaaa, then boot the livecd, use gparted to shrink the partition and install on free space05:01
wadapdochansin I got good and bad news05:02
holsteintimaaa: i think you are trying to create a linux install partition from windows, and windows wont do that (not easily, nor by default)05:02
Cheri703Ok Juvenal, on your panel, add a "launcher" then from that, add "orage globaltime" then you can set it up. not nearly as easy as the other one, but it'll get you a clickable worldtime thing. will keep poking around05:02
wadapdocI got a fresh install and even logged into Xubuntu but after that the system start crashing showing crash reports and froze05:02
hansinwadapdoc: Good news it installed and booted, bad new after 10 minutes the hard drive started smoking and burst into flames ;)05:03
Cheri703or you could just have multiple orage clocks with the various time zones :)05:03
wadapdochaha not exactlly but it sounded like it was strugling to pass some bad sectors and few errors showed up05:03
hansinwadapdoc: You used the regular Xubuntu 12.10 release for  LivdCD right? 23 or 64 bit? I don't think it really matter. My guess is that based on the fact that Windows started locking up the way it did, you may have a drive that has seen better days.05:04
wadapdocIt was something about I/O error, dev sda, sector 588391 and 56317605:04
hansinJust a guess, but sounds like it. Are you booted from drive or USB right now?05:04
wadapdocIt sounds to me as the HDD can't get past the bad sectors05:05
hansinJust for the fun of it, can you post output from fdisk -l to pastebin again and post link?05:05
hansinJust want to see if the Nvidia entries disappeared.05:05
timaaaIm firing up windows and will resize the windows partion.05:05
holsteintimaaa: you dont use windows for that, though you can.. you can use the ubuntu installer, or gparted from a live CD05:06
JuvenalCheri703, nice, ill give that a look05:06
wadapdochansin when I write the fdisk command now nothing happens05:07
holsteinwadapdoc: you trying to recover some data from a dying disk? i use photorec from testdisk05:07
Cheri703grr, trying to figure out how to make it display in HH:MM am/pm 12 hr clock instead of HH:MM 24 hr clock05:07
hansintry 'sudo fdisk -l' and then it will ask for your password. This because in HD boot you are not root like in UDB boot.05:07
wadapdocnah I got the data recovered I'm trying to run a checkdisk and fix the errors on the hard05:07
Unit193Cheri703: man strftime  has all the choices.05:08
Cheri703well, the normal panel clock is fine05:08
Cheri703but orage globaltime is different05:08
holsteinwadapdoc: errors, or bad sectors?05:08
wadapdocI think both05:08
dancatJuvenal: by chance, do you know of a better forum to ask media related questions?05:08
holsteinwadapdoc: i would trash it.. you can trust them after they start loosing a bunch of sectors05:08
hansinpersonally, I'd just replace the drive since it is a clean boot, but only because I don't know how to get good use out of a drive with bad sectors and all that. Okay, yeah, what holstein said...05:09
Juvenaldancat, i would ask on the gmediawhatever forum05:09
hansinI mean clean install.05:09
Juvenalsince the issue is with their application05:09
holsteindancat: what media? audio? #opensourcemusicians #ubuntustudio05:09
Cheri703Juvenal: WAIT! There might be a way05:10
Cheri703hang on05:10
dancataudio specifically the tagging of AAC and differences between it and id3 and how it effects media programs like gmusicplayer05:10
dancatthanks juvenal05:10
timaaaSo i just cleared 84 gigs free space05:11
holsteindancat: i would just edit the tags, and test05:11
wadapdochere it is hansin http://pastebin.com/H2TZ4REc05:11
Cheri703\o/ I found it I think!05:11
holsteindancat: i wouldnt trust anything i read or see or that anyone says anyways... i would want to see it05:11
holsteindancat: its easy to run a few files through there and see first-hand05:12
Cheri703Juvenal: add the orage clock, then at the far right next to "line 1" and the font setting, click the down arrow, it'll give an "add" option05:12
Cheri703then you can add more I *think*05:12
wadapdocI think if I run something like chkdsk that will fix errors and bad sectors this sick little baby might walk again.05:12
Cheri703wait...ok, nvm >_<05:12
holsteinwadapdoc: nope.. bad sectors are just that... bad.. they can be remapped to a certain degree, but if its failing, its failing05:13
dancatholstein: is there a reason why adding a id3 tag to an AAC m4a should damage it?05:13
Cheri703bah, you can add more lines, but not other timezones -_-05:13
holsteinwadapdoc: i would get a diagnostic live CD such as the ulitmate boot cd and run a test that takes more than an hour or so05:13
holsteindancat: i keep backups, so not for me05:13
wadapdocI don't have a DVD rom05:13
holsteindancat: the tag shouldnt effect the file in that way.. its just  a tag05:13
holsteinor should be...05:14
hansinwadapdoc: weird, you still have all the /dev/mapper/nvidia entries, but seems like it booted. I would agree that a new drive would be smart, but maybe do the diagnostics for fun and learn something new and just know for sure.05:14
dancatholstein: thanks05:14
holsteinwadapdoc: ?.. live USB.. or a tool from something else05:14
wadapdocI got a working laptop next to me05:14
wadapdocI'll try to find some software that is alternative to SpinRite05:15
wadapdocand try something like a HDD recovery05:15
holsteinwadapdoc: thats why i suggested the ultimate boot cd05:15
wadapdocim gonna look into it05:15
holsteinthats my go to live diagnostic.. but you can install something somewhere else.. you just *dont* want to work from that drive while trying to fix it05:16
holsteinthats why i suggested a live CD.. or USB or whatever you have accesss to.. pull it out and put it in the work machine if you want05:16
holsteinyou wont fix/scan that drive in any way i would trust while booting an OS from it05:16
wadapdocit's such a weird thing05:17
holsteinbest case, you force an fsck on reboot and it just automagically fixes it.. but if it has a lot bad sectors, that will just get worse and worse with use05:17
wadapdocI never had a harddisk die on me05:17
holsteinwadapdoc: its not really.. *all* hard drives fail05:17
wadapdocbut had several video cards05:17
hansinholstein: do you like the ultimate boot CD? I just discovered it because I converted an old Win98 drive to a virtual image that had GRUB installed and I needed to repair the MBR to Win (because converted just the Win partition to virtual image.) Seemed cool.05:18
Cheri703Juvenal: sorry about all of the rambling, looks like adding a launcher for orage globaltime will be the easiest answer as far as I can tell05:18
holsteinhansin: works for me.. has the vendor tools in there.. its small... fast.. we should discuss in the OT channel though05:19
JuvenalCheri703, ok. thanks05:19
hansinholstein: Okay, well I can explore it more, that is all I was wondering. True, not really Xubuntu. Just glad to see it mentioned so maybe I'll keep a 'physically' copy around, not just mount iso in a VM.05:20
Ribertywhat is the keyboard shortcut for minimizing windows?05:21
hansinwadapdoc: Good night and good luck! Seems you are making progress.05:22
holsteinRiberty: try alt+f9 real quick05:23
hansinholstein: Thanks for info just listening in. Goodnight (or day) as well.05:23
holsteinhansin: cheers!05:23
Ribertyholstein: it doesnt work. im on xfce05:23
holsteinRiberty: did you browse the shortcuts?05:24
Ribertyyeah it says alt+f905:24
Ribertydoesnt work tho05:25
holsteinRiberty: doesn anything alt work? doesn alt+4f close?05:25
holsteinopen something else, and test alt+f405:25
Ribertythat works05:25
holsteinRiberty: i would just put it in again, and test05:25
Ribertyi think its cause i installed gala05:25
Ribertyor pantheon05:26
holsteinRiberty: could be.. if you broke it, it might be broken05:26
holsteinRiberty: you can try as a different user, or test with the live CD to make sure its working with your hardware05:26
holsteini would just add it back in to the shortcuts and try it again05:27
timaaaHolstein, how do you shrink a partion?05:27
timaaaFrom command line05:27
holsteintimaaa: i dont05:28
holsteintimaaa: i boot a live CD, and use gparted05:28
holsteintimaaa: OR, i just do it from the installers partitioner05:29
timaaaOkay i have the xbuntu on a flash drive is that enough?05:37
timaaaHolstien, ^05:39
holsteintimaaa: ?05:40
holsteintimaaa: you can use tab complete.. you type "hol" and hit tab05:40
holsteintimaaa: enough for what?05:40
timaaaTo do everything i need to05:41
timaaaFor a dual boot05:41
holsteintimaaa: depends on what you want to do05:41
holsteintimaaa: can i setup dual boot with a xubuntu live CD? sure05:41
holsteintimaaa: i would do it much like that link i gave you... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot05:42
Juvenalstarting to get things installed :P05:47
Cheri703yay Juvenal :) I just got my panels sorted since the way I originally wanted to do it isn't possible05:47
Cheri703fun note Juvenal: if you have a panel on each monitor, you can make the window buttons only display open apps from that monitor, which is handy for my use05:48
JewVanElthis looks much cleaner than gnome05:50
* Cheri703 tries to get s screenshot05:50
JewVanElidk what that zimagez thing is05:50
JewVanElbut it was the option when i prtscn's05:51
Cheri703I like my dark themes :D05:55
JewVanElsince when does netflix support linux?05:55
Cheri703:D it doesn't, someone band-aid-ed a thing together and it works pretty well05:56
JewVanEllmao, nice05:56
JewVanElill have to play with xfce themes05:56
JewVanEli like dark too05:57
Cheri703I have the quassel dark theme, http://www.webupd8.org/2012/12/2-beautiful-dark-themes-for-gtk-36-or.html the delorean dark, and I'm running a chrome extension called "hacker vision" that inverts webpages :D05:57
Cheri703my eyes are really sensitive to light, and even on 15% brightness, staring at a page of black on white all day was giving me headaches from eye strain05:58
Cheri703(I work from home full-time)05:58
JewVanElah, so its just firefox in wine lol05:59
JewVanElkinda figured as much05:59
Cheri703heh, yeah, with some custom stuff sorted out05:59
holsteinits more that just FF though... a few other key tweaks05:59
JewVanElmmm, hacker vision06:02
JewVanEli like this06:02
Cheri703if you combine it with "change colors" it helps on sites that were dark or colored to start with. You can create a standard point for it to work from (if that makes sense?)06:02
Cheri703I can show examples, I took screenshots trying to explain this to someone else last night :)06:03
JewVanEli think ill figure it out :)06:04
Cheri703happy eyeeeees06:04
donnieTrue or False. I read that if I want to get rid of Thunderbird. If and when it asks to remove xubuntu-desktop. That, that is perfectly safe without ruining the distro, or having to fix anything.06:13
Cheri703you can just remove thunderbird, it doesn't (or at least didn't for me) ask to remove xubuntu-desktop06:14
Unit193donnie: If it were to ask you, it'd be fine.  As it is a recommends of the package, don't think it'd ask though.06:16
donnieOk. So I am safe just incase? Because I am on xubuntu06:17
JewVanElit will only ask if there is nothing else that depends on it06:17
Unit193xubuntu-desktop is a metapackage, it's fine if uninstalling something removes that as well.06:17
donnieOk thank you.06:18
Linuxlandcan i remove a gnome shell?07:57
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firefenixДобрый день!08:21
firefenixЕсть проблема с caffeine на xubuntu 12.10 x6408:21
firefenixУстановился, но не запускается и не открываются настройки08:22
baizon!ru | firefenix08:24
ubottufirefenix: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.08:24
devdelhello and good morning.08:53
devdelim installing xubuntu on a dell inspiron 1150 as we speak.08:54
devdelit's a real old laptop. :)08:54
devdeltried installing debian on it but it didnt have the drivers for the disk. xubuntu has though. :)08:57
firefenixSorry for my english.  In russian's chat not want help me.09:27
firefenixI cannot launch caffeine on xubuntu 12.10 x64. establish normal.09:31
tion_anyone in here?09:58
nicholosophyhey guys10:06
nicholosophyI'm having some issues with my xfce indicator plugin stuff10:07
nicholosophysome of the items are just a black box with a red crossed out circle10:07
nicholosophybut sometimes they come up ok10:07
nicholosophyis it something I can fix through configuration or is it just going to be hit and miss?10:07
c2tarunin xfce-look.org there are many themes without zoom option in there screenshots. I click on the images and they don't zoom out.10:31
difohello :)10:37
c2tarundifo, hello10:37
difois there anyone who can i ask for php and mysql app running like xamp on windows10:38
c2tarundifo, I think you are in wrong channel. Try #php10:38
difomust be invited to join there10:39
c2tarundifo, try ##PHP10:40
difois there is any default "root" password in xubuntu?10:40
c2tarundifo, root password for what?10:41
difoto install mysql10:41
difo[12:39] == #php Cannot join channel (+i) - you must be invited [12:40] == ##PHP Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services10:42
nicholosophythe root password for mysql is not the system root password10:42
nicholosophyyou should set it to something secure10:42
nicholosophydifo, register with services then (type /ns help10:42
difoso is there default root password?10:42
nicholosophyI just answered your question10:42
difoim just installing xubuntu10:43
difoand its not asking me for the root pass10:43
difoonly userpass10:43
difou know10:43
nicholosophymysql does not need your root password to install10:44
c2tarundifo, Xubuntus password is not same as mysql password10:44
nicholosophymysql will ask you to set the mysql root password, which is different10:44
c2tarunnicholosophy, BTW do you have any idea how to change the image of close button in my current theme?10:46
nicholosophyc2tarun, no idea, sorry10:47
tion_how do i get res over 640x480 after installing nvidia drver?10:51
tion_how do i enable compiz?10:51
tion_caompiz configuration util lets you set costume res will that work?10:52
herpaderpaHello, ive got a nVidia GeForce 8400M GT GPU that i would like to get working in xubuntu 12.04. Any advice on where to start?12:32
herpaderpagoto reboot brb12:35
akafakirHi guys, I've installed xubuntu-desktop over ubuntu. It runs fine, but I have a little inconsistency between the themes in different application. In some menu's are gray, and in some they're still dark like it was in ubuntu. Here is the screenshot: http://storage1.static.itmages.com/i/13/0127/h_1359295469_2259154_f9b180137d.png14:06
akafakirHow can I fix it?14:06
Os_Maleus1Hi guys!14:07
Os_Maleus1I am running xubuntu 12.04.1 3.2.0-36-generic-pae running on this machine. yesterday, I was taking with my router to the working place. since that, I am not able to log on on that anymore. with other machines, it is no problem - may it effect Win7 or Xubuntu.14:10
Os_Maleus1can You give me a proposal, how to deal with this?14:10
genoobiemorning all14:44
genoobieI am having trouble with my xubuntu install14:44
esie<genoobie> whats happen?14:48
genoobieI am sort of compulsive about certain things14:49
genoobieI am now using the livecd to modify the partition table14:49
genoobiebecause for some reason, the installed starts at /sda514:49
genoobiebut there is only sda1 with something installed on it14:50
genoobieI think my etc/fstab must be a bit screwed up14:51
genoobieholy crap, using a live-cd on an old machine sucks14:56
genoobiethe xubuntu installer is confusing15:40
genoobieI know it should be simpler15:40
toraxwhat about it is confusing?15:40
genoobiewell the partitioning tool is asking for things that I'm not really sure about15:41
genoobieI have three partitions15:41
genoobiesda1 is for an xp install, ntfs15:42
genoobiesda2 is 1GB swap15:42
genoobiesd3 is ext4 and I want to install xubuntu there15:42
genoobiealthough, i am not sure why swap needs its own partition15:42
genoobieis that "normal"?15:42
toraxIt is15:43
genoobiewhen I try to install xubuntu on /sda3 it mentions something about no root filesystem defined15:43
genoobieI'd rather have it installed on sda215:43
genoobieand have sda3 as the swap15:43
genoobiethe installer's "install besides xp" is confusing, there's a slide, but I'm not really sure what the slider is adjusting15:44
genoobieso I'll probably boot to the live-cd swap the partitions15:44
toraxit adjust the space left for xp and space for xubuntu15:44
genoobiei.e. make sda2 an ext4 and sda3 a swap15:44
genoobiebut when I get to the install screen its asking for a root filesystem to be defined15:45
genoobieis that just formatting?15:45
toraxyou choose the partition where you like to install xubuntu, that is the root, and you can format it as ext2,3,4. I suggest using ext4 in normal use15:47
genoobieI know this is compulsive, but I'd rather have the OS on sda215:47
genoobieshould I not care?15:48
toraxI dont know if that matters, but you can do that way also15:48
genoobieokay, I will put this on "sda3" then15:49
genoobieI am planning to use openbox most likely as the wm15:50
genoobieanyhow that doesn't really matter15:50
genoobietorax, are you still here?15:50
genoobieokay, so I am going to leave the partitions alone15:50
genoobie"/sda1 is for ntfs - xp, /sda2 is for swap, /sda3 for xubuntu15:51
toraxlooks good15:51
genoobiebut here's the thing, when then installer says "install beside xp" or "do something else" I am going to pick "do something else"15:51
genoobieat this point is where I become a bit confused15:52
toraxjust a sec15:53
genoobietorax, ok15:53
toraxok, click the sda3, the xubuntu partition. then click change "uset as ext4" and "mount point /"15:55
genoobiethat's what I was looking for15:57
bennett1hi! anyone knows how to change the appearance of lightdm's login box?16:26
bennett1in special, I wanted to change the color that goes behind a selected text from blue to red16:27
genoobieno idea sorry16:28
bennett1ok :)16:28
daswortHi, i upgraded from 12.04 to 12.10 and two different maschines. On one the xscreensaver loginwindow is black and the other is in xubuntus colors. I reinstalled xubuntu-artwork but that doesnt work. Any suggestions?16:35
bullgard4daswort: "doesn't work" is no precise statement. Please try to find a relevant error message in ~/.xsession-errors. Also, dmesg may have a hint.16:41
xubuntu663anyone here?16:42
xubuntu663alguien aqui?16:42
bullgard4xubuntu663: no16:42
daswortbullgard4: sorry. i mean that the theming of the login window is black (xscreensaver).16:42
xubuntu663hi daswort16:43
xubuntu663hi bullgard416:44
xubuntu663I am ruben16:44
dasworthi xubuntu663 this is not the offtopic channel. this one is just for support.16:45
xubuntu663ah ok16:46
xubuntu663thank you16:46
xubuntu663Can I ask a question regarding grub?16:47
daswortbullgard4: any idea how to change the theming of xscreensaver windows?16:48
xubuntu663how to change the drive where grub is installed?, I wish it boots from the usb pendrive where I have installed xubuntu16:49
xubuntu663now (my error) it is installing on the hard drive16:50
xubuntu663did I was clear?16:53
bullgard4daswort:  With me, Xfce-menu > Settings > Screensaver > Screensaver Settings > Display Modes. (Often with me there appeears a message window too: "Warning! Apparently your XScreenSaver service for display does not run. Should it be started now? OK | Quit")16:53
daswortthats my problem: http://imgur.com/pbY5Ebf the theming is wrong16:58
bullgard4xubuntu663: I can recommend ou an article in German: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/GRUB_2/Reparatur17:00
xubuntu663thankyou I will take a look on it17:01
bullgard4daswort: All what I can see from http://imgur.com/pbY5Ebf is that you need to type your password.  Can you elaborate.17:03
daswortI want that xscreens. shows it windows in the colors of the xubuntu artwork, like it does if you make a fresh install.17:08
bullgard4daswort: Right. But at the moent you can only escape by keying in your password.17:13
daswortThats not the point.17:13
bullgard4I see.17:13
bullgard4That's why I asked you to elaborate.17:14
daswortI just want the right color scheme for xscreensaver :(17:17
Cheri703daswort: did you see this?http://askubuntu.com/questions/85109/how-do-i-theme-the-xscreensaver-unlock-screen17:18
daswortthats what i want. but where can i get the file without starting a live cd?17:19
Cheri703I'd just create a file called .Xresources and copy/paste from that answer17:20
Cheri703because it says "create/amend the file"17:20
Cheri703so...you should just be able to make one17:20
Cheri703I believe17:20
Cheri703The final answer says they made custom colors "Following fossfreedom's example, I chose the following settings in a a newly created ~/.Xresources file, and I found the result quite attractive (a dark-background theme with gentle blues):"17:21
daswortyes, but i want the xubuntu 12.10 default one :)17:21
Cheri703I installed fresh for xubuntu 12.1017:22
Cheri703I do not have a .Xresources file17:22
Cheri703so....I don't know that you will have a "default" one17:22
Cheri703you can either leave it as is, or give it a config17:22
daswortweird. okay, thanks.17:22
Cheri703yeah, I dunno WHY it is like that, just...apparently it is17:23
Cheri703some other thing might have changed it in its config, thus the weird colors, so now you have to say "disregard that, use this one" ...apparently17:23
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unanythingi have a problem with installation from usb and from cd: the program hangs up when i click "next" (at second dialog).20:18
Guest33032do you need help20:18
unanythingi read about this bug about 4 month ago. and nothing changed. yes. i want to know what to do20:19
Guest33032take it out then reload20:20
Guest33032hello you there20:24
unanythingi'm booting from livecd. how reloading can helps with bug of installation?20:28
unanythingafter choosing language and confirming third-party software. program hangs on "next" button20:29
kgbunanything: how did you make the USB, what version of Xubuntu?20:29
kgbif from windows, try both: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ and http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows20:31
kgbor if you can load the liveusb, try re-making it with the Startup Disk Creator20:33
unanythingi used unetbootin for usb and k3b for cd20:48
kgband you've tried, both 12.04 and 12.10?..20:49
unanythingох и глючный у вас дистр.20:50
* kgb isn't russian :)20:50
unanythingi tried 12.1020:50
unanythingok. i'll try 12.0420:50
kgbmaybe 12.04 will install, you can always upgrade :s20:50
kgbjust.. make sure that the disk is simple - like no left-over bootloader for windows, if dual booting20:51
kgblots of things can mess the installer up.. don't make a partition, let it use blank space20:51
unanythingdd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb20:52
unanythingmaking 1 partition with fdisk20:52
kgbno need20:52
unanythingand mkfs.vfat -n label /dev/sdb120:52
unanythingunetbootin wants fat partition20:53
kgbthe installer can do it20:53
unanythingit is standard procedure20:53
kgb*for HDD20:53
unanythingit's about usb20:53
kgbwhen mine messes up, i repair windows from the cd, delete the ubuntu partitions (at the end of the drive) and let the live usb use the empty space while keeping windows20:55
kgb*fixboot and fixmbr20:56
unanythingthanks) but i don't have windows at all. i have gentoo and arch with custom grub2.0 on hdd20:57
kgbok, so that may be where the problem lies20:57
unanythingin my opinion the problem in Xubuntu install program. it's obviously20:58
kgbright, but you have 2 distros and install a third one - might take some work to get it to install..:)21:00
drcOf course, the xubuntu installer has never worked for any other thousands of uses before you, so it must be that.21:00
drcstupid people21:00
unanythingproblem occurs Before the installer start working  with the disks. where is the stupidity ?21:03
kgbno stupidity, perhaps just something that's not easy 2 do21:06
unanything12.04 seems working21:06
kgboh :-0 nice, lol21:07
unanythingthanks for help!21:07
unanythingbut you have a big bug there. look to the internet. everybody have the same problem...21:07
kgbupgrading to 12.10 will try to change grub as well i think, btw.21:09
unanythingwill see)21:10
petergkhi all21:19
davitKhe-khe... Test.. Test...21:41
davitIs anybody here?21:41
davitI'm bored...21:42
petergkI was alive21:56
perlohello! i've been having trouble with upgrades on my asus eee, i'm not sure which upgrade because i haven't been able to pinpoint this, but i'm wondering if you know of anyone else having had this problem, and if you've found a solution?22:18
perlowhat happens is that i'm prompted to reboot, and after it's rebooted, the blue flash screen runs through and then the screen goes black, but it appears xubuntu is running properly except for this. Ctrl-Alt-F1 switches to terminal and i can run commands. the only solution so far is to reinstall xubuntu, but having to do this every other day becomes a bit tiresome.22:18
genoobiehey all22:19
perlohi :)22:22
genoobieugh, i think i made a mistake to go with xubuntu vs lubuntu22:22
genoobieseems really slow on this older machine22:23
genoobiewas wondering if there were some easy ways to improve performance22:23
genoobieI mean it is slower than xp22:24
genoobieand that really should not be...22:24
genoobieany tips?22:25
knomewindows xp is from 2001, xubuntu 12.xx is from 2012.22:25
knomehow much ram?22:25
genoobielittle, 384, going to 512 in a few days22:26
knome512 might be doable, but lubuntu might be better for you any way22:26
genoobieif i changed wm or de would that make a diff?22:27
genoobiehow can i check if the swap is being used?22:29
genoobieit says 360K of mem is being used22:32
genoobiehow can I check what is using it...22:32
Boom_FarmerHow would I go about getting XFCE 4.10 in Xubuntu 12.04 ?22:41
Boom_FarmerIs it as simple as adding a ppa, apt-get update, then apt-get upgrade? http://it-diary.com/tutorials/install-xfce-4-10-in-ubuntu-12-04-lts-precise-pangolin/22:42
genoobieis it normal for something like 120 processes to be running in the background?23:02
Boom_Farmergenoobie: I've got 141 with about 15 tabs of Chromium, Apache, MYSQL, some PDFs and some terminal stuff.23:07
Boom_Farmer37 of those are system processes running as root.23:08
saltmiserwhat problems would I have on xubuntu that I wouldn't have on ubuntu?23:27
Boom_FarmerWell, the base system is the same. Any issues would be with the XFCE system, so the core apps, the window manager, the desktop.23:28
Boom_FarmerNot sure about the specifics.23:28
Cheri703I was using regular ubuntu and had been having weird glitches and issues, I was thinking it was my computer dying in some way. Switched to xubuntu, and at least since thursday have had NONE of the same issues.23:39
Cheri703so...for me the opposite.23:39
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satanxcan i ask a question?23:55
satanxis their problems mounting ssd in xubuntu?23:56

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