thervehazmat, it's in a landscape branch for now06:11
bacgood morning italians12:12
teknicogood morning viet... ehm, puerto rico :-)12:13
bacfrankban: 2nd review done.  nice branch.12:18
frankbanbac: thanks. do you feel better?12:24
bacfrankban: yes, thank you.12:25
hazmattherve, ah ic14:01
hazmattherve, any issue if i put a copy into pyjuju?14:10
thervehazmat, nope, no problem. It may be in landscape client soon enough anyway :)14:11
benji___I wonder if we should make lbox submit error out if there are any "pending" (skipped) tests.14:12
=== benji___ is now known as benji
bacbenji: so i the phantomjs stuff supposed to be working?  not for me.14:43
benjibac: yep it works, it can be a (slight) pain to set up though.  In what way is it failing?14:44
benji(I'm glad you are back among the living.)14:44
bacjust dies with rc 214:44
benjibac: does the phantomjs executable run for you?  (just run "phantomjs")14:47
bacbenji: ah...  yes it is on my path but cannot run.  perhaps i grabbed the wrong one for my vm14:48
bacthanks benji, that was it15:04
=== Makyo|out is now known as Makyo
hazmatarosales, benji, bcsaller, bac, frankban, Makyo, teknico standup in 1m15:29
teknicohazmat, you're beginning without youOHWAIT15:32
hazmatteknico, ack15:32
arosaleshazmat: Hello15:33
hazmatarosales, no worries.. just pinging folks for the gui standup15:33
arosaleshazmat: ah, ok.  15:34
benjihazmat: in the description of "kill node-minify usage lib/merge-files in favor of uglify2" it says "gets rid of java" which, unfortunately, isn't true if we continue to use the YUI minifier.  Do we want to continue using it or switch to non-minified (but still combined) CSS to be rid of Java or should we keep minifying (and Java)?17:12
hazmatbenji, uglify2 is a minifier17:13
benjihazmat: oh, it will do CSS?17:14
* hazmat pauses while brain processes17:14
hazmatbenji, clean-css might be an alternative for that17:15
hazmatno re uglify and css17:15
benjihazmat: clean-css sounds fine; I'm just going to do the JS side of things in this branch then and leave the YUI/CSS/Java bits alone.17:16
hazmatbenji, awesome.. i'd check if uglify itself has source code map support.17:17
benjihazmat: yep, from the uglify help: "--source-map       Specify an output file where to generate source map."17:18
hazmatbenji, it looks like uglify-js > 2 has support .. the ugilify2 17:18
hazmatis a separate thing17:18
hazmatanother nodejs css compressor.. https://github.com/ded/sqwish17:20
hazmatadded card with links to both17:21
hazmatbenji, interesting.. node-minify has options for not using yui and for passing args through to uglify and sqwish17:23
benjiI have a very, very small branch up for review: https://codereview.appspot.com/7228054; it removes the need to have java installed in order to build the app21:51
bacbenji: i've slogged through your branch.  land as is.21:58
MakyoTaking a look, benji, but getting  an error in there with no context.  Digging into it.22:17
Makyo{ [Error: Command failed: /bin/sh: 1: undefined: not found] killed: false, code: 127, signal: null }22:20
Makyonode debugger isn't catching it, boo.22:38

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