shadeslayerRiddell: seems like that FUSE patch in kde4libs causes alot of issues 03:03
shadeslayersee bug 31388803:03
ubottubug 313888 in Tunnel Manager "tunnelrunner exit due to ssh kill is not detected" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31388803:03
shadeslayerkde bug 31388803:04
ubottuKDE bug 313888 in general "Solid::Device( "/org/kde/fuse/run/vmblock-fuse" ).parent() returns same device, causing infinite loops in Amarok (ivan/* kdelibs branches)" [Major,Confirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31388803:04
shadeslayerRiddell: I've removed the patch and uploaded04:15
jussimorning all06:32
highvoltagehey jussi 06:45
jussihighvoltage: good morning Mr Carter06:46
shadeslayerhey jussi, highvoltage07:43
jussigood morning shadeslayer07:44
* jussi notes highvoltage went to bed07:44
shadeslayervlc is just skipping over 80% of the song07:51
shadeslayerso is amarok07:51
shadeslayeras does ... chrome O_O07:59
jussishadeslayer: ahh I remember something like that in the past... on amarok08:08
shadeslayerI think that file is corrupted08:09
jussiwell that would explain it...08:09
shadeslayeryeah, playing other files works08:10
jussiiirc, it was playing files over networks last time that was the iddue08:11
jussiyou know you are tired when this happens...08:12
jussijussi@Albatross:~$ sudo apt-get upday08:12
jussi[sudo] password for jussi: 08:12
shadeslayerjussi: how's elodi?08:14
jussishadeslayer: doing well, turned 1 the other week08:14
shadeslayeroh ... Belated happy birthday to her!08:15
soeegood morning08:35
shadeslayerhi soee08:40
Peace-problem with mtp on 13.0409:10
Peace-and it doesn't find the package09:10
Peace-samba still doesn't work ...09:11
shadeslayerdoes it make sense to add a page to the installer asking the user to choose a browser?09:43
shadeslayerPeace-: what pops that question?09:44
yofel_shadeslayer: that would need a short pro/con list integrated so people can actually make an educated choice09:47
shadeslayerwhy? I'd say that list rekonq/chromium/firefox09:48
shadeslayermost people would know about those09:48
shadeslayerif they don't, stick with the default09:48
shadeslayer( which will be rekonq )09:48
yofel_as microsoft got forced to add a browser choice I guess it's fair to have one09:50
yofel_question is where to put it09:50
shadeslayerafter the page where we ask if the user wants to install codecs09:50
yofel_the only customization currently is the third-party checkbox at the beginning09:50
shadeslayerwe add 3 huge icons09:50
shadeslayerbecause people like huge icons09:50
yofel_hm, true. Needs to be before the installation start, which is after partitioning09:50
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
shadeslayerit also needs to check if the user is connected to the network09:51
shadeslayerwhich brings us to09:51
shadeslayerwifi support in the installer09:51
* shadeslayer is checking out ubiquity to check how difficult this is going to be09:52
yofelwasn't that only hanging on insufficient developer time?09:52
shadeslayerthen there's also the webcam stuff that the gtk ui of ubiquity has09:52
shadeslayeryofel: dunno, but I'm compiling a list of features I want to work on next month09:52
yofelwhat for? user logo?09:52
xnoxgtk - has wifi page. The base controller is network aware and can tell plugins/pages whether or not there are internetz.09:53
shadeslayerseems fairly trivial09:53
shadeslayer( just from reading the webcam plugin )09:53
shadeslayerxnox: cool :)09:53
shadeslayerxnox: I'm going to need all the help I can get to implement this :P09:53
shadeslayeryofel: I'm also thinking of doing this in QML xD09:53
yofelthat's the way to go with qt5 anyway09:54
shadeslayerxnox: do you think that if I write a page to choose a browser, that's going to be accepted?09:54
shadeslayeror would that go against some sort of design or sth09:54
yofelthough porting ubiquity to qml is probably something for post-14.0409:54
shadeslayerbut I don't want to use .ui for new stuff09:55
shadeslayerbetter to just write it in QML09:55
yofelsure, if the looks aren't too different, go ahead09:56
xnoxshadeslayer: i am really confused why one would want to choose a browser, considering that we are not forced by law (yet) and it's a waste of space on the CD (majority will pick default/first and the other one will be removed by ubiquity at cleanup)09:56
yofeli just has to fit into ubiquity overall09:56
shadeslayeryofel: right09:56
shadeslayerxnox: oh I don't plan on including the browser on the CD09:56
xnoxshadeslayer: my position here is that sort of thing should be done on first-login instead.09:56
shadeslayerxnox: it's like the restricted codecs09:57
shadeslayeryou can tick off "I also want to install Firefox/Chromium" and we add that to the list of things to be installed09:57
xnoxshadeslayer: it's nothing like resticted codecs (which we are not allowed on the CD). Unless you are trying to offer Chrome/Opera?!09:57
shadeslayerxnox: I meant in terms of implementation09:58
shadeslayerit *would* be like that09:58
xnoxshadeslayer: out of scope, make the installation longer, confusing & technical. You are free to do it in the qt frontend =)09:58
shadeslayerxnox: that's what I was asking about :P09:58
xnoxbut gtk frontend will not be having that ;-)09:58
shadeslayerit's just that our users are asking for this09:59
shadeslayerbecause our current default browser is not up to the mark09:59
shadeslayerI wonder if we can switch to chromium by default09:59
shadeslayeroh wait, not in line with our cycle09:59
shadeslayerxnox: btw how do you test new stuff in ubiquity?10:02
xnoxlubuntu uses chromium by default.10:05
shadeslayerI see10:05
* shadeslayer will ask lubuntu devs how their experience has been10:06
xnoxshadeslayer: depends, usually I boot a VM into installer. stop lightdm, stop ubiquity, pkill -9 X, download/patch individual files, and start ubiquity again.10:06
shadeslayerbah :P10:06
shadeslayersounds like alot of work10:06
xnox(where start is literal $ start/stop are literal)10:06
xnoxit's safe.10:07
Riddellshadeslayer: how much does plasma active need that fuse patch?10:12
shadeslayerI don't remember, I can't find the IRC logs I saved10:12
shadeslayerI'll ask in #active again10:13
shadeslayerRiddell: <notmart> shadeslayer: pa3 will still work..10:15
shadeslayergood thing we added it earlier in the cycle rather than later ....10:19
shadeslayerRiddell: btw I also have bodega packaging, but all of it needs descriptions and reviewing10:19
shadeslayerI can't think up of a good description ... so haven't uploaded it anywhere10:20
Riddellshadeslayer: that's the PA software shop thing?10:22
Riddellshadeslayer: there's your description :)10:24
shadeslayerbodega : "PA software shop thing"10:24
sem_shadeslayer: i have a nexus tablet 7 and when i have installed kio-mpt i was able to browse nexus with usb cable10:29
sem_shadeslayer: after that i got that pop10:29
sem_wtf i have  a different nick10:30
=== sem_ is now known as Peace-
Peace-shadeslayer: ^ sem was me 10:30
shadeslayerI see10:30
shadeslayerPeace-: check if you have kio-mtp installed?10:31
Peace-i have 10:31
shadeslayerif it is, then that shouldn't pop up10:31
Peace-infact i can browse 10:31
Peace-but ...when i click on a video it says that i need mtp stuff10:31
shadeslayersounds like a bug in qapt?10:31
Peace-so i searched like it says10:31
Peace-and it did not find the package10:31
Peace-shadeslayer: i guess no 10:32
Peace-shadeslayer: cuz dragon player can't play file from nexus10:32
Peace-instead vlc can 10:32
Peace-i guess that dragon player needs some package to play file from mtp devices10:32
shadeslayerkind of10:32
Peace-but i have even tried to install mtp-tools+10:32
Peace-and nothing is changed10:32
shadeslayerPeace-: make sure you have the requisite gst plugins10:33
shadeslayerPeace-: what's the video format?10:33
Peace-i guess mov ?10:33
Peace-h264 codec10:33
Peace-for sure10:33
Peace-ok shadeslayeri will try to investigate better10:34
shadeslayerinstall gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly10:34
shadeslayershould work after that10:34
Peace-shadeslayer: btw the idea to ask which browser user want install is good10:39
Riddellrperier: new nick?10:48
rperierRiddell: yeah it's more professional ;)10:52
Peace-shadeslayer: no it doesn't work http://wstaw.org/m/2013/01/28/plasma-desktopa29846.png10:53
Peace-shadeslayer: i have already installed gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-good gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly gstreamer0.10-plugins-base10:55
Peace-but it seems it suck ;D10:55
shadeslayersomething else is wrong10:55
Peace-bah :D 10:55
Peace-shadeslayer: but with vlc works fine 10:55
Peace-dragonplayer again sucks10:56
shadeslayeryeah pgst is buggy10:56
shadeslayerPeace-: apachelogger probably has a better idea10:56
Peace-shadeslayer: well there is not a problem shadeslayer i mean i use vlc 10:56
Peace-but at least you know that there is some problem  about mtp and dragonplayer and qapt10:57
shadeslayerit's not about mtp, it's some weird problem between dragon and pgst and qapt10:57
Peace-even samba has again a problem 10:57
Peace-i have tried samba on windows and nexus kuibunt can't use samba correctly10:58
shadeslayeryou mean kubuntu on the nexus can't access samba?10:58
Peace-shadeslayer: look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5sW2Xr7f5Q10:58
Peace-timeout on server10:58
shadeslayeroh lord jesus10:59
Peace-:D time to eat :D10:59
xnoxAre Qt packagers around?11:14
xnoxOr should I talk to here or on #debian-* channels?11:14
* xnox is after Qt5 and not duplicating packaging work11:14
xnox(there are now a couple of Qt5 PPAs and a Debian ITP and I just want Qt5 in the archive)11:15
yofelxnox: I think you should talk to fabo11:16
xnoxyofel: thanks.11:16
faboxnox: it's going to be uploaded to experimental (today on in the next couple of days)11:19
faboxnox: packaging is done and up-to-date on git.debian.org11:19
xnoxfabo: awesome! I've now searched for you around to realise it's you doing it everywhere ;-)11:19
fabonot me, we're a team ;)11:20
xnoxfabo: any help needed?11:20
tsimpsonthere are the PPA(s) from https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers too if you're impatient11:20
faboxnox: at this point, not much. it has been well tested. we're pretty happy with the result11:20
faboxnox: you'll need new qt4 packages to co-exist with qt511:21
xnoxtsimpson: I'm impatient to stop using that repository & start pointing people to the archive =)11:21
Peace-shadeslayer: mmm maybe samba is fixed on rarin 11:24
Peace-i just checked again 11:24
xnoxfabo: as far as I can see, once ready. You will be able to sync/upload it everywhere in Raring, won't you?! And then i can chase up Archive Admins to fast track new binary packages through ubuntu new queue.11:24
shadeslayerPeace-: awesome11:25
xnoxI'd rather not wait for Debian New Queue delay.11:25
* shadeslayer rages at phonon + python being under documented11:25
faboxnox: that's the plan11:25
xnoxfabo: ;-) awesome.11:25
Peace-i need to check better this story of samba 11:34
apacheloggershadeslayer: hm?12:31
shadeslayerPeace-: ^12:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: see http://wstaw.org/m/2013/01/28/plasma-desktopa29846.png12:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: Phonon has undocumented python bindings12:32
shadeslayer( separate issue )12:32
Riddellshadeslayer: I think it has two undocumented python bindings12:32
Riddellone in pyqt and one in pykde12:32
shadeslayerthe pyqt ones are somehwat documented if lacking features12:32
shadeslayerthe pyKDE one is non-existent12:32
yofelapachelogger: btw. what's the status of kpythonpluginfactory in raring? or what's needed to get the kcm stuff working again?12:33
shadeslayertook me an hour to figure this much out : http://paste.kde.org/658196/12:33
yofelwe're slowly nearing feature freeze and I would like to have it working before that so we can look for alternatives if needed12:33
Peace-apachelogger: i was using my nexus 7 tablet and i have installed kio-mtp , i clicked on a video and dragon player was starting then  i got http://wstaw.org/m/2013/01/28/plasma-desktopa29846.png12:34
Peace-apachelogger: and it did not find any package to install 12:34
Peace-apachelogger: so i open it with vlc and it worked without problems 12:34
Peace-apachelogger: btw shadeslayer has said to install gstremaer ugly betty and good ;D but i did already i t12:34
shadeslayeroh 12:35
shadeslayerPeace-: *maybe* kio-mtp/libmtp just doesn't support playing video files yet?12:35
shadeslayeriirc previews didn't work either12:35
Peace-shadeslayer: mm vlc worked ?12:36
shadeslayeroh good point12:36
apacheloggerPeace-: enotsupported12:36
shadeslayerapachelogger: not supported on gst?12:36
apacheloggerstreaming from KIO is not supported in phonon12:36
apacheloggerit works sometimes12:36
apacheloggerit doesn't others12:36
apacheloggerthat is why it is not supported12:36
Peace-apachelogger: it's ok but ... why qapt asks to find stuff ?12:37
apacheloggerbecause you are trying to stream from KIO12:37
Peace-:D ok for me there is not problem dragon player is already removed 12:37
Peace-with vlc works fine12:37
shadeslayervlc does not use kio?12:38
Peace-i dunno i clicked on dolphin open with vlc and it worked12:38
apacheloggerit copies the file12:38
shadeslayeryes, because vlc does not use kio!12:38
apacheloggerbecause vlc's desktop file is not shit12:39
shadeslayerbecause vlc is not shit12:39
Peace-vlc rocks12:39
shadeslayerI can't say the same for dragon :P12:39
apacheloggerdragonplayer is not shit12:39
Peace-never used 12:39
Peace-i mean untill today12:40
Peace-then i even removed it :D12:40
yofelapachelogger: ping?13:01
shadeslayerxnox: question, if I read this correctly, do I just add a PageKde class to ubiquity/plugins/ubi-webcam.py along with a ui file and it'll pop up in the installer?13:04
xnoxshadeslayer: it should. You will need some webcamy widget (as for gtk we wrote our own using Gtk).13:05
xnoxshadeslayer: also check if webcam makes sense at all.13:06
xnoxon gtk side it sets the user account avatar to that picture.13:06
xnoxI don't know if KDE has user account avatars or shows them to the user at all.13:06
shadeslayerxnox: for the first, I wrote this very small program that does it : http://paste.kde.org/658238/13:06
xnoxAs the alternative to webcam picutre one can choose one of the stock images.13:06
shadeslayerand yes, we have lightdm kde which does show it13:06
shadeslayeras well as the kicker13:06
xnoxawesome. lightdm on the ubuntu side doesn't show pictures =/13:07
shadeslayerheh :)13:07
xnoxthat phonon snippet looks good =)13:07
shadeslayer*nod* :P13:07
shadeslayerxnox: the gtk implementation seems a bit ew13:09
xnoxshadeslayer: i don't think at the time there was a webcam widget at all.13:10
xnoxshadeslayer: do you know if there is one now?13:10
xnoxwe could port it....13:10
shadeslayernot that I know of, nope13:10
shadeslayersorry, I don't follow gtk development that closely :P13:10
apacheloggershadeslayer: note that a videoplayer is comprised of a videowidget and an audiooutput, I do not thin you'll need an audiooutput13:11
shadeslayerapachelogger: I don't think I'll be using the exact same code anyway13:11
xnoxthere is libcheese-gtk-dev, not sure if it has python bindings and/or available on the cd already.13:11
shadeslayerI'll probably embed the videowidget13:12
apacheloggershadeslayer: yeah, just pointing it out ;)13:12
shadeslayerinto a ui file13:12
xnoxusb-creator with flashing nexus7 images just got uploaded into ubuntu.13:12
xnoxi am not expecting for kde frontend to break, but i didn't test it.13:12
xnoxand also i didn't add the UI to the kde frontend to have support for flashing nexus7 images.13:13
apacheloggeractually it has some bugs that need to be looked at anyway13:13
petersaintsI just noticed that there's a newer version of rekonq 2.1. Will it reach quantal backports? Also Ktorrent is still at 4.2 in the official repos and 4.3.1 is already available. Any plans to backport it?13:15
Riddellhmm, I really need to do an upstream health script13:16
Riddellthanks petersaints, we'll get those done13:16
petersaintstks RIdell13:16
xnoxRiddell: is the python3 port of usb-creator-kde complete?13:17
Riddellxnox: it's needing you to test it :)13:17
* xnox , by accident, didn't upload it13:17
Riddellxnox: you accidently didn't upload it?13:18
xnoxcorrect =)13:18
xnoxRiddell: well ./bin/usb-creator-kde shebang wasn't changed to python3, but now I am installing python3-pykde4 to test it.13:18
xnoxRiddell: surprisingly the theming is nice. It almost looks like a GTK app.13:20
xnoxI wonder if a few icons can be remapped to gtk icons and then the two would be like the same.13:21
apacheloggerit's the Qt way13:21
xnoxno unity integration in the doc, no icon, no progress =(13:21
xnoxbut i guess, usb-creator-kde doesn't care about that ;-)13:22
Riddellxnox: no surprise there, Qt put in a lot of effort to making it integrate into gtk environments13:24
Riddellshame the opposite doesn't happen13:24
Riddellxnox: oh I see you're making changes for nexus7 is usb-creator, any UI in that?13:25
xnoxi think it did at one point.13:25
xnoxRiddell: the gtk frontend, checks for fastboot backend and then it does some changes to the UI: updates some strings, skips showing .iso (.img only), add legal text button & poop-up. And that's about it.13:26
xnoxsome pointless columns are hidden in the tree view.13:26
xnoxthere is an upstart job to poop-up usb-creator, when nexus7 is inserted. And currently that is shipped in the -gtk package, but can move into -common when kde frontend is ready as well.13:27
shadeslayerxnox: turns out the phonon gst backend we have in the archive cannot save snapshots :P13:29
shadeslayerwe need a new phonon gstreamer release13:29
apacheloggerwhat we need is someone to QA a new release so that I can make that happen13:30
shadeslayeryou have a new pgst release lined up?13:31
apacheloggerdoing the release is a no-brainer, getting it QAd is apparently a half a year task13:31
apacheloggerI have releases of both bakends lined up since dec 713:31
apacheloggerI even asked kde-testing to do QA13:31
apacheloggerno dice13:31
shadeslayergive me the tars, I'll make a package and someone here can test13:31
apacheloggerso here we are almost 2 months later, still no release in sight :P13:31
apacheloggershadeslayer: you saw my QA document :P13:32
shadeslayernot that 13:32
yofelbefore you do phonon q/a tell me what's needed to get python kcms working again - or where to look (i.e. KPPF or pykde)13:32
* shadeslayer runs away13:32
apacheloggerit is a requirement to build that crap from source and run like 300 test cases13:32
apacheloggeryofel: tell  me where my pykde source is13:32
yofelpull-lp-source pykde4 raring13:33
apacheloggerthough I think I have those on my other pc, so I won't get to them before this evening13:33
apacheloggeryofel: I have a patch13:33
yofelgimme so I can Q/A that later13:33
apacheloggerCANNOT DO13:33
* yofel steals patches from fedora in the meanwhile13:34
apacheloggerupstream it actually13:34
xnoxRiddell: installed fine using python3 \0/13:34
apacheloggerthat is actually why I lost it, I was looking for a way to contact upstream and then got distructed by something or someone13:35
yofelthat's what reviewboard is for?13:35
apacheloggerreviewboard is for us to waste time13:35
Riddellxnox: awooga, will you upload at some point or shall I?13:35
apacheloggerbecause people are afraid of gerrit13:35
apacheloggerjust like bugzilla is for us to waste time13:36
apacheloggerbecasue people are afraid of jira13:36
yofelhuh, why?13:36
xnoxRiddell: i'll do it, now.13:36
xnoxRiddell: usb-creator - the most active upstream project of today! Two new releases in a single day =)13:36
apacheloggeryofel: because it is not free sofware13:39
shadeslayerxnox: does ubiquity simply copy the image to ~/.face ?13:40
apacheloggeroh btw13:41
apacheloggerkde uses .face13:41
shadeslayerCheck it for yourself13:41
apacheloggerwho was using .face then?13:42
apacheloggersomeone was using .face13:42
shadeslayer.face is deprecated13:42
apacheloggershadeslayer: was that changed in .10 then?13:42
shadeslayeriirc xdg specified ~/.face13:42
shadeslayeriirc ~/.face.icon has been there for a couple of releases now13:42
shadeslayerbefore that, I didn't notice it13:42
shadeslayeras in, I didn't bother checking13:42
apacheloggerthe reason in quantal lightdm does not show the nice pictures13:43
BluesKajHi folks13:43
apacheloggeris because lightdm uses accountsservices or something which uses .face.icon13:43
apacheloggerwheres all the kde stuff uses .face13:43
shadeslayerwell .. it's face.icon now13:43
shadeslayerwhich is all that matters13:43
apacheloggerall good then13:43
apacheloggerhooray for standards13:43
shadeslayerstandards ftw13:44
* xnox has no idea what it really does, nor have I tested that it still works.13:44
jussiyou know, can someone make me something awesome... I want a pattern unlock as an option for my sudo password when it is used graphically  (like the unlock pattern on an android phone...)14:03
apacheloggerjussi: that'd require someone to know pam, which I think no one on the team does ;)14:05
jussiapachelogger: :(14:06
jussishadeslayer: ping14:50
* jussi pms14:50
shadeslayeryou pms?14:51
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Riddellrick_timmis: hello16:49
Riddellrick_timmis: you're after a business card?16:49
RiddellMamarok: are you going to fosdem?16:49
MamarokRiddell: no, unfortunately not16:50
Riddellshould we have kio-mtp installed by default?17:07
Riddellshadeslayer: you packaged it ^^17:08
shadeslayerRiddell: with one caveat17:08
shadeslayerwe need to upload a new libmtp9 with the updated device list before feature freeze17:08
Tm_Tthat's only in raring?17:11
shadeslayeryou can get it from the experimental ppa17:13
shadeslayerfor quantal ... I don't think I've updated the snapshot for precise17:14
Tm_Tah thanks17:17
Riddellshadeslayer, yofel: any idea what phoenix_firebrd's e-mail is?17:27
Riddellah go it17:27
shadeslayerheh :)17:27
Riddellseeing if anyone will volunteer for the updates petersaints wanted (or maybe petersaints will volunteer :)17:29
yofelI originally planned to do rekonq, but that has no hurry and would be good for someone new17:30
Riddellalways a judgement call with new people, do you nudge them into doing a task or just do the task, let's see if they reply17:31
Riddellhmm, SC 4.10 tagging this week, that might clash with me running away to fosdem17:32
ScottKlibktorrent and ktorrent need updating.  New packages are in Debian experimental.17:33
yofeltagging is thursday and shouldn't be too much work, we can handle tha17:33
petersaintsRiddell: I'd gladly help. And I really would like to contribute do Kubuntu. But I'm quite busy right now finishing an important assignment. Once I have some free time I really want to learn how to use PPAs (I have been postponing it :P).17:39
Riddellpetersaints: great :)  just ping when you have time and chance are someone will be around17:40
petersaintsok Riddell17:42
Riddellxnox: is there a channel for nexus7 chat?17:45
xnoxRiddell: #ubuntu-arm17:46
vassiehello, i've packaged cantata (kde mpd client) and uploaded it to my ppa https://launchpad.net/~vassie/+archive/ppa, i would be greatful for some feedback, thanks17:55
ubottuTesting help needed in #kubuntu-devel ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan17:56
Riddellvassie: that one sometimes helps :)17:56
vassie!testers ?17:58
ubottuvassie: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:58
ubottuTesting help needed in #kubuntu-devel ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan17:58
Riddellvassie: hmm, on running it I get18:04
Riddell"You are not currently a member of the "users" group. Cantata will function better (saving of album covers, lyrics, etc. with the correct permissions) if you (or your administrator) add yourself to this group."18:04
Tm_Twith "| <the target> needs testing18:04
RiddellTm_T: for libav* ?18:04
Tm_TI mean when doing testers call, pipe it and add reason18:04
Tm_Tso the hilight contain why people are hilighted (:18:04
Riddellwell a smarty guy like you should be able to look at two lines before :)18:05
Riddellvassie: what's it trying to do? "Failed to send command to Default (localhost:6600) - not connected"18:05
Tm_Tjust something that sometimes make finding the information much quicker18:05
xnox!testers | <vassie> hello, i've packaged cantata (kde mpd client) and uploaded it to my ppa https://launchpad.net/~vassie/+archive/ppa, i would be greatful for some feedback, thanks18:16
xnoxthat clearly did not work +)18:16
Riddellmaybe nobody tested ubottu 18:16
vassiehello, it's an mpd client, you need to be using mpd https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MPD18:21
vassieRiddell: the "users" issue is weird, the dev says it was developed on kubuntu18:21
Riddellvassie: does he say why it should be run with a user added to that group?18:22
vassieRiddell: even on Arch, what has the users group, i get the same message18:22
vassieRiddell: no idea, still runs fine mind you18:22
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vassieRiddell: "Cantata is developed on Kubuntu/Ubuntu." from the dev over at http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Cantata?content=14773318:27
vassieRiddell: i've logged an issue with the dev18:28
vassieRiddell: i've emailed the dev as i cannot find it documented anywhere why cantata wants me to be in the "users" group19:31
vassieRiddell: if cantata is insistant on us being in that group, where do I go from here?19:31
vassieRiddell: from the creator "When cantata downloads images, or lyrics, and these are saved into the MPD folders - if the user is a member of the "users" group, the files will be set to belong to this group. Therefore if you have two users, they can each save files here, etc. Likewise, when copying files from devices, the files will be set to be owned by the "users" group."19:39
rick_timmisRiddell: Hi Jonathan, sorry was away fixing dinner for the kids20:30
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Riddellrick_timmis: nice dinner? :)21:47

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