kako_hi i'm trying to watch a movie on dragon player00:26
kako_it's slow and choppy00:26
kako_i'm on an imac g5 2.0ghz powerpc single core ati radeon 9600pro 128mb with 1.4gb ram00:26
KimLarouxuse VLC00:27
KimLarouxit's the best video player on Linux00:28
kako_why isn't it shipped with all distros then, why is dragon player the default?00:28
KimLarouxif you have problems with it, then you have a serious problem ;)00:28
KimLarouxprobably a question of licenses00:29
KimLarouxI thnk VLC uses a bunch of proprietary libraries00:29
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kako_ok so i think i installed it00:33
kako_but i can't find it00:33
Obsidian1723locate vlc00:34
Obsidian1723that whill show the path to it.00:34
Obsidian1723In your terminal00:34
mandoguitshould be in   Menu -> Multimedia     too00:35
Obsidian1723In your terminal, type: locate vlc00:35
kako_but it isn't in multimedia00:36
mandoguitif it's installed, it will run from a terminal       type   vlc       or as Obsidian1723 says you can locate the location and then use the full path.     Another command you can use is the   which   command....  therefore you would type    which vlc     that will also show you where the vlc program was installed00:40
kako_all "locate vlc" does is show me a .desktop file00:42
KimLarouxkako_: it's normal that a freshly installed program doesn't show up in the menus. It'll be there at next login00:42
mandoguit if it's installed, it will run from a terminal       type   vlc       or as Obsidian1723 says you can locate the location and then use the full path.     Another command you can use is the   which   command....  therefore you would type    which vlc     that will also show you where the vlc program was installed00:43
kako_i don't think it was all the way installed though00:43
KimLarouxit should start from a terminal though, or the start-up box thingy that I always forget the name00:43
kako_cause it seems to be just that one .desktop file00:43
mandoguitif you are only seeing the desktop file when using the locate command then more than likely the install was broken.   try uninstalling and then reinstalling again00:44
KimLarouxshould you not updatedb for locate to find it?00:45
KimLarouxthough it should start using the command "vlc"00:45
mandoguitcan try that but that should have been updated on install00:45
mandoguitmissing menu item.....sounds broken imho00:46
Obsidian1723If VLC is still borning up, reconfigure it.00:48
Obsidian1723sudo dpkg-reconfigure vlc00:49
Obsidian1723if that fails, reinstall.00:49
Obsidian1723sudo apt-get install --reinstall vlc00:49
Obsidian1723kako gave up I guess00:59
kako_it was broken01:08
kako_the installer got the core01:08
kako_and the libraries01:08
kako_but that was it01:08
KimLarouxkako_: so does it work now?01:10
kako_you sending that message froze it but yea01:10
LINKSWORD2Hello, crowd.01:11
LINKSWORD2Darkwing: We meet again. lol01:11
LINKSWORD2I'm trying to install Firefox from the installer on Kubuntu, but I'm getting an error:01:12
LINKSWORD2The package "firefox-kde-support" has not been found among your software sources. Therefore, it cannot be installed.01:12
KimLarouxhave your tried installing the vanilla firefox?01:15
LINKSWORD2.... huh?01:15
KimLarouxby apt-get doesn't list firefox-kde-support either01:15
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KimLarouxjust use apt-get and installe the package "firefox"01:16
LINKSWORD2.... Apparently it's an 'https' link, and I can't navigate to it. -_-01:16
KimLarouxwhat is?01:17
LINKSWORD2I decided to navigate to Mozilla's site to download Firefox that way, and it pops up as a secured address.01:17
KimLarouxah, probably not a good idea01:17
KimLarouxjust use the repos01:17
LINKSWORD2My connection through my phone won't allow me to download it that way.01:18
KimLarouxwhy not?01:18
LINKSWORD2It's a free app. lol01:18
Obsidian1723Try wget01:19
LINKSWORD2E: Unable to locate package firefox-kde-support01:19
kako_ok so now it just seems to be pixely and slow and really shitty01:19
kako_the video01:19
KimLarouxyou're trying to install firefox on your phone trough an app on kde?01:19
LINKSWORD2kako, watch your language.01:19
kako_sorry about that01:19
LINKSWORD2No, KimLaroux, I get my internet to my laptop through my phone, with a free app.01:20
KimLarouxkako_: maybe the video has a bad quality to start with?01:20
LINKSWORD2I'm trying to install Firefox on my laptop, and it's not allowing me to download it.01:20
KimLarouxso it's not a Kubuntu problem01:20
kako_KimLaroux: it was much faster on dragon for some reason but i can't figure out why01:20
kako_KimLaroux: maybe it's a graphics issue? as in driver stuff01:22
KimLarouxLINKSWORD2: you may have to setup apt-get to use a proxy01:22
LINKSWORD2.... I'm confused.01:23
KimLarouxkako_: maybe vlc isn't configured properly01:23
kako_KimLaroux: how would i configure it?01:23
KimLarouxtools > preferences01:23
KimLarouxthere's a gazilions settings in there01:24
OerHekskako_, you said you have  imac g5 with ati radeon 9600pro, is there a graphics driver available ?01:25
kako_though from what i can find online01:25
kako_it's already installed01:25
kako_but i don't know01:25
OerHeksTools > System > additional Drivers01:27
KimLarouxaka jockey01:27
LINKSWORD2KimLaroux: I need the repo command for firefox.01:28
KimLarouxsudo apt-get install firefox01:28
kako_OerHeks: I see that everywhere but i have no idea what that means. the path stuff...01:28
KimLarouxit's the K menu01:29
LINKSWORD2E: Package 'firefox' has no installation candidate01:29
KimLarouxin this context01:29
kako_ummm there01:30
LINKSWORD2Will somebody please slap this repo directory? lol01:30
kako_is no tools for starters01:30
KimLarouxin the classic menu01:30
kako_ok so i loaded it up01:31
kako_then i get a window saying jockey crashed01:31
KimLarouxyour system is being a real pain tonight01:31
kako_you don't say01:32
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kako_believe me on mac os x it was worse01:32
kako_things would crash01:32
kako_left and right01:32
kako_which after 5 trips to the apple store i said screw it i'm getting linux01:32
KimLarouxLinux isn't better01:33
kako_yea it kinda is, there's help!01:33
KimLarouxI have stuff crashing left, right, down, up and center01:33
kako_hahaha i suppose so01:33
LINKSWORD2If you know how to use it right, Linux *IS* better.01:33
LINKSWORD2Unfortunately, there's more than a handful of misfits in the world.01:33
KimLarouxYou have limited power to "use it right" when the problem comes from upstream01:34
KimLarouxif there's a bug, there's a bug01:34
* LINKSWORD2 *Evil Grin.*01:34
KimLarouxthe best you can do is report it01:34
kako_well on my dell latitude d610 with mint kde none of this happened, but i had to retire that cause the graphics card melted due to a small fan forgetting that it needed to run01:36
kako_so if i'01:37
kako_i'm correct pastebin is where we all put the stuff for this kinda stuff01:37
KimLarouxit's the bin where we paste01:37
KimLarouxso not to flood here01:37
KimLarouxpaste.kde.org too01:38
kako_why does kde get it's own pastebin?01:38
LINKSWORD2Right? lol01:38
Obsidian1723kako_:  there's a PPA for Firefox.. also, it has had major memory leaks since 2.0, I switched to Chromium, works great.01:39
kako_well for any and all who can read error reports, i give you something fundementally short: http://paste.kde.org/657860/01:39
Obsidian1723but I also have a D610 running :Linux Mint 12 KDE, works fine. 2GB of RAM in it though.01:39
LINKSWORD2Speaking of Chromium, I need the repo command for that, too.01:39
kako_mine was 2.5 and i'm working on replacing the graphics card in it01:40
Obsidian1723sudo add-apt-respository ppa:blah-blah-blah01:40
KimLarouxsegfault, who would have thought01:40
kako_those things are built like tanks01:40
Obsidian1723yeah, not quite a Toughbook, but they are solid.01:40
LINKSWORD2I remember being a support-tech for the D-610's. Pretty solid, alright.01:41
Obsidian1723Firefox has nice extensions, but the memory sucking isn't worth it. I';ve seen FF expand up to 4GB RAM on a Win box.01:41
kako_well i got vlc to run smoothly, can anyone guess what the new issue is?01:41
Obsidian1723I rarely use my laptop, so someday I'll replace it with a 8GB faster 3-something CPU setup running Kubuntu 12.04 or whatever the LTS is, or maybe I'll just go Debian.01:42
Obsidian1723what's the new issue?01:42
kako_it freezed on 1 frame then keeps adding over and over and over01:43
kako_i'm starting to wonder if the imac g5 was built for anything other than images01:43
KimLarouxman, your system is seriously messed up01:43
Obsidian1723I think you must have som e sort of hardware issue. I can understand wireless being flakey on Linuxd, but VLC is 10+ years old, it's rock solid.01:44
kako_i know, it's horrendous! :D01:44
Obsidian1723Hold on... let me get my .45 out. I have 13 fixes for it.01:44
Obsidian1723You are trying to modify a Ferrari... That's not going to work very well.01:45
kako_imac g5: 2ghz powerpc single core. 1.5 gb ram. ati radeon 9600 128mb. and 233gb harddrive01:45
Obsidian1723Yeah, dump the Mac.01:45
LINKSWORD2I'll take it....01:45
kako_sure, what've  you got?01:45
LINKSWORD2I build custom desktops. =)01:46
Obsidian1723I have a few towers around here... If you're in MN, you can have one01:46
kako_i'm in me01:46
kako_ME xD01:46
Obsidian1723Nice state actually...01:46
Obsidian1723I like Maine/.01:46
kako_it's freezing01:46
LINKSWORD2Last one I built was an ASUS Z77 with an i3 dual-core Turbo.01:46
kako_i want01:47
LINKSWORD2Ivy Bridge.01:47
Obsidian1723LINKSWORD2: Building isn't worth the cost these days for most people unless it's a media server, high end gaming machine or server, or you just want top notch parts.01:47
LINKSWORD2Customer wanted the best board & processor possible, but asked me to put in a 160GB SATA. lol01:47
Obsidian1723I remember the days when a 16 megabyte RAM SIMM was $60001:47
LINKSWORD2Obsidian1723: I remember those days.... *shudders.*01:48
Obsidian1723Everyone built then and upgrades as much as they could. Your average system was $2,000 back then, so figure about $4,000 in todays money.01:48
kako_i remember when the macintosh came out!01:48
kako_kilobytes of ram, xD01:48
LINKSWORD2*Faints.* I'm not that old! LOL01:48
kako_don't have to be01:48
Obsidian1723LINKSWORD2: I need to dial into the BBS at 14.4k and use Z-Modem to download Disk 11 of Windows95a :)01:48
kako_i'm only 17 and i know enough about computers to fix most things01:48
kako_i wouldn't use linux if i risked blowing up a machine01:49
LINKSWORD2I'm a 24-year old IT tech.01:49
kako_which i've seen done before with someone editing theMAC address xD01:49
Obsidian1723kako_: When I started computing, Apple was 2 years old, Microsoft 3, Windows didn't exist for 7 years, and the web n0ot for 12. DNS didn't exist for 8 more years.01:49
* LINKSWORD2 *Evil Grin.*01:49
Obsidian1723I started out on Unix back in 197801:49
Obsidian1723Up until 1986, the 9 NAPs all ran off of a single T-1 line.01:50
LINKSWORD2*Craps self.*01:50
Obsidian1723No DNS until then either.01:50
kako_i wish i'd been around when a 13 inch was considered big01:50
kako_then i'd be making money by now with my skills01:50
LINKSWORD2.... *Mind drops into the gutter.*01:50
Obsidian1723I used a 110 baud modem with an accoustic coupler and a rotary phone you had to put the handset into the modem coupler.01:50
kako_xD yes!01:51
LINKSWORD2Help! My mind has a dirty mind and it refuses to be cleaned!01:51
Obsidian1723Scrrrrrrrrrrrrech! SHHHHHHHHHH boing boing ka shhhhhhhhhhhhht01:51
Obsidian1723good old days01:51
Obsidian17235.24" flopies, zip disks, syquest disks uin 40 or 88 meg....01:51
LINKSWORD2.... Right? lol01:51
Obsidian17233.5" disks01:51
LINKSWORD2I remember those.01:52
KimLarouxObsidian1723: how old are you, if you don't mind me asking?01:52
LINKSWORD2Kim, are you hitting on us again? :P01:52
Obsidian1723I'm 45, started in 78 when I was 12, so 35+ years in the game now?01:52
* KimLaroux nods.01:52
Obsidian1723In March, I'll be 46.01:52
kako_THIS is why linux is better than windows or mac, the community is fun!01:52
LINKSWORD2kako_: Agreed.01:52
KimLarouxMan, the Internet is so young01:52
LINKSWORD2Not to mention, I got tired of all the over-priced crap.01:52
LINKSWORD2Kim.... Your turn. :P01:53
Obsidian1723You guys are all spoiled. I didn't have the web, forums, etc to go for help to. No IRC until 1988... I had computer clubs, BBSes, and just had to figure shyte out myself. heheh01:53
* LINKSWORD2 *Evil Grin.*01:53
KimLarouxIRC was born the same year I was =D01:53
Obsidian1723Now Im just old, lazy and jaded. gdet off my lawn channel dadcum it *shakes cane*01:53
LINKSWORD2IRC is a lot of fun.01:53
Obsidian1723It is.01:53
kako_I learned java by playing around with a ide01:54
Obsidian1723I ran a small IRC network for awhile, had a BBS before that.01:54
LINKSWORD2.... Obsidian, don't make me slap you with my new-age anti-geezer swatter. lol01:54
Obsidian1723LINKSWORD2: Wait... you'll slap me? For FREE? Normall Mistress Vanity charges me $50 for that.01:54
KimLarouxYou need to change Mistress01:55
KimLarouxI can give you phone numbers, if you want ;)01:55
Obsidian1723Ok.. old skool here... Anyone ever use Undernet back in the 90s?01:55
LINKSWORD2Ah, yeah.01:55
kako_that's new to me01:55
Obsidian1723remember when Wildthan /killed 15k users?01:55
KimLarouxI used Undernet in 2003, does it count?01:55
LINKSWORD2I was young, back then. *Slaps self.*01:55
Obsidian1723Back whejn X and W were around. He did something funky with @UWorld and killed a ton of users.01:56
LINKSWORD2I don't remember half the commands in IRC....01:56
Obsidian1723'03???? Yer new here!!01:56
Obsidian1723LINKSWORD2: When I ran my IRC network I had an mIRC bot I wrote connect to a IRC server and I used to issue raw commands for fun01:57
KimLarouxAnd it's already a decade01:57
Obsidian1723:NICKSERV PRIVMSG LINKSWORD2: Hey there :) -- would make NickServ message you.01:57
LINKSWORD2Sounds like fun.01:57
Obsidian1723I'd make NickServ kill opers on their b-day.01:57
Obsidian1723:NICKSERV KILL LINKSWORD2: Happy Birthday!!01:58
Obsidian1723Just like that01:58
Obsidian1723I could sniff messages, all sorts of stuff. Logged it all.01:58
Obsidian1723Like Wireshark for IRC.01:58
kako_i kinda hate to be "that guy" but i did come here looking for some help and i'm wondering if deinterlacing could help speed up my fps and stuff01:59
LINKSWORD2Unlike the last time I popped into this room, I'm running Oneric...01:59
KimLarouxYou guys are evil01:59
Obsidian1723BOFH baby!!01:59
LINKSWORD2And it appears to be possible for me to upgrade to Precise.01:59
KimLarouxsure, just format01:59
Obsidian1723LINKSWORD2: do the clean install. UpDATES are of, but upGRADES are always messy.01:59
LINKSWORD2.... I'm a little dubious. The last time I tried to upgrade, it crashed.02:00
KimLarouxI always format02:00
LINKSWORD2.... I'd like to do a clean, but don't have a DVD available.02:00
kako_thre are like 9-12 options02:00
KimLarouxdistupgrades are just ugly02:00
kako_why not use read writes02:00
DarthFrogLINKSWORD2:  I thought you were going directly from Maverick to Precise?02:00
LINKSWORD2.... Because I don't have them. -_-02:00
KimLarouxLINKSWORD2: give me and adress I'll mail you one02:00
LINKSWORD2Frog, it crashed during upgrade.02:01
Obsidian1723LINKSWORD2: telnet bofh.jeffballard.us 666 2>/dev/null |grep --color -o "Your excuse is:.*$"02:01
KimLarouxI have a truckload and never use them02:01
LINKSWORD2I had to re-install.02:01
LINKSWORD2.... Yeah, how'd you know that, Obsidian1723?02:01
DarthFrogLINKSWORD2:  Lovely.  What a nuisance.02:01
Obsidian1723I am evil?02:01
LINKSWORD2.... Where's my Geezer-Swatter?02:01
Obsidian1723Love the random stuff it spits out.02:01
LINKSWORD2You sure, Kim?02:02
Obsidian1723telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl02:02
LINKSWORD2Or are you hitting on me? :P02:02
Obsidian1723even more geeky02:02
LINKSWORD2Obsidian1723: *Facepalm.*02:02
KimLarouxLINKSWORD2: I think you're feeling lonely02:03
kako_no not blinkenlight02:03
* LINKSWORD2 *Evil Grin.*02:03
kako_that's starwars02:03
Obsidian1723kako_: Good luck on getting it to work on the Mac.It's not an Intel proc in there, and You cvan't go beyond 10.4 I think? for Mac OS X on that CPU.02:03
KimLarouxaren't macs using intel now?02:03
LINKSWORD2KimLaroux: Maybe. =P02:03
Obsidian1723You are basically trying to install Linux on a real oddball, like an Amiga.02:03
LINKSWORD2.... Yeah, they should be.02:03
Obsidian1723Realize too, 386 support is no more for the Linux kernel.02:04
kako_kimlaroux the more modern ones are02:04
kako_but this isn't modern02:04
KimLarouxkako_: print cat /proc/cpuinfo02:04
LINKSWORD2.... And that, is why you fail.02:04
kako_this is back when 128mb dedicated was top of the line02:04
kako_and ibm still made something other than servers02:04
KimLarouxI thought it was a recent machine02:04
kako_it's a powerpc02:04
LINKSWORD2.... *Snickers.*02:04
kako_so no02:04
Obsidian1723Basically if you want it to work, take a month off of work, compile LFS or Gentoo and pray.02:04
kako_imac is02:04
KimLarouxLINKSWORD2: could you please stfu?02:05
LINKSWORD2.... What's your problem?02:05
kako_i'll just use it as a storage pc02:05
LINKSWORD2Jeez, I didn't do anything to you.02:05
Obsidian1723That works.02:05
kako_and large display for irc02:05
kako_what a waste of a display02:05
Obsidian1723Yeah, I gotta back LINKSWORD2on this one. I haven't seen him be out of line at all.02:05
kako_maybe i can get an adapter and use it as a vga monitor02:06
Obsidian1723At some point the hardware is just too damn old.02:06
LINKSWORD2What's the display type, kako?02:06
Obsidian1723That's where my .45 comes into play.02:06
Obsidian1723I've laid waste to a few PCs that way.02:06
LINKSWORD2.... That's usually when I start running, Obsidian1723...02:06
kako_the 20' 16:10 full hd display on my imac02:06
kako_but why waste bullets02:07
Obsidian172313-round mags x 12 mags, but it only takes 1 mag and it's a goner anyway.02:07
kako_why not just slam on them with your fist02:07
LINKSWORD2Nice. So how would you adapt it to VGA? Isn't it built-in?02:07
Obsidian1723kako_: fun?02:07
LINKSWORD2.... that'll work. :P02:07
LINKSWORD2.... Wow. Huge list of update/upgrade packages in Muon.02:07
kako_well i did end up breaking the keyboard of a 500mhz ibook g3 by typing on it so yea that should do anythng02:08
kako_and yea the display is built in02:08
LINKSWORD2.... Ouch? lol02:08
kako_but i'm thinking there has to be something that can convert it02:08
Obsidian1723ya use muon?02:08
kako_to be a monitor02:08
LINKSWORD2.... BTW, I honestly wouldn't mind someone sending me a CD or DVD of Precise.02:08
kako_sure thing02:08
kako_what bit size02:08
kako_what distro02:08
LINKSWORD2Muon comes default with Oneric. That's what I've been able to get working.02:08
kako_i have 10000s of dvds02:09
Obsidian1723try this... paste into .bash_aliases and save it, then source .bashrc to reload it, then just type sall and enter in aa terminal to do the string of commands. alias sall='sudo apt-get install -f && sudo apt-get --yes -q --force-yes update && sudo youtube-dl -U && sudo apt-get check -y && sudo apt-get --yes -q --force-yes upgrade && sudo apt-get --yes -q --force-yes dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove -y && sudo apt-get clean -y && sudo02:09
Obsidian1723apt-get check -y'02:09
kako_all rws02:09
LINKSWORD2I've got a 64-bit capable system, but prefer 32-bit distro's.02:09
LINKSWORD2Holy crap, Obsidian1723....02:09
Obsidian1723No need for muon.02:09
kako_kde i presume is your flavor of choice02:09
Obsidian1723If you want to be lazy, set a crontab :D02:09
Obsidian1723for DE anyway02:09
LINKSWORD2Kubuntu 11.04, currently. 32-bit software.02:09
Obsidian17231q2.04.1LTS 64bit here, 16GB RAM.02:10
LINKSWORD2I think I'm running KDE 4.1?.... (unsure)02:10
kako_so you'll want 32 bit kubuntu 12.04 or 12.1002:10
Obsidian17234.9.4 here02:10
Obsidian1723LINKSWORD2: I have a lot of custom aliases and do other things like make my prompt turn a different color when at root.02:11
LINKSWORD2I prefer the LTS versions. Not impressed with the minor changes between xx.04 and .10.02:11
Obsidian1723Yeah, the non LTS are less stable.02:11
LINKSWORD2I think they're marked as STS's, (Short-Term Support) ??02:11
Obsidian17236 months02:11
kako_i've never used non lts cause i usually install for the long term02:11
Obsidian1723supposedly at 14.04 LTS will go away and Ubuntu will become a rolling distro.02:12
Obsidian1723LINKSWORD2: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/914191/install-script/bash_aliases02:12
Obsidian1723Last I vchecked, I have something like 250 custom aliases?02:12
kako_what happened to 13.04 and 13.10?02:12
LINKSWORD2When I use an STS, it's because it's the version I have available to me, and I upgrade to the nearest LTS pretty much immediately.02:12
Obsidian1723nt out yet02:12
Obsidian1723The 1st # is the year, the 2nd # is the month02:13
LINKSWORD2.... WTF? Holy....02:13
kako_then why bring up 14.04?02:13
LINKSWORD2Obsidian1723: Mind explaining that link's contents?02:13
Obsidian1723So 13.10 is 20(13) October (10th month)02:13
Obsidian1723Just my aliases. You were shicked at the sall one.02:13
* LINKSWORD2 *Head-desk.*02:14
Obsidian1723I brought up 14.04 to say that eventually there won't be a non-LTS and LTS, it will all be rolling, like CentOS is.02:14
LINKSWORD2Haven't seen anything about that.02:14
LINKSWORD2.... So, it'll upgrade immediately when there's new packages available for it?02:15
Obsidian1723LINKSWORD2: Lazy Linux geeks use aliases, crontab, have logs monitored and get emailed. It's our way.02:15
=== rysiek|pl is now known as rysiekpl
LINKSWORD2.... Yep. I need a Geezer-Swatter.....02:15
Obsidian1723Well the rolling thing is still a pretty new idea, we'll see if they actually do it.02:15
kako_has anyone ever stopped to wonder why they didn't build all the linux distros on the same unix core?02:15
Obsidian1723Longer the beard, the harder the core. Santa is a newbie :D02:15
Obsidian1723kako_: Different philosophy of design. Same kernekl. All source for really 3 distros... Slackware, Debian and Red Hat.02:16
Obsidian1723Ever see the Linux Timeline?02:16
kako_i know but why 3 different ones02:16
kako_cause couldn't they have all used either debian, red hat, or slackware and gone from there02:17
Obsidian1723Those are the 3 oldest.02:17
kako_hell why not just linux os02:17
kako_instead of ubuntu, mint, fedora, apache, blah blah blah02:17
Obsidian1723Well, to some Linux is the kernel, to others it's the OS/distro.02:18
Obsidian1723apache is a web server httpd daemon, not a distro. The rest are all forks.02:18
kako_ok well apache is still considered linux02:18
kako_but still why not all one single os02:19
kako_why the massive distro variation02:19
LINKSWORD2Well.... I'm gonna go pop a smoke.02:19
kako_i mean xfce. kde, and gnome are nice choices to hav02:19
Obsidian1723Debain was forked into Ubuntu, which was forked into Mint. Fedora is a Red Hat fork and is like the unstable versions of Ubuntu, whereas CentOS, also a Red Hat fork, is more stable and is more akin to Debian or Ubuntu LTS.02:19
Obsidian1723kako_: Different philosophy of design, thats why.02:19
kako_ok so why not the same thing with windows02:20
kako_or mac02:20
kako_especially mac02:20
kako_mac is unix after all02:20
Obsidian1723If you want totally free, stable, older software, Debian. If you want newer, less free stuff, newer software, Ubuntu. If tyou want Ubuntu with all the video etc codes, all the extra,s Linux Mint.02:20
Obsidian1723Mac is not pure Unix. It's been approved as such, but it's not SCO or System V.02:20
kako_it is unix at the core02:20
Obsidian1723OS X is a hybrid mix of NetXTstep and FreeBSD. FreeBSD is a fork of real Unuix.02:21
kako_once again02:21
kako_still unix02:21
Obsidian1723It's agreed to be under the Unix umbrella, but it is not pure Unix.02:21
kako_well no02:21
Obsidian1723Go work with AIX, then tell me Mac OS X is like Unix.02:21
Obsidian1723AS/400 mainframe OS.02:22
Obsidian1723real Unix.02:22
Obsidian1723SCO, System V, AIX, etc.02:22
kako_i don't have a mainframe to run it on02:22
kako_don't get me wrong02:22
kako_i love learning new things02:22
kako_but mac is unix02:22
Obsidian1723I'm just saying, after you run the real deal, you'll see OS X ain't real Unix. They call it that, so yes, it is Unix, but not really. Not to a real Unix programmer, geek, etc old schooler. They can call it a fluffy bear, doesn't make it so.02:23
Obsidian1723Even at the kernel level, Linux, Unix, BSD, Mac OS X and Windows are all different.02:23
kako_windows is dos02:24
Obsidian1723but hey, I've new, only been at this almost 4 decades, what do I know?02:24
kako_:D you should know quite a bit02:24
kako_but i work with macs a lot02:24
Obsidian1723Windows is dos? Now yer trollin02:24
kako_windows is dos02:24
Obsidian1723Good lord.02:24
kako_have you never stripped an os before?02:25
Obsidian1723Windoes isnt DOS.02:25
kako_yes it is02:25
kako_it's different than the initial dos02:25
kako_but it is dos02:25
kako_and mac is unix02:26
kako_and linux is unic02:26
kako_and linux is unix02:26
kako_mac is a heavily modified and warped unix02:26
kako_but after you take the gui away02:27
kako_and the failsafes02:27
Obsidian1723MS-DOS was fgorked from QDOS which Bill Gates pu8rchased and transformed into MS-DOS. Windows was an optional DE which could run on top of MS-DOS, back in the Windows 1.0 - 3.1.1 days,but once Windows095 came out (which ran under DOS 7.0), that was the last of DOS. 6.2.2 was the last real DOS. Now there really isn't DOS per se, no real DOS. There's a POSIX subsystem, there is DOS compatability, but no real DOS.02:27
Obsidian1723Linux ins't Unix either. Good lord. Did you just get some IT cert or something?02:27
kako_as i said02:28
kako_i'm 1702:28
Obsidian1723then stop being so efeen clueless man.02:28
kako_i wish i had an it cert02:28
Obsidian1723Seriously, if you said that stuff in some other channels on other networks, they'd hand ye butt to ya.02:28
kako_it's true though02:29
Obsidian1723Go on EFNET once :D02:29
LINKSWORD2Linux was built under the GNU license, which stands for "Gnu is Not Unix".02:29
LINKSWORD2Originally, at least.02:29
Obsidian1723Recursive names are geek fun02:29
kako_yes they are02:29
kako_you are so simple02:30
kako_you searched for gnu02:31
kako_not you obsidian02:31
Obsidian1723No, LINKSWORD2actually has a clue.02:31
Obsidian1723You can tell when someone is trollin, or is otherwise clueless, uses Google, I thinjk LINKSWORD2 has it down man.\02:31
kako_i am not using google for any of this02:33
kako_i've learned it through experience with os02:33
kako_for example02:33
kako_unix was built on c++ which was built on c# which was built on a machine running dos02:34
kako_which means if i were a troll i'd be saying02:34
kako_mac is dos02:34
Obsidian1723Ok, who was the partner of Dennis Ritchie and who were they and what did they do?02:34
DarthFrogkako_:  Unix and C (not C++) are twins.02:34
Obsidian1723In 502:34
FloodBotK1Obsidian1723: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:34
Obsidian1723No fail02:35
kako_but no c# and unix are not twins02:35
Obsidian1723So anwser the question then KimLaroux02:35
DarthFrogNot C#, that's MS technology.02:35
kako_then why talk about c02:35
KimLarouxI'm not sure, actually02:35
kako_when i was talking about c#02:36
kako_and c++02:36
kako_and unix02:36
kako_and dos02:36
* Obsidian1723 noticed neither KimLaroux nor kako_ anwsered my question.02:36
DarthFrogkako_:  Unix was written in C.02:36
kako_c++ actually02:36
KimLarouxObsidian1723: I'm not pretending to know anything02:36
KimLarouxfailing is the only way to learn02:36
kako_actually obsidian i don't know either02:37
* DarthFrog thinks kako_ is a troll. Please don't feed the troll.02:37
Obsidian1723You guys are making my head hurt. I need to go talk to some Windows users. Far less stressful.02:37
kako_that's cause most windows users either know a tiny bit of programming02:37
Obsidian1723DarthFrog: Agreed. Here comes the banhammer on my ignore list for him.02:37
KimLarouxyou could go spend some time in ##chemistry02:37
KimLarouxit's always entertaining to go there02:38
Obsidian1723ah silencio with the banhammer02:38
kako_btw obsidian02:38
kako_your question02:38
kako_they were the group that made unix02:38
Obsidian1723I guess that's one way to fix stupid.02:38
kako_at bell labs02:38
Obsidian1723LINKSWORD2: ok, I need to kick some kids off my lawn. they are putting up pictures of dead penguins. I think Bill sent them. Dagnabbit.02:39
KimLarouxObsidian1723: thanks for the linux map, it's nice02:39
KimLarouxI didn't know SUSE was a fork of Slack02:39
Obsidian1723KimLaroux: No problem. Save the link, they update it often enoiugh02:39
Obsidian1723Yeah terhe is just the 3 main ones.02:39
Obsidian1723Slackware 3.3 was my first Linux actually.02:39
Obsidian1723ltr all.02:40
KimLarouxand that Mandrake was a fork of RH02:40
KimLarouxMandrake was the first distro I seriously used back in 200302:40
eshackhey, I'm looking to upload some files via ftp to my web host, I can't seem to connect with Dolphin, any recommendations?  I was trying with sftp://user@ftp.domain.com:port02:48
eshackfilezilla is outdated, and I can't seem to connect with that either, though on my Mac, it was easy to setup and do.02:49
eshacktried Dolphin, and Krusader, I really could use a tip here.02:50
eshackI'm probably doing something dumb, and basic, and overlooking it,02:51
eshackwhen I try port 21, ie the standard method, I get: Your connection to this server has been blocked in a firewall.02:52
DarthFrogeshack:  Try fish://user@....02:52
eshackDarthFrog: with Dolphin? or Krusader?02:52
eshackfish://  really?  is that new?02:52
DarthFrogHmm, the bot doesn't know fish.02:53
DarthFrogIt's a KIO slave.02:53
* eshack makes a mental note to buy the bot a pole. :)02:53
eshackcould not connect to host: ftp.domain.com02:54
DarthFrogeshack:  Is ssh firewalled on domain.com?02:55
eshackok, my host instructions tell me to use sftp when possible, as that is more secure, however I'm wondering if that is complicating things, or if I have hounded my host too much, and now it is blocking everthing02:56
eshackDarthFrog: no, via cli I can get in02:56
eshackwell at least on my mac02:56
DarthFrogYou might need to give your password in the URL.02:56
eshacklet me double check on here via terminal, could I be missing something on here?  openssh?  or something?02:57
eshackalso, as I typed that out, via ssh I connect to a different domain, the actual server name on the shared host, but via ftp it is my domain name02:58
eshackahhh, ssh connection timed out, server trouble, or I have been blocked out because of too many failed attempts.02:59
eshackDarthFrog: is there anything extra I need installed on my box to connect to ssh? or sftp?03:00
DarthFrogWell, if you can't connect via ssh, you won't be able to use fish (FIles transferred over SHell protocol).03:01
DarthFrogOn your end, all you need is a SSH client.03:01
eshackahh, I'm probably missing that.03:01
eshackI'm not very partial to Moun, can't seem to find it.03:02
eshackhmm, openssh-client already installed.03:03
eshackDarthFrog: thanks for the help.  I'm done for the night, I was hoping to just jump on and start uploading, but I will have to work on this later.03:04
ethangI just installed from a mini-disk, install seemed to go OK, except X11 doesn't work now03:20
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slimfadidafaq is this?04:03
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AknotHOw can i make firefox open magnet links in ktorrent?08:24
sbivolAknot: one second, I'm fiddling with this right now08:27
sbivolstay tuned08:27
shadeslayerAknot: which release?08:27
Aknotok sbivol08:27
shadeslayerit should be fixed imho08:27
Aknotkubuntu 12.1008:27
shadeslayersee bug 109322008:27
ubottubug 1093220 in transmission (Ubuntu Quantal) "[SRU] Fix transmission-qt to open magnet links from a browser" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109322008:27
shadeslayerthey forgot to upload for quantal08:28
shadeslayerAknot: find transmission-qt.desktop08:29
shadeslayeryou can use dpkg -S transmission-qt.desktop08:29
shadeslayerand replace Exec=transmission-qt %F with Exec=transmission-qt %U08:29
Aknoti use ktorrent08:29
shadeslayerohhh wait08:29
shadeslayerworks for me on raring08:32
sbivolAknot: please se this link for a solution: http://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=u6uviqr8u3e2r91smm8v352nn6&topic=103267.msg881252#msg88125208:33
sbivolAknot: works for me08:34
Aknotthanks sbivol08:35
sbivolAknot: when the „Choose an application” dialog appears, choose „/usr/bin/xdg-open” and set it to remember the choice08:37
shadeslayernvm, I'm an idiot08:37
shadeslayerI seem to have mis read most of the question :|08:37
sbivolshadeslayer: you still help a lot of people most of the time, so It's ok :)08:38
shadeslayerdoesn't make me less of an idiot for having misread the question :P08:38
shadeslayermy brain ran a sed -i -e 's/firefox/chrome/g' -e 's/ktorrent/transmission/g'08:39
shadeslayeranyway ... gtg, lunch, ciao08:40
sbivolon a totally unrelated note, why are the mozilla people so plain stupid? I understand that they don't build a qt-based Firefox, but why are they insisting on being stupid? setting the STANDARD /usr/bin/xdg-open is The Right Thing(tm) to do even on Gnome08:40
shadeslayeryou'd have to ask them :P08:41
shadeslayeror open a bug report in their tracker08:41
sbivolshadeslayer: Firefox on Linux IS a bug, but I still insist on using it... poor me08:41
shadeslayerthere's a ff build with KDE integration patches08:41
shadeslayerbut those patches are fugly08:41
shadeslayeruse chrome/chromium08:41
shadeslayerPersonally, I don't like FF08:42
shadeslayersrsly, bye08:42
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sbivolI have a strange issue on Raring - opening a magnet link renders the desktop unusable, with Xorg eating 100% CPU09:58
shadeslayersbivol: #ubuntu+110:07
noaXessdoes anybody also have problem in latest libreoffice to print direct? if i print a document, it takes 5-10 minutes until the document is printed...10:13
Progersafter i installed "Video driver for the AMD Radeon and FireGL graphics accelerators" from additional drivers,the desktop effects has turned off i cant turn it on it says"24 desktop effects could not be loaded."i tried to deactivate the driver,but desktop effects still not working.how to turn them back on?10:20
lordievaderProgers: Are you using Xrender or OpenGL?10:21
Progerswhen i click details he says"For technical reasons it is not possible to determine all possible error causes.""desktop effect system is not running"10:23
Progersi use Kubuntu 12.1010:24
jussiProgers: I assume you have restarted, right?10:24
Progersyes i have restarted the computer after the installation and after the deactivation10:25
=== sem_ is now known as Peace-
ProgersI think i must remove the driver not just deactivate him.10:30
Progersi will try to remove kwinrc10:33
Progersand restart10:33
Progersstill not working10:36
Progersany idea how to turnon desktop effects?10:38
lordievaderProgers: Believe the default shortcut was alt+shift+F1210:38
Progersnow he saying Desktop effects are not available on this system due to the following technical issues:10:42
ProgersWindow Manager seems not to be running10:42
Progershttp://pastebin.com/YqkmjYSj   this is kwinrs file10:48
TorchProgers: weird issue. maybe someone on #kde can help?10:54
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mfkzt_how do I put a shortcut on desktop for example for sublime edit 2 ??13:06
=== cryptfu_ is now known as Guest48950
petersaintsI just noticed that there's a newer version of rekonq 2.1. Will it reach quantal backports? Also Ktorrent is still at 4.2 in the official repos and 4.3.1 is already available. Any plans to backport it?13:12
hateballmfkzt_: rightclick plasma desktop and add shortcut13:14
tsimpsonpetersaints: #kubuntu-devel is the place to ask13:15
hateballmfkzt_: or rightclick item in the k-menu and add it to desktop13:15
petersaintsok tsimpson13:15
mfkzt_hateball: there is no "add shortcut"13:17
mfkzt_hateball: only add widget or add panell13:18
hateballmfkzt_: Ah yes. You add a widget, there are shortcut widgets :)13:22
mfkzt_there isn't :(13:24
mfkzt_what's the name of this widget?13:24
hateballhmmm, I could swear there used to be.... (I dont use desktop icons)13:25
hateballmfkzt_: you could also use the "quickstart" plasmoid13:27
mfkzt_it's only the sublime I'm after13:27
mfkzt_it doesn't install, it just sits in a folder13:27
mfkzt_therefore is not in menu items13:28
hateballYou can still point to the executable file using the quickstart plasmoid13:28
mfkzt_if I could put it there it would be even better13:28
mfkzt_donno what quickstart plasmoid is... never used it i guess... :(13:29
hateballmfkzt_: well it's like a little rocket icon13:30
hateballI am using swedish locale so maybe I mistranslate13:30
hateballthat adds a box on your plasma desktop, that you can customize what sort of shortcuts shows in it13:30
mfkzt_actually I am using it LOL13:31
mfkzt_it's on my bottom bar13:31
mfkzt_I have couple of icons there13:31
hateballYou can rightclick and add another, then13:31
mfkzt_yes it opens "known applications" window13:33
mfkzt_and it's not a known app13:33
mfkzt_so I browse...13:33
mfkzt_and error - can't find it ... weird13:34
mfkzt_that's not right... I just want to add an icon13:37
mfkzt_not an icon in quicklauncher13:37
BluesKajHi folks13:43
hateballmfkzt_: I guess someone might know if you hang around for a while longer13:45
* hateball only uses krunner for all the things13:46
BluesKajuses krunner to open / edit files or apps not listed in the kmenu13:48
hateballIndexing takes care of the files :)13:48
BluesKajdoesn't index13:48
=== spawn[dead] is now known as spawn57
BluesKajturns nepomuk and akonadi off after the OS install13:50
BluesKajor upgrade13:50
AknotWhy the tasks in task manager sometimes automatically change their position? how can i change it to normal13:59
AknotAlso i uninstalled kwallet and whenever i open chromium it pop ups the kwallet thing14:00
BluesKajif you still had kwallet installed you could have turned it off /disabled it14:01
BluesKajthe tasks in the task manager change positions to accomodate new task IDs14:02
BluesKajAknot, ^14:03
Aknoti gues i have to reboot to "refresh" the uninstallation of kwallet14:03
BluesKajno , just reinstall it14:04
mfkzt_hateball: krunner / kmenu ?? what are they?14:06
hateballmfkzt_: krunner is "alt+f2"14:06
hateballmfkzt_: I bind that to alt+space instead however, and then it's easy to just fire it up and type what you want to do14:06
hateballmfkzt_: rather than chasing after desktop icons14:07
mfkzt_I like it14:07
hateballmfkzt_: if you turn on indexing you can type filenames etc as well14:07
mfkzt_typed "sub" and it's already there!14:07
hateballFor my most commonly used applications I have keyboard shortcuts bound...14:08
hateballBut everyone has different workflows :)14:08
mfkzt_I like this krunner, what about kmenu?14:09
hateballmfkzt_: Oh I dunno if it's even called that any longer. The large "start-button" thing14:09
mfkzt_ah right... :)14:10
mfkzt_hateball: thanks for your help :)14:10
hateballmfkzt_: You're welcome :)14:10
Aknotis it possible to get application launcher to right click like in xfce?14:12
=== mfkzt_ is now known as mfkzt
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ndrshnhi everyone14:20
ndrshni have a problem with kubuntu omap14:20
ubottundrshn: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:20
ramchandraaptendrshn: Please describe your problem.14:21
ndrshnwhen i try to install kubuntu 12.10 on my pandaboard es it gives unmount /cdrom. but there is no cdrom14:22
ramchandraaptendrshn: I believe the Kubuntu OMAP isn't tested as much as Kubuntu on x86 PCs.14:22
BluesKajright click on the desktop choose "run command" = krunner14:22
ramchandraaptendrshn: You can remove that line.14:23
ndrshni can't click rigth on desktop it not response.now i am on kubutnu installation screen14:24
mfkztBluesKaj: I prefer Alt+F2 but thanks that works as well, there is still no icon for sublime text14:25
ndrshnok ok14:26
ndrshni'll try14:26
BluesKajmfkzt, sorry i got here after you asked your original question , so I don't know what your "issue" is .14:31
mfkztnp :) I wanted to add an icon for sublime text to my bottom bar / desktop14:32
mfkztst2 is not in app menu either14:32
BluesKajto the panel ?14:32
ndrshnramchandraapte: i'll try to install ubuntu 12.1014:32
mfkztis it called the panel?14:33
mfkztyup the panel, you're right14:34
=== pjoe_afk is now known as pjoe
mfkztit's easy to add from kmenu - just rclick add to panel/desktop done14:37
mfkztbut sublime is not in kmenu14:37
=== pjoe is now known as pjoe_dj
BluesKajmfkzt, open the kmenu and type it into the searchbox14:42
hateballmfkzt: you can rightclick the menu and add a new item. and then rightclick that and add to desktop :p14:42
mfkztlet's see...14:42
BluesKajor drag it into the panel14:42
hateballwell yeah, if that's where it was supposed to go :)14:43
BluesKajmfkzt, I use what is called a "launcher" , quicklaunch in this case . It's added by clicking on the little cashew icon on the far right of the panel , then add widgets , then type 'quick' into the searchbar, choose the quicklauncher (double click on it )  then you can drag your icons into the quicklaunch14:43
BluesKajyou can also move thwe quicklaunch to a convenient area of the panel by opening the panel options with the cashew14:45
mfkztnow this is wierd... kmenu>applications>development  I see 3 apps there, now what I right click Edit Applications (KDE Menu Editor) I have 7 apps including sublime I've just added manually (but it's not showing up in menu)14:49
BluesKajyou have to make sure the apps added show the path to the executable file , mfkzt...usually /usr/bin14:52
mfkztexe file is in my home/sublime folder14:53
mfkztcommand: '/home/sjzurek/Sublime Text 2/sublime_text'14:53
BluesKajmfkzt, you just need to drag the icon to the panel from it's location , no need to add it to the kmenu first14:54
mfkztmade it!14:55
mfkztadded in menu - need to SAVE after all ;)14:55
mfkztthat obvius that I've missed it lol14:55
BluesKajthis what my launchgers look like , on the left beside the Kmenu kicker. http://imagebin.org/24453614:57
BluesKajoops launchers14:57
hateballwow, thats quite a font size :o14:58
AknotHOw can i make transmission-qt open magnet links with chromium?14:59
BluesKajthis is a large monitor, just use ctrl - to decrease the page size14:59
mfkztvery nice BluesKaj I like it15:00
BluesKajsimple and I try to keepo it uncluttered15:00
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pwlI tried to update my current ati vga card driver by terminal16:13
pwlwith these commands16:13
pwlUnofficial Wiki for the AMD Linux Driver *16:13
pwllastly I remembered I wrote startx command16:13
pwland then I restarted my pc16:13
pwllastly I entered my current users password but my user account can not opening :(16:14
lordievaderpwl: Was there an error thrown up during the update/install?16:16
robtygartHas anyone heard of a USB to audo wire? My audio jack on my laptop is bad I want to hook my laptop to my sound system.16:24
robtygartI have seen USB ear phones.16:24
BluesKajpwl, is the login screen reappearing with empty login and password fields after entering your username and password ?16:24
lordievaderrobtygart: They probably had some kind of sound-card on board. There are usb-soundcards available.16:25
robtygartlordievader: Thanks. I will take a look at a Sound card. I am hoping to get away with an easy fix.16:27
BluesKajrobtygart, have you tried a different audio cable just to make sure it's the output jack and not the cable ?16:27
lordievaderrobtygart: It is not possible to directly connect a jack to USB, usb being digital and jack being analog, you need an Digital to Analog Converter.16:28
BluesKajI have to ask the obvious question16:28
robtygartYep, the loose connection in the comuter16:28
BluesKajrobtygart, do you have a coax spdif output it's like an orange rca analog jack altho it's a digital out16:30
robtygartIts a laptop, it only has two. earphones and mic16:30
BluesKajthen you would need the coax digital input on your sound system preamp/amp16:31
BluesKajno coax spdif out ...that's odd16:32
BluesKajcheck alsamixer in the terminal16:32
BluesKajrobtygart, sometimes the digitals are on the back of the laptop , not the sides16:33
sbalmosshadeslayer: Figured out the IMAP IDLE issue with Kontact/KMail late last night. Stupid account "folder" wasn't set by default to inherit the account's sync settings.16:33
lordievaderBluesKaj: I believe many laptops don't have an spdif connection, at least my two HP laptops don't.16:34
pwllordievader: do not show error during update/install16:34
BluesKajrobtygart, if not then as lordievader suggested , a usb soundcard is the only choice16:35
pwlyeah I got plantronics gamecom pro1 headphone16:35
pwlit's included own usb sound card16:35
lordievaderpwl: Can you still login to a tty?16:35
BluesKajlordievader, sometimes the minii-jack audio out works as analog and digital depending what's assigned in asoundrc or phonon16:36
pwlI am in guest account now16:36
pwlstill I try to type my password and I can not login :(16:37
pwlits going on as a loop at the login screen16:37
lordievaderA digital mini-jack, now that is odd.16:37
lordievaderpwl: Try to login to a tty, X is probably broken. To acces a tty press ctrl+alt+F[1-6], to get back to the login manager ctrl+alt+F716:38
BluesKajyeah , I've seen the adapters miniplug to rca coax16:38
pwlI told these problem one of my friends. He assume PEBKAC problem16:39
BluesKajpwl , or nomodeset in grub16:39
pwlI will try virtual keyboard.16:39
BluesKaj!nomodeset | pwl16:39
ubottupwl: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:39
pwlhmm ok I try thx16:39
lordievaderpwl: Reading a few logs at this point are probably a good idea... but do whatever.16:40
pwlhow can I read logs16:41
pwlmay be we can find source of the issue if we will read the logs16:41
pwlright ?16:41
lordievaderpwl: Log in to the tty and run: tail /var/log/syslog16:42
pwlman sorry I am newbie what does tty mean ?16:42
lordievaderpwl: Read a few lines back.16:44
=== spawn57 is now known as spawn[dead]
qwhello all16:57
qwhelp me please i have one question16:58
qwhow to enable message from upgrade/update system?16:58
qwhow to disable message from upgrade/update system? *16:59
mandoguitqw:  Menu ->  Muon Update Manager -> Settings17:02
mandoguit-> Configur Muon Update Manager17:03
qwi am use kubuntu 10.04 LTS17:03
BluesKajqw, open kmenu>apps>muon package manager>settings>uncheck available updates17:03
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004 - Supported until April 2013 (Desktop), April 2015 (Server)17:04
BluesKajoph , still supported17:04
qwdon't see17:04
BluesKajdon't see what17:05
qwmuon package manager>settings>uncheck available updates17:05
BluesKajthen choose the package manager , it night be called some thing else17:05
qwi am see17:08
* BluesKaj stiill uses synaptic ...still the most useable and stable reference for packages , if you don't mind a few gtk libs on your system17:09
=== lobo is now known as Guest59778
* susundberg prefers apt-get17:11
BluesKajsynaptic is just package reference guide mostly17:12
BluesKajon my setup17:12
qwits work17:12
qwthank you very mutch17:13
BluesKajapt-get is great for installing removing and update/upgrades , but for finding apps that do certain things I need a package manger to find them sometimes'17:14
* BluesKaj likes the cli , but I'm not a purist by any means17:16
qwdidn't work know i am see this message17:27
qwsee this scrinshoooot http://profile.at.ua/_ph/1/547294357.png17:30
DarthFrogBluesKaj:  "apt-cache" will do that for you.17:38
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BluesKajDarthFrog, yes , but I like to see the descriptions and associated files etc17:40
DarthFrogBluesKaj:  "apt-cache showpkg <package name>"17:40
BluesKajok DarthFrog thanks , but i still prefer good ol' synaptic :)17:42
DarthFrogBluesKaj:  http://pastebin.com/LqwPKALB17:44
* mandoguit uses aptitude eg aptitude search firefox aptitude show firefox17:44
AknotIn dolphin how can i make the "places" icons bigger?17:44
DarthFrogBluesKaj:  I first encountered Synaptic when I was running Corel Linux (remember that one?).  I thought it an excellent utility.17:44
BluesKajBBL, ..stuff to do17:44
qwhow i am search my telephon from IMEI17:48
MichaelPHow do i boot into cli ?17:58
AknotHow can i get folders etc to to switch like in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuZcYh0XbMM18:00
mandoguitMichaelP:   hold shift key down during bootup which will bring up the grub boot menu.  you can then select the recovery option which will take you to  cli18:00
MichaelPmandoguit, i done that but can't get no internet connection18:01
MichaelPCan't get nomodeset working in kernel line.. so want to install fglrx from commandline18:02
mandoguitMichaelP:   try googling on how to initiate an internet connection from cli... the ubuntu sites should have lots of info on doing this18:03
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fructhello all please help me to return buttons (close, minimise, fullscreen) on windows18:21
andybikerHi, I've been looking around the internet and have discovered Lucid lynx. Is there an up to date version of a trinity kubuntu?18:21
andybikerfruct, try using a console and running metacity -replace18:24
andybikerIs Trinity available from the repos18:29
fructandybiker, no protokol specified and unable open X display :018:30
andybikerwhat chat application are you using?18:32
Torchfruct: system settings -> window decorations -> configure buttons (button at the bottom)18:33
fructTorch, buttons work fine before upgrade nvidia driver18:36
Torchfruct: assuming that windows still have title bars... if these are missing too, kwin is gone.18:36
Torchfruct: screenshot?18:37
fructTorch, one minute, don't go away18:41
andybikerWhat did people think of the trinity desktop?18:44
Torchi thought it was a waste of effort, to be honest18:46
fructTorch, http://s1.ipicture.ru/uploads/20130128/uU1t0z1d.png18:47
Torchfruct: your window manager, probably kwin, is gone.18:48
Torchfruct: alt+f2 and type "kwin" and return18:48
fructTorch, no changes =(18:49
fructI set default18:49
Torchfruct: which default did you set? to what value?18:50
fructI press button "default"18:51
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vbgunzI have an android phone and would like to use it as a remote control to my kde desktop. if using vnc is the only recommended method, which vnc server would be simplest to setup?19:09
przemek__hello my Dears , i have a kubuntu 12.04 , i wanna change change it on 12.10 , can i do it without loosing data ,desktop settings?19:24
przemek__like form console?19:25
DarthFrogprzemek__:  yes, easily.19:25
przemek__DarthFrog: hello Sir give me instruction please :)19:26
DarthFrogprzemek__:  First, edit the file /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and change "Prompt=LTS" to "Prompt=normal".19:27
DarthFrogprzemek__: Then run "sudo do-release-upgrade".19:28
DarthFrogprzemek__:  Then get a cup of coffee and watch it happen. :-)19:28
przemek__haha lovely thank you very much! :) your great guy thank you again19:29
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AknotAnyone know how i can add intergalactic fm stations to radio tray? Their stations can be only dled from facebook page but radio tray requires url. https://www.facebook.com/IntergalacticFM/app_29741275702354120:59
mandoguitAknot:   might be some info at  http://www.kubuntuforums.net/archive/index.php/t-54828.html21:07
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Aknotmandoguit nice, it worked :D21:13
mandoguitAknot:  cool  :)21:16
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FrozenthiaIs anyone available to help me with something?22:12
lordievaderWhat do you need help with, Frozenthia?22:17
FrozenthiaI just installed Kubuntu on my brother's desktop, and he has a custom computer with an Nvidia graphics card. The only way I could get past the loading screen where the icons fade in is with alt shift F12 or something.22:19
FrozenthiaAfter I did that, I installed "nvidia-current," rebooted, and now it black screens with a lot of errors.22:19
lordievaderFrozenthia: alt + shift + F12 disables desktop composition, it needs OpenGL. Have you installed the nVidia driver?22:20
FrozenthiaYeah. Once I installed nvidia-current, it no longer boots at all.22:20
FrozenthiaKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown wn-block(0,0)22:21
lordievaderFrozenthia: How did you install the driver? Through the jockey/additional drivers?22:21
FrozenthiaI did it through the terminal.22:22
lordievaderFrozenthia: Did you download the binary from the nVidia website and install it in that way?22:23
lordievaderFrozenthia: How then, what commands did you use to install the driver?22:24
Frozenthiasudo apt-get install nvidia-current22:24
Frozenthiasudo nvidia-xconfig22:24
lordievaderFrozenthia: Run "sudo jockey-kde" and see what it recommends.22:25
FrozenthiaI can't get into KDE or even a terminal, even through recovery mode. What do you suggest?22:25
Auslinsudo apt-get purge --remove nvidia-current22:26
lordievaderFrozenthia: Not even through the recovery mode? Boy... because of the kernel panic?22:26
Auslinehm can you ctrl+alt+f1?22:27
lordievaderFrozenthia: Don't think it would do much good but you could try the nomodeset.22:27
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter22:27
lordievaderOr !single22:27
lordievaderHmm... Well that is another kernel option...22:27
Auslinthen log in, then "sudo service kdm stop"22:27
FrozenthiaOh, I looked at those, didn't know what they were.22:28
lordievaderFrozenthia: In grub when you hit e you can edit the kernel boot parameters.22:28
sbivolFrozenthia: not being able to mount the root filesystem is a boot problem. maybe you [un]plugged another HDD/USB after installation so that your disk names changed. this shouldn't be a problem, since Kubuntu uses UUIDS as disk identifiers, but maybe you edited /etc/fstab by hand?22:29
FrozenthiaNo. I didn't touch anything. The only command after installation was nvidia's xconfig, and then reboot.22:29
Frozenthianomodeset did not fix it.22:32
sbivolI wouldn't suspect the nVidia driver in such a situation. It doesn't touch this boot stage.22:32
FrozenthiaI marked it and booted from disk.22:32
FrozenthiaDid I do it incorrectly?22:33
AuslinFrozenthia. after booting you cant pass grub?22:33
FrozenthiaOh, I didn't do it correctly. I'm new at this.22:34
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FrozenthiaNo, I can't pass grub. It black screens and goes to the kernal panic error, and then I have to manually restart.22:35
Frozenthiafrom the edit, nomodeset does not work.22:36
sbivolFrozenthia: your GRUB menu lists some entries. it should also contain old Linux entries. do you have any of these entries?22:36
sbivolFrozenthia: I mean, do you have more than one kernel version listed in GRUB on that machine, maybe in a submenu?22:37
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FrozenthiaUbunu, Advanced options for Ubuntu, Memory test/Memory test22:37
FrozenthiaGNU Grub version 2.00-7ubuntu1122:38
FrozenthiaAdvanced, Ubuntu with Linux 3.5.0-17-generic and the same but with (recovery mode)22:38
sbivoltry to boot the one under Advanced (without recovery mode)22:39
FrozenthiaHm, "$vt_handoff" is in the options for the linux boot line in the edit. I didn't remove that when I used nomodeset. I didn't see it in that forum thread.22:39
FrozenthiaSame error.22:40
FrozenthiaKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown wn-block(0,0)22:41
FrozenthiaPid: 1, comm: swapper/0 Not tainted 3.5.0-17-generic #28-Ubuntu22:41
AuslinI'd have same problems with nvidia (in my case drvers 173, videocard geforce5200) :\. Finally I decided to install drivers manually, not that hard I just had to enter in console mode and stop kdm, it takes nomore that 4 commands.22:42
FrozenthiaCall Trace: lots of hexes and panic, mount block, initrd, prepare namespace, etc22:42
sbivolFrozenthia: the only solution that I see would be to boot a live CD, mount your / partition and chroot into it, then reinstall GRUB and the kernel. but that's probably not worth it since you have just installed the system, so it would be easier to reinstall22:42
sbivolprobably faster, too22:43
AuslinI second the reinstall22:43
FrozenthiaYeah, I don't mind doing that. But what will I do about the Nvidia drivers? I don't want to freeze at the login anymore.22:43
AuslinI can help you with manual installation22:43
Auslinwhat's the model ogf your graphics card?22:44
sbivolFrozenthia: I am almost sure that it has nothing to do with that driver22:44
lordievaderFrozenthia: I'd recommend installing the driver through the jockey.22:44
FrozenthiaNot sure at the moment, Auslin. sbivol, you're probably right. I just assumed.22:44
FrozenthiaI'll go ahead and install again.22:44
sbivolFrozenthia: make sure to reboot at least once the new system, before installing the nvidia driver, so that you will at least confirm for yourself that everything's ok before the driver install22:45
FrozenthiaGood idea. I will.22:46
AuslinFrozenthia:what's the model of the grapchi card? If any :)22:48
FrozenthiaI think it's the GTX 580, but not certain.22:49
sbivolFrozenthia: I second lordievader's advice to install via jockey-kde. it's The Right Way(tm).22:49
Auslinand dont use xorg-edgers ppa please :P22:55
Auslinreally not recommended unless you have Intel graphics22:56
FrozenthiaThe F12 shortcut isn't working to get me past the fading logos this time.22:57
sbivolFrozenthia: is it the LiveCD or the installed system?22:58
FrozenthiaInstalled. It freezes after the install when it asks me to reboot, too.22:58
FrozenthiaI had the same problem on KDE on Arch, which was a nightmare and led me to Kubuntu.22:59
sbivolFrozenthia: the freeze after asking to reboot is a known issue, I think. not something to worry about22:59
sbivolFrozenthia: how does your disk/partition configuration look like?23:00
FrozenthiaI told it to install on the whole disk. I don't know how that stuff works.23:02
sbivoland you have no other disks in the computer?23:03
sbivolFrozenthia: when you boot the system, in the grub menu, add the parameter nouveau.accel=0 to the kernel and boot23:06
sbivolthis article talks about the same issue, I think: http://my-blerg.blogspot.com/2012/08/installing-opensuse-121-kde-version.html23:07
sbivolFrozenthia: this wiki describes how to add kernel parameters: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters23:08
sbivolI don't own that graphics card, so I can't really test anything, but someone on the forums sais he managed to get it working: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=12322423&postcount=423:15
Frozenthia: D23:15
FrozenthiaI'll look at this23:15
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FrozenthiaNow grub won't start. -_-23:27
sbivolwhat's the error?23:27
FrozenthiaGoes grey for a moment, but just keeps going.23:27
sbivolif you keep pressing Shift immediately after powering on the computer, does the GRUB menu appear?23:28
FrozenthiaAnyway, I'm in.23:32
FrozenthiaI just need to get the appropriate drivers that will prevent the freezes but also get me into the OS.23:32
sbivolFrozenthia: try jockey-kde (Additional Drivers in the menu)23:33
FrozenthiaIt won't open this time.23:35
FrozenthiaThe icon pops up near the mouse cursor but it never opens.23:35
FrozenthiaIt did the first time I installed Kubuntu.23:35
FrozenthiaOh, it's open now.23:36
FrozenthiaSince nvidia-current didn't work, should I use "NVIDIA binary/Xorg driver, kernel module, and VDPAU library"?23:37
sbivolif it's there, it is probably safe enough to use it23:37
sbivolon the othr hand, I have no recent experience with nvidia so you could google it first23:38
sbivolFrozenthia: good luck and don't give up :)23:52

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