BluefoxicyHmm micah says "If we upload 3.0.2 to experimental would that be useful for Ubuntu?"00:07
BluefoxicyTheLordOfTime: You here?00:08
TheLordOfTimeBluefoxicy, slightly distracted migrating 10GB of databases from MSSQL -> MySQL00:08
BluefoxicyDebian is still carrying an old Puppet in Sid because they're frozen for Lenny, but they have a newer 3.0 package in git and they have raised that they can upload newer packages to experimental without causing trouble with the feature freeze at Debian00:09
Bluefoxicyis any of this helpful to Ubuntu for pulling newer packages?  ubuntu seems to inheret the package from Sid, which is well out of date.00:09
TheLordOfTimeno offense for this really-evil statement, but why should I care?00:10
Bluefoxicy(in fact, was out of date when 12.10 was released, but 12.10 was in feature freeze)00:10
TheLordOfTimelast i checked...00:10
Bluefoxicyasking about general release cycle, inheritence from Debian, and politics :)00:10
TheLordOfTime!info puppet raring00:10
ubottupuppet (source: puppet): Centralized configuration management - agent startup and compatibility scripts. In component main, is optional. Version 2.7.18-1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 20 kB, installed size 110 kB00:10
TheLordOfTimeif it were in universe i'd say ask the MOTUs, i usually deal with universe thingies00:10
TheLordOfTimenote: i'm not dev nor motu00:10
BluefoxicyI thought you might know, nobody else seems to be around.00:11
Bluefoxicyand I am entirely peripheral and have no idea what I'm doing :D00:11
TheLordOfTimei know for UNIVERSE, you have to explicitly request a sync from Experimental00:11
BluefoxicyI'm just trying to make other people do what I want :D00:11
TheLordOfTimebut i dunno if that applies to main as well00:11
TheLordOfTimedevs would know00:11
Bluefoxicynod.  I'll find out elsewhere then.00:11
TheLordOfTimeyeah sorry i can't be of more help00:12
BluefoxicyI was just trying for a fast answer anyway00:12
* TheLordOfTime checks something00:12
TheLordOfTimeBluefoxicy, erm...00:13
TheLordOfTimeif it were my call i'd say reject a sync request... its an RC that's in experimental: http://packages.debian.org/source/experimental/puppet00:13
TheLordOfTimebut again i'm not MOTU, Dev, RElease Team, or otherwise00:13
* TheLordOfTime has no say in the matter00:13
TheLordOfTimebut i tend to err on the side of caution so... :P00:13
BluefoxicyTheLordOfTime: no, there's an RC in experimental00:14
TheLordOfTimethat's what i said?00:14
Bluefoxicybut they're asking if pulling 3.0.2 into Debian experimental would help00:14
TheLordOfTimewho's asking where?00:14
Bluefoxicysince I want 3.0.2 in Ubuntu, but Debian Sid carries 2.7.18, and Ubuntu typically syncs from Debian00:14
TheLordOfTimewho's asking where about putting 3.0.2 from git to experimental?00:15
BluefoxicyWho's asking => I actually pinged the debian devel list asking about getting Puppet 3.0.2 into Debian because they had 2.7.18 and I want Puppet 3 in Raring00:16
BluefoxicyGetting 3.0.2 into Raring by telling the Ubuntu devs "there are packages in the Puppetlabs repo go get them" doesn't seem like a great strategy00:16
TheLordOfTimeBluefoxicy, i'd suggest that you start by getting them to put it into Experimental00:17
TheLordOfTimebefore asking to see if it can get into Ubuntu Raring00:17
TheLordOfTime... Y U SO EVIL MSSQLDB!00:17
* TheLordOfTime goes to beat the migration software with a stick00:17
BluefoxicyThat <Bluefoxicy> Hmm micah says "If we upload 3.0.2 to experimental would that be useful for Ubuntu?"00:17
Bluefoxicywas the question00:17
BluefoxicyTheLordOfTime:  I hear that everyone may be abandoning MySQL soon.00:17
BluefoxicyFedora might throw it out in 2013.  It's been proposed with no objections.00:18
BluefoxicySuSE is considering it, but currently in feature freeze.  Next version of OpenSuSE.00:18
BluefoxicyDebian as well, but nothing's come of it--feature freeze.00:18
TheLordOfTimeyou should read your privmsgs00:18
TheLordOfTimeand stop beating a dead horse from yesterday00:18
BluefoxicyForgot I said that yesterday00:18
TheLordOfTimeyou did00:22
TheLordOfTimei think it was in -devel or somewhere00:22
* TheLordOfTime doesn't have logs though00:22
* TheLordOfTime yawns00:22
micahgUbuntu has been discussing that for a few cycles now, the biggest problem seems to be a clean migration path00:47
micahgwell, that and the lack of a clear replacement00:47
micahg(excluding postgres :))00:47
Bluefoxicythe discussion seems to be mainly aimed at MariaDB, which is just a mysql fork00:48
BluefoxicyI've been using percona but they share source code00:48
BluefoxicyMariaDB now has XtraDB from Percona for example.  Percona doesn't yet have Maria Aria00:48
micahgprecona, drizzle, mariadb, there's no clear leader...that's contributing to the stagnation of everyone else remaining on MySQL00:49
Bluefoxicyit's more of an issue of too many choices then :)00:49
BluefoxicyFedora seems to have decided on MariaDB, so has SuSE.  My guess is that MariaDB being an open source project (like postgresql) and Percona being a product (like MySQL under MySQL AB and Oracle) is making MariaDB more attractive.00:50
BluefoxicyDebian has discussed it a few times but it goes nowhere.  Methinks they are too busy in feature freeze to bother with that.00:51
BluefoxicyIn any case it's happening and I'm trying to figure out when and which way.  The problem is none of the actors seem to know at this point :|00:52
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gnomefreakanyone notice in Gnome3/Unity there is no working screensavers. It seems with the introduction with Gnome3 and Unity we lost a lot of things we can no longer customize a lot of things05:01
gnomefreaki thought one of linux gimmick was tha tyou can customize it to your liking05:03
micahggnomefreak: I thought that gdm/lightdm were supposed to take over that function, I also thought that wasn't planned until GNOME 3.805:49
bjsniderscreensavers are meaningless these days, so why maintain code that is meaningless05:51
micahgbjsnider: it's the screen lock component that I believe he's asking about (please correct if I'm wrong)05:55
bjsnideri thought he was talking about screensavers05:56
bjsniderhe's been complaining about them for a couple of days05:56
bjsnideras in wanting a screensaver05:56
micahghe said screensaver, I interpreted lock, but that could just be my tiredness :)05:57
bjsniderlock works in gnome 3.6 i think05:57
bjsnideri have a lock option here05:57
micahgah, well, in that case, I'd suggest XScreensaver :)05:58
bjsnideri'm using gdm/gnome-shell05:58
bjsnidermicahg, can that still be shoehorned in? is that codebase still getting upstream work?06:00
gnomefreakmicahg: i havent found a way to do it yet.there isnt a dialog for screensavers, hell there are only likr 4 themes you can choose from06:03
jbichabjsnider: xscreensaver is still maintained, it's just fighting with gnome that you'd have to worry about06:03
bjsnidergnomefreak, you did want a screensaver and not screen lock right?06:03
gnomefreaki have no way to set a screensaver. there is no dialog(has nothing to do with lock that i can tell06:03
bjsnideryeah but he wondered if you were asking exclusively about the lock feature and it sounds to me like you want a screensaver06:04
gnomefreaki want a screensaver i hate not having one06:05
gnomefreakand it has been closer to 6 moths or so (complining)06:05
bjsniderjbicha, i can't get gnome-settings-daemon to run right on this system. is there a problem with it in gnome 3.6 that you know about?06:06
bjsnideri've got the one from the ppa if it has the latest06:06
micahgwe're also 5 versions behind for xscreensaver06:07
gnomefreakit just seems to me that gnome doesnt want us to have a way to customize, that defeats some of the reason is so great is that you can change things were as winblows allows you to change some things06:07
micahggnomefreak: http://www.jwz.org/blog/2011/10/has-gnome-3-decided-that-people-shouldnt-want-screen-savers/06:07
gnomefreakwe are on gnome 3.6 already?06:07
gnomefreakmicahg: thanks06:08
bjsnider3.8 is coming up. development is at 3.706:08
jbichabjsnider: which ppa?06:10
bjsnidergnome 306:10
jbichaas long as you're not using the gnome3-staging ppa, g-s-d 3.6 should be working06:11
bjsniderbut really, it's been a problem since october. it often fails to start at boot time06:11
gnomefreakis it saying that xscreensaver will work?06:12
bjsniderright now, alt+f2 does't work and gvfs-monitor-dir also doesn't work06:13
bjsnidergnomefreak, i don't think screensavers are ever coming back06:15
micahgyour best shot is probably xscreensaver06:17
micahgbut depending on how hard GNOME makes integration, it might not work06:18
bjsnideror he could write his own screensaver app from scratch06:20
micahgI tend to not encourage NIH thinking06:20
micahgXubuntu uses Xscreensaver06:21
bjsnideri wonder if the latest source code would be easier to integrate than the one that's 5 versions out of date06:23
micahgyeah, 5.20 is in the Debian git repo, I guess the maintainer is waiting for wheezy to release06:24
* micahg will see about getting that in raring06:24
gnomefreakwheezy is debian experimental or beta?06:28
gnomefreakmicahg: your up late06:30
bjsniderwheezy is testing06:37
bjsnidernot experimental or unstable per se06:37
gnomefreakoh ok06:39
gnomefreakdid Debian ever bring over Unity?06:39
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sbivolHi, I have a strange issue on Kubuntu Raring - opening a magnet link renders the desktop unusable, with Xorg eating 100% CPU (sorry for cross-posting)10:11
BluesKajHi folks13:43
MrChrisDruifHi BluesKaj14:56
BluesKajHey MrChrisDruif14:56
MrChrisDruifHow's it going BluesKaj ?14:57
MrChrisDruifUgh, too many people with nicks starting with bl...14:58
BluesKajjust fine thanks , MrChrisDruif , and how'ew you doing ?14:58
MrChrisDruifPretty good actually. Today wasn't as active as the last couple of days (we're on snow sport vacation in Germany)14:59
BluesKajMrChrisDruif, skiing ? ..I miss it , but my knees won't let me ski anymore :(15:06
MrChrisDruifDamn, that's awful. But snowboarding actually for me =)15:09
BluesKajby the time 'boarding caught on my skiing days were already history ..it's been 25 yrs , and i'm too old to start over anyway15:13
MrChrisDruifHmm, you're a lot older then I imagined ^_^15:14
BluesKajyup , been retired for 14 yrs15:16
MrChrisDruifNow you've made me really curious about your age O.o15:20
BluesKajI'm 6915:28
BluesKajwhat's the gnome /unity equivalent to system settings>startup&shutdown on KDE ?15:31
MrChrisDruifStartup and shutdown? If you tell me what it does precisely I might be able to tell you.15:32
BluesKajone can add scripts  and apps  to start apps/daemons  at startup , like dropbox  for example15:33
BluesKajone has to add a script dropboxd to startup and shutdown to load the app and daemon sometime in the boot process15:35
BluesKajon kde15:35
BluesKajthere's a guy in #ubuntu who's dropbox daemon just keeps dying15:36
BluesKajI haven't run gnome/unity in along time15:36
BluesKajmaybe I should add the ubuntu-desktop as an option , but i don't need all the gtk apps which will dupe what I already have15:42
BluesKajor just stop trying to help on #ubuntu ...it' s becoming more difficult since unity was introduced15:43
MrChrisDruifI should know this.15:43
MrChrisDruifIn Gnome it's Alt+F2 then gnome-session-properties15:44
MrChrisDruifNot sure for Unity (haven't run THAT in about a year already)15:44
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BluesKajthanks , MrChrisDruif15:44
MrChrisDruifNo prob.15:44
BluesKajMrChrisDruif, it's not biggie , just an icon that's acting up , dropbox seens to work ok for him15:58
MrChrisDruifGood to hear =)15:58
BluesKajdropbox on kde is a little trickier , but it's solid once installed15:59
MrChrisDruifDropbox is super simple on gnome16:02
MrChrisDruifFedora or Ubuntu, both are just a few clicks away from installing.16:02
BluesKajon kde , one has to add the daemon to the startup sequence , which the install procedure doesn't do for some reason16:04
BluesKajthe install procedure is quite simple now , just that one little step that hasn't been written16:08
WaltherHi again! It seems compiz doesn't function anymore as intended - i lost my virtual desktops16:11
WaltherAnyone else with this issue?16:12
WaltherAlso, it seems like I have subpixel smoothing wrong or something if I run compiz --replace &16:14
FernandoMiguelwhere did the multi desktop go?17:27
FernandoMiguelI seem to only have one now :S17:27
FernandoMiguelsome how, I've been reduced to 1x1 instead of the stock 2x2 :S17:28
jbichaFernandoMiguel: System Settings>Appearance>Behavior17:37
jbichastock *is* 1x1 now17:38
FernandoMigueljbicha:  went with compiz :)17:38
FernandoMigueloh is it?17:38
FernandoMiguelwhat's the rational for the change?17:38
jbichabug 868423, it's too confusing for people not expecting it and it's really a power user feature17:38
ubottubug 868423 in unity (Ubuntu) "Launcher - Workspace switcher should not be in the Launcher by default" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86842317:38
FernandoMigueloh come on....17:39
FernandoMigueleven windows 7 has 2 desktops17:39
FernandoMiguelOSx had them for ever17:39
FernandoMigueland every mobile OS has them17:39
jbichawindows 7 does not17:39
FernandoMiguelit has two17:39
FernandoMiguelclick on the bottom corner17:39
jbichathat's just "show desktop"17:40
FernandoMiguelfrom the little use I gave it , it allowed me to have two set of apps open and switch between them17:40
jbichaandroid doesn't have workspaces, it has all apps fullscreen with the ability to switch between them17:40
FernandoMiguelconfusing? :S17:41
jbichaat least they made an easy button to turn workspaces back on17:41
jbichait's confusing if you accidently click the workspace switcher (or even worse, accidently hit the key combination that makes all your apps disappear)17:42
FernandoMigueljbicha: they did? even with your instructions, I can't find it :S17:43
jbichapersonally I don't use workspaces as the cost/benefit ratio is too high for me so far ;)17:43
FernandoMiguelat work, I had two LCDs and 4 workspaces. all full17:43
FernandoMiguelAFAIK clicking on the launcher bar will make you jump to the workspace that has the app open17:44
FernandoMiguelunless it's chrome and the window is minimized... in that case good luck getting it back17:44
jbichaFernandoMiguel: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/01/ubuntu-13-04-adds-new-launcher-options17:44
FernandoMiguelI should file that bug too :|17:44
jbichaUnity has too much junk in the launcher by default, I'm glad that there's one less item there17:44
FernandoMiguelI don't have the apperance menu :\17:45
jbichaFernandoMiguel: install gnome-control-center-unity17:46
jbichathat's new for raring17:47
FernandoMiguelshouldn't ubuntu-desktop metapackage pull that?17:47
jbichaFernandoMiguel: unity recommends it17:49
FernandoMiguelwhat's the *proper* way to drag icons on the launcher?17:49
FernandoMiguelI seem to be able to do it sometimes17:49
FernandoMiguel$ apt-cache policy unity17:49
FernandoMiguel  Installed: 6.12.0daily13.01.25.1-0ubuntu117:49
FunnyLookinHatIs anyone else experiencing an issue with Middleclick + Alt + Drag to resize windows?  Mine doesn't seem to grab the right window for focus about 1/2 the time... but I also got a new mouse so I'm not sure if the issues are related.18:54
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