aquariusdpm, you might like https://plus.google.com/u/0/108243663090085262773/posts/CsJsMsvQKbv :-)15:37
dpmaquarius, oooooh nice, and with animated gif as well!15:39
aquariustools used to make animated gif: kazam, ffmpeg, mplayer, imagemagick. This should be easier ;)15:40
aquariusalthough kudos to askubuntu for having answers for this question :)15:40
stqnwhen people buy stuff in the ubuntu software center, the publisher doesn’t get their email address, right?18:59
stqnthanks… so I’m thinking I have to generate licence keys, so that I can “identify” people who bought my game on the software center19:06
stqnin case they want to dl a version for another OS from my web site, for example…19:07
qwertzui11u can use licenses; checkout  it out @ developer.ubuntu.com19:13
stqnqwertzui11: yes, I’ve already read everything, or almost…19:15
stqnjust wanted to get a confirmation :)19:15
qwertzui11stqn: what r u developing? :)19:23
stqnit’s a small board game…19:23
qwertzui11ah cool19:26
qwertzui11which engines did u use?19:27
stqnjust SDL/OpenGL19:27
stqnit’s written in C19:27
qwertzui11ah, interessting, ur first linux/ubuntu app?19:27
stqnnever released anything on the software center, nor anything big19:28
stqnI wrote that game on my Amiga 1200 a while back, then ported it to windows, OSX, linux19:29
stqnmorphos too19:29
qwertzui11ah, okay19:31
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dz0nyhi, is this right channel for pygtk3 specific questions?22:35
stqnhi dz0ny, I’m not sure, but probably not :) … not much talk in here.22:55
dz0nygoogle is my friend then :) thx22:56

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