coolbhavihey dpm13:33
cwaynecoolbhavi!  hey13:37
coolbhavihey cwayne :) what time is it there now?13:37
cwaynecoolbhavi: 8:40 am13:40
coolbhavicwayne, so, good morning!13:40
cwaynecoolbhavi: thanks!13:40
cwaynehows it going?13:40
coolbhavicwayne,  I gave a session yesterday on ubuntu development and ubuntu app development with some python basics at a local engineering college here where I found many students interested13:42
coolbhavifrom 9 -6 :) so going good!13:42
dpmhey coolbhavi13:50
dpmgood job13:51
coolbhavidpm, it was fun to see the fascination they had when I fired up glade and showed them a simple app... Some of them even wrote down all the quickly commands I used :D13:53
coolbhavidpm, btw I was planning on my ARB session this UDW.. any inputs?13:54
coolbhavias to what I can say13:54
dpmcoolbhavi, that's pretty awesome :)14:15
PaoloRotoloHi all!19:11

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