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tripelbSomeone should make a note about this channel and put it in the welcome text in #ubuntu I have a nexus 7 and was alone... Heh07:01
tripelbThe nexus channel is dark and empty.07:02
tripelbThat's all for now. I'll be returning after rooting,.07:02
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dholbachgood morning07:39
vipzrxdholbach:  moring07:42
dholbachhi vipzrx07:42
darkfadergood morning all07:43
darkfaderi'm new, didn't notice there's a channel until yesterday07:44
vipzrxi am in china´╝înow is afternoon in our country07:45
darkfaderi'm gonna make a few nagios-server on your datacenter-entrace showcases with a nexus7 and see how it's going07:45
darkfaderI have one running for 2 months now or so and except browser memleaks it's doing a great job07:46
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darkfadersome questions... does one of you have the GPS working in ubuntu? I have stabbed at it last year but no success16:48
darkfaderi don't wanna get the position, just the GPS time for NTP16:48
darkfaderi have a non-3g model, if that matters16:49
randomblamecan someone tell me what the best way to compile ubuntu for armv7 on x86 is?18:02
randomblamerootstock is depricated and the qemu kernel panics during the process18:03
randomblameand correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think live-build can't cross compile18:03
Riddellabout how long should it take to "fastboot flash boot" an ubuntu image to a nexus 7?  mine has taken about 20 minutes18:10
Riddellogra_: is today's image too big? http://paste.kde.org/658604/18:22
ogra_Riddell, wrong image to wrong partition18:23
ogra_img goes to userdata18:23
ogra_bootimg goes to boot18:23
ogra_the "boot" partition is only 8M big18:23
Riddellogra_: where do I get the bootimg?18:24
Riddelloh I see it18:24
Riddellok I'll see if I can make that clearer in the install instructions, thanks ogra_18:24
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randomblameanyone have any advice for getting rootstock to work?19:59
Rjsdarkfader: I'd also like to get a working GPS (and compass) for the nexus7... I tried but didn't get very far, though I found some parts of the solution:20:21
Rjsa) linux/arch/arm/mach-tegra/board-grouper-pinmux.c has a comment /* UART B : GPS */ and I think (from trying to understand the code in that directory) that UART B should be connected to /dev/ttyHS120:21
Rjsb) apparently the GPS chip uses a proprietary protocol, but some Replicant folks have been able to reverse-engineer some of it in another device: https://gitorious.org/replicant/crespo-gps-utils20:22
Rjsc) the compass chip seems to be supported by the kernel: it has a directory under /sys already; but I guess a light bridge from this to gpsd would still be needed (at least I think compass chips should also be connected via gpsd to make them work in the normal navigation software)20:22
Rjs... I tried to use screen to connect to /dev/ttyHS1 using various baud rates, but couldn't get it to write anything back... I'm not sure if I did something wrong (e.g., there is a cryptic termios.c_cflag in b)) or whether the GPS chip should be powered on by something else before trying to connect (the code in b) does some power-up specific to the device it was written for, not nexus7)20:25
Rjsor maybe the comment in a) is wrong and the GPS isn't connected via UART at all: some random googling found that a Nokia phone from around 2010 had the same GPS chip apparently connected via I2C, so I presume it supports both20:26
Rjs(are any specifications available for the chip itself? I didn't find any, and I presume not, if the Replicant folks had to reverse-engineer it, I think by running a closed-source Android app and capturing traffic to the GPS chip... :( )20:29
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darkfaderRjs: i also couldn't connect to i think tty<something>2 which should have been the GPS line21:52
darkfaderbut seems you've been deeper into it. i can just verify it didn't work as it's apparently supposed to21:52

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