[11:29] hey head_victim [11:45] Evenign ikt [11:54] hi [11:56] hey guys :D [11:56] I think I might be back again [11:57] Was watching [11:57] http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0168122/ [11:57] when I realised playing wow how unproductive I am [11:59] and I got an email from s.fox [12:00] and I've been invited to be a global mod on ubuntu forums [12:17] poke :/ [12:23] Score, nice work with the mod thing [12:24] XD [12:24] was walking around like i'd won an oscar for a while there [12:24] I'm only here right now because I'm procrastinating on an assignment due Wednesday myself. So me talking about productivity is not a good thing :P [12:24] lol [12:24] been there man [12:24] so many times [12:24] like every assignment I've ever been given? :/ [12:25] Hah well with a minimum of 2 assessment pieces per subject every 2 months there's always something on for me :/ [12:27] I'll be heading back in a month or 2 [12:27] or whenever the next period starts [12:28] Cool, my silly course only had a 3 week break over Christmas :/ [12:28] turns out I have learning difficulties and without ritlin or something like it I can't do anything :D [12:28] or as jim jeffries said.. i'm an idiot [12:29] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtbvStm0Sp8 [12:29] I don't know if it's good or bad but I had to google jim jeffries to figure out who he was. [12:29] ohh [12:29] he's one of the best aussie comedians ever [12:29] if you're into his style of comedy [12:29] which is very... blunt [12:30] and misogynistic and all round shock humour [12:32] Fair enough, I'll look him up one time. [12:36] is anyone at linux.conf.au? [12:36] dns53: nah I can't ever seem to make it back. Maybe if they're in Brisbane again I can organise it. [12:37] how bad is the weather where you are? [12:38] dns53: settled down now, was pretty wet and windy for a long while there. [12:40] wish I was there [12:40] not in the storm [12:40] but at linux.conf.au [12:41] i'm looking for the keynote on friday, sir tim berners-lee [12:42] oh yeah! [12:42] is there streaming happening? [12:43] I saw it mentioned on the mailing list [12:49] no idea about streams, the talks are being recorded so if they are not streaming they will have the video's soon after the conference [13:43] awesome [16:35] Hi === Noskcaj is now known as Noskcaj_AFK