BealoxHi Guys, does anyone know how to change the file name in the magnet-url, before start downloading the file? I'm using rtorrent03:45
Bealox I tried to change "dn"(display name) attribute in the magnet link, but it didn't work03:46
r4yI need help for installing pepper for chrome or chromium, where do I get it from?05:50
Unit193It's not exactly nice to do that, and doesn't give you https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/ as easily.06:01
mysteriousdarrenright posted wrong thing06:01
Unit193Comes with Chrome, don't exactly know how to get it in chromium, guessing a link in the plugins dir, but I use nither.06:02
r4yI am not sure where I went wrong, but I used that link.06:02
Unit193r4y: ^^06:02
r4yI don't care which I use06:02
Unit193http://www.adobe.com/products/about-flash.html doesn't show 11.5?06:03
r4yI need to mess around for a sec, sorry06:04
r4yI need to log out and back into Unity06:05
r4yI am using gnome06:06
r4yI can't chrome in the Ubuntu Software Center to un-install it and start over06:13
r4yI can't find chrome there I meant to say06:13
r4yIt's installed but that was after also trying to see if I could get flash to work06:14
r4yuntil I found out flash is no longer supported06:14
r4ywell adobe flash that is06:14
r4yshould I do sudo apt-get remove chrome?06:15
Unit193sudo apt-get purge google-chrome*  should remove any of the versions.06:15
r4yThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:06:17
r4ylinux-headers-3.2.0-29 linux-headers-3.2.0-29-generic-pae06:17
r4yI just auto removed them06:17
r4yVirtual packages like 'google-chrome' can't be removed06:18
r4ydang, I think I may need to start over from scratch, I was also hoping to get Ubuntu 12 to be like Ubuntu 10 gnome as well but I am just asking for too much lol06:19
r4yMeaning I added a lot of gnome related packages06:19
r4yperhaps I messed this up with that06:19
Unit193Wouldn't really think so, but I'm not a user of chrome or Gnome. :P06:20
r4yno scatch that I forgot the star06:21
r4yI really prefer firefox and had Firefox 3.6 with flash 10.03 or was it 10.04 working from a folder06:21
r4yon Ubuntu 10.0406:21
r4yOK, un-installed06:22
r4yWill I need to reboot before checking to see whether online videos will play?06:25
Unit193Just make sure all browser windows were closed.06:26
r4yIncluding Firefox?, because I am using Chazilla right now06:26
r4yI will be back to make sure06:27
r4yI need to start over with a certain package. I somehow missed agreeing to something which I think was for Ubuntu restricted extras and I don't remember how but it just happened yesterday night after installing06:30
r4yMaybe I should ask this question instead, are there videos on youtube that require flash to work and some that don't?06:31
r4yI read many links on Google and my head is spinning from all I read06:32
Unit193If you are using HTML5, yep.  http://youtube.com/html506:32
r4yHow do I find out?, using Firefox?, and or chrome? or?06:33
Unit193Typically can tell if you right click on the video.06:34
r4ywait so join the html.5 trial?06:34
Unit193Up to you.06:34
r4yh.264 has a ! next to it06:35
r4yI am petting my cat who normally likes to out so I only have one hand right now06:42
r4ywhere would chrome be located in the file system?06:43
r4ynever mind06:44
r4yNote: This article only applies to Windows and Mac.06:58
r4yI am running Firefox 1806:59
r4yI don't have realplayer installed07:00
r4yI am going to attempt this, I will be back07:01
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E3D3Hi, I try to make a backup of my whole system to a tar on an external drive but because of ext3 it can't grow bigger than 4GB. How can I solve this ?15:06
geirhaext3 has no such limit. FAT32 does, however15:07
geirha(ext3 does have a filesize limit, but it's much higher than 4G)15:07
E3D3Sorry, I think you're right and that my external disk is FAT3215:08
geirhais formatting it to ext[2-4] an option?15:08
geirhaIf you only intend to be using it from Ubuntu, that would be the easy way out.15:09
geirhaWell, linux systems in general15:10
E3D3No, its a big backup disk, I wanted it compatible with old Windows stuff and choose FAT32 although I have also with video's the same issue15:10
E3D3Can I make multiple tar's while backupping ?15:11
geirhaHm. GNU tar (the one on Ubuntu), has a ton of options. There *might* be an option for that.15:12
geirhaThough after a quick perusing of the man-page, I think not.15:13
geirhaPerhaps using a backup-utility, such as the pre-installed deja-dup will be the easiest option then.15:15
SpaxysHi, I'm having problems with adobe flash (fullscreen hd on youtube) on Ubuntu 12.04, have tried using HTML5 instead with no improvement. Also reinstalled flash with no improvement. Any suggestions?17:06
SpaxysShould add that I've got the same problem on both Chromium and Firefox, and using Fluxbox as window manager.17:07
r4yI am running Ubuntu 12.04 and with youtube a lot of videos are flash so for the setup I have those videos don't work on Firefox but the html5 videos do work. Is there a way to be able to watch both in one browser?, Or at least a way to use one browser for flash videos and the rest that are html5 in another browser?19:15
r4yFor some reason Google Chrome will not play either types of videos, but Firefox 18 will play html5 video but not flash19:18
r4yI should leave so I can keep experimenting on this, bye19:19
erictheevilok, so I am trying to put ubuntu on an old gateway pc built for windows me, currently running xp. p3 1ghz intel 82815 chipset 384 mb ram, any ideas on a good distro to try?20:39
erictheevilgoing once20:43
mikerossworkstation 8 has been installing wmware tools in ubuntu with easy install for so long, is this normal23:48

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