cjohnstonbkerensa: bug #1098080 already has a patch, why did you mark yourself as the assignee?04:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 1098080 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "Testdrive gets stuck on "configuring Virtual Machine" if Virtualbox 4.2 is installed" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109808004:46
dholbachgood morning07:39
dholbachhey dpm08:45
dpmhi dholbach, morning08:46
dholbachdpm, I subscribed you on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-packaging-guide/+bug/1106351 - I'm not quite sure how to resolve it08:47
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1106351 in Ubuntu Packaging Guide "Not automatically deployed to developer.ubuntu.com" [Undecided,New]08:47
dpmdholbach, commented. Since the move to the new d.u.c server on the announcement of the mobile story we've had a few such weird issues. It wouldn't surprise me that this is also caused by that.08:50
dpmI'd suggest asking on #is08:50
dholbachah ok08:50
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, last session sorted out11:42
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: glad to hear we're done, anything else I can help with?14:38
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, no, I think we should be all set14:38
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, I'll write something up for OMG now14:38
JoseeAntonioRgreat then14:38
dholbachand then maybe a short reminder on the fridge which I'll share on the ubuntu/ubuntudev social media accounts14:39
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, did we decide what we were going to do about the hangout sessions?14:39
JoseeAntonioRerm nope, but I was thinking about starting them 3-5 mins before, and then the instructor that's before tells them that the next session is at ubuntuonair.com14:40
JoseeAntonioRthen, when they pop in, it'll be all running14:40
JoseeAntonioRthere'll be an [OnAir] tag for those sessions in the topic14:41
dholbachwe're all covered then :)14:42
JoseeAntonioRnow, JoseeAntonioR gets ready to go to school... in vacations.14:43
elfydholbach: announcement seems to be working fine - just over 1000 views14:43
dholbachthanks a lot elfy14:43
elfywelcome :)14:43
smartboyhwHey elfy haven't seen you for a while, how are ya?14:44
elfyok thanks14:45
smartboyhwdholbach, the sad thing is that UDW is my sleeping time;(14:45
dholbachsmartboyhw, I know :-/14:46
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: ah, remember to send a reminder to read classbot's instructions14:46
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, I sent it in a first mail already14:46
JoseeAntonioRlet's hope they've read them :)14:46
* JoseeAntonioR is off, getting late now14:47
smartboyhwdholbach, one thing I don't understand (probably you know more): When is balloons' on time?14:48
dholbachsmartboyhw, he lives in Florida - or do you mean when his session is going to be? (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Timetable)14:48
smartboyhwdholbach, first one:P14:48
smartboyhwdholbach, I do know when his session is (and sadly Autopilot is just too complicated for me---like manual testcases more:P)14:49
dholbachok :)14:50
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jono_dpm, good to go in a few mins?15:58
dpmjono_, yep!15:59
jono_dpm, cool, just need to reboot15:59
jono_just waiting for my updates to finish installing16:00
jcastrojono_: snap-l: turntable.fm has a decent "hater free metal" room now, it's basically what you need on Monday16:01
jcastrothis 5 finger death punch stuff is pretty decent16:01
jono_jcastro, nice!16:02
jono_dpm, invite sent16:04
mhall119daker: what was the RT for updating loco.u.c, and have you heard anything back on it?16:08
dakermhall119: no16:08
dakermhall119: PM16:10
snap-ljcastro: yeah, but it runs like a dog over work bandwidth16:16
snap-ljcastro: 5 Finger Death Punch reminds me of army metal, or bro-metal16:17
snap-lThe kind of "hoo-yah, kick ass and punch in heads" metal that some morning need.16:17
vibhavjcastro: ping16:19
jcastrovibhav: I'm on a call, leave me a pm or an email and I'll respond as soon as I can, thanks!16:30
jono_dholbach, all set?16:31
czajkowskivibhav: more context for pings helps people to be able to help you in case it's something else anyone can help with .16:31
dholbachjono_, yep!16:31
jono_dholbach, invite sent16:31
vibhavczajkowski: Thanks, will remeber that :)16:31
dholbachall right my friends - have a great rest of your day - see you all tomorrow! :)17:31
chilicuilhi, good day, pad http://pad.ubuntu.com is not working for me, it just says it's loading the pad I'm looking for, http://pad.ubuntu.com/YQBBP9BwF2, where can I report it?18:19
popeyworks for me chilicuil18:22
popeythat pad is blank by the way18:22
popeyand I can see your name in the pad18:22
chilicuilyep, it's empty, I pretend to use it to acommodate some loco work, is that ok?, so.., then It must be my browser, I'll try with another18:24
popeyyeah, should be fine, i dont think there's any guarantee of uptime tho18:31
chilicuilyep, it was my browser.., I'll open a bug in firefox nighty.., well, hopefully it will be more reliable than pad.ubuntu-uk.org18:34
popeythat one was shutdown18:36
chilicuilwow, I thought it was temporal.., x_x18:37
pleia2jono_: I continue to get questions about when UDS will be, I realize you didn't actually say *which* monday you'd be blogging about it, but soon would be helpful :)18:40
cjohnstonUDS will be... wait for it... wait... sometime in 2013 ;-)18:42
pleia2cjohnston: yeah, people are needing to schedule time off :\18:42
cjohnstonI know.. I'm just giving you a hard time.. ;-)18:42
pleia2it's already too late for a couple people I know, but lots could benefit18:42
cjohnstonYup... I have the same issue18:42
mhall119pleia2: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-s/ it starts 2013-05-06 and ends 2013-05-0918:45
pleia2someone should update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SReleaseSchedule :)18:45
pleia2mhall119: thanks!18:45
pleia2(it does say draft and all, but that's what some people were starting to base UDS travels around)18:46
mhall119pleia2: updated18:47
pleia2thanks again :)18:47
pleia2I'll still be on the other side of the world, but this is very helpful to people asking me18:47
mhall119pleia2: looks like http://uds.ubuntu.com/ has been updated with the dates now too18:47
pleia2ah great!18:47
mhall119jono_: ^^18:47
jono_pleia2, sorry was doing an interview call19:02
jono_press, not job :-)19:02
jono_the dates are confirmed19:02
jono_sponsorship was going to open today but we have needed to delay it a week19:02
jono_JoseeAntonioR, ping?19:05
JoseeAntonioRjono_: pong19:05
jono_JoseeAntonioR, hey19:05
jono_so I know I need to confirm my Q+A tim19:06
jono_JoseeAntonioR, are all the UDW sessions on Ubuntu On Air?19:06
JoseeAntonioRone sec19:06
jono_I would like to do it when it conflicts with a UDW session19:07
jono_I am not going to be able to do Fri or today19:07
jono_JoseeAntonioR, is my usual slot going to work?19:07
JoseeAntonioRit does conflict with the last session on wed, but we can still do it19:07
JoseeAntonioRyes, your usual slot work19:07
jono_awesome, thanks JoseeAntonioR :-)19:07
JoseeAntonioRno problem19:07
JoseeAntonioRso wed at 11 pacific time we'll be live19:08
jono_jcastro, all set?21:00
jono_jcastro, inv sent21:01
chilicuilbkerensa: ping21:21
bkerensachilicuil: yes?21:21
chilicuilbkerensa: hi, good morning, I've seen you've published before in http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/ and I'd like to know if you could be able to make some noise there for the Ubuntu Loco Games initiative, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LocoGames/21:23
jono_balloons, hey22:01
jono_balloons, ready?22:01
balloonshey, yeppers22:01
jono_balloons, invite sent22:02
bkerensapleia2: So I am mentoring Western Oregon University Grad Students on Ubuntu Dev again this year... If we have women in the class again do you know any Ubuntu Women who might be interested in answering questions about the project if they arise? :)22:24
pleia2bkerensa: best bet is to email the list (most of us are super busy, so I'm really not sure)22:25
bkerensapleia2: kk22:25

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