desrtxnox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/icu/+bug/1037588 :(04:23
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1037588 in icu (Ubuntu Quantal) "Provide pkg-config pc files" [Wishlist,Incomplete]04:23
desrtbad attitude, dude04:23
desrtparticularly considering the bug is in our packaging...04:25
micahgI don't see why we wouldn't ship a .pc file if present04:26
desrtmicahg: it was a simple packaging error04:26
micahgah, fixed in raring04:27
micahgyeah, so SRUing that might not be possible unless it's needed by something in the archive that won't build otherwise (and won't break anything else)04:27
desrtya.  i grok that.04:28
* desrt doesn't grok the bad attitude, though04:28
desrt(particularly since the comment is factually incorrect)04:28
micahgdesrt: which comment specifically?  (I'm a little tired ATM)04:32
desrtthe last one04:32
micahgyeah, doesn't seem right04:32
desrti'm building a patched icu to try to see if it fixes the issue here before i comment04:33
desrtleast we could do is to get that into the desktop team ppa or something04:33
micahgyeah, I"m a little reluctant to backport icu04:33
desrtya.  don't blame you04:33
desrthuh... looks like our libsoundtouch and liboauth packages suffer from exactly the same issues04:40
desrtor not.  two different unrelated issues there.04:43
desrtjbicha: hey.  can you upload to desktop team ppa?04:49
jbichadesrt: yes05:04
desrtjbicha: got a few minutes for a favour?05:05
desrtspecifically: can you grab the icu source from quantal, apply https://launchpadlibrarian.net/118048821/icu-pkg-config.diff, bump the version, add an appropriate log message and upload it to the ppa?05:06
desrthttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/icu/+bug/1037588 is the bug reference...05:06
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1037588 in icu (Ubuntu Quantal) "Provide pkg-config pc files" [Wishlist,Incomplete]05:06
desrtit's not a new vendor patch... just a packaging fix...05:07
jbichaI can't remember hearing of icu before :)05:08
desrtit's a pretty widely used unicode support library05:08
desrtjhbuild has been complaining about the missing .pc for ages05:08
desrtbut it's been safe to ignore05:09
desrtexcept now harfbuzz is broken05:09
jbichaoh a one-liner, those are the best :)05:09
desrtsomeone just forgot the .pc files in the -dev.install05:09
desrtprobably because it didn't used to have them and then when upstream added them we didn't update the packaging properly05:10
jbichadesrt: uploaded and building now05:24
bizhan_I am trying to install 32 bit 12.04 LTS on my HP mini, and during installation I got the following error: "Executing 'grub-install/dev/sdb' failed. What more I can to fix this issue? Thx05:28
desrtjbicha: great.  thanks.05:30
desrtjbicha: icu is a bit of a beast so it should be done by tomorrow morning :p05:30
jbichadesrt: any idea why I can't jhbuild gtk? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1578983/05:30
desrtjbicha: probably got deprecated.  pick option 605:31
jbichaI wonder if option 8 would have worked, only 25% downloaded so far :(05:37
bochecha_jbicha: usually you can do something like "git clean -fdx"05:37
bochecha_it resets everything to the same stage you'd be right after a clone (i.e drop all changes, remove all untracked files, etc..)05:38
jbichacool that worked05:50
pittiGood morning06:10
pittiargh, I lost my workspaces today! what changed?06:10
pittiorg.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences num-workspaces 406:11
jbichapitti: they finally "fixed" bug 86842306:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 868423 in unity (Ubuntu) "Launcher - Workspace switcher should not be in the Launcher by default" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86842306:12
pittijbicha: well, I don't care whether or not it's in the launcher06:13
pittiI care about having them and being able to switch between them06:13
pittiso downgrading compiz should help?06:14
micahgwow, I would think removing them on upgrade is a regression...06:14
jbichapitti: did you check System Setttings>Appearance>Behavior ?06:14
jbichamicahg: I don't know, it's a new default06:15
pittijbicha: ah, thanks; that's off indeed06:15
pittibut there are my gsettings that it should be on06:15
pittijbicha: *phew*, thank you06:16
mitya57micahg: that bug explicitly says "both on fresh installs and upgrades"...06:38
* mitya57 thinks it's still a bug that it doesn't honor gsettings06:42
mitya57and that it's impossible to have workspaces but not have useless launcher item06:43
pittiyeah, I'd rather they didn't touch gsettings and just removed that icon06:45
pittiit already got crippled down to "not usable" a long time ago, so we can just as well drop it06:46
seb128hey Laney, hey desktopers09:05
Laneyhey seb12809:07
Laneygood weekend?09:07
seb128excellent, thanks09:08
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
Laneywas my birthday ;-)09:08
Laneyso yeah!09:08
seb128Laney, oh, happy birthday! did you organize a party or something? ;-)09:10
Laneya few of us went to the pub09:10
xnoxdesrt: I originally asked for pkg-config files in icu upstream in the first place & was helping them to split and get them right.09:21
xnoxand well one can patch a gnome module in jhbuild to not use pkg-config and instead use the old-style icu-config.09:23
czajkowskiLaney: lose any jumpers :)09:23
Laneymy girlfriend knitted me a hat for my birthday09:24
Laneyit has a little loop so that I can tie it to my coat09:24
Laneyfor loss prevention ... :(09:24
czajkowskiLaney: awwww09:24
czajkowskishe knows you so well09:24
xnoxdesrt: I'd rather see pointers to which gnome pieces rely on pkg-config for icu and re-add fallback to use icu-config as they have been for many years.09:25
* xnox even will write a patch.09:25
pittiseb128: do you know the component du jour that is drawing the background? unity, g-s-d background plugin, nautilus?09:30
ogra_pitti, g-s-d iirc09:31
ogra_unless you have icons on the desktop, then nautilus takes over09:31
pittiI thought thatw as some kind of fallback, if unity/shell/nautilus don't draw it09:31
ogra_(at least thats what was explained to me at UDS)09:31
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:35
mitya57fwiw, the nautilus code is being removed in gnome bug 68654909:36
ubot2Gnome bug 686549 in background "background: remove code that deals with nautilus drawing the desktop" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=68654909:36
chrisccoulsondoes the g-s-d fallback for drawing wallpaper even work anymore? if i kill nautilus, i get a blank desktop09:36
pittichrisccoulson: hm, not here; I still get my wallpaper when killing nautilus, but I don't think that's a valid method to determine what drew it in the first place09:38
seb128chrisccoulson, hey, how are you?09:40
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, not too bad thanks. how are you?09:41
seb128chrisccoulson, I'm good thanks09:41
seb128chrisccoulson, pitti: nautilus renders the background for us09:41
seb128g-s-d has code to do it as well, but I don't think it picks that up dynamically09:41
pittiseb128: so Unity doesn't do it?09:42
seb128it checks when starting if nautilus is doing it (where "doing it" might be reading the nautilus gsettings key)09:42
seb128pitti, no09:42
seb128pitti, we had discussion about moving that to unity though, it would probably make sense there...09:42
seb128pitti, quick ubuntukylin-default-settings' question for you, the template command added a ubiquity-slideshow directory (which is not covered by the manpage) ... are those slides added to the normal ubuntu set or do they replace it?09:46
=== vrruiz_ is now known as rvr_
xnoxseb128: hmmm.... there was a good blog post explaining how slideshow customization works (it was changed in quantal cycle)09:48
seb128xnox, I'm reading https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-defaults-builder/+bug/103580609:49
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1035806 in ubuntu-defaults-builder (Ubuntu) "Please support customization of ubiquity-slideshow through defaults builder" [Undecided,Fix released]09:49
xnoxas far as I recall correctly it replaces them...... (ubiquity depends on a package that provides ubiquity-slideshow)09:49
seb128xnox, http://www.dylanmccall.com/blog/ I guess?09:50
xnoxseb128: ah yeah, extras works now. And it's an overlay. E.g. you can just drop translations or localised screenshots, or complete slides.09:50
xnoxseb128: yes, that blog!09:50
seb128xnox, thanks ;-)09:50
pittiseb128: I didn't write that part; whoever did forgot to document it then09:50
seb128pitti, yeah, I just found who wrote it, and he did document it... on his blog09:51
pittiseb128: that ought to go into the manpage and test cases, though09:51
seb128xnox, ^ you are the one that merged that in09:52
xnoxseb128: i merged the ubiquity bits as far as I can remember correctly.09:53
xnoxseb128: dylan wrote it all =) so maybe he should make patches for manpages & test cases ;-)09:53
seb128xnox, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-defaults-builder/+bug/1035806/comments/4 has your name on the ubuntu-defaults-builder  upload as well09:53
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1035806 in ubuntu-defaults-builder (Ubuntu) "Please support customization of ubiquity-slideshow through defaults builder" [Undecided,Fix released]09:54
xnoxok. I probably did all of them simultaniously as otherwise the next build of ubiquity would have been broken.09:54
* ogra_ sees a new bug in 12.04 since that latest update of the desktop ... 10:21
ogra_does anyone else have the panels around above the screensaver when locking ?10:21
ogra_(and the notification bubbles seem to be behind the panel as well)10:21
popeyogra_: I've seen that in the past, before this update10:24
ogra_funny, for me it started a few days ago10:24
popeycan you back out the update (probably bamf?) and see if it behaves?10:24
ogra_yeah, not right now though, i need this machine today10:26
ogra_but i'll check bamf, it misbehaves anyway10:26
ogra_(firefox doesnt use its icon in the launcher but starts a new one with the question mark pic)10:27
popeyogra_: restarted since the update10:28
ogra_several times, yes10:28
seb128stacking issues...10:28
Laneyhmm, pointer barrier problems again10:28
ogra_i seem to not be the only one10:29
ogra_lovely that the support ML suggests installing xscreensaver as the solution :P10:29
xnoxpopey: mhr3: I think I can port some lenses from python to vala, for speed & memory usage improvements. E.g. the photo lens?10:50
davidcallexnox, IMHO that would be great, I was planning on doing it this cycle but I probably won't have the time. Also, API changes for scopes are about to land, you might want to wait for that.10:56
mhr3xnox, would be great, but we're changing the scope api, it'd be better to wait10:56
xnoxI see.10:57
xnoxDo we have any vala scopes already?10:57
davidcallexnox, Files, Applications, Gwibber, Music (Rbox and Banshee scopes)10:58
xnoxdavidcalle: awesome, thanks.10:58
xnoxdavidcalle: mhr3: can I see / run the new-style API yet?10:58
mhr3xnox, nope, sorry11:02
Laneyrespect syntax highlighting; it could save your CPU some wasted work11:23
* Laney grimaces11:23
psivaaseb128: just curious if bug 1105102 is being taken care of, the issue happens quite frequently and appears to affect a lot of users11:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 1105102 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) "dconf-service crashed with SIGSEGV in g_variant_builder_add_value()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110510211:54
Laneypsivaa: Do you have an e.u.c page for that crash?12:06
psivaaLaney: i dont see for this crash, may be it's low down the order, but 30+ people have marked the bug as affecting12:11
chrisccoulsonhi jibel. do you need to enable anything so that https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/raring-ppa-adt-ubuntu_mozilla_daily_ppa-firefox-trunk/ picks up new builds?12:11
chrisccoulsoni did some fixes last week which should hopefully fix the failures12:11
=== jhernandez is now known as jhernandez|lunc
=== jhernandez|lunc is now known as jhernandez|lunch
jibelchrisccoulson, hey, it should have start with a new upload, I'll look into it. I launched the test manually12:51
jibeland it failed with E: Unable to locate package fonts-nanum-core12:51
chrisccoulsonjibel, oh, i made a typo there :)12:55
seb128psivaa, isn't that fixed with https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glib2.0/2.35.4-0ubuntu5 ?13:11
chrisccoulsonawesome, jo made me a pork and stuffing sandwich for lunch :)13:15
rickspencer3hey Sweetshark I notice my FF on raring is crashing as lot the last couple of days13:28
ogra_raring is in development ...13:29
ogra_(ooops, i'm not allowed to claim that anymore, right ?) :)13:29
ogra_rickspencer3, it works fine on my nexus7, you should just switch to a sane architecture ;)13:30
ogra_(it is dog slow though)13:30
Laneyalso, I believe Sweetshark is away this week13:30
Laneybut if you mean Firefox I'm not sure why you ping him13:30
ogra_i didnt, rick did13:30
Laneyyep, different you13:31
* xnox ponders how did chrisccoulson got FF ppa to do adt, and yet upstart is not added yet (we also want to test our ppa)13:32
chrisccoulsonxnox, i asked jibel :)13:32
Laneydo we need the goa recommends from g-c-c for Ubuntu?13:33
seb128rickspencer3, no Sweetshark for the next 10 days, he skiing13:33
rickspencer3seb128, hmm, ok13:33
seb128rickspencer3, did you mean LO?13:33
rickspencer3seb128, no, I meant FF13:33
rickspencer3so, err, not Sweetshark13:33
seb128rickspencer3, because FF is chrisccoulson's13:33
* chrisccoulson hides13:33
rickspencer3how soon they forget13:33
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, have you got a crash ID? (about:crashes)13:34
seb128but he will likely blame it on the webapps team ;-)13:34
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, nah, I let the crash dialog do it's thing13:34
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, yeah, if you let the crash dialog submit it, you should have an ID in about:crashes :)13:34
chrisccoulsonthen i can go and find the report13:34
chrisccoulsonseb128, i don't blame everything on webapps ;)13:35
chrisccoulsonsome things i blame on compiz too13:35
* ogra_ doesnt blame webapps ... but blames FF 13:35
ogra_scrolling in G+ on the nexus7 is nearly impossible13:36
ogra_with no webapp in use13:36
chrisccoulsonogra_, i looked at some firefox memory leaks last week, and all of the biggest ones were of our own making13:36
chrisccoulson(ie, dbusmenu)13:36
ogra_well, it seems to be only on heavy javascript sites that it gets so slow13:36
ogra_gmail, G+ etc13:37
ogra_i can actually see it drawing triangles inside the page when scrolling13:37
ogra_on other sites that dont use javascript its breezingly fast13:37
chrisccoulsoni can't see how javascript would have anything to do with painting when scrolling. it's likely just a coincidence, and that it's actually the layout of those sites trigger things that are slow13:40
chrisccoulson(eg, scrolling text over fixed backgrounds, etc)13:40
ogra_might be, i didnt dig deeper13:41
chrisccoulsonbut i don't use the gmail interface, and i've not been on G+ for months :)13:41
ogra_well, it is clearlyx two pages where you can easily see it on the nx713:41
xclaesseWhen a running "make" in a folder shown by a GtkFileChooser (like opening file dialog in gedit), the app crash13:43
xclaesseit has been like that for months now13:43
xclaesseI can't find the bug in lp though, but I'm sure I reported it13:43
xclaesseit looks like to be ubuntu specific, can't reproduce on other distro13:43
xclaesseor am I the only one to suffer from that bug?13:44
xclaesseactually my bug report just had his 1year anniversary: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gedit/+bug/92032613:45
ubot2xclaesse: Error: ubuntu bug 920326 not found13:45
seb128xclaesse, can you give us the bug id from the one you reported?13:45
xclaessethat one got closed invalid because back then I was using custom packages IIRC13:46
xclaessebut I sure there are others13:46
=== jhernandez|lunch is now known as jhernandez
seb128xclaesse, is there any way you could get a stacktrace using gdb?13:46
xclaesseI still click report daily in apport for the same thing, but it does not seems to report anymore13:46
xclaesseseb128, http://pastebin.com/NVsGyc5613:48
seb128xclaesse, likely http://git.gnome.org/browse/gtk+/commit/?h=gtk-3-6&id=fa3d04e556a704d3fada72254ff9f2b8e1d0194613:48
xclaesseseb128, sound like that, yes13:49
seb128xclaesse, which we got fixed upstream, the fix is in GTK 3.6.2 ... the issue is that quantal GTK is still 3.6.0 since they broke stuff in the stable updates13:49
xclaesseseb128, that commit is not in quantal's package?13:49
seb128they refactored all the css code between 3.6.0 and 3.6.1 so we couldn't update in a SRU13:50
seb128we should probably backport that specific fix though13:50
seb128well, the bug happens when the directory content change while the fileselector is open on it13:50
seb128which in practice for "normal users" is not that often13:51
seb128so we didn't get lot of requests for the backport13:51
seb128but your "run make" usecase will easily run into it13:51
xclaesseseb128, I can understand it won't happen to normal users13:55
xclaesseseb128, but as developer I hit it daily13:55
xclaesseseb128, if you can package that commit, I'll be happy to test it :)13:56
seb128xclaesse, yeah, I was not trying to dismiss the issue, it's just why it didn't raise high on our tracker14:00
seb128xclaesse, I will add it to my to-SRU-list14:00
xclaesseseb128, great, thanks :)14:00
seb128yw ;-)14:00
xclaesseseb128, I'm pretty sure it is somewhere in lp, but can't find it anymore :)14:00
seb128xclaesse, 85184314:01
seb128xclaesse, that's the bug we used to track the issue/closed in raring14:01
cyphermoxgood morning!14:10
kenvandinegood morning cyphermox14:11
cyphermoxkenvandine: good morning14:11
cyphermoxMimiko^_^: please fix your client!14:12
=== Mimiko is now known as Guest81896
cyphermoxseb128: do you have any special shiny channel access to fix his?14:13
=== VD is now known as Guest39710
seb128cyphermox, let's see if that works14:16
=== vrruiz_ is now known as rvr_
cyphermoxthat was basically my plan -- then we can drop the ban in an hour or so, assuming he'll have fixed it then14:17
cyphermoxogra_: so I'm reflashing my Nexus7 right now just to be very sure I got the lastest possible image, and I'll update immediately after -- but then I'll work on fixing the wakeups on tty, as well as bluetooth14:22
cyphermoxeeep, there's pretty bad corruption in the background for the oem thingy14:22
ogra_cyphermox, blame xnox14:26
xnoxcyphermox: our tiny little app in ubiquity call wallpaper doesn't paint the background as one would expect. compiz/unity don't paint wallpaper either. g-s-d does, but only if you set it's settings twice.14:28
xnox(and g-s-d is not running on !gnome derivatives)14:28
cyphermoxxnox: couldn't you paint it twice kind of like what g-s-d does?14:29
xnoxcyphermox: hmm... I should look into g-s-d code.14:43
seb128g-s-d is supposed to display the wallpaper if nautilus is not14:45
xnoxseb128: there is no nautilus, and the way ubiquity starts g-s-d it tries to show backgrounds of Adwaita.xml.14:46
xnox(that's for the ubiquity-only mode, not the try-ubuntu-session) the wallpaper is fine in the try-ubuntu-session.14:46
seb128xnox, hum, it should get the wallpaper to use from gsettings...14:46
xnoxseb128: well that's the gsettings that are available in that session....14:47
* xnox will give another try setting those keys before & after launching g-s-d and see if it improves.14:47
seb128xnox, isn't ubuntu-settings installed?14:48
seb12810_ubuntu-settings.gschema.override has14:48
ogra_is that from casper ?14:48
ogra_of from ubiquity itself14:48
ogra_(note the preinstalled images dont have casper)14:49
xnoxogra_: well, non-overwridden uri is in dekstop images (so from casper), I didn't check preinstalled image.14:49
xnoxseb128: something is not getting loaded right, because I also have to manually set overlay-scrollbars module to be loaded.14:50
desrtxnox: i think it's appropriate for upstream to use pkg-config if the version they require has pkg-config files, upstream14:50
desrtxnox: although if we are nervous to SRU a fix (which i understand) then having an icu-config check could be nice14:52
xnoxdesrt: sure. i also think it's unwise to change api in an sru (e.g. it makes icu-*.pc files not available in release & security, but available in updates and/or backports) or diverge from debian on this.14:52
xnoxthe three wishes are incompatible with each other =/14:52
desrtxnox: i think having the package backported in the desktop team PPA (as jbicha did last night) is a good compromise14:52
xnoxdesrt: which packages / jhbuild modules break?14:52
desrtxnox: it's complicated... webkit depends on the icu support of harfbuzz14:52
desrtbut if you don't have the icu .pc, then harfbuzz configures itself without icu support14:53
desrtthen webkit breaks later14:53
xnoxdesrt: yeah, PPA upload would be good, since those who need it can find/enable it, and there is no hidden stones. Cause adding a ppa is an explicit action.14:53
xnoxlet me look at harfbuzz.14:53
desrti think we could fix it to require icu14:54
desrtat least it would fail sooner that way14:54
desrtin the middle of a webkit build is an annoying spot to fail :(14:54
ogra_only on arm14:54
* xnox is surprised to hear HarfBuzz for the first time. But it sounds like it was a good flamewar that I missed leading to a fork.14:55
desrtno.  not at all like that.14:56
desrtit was written by the maintainer of pango14:56
desrtto replace half of pango....14:56
xnoxsounds like a very good maintainer ;-)14:57
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: intel upstream would like us to drop server_side_gradients.patch from cairo since "majority of drivers (!nouveau, !radeon) accelerate them"15:14
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: oh and cairo upstream as well15:15
seb128tjaalton, what would be the performance impact for radeon/nouveau?15:20
tjaaltonseb128: I don't know15:20
seb128tjaalton, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cairo/+bug/595845/comments/1615:21
ubot2Ubuntu bug 595845 in cairo (Ubuntu) "libcairo2 1.9.10 makes Ubuntu 10.10 slow" [Medium,Fix released]15:21
seb128tjaalton, can you get that https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cairo/+bug/595845/+attachment/1470628/+files/lala.py run on a nouveau and a radeon card with and without that patch?15:21
seb128the numbers from mvo by then:15:22
seb128" It takes 1.4s to run on my ati card on maverick and up to 3s on my nvidia card (with nouveau)."15:22
seb128which seems 10 times slower than the unpatched version15:22
tjaaltonseb128: oh that's the origin, missed the "remaining changes" part..15:24
Laneynow why isn't nvidia loading? & unity/nouveau doesn't start15:26
seb128tjaalton, we might want to make that patch smarter and toggle settings depending of the driver15:26
tjaaltonseb128: if possible, yes15:26
Laneyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1582244/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/1582245/15:26
seb128tjaalton, patches are welcome... ;-)15:27
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: nevermind, it wasn't a new patch..15:27
tjaaltonas always :)15:27
Laneymlankhorst: ↑ any ideas perchance?15:28
Laneyit just started after a reboot this afternoon — I think I autoremoved some kernels earlier in the day15:28
mlankhorstLaney: messed around with binary drivers?15:29
Laneynot manually15:29
mlankhorst[    10.445] (EE) NVIDIA: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module. Please check your15:29
mlankhorst[    10.445] (EE) NVIDIA:     system's kernel log for additional error messages.15:29
mlankhorst[    10.445] (II) UnloadModule: "nvidia"15:29
mlankhorst[    10.445] (II) Unloading nvidia15:29
Laneygrep -i nvidia /var/log/syslog or dmesg doesn't show anything15:30
mlankhorstwhat happens if you modprobe nvidia?15:30
Laneycompiz (core) - Info: Unity is not supported by your hardware. Enabling software rendering instead (slow).15:30
Laneycompiz (core) - Info: Starting plugin: opengl15:30
Laneyis tahat normal?15:30
LaneyXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0".15:30
Laneymodule nvidia not found15:31
mlankhorstyou have nvidia drivers but nvidia failed to load, I'm guessing you're on vesa probably15:31
Laneyit got nouveau according to Xorg.0.log15:31
mlankhorstremove nvidia drivers then, it's probably using nvidia opengl15:32
Laneyconcerning that it stopped working though15:32
mlankhorstyeah sounds like something messed up there :/15:34
tjaaltonthe nvidia module didn't get built for your kernel15:34
tjaaltonprobably because of missing headers15:34
tjaaltonor such15:34
tjaaltoncheck the dkms lgo15:34
LaneyI just dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-current and it seems to have built fine15:35
Laneystill modprobe fails though15:36
mlankhorstdo we rename the nvidia module?15:36
ricotzmlankhorst, yes15:37
ricotzeither nvidia_current or nvidia_304 in this case15:37
LaneyERROR: could not insert 'nvidia_current': No such device15:38
mlankhorstLaney: nouveau is already loaded, need to reboot probably :/15:38
ricotzLaney, you should use nvidia-30415:38
Laneyunload nouveau15:38
ricotzthe package i mean (if you want nvidia blob)15:38
Laneywhat's the difference?15:38
ricotzLaney, you are using an older version15:39
tjaaltonseb128: right now it's intel & nvidia users who suffer from the same sort of performance drop, so the options could be to detect the dri2 driver being used, or add support in X for exposing the driver name for a screen..15:39
Laneyisn't current the recommended one?15:39
ricotzLaney, not anymore, after the new packages in raring-proposed15:40
tjaaltonright, it's nvidia-31015:40
Laneystill fails to load after a reboot15:40
ricotzLaney, your current package isnt suppose to work with kernel 3.815:40
Laneyshouldn't that be expressed in packaging?15:41
ricotzLaney, if you are a gefore8 or higher use the nvidia-310 package15:41
ricotzLaney, the 304 proposed package has transitioning packages15:42
Laneywould jockey have installed nvidia-current for me or do you think I did that manually?15:42
Laneylet me try 31015:42
Laneylooks promising - plymouth text frontend is a sign of nvidia (and no kms)15:43
tjaaltonwhy are the drivers still in proposed?15:44
Laneyso why hasn't that transitioned for 11 days?15:44
Laneytrying: nvidia-graphics-drivers-30415:44
Laneyskipped: nvidia-graphics-drivers-304 (18 <- 9) got: 103+0: i-103 * i386: nvidia-current15:44
Laneyyou need to get that removed if it's supposed to go away15:44
Laneythe transitional package should be Section: oldlibs btw so that apt-get autoremove can remove it15:46
ricotztseliot, ^15:46
tseliotricotz: I need to ask the archive admins again15:47
Laneytseliot: if you want it removed then file a removal bug and subscribe ubuntu-archive15:47
tseliotLaney: ok, thanks15:48
Laneyit won't move to the release until this happens15:48
Laneywhich seems fairly urgent if it breaks on new kernels15:48
LaneyActually perhaps it's not really a transitional package if it's always supposed to pull in the newest driver?15:49
xnoxdesrt: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1582422/ finds and compiles with icu.15:49
xnoxdesrt: and that patch should be trivial to add to jhbuild module set, or you can push it upstream if you like.15:50
xnoxdesrt: tested on quantal, works like a charm.15:50
desrtxnox: would need to talk to behdad15:52
desrtxnox: but it's more complicated than that... the jhbuild sysdep checks are based on pkgconfig files15:52
desrtso you'd need to patch jhbuild as well15:52
xnoxdesrt: ok.15:52
desrtthen maybe other modules too -- harfbuzz is only the first that failed15:52
xnoxdesrt: why are you building on quantal instead of raring though?15:52
xnoxraring is stable enough to build jhbuild.15:53
desrtbecause we support jhbuild on the latest stable ubuntu release15:53
desrtsomeone has to be testing that :)15:53
xnoxoh, ok.15:53
xnoxinfinity: what do you think about SRUing pkg-config files for icu, just to please jhbuild users on Quantal?15:54
xnoxdesrt: harfbuzz is like brand new (only in raring), I am expecting other established softwares that come pre-icu-having-pkg-config to know how to use icu-config.15:56
xnoxunless somebody went and killed all of those configure.ac parts everywhere.15:56
xnoxdesrt: if you have jhbuild src dir unpacked, can you grep "icu-uc" (means uses pkg-config) vs "icu-config" (uses legacy config)15:57
xnoxto check the scope of impact.15:57
infinityxnox: Context?15:58
xnoxjhbuild didn't used to check system pkg-config, but I may be out of date with jhbuild.15:58
xnoxinfinity: icu historically didn't ship pkg-config files, now it does, we dropped the ball and forgot to add them to debian/libicu-dev.install in quantal. Now jhbuild, builds $GNOME from git and fails to build webkit on quantal, because packages in the chain started to rely on icu-*.pc being shipped.15:59
xnox(since hay-ho, the icu $MINVER upstream does ship them)15:59
infinityxnox: So, it's in the quantal source package, just not shipped in the binaries?16:00
infinityYeah, that seems like a reasonable thing to SRU for, if you file a decent bug and explain how it's not going to break any rdeps that suddenly find a .pc where there wasn't one before.16:00
infinitytseliot: Are we getting rid of nvidia-current*?16:01
tseliotinfinity: yes, in raring, I already have transitional packages in place16:02
Laneyseb128: WDYT about swapping goa recommends from g-c-c to the gnome remix seeds? Does anything else other than that capplet use it?16:02
infinitytseliot: So, how to people stay current, then?16:02
tseliotinfinity: they will be transitioned to nvidia-304 (which is a legacy driver). Others will have to install nvidia-31016:03
tseliotinfinity: and we also have their -updates flavours16:03
LaneyWhat happens when -304 goes away?16:03
infinitytseliot: What I mean is, if there's not longer a non-versioned current package, how do people continue to stay, well, current?16:04
tseliotinfinity: well, "current" doesn't mean much anyway. We decided to switch to versioned names before UDS IIRC16:06
infinitytseliot: Okay.  But did that decision have a plan for keeping people up to date?16:07
tseliotinfinity: I think the policy is: upgrade users to releases that do not drop hardware support as much as possible. And this is not easy to do16:08
infinitytseliot: But without an unversioned package, how do you proposed to enact this policy?16:08
tseliotinfinity: we have transitional packages16:09
infinitytseliot: You get what I'm driving at, right?  If we installed "linux-image-3.8.0" on your machine, but not "linux-image", you'd never get a new kernel.  Same story with these drivers.16:09
infinitytseliot: Obviously your transitional packages aren't called "nvidia-current", or this migration would have happened without my intervention. :P16:09
tseliotinfinity: if you have nvidia-current installed, you'll get nvidia-30416:10
tseliotinfinity: yes, they are16:10
tseliotinfinity: or they never got in?16:10
infinityOh, hrm.  I see what's happened.  Kay.  Previous conversation led me to believe you'd dropped that package.16:12
tseliotinfinity: no. I was just talking about removing an experimental driver flavour16:14
tseliotLaney: when nvidia-304 goes away, there's nouveau16:14
ricotztseliot, while 310 and 313 caught up with x 1.14, do you if 304 will get some "final" update too?16:15
jbichaseb128: chrisccoulson: joss said last week in #debian-gnome that there's some sort of plan for a gnome-settings-daemon-fallback maintained on git.gnome.org to contain all the "extra" pieces GNOME dropped this cycle16:15
LaneySo I wouldn't want to upgrade to, say, the next nvidia-3xx?16:16
tseliotLaney: well, if your card is still supported, then yes16:16
tseliotricotz: is there a new release of 304?16:16
LaneyYeah. That's what I'm getting at - ensuring this migration happens.16:17
ricotztseliot, oop, i meant "do you know if ..."16:17
infinitytseliot: Oh, hah.  It would help if your packages weren't internally inconsistent.16:17
infinityThe following packages have unmet dependencies:16:17
infinity nvidia-304 : Conflicts: nvidia-current16:17
infinityE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.16:17
infinitytseliot: That's going to need to be a versioned conflict, to keep conflicting against the old one, but not the new one.16:18
tseliotinfinity: err... right, I'll fix that16:18
infinitytseliot: ie: (<< 304.64-0ubuntu4)16:18
infinityOr whatever.16:18
tseliotinfinity: right16:19
infinitytseliot: Pro tip, if update_output is whining that your package can't be installed with other packages.  Hit a chroot, enable proposed, and "apt-get install your_package your_package broken_package broken_package" and see what happens.16:19
* tseliot nods16:20
dobeyugh. pygtkcompat doesn't make porting easier. it just makes breaking obvious.16:41
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dobeyand is making my life hell right now16:43
seb128Laney, yeah, if we can run without goa it would be good, I was considering building e-d-s without it but I guess the GNOME remix wouldn't like that16:44
seb128ideally e-d-s shouldn't spaw a goa running for ever if there are not account configured16:44
seb128jbicha, right for g-s-d ... what did they drop this cycle?16:45
LaneyI'm running with goa removed now and stuff seems to work16:50
bcurtiswxkenvandine, in online accounts, when I first turn on empathy, I get facebook requires authorisation, but facebook connects and show no issues16:50
LaneyI'll upload it16:50
kenvandinebcurtiswx, i haven't seen that, please file a bug16:54
bcurtiswxkenvandine, OK will do17:00
kenvandinebcurtiswx, thx17:05
jbichaseb128: the power plugin is pretty broken without systemd (auto-suspend doesn't work, I think the suspend media-key is broken) and some issues with the fallback status icons (like keyboard)17:08
jbichait's going to be a lot more work to get gnome-control-center to support external panels17:08
jbichaI guess g-s-d itself shouldn't be too bad for Ubuntu as the 2 issues I mentioned are already known and will be taken care of17:11
seb128jbicha, yeah, let's see for g-c-c17:11
seb128we might just stay on the current version until the LTS if really needed and then figure out what to do17:11
seb128likely renaming it u-c-c so g-c-c can be updated17:12
seb128having both conflicting17:12
seb128which means you will have to pick GNOME or Unity as a desktop but can't have both selectable17:12
seb128but we are heading there anyway17:12
jbichaseb128: yeah gnome shell 3.8 needs the new g-c-c to work optimally17:12
jbichathe new sharing & privacy panels are pretty cool but it's a different approach than Unity's Privacy panel design17:15
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psivaaseb128: the crash on bug 1105102 occurs even with https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glib2.0/2.35.4-0ubuntu5 installed. Occurs with today's images (during live session and after the installation)17:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 1105102 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) "dconf-service crashed with SIGSEGV in g_variant_builder_add_value()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110510217:40
seb128desrt, ^17:40
Laneyuploading g-c-c without the recommends18:01
seb128Laney, thanks18:02
desrtseb128: neat!!18:33
desrtnew dconf be buggy :)18:33
seb128desrt, know how to keep busy in the plane ;-)18:33
desrtit'll give me something to look at on the plane18:33
desrtflight is delayed :(18:33
desrtnot long... just like an hour18:34
desrtsure glad i arrive domestic in the US18:34
desrtotherwise it would be a pretty tight connection18:34
desrtseb128: can i get a trace?18:44
seb128desrt, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/129495621/Stacktrace.txt18:45
seb128desrt, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/d-conf/+bug/110544018:46
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1105440 in d-conf (Ubuntu) "dconf-service crashed with SIGSEGV in g_variant_is_trusted()" [Medium,Confirmed]18:46
seb128desrt, tj18:46
desrti bet it gets a critical before it gets that far18:46
seb128desrt, the retracers marked it dup from that one, I will set the tag so it gets a new stacktrace with the next report18:46
czajkowskiLaney: you in this week ?18:47
desrtseb128: i think i understand the bug18:47
desrti love this:18:48
desrt#3  0x00007fa6b48095b7 in g_variant_new_va (format_string=0x40b5dc "s)", endptr=0x0, app=0x7fffba5c7708) at /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.35.4/./glib/gvariant.c:4702 value = <optimized out>18:48
desrtformat_string being pass-by-reference gets the pointer moved along so you find out about exactly which part of the format string it was trying to deal with when it crashed18:48
desrtgdb win18:48
desrtanyway... that's the tag field of a notification... i bet it's just NULL in some cases, should be an easy enough fix18:48
desrtseb128: can you upstream me a bug?  this is definitley a separate issue, fwiw18:49
seb128desrt, ok, glib or dconf report?18:49
desrtwould be dconf18:50
desrtrobru: hey... i'm on your flight to london18:50
robrudesrt, sweeeet18:51
robrudesrt, attente as well?18:51
desrti think so18:51
desrtjasoncwarner: i'm just gonna leave this here.... http://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/hawksmoor-seven-dials19:00
achiangkenvandine: did you upload the xchat-indicator SRU to precise-proposed?19:01
kenvandineachiang, i did19:08
achiangkenvandine: i can't find it in LP, can you hook me up?19:08
kenvandineachiang, it's still in the unapproved queue19:09
achiangkenvandine: ah, i see19:09
kenvandineneed someone from ubuntu-sru to do their thing19:09
achiangyup, and i think they're fairly busy atm19:10
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robruhey desktoppers, what's going on here? http://ubuntuone.com/50XWtoHgAIFXocRqJTkjP6 trying to install latest raring image onto my n7, first of all the background is messed up like that, secondly onboard stopped working right at that point and wouldn't let me input any further than what you see there.20:03
notgaryOnce upon a time I heard tell of a plan to make checking out and building the entire Unity stack a one-command operation. Has anything come of that?20:07
seb128robru, the background issue is known and is an ubiquity/livecd issue (it was discussed earlier today), not sure about the onboard one...20:08
seb128notgary, some people adapted jhbuild for the unity stack, not sure what's the current state20:09
robruseb128, actually, hooking up a keyboard didn't allow me to type into ubiquity either, so most likely ubiquity has stopped accepting kb input, regardless of source (so most likely onboard is fine)20:09
seb128notgary, they also got a daily ppa and daily landing in ubuntu, which should reduce the need for a stack build20:09
seb128robru, ok, can you switch to a vt and type there?20:09
notgaryseb128: Is this what you're talking about? https://launchpad.net/unity-jhbuild20:11
notgaryIt doesn't seem to have been updated since the middle of November20:11
seb128notgary, yes, try asking in #ubuntu-unity though...20:12
notgaryseb128: Will do, thanks for the pointers :)20:12
robruseb128, oh, good idea. hang on...20:13
seb128notgary, yw ;-)20:14
robruseb128, Ctrl+Alt+F1 just makes the screen go blank. doesn't show me a VT at all (and doesn't echo any of my typing back at me either). but F7 does bring ubiquity back...20:15
seb128hum, reading you say that I think there is a driver bug that makes the vt not being displayed as it should...20:17
robruseb128, seems I'm finding lots of bugs today ;-)20:20
chrisccoulsonhey rickspencer3, you around?20:29
chrisccoulsonany luck with that crash ID? :)20:29
bizhanMonaHI I have observed a strange behavior, when I install ubuntu on any of my system later on if I want to install RHEL/Fedora after successful installation I get grub failure, and system stops at grub rescue prompt,not sure why? Thx21:10
dobeybizhanMona: #ubuntu is the channel to ask for help in21:19
bizhanMonadobey: Thanks I did that now.21:21
attentedesrt: ping21:26
desrtattente: pong21:49
attentedesrt: so inkscape generates its menu items by explicitly sticking GtkLabels in their GtkImageMenuItems21:50
desrtremember i told you you'd find weird programs doing weird things? :)21:51
* attente cries21:51
chrisccoulsonthat's awesome21:52
robruany vala experts around?23:31

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