saltmiservirtualbox vs. vmware?00:06
saltmiserI noticted virtualbox doesn't really do multiple CPU's00:06
k1l_vbox is easy to use00:06
saltmiserbut when I run vmware player with multiple cpu's I get excellent performance00:06
saltmiservbox has terrible smp performance, and it has for over a year..or two...now, why?00:06
k1l_if you know what you are doing you want to go with vmware, imho00:06
saltmiserI've been using virtualbox for a while and was always a little upset with it's lack of good multi cpu support00:07
saltmiserI have a 6 core and well you know, it's bored00:07
saltmiserI started using vmware recently and am much more happier00:07
saltmiserI might actually start using windows as my real host OS again so I  can get some games in from tiem to time ;D00:07
namesJayVmware ?00:08
saltmiserrypervenche, you mean like qemu?00:08
saltmiserpeople still use that?00:09
rypervencheOf course.00:09
saltmiserwhat is the advantage of using KVM/qemu these days when we have hardware supported virtualization?00:09
saltmiserwhat other good discussion channels are there00:20
Amphibulussaltmiser, KVM use the hardware virtualization00:24
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