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YoBoYstupid question: why the po files of the precise ubuntu server guide are not updated ?19:30
jbichaYoBoY: since the server guide is not distributed as an Ubuntu package but just on help.ubuntu.com, we don't really post the translated version19:42
jbichasomeone needs to set it up like the desktop guide online and then there will be a point to translating it19:43
YoBoYit is already being translated… the quantal version have the po files up to date19:44
YoBoYand some crazy locoteams put it online too http://guide.ubuntu-fr.org/server/19:44
jbichacould you send another email to the list?19:54
YoBoYPerhaps it's better to open a bug on the project19:55
jbichasure you could do that too, personally I think I'd see a mailing list post easier (I'm subscribed to too much LP bug email)19:56
YoBoYI can do both ^^19:57
YoBoYDo I have to register to the ML to post on it ?19:57
YoBoYdone and done :)20:09
jbichayes if you want to skip the moderation queue20:33
YoBoYalready too much suscribed mailing lists :] I've taken the moderation queue option :)20:39

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