lifuHi, do you know how to apply this patch to ubuntu gnome?02:21
TheLordOfTimepatch it into GNOME, and then recompile02:22
lifu@TheLordOfTime is there a website that have a detailed version?02:26
lifuon how to do this?02:26
TheLordOfTimenot really, at least not afaik02:26
darkxstjbicha, I should be good to help out with packaging 3.7.5 next week.04:42
jbichadarkxst: cool, maybe we'll get a few minor 3.7.5 pieces into raring (I'm thinking gnome-games, gnome-icon-theme, and similar)05:06
darkxstok,I have been meaning to test js188/gjs with 3.6.2, but I might just wait until beta now05:11
darkxsti.e. 3.7.9005:13
jbichadarkxst: pay attention to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule after Feature Freeze you'll have to get permission from the Release Team05:25
jbichayeah 3.7.90 is supposedly api freeze and it should be enough time before featurefreeze05:26
darkxstjbicha, ok, I am working with walters to hopefully get a snapshot of js188 (and gjs port) landed before gnome freeze05:30
darkxst(so it gets in in-time for 3.8)05:31
darkxstalthough I don't suppose the other rdepends are going to be ported by then05:31
darkxstpolkit is done (although ubuntu doesnt have that version yet)05:32
darkxstcouchdb looks easy enough05:32
darkxstthe others will be a bit more involved05:32
darkxst0ad guys actually from to go straight to FF1805:32
jbichaI guess we don't have to worry about polkit yet? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1578990/05:34
darkxstyeh ubuntu's polkit is old06:54
jbicharicotz: what do you think about copying your gtk git snapshot to the staging ppa since it fixes the annoying filechooser size bug (and also fixes https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=692571 )16:18
ubot5Gnome bug 692571 in gtk "content is offcenter in Settings window when run in non-GNOME Shell" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]16:18
ricotzjbicha, yeah, that filechooser thing was annoying16:19
ricotzjbicha, if you are comfortable with it, i don't have anything against it16:19
ricotz(binary copy, of course)16:20
jbichasure, doing it now16:21
ricotzjbicha, btw the cogl 1.13.2 might be a same story with its soname bumps (currenty 12), so better to hold it back17:39
jbicharicotz: that's fine, nothing really tends to need the bleeding edge cogl right?17:46
ricotzjbicha, yeah, fortunately not17:46
ricotzjust saying going through multiple transitions would be a pain17:47

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