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tdr112morning all10:16
czajkowskihows folks?12:06
czajkowskitdr112: any more conferences youre going to ?12:06
tdr112makerfaire UK,12:07
tdr112going to india for 3 weeks in may12:07
czajkowskioh wow12:10
czajkowskiwhy ?12:10
czajkowskitry and not get sick :)12:10
tdr112hmm I hope not as 2 days after I come back I have another wedding to go too12:11
ebeltdr112: wow cool.12:22
ebelI've never been to india.12:22
ebelyou might sick when you're over there.12:22
ebel3 weeks is a decent amount of time to go for12:23
czajkowskijust try and only use bottled water12:24
ebelYep. Peel or boil everything12:25
ebeland bring immodium12:25
czajkowskilots of it12:25
czajkowskidad ended up in hospital there for a week12:26
ebelyeah, you have to be careful with dehydration if it'll be hot there12:26
ebeljust drink lots of water, all the time12:26
czajkowskiand always check the seal of the bottle12:28
tdr112hmm , lots to weary of12:52
czajkowskitdr112: do you have to get any jabs going out there?12:53
tdr112I have not looked into any of these things, just made the mind up to go over the weekend12:54
ebelyou'll probably get a few shots.13:03
ebeli don't think it's a malarial region, is it?13:04
ebeltdr112: you can have fun with squat toilets :P13:04
ebelbring some Dioralyte. it's basically salt that you mix with water and drink the foul stuff down.13:04
ebelit's for dehydration13:04
ebelover the counter in a pharmacy. Tis good if you get sick and then dehydrated13:05
tdr112added all these to a list, reading lonely planet now13:31
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