TheLordOfTimeare "Music announce scripts" banned per-channel or globally in all IRCC-controlled channels?02:10
k1l_does it say something about that specific in the guidelines?02:11
TheLordOfTimei'm asking because i asked someone in #ubuntuforums to disable it and then they give me a fuss over a minor use of capslock *once*02:11
TheLordOfTimethen say "you did that without being told to stop, so i'm not going to turn it off"02:11
TheLordOfTimeor some other similar stuff02:11
* TheLordOfTime yawns02:11
TheLordOfTimeTBH there's almost no moderation in #ubuntuforums so its probably useless for me mto ask such things02:11
TheLordOfTime(its almost as bad as #defocus was)02:12
k1l_imho its ok to use them if they are not in a support channel and if its not automatically spamming every song.02:12
TheLordOfTimethe case i'm on about is it seems to be announcing each song.02:12
TheLordOfTimewhich is why i asked them to stop, but...02:12
* TheLordOfTime will take that up with forums council over governance of the channel02:13
k1l_the guidelines dont say something about that kind of script.02:14
k1l_but it could be covered by the "dont be annoying" and "dont use scripts or bots" sections.02:15
TheLordOfTimei think that applies, problem i find is that #ubuntuforums isn't logged afaict.02:15
TheLordOfTimeshort of getting FC and IRCC permission to drop a bot in there to log (whether publicly or privately), my statements have no corroboration02:16
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TheLordOfTimei don't think FC likes me constantly pointing out the flaws in the IRC channel though :P02:17
IdleOneWe typically don't allow NP Now Playing scripts in the Ubuntu channels. Ubuntu team/loco channels are free to set their own rules in addition to the !codeofconduct and !guidelines02:37
TheLordOfTimeIdleOne, does #ubuntuforums count as a team/loco channel?02:37
TheLordOfTimeor does it count as IRCC-governed02:37
IdleOneubuntuforums is a little special but I would say it is a team channel02:37
IdleOneAll Ubuntu* channels are subject to the IRCC, but the IRCC doesn't lord over them.02:38
IdleOneSo if an issue got to a point where the channel ops couldn't resolve it then it would fall on the IRCC to help resolve it.02:39
TheLordOfTimemy point with that was who makes the rules for #Ubuntuforums, and since its FC i'll take it up with them02:39
TheLordOfTimealthough !guidelines would still apply, if the guidelines say no bots/scripts02:39
TheLordOfTime(which i've only ever seen very few exceptions for)02:40
IdleOnethe channel ops make the rules. and all the channels within the Ubuntu namespace are supposed to follow the guidelines and !codeofconduct02:40
rperierMorning, I would like to change my nickname in my irc cloak09:42
tsimpsonAlanBell, Pici, topyli, funkyHat, Tm_T: ^10:19
AlanBellhi rperier10:25
AlanBellrperier: what do you want to change it to?10:26
rperierAlanBell: to ubuntu/member/rperier please10:31
rperierhi btw10:31
AlanBellok, that all seems fine, staff, can someone sort that out please10:36
nikodone, AlanBell :)10:40
rperierthanks !10:53
AlanBellthanks niko10:57
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nothingspecialYou there TheLordOfTime19:39
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