c7pgodbyk: hey00:12
godbykHey, c7p. You're up late!00:12
c7p:P sorry i couldn't make it00:12
c7phow did it go ?00:13
godbykNo problem. The meeting went pretty well.00:13
c7p\me i'm diving into irc logs00:13
c7pis you googledoc down ?00:17
godbykIt's working okay for me at the moment.00:17
c7pSorry, the file you have requested does not exist. :/00:18
godbykWere you looking at the meeting notes file or the authors/editors spreadsheet?00:18
c7pok now, thx00:18
c7phow many people where on channel during meeting ?00:24
godbykI don't know. A decent number, though.00:24
c7phappy for that :D00:25
godbykThe French had a decent delegation. :-)00:25
c7phehe translation teams seems to refresh main project00:25
c7pi've read quickly the discussion00:26
c7pi've already sent a message to authors almost a week back, but got 5 responses only00:26
godbykAh, okay.00:27
c7pso i'll resend it now00:27
godbykSo it sounds like we may need to find some new authors, eh?00:27
c7pand wait how long till we announce openings ?00:27
godbykHow long do you think we should wait?00:28
godbykWe probably shouldn't wait longer than a week, I don't think.00:29
c7pdo we have a spreadsheet for 13.04 ?00:29
godbykHannie linked to it in the chat.00:29
godbykLet me find it.00:29
c7pahh nice00:30
c7phmm, i see some names on 13.04 column00:58
c7pJoel Pickett, John Cave etc. did someone added them ?00:58
c7pi've sent the message to those who didn't reply01:10
c7pand also drop a mail to 2 decent past contributors, Che and Senthil :D01:10
c7pmy first impression is that Working with Ubuntu may need some love from new authors, in worst case01:13
c7pbut i think we are very good at this stage. Also, hopefully we got a very strong editor team01:14
c7pso in case any author is missing on a section that not much changes, the section doesn't hold back the release01:15
c7pgot to sleep ! big day tomorrow ! good afternoon/night :)01:17
teolemon#1 and #2 in the linux section07:47
teolemonwe're now #44 in Amazon.fr's computer books section :-)14:01

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