ESphynxwell I got 2/4 'major' commits done.00:44
ESphynxso would  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecere-sdk/+filebug  be the proper place where to file each of these bugs that this SRU will target?05:46
ESphynxSo I got the 4 crucial bugs cherry-picked.05:48
ESphynxI just need to see how many of the 40 others I want to get done :S05:48
ESphynxI got 13 marked in red already :|05:49
ESphynxnow I'm going to be fixing the debian packaging as well in a separate branch... Should I add a new changelog entry?06:05
ESphynxI see this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/UpdatePreparation#Update_the_packaging for versioning scheme06:06
TheLordOfTimewhy's mysql-workbench 'main' and not 'universe' or otherwise?  if you know...07:27
dholbachgood morning07:39
TheLordOfTimehi there :P07:39
mitya57TheLordOfTime: mysql-workbench: 500 http://ru.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ raring/**universe** i386 Packages07:44
mitya57guten morgen dholbach!07:44
dholbachпривет mitya57 :)07:45
mitya57dholbach: we've been doing some u-p-g fixes yesterday (but for some reason the website is stuck on r255)07:47
TheLordOfTimemitya57, why does apt-cache show otherwise?07:49
* TheLordOfTime checks apt-cache07:49
* TheLordOfTime facedesks07:49
dholbachmitya57, let me check07:50
TheLordOfTimenote to self: don't try and ask questions at 3AM :/07:53
dholbachmitya57, the file on disk on the server has r265 which is in line with what's in the ppa08:00
dholbachmitya57, some of the content on dev.u.c is going through a cache, so maybe it's a caching issue? *shrug*08:00
mitya57$ wget http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/index.html -qO- | grep '~bzr'08:01
mitya57        VERSION:     '0.3.1~bzr255~quantal1',08:01
mitya57      Version: 0.3.1~bzr255~quantal1.08:01
mitya57255 != 26508:01
dholbachI realise that08:01
mitya57ah, do you mean server-side cache?08:02
dholbachI'll ask the IS folks08:02
dholbachthanks a lot for your work on this08:02
dholbachmitya57, ru.po is at 64% so getting very close :-)08:03
mitya57dholbach: I've sent a call for translations to ubuntu-l10n-ru@lists.u.c, but *only one* new string got translated after that :(08:04
mitya57and as usual I have not time to do that myself :(08:04
dholbachsure, I understand08:04
dholbachwe'll see how it goes :)08:04
mitya57maybe more translators will get an e-mail if I file a bug and assign ~launchpad-l10n-ru there, but this sounds a bit agressive to me08:06
dholbachI'm sure we'll get there :)08:07
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ESphynxI got this done: https://github.com/ecere/sdk/commits/quantal_sru =)10:37
ESphynx'morning dholbach :)10:37
bobweaverHello there I am trying to make a daily build recipe on launchpad and It keeps on failing but does not fail at all when I run local10:38
bobweaverit is saying that bzr is not loged in10:39
bobweaverrecipe is http://paste.ubuntu.com/1580322/10:41
bobweaverthanks for taking some time to look at this for me10:41
mitya57bobweaver: looks like not your fault, try to ask on #launchpad10:47
bobweaverthanks mitya5710:47
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ESphynxWhich format should I use for bug patches on LP?10:57
ESphynxAnd my multiple-bug SRU should still be split up in multiple patches, right? (one for each bug, but I can point to all the bug in the same SRU? Should one of the bugs 'be' the SRU?)10:57
vibhavESphynx: For the multiple-bug SRU. Yes, we can remove those patches in case of a new upstream release is bought into the Ubuntu repositories11:00
vibhavESphynx: We will know which patch to remove and which (distribution-specific) patch to kepp :)11:01
ESphynxwell all of these patches are Quantal specific11:05
vibhavESphynx: hmm, it will still be safe to keep them different11:06
vibhavESphynx: Because a new version can also be backported11:07
ESphynxhmm would a bazar branch work?11:14
ESphynxi.e. a specific revision?11:14
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ESphynxthere :| 14 bug reports filed .... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecere-sdk13:30
ESphynxI will try to improve on these tomorrow... Could they all please be targeted to Quantal?13:30
ESphynxwhat should I put the status of these SRU bugs to? Fix Committed?13:35
LaneyESphynx: For SRUs, In Progress = uploaded waiting review, Fix Committed = in -proposed, Fix Released = in -updates13:36
ESphynxSo In Progress then? :) (that's what I've been setting them to)13:37
Laneyif someone has uploaded them13:37
ESphynxI'm linking to the bzr revision13:37
LaneyI don't think they hve been uploaded13:37
Laneyyou probably want Confirmed13:38
Laneyon the Ubuntu task at least13:38
ESphynxthey have to be uploaded there?13:38
Laneyyes, once uploaded they enter that queue to be reviewed by the SRU team13:38
ESphynxthere should be something to say the bug has been fixed and the patch is available :|13:39
Laneyif you want it to be uploaded then subscribe the sponsor team13:42
tumbleweedESphynx: there is something to say a patch is available. Attach a patch / link a branch13:43
tumbleweedor even better, close the bug, with a new upload into the development release13:43
ESphynxin the status, I meant tumbleweed :P13:43
ESphynxclose the bug? I just went through all this trouble opening these 14 bugs :P13:44
tumbleweedin that case, link the bugs to the upstream project. You can use your project's statuses however you like13:44
ESphynxtumbleweed yeah but this is specific to an SRU :P13:44
tumbleweedSRUs can't be accepted into stable releases until they've been fixed in the development release13:44
ESphynxI have my own tracker on ecere.com/mantis/ :P13:44
ESphynxtumbleweed: these bugs are all fixed in the development release13:44
tumbleweedLP can deal with external bug trackers for upstreams13:45
tumbleweedESphynx: then they should be marked as being fixed in the development release, that' seasy13:45
ESphynxtumbleweed: is it?13:45
ESphynxthese bugs I filed I strictly for the SRU13:45
Laneyonce the nomination for Quantal is accepted you'll have two entries13:45
ESphynxwhy 2 entries?13:47
Laneyone for the development release and one for quantal13:48
Laneyset the development release one to Fix Released because it is fixed there13:48
ESphynxbut they're not issues in the developemtn release13:48
ESphynxthey're only isues in Quantal13:48
tumbleweedin otehr words they've been fixed in the development release13:49
ESphynxthey've been in a totally non-Ubuntu related way.13:50
tumbleweedthat's totally normal13:50
ESphynxmicahg: Please take a look @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecere-sdk/+bugs when you have a chance13:55
ESphynxwell, good night gus14:02
xnoxESphynx: it can be raring=invalid quantal=confirmed if that makes it easier to understand that bug affects quantal only.14:22
xnoxNo contents information available for this suite16:41
micahgxnox: I see a few of them with apt-file16:45
xnoxyeah, if one goes to http://packages.ubuntu.com/freeze.py and then first clicks raring, and then switches to contents - they appear.16:48
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kdubif i want to package some source files (in, /usr/share/doc/mypackage/examples/source.gz), how does one do that?20:22
siretartkdub: http://man.cx/dh_installexamples20:29
kdubthank you kindly siretart20:30
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