thumpercouldn't resist replying again on nzoss00:49
thumperwhen will I learn?00:49
* thumper goes back to the go tour00:49
ajmitchthumper: yeah, I don't think it's worth arguing00:52
thumperajmitch: probably not00:54
thumpera person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still00:54
thumpera nice ditty to remember from time to time00:54
ajmitchthough grant's reply was amusing00:54
* ajmitch still hasn't used the amazon scope00:55
thumperme neither00:55
thumperin fact the last amazon purchase I did was using the amazon app from my ipad00:55
ajmitchpartly because I'm not using unity on quantal, there were performance issues00:55
thumperperhaps I should feel a little guilty there00:55
thumperI'm considering upgrading to raring00:56
ajmitchI might try that also, see if the unredirecting fullscreen windows works well with games now00:56
ibeardsleeI have removed/disable a bunch of lens, primarly for performance and I don't really need to see youtube videos when I start typing in the dash00:58
ibeardsleewhen I want to see a youtube vid, I'll go there00:58
thumperI hardly ever even use the dash00:59
ajmitchnor do I, I use the launcher mostly & keyboard shortcuts00:59
thumperI don't even use the hud01:00
thumpermust not be our target market01:00
thumperat least I managed to stop the hud being called the "intenterface"01:00
ajmitchthat got turned off for me a long time ago :)01:00
ajmitchthat would have been pretty bad01:00
ajmitchas someone who mostly uses a browser & a terminal, most of the unity features are a bit irrelevant01:01
ajmitchyet I still like changing easily between different windows in an application, and other easy shortcuts01:02
ibeardsleeoookay .. I thik when a discussion gets to abuse and molestation it is time to stop01:10
* ajmitch goes to tweet about how ubuntu molests users01:10
Atamiraim thinking of switching from ubuntu to mint01:46
Atamiratho its still an ubuntu derivative01:47
ajmitchout of interest, why?01:47
Atamiranot enjoying it atm01:47
ajmitchthat's a bit vague, what do you mean by that?01:47
Atamiradont like unity. cant find a thing on it01:47
Atamiranot everyone..specially noobs, knwo the names o the programs they wanna use01:48
ajmitchok, though you're hardly tied to using unity on ubuntu01:48
Atamirathere is no option to look at other options01:48
ajmitchas I mentioned above, I don't use it on my desktop01:48
Atamiratrue, which is why i went to kde01:48
Atamiraits ok..but im not fond of it per se01:48
* ajmitch uses the gnome classic session on quantal01:49
Atamirai currently flick between kde, xubuntu and xcfe01:49
Atamiraand i get more crashes now than ever01:49
Atamiravlc will crash deluge and my browser01:49
Atamiraor the browser will crash vlc01:49
ajmitchsounds a bit suspect01:49
Atamiraand some program called zeigsomething a rather01:49
Atamirayeah that01:50
Atamiraevery now and then samba restarts itself01:50
Atamiracant turn off the power saver mode01:50
Atamiracause when they starts us. it closes all my open programs01:50
Atamiraincluding irc and deluge01:50
Atamirai seem to have 2 versions of the same program depending on the manager im using01:51
thumperAtamira: just a FYI, when you search in the dash for a name, it also searches the tags of the desktop file01:51
Atamiradont hve the dash01:51
thumperAtamira: searching for "internet" shows firefox, chromium, skype (although I've installed some of those)01:52
* thumper goes back to ignoring nzoss01:52
Atamiraare you talking about in unity?01:52
thumperI was, started reading from about 10 minutes ago01:52
* thumper goes back to reading the go language spec01:52
Atamiraive managed to work around all the crashes, cause right now, dont have time to back up everything on here01:53
ajmitchI don't know how much mint changes, whether such things would be solved by switching to it01:54
Atamirai have mint on the laptop01:54
Atamirai dont have any problems with it01:54
Atamirawehn im not on the desktop, the kids use it01:54
Atamiraand manage to crash it every single time01:54
ajmitchbut that's completely different hardware01:54
Atamirayes it is different01:54
Atamiraso no harm in seeing if it will be better on here01:55
ajmitchmight as well try01:55
Atamiraid like to be able to play worldof warcraft again..its just not happening atm01:55
ajmitchI just wanted to know if you were switching just because of unity01:55
Atamirawell, thats for another day. need another external hdd to back up my data01:55
* ajmitch plays it on 12.10, it works well enough :)01:56
Atamirano, seeing as i put unity on my mothers, sisters and brother in laws pc's01:56
Atamiraneed to keep it around somewhere01:56
Atamiraive been using ubuntu since the first release01:57
Atamirai need to get some more sleep01:58
Atamirawork tonight01:58
Atamiraenjoy your day guys01:58

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