saltmiseralright people00:20
saltmiseris ubuntu phone open source or not00:20
saltmisercan I download the source code and build it for my phone?00:20
k1l_see /topic00:21
saltmiserdo we really think libreoffice is going to look correct on my 5 inch screen phone00:22
saltmiserand I don't mean initially but I mean ever..unless there is some way to automagically re-deal with the menus, I don't see it working out :/00:22
saltmiserI'm not trolling, I realy like the idea of putting my own OS on the phone and ubuntu-phone is a step in the direction00:22
k1l_ubuntu-phone is not a regular desktop, you know that?00:23
saltmiserguess not, I didn't know what else to expect00:23
saltmiserI can't just apt-get install whatever I want?00:23
k1l_just see the informations mentioned in the site that is linked in the topic :)00:24
saltmiserlol ok sorry00:24
saltmisera QML display hmm?00:25
xsachasaltmiser: great thing with qml is you can just make a different qml file for a different UI and load them depending on form factor detected (eg. ubuntu phone) if you wish00:47
xsachaall the actual code can be shared00:47
saltmiserso, firefox for example00:47
saltmiserhas 3 QML's00:48
saltmiser1 for docked00:48
saltmiser1 for horizontal and 1 for verticle?00:48
xsachahorizontal and vertical would go in the same qml00:48
saltmiseror many for those in big screen and small screen00:48
xsachawell firefox doesn't even use Qt so it's a bad example00:48
xsachabig screen/small screen/horizontal/vertical/docked can all be in the same QML though00:49
saltmiseroh wow this is all with QT4?00:49
xsachayou'd just want a different layout for different form factors like phones00:49
xsachaor TVs00:49
saltmiserI can't find any information on what libraries and stuff all this ubuntu phone stuff is planning to use00:49
saltmiserlike things that mobile developers would be interested in00:49
xsachaQt can handle resolution-independence quite well. the problem is the UI needs to be suited to mobiles00:49
xsachasaltmiser: http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/00:50
xsachacheck out #1 for what libraries you need00:50
saltmiserok so, when you write an app this way, can it run on normal ubuntu machines and the phones/00:53
saltmiserI can definitely see this giving android a run for it's money00:56
saltmiserno more Java?00:56
saltmiserthat's almost a good and bad thing00:56
saltmiserbad because all that cool stuff we had written for the JVM we can't use anymore00:56
saltmiserbut good because it probably existed for C in the first place, and porting it to Dalvik specifically was annoying00:56
TheorboWell, I've left Maemo/MeeGo/Harmattan/Mer/Nemo lot behind and now my sights are set on Ubuntu Phone01:26
TheorboI hope it does not disappoint.01:26
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* alec wants him an ubuntu phone03:24
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waqarrhello everybody06:54
waqarranybody here to help me about ubuntu phone06:54
jussiwaqarr: just ask...06:55
Guest95147what would you like to know?06:55
waqarri want to install ubuntu phone in my samsung galaxy s206:55
waqarrhow can i find the ubuntu phone img for my samsung phone06:56
jussiwaqarr: there isnt one yet.06:56
waqarrwhen it will release for public?06:57
Guest95147may be the end of february.06:58
waqarris the any development version to download for testing and for developing apps for this07:02
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Andy80bzoltan1, ping12:46
Andy80bzoltan1, I'm ready if we want to start earlier :)12:46
bzoltan1 Andy80:  good idea12:47
dpmhi bzoltan1, I don't know if you've seen it, but here's an interesting post from aquarius re: designing resolution-independent apps with the toolkit: https://plus.google.com/u/0/108243663090085262773/posts/CsJsMsvQKbv15:41
Robbilienice one!15:43
Robbiliei think canonical should already release the source of these amazing rings, that would have spared me a lot of time xD15:44
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dpmRobbilie, we'll be releasing the code very soon, don't worry :)15:54
wfireI am still having trouble getting Qt Creator to even see the ubuntu components :(16:00
wfireseems like the same old fights again16:00
wfirefrom trying to get crap to work with Nokia16:00
Robbiliedpm wanna see smthng? or did you follow our earlier conversations? :)16:09
Robbiliedpm, http://jsfiddle.net/Robbilie/7CbDn/36/show/16:20
dpmRobbilie, it looks pretty awesome, but could you give me a bit of context? I did not follow the previous conversation16:33
Robbiliewell its just that i cant wait for ubu-phone so i did me a little web version myself <316:34
ubuntubhoyhttps://plus.google.com/u/0/100275307499530023476/posts/S9Y7k6Zd4wN - Cyanogen talks Ubuntu Phone16:34
bzoltan1dpm:  Cool, is not it :)16:34
Robbiliebzoltan1, what do you mean?16:34
bzoltan1 Robbilie:  The resolution independence demo16:34
bzoltan1Robbilie:  I have seen your stuff too and that is amazing work as well :)16:36
Robbilieah now i now what you meant bzoltan1  xD that one is nice too :P16:36
Robbilieand thanks ;)16:36
bzoltan1Robbilie:  After we have released the QML toolkit I had time to think about how to extend the same visual concept and user experience to html5 apps. Your work is truly inspiring!16:38
Robbiliebzoltan1, : when i started webdesign, i used to use jquery and ui toolkits and such... but then i moved over to only jquery and my own ui, not really responsive and jquery, well it had some nice features but when i looked at the loading time of my website i was so shoked that i stopped using it16:39
mhall119bzoltan1: ?16:40
Robbilienow i completly used pure js and then i found out about responsive design :D16:40
Robbiliemy true love <3 xD16:40
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luvs-lightw8responsive design?17:24
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luvs-lightw8ahh, nvm.17:26
Robbilieluvs-lightw8, what do you think bout responsive design? :D17:28
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shaneo1is anyone thinking of working on a navigation app like google maps ....?19:56
Robbiliewell there will be maps so why choose smthn different?19:58
shaneo1im just asking as I work in the corparate business sector and always on the road, navigation is essential to me20:00
Robbiliewell do you think having a "not default os" on your business phone a good idea...20:01
shaneo1what would you suggest then?20:03
Robbilieusing a second phone for testing or at least to check out if the functionality is daily drivable :)20:03
shaneo1thats what im getting at yes.20:04
Robbiliejust to ensure that you dont get a fail in a situation you couldnt afford it, like you said ;)20:05
shaneo1oh nevermind, forget I even asked.20:05
AmeyI have a question regarding ubuntu-phone. Has cannonical released any security model papers or white papers revolving ubuntu phone. I want to contribute from early start stage regarding in ubuntu phone data protection model.. but I am not sure where should I start.20:33
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slick4hi all!21:20
slick4hey one question21:23
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