jibelgood morning07:40
dholbachgood morning07:40
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smartboyhwballoons, pin14:22
* smartboyhw has a sticky g key today:(14:22
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Noskcajballoons, is it possible to get testdrive to release before the 8th?19:40
balloonsNoskcaj, you mean the netboot stuff/19:41
Noskcajand the Vbox 4.2 bug19:41
balloonsI didn't look at the vbox bug19:42
balloonswhat is it?19:42
balloonsohh that it won't launch vbox 4.219:42
balloonsthat's it right?19:42
Noskcajyep, there are many other bugs (inc. it not being litian clean) but those two will mess with my classroom session19:43
balloonsNoskcaj, as I think was conversed a bit ago on IRC, I'm not sure testdrive is seeing active development19:45
balloonsthat said, I don't think the changes your asking for would be difficult (but who knows!? sometimes simple stuff is hard)... but who will do them?19:45
balloonslet's go look19:46
Noskcaji know unit fixed the Vbox bug19:46
Noskcaji did get a response from the guys who make it but unless something big appears, they can't be bothered19:47
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Noskcajbug 107925919:52
ubot5bug 1079259 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "not lintian clean" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107925919:52
Noskcajballoons, please read19:53
balloonsohh.. yea, it's not up to snuff as a package19:54
balloonsthe debian stuff needs updating19:54
balloonsand it needs a manpage.. they won't take it without fixes most likely19:54
phillwballoons: Noskcaj I have a proposed work around for non fuunctioning of the mini-iso, which actually does have some advantages that I had not considered..20:04
Noskcajphillw, and they are?20:04
Noskcajballoons, does the lintian mean it shouldn20:04
Noskcaj't be realesed20:04
phillwNoskcaj: balloons I propose using ubuntu-server, with no additional things added. It has the advantage of having tasksel available to easily install the GUI (flavor) of their choice.20:07
Noskcajphillw, sounds good. how big is it?20:08
phillwwhich is much more newcomer friendly way for them, rather than using CLI to add the flavor of thier choice.20:08
balloonsNoskcaj, the lintian stuff -- it depends on the archive guys20:09
phillwit is a base install, so all that is on it is required for a GUI20:09
balloonsif an archive admin says it must meet that criteria, then it's not going in20:09
Noskcajok, and ok20:10
phillwballoons: do you think using server makes sense?20:10
phillwit has other advantages, that I did not immediately recognise, such as an easy way for some one to install LAMP for them to test / experiment with.20:12
balloonsI think Noskcaj should make his life easy and plan for the changes to not be there..20:13
balloonsI think picking a different iso is the best way to do that20:13
balloonsand so yes, server is fine, if he wants to go that right20:13
phillwubuntu-server installs okay onto test-drive :)20:13
Noskcajyep, my session is fine without the mini, no changes needed. just i hope no-one is using Vbox 4.220:14
phillwfor issues with VBox, I cannot help out. But I understand test-drive works okay with virt-manager (kvm).20:14
phillwNoskcaj: we can add a note to your session noting the bug. and advising people to use virt-manager.20:15
balloonsif it comes up so be it20:16
balloonslikely people willhave the old version20:16
balloonsor you can explain to use an older version of kvm20:16
phillwballoons: I think that the current version of kvm does not have this problem?20:17
Noskcajthe bug only affects oracle Vbox.20:18
Noskcajphillw, are you using it in your session?20:18
phillwballoons: and my fix for guestfish has been verified for quantal & should land in time :)20:18
phillwNoskcaj: I'm covering both VBox and virt-manager20:19
phillwI think, given the circumstances, I'll use the VBox from the ubuntu repo.20:20
Noskcajok, that should help20:20
phillwNoskcaj: is test-drive oklay with that 'older' VBox?20:20
Noskcajyep, it's only oracle that it dislikes20:21
phillwNoskcaj: older VBox & ubuntu-server it is, then :) I'll update my section.20:21
Noskcaji have to eat now, bye20:22
balloonsbye Noskcaj  ;-)20:25
phillwNoskcaj: for your info, I have VBox 4.1.8 on my system so I can check stuff with you if you need.21:01
Noskcajphillw, that's the ubuntu repo's one?21:01
phillwNoskcaj: yup :)21:02
Noskcajk, everything should work fine with it.21:02
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